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Enmity and resentment toward the Islamic religion due to 9/11 supports notorious prejudice and and should be refrained. Vote: 41-0

The horrendous day of Sept. 11, 2001 delivered a heavy blow to United States pride. Nonetheless, the people of America once again proved their ability to unite as a nation by conjoining their broken hearts. However, consumed by grief, some people unjustly blamed the believers of the whole Islamic religion as perpetrators, when the actual crime was led by Al-Qaeda: a terrorist group that destroyed in the name of religion. Thus, enmity and resentment toward the Islamic religion due to 9/11 supports notorious prejudice and and should be refrained. While Al-Qaeda executes its immoral attacks in the name of religion, it does not represent the values or the wishes of the Muslim population. The values held by the extremists are to use violence and terrorism to expel “non-Islams” from Muslim countries. On that beautiful September morning, American Muslims felt the same devastation as all Americans while they watched chaos and desperation spread among the people in New York as the twin towers collapsed. Yet Muslim-Americans received condemning looks, verbal assaults and even violence due to the ignorance of their fellow Americans. Today, prejudice immediately links the word terrorist to the word Muslim. This unmerited label causes suppression of Muslims in work, school and society. It is illogical to suspect any five-foot-11 Caucasian man

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Sept. 9 2011

of armed robber y just because the evening news reported an armed robber y by a 5-foot-11 Caucasian man. Then why is it that all Muslim men are suspected of crime and terrorism? The only crime committed by the victims of this discrimination is that they devote themselves to their religion and culture, a freedom enjoyed by all Americans. If a woman’s hijab or a man’s beard plays a part in defining one’s patriotism, then the sacred value of acceptance in America is nothing but hypocrisy. Ignorance combined with hostility after 9/11 produces dangerous violence that harms not only the Muslim community but ever yone else in the community as well. Events in which a large group of people face discrimination and hatred due to the actions of a smaller group of people repeats itself over and over in histor y. A notorious example is the massive discrimination of Japanese-Americans faced after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Japanese-Americans lost jobs, status in society and integrity as they faced humiliations delivered by their own neighbors. Similarly, many American Muslims faced discrimination and assaults due to rash, biased decisions of people in thirst for retaliation. Thus, in order to eliminate such prejudice, people need to strive to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Islamic religion. Criticizing and shunning those who practice the Islamic religion only stains the name of unity in America. Refusal to accept other cultures only causes people to draw parallels between those discriminating and the terrorist group that enforces its beliefs with fear.

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Vote: 41-0 chadHAMMAN {web managing editor} kelseyDICK {business manager} laurenPRILL {circulation manager} tjRIGG {page editor} hollyHEIRON...

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Vote: 41-0 chadHAMMAN {web managing editor} kelseyDICK {business manager} laurenPRILL {circulation manager} tjRIGG {page editor} hollyHEIRON...