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Students’ modeling hobby lifts self-confidence

Flashing lights and orders to “throw your shoulders back, stop fidgeting and think beautiful” is a normality for sophomore McKenzie Puzin. Puzin models for Models and Images and has been doing so for nine months. “People have often told me back in middle school that I would be a good model because I am tall. I love taking photos and am very photogenic,” Puzin said. Besides a full schedule of school, sports and a social life, Puzin has managed to squeeze in teaching five to 12-year-old modeling classes on her Saturday afternoons. “I would rate my stress from modeling about a 3 and it is mostly because during the week I have to figure out what my kids are going to be doing that weekend,” Puzin said. Modeling is not all fun and games though. Sophomore Raigan Chambers knows just how difficult it can be sometimes. “It takes a lot of effort [to do] photo and commercial shoots. You have to keep a smile on your face at all times even if you are having the worst day ever; you cannot deny a job,” Chambers said. Chambers has been modeling for one and a half years for Barbazon School of Modeling and Acting. Chambers enjoys modeling but knows where her priorities lie. “Modeling does not get in the way of school,” Chambers said. “School and homework always come first.” Senior Page Hamilton also has struggles with modeling. Hamilton has been modeling since she was

eight years old and currently models for Modeling and Images. “I have to be the best that I can be everyday. It is really competitive,” Hamilton said. Hand-in-hand with modeling is the issue of selfimage. Several models have eating disorders and think lowly of their weight, always striving to lose a few more pounds. “I think it is horrible that [models] think they have to be skinny. Models can be any shape or size,” Hamilton said. Self image can be easily brought down with modeling but sophomore Sally Ritchie has no problem with eating habits. “I have a high metabolism so I do not have to watch my weight,” Ritchie said. Ritchie has been modeling for Ford Chicago for less than a year. Through the tough yet fun hobby of modeling, Puzin and Chambers have learned valuable lessons. “Confidence is [lifted],” Puzin said. “I feel all good inside. When I walk in front of people, I am walking in seven or eight inch heels, and I am walking in them correctly.” Through the trials and triumphs of being a high school student and being a model, these girls have made it through it all and would not take any experience back. “You feel more grown up when you already have a career,” Puzin said. “It is like the perfect part time job.”


Sophomore Mckenzie Puzin poses for the camera in a modeling shoot. Puzin models for Models and Images and has been doing it for nine months. Courtesy photo

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Sept. 9 2011


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open daily 10-9 noon-6 Sunday mariaSTANLEY 1719 S. Hillside Wichita, KS 67211 (316)669-3262 Sophomore Mckenzie Puzin poses for the camera in...

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