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Our turn

Dealing with big decision causes debate

Your turn What do you think about the Pine Lake debacle?

The Shield weighs in on closing Pine Lake Elementary

The Bloomfield Hills School District made a tough We are confused. Many Andover students (includdecision. ing many Shield staffers) attended Lone Pine. We’re In order to save millions of dollars, the doors of all okay. (We’re better than okay!) Those of us who Pine Lake and Hickory Grove elementary schools attended Lone Pine loved it. It was our world. have been closed forever. It really was shocking to hear people at a recent The decision was made after months and months Board of Education public meeting say untrue things of studying and consideration. The community was about Lone Pine School. Our parents would never given opportunity to speak, and deallow us to attend a school that was unsafe bates were often heated. When the as the comments claimed. Whose parents closings were announced, the adWe are one would? ministration and staff developed a We understand that you love what you district. It doesn’t plan to continue the excellent quality know; what is familiar and comfortable. of education to elementary students, matter if there The same way many of us love Lone Pine only in two less buildings. is the way Pine Lake families feel about To the casual observer it seems are three, four or their school. And the same goes for all the like things are fine. The buses go schools in the district. We’re very lucky to six elementary by, taking Kindergarten-3rd graders have so many schools to be proud of. to Lone Pine and 4th -8th graders schools. We are one district. It doesn’t matter to West Hills Middle School. Unif there are three, four or six elementary fortunately, all is not quiet on the schools. Or two middle schools. Or one “western front.” or two high schools. BHSD produces suc Throughout the past few months, it’s impossible cessful students, and it can continue to do so if the not to hear verbal attacks. “Pine Lake is a better naysayers will allow them the chance and trust in building than Lone Pine!” “The fourth graders cantheir decisions. Change is often difficult to accept, not possibly be safe on buses with eighth graders! It and the saying goes it gets harder to accept change is too dark at Lone Pine!” “The playground is better as you get older. We think the students will be just at Pine Lake!” “Anyone who has ever been to or sent fine once the adults let them be. a kid to Pine Lake knows it is the better school!”

I think that the district is doing the right thing because it should be a communtiy perk.

-Conor Sanders, freshman

I think it’s bad that they closed the school and didn’t allow Waterford to rent it out.

I think parents are too focused on the politics of the issue and not their children’s wellbeing.

-Trina Hossain junior

-Michael Linden junior

Shield Staff

Returning to Childhood

cartoon by josh loney

underprivileged kids in Pontiac. There, I met Ruby, whom with I spent most of my time.  Her energy, enthusiasm and humor made her an easy camper favorite.  The fact that she is also an absolutely adorable little girl didn’t exactly hurt, either.    But the most gratifying part for me came a few weeks after the end of camp.  Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call one Talia Goldman Thursday night, with News Editor a tiny voice asking    Her bright face shines in the me if I could go for sunlight as she sprints through ice cream the next day. the grass, giggling all the way.    I happily took her and her brother Her name is Ruby, the feisty and Ricardo to Dairy Queen.  My mom fun-loving nine year-old who tagged along too, as I didn’t exactly taught me how to be a kid again. want Ruby’s parents to think I was a    This summer, I volunteered scary teenager who was kidnapping at a camp put on by the their children.  Once we had placed Blizzard orders, Ricardo Hispanic Outreach program for our

Senior takes a trip through time

Bridget Sanders and Jake Gordon Editors-in-Chief

Madeline McIlhon and David Yu Photographers

suggested we go to the nearby park.      In that sunny park, I was transported Jessica Ranke Gabe Menchaca Managing Editor Business Manager back to childhood.  After eating our ice cream, Ruby and I ran through the Saloni Godbole Chelsea Jolly grass barefoot, playing tag.  The fence Senior Adviser Distribution Manager became a tightrope that Lauren Hendrickson News Editors the two siblings teetered Senior Adviser and Web page Alana Tabak on.  Then all of us joined editor Pamela Pensler Talia Goldman in a game of “Duck, Duck, Andrew Weiner Goose” which eventually Senior Adviser Sports Editors became “Hippopotamus, Lauren Lewis Rachel Rohr Matt Luckoff Parrot, Elephant” and Junior Adviser Emily Langnas just about every other animal in the kingdom. Kyle Kavanaugh Life editors Graphics/Web Editor Marley Kalt    I couldn’t remember Sara Smoler the last time I had played Alex Chudler Emma Reidsma “Duck, Duck, Goose” Copy editor Melanie Greenspan or ran barefoot.  It was Chrisina Hammitt Advisor so much fun to have a summer afternoon as a little kid again, free of worries and restraint.    Being a kid is much more fun.  It’s an incredible relief to forget the adult worries and simply play outside.  So try it.  Take an afternoon, and just be a kid.  I guarantee you’ll like it. Send letters to the editor to room 306.

Take an afternoon, and just be a little kid. I guarantee you’ll like it.

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