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Hurdle reflects on his coaching career When career began in 1977, varsity coach had no idea his impact would make on students’ lives

capitalizes on those strengths and brings out the best skill level in each player.”      Along with being a Baron for sixteen seasons, Hurdle became a Golden Grizzlie coaching the Oakland University Women’s Volleyball Team from 1982 to 1992. Fifteen years later,  he was even inducted into their coaching hall of fame.    “As much as I loved coaching and being part of the program at Oakland University, it became important to look at the big picture,” he says. Emily Langnas “What really mattered at that time was being co-sports editor around the house more and coaching in college isn’t really conducive to that because when   He knows everything about every player. you aren’t playing, you are recruiting or on the He notices everything.  And when he says phone.      “I want to be successful, but successful is a something, everyone listens.    “Coach Hurdle doesn’t say a lot so when relative term,” he says. “Sometimes that means he does it is valuable,” says senior volleyball wins and losses. Other times,  it means having captain Jesse Prepolec.  “You know when he an experience where you show growth.  I always want to win. Sometimes winning, though, is says something that he really means it.” giving a kid    However  when Robert a positive Hurdle’s career began in experience.” 1977 he never imagined    Lucas the impact he would c o n f i r m s have on his students and H u r d l e ’ s players. perspective   “My beginnings were “On a personal kind of accidental. level, I certainly Volleyball was not a sport can’t describe I would have ever thought the impact Bob I would coach,” he says.  has had on me “When I was a first-year as an athlete teacher and football coach, and as a person.  the school had just lost their I learned to volleyball coach.  When the play a much principal came to me at higher level the end of the season and ROBERT HURDLE of volleyball asked me to coach girl’s Business Teacher because of him volleyball, I laughed at the and learned to thought. However, firsttruly love the year teachers don’t refuse spor t. More importantly, so I coached volleyball that first year.”     “When Bob began coaching the Andover however, we have grown to be good friends.  I volleyball team, he injected the program have known him since I was ten years old, and with much needed energy, passion, and he has supported me through many important knowledge of the sport,” Darya Lucas, a stages in my life, even after high school.”  former 1998 to 2002 Andover varsity volleyball     “I am one of the most fortunate people around player says.  “ He knows the game well, and because I get to teach and coach, things I truly sees certain qualities and abilities in players enjoy,” says Hurdle.  “Everyday I get up and that they often don’t see in themselves.  He look forward to going to work.”

I am one of the most fortunate people around because I get to teach and coach, things I truly enjoy.

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Running through the generations New cross country coach and mother, Beth Sinclair, contributes many years of experience to 2009 team

  “We have a very young team, and I feel it’s really important not to overrun them and let their bodies, bones and muscles grow into what they’re doing,” she says.  “My philosophy is that if I give 100 percent, they give 100 percent and that’s all I can ask for.  I just hope that they have fun, that they are injury-free and that they learn the work ethic.    When they look back on their experience, it’s not so much the individual times they Alex Chudler remember, it’s the fun stuff like the nail painting party that we had the other day.   Team copy editor bonding and camaraderie are important.”     Leading a healthy lifestyle is another goal    Beth Sinclair prepares for her cross country that Sinclair wants her team to learn. meet, stretching and tying her shoes.  She has    “I try to teach them about nutrition and butterflies in her stomach as she steps up to the things like that.  Running is about staying starting line.  Also on her mind is her sick mother healthy.  It’s something you can do your whole in the hospital who could not be at her race.  life.  While some sports require a whole team Sinclair doesn’t expect much from herself as she to play, anybody can run.” begins running the difficult course.   She comes    The cross country runners are glad to to a large hill, and the thought of her mother have Sinclair as a coach and say that she is motivates her to run faster and she begins to pass extremely helpful. the other runners.  She continues to run faster   “She’s a really good coach and definitely and faster, and as the others fall behind, Sinclair knows what she’s doing,”  says sophomore finishes the race, qualifying for state finals. Lise Devits.  “We’re already having a much    Sinclair began running better season at O. E. Dunckel Middle than last year.  School.  She broke records It’s really cool in the half-mile, mile, twoto know that she mile, the cross country has been running record and four-by-eight her entire life.  It relay at North Farmington makes us want High School, qualified for to run faster and state championships twice impress her.” and ran in college for    Although Miami University in Ohio. Sinclair is not new    “I started running to coaching, she cross country because has never before it’s something my family coached her own did,” Sinclair says.  “My children.  grandfather, father and    “At first, I was uncle are all award-winning BETH SINCLAIR a little worried cross country runners.”  about my mom Sinclair’s grandfather also Cross Country Coach being a part ran at Miami University of my life at and finished fourth in the school,” says nation in the two-mile run senior Travis Sinclair. “But now that she is in 1926 and eighth in the mile run in 1927.  He coaching I see that it is not a problem.  It’s and Sinclair’s uncle are both inductees in the Ohio nice because we are able to talk about races Association of Track and Cross County Coaches and running at home, as well as at practice.”   Hall of Fame.   Sinclair is happy for the opportunity to spend    “I know they are definitely excited and proud for more time with her daughter and says they me,” Sinclair says. have a very good working relationship.    Sinclair continued running until she had to stop    “I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t feel that in college due to numerous injuries.  I could work with her and be a coach to the    “I kept getting stress fractures in the same place in whole team,” Sinclair says.  “We work very my feet,” Sinclair says.  “It was quite painful.  They well together.  From a parental standpoint, plagued me throughout my running career.  I the only difference is that I’m not able to be missed my entire junior year of track and half my there to see her finish a race.” junior year of cross-country.  I got into bike racing    Lexi Sinclair says that Sinclair does not push later instead.  I do more biking than running now.   her any harder than the rest of the girls.  It was a great accomplishment to be able to run    “She doesn’t want me to be a special through all that and rise above it though, which is exception just because I’m her daughter, so something that is really important to me with the she treats me the same as everyone else,” team now.” Lexi says.  “She doesn’t put a lot of pressure    Because of Sinclair’s bad experiences with injuries on me.  She just wants me to be the best I can during her career, she believes it is important to be.” help the team prevent similar injuries. 

My philosophy is that if I give 100 percent, they give 100 percent and that’s all I can ask for.

Sophomore plays two varsity sports Yousif doubles up playing two varsity sports in the fall season Jarred Bratley staff writer

After finishing up the final round of a victorious tennis match, Jonah Yousif, a sophomore at Andover, has no time to celebrate. Rushing to the next opposing school to start in the soccer game, he has only twenty minutes to prepare. Finally, the game won, instead of passing out, with cleats and shin pads still on, Jonah is looking at a days’ worth of homework.  Although school comes first, Yousif has also chosen to perticipate on the varsity

soccer and tennis teams, both of which he plays concurrently this fall.    “Really, I’ve always played two sports during the fall season, just in past years one has not been associated with my school.” says Yousif.    In previous seasons and last year as a freshman, Yousif participated in club soccer in addition to playing tennis at Andover.   Yousif says the reason for joining both teams was that “This year the club soccer team doesn’t have a season during the fall. So I got permission to compete with both teams as a Baron.”    For Yousif, more conflict emerges from playing two sports simultaneously. Since both tennis and soccer are school programs, the schedules are similar.   “Some days the event

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calendars overlap, but soccer games tend to be later, while tennis matches are usually right after school,” explains Yousif.   During the fall season, tennis begins at 2:30 p.m. Soccer then begins later, at 3:00 p.m. In order to attend both practices, Yousif leaves tennis at 3:45 p.m. and immediately travels to soccer practice.   Both of Yousif’s coaches, Geoff Parkinson and Steve Herdoiza, are very impressed with his efforts to accommodate both sports and feel that the tough schedule does not effect the quality of his performance. AHS soccer coach, Geoff Parkinson, explains that “Jonah is very conscious of the situation and communicates very well. He is very committed to making everything run as smooth as possible.” The coaches agree that although sometimes he is not around at the beginning or end of practice, he performs well enough to start as wide mid on the soccer team and is to-date, undefeated in tennis with his doubles partner Ray Ohara.     In order to properly prepare for school while managing both sports, Yousif explains that “A lot of it is planning ahead. I try to complete as much work as I can on the weekends and at school. That eliminates some pressure from the week, since sometimes I get home for the first time after school at 10:00 p.m.”    When it comes to his personal preference of one sport or the other Yousif is indifferent “Both sports host a different environment. Soccer is a team sport, while tennis is individual or with only one partner. The sports complement each other since they both require speed and coordination. I also get the opportunity to meet a lot of new people,” he said. All reasons why he couldn’t settle for just one.  

Andover Shield September 2009  
Andover Shield September 2009  

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