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JaneDoe21 @rainnwilson Heyyy! What’s it like playing Dwight on NBC’s The Office??? P.S., I think its really cool that you can follow THOUSANDS of celebs on twitter!


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Some Facts About Twitter %72.5 of ALL twitter users signed up in the first five months of 2009 As of 9/23, there have been over 1,111,991,000 tweets, and still growing exponentially On average, there are over 3,000,000 tweets per day

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With over 3,655,618 followers, Ashton Kutcher has the most followers on twitter Experts estimate there are over 6,000,000 users on twitter, making twitter worth nearly $450,000,000 (at ~$73.52 per user) Source:

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Then, depending on the presentation we’re doing, we’ll play an interactive game.”   “You’d be surprised. We can go for 25, 30 minutes on a presentation and there will still be so many questions that we’ll have to cut them off, and be like, um, we have to go now,” says Alexander.    “I love bringing in guest ‘experts’ as it helps the students become engaged,” says Marnie Diem, a third grade teacher at Conant.  “They’re always curious when guests are in the classroom.”    According to Diem, the students at Conant are now 100 percent pro-recycling, and Alexander and Fotouhi are able to continue with their passion for the environment.     “Amanda has been very ‘Go Green,’” says Stacey Alexander, mother of Alexander, “Audrey and Amanda have been reaching out to children and along the way solidifying their passion for the environment.”    Both the girls share the same enthusiasm and passion for the environment.    “Audrey has always been super ‘eco-friendly’, so she’s always been pushing for that. I, on the other hand, have more of the business knowledge that we needed to make the organization a success,” Alexander says, “It’s a really good partnership.” And together this partnership is almost flawless. Their presentations improved with experience, becoming more fine tuned, since they began last year. They started locally, with Way, Conant and Hickory Grove Elementary, and continued on to live coverage from Fox 2 News and ABC.     “It was at Conant, this past Earth Day. We were presenting to the whole school, and Fox 2 News and ABC were there to cover it.” Alexander says, “I wasn’t really nervous. We were just focusing on the kids.” The footage of the presentation aired later that night.    “It was so cool. It was like the most exciting thing of our lives. When it aired, we were calling each other screaming at the top of our lungs.” Alexander says. With help from Marnie Diem, the organization really got on its feet after the assembly.    Unfortunately, they are still not completely on their feet. Any non-profit organization has issues with finances, and Go Green no exception. According to Alexander, it only takes a couple hundred dollars to fund such a localized institute, but as Go Green jumps out of the nest, it is getting more and more difficult.     “Money is one of the big problems slowing us down. We’re in the process of trying to get a grant from Rizzo and Waste Management. It’s proving to be very challenging,” Alexander says. The real problem is shipping across the state, mailing ‘supply kits’ for other districts to start the program and recruiting high school students to present the information.    Overall, the organization is a success, according to Alexander. A success slowly spreading it’s completely organic wings across the state.  “Amanda and Audrey believe in the power of their message. They are determined to make ‘Go Green’ the best it can be,” Stacey Alexander says, “I’m so positively proud [of them].”    Amanda Alexander says, “We can’t believe it. It’s amazing how far we’ve come.”  

You would be sent to Vietnam. What I remember most is how politically active we became.  The school tried to institute a policy on the length of our hair and how short our skirts could be.  We staged a student protest and walked out of class.  It made all the local newspapers. Boys were finally allowed to have their hair touch the collar of their shirt.  At the time it was a revolutionary thing to have happen in Bloomfield Hills.  The whole hippy thing was about being “anti-fashion”.  Levi’s, a t-shirt with a message on it, mini-skirts and “granny” dresses were the trend. Dressing up for homecoming, wearing a corsage, etc. was something that the “preps” did,” she says.    Although the homecoming dance lost popularity toward the 70s, football games remained a huge social event.     “Designing floats and creating the parade are my best memories.  I don’t recall the Andover Barons ever winning a single football game when I went to school there.  We went to the football games to hang out with each other and have fun with our friends-watching the game wasn’t the priority.  It wasn’t all that cool to be a jock in 1968.  The homecoming court was typically made up of a few cheerleaders, a class officer and it always seemed one or two “Jills” were elected.  To be a “Jill” was a big deal,” says Johnson.     “It was fun! Everybody would go to the football games,”says Huffman. “In those days, the biggest thing you could do was maybe go out and smoke a cigarette behind the bleachers.  So it was all about going out and having clean fun.  After the games we’d go out for simple food like a hamburger and fries-something really boring, think like the old TV shows.  Then we’d go someone’s house and have a party where there would be lots of dancing.”    Johnson adds that there are a few things Bloomfield Hills high schoolers should know.    “There aren’t many things that you get to keep for a lifetime.  Your memories, personal achievements and education from Bloomfield Hills schools are 3 of them.  They are yours forever, make the most of your time there,” advises Johnson.   Huffman concludes with her wise words.    “I have far too many wise words but here’s the basics for my Bloomfield Hills youngsters:  keep on truckin, don’t give up on the world, Obama will do something, and get an education.  In order to see the world you have to really live in it-go expand your horizons.”

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GREEN: Alexander TWO: History BOOK: Lost Symbol

When he finally pulled the rug out from under me, it wasn’t big, over-thetop, or even slightly shocking. Dan Brown is not an excellent writer. He has no real style, or voice. The only tone he portrays is condescending. The entire book he tries to impress the reader with ridiculous amounts of research. The research, however, is Symbol’s strongest feature- most of the time. As a “warning” in the front of the book states: all symbols, science, etc. are real. The history of the Ancient Mysteries and the Freemason’s society is quite fascinating, as is our country’s concealed history. The most interesting aspect is the discussion of Noetics, the science of consciousness, that Dr. Soloman is an expert in. As Brown describes it, the field of Noetics is mindboggling, and I imagine since Symbol’s release Google searches for the word have spiked. Sadly, Noetics can’t pull The Lost Symbol out of the former book’s shadows. It’s neither as fast paced as Angels and Demons or as shocking as Da Vinci. If you’re looking for a thriller, you get half of one. If you’re looking for a research paper, you get a third of one. If you’re looking for a great read, this isn’t it.

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