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RECORD˜A˜BOOK These innovative books allow a parent, grandparent or other to record themselves reading the story and have that recording played back automatically as the pages of the book are turned. The Australian release of Record-A-Book follows their record-breaking debut in the USA, where word of mouth spread so quickly that over 450,000 books sold out in only seven weeks – 13.5 times faster than an average book on the New York Times best seller list. Fifty percent of people that bought a book bought two of them.

These are not your average books - you can personalise them, sing passages, record special introductory messages or even record over them in a different style. They are personalised keepsakes of your voice that can be kept for generations, with replaceable battery compartments ensuring their longevity. Reading to children is important for their literacy growth. When parents read to their children, they are teaching their children that reading is an enjoyable thing to do. Children who are read to usually grow up liking to read. Reading is, of course, the foundation for all learning. If we can read, we can learn about almost anything.

TARGET SALES MARKET Preliminary: Grandparents, Uncle and Aunties Secondary: Parents who travel

REASONS FOR PURCHASE • Because of the dynamics that a record-a-book bring for voice immortality • Because a Grandparent, uncle, aunt, parent, etc, want the child to remember them after they have gone home following the family get-together. • Because in today’s world they live in a different city

TARGET AGE MARKET Children aged between 2 & 7 years old. When tested initially in the market, the first place this book was introduced was in different preschool, and result showed that the kids absolutely loved the books and were quiet taken with them. Second phase of the test was when the product was taken to several local Senior Citizens home and they were more excited than the kids.

IMPORTANT FACTS • Recordable books are one of the fastest growing categories in the social expressions area • Till now, Hallmark has been the only Australian supplier of recordable books and experienced great results with the sale of this product. • Australian Newsagency blog sites are a buzz with talk of this product • Currently being sold online at a higher price point • A flip of a switch "locks" the recording in even if the batteries die • Use AAA batteries • Durable Hard Cover • 450,000 recordable books were sold out in only seven weeks when released in the US • Children’s books are a billion dollar year plus industry • Children title outputs, makes up more than one out of every 10 new book titles released • A book of poems for children entitled Mother Goose's Melody was published in England in 1781, and the name "Mother Goose" has been associated with children's poetry ever since.

According to Book Industry Trends 2009, an annual report published by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), the “Juvenile Trade” segment of the book publishing industry generated $3.4 billion in sales last year, an increase of 1.9% over 2007, and 8.9% of total trade sales. TITLE Mother Goose: Perhaps the most enduring Children's poems of all times ART WORK is by Scott Gustafson and his regular book of Mother Goose poems is the number one Mother Goose book published in the USA.

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