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6.2.2013. 22:27:29

Relive the world of one of Croatia’s most famous politicians and artists from the Austro-Hungarian n period, a man who dedicated his life to art and too the welfare of the people of Zagreb under difficultt times. Artefacts, documents, and paintings help p keep his legacy alive and not to be forgotten.

22.11.2012 – 19.05.2013

Iso Kršnjavi – The Great Founder / Minister with the European Spirit Croatian History Museum, Matoševa 9, phone 00385 1 485 19 00,,

27.11.2012 – 03.02.2013

Željko Badurina Project Insider – Contemporary artists on permanent display in the Arts and Crafts Museum Arts and Crafts Museum, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11,,

I. Kršnjavi & Fingal

Nives Kavurić-Kurtović, “Zaduha – zagušenje crtama”, 2012.

Badurina’s focus is on museums; museum artefacts to be precise. He presents 50 works with h digital editing and sound, he cuts/pastes, collages, s, s, and he uses pop art to present paradoxes in rela-tion to the origins and symbolism of these arte-facts with his classic sense of humour and irony.

gal”, 1872–75. I. Kršnjavi, “Fin


eu al Mus


hae n, Arc lectio

l ian Co

ypt The Eg

Ž. Badurina

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6.2.2013. 22:28:21

Arts and Crafts Museum

Half a century after her first solo exhibition, Nives Kavurić-Kurtović, one of Croatia’s most prominent painters will exhibit her works once again. Herr surreal, intense and phantasmagorical paintings, s, as well as the use of refined colours in her artwork, k, have earned her an important place in the pantheon of Croatian art and artists. Art historians can indulge as this exhibition will show the period of socialist realism (1945–1950)) and its deconstruction (1950–1955) in Tito’s for-mer Yugoslavia as well social, political and culturall aspects of that post-war totalitarian era, while itss relics still remain in people’s collective memory in Croatia. In this instance everything that glistens IS gold, 0 and the museum’s Antique Period collection of 50 or so earrings, decorated and carved between thee 1st and 4th century AD, offer an insight into theirr production. See the methods and technology used d as well as how these were worn and buckled. Get the lowdown on Egyptian mummification, mythology, the afterlife, burial tools and the materialss used. Mama mia you say! The display also includess four human and five real animal mummies, as welll as the research unearthed during their analysis viaa radiological research. Kinda spooky, kinda groovy!

12.12.2012 – 25.01.2013

Nives Kavurić-Kurtović Half a Century Later / To Nothing the Nothingness The HAZU Graphics Office, Andrije Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 489 53 90,,

12.12.2012 – 10.03.2013

Reflections of Time 1945–1955 Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Jezuitski trg 4, phone 00385 1 485 19 26,

15.12.2012 – 15.02.2013

Roman Golden Earrings from the Zagreb Archaeological Museum Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 31 01,,

18.12.2012 – 28.02.2013

Mummies — Science and Myth Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 31 01,, the Mummy, Archaeological Museum

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6.2.2013. 22:28:23

aut )

F . V o d op oto: ive (ph c)

M.Ehrlich, “Luna sija”, 1976.

B. Vl ah

Br M.

B. Vla h




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Vlahović was one artist who innately added engineering and technical aspects to his works and was able to apply them, often transformingg an idea into an industrially made object. See thee best of Vlahović’s sculptures and drawings, all off which venture from the figurative to the constructive phase. When vision turns to reality, when layers of surface become three-dimensional, when colours swayy like poetry; Ehrlich was a unique Croatian painterr as her first works revealed a realistic signature butt later she adopted a surreal like artistic expression n and a tendency towards abstract painting. Ladies and men’s Audi FIS Ski World Cup slalom races, and the biggest ski event in Croatia.. By their own admission the event is adored d by the world’s best skiers. Live from the Metropolitan, Francesco Zambelli’s production of the French grand opera by Hectorr 3. Berlioz was last performed at the Met in 2003. The lead cast, portraying characters from thee h Trojan War, features Marcello Giordani, Deborah Voigt, Susan Graham and Dwayne Croft. Fabio Luisi conducts. The vigour and passion of operatic vocals shine through with passion, with the best Croatia has to offer. Vocal artists such as Dubravka Šeparović Mušović, Martina Zadro and Tomislav Mužek, are joined by younger colleagues Evelin Novak, Krešimir Stražanac and Luciano Batinić. They will be joined on stage by some excellent pianists, Martina Filjak, Đorđe Stanetti, Cornelis Witthoeft.

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19.12.2012 – 06.02.2013

Sculpture exhibition by Branko Vlahović Technical Museum, Savska cesta 18, phone 00385 1 484 40 50,,

20.12.2012 – 17.02.2013

Marta Ehrlich — Retrospective Exhibition Modern Gallery, Andrije Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40,

04.01 – 06.01.

VIP Snow Queen Trophy Sljeme,,


Hector Berlioz – Le Troyens (The Trojans) Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

12.01 – 17.05.

Molto Cantabile Cycle Croatian Music Institute, Gundulićeva 6a, phone 00385 1 450 12 08,,

12.01. Hommage à Sena Jurinac 02.02. Croatian Nightingales from Berlin and Zürich 17. 05. Hommage à Milka Trnina

6.2.2013. 22:28:25

VIP Sn ow Qu ee n Tr op hy

Jazz critics praise him, the Japanese adore him; Mirabassi is a maestro on piano, known for his crafty wizard-like ability to range and improvise. He’ll take you on a ride from French chanson to Cuban and Spanish melodies, and that’s just the beginning. He is joined by Gianluca Renzi on double bass, and Lukmil Perez on drums.


Giovanni Mirabassi Trio Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

17.01 – 03.03. The most comprehensive exhibition of Croatian photography ever exhibited abroad, depictingg photographs from the 1930s until today. The mas-termind behind the exhibit is Peter Knapp, a world d renowned Swiss fashion, glamour, and art photog-rapher. See how he merges the old and new.

Croatian Photography Through the Eyes of Peter Knapp (as part of the Croatian Festival in France) Arts and Crafts Museum, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11,,

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

g. mirabassi

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Martina Zadro, Molto Cantabile Cycle

6.2.2013. 22:28:27

M. Uzelac, “The Sphinx of the Great City (Danaja), 1921

M. Uzelac, “Self Portrait in a Bar”, 1923

The Prague Four is an informal name for four Croatian painters from the same generation who d formed in Prague during and right after WWI and whose works were bound with similar themes, s, motifs and artistic styles ranging from modernism m and cubism to expressionism. The exhibition willl showcase over 100 of their paintings, prints and drawings. The second opera in Donizetti’s renowned trilogy of operas about The Tudors is directed by David McVicar. The main spotlight of this new produc-tion will be on the free visual style and romanticc nature of Donizetti’s music. The starry line-up p includes Joyce DiDonato, Elza van den Heever,r Francesco Meli and Joshua Hopkins amongst others.

Za g

M. Trepše, “Card Player”, 1920

o Tr i

re b

nd Wi

18.01 – 17.03.

The Prague Four — Uzelac, Gecan, Varlaj, Trepše Art Pavilion, Trg kralja Tomislava 22, phone 00385 1 484 10 70,,


Gaetano Donizetti - Maria Stuarda Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

23.01 – 27.01. The beauty, artistry, and elegance of this winter sport will once again grace the Dom Sportovaa Sports Hall, gathering Europe’s best skaters in thee Croatian capital.

European Figure Skating Championships Dom sportova Sports Centre, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, phone 00385 1 301 23 23,,

B. Dimitrijević Lauba, from the collection of works by I. Kožarić and

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6.2.2013. 22:28:29


If you wish to be taken back in time, into an enchanting world of salons which were once the sacred centres of the artistic, political and philosophical life of the nobility, and when elegance, a love of art, and an immaculate lifestyle were the norm, then for evenings of true musical enjoyment visit the gorgeous salons of Dverce Palace in the heart of Zagreb. Some of the participants are Laura Vadjon, violin (21.01.), Lidija Ljubičić, flute (04.03.), Zagreb Wind Trio (08.04.) Saxophonist, composer, and conductor Tadej Tomšič has already made inroads in European jazz circles and comes here with his own original work. Do expect some fusion, funk, and snazzy jazz as he is supported by an orchestra. Lovers and connoisseurs of classical music can engage, and be captivated, in this cycle of musical concerts dedicated to the greats of the genre. Renowned international guests will contribute and leave their imprint in what is said to be pure mastery. Some of them are Viktor Tretjakov, violin (07. 02.), Markus Schirmer, piano (28.02.), Christian Knapp, conductor (25.04.) Gianfranco Bortolato, oboe (09.05.) People literally flock to major city museums and galleries all over Croatia in this once a year annual al event. Why? It’s free entry, it’s always on the lastt Friday of January, and it starts at 6 pm lastingg till 1am for those savoured art lovers. Additional bonuses include exhibition openings, concerts,, guided-tours, promotions, and souvenir sales. Truly you will feel all the better for having taken the time to indulge in some culture.

21.01 – 08.04.

From the Hall of Mirrors Cycle Dverce Palace, Trg Katarine Zrinske 6, phone 00385 1 450 12 08,,


Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra feat. Tadej Tomšič Studio Zvonimir Bajsić, Prisavlje 3, phone 00385 1 487 23 69,,

24.01 – 06.06.

The Master Cycle of the Croatian Radio and Television Symphonic Orchestra Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,,


The Night of the Museums 2013

(Photo: Z. Ambruš) Technical Museum, Nikola Tesla’s Demonstration Cabinet

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6.2.2013. 22:28:31

Verdi’s most spectacular opera, Aida, was received with great enthusiasm at its Milan premiere in n 1871, and is equally well received today. This amaz-ing story, inspired by ancient Egypt and its mystical al ul rituals and forbidden passion is filled with beautiful arias, powerful choirs, ballet scenes and exciting orchestral music. Their voices have been described as angelic as they sing in unison and the music is poured out of their hearts. It will be an amazing thing to see how one of the best known boys’ choirs in the world performs music by Mozart, Schubert, Haydn as well as popular European folk songs.


Giuseppe Verdi — Aida Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita 15, phone 00385 1 488 84 18,,


The Vienna Boys’ Choir Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

The nation’s best vocal soloists, instrumental ensembles and orchestras congregate here and perform some of the most intriguing musical pages ever written for the human voice. Filled with emotion, lyrical atmosphere and is part of our very own musical heritage.

Sfumato – Spiritual sounds, colours and shapes

An uproarious Croatian musical comedy set in 16th century Zagreb, where the antics of two youngg ladies in their search for love get a whole lot moree than they expected. The show is filled with catchyy modern songs, inspired by rich Croatian folklore,, splendid choreography, breathtaking costumes, entertaining characters, and a cracking riotous text.

Black House — Musical in Colour

David Alden’s new production of Verdi’s brilliant opera on jealousy and revenge is this time set in n fairytale-like 20th century Sweden. This Metropoli-tan Opera version features Karita Mattila, Marceloo d Álvarez, Stephanie Blythe, Kathleen Kim, and Dmitri Hvorostovsky in the leading roles, and is conducted by Fabio Luisi. This Serbian rock band are still hugely popular and one of the best acts in the former Yugoslavia. ‘Električni orgazam’ return to Zagreb after a sold out concert the year prior. Classic hits such as ‘Debela devojka’ and ‘Papagaj’ will jumble amongst some of their latest tracks. Zagreb is becoming the skiing Mecca for European skiers! Witness the fairly unknown discipline off synchronized skiing on Mount Sljeme. It is a com-petition in which paired teams compete parallel in an enclosed racing track.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:6

29.01 – 11.06.

Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00,


Student’s Centre Cinema, Savska cesta 25,


Giuseppe Verdi — Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball) Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


Električni orgazam Tvornica kulture Zagreb, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 72,,


Syncro Ski World Cup Sljeme, phone 00385 91 200 01 05,,

6.2.2013. 22:28:33

02.02 – 10.02.

ATP PBZ Zagreb Indoors Dom sportova Sports Centre, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, phone 00385 1 369 36 90,

oo in d eb gr za z pb o: ot “Black House”, Elegović, Ravenšćak and škovrc sing a love song




iG .iv a

ni Še


(p h

bz zagreb indoors



One of the first ATP tennis championships at the beginning of every new season, it never disap-points sport fans with some of the world’s bestt players playing some of their best tennis here.

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6.2.2013. 22:28:36

nt Ca


Six young promising dance makers are selected and undertake an interdisciplinary project thatt focuses on their artistic development and the cre-ative process. It’s a project that merges education, n,, innovation, theory and praxis. The finale is a show w that exemplifies their learning.

Project SPAZIO – Zagreb 2013

What better gig to attend in leading up to St. Valentine’s Day than a concert by one of Croatia’s best performers, whose romantic yet up-beat music can be best described as Mediterranean pop and rock, can put you in the Valentines’ mood in the blink of an eye? Not many we’d warrant.

Neno Belan feat. Fiumens

03.02 – 24.02.

08.02 – 09.02. Tvornica kulture, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 72,,

11.02 – 20.05.

Cantus & Lisinski Cycle – Concert series Eleven years after their first concert in 2001 this highly successful instrumental ensemble, whose foundations are its string and wind quintet, still perform with riveting passion and continue to execute demanding contemporary musical works, both by Croatian and foreign composers.

com mun

11.02. Solo Tutti 07.04. Cantus at the Theatre — The 27th Musical Biennial Zagreb 20.05. The Chain of Birthdays

icat io Lab ( Photo: K. Španec)


Beyond fronta – Da n ce

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Trg kralja Tomislava 19, phone 00385 1 487 23 69,,

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6.2.2013. 22:28:38

12.02 – 16.04.

3 Plus / Minus Cycle Another treat for all lovers of classical music will be this series of musical evenings at the Mimara Museum which, with its neo-classical magnificent interior, is the perfect venue to host the everlasting beauty of the sound of classical music.

Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00,,

Listening to love songs being sung by arguably one of Croatia’s best pop singers and most distinctive voices of all time, and all that on the one day that celebrates love – a perfect Valentine’s Day!!

14.02. & 15.02.

Alternative rock stalwarts from the 80s and 90s who ripped into the scene, then split, and in 2005 reunited. Since then they’ve produced a few albums, stayed together, and mellowed a tad, but the raging rock of old is still there. Front-man J Mascis’ guitar solos can vouch for that. These pianists have enough experience and credibility between the two of them, which makes for quite the artistic journey; the question remains in how to tell them apart as their synergy is so strong. They pound those 88 keys, producing a concoction of atmospheric, harmonic, and rhythmic jazz standards.

12.02. Alisios Camerata Quartet 05.03. Trio Orlando 16.04. Zagreb Trio

Massimo Tvornica kulture Zagreb, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 72,,


Dinosaur Jr Tvornica kulture, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 73,,


Brad Mehldau & Kevin Hays Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,






ian Composers’ Society) B. Mehldau (photo: Croat

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:9

6.2.2013. 22:28:40

An Italian Michele Mariotti will conduct this new production of Verdi’s tragedy which instead of be-ing played in 16th century Italy, will be set in 1960ss Las Vegas, as directed by the Tony Award winningg director Michael Mayer. The eternal conflict off decadence and innocence stars Željko Lučić, Piotrr Beczala, and Diana Damrau. We all know the great hits from Swedish 70s’ and early 80s’ giants Abba, but have you heard them through the sounds of a big band? Your about to witness an exclusive with our very own national radio and TV jazz orchestra putting their touch on hits like ‘Mamma mia’, ‘Waterloo’, ‘Dancing Queen’, and others. To be released on CD also!


Giuseppe Verdi – Rigoletto G Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, V phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra – Abba Project Studio Zvonimir Bajsić, Prisavlje 3, phone 00385 1 487 23 69,,

ycle a Fe d e C dell anagement) M nn o a, A Concert k n Zi r e b g la el : Z a p p to C a P ho (

‘Glass, my second body’, is how this artist and glass designer best describes her exquisite art pieces which for her are a way of life; a search h “for the substance of beauty, stirring emotionss and spirituality”. Come and see her award winningg pieces, which are here for your enjoyment, as she expresses her fragile and surreal glasswork. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of Croatia’s best dramatists and novelists, s, Ranko Marinković, three young theatre directorss bring some of his unforgettable characters too the stage in homage to this amazing writer. The premiere will be held on his very birthday, Februaryy 22nd.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:10

20.02 – 30.03.

Gordana Drinković Arts and Crafts Museum, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11,,


Ranko Marinković – In the sign of Libra… Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita 15, phone 00385 1 488 84 18,,

6.2.2013. 22:28:42

In cooperation with one of its main sponsors, the T-HT telecoms company, the Museum of Contem-porary Art showcases some of the most interest-ing recent work by Croatian artists who competee for four prizes. Hear the drums, see the dances, feel the wonder off Africa at your doorstep. A pulsating, vibrant circuss d with dancers, percussionists, singers, acrobats, and contortionists who unite in relaying the beauty, y y, colour, tradition and diversity of this magical al continent.t.t This hugely popular festival presents the very best of creative documentary films with imaginary form and choice of topics, a characteristic which h makes it unique in both Croatia and Europe. With h thousands in attendance over 150 documentariess are screened and the guest list is as impressive ass the supporting programme, which makes this one gem of a festival. A Synchronized Skating event which always showcases some fantastic skating and delightfull choreographies, performed by skaters from alll over the world.

22.02 – 24.03.

The T-HT Prize ( Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00,


Mother Africa Circus Dražen Petrović Sports Centre, Savska cesta 30, phone 00385 1 484 33 33,

24.02 – 03.03.

ZagrebDox Cineplexx Cinema, Nova Ves 17,,

28.02 – 01.03.

Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy Dom sportova Sports Centre, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, phone 00385 1 301 23 23,

28.02 – 11.04. The beautiful baroque Church of Saint Catherine, in Zagreb’s Upper Town, is the perfect setting for the mesmerising and luscious music of the baroque period. A series of concerts of sacral music, which are inspired by the upcoming Year of Faith (thus the title), will surely warm the heart. “P

St Katherine’s Church, Trg Katarine Zrinske bb, phone 00385 1 450 12 08,,

28.02. Zagreb Boys’ Choir 11.04. Baroque Sacral Music — Celebrating Easter Museum of Con temporary



Anno della Fede Cycle



Art (Photo: d. fabijanić)


,Z a





09 , ZP

rić lib na


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6.2.2013. 22:28:44

Croatian artist who uses his love of flora and fauna, beauty and simplicity, and is able to turn it into art. Through bold and pastel colours and d shapes, in combination with his flair for all thingss floral, Šekoranja exhibits his artistic installations, s, stimulating visitors’ senses and creating indelible memories. In her folklore video installation series, the Venezuelan-born Spanish artist Patricia Esquivias presents lectures on Spanish history, its culturee and images which are embedded in the collectivee memory of those folk whose name is synonymouss with the term ‘folklore’, as seen only through her eyes and hands as she speaks.

Arts and Crafts Museum, Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11,,


Patricia Esquivias — Folklore The Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Šubićeva 29, phone 00385 1 459 26 96,,


Footloose Student’s Centre Cinema, Savska cesta 25,

.fiorentin) footloose (Photo: S.

From movie to stage, from Broadway to Zagreb, b, this hit musical about love, life, and hope will get ett your feet and knees jostling. A smashing high-h energy cast with awe-inspiring choreography with moves that even Kevin Bacon would applaud. Plenty of 80s classic hits to keep all entertained.

March – April

Saša Šekoranja — A Flower in the First

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6.2.2013. 22:28:47





Welcome to Croatia’s crème de la crème of fashion as celebrated by both fashion critics and thee broader public alike. Held twice a year this eventt gathers Croatia’s leading designers as well ass those from neighbouring countries. This spectaclee is a ‘don’t you dare miss this honey’ for fashion lovers. This remarkable Dutch jazz vocalist is a true allaround artist whose special voice, combined with an incredible sense of timing and improvisation, makes her performances a real and unforgettable experience. In Zagreb she performs musical arrangements by Bob Brookmeyer and Mike Abena. Give your pallet a thorough workout as avid diners make the most of this gastro feast. Popular amongst Zagrebians, you can visit a smorgasbord of restaurants which are offering specially priced three-course menus for a fraction of the usual cost; 100kuna for lunch or dinner – a bargain no matter how you look at it.

March/April & September/October


Fay Claasen Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

08.03 – 17.03.

Zagreb Restaurant Week,



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6.2.2013. 22:28:49

As described by its director François Girard, Wagner’s final masterpiece is not just an opera, but a mission to reconcile Wagner’s own aspects of spirituality and is also a sacred work in the history of music. Jonas Kaufmann, Katarina Dalayman, Peter Mattei, Evgeny Nikitin and René Pape star in the title roles of this mystical score. Conducted by Daniele Gatti.


Richard Wagner — Parsifal Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

09.03 – 10.03.


Zagreb Philharmonic feat. Ivan Goran Kovačić Academic Choir Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


Riccardo Zandonai — Francesca da Rimini




In J udo

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


Festivities of the Passion Heritage

After more than quarter of a century Zandonai’s powerful opera, based on the character from Dante’s Divine Comedy and Gabrielle d’Annunzio’s tragedy, returns to the Met in a realistic and lavished production by Piere Faggioni. Eva-Maria Westbroek and Marcello Giordani play the tragic lovers.

Sutinska vrela Sports Hall, Podsusedski trg 14, Podsused, phone 00385 1 301 23 49,


With an audacious portfolio, Sir Neville Marriner is one of the worlds most sought after conductors, and for this night he joins our Zagreb Philharmonic. His recorded repertoire ranges from baroque to 20th century British music and opera. A charming classical evening awaits.

The European Cadets Cup In Judo

Eur ope

Over 500 judo martial artists from all over thee world will compete at this tournament. Perhapss the future Royce Gracie will be amongst them.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:14

6.2.2013. 22:28:51

16.03 – 27.03.

The 22nd Festivities of the Passion Heritage

Each year towards the end of Lent, a feast off cultural, musical, liturgical, folk and artistic eventss take place relating to the Resurrection. This years’ program includes performances of Mozart’s ’Requiem’ and J. Haydn’s ‘Stabat Mater’ as well ass traditional Croatian Lenten and Easter folk songss d from Dalmatia, plus holy poetry readings and s s. paintings.

St Katherine’s Church (Trg Katarine Zrinske bb), The Mimara M Museum (Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5), St Mark’s Church C (Trg svetog Marka 5), The Basilica of the Heart of o Jesus (Palmotićeva 33), Zvonimir Gallery (Bauerova 33), Kristofor Stanković Gallery (Old City Hall, Ćirila i 3 Metoda 5), Josip Račić Studio (Margaretska 3), Zagreb M City Libraries, Croatian Writers’ Association (Trg bana J. Jelačića 7/I), St Peter’s Church (Vlaška 93), phone 00385 91 526 53 64,

The Prigorje region buzzes on this particular dayy as the townsfolk go all out in celebrating theirr traditional folk customs and dances. The music re-flects their joy and passion towards their wonderful ul heritage with pride and lots and lots of love. e.


The 10th Prigorje Day Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, V phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

17.03 – 09.06.

Dieterich Buxtehude Cycle – Collected organ works

This German-Danish organist and composer, of the Baroque period, has not been forgotten, as his works are still standard repertoire at recitals and in church services around the world. The beautiful Basilica of the Heart of Jesus on Palmotićeva is by far the most appropriate venue.

The Basilica of the Heart of Jesus, Palmotićeva 33, phone 00385 1 450 12 08,,



17.03. Psalmodia christiana 19.05. Abendmusiken 09.06. Te Deum laudamus

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:15

6.2.2013. 22:28:53

Previously known as the Spring Jazz Review, this event hasn’t lost any of its vivacious, creative, or spontaneous energy as it features some of the world’s biggest names in the genre. As leading jazz trombonist J. J Johnson once said “Jazz is restless, it won’t stay put and it never will”, which this event surely testifies to. Jessie is a young British vocalist who has seen four tracks in the UK Top 100 over the last year or so. Many dub her as the perfect balance between Sade and Whitney Houston, but this artist can embellish the deep electro pop sounds in the background of her music with a voice that marvels. From back-up singer to lead singer, she’s primed for the next step. The premiere of a fairy-tale, historical myth, and d tragic love story, all combined in one epic tale. e. Wagner’s famous opera is inspired by the medi-eval epic Garin de Lohengrin and, along with itss incredible hypnotic music, creates one of the most beautiful operas of the German Romantic period. Where can I take the kids today? Look no further; the essence of this festival is theatre for kids. Itt attracts the best productions for children, with h a strong national and international contingentt always buzzing around. Usually held during springg holidays, over 5000 visitors partake and best of all, it is for free. Catch your breath as this part of Europe is about to see the biggest exhibition of Picasso’s works with 56 original paintings and sculptures as well as 40 photos which are all kept in the Parisian Mu-seum of Pablo Picasso. The exhibition will reveall all the artistic stages of this genius artist and a special focus will be on Picasso’s great muse and one of the biggest loves of his life, a Croatian Dora Maar, who greatly influenced his life and art work. One of the most famous Austrian composers and flautists of more recent generations will put on a special concert at the beautiful Mimara Museum, accompanied by violinist Elena Denisova and conductor Alexei Kornienko. Wagner’s repertoire will include Alexander von Zemlinsky’s Serenade for violin and orchestra in A major (1896), and Mozart’s Symphony No. 29 in A major.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:16

19.03 – 22.03. Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


Jessie Ware Tvornica kulture, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 73,,


Richard Wagner – Lohengrin Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita 15, phone 00385 1 488 84 18,,

22.03 – 27.03.

The 13th International Naj, Naj Festival Žar Ptica City Theatre, Bijenička 97, phone 00385 1 234 72 26,

23.03 – 07.07.

Master Pieces from the Picasso Museum Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Jezuitski trg 4, phone 00385 1 485 19 96,,


Wolfram Wagner (*1962) – Concerto for Violin and Orchestra The Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00

6.2.2013. 22:28:56

Majinai – naj, naj festival

P. Picasso “Family at the Seashore”, Dinard, 1922. (Musée national Picasso, Pariz, Pablo Picasso Donation, 1979)

The biggest and most exciting freestyle motocross spectacle is coming to Zagreb for the first time ever! Dangerous sports acrobatics and a revue show all combine to provide one big theatricall event, one which will have onlookers eagerly want-ing more. Riders of FMX (freestyle motocross), 2 BMX/MTB, Mini Bikes, Quads, and Sleds, all of whom come from four continents, will display their amazing skills. The second edition of the fetish festival ‘a la Torture Garden’ is one of a series of events which cater for an adult and mature audience. An experience that will awaken all of your senses includess performances by famous international body art rt performers, DJs, as well as video installations and d an obligatory fetish fantasy dress code. Dress too impress! A sequel to last year’s international exhibition cycle, which dealt with the topics of immigration, n, the economic exploitation of poor nations, and thee utopian world of socialism. This year’s exhibition n features the Albanian artist Adrian Pacu, Cuban n Manuel Pina and Mexican artist Carlos Motta.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:17


Masters of Dirt Arena Zagreb, Lanište 30,,,


Bestiarum Jedinstvo Factory, Trnjanski nasip bb, phone 00385 1 483 31 54,,


Adrian Paci, Manuel Pina, Carlos Motta – Between the Worlds II The Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Šubićeva 29, phone 00385 1 459 26 96,,

6.2.2013. 22:28:59

Biz z


(P ho

: to gr


) ty

je) va n




r se





t oa




h sc





A big band bonanza comes to town with a group of outstanding German and Austrian musicians who pay tribute to Don Ellis, an American jazz trumpeter and composer known for his experimentation with unusual time signatures. Austrian ace trumpeter Gansch leads the brass.


Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra feat. Thomas Gansch Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

The legend of the Witch of Grič, in Zagreb’s Upper Town, still lives so come and join in as we welcome springtime with concerts and musical auditoriums, and taste the magical brew that our witches will make for you. Hmmm, and dare we say put the witch’s spell on you?

04.04 – 14.04.

Gričevanje Tvornica kulture, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 73,,

The Croatian premiere of one of the most influen-tial musical works of the 20th century: old mythical al rituals, the avant-garde music, and choreographyy made this somewhat of an experiment of the time, e,, leaving the audience in disbelief and simultaneously giving Stravinsky world fame.


Igor Stravinsky — The Rite of Spring Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita 15, phone 00385 1 488 84 18,,

Music Bien ni a


Z ag





r eb g ngin

Cha The ua he G of t x)

ne o: U

t (Pho rd

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:18

6.2.2013. 22:29:01

06.04 – 13.04. Held in Zagreb every two years, this event becomes a melting pot for composers, music critics, musicians, orchestras, chamber ensembles, and contemporary music lovers. Venues all around the city are smothered with crème de la crème performance, and this year’s theme is based around Croatia’s entry into the EU, so the international aspect will be more prominent than ever.

The 30th edition of this international rowing regattaa n held on Lake Jarun will gather 50 clubs from ten different countries. Age-old city traditions come alive through historical figures dressed in costumes, folklore ensembles dancing on the main square, promenadee concerts in Zrinjevac Park, street performers… Alllll this and more will surely take every visitor back in n time and give them a glimpse of old Zagreb tradi-tions and cultural heritage. e.. A marvellous sight of the changing of the guard h ceremony - the so-called Kravat Regiment which was founded in the 17th century, and who were thee first to wear the cravat as part of their uniform m - will be held on Saint Mark’s and Ban Jelačićć Squares every weekend.

The 27th Music Biennial Zagreb Croatian National Theatre (Trg maršala Tita 15), Bačva Gallery (Trg žrtava fašizma bb), Bajsić Studio (Prisavlje 3), Croatian Music Institute (Gundulićeva 6a), Zagreb Puppet Theatre (Ulica baruna Trenka 3), &TD (Savska cesta 25), Zagreb Youth Theatre (Teslina 7), Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall (Trg Stjepana Radića 4), MM Centre [SC] (Savska cesta 25), phone 00385 1 487 23 69,,

13.04 – 14.04.

Croatia Open Lake Jarun, phone 00385 98 30 21 73,,,

13.04 – 29.09.

The Zagreb Time Machine T Zr Z Zrinjevac r and Maksimir Park, Gornji grad (Upper Town), Trg bana J. Jelačića,,

13.04 – 29.09.

The Changing of the Guard,

The ime eb T

Zagr Mach ine

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:19

6.2.2013. 22:29:04

See the best of the best in Croatian national film from over the past 12 months, where music videos, TV commercials, animations, experimental films,, and documentaries are shown and evaluated.. Take note, this does not include feature film, so noo ‘blockbusters’ for you! Workshops and concerts always spruce up the event. Croatian pianist, with a world reputation - earned on the back of his true creative act - which does not subside in the face of the standard canons of interpretation. There is no doubt that after last year’s sold out concert, this year’s performance of Beethoven’s piano sonatas will once again thrill the Zagreb audience.

15.04 – 21.04.

The 22nd Days of Croatian Film Student’s Centre, Savska cesta 25, phone 00385 1 459 36 03,


Ivo Pogorelić — Piano Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

16.04 – 30.04.

Pay homage to a talented illustrator, painter, and all round artist who despite being of high regard is largely unknown to the wider Croatian public. c.. The chance of getting a better insight into his in-exhaustible work especially in children’s books and d magazines such as the famous Modra Lasta (since 1968) is not to be missed.

Vjekoslav Brešić (1926– 2012) — Illustration in Time, retrospective exhibition

Richardson is an international trumpeter of high acclaim, who tours throughout the world both performing and tutoring. He is joined by conductor Doug Richards with whom he has also recorded. Make sure you witness this unique public recording which connects continents and the music of the world!

Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra feat. Rex Richardson

The younger brother of the equally famous Ivan, Lovro Pogorelić is one of Croatia’s most famous pianists, whose style of play has been described as exquisitely delicate and soft, yet also powerful, passionate, and dynamic. The concert will include piano compositions by an array of classical greats.

Pogorelić & Rachmaninoff feat. Zagreb Philharmonic

A traditional sailing regatta organised by Yacht Club Zagreb and the most important junior’s sailing competition on the continent that gatherss dozens of competitors each year. This tranquil part of Zagreb, an oasis in the heart of the city which features an outstanding collection of plants from all over the world, is a perfect setting for this amazing exhibition of exteriorr ceramic sculptures that will include floral and d botanic themes. It will combine the traditional and d contemporary art that is connected to the Feastt Day of Saint George, which falls on April 23 and is the epitome of spring customs and traditions in Croatia. brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:20

ULUPUH Gallery, Tkalčićeva 14, phone 00385 1 481 37 46,


Studio Zvonimir Bajsić, Prisavlje 3, phone 00385 1 487 23 69,,


Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

20.04 – 21.04.

The Big Award of Zagreb Lake Jarun, phone 00385 98 48 13 05,

20.04 – 31.05.

Days of Green George Botanical garden, Trg Marka Marulića 9a, phone 00385 1 481 37 46,

6.2.2013. 22:29:06

i. Pogorelić (photo: Zagreb Concert Management)


tfo r rma.h The Saint Mark’s Festival

Zagreb Harp Festival

The beauty of dance and its promotion is what this international dance festival is all about. Choreographers, dance artists and dance groups from m all over the world come to exchange their ideass and experiences through workshops, shows and d lectures, whilst presenting their creative work at the same time. Angelic harmonies will haunt the air in various city venues as a star-studded international line-up of famous solo, orchestra, and ensemble harpists are set to perform with impassioned mood and sparkling demeanour; their fingers locked in a dance, eager to float over the static notes of the strings. Each year on the Feast of Saint Mark amazing musicians from all over the world, such as members of the Berlin or Munich Philharmonics, gather to present their artistry in the vicinity of some equally marvellous Upper Town venues. It’s a hotchpotch for chamber ensembles. Featured are the Berlin Philharmonics (27.04.), Croatian Radio and Television Symphonic Orchestra and Mixed Choir (02.05.), and the Belgrade Men’s Chamber Choir – Orthodox Spiritual Music throughout the Centuries (11.05.).

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:21

20.04 – 29.04. Jedinstvo Factory, Trnjanski nasip bb, phone 00385 1 619 13 86,,

21.04 – 28.04.

Zagreb Harp Festival The Mimara Museum (Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5), Croatian Music Institute (Gundulićeva 6a), National and University Library in Zagreb (Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4), foyer-a of the Croatian National Theatre (Trg maršala Tita 15), Tuškanac Cinema (Tuškanac 1),

25.04 – 11.05.

The 15th Saint Mark’s Festival St Mark’s Church (Trg svetog Marka 5), Crkva Sv. Franje (Kaptol 9), Golden Hall of the Croatian History Institute (Opatička 10),,

6.2.2013. 22:29:09

A dynamic and inventive production by McVicar, which was a true hit at its 2005 Glyndebourne premiere. It combines elements of Baroque theatre and 19th century British imperialism as it speaks of love, war, and tragedy. The title roles are sung by David Daniels and Natalie Dessay. Who says postmodern art is kitschy? Think again! See the best regarded art, architecture, and design from between the 1970s and 1990s. A collection n of most excellent artists, who sprung to acclaim m from this period in Croatia, whether in comicc books, illustrations, fashion and graphic design, or theatre and film. International karate tournament, with large numbers attending from abroad, and a great op-portunity for our national karate fighters to testt their capabilities against some of the strongestt opponents in Europe.


Georg Friedrich Handel — Giulio Cesare Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


Silva Kalčić – Postmodern Art in Croatia, a big culture exhibition National and University Library in Zagreb, Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, phone 00385 1 481 37 46,


The 22nd Croatia Cup Trnsko Sports Hall, Trnsko 25, phone 00385 91 424 24 23,

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:22

Steven Tai (Photo: B. Čavrag, Dreft fashion week)

week) Čavrag, Dreft fashion Ada Zanditon (Photo: B.

Superated (Photo: B. Čavrag, Dreft fashion week)

The Mimara Museum

6.2.2013. 22:29:11

May – June Through a time-line, the exhibition will present the history of Zagreb’s Archaeological Museum which was founded in 1829, yet later transferred into thee 19th century Vranyczany-Hafner Palace on Zrinje-vac Square where it stands to this day. The entiree museum building will become an exhibiting item and all its rooms will be open to visitors.

The man behind Dire Straits continues to mesmerise audiences with his husky voice and brilliant guitar work. With rock and blues still pumping through his veins, Knopfler has that never-say-die attitude which is exemplified by the release of his 8th solo album, simply entitled ‘Privateering’. Fans of fashion and glamour come to gather as this is the only international fashion week in n Croatia that twice a year gathers some of the mostt renowned Croatian and international designerss who have previously presented their works at thee London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. All the fashionistas beware! The biggest regional fashion fair, with over 100 fashion shows to bee n seen, is coming to Zagreb, specifically to the main city square of Ban Jelačić. This four day event willll be a unique opportunity to view the finest regional al designers, see open air fashion shows and partake in creative workshops. The best of Brazil brings beauty, buzz, and bounce! This tropical opera of music and dance consists of workshops and performances with capoeira, sam-ba, theme nights, screenings, Brazilian percussion, n, and more. The final day concludes with a Brazilian n Carnival Parade through the heart of town. Ole! e! If you love the sounds of baroque, classical, and contemporary music then this chamber music festival, which is organised by the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra and its art director, the ‘Russian Paganini’ Maxim Fedotov, is sure to thrill. The aim of the festival is to bring the diversity and beauty of classical music to a wider audience.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:23

The Time Machine — The History of the Archaeological Museum and Vranyczany-Hafner Palace Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 31 01,,


Mark Knopfler Arena Zagreb, Lanište bb,

09.05 – 11.05. & 21.11 – 23.11.

Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb Hypo Centre, Slavonska avenija 6,

09.05 – 12.05.

ZONA 45 — Regional Fashion Fair Trg bana Josipa Jelačića,

10.05 – 12.05.


10.05 – 15.05.

Festival Musica Maxima V The Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5,

6.2.2013. 22:29:13

Visas V

Citizens from the EU, the countries which signed the Schengen Agreement, the respective Principalities of A Andora, Lichtenstein and Monaco, The Republic of San Marino, The Swiss Confederacy, The Vatican City State as well as ccitizens ci i from Australasia, North and South America are allowed into Croatia without a visa. The tourist visa is issued for a one year period. ‘Continuous Stay’ refers to foreigners with a tourist visa who are able to remain in the Republic of Croatia for a period of (90) days, within a 6 month spam – this includes the first day of arrival. All other prospective visitors require a visa which can be obtained at any Croatian embassy or consulate before entering the Republic of Croatia. For the complete list of Croatian embassies and consulates please visit, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. For all other information regarding visa procedures contact the Consular Department of the Croatian Foreign Ministry, Trg N.Š. Zrinskog 7-8, phone: 00385 1 456 99 64.

Arriving by air The Croatian national airline Croatia Airlines (info phone: 00385 1 667 65 55, www. A cr has direct flights to most European cities. Other airline companies with regular flights from Zagreb iinclude low-budget airlines such as Germanwings ( and Easy Jet ( Zagreb’s Pleso in Airport is 17km from the city centre and has all the necessary facilities which include banks, exchange offices, restaurants, left luggage facilities, ATM’s, car rentals and organized transport service from the airport to the city and vice versa (www. For all necessary information call 00385 1 456 22 22 or visit Public transport P

Zagreb’s public transport has a comprehensive system of tram and bus lines. Both ttr transport systems have daily services beginning at 4-5am through to 11-12pm. Several lines operate throughout the night bu but at less regular intervals; for all schedules and daily timetables visit Identical tickets are used for both bus and tram journeys and are best purchased from kiosks costing 12 kuna each. It is also possible to buy tickets from drivers for 15 kuna, however this does not include the new modern trams. From the moment you board and insert the ticket in the automatic stamping machine, it is only valid for a one-way journey lasting 90 minutes maximum. A daily ticket costs 40 kuna and allows one day’s unlimited travel until 4am the following day. This could prove to be a good choice. If you would like to go sightseeing in the Upper Town, you can buy a ticket for 5 kuna and ride in the popular Uspinjača (Funicular), the 66m lift which is scheduled every 10 minutes and operates from 6.30am to 10pm.

Tourist information

This beautiful city has its fare share of tourist information centres that can assist you with all your questions and needs. You can’t miss the tourist information centre on Trg bana J. Jelačića 11 (Ban Jelačić Square), it’s right in the heart of town and is open weekdays from 8.30am-8pm, 9am-6pm on Saturdays and 10am-4pm on Sundays. From June to September 30 it is open weekdays from 8.30am-9pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9am-6pm, simply phone: 00385 1 481 40 51. The other tourist information centre is located at the ever busy Glavni kolodvor (Main Railway Station) at Trg kralja Tomislava 14, beginning at 9am-9pm on weekdays and from 10am-5pm on weekends. There is also a Tourist Information Centre at the Zagreb Airport, next to the international arrivals area that is open 9am-9pm weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends, A new Tourist Information Centre has been opened at the Bus Station, beginning at 9am-9pm on weekdays and from 10am-5pm on weekends. TIC in the Lotrščak Tower in the Upper Town, Strossmayer Promenade 9, is open on weekdays 9am - 5pm and on weekends from 10am - 3pm. Working hours from June until the end of September are daily from 9am - 9pm. As you venture through town between April to October, you may come across our tourist informants. They are easily recognizable by their outfits, they walk in two’s and these tourist informants spend their days tracing the city streets providing helpful services and offering interesting information to visitors in several languages. Zagreb’s Tourist Guides Association is situated at Šubićeva 20 and is open from 9am-2pm throughout the week and by telephone only on weekends. For more information, call 00385 1 481 70 22, 00385 99 481 70 22, email turisticki.vodici. or visit Last but not least, the office of the Zagreb County’s Tourist Association is situated at Preradovićeva 42. The contact number is 00385 1 487 36 65 or visit

Electricity The electricity supply in Croatia is 220V, so visitors from countries with a different electricity supE ply p will need to use a transformer to run electricity appliances. National holidays N January 01 New Year’s Day J January 06 Epiphany March 31 Easter Sunday April 01 Easter Monday May 01 International Worker’s Day May 30 Corpus Christi June 22 Anti Fascist Resistance Day

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June 25 August 05 August 15 October 08 November 01 December 25 December 26

Statehood Day Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day Feast of the Assumption Independence Day All Saint’s Day Christmas Day Saint Stephen’s Day

6.2.2013. 22:29:16

Museums 1. Archaeological Museum in Zagreb Trg N.Š. Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 30 00, 487 00 00,

2. Atelier Meštrović – Ivan Meštrović Museums Mletačka 8, phone 00385 1 485 11 23,

3. Croatian Academy of Science and Art — The Glyptotheque Medvedgradska 2, phone 00385 1 468 60 50,

4. Croatian History Museum Matoševa 9, phone 00385 1 485 19 00,

5. Croatian School Museum Trg maršala Tita 4/1, phone 00385 1 485 57 16,

6. Dražen Petrović Memorial Center Trg Dražena Petrovića 3, phone 00385 1 484 31 46,

7. Ethnographic Museum Trg Mažuranića 14, phone 00385 1 482 62 20,

8. HT Museum — Croatian Postal & Telecomunications service museum Jurišićeva 13, phone 00385 1 491 15 89,

10. Museum of Arts and Crafts Trg maršala Tita 10, phone 00385 1 488 21 11,

11. Museum of Contemporary Art Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00,

12. Technical Museum Savska cesta 18, phone 00385 1 484 40 50,

13. The Blessed Alojzije Stepinac Museum Kaptol 31 (Nebojan Tower), phone 00385 1 489 48 79

14. The Croatian Museum of Architecture I. G. Kovačića 37, phone 00385 1 483 45 51,

15. The Croatian Museum of Naive Art Sv. Ćirila i Metoda 3, phone 00385 1 485 19 11,

16. The Croatian Natural History Museum Demetrova 1, phone 00385 1 485 17 00,

17. Typhlological Museum Draškovićeva 80/II, phone 00385 1 481 11 02,

18. Zagreb City Museum Opatička 20, phone 00385 1 485 13 61,

9. Mimara Museum Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00,

Galleries 1. Art Pavilion Trg kralja Tomislava 22, phone 00385 1 484 10 70,

2. Croatian Association of Artists – HDLU Trg žrtava fašizma bb, phone 00385 1 461 18 18,

3. Forum Gallery Teslina 16, phone 00385 1 481 07 10,

4. HAZU – Croatian Academy of Science and Art – The Cabinet of Graphics Andrije Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 492 23 74,

5. Karas Gallery Praška 4, phone 00385 1 481 15 61

6. Klovićevi dvori Gallery Jezuitski trg 4, phone 00385 1 485 19 26,

7. Lauba – The House for People and Art Baruna Filipovića 23a, phone 00385 1 630 21 15,

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:25

8. Likum Gallery Ilica 40, phone 00385 1 484 73 67,

9. Miroslav Kraljević Gallery Šubićeva 29, phone 00385 91 512 2028, 91 888 6362,

10. Modern Gallery Andrije Hebranga 1, phone 00385 1 604 10 40,

11. Museum of Broken Relationships Ćirilometodska 2, phone 00385 1 485 10 21,

12. Nova Gallery Teslina 7, phone 00385 1 487 25 82,

13. The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters Trg N.Š. Zrinskog 11, phone 00385 1 489 51 17,

14. The ULUPUH Gallery Tkalčićeva 14, phone 00385 1 481 37 46,

6.2.2013. 22:29:19

Sav ska ces ta

Medved g

Jurjevska Basariček.

Dem e




še t.


pu t br avk in


Kovačić. K B

Svačićev trg



Crn atko va

raška Kotu

MARTINOVKA ska njan Bed


ska Koran

a Plitvičk Kupska

ska lan Sut


I. Lucića

F. Vrančića


kovara Ulica grada Vu



Mesn ička Visoka

Dežmanova De Frankopans ka



Rep. Austrije


Tuš kan ac

I. G. Kovačića

Zame nhoffo va


a Bulatova

Kosirn ikova Andrij evićev a


Vr az ov o

Zelen gaj

Istar ska

Višnji ca

Herc egov ačka



Piero jeva

Marulićev trg

ska Un

F. A ndr aše ca


Mažuranićev trg J. Žerjavića novićeva

ka onjs Rad ička Mrežn


Gorjanska Cernička Kamengradska

Garićgradska Drenov.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:26

radska Šareng Iločka


ka ns

Trg rg Dražena Petrovića







a lićev Bada


jska Dobo

nička Zvor jska Magla


Roseveltov Kršnjavtrg oga Vuko



Trg 5 maršala aa ala Tita


ova Haulik

e žij Ad B.

va Ogrizoviće


Nova ce

ska Trakoščan



ev a

Kranjčevićev a

Trešnjevački trg








A. Žaje


Trg Petra Bogovićeva Preradovića

a kov sary Ma



eva Novotnij a erin Kuč eva arič Pas ička Kaln


Tr J.

ska Varšav



trossmay er. šet.


ov. Perk

Jagi ćev a Magazinska Petračićeva

Pavle ćeva


Nova ce

Metalč. ka Bisač




Jezuit. Jezu z trg Katarin.

a Preradovićev


Prilaz Deželića


Obrt. pr.

Francuske Rep. Talov.

Trg V. Mačeka

Dalma nska


7 Trg





F. Petr.


Kuš. š

Vranič. polj. S

Markov trg


Britanski trg





va ko Ro





Lisi n.

va tro


k vča nto Pa



č. Bu ska ran Jad

a sk ad gr no Vi

Her ceg ov.

16 2

Rokov perivoj

va ro zo

18 Opa čka


Ilirski trg

Du Golubovac

Višnjačke st. dol Radnički ća I. Kukuljevi

gradska Vino Pod olje


eva arč Koz

. .p en Jel


vozd Krležin G


Ra t

Plivsk Vrbaska


6.2.2013. 22:29:21

kog savs Lj.Po

lina Širo

Hek tor.

Bun ićev a Sorkoč .

Bo ćev Su pilo trg va r. t e V Dubravkin trg Puc ić. . s u Br Menče ć.

Pelješ. oltanska




R brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:27



Pile I.


Br Brezenznička I. ička II.


Jankovačka ička a tl e m u Š ičk a c raš e rg P. G Ka

Autobusni kolodvor

ića Drž M. nija Ave

rrsska jjaarsk jar roja roj tro SStr St

kovara Ulica grada Vu

ge Kru

n edn. Hrvatske bratske zaj

Trnjanska cesta



Čub r.



Rad ničk a




č kan


a anov Tušk va išiće Bog

ilova Nod


Crv. k

k va Plivska aska

ćeva Mar Park Bartola Kašića Gra.

a Kašić


Fabkov. n. Lepušićeva ju z. Ne

eva Kružić







. Fra F

Glavni kolodvor

Radićev trg


č. Nem

ra ira mir a im B an neza Br Kn

Starčevićev trg



A. Šenoe




Trg kralja Tomislava

Palmo ćevvaa

P. Hatza

ja j oja Kn. Domago



TTrg žrtava a fašizma Kn. Vi av še isl sla M a nićev Križa va a Trg z e n kralja K Petra Kneza Hrvoj. Krešimira Borne IV. Kr. Jelene

Jurja Strossmayera


Kvaternikov trg

a vonimir Kralja Z


vačić. Katanč.




10 TTrg 4 Josipa


K. Držislava





Mar ćeva Vojnović.


A. Bauera


čk og a



Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog


č. Šrap


a rov Pet




Mar ćeva



jska Petrin



Iblerov trg






F Petr



Ratkajev pr.

Trg Bana J. Jelačića



ćeva Rube

Šo šta rić . Vlaška

Trg O. Keršovan.

ov. Got

Langov trg


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Nova Ves

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MEDVEŠČAK a Vončinin


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6.2.2013. 22:29:22

The Festival of Equal Opportunities



Seeking an adrenalin rush? The 2nd edition of this unique open-air festival promotes Croatia’s adventure tourism and allows its visitors to take thee plunge, literally in some cases, and try all the pre-sented activities. This year’s festival also presents adventure tourism from neighbouring countries.

11.05 – 12.05.

Zagreb Adventure Festival Lake Jarun, info@,

17.05 – 19.05. Zagreb’s international table tennis tournament forr juniors and cadets..

Zagiping Dom sportova Sports Centre, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, phone 00385 91 522 81 28

17.05 – 20.05. See the best of field hockey, an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport with a long historyy and tradition, as eight well rated clubs from the old d continent play off for this annual challenge.

Eurohockey Men’s Club Championships Challenge IV Zagreb Hockey Centre, Zagorska 5,

Motor car enthusiasts can rev up with an inter-national contingent of drivers racing around thee Marija Bistrica surroundings of Zagreb.

17.05 – 18.05.

The 39th Zagreb Delta Rally Phone 00385 1 236 61 41,,,


Auto klub Delta

tia o pen

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:28

6.2.2013. 22:29:24

B. Lu st ( Ph ig ot o: Za gr eb Je h wis Fil e mF st l) iva

A competitive rowing race held on Lake Jarun n where students from both domestic and foreign n universities participate.


University Race of Eights Lake Jarun, phone 00385 98 30 21 73,,

With the aim of promoting Jewish culture, this event also advocates tolerance and multiculturall dialogue. Pick and choose from thematic exhibits,, talent workshops, a diverse music programme, artt exhibits and over 50 high quality feature, docum m. mentary and short films. So we say shalom.

Zagreb Jewish Film Festival

In three days (from 10am to 10pm) over 600 0 performers with disabilities, out of 900 overall, will d give both musical and stage performances and participate in film, video, educational and sportss programmes at this truly unique and movingg festival. Join them and show them your human n side and support.t.

The 12th Festival of Equal Opportunities (12th F=M)

Time has not been kind to an overwhelming majority of those rock guitarists who were riding high in the 80s, but guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani is still going strong, and his unique recognisable style of playing sets him apart from the rest of the pack. A concert not to be missed!

Joe Satriani

A stadium spectacle awaits Zagreb, with English electro/pop giants Depeche Mode gracing the stage at Maksimir. After three decades and an endless list of world charting hits, they prove that once again the 80s glam/retro/keyboard driven sounds still live in the hearts of fans, both old and new.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:29

19.05 – 25.05. Europa Cinema, Varšavska 3, phone 00385 1 481 36 58,

21.05 – 23.05.

Trg bana Josipa Jelačića,

22.05. Tvornica kulture, Šubićeva 2, phone 00385 1 777 86 73,,


Depeche Mode Maksimir Stadium, Maksimirska 128,

6.2.2013. 22:29:26

Plunge into the nostalgic and charming Parisian n atmosphere, but in the heart of Zagreb! Whetherr you are a Zagrebian or just a visitor, around everyy corner of the romantic Strossmayer Promenade, e, artists, musicians, installations and open-airr cinema will make you feel as if you have found d e. yourself in the famous Montmartre.

23.05 – 29.09. th

12 Summer on Stross Strossmayer Promenade, Gornji grad (Upper Town),

Forget the boy bands of today, this is the band! d!! Freddy is back in this grand theatrical event which h pelts out 24 of Queen’s biggest hits in an astound-ing production. It is the longest running musical att the Dominion Theatre having played to 15 million people. It is, most definitely, a kind of magic!

We Will Rock You – The Musical by Queen

One week of celebration in the heart of town, for the town, by the town. Townsfolk gather and partake in joyous events with the main, and most festive, celebration being the church procession in honour of the Mother of God at the Stone Gate; apt, since she is the patron saint of the city.

Zagreb City Days

A 1000 metre, one paddle canoe race held in thee memory of Matija Ljubek, Croatia’s famous Olym-pic winner and sports official. The most prominent international festival of contemporary dance in Croatia has presented over d 500 dance choreographies by world acclaimed choreographers thus far. This festival proves thatt the eclectic and innovative world of contemporaryy dance is still as fascinating as ever. Tops for new talent with new vision!

24.05 – 26.05.

Arena Zagreb, Lanište bb,

24.05 – 31.05. Trg Petra Preradovića,


Matija Ljubek Memorial Race Lake Jarun,

25.05 – 02.06.

Dance week festival Various locations across Zagreb, phone 00385 1 464 11 54 or 00385 1 483 30 83, ng_head”

_Talki uid_Loft

Haring) (photo: C.



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Swin Sick

Floraart, International Flower Exhibition

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:30

6.2.2013. 22:29:28

an the Europe Festival ofy (photo: M. Kenji) Short Stor

The warm-hearted and hospitable organisers of this unique literary festival have hosted writers from over fifteen European countries thus far and this year’s guests will include Paolo Giordano, Phillipe Caudel and Owen Martell, whilst the partner country is Wales. The festival includes readings and book promotions, discussions with the audience, film screenings and concerts. Flowers are one of God’s most beautiful gifts to mankind and the city’s major flower exhibition willl once again stand testament to that claim. Its 47thh edition will exhibit thousands and thousands of thee most diverse and amazing plants and flowers ass well as landscaping in the heart of the city. Love movies? Love the outdoors? Then this is a perfect match with an open-air cinema organised d at some of the most beautiful parks in town. Held over three weekends come and see the latestt flicks on large screens. It’s free, so just bring a ther-mos and blanket and enjoy this moonlit cinematic experience.

26.05 – 31.05.

Festival of the European Short Story Booksa (Martićeva 14d), &TD Teatar (Savska cesta 25), Italian Cultural Institute (Preobraženska 4), Filozofski fakultet (Ivana Lučića 3),

29.05 – 02.06.

Floraart Lake Bundek, phone 00385 1 659 89 88,

31.05 – 16.06.

Screen on the Green Phone 00385 1 553 47 90,,

Founded in 2001, this festival of contemporary art in a public space is all about, well what else, but ar-n tistic programmes being presented in public urban spaces! Watch as the city streets, squares, parks, s, s, shopping centres, public transport etc. become thee venues for art and artistic experiment.

Urban festival

This interactive theatrical night tour is another tourist attraction in Zagreb, in which a guide (posing as the great Croatian novelist Marija Jurićć Zagorka and carrying a lantern) takes visitorss through the streets of the Upper Town revealingg the history and mysteries of the Croatian capital al by encountering other costumed historical and fictional characters such as Manduša, Nera and Petrica Kerempuh.

The Secrets of Grič


June – August Phone 00385 1 461 56 70,,

Screen on the Green

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6.2.2013. 22:29:31

Oldtimer Rally Zagreb

binman Race in Bogovićev a (Photo: Ce st is D’bes t)

Modern-day treasure hunters will be thrilled with the opening of this exhibition as they gather too witness extremely valuable, precious, and uniquee maritime findings, which date as far back as thee 16th century. The exhibition will be opened until thee spring of 2014. If you’re young at heart and love to have fun and a good time, than this interactive international street festival is just the right thing for you! Hundredss of street performers from all four corners of thee world will surely make you smile. So put on yourr party hats, join in the liveliness, and let the fun n begin! An animation spectacular hits town with one of 0 Europe’s finest festivals in the genre. After 40 years and still boasting the best of animated film,, one can expect an abundance of screenings for alll ages, numerous awards, and an embarrassment off riches when it comes to guests and world authors. Croatia’s most famous international swimmingg competition, that each year features some of thee world’s best swimmers. A concert celebrating the Christian feast day of Corpus Christi, with an appropriately chosen classical repertoire and title which is dedicated to the famous Christian hymn of praise, Te Deum; the concert will feature music by many composers such as Mozart, Verdi, Britten, Bruckner to name but a few.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:32

June 2013 – Spring 2014

Gnalić – The Treasure of the Sunken Ship Croatian History Museum, Matoševa 9, phone 00385 1 485 19 00,,

03.06 – 12.06.

Cest is d’Best 17

04.06 – 09.06.

World Festival of Animated Film — Animafest Zagreb Europa Cinema (Varšavska 3), Cineplexx Centar Kaptol (Nova Ves 17), Tuškanac Cinema (Tuškanac 1),,

07.06 – 09.06.

The 28th Golden Bear ŠRC Šalata, Schlosserove stube 2, phone 00385 98 41 79 60,


Te Deum — Zagreb Philharmonic feat. Ivan Goran Kovačić Academic Choir Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

6.2.2013. 22:29:34

Breathtaking acrobatics that will have you at the edge of your seats, testing your nerves, chal-lenging your sweat glands! This French acrobaticc group swing, somersault, and fly at gut-wrenchingg heights, building human towers which will literallyy have you agape in awe. Prepare to be strrretched!

08.06 – 09.06.

Cie XY - Le Grand C Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4,,

A traditional rally event, held once per year, bring-ing together fans of old cars and vehicles from m d. Croatia and abroad.

Oldtimer Rally

Founded in 2010, Day D is a project that aims to gather, present, promote and allow promisingg designers to network and exchange experiencess in order to help their talents be recognised not justt by the public, but also by the design industry from m Croatia and the region.

Day D — Day of the Design

08.06 – 09.06.

14.06 – 16.06.

“Who are you provoking?“, Cest is d’Best (Photo: A. Galinović))

lage) stophe raynaud de Cie XY, (Photo: chri

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:33

6.2.2013. 22:29:36

‘On guard!’ Dubbed as one of the biggest sporting events to be held this season, over 500 fencerss n from approximately 40 countries will compete in this sharp, fast and feisty sport.

Arena Zagreb, Lanište bb, phone 00385 1 309 92 00,,

25.06 – 26.06.

INmusic festival Lake Jarun, Otok hrvatske mladeži (Hrvatske mladeži island),

This year the festival celebrates its 10th jubilee with participants aged between 10 and 16 from Croatia and abroad presenting their cultural and folkk customs. Numerous theatre and concert venuess as well as city squares will become adorned centree stages for the event.t.

The 10th International C Children and Youth Folklore Festival

Throughout the years this international festival of new theatre has established itself as the region’s leading theatre festival. In the same year as when n Croatia is finally joining the EU, Eurokaz also cel-ebrates Europe by presenting the most excellentt shows that came from our continent.

Eurokaz 2013

Fans of film can jump for joy with eight days of open-air film by both new and acknowledged authors. A wide variety of film genres such ass science-fiction, thrillers, mystery, anime, and horrorr are backed by panel discussions, scarily themed d parties, super groovy merchandise, and the wholee event is chock-a-block with renowned guests and more.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:34

27.06 – 01.07.

27.06 – 05.07.,

27.06 – 05.07.

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival,

Franz Ferdinand, inmusic festival (Photo: V. metelko))

Mando diao, inmu sic festival (Ph oto: V. metelko))

Croatia’s largest open-air music event has been placed on the list of 50 best festivals in the world. With over 50,000 punters savouring the sounds of the best rock and urban world acts, stay tuned for this year’s line-up which is soon to be announced. Google will transmit it live, but why not be there ‘live’?

16.06 – 21.06.

European Senior Fencing Championship

Photo: inmusic festival

6.2.2013. 22:29:38

When they say ‘keep it in the family’ Laforest springs to mind as a prime example; our heroine is the 3rd generation of famous photographers in herr line. In addition, she has worked as an independentt n, artist in the field of graphic design, interior design, and book design since the 1950s and this exhibitt presents a short selection of her broad ranging work. Theatre that evokes and provokes and theatre that is creative and innovative. The team here continuee to raise the bar and often leave you thinking aboutt the who, when and what days after a show. Havingg received many national and foreign awards, Exitt Theatre will capture your artistic hearts and minds with their amazing shows.

27.06 – 09.07.

Lidija Laforest, biographic retrospective exhibition ULUPUH Gallery, Tkalčićeva 14, phone 00385 1 481 37 46,

27.06 – 27.07.

Summer Nights at the Exit Theatre Arts and Crafts Museum, Trg maršala Tita 10,

astic Fant

The B. Jovanović fight, Olympic Gam es (Photo: FaH/D. Senčar)

Zagr al estiv ilm F eb F

n ildre al al Ch tiv ationlore Fes tern k The Inouth Fol and Y

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:35

6.2.2013. 22:29:41

Every year at the beginning of summer, Zagreb’s night-sky lights up with breathtaking firework creations by world’s renowned pyrotechnicians who come to compete and showcase their imaginative firework choreographies to huge audiences.

28.06 – 01.07.

Festival of Fireworks Lake Bundek,

ival Fest


fest (Pho to:

Scena Am adeo)

) repa

uko : A. V

oto s (Ph


ire of F

Grič gs inement) venin g The E ert Mana , h a c +N b Con +Sun Youn o: Zagre (Phot

Each summer, as the sun sets, the audiences begin to gather and witness musical performances by acclaimed artists from Croatia and other countries. There will be concerts of classical and jazz music through ensembles, symphony orchestras and tamburitza bands held across serene city venues. Is there a doctor in the house? Well there will be many here as this is a gathering of healths profes-sionals who compete in various sports across alll age groups. Meet and greet likeminded individuals in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:36

28.06 – 06.08.

The 32nd Evenings in Grič The atrium of the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, Jezuitski trg 4, St. Catherine Church, Trg Katarine Zrinske, phone 00385 1 450 12 08,,

29.06 – 06.07.

The World Medical and Health Games

6.2.2013. 22:29:43

From London’s Tate to New York’s MoMA, the world’s best museums all maintain some of Šutej’s works. As a painter, sculptor and designer, this ret-rospective presents his rich and distinctive oeuvree consisting of several thousand works in differentt media which can be described as interactive, witty and playful. After July the 1st, 2013, Croatia will never be the same. This historical day, when Croatia joins the European Union family, will be marked with celebrations. In Zagreb the timing coincides with the special opening of the Fountains in front of the National Library, as well as the magnificent performance of the Croatian Ball by the Croatian National Theatre dancers and the Symphonic Orchestra. Keep your ears out for the list of performers to be scheduled as for the 13th year running, the Amadeo stage, Zagreb’s theatre and concert stage, keeps summer so warm with performers from all four corners of the world coming to leave their imprint on your world. Some mind-blowing events to get you warmed up include: The 2nd Flamenkofestt – A three day international flamenco festival, Thee 3rd International Amadeoff Festival – 5 alternativee shows dedicated to non-conventional perforrmance art, Edin Karamazov and Friends Festival – A project featuring one of the world’s greatest lute players.

30.06 – 22.09.

Miroslav Šutej Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00,


Croatia’s Entry into the EU Lake Jarun, Otok hrvatske mladeži (Hrvatske mladeži island),

JUly – September

Scena Amadeo Atrium of the Croatian Natural History Museum, Demetrova 1, phone 00385 1 481 69 08,

ings in Grič yamma ensemble, The Even Management) (Photo: Zagreb Concert

Flamenkofest (Photo:Scena Amadeo)

So summer is peaking but Zagreb isn’t sleeping. g. ZgKul is living proof of that as city streets, parks, palaces, churches and summer stages come alivee with concerts, exhibitions, musical, theatre, film and d street shows by artists from all over the world. d.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:37

JUly – September

ZgKul 2013 Various locations across city centre,

6.2.2013. 22:29:45

The delicate beauty of glass is timeless and Croatia’s collection, spread as it is across a number of cities and venues, contains some amazing glasss creations, which span a period of some 4000 0 years. Another exhibition ‘Transparent Beauty’,’, which features glass works by contemporaryy Croatian artists, is on display alongside these more permanent collections. This open air cinema set on the most beautiful stage in Zagreb, in the old Upper Town Gradec, will for the fourth time in a row become the mostt popular place for all movie lovers under the hott summer nights. Take your seats and watch numer-ous block-busters every night until September under a million stars. All film screenings are free.

Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog), Arts and Crafts Museum (Trg maršala Tita 10), The Mimara Museum (Trg Franklina Roosewelta 5)

01.07 – 01.09.

The Gradec Summer Cinema

03.07 – 07.07.

Arcotel – Residency 55 Open 2013 National Tennis Centre, Jozsefa Antala bb, phone 00385 99 385 54 19,,

The (Pho Interna to: a t rhiv ional F o a ko ncer lklore tne F dire estival kcij e za greb )

Dubbed as the ATP tour in wheelchair tennis category, the Arcotel-Residency 55 tournamentt will also be held in Zagreb. This will be one out off this year’s 160 NEC tournaments played around d the world.

July – September

Transparent Beauty – Glass collections in Croatian Museums


dved t to Me al, visi

lm Tourfi Zagreb


brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:38

6.2.2013. 22:29:47

Fancy a trip around the world and all that in 3 days? Then this unique international festival of tourist films is all you need to set your adventur-ous spirit, and mind, free. All-day film screeningss that promote the many facets of tourism such ass resorts, nautical tourism and so much more willl give you the travel bug; and as a bonus, it’s free admission for all.

03.07 – 05.07.

Zagreb Tourfilm Festival The Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5, phone 00385 98 987 31 99,

06.07. Held at Lake Jarun, this exhilarating event willl feature the Olympic triathlon, Aquathlon and Su-persprint triathlon in different age categories.

Zagreb Open 2013 Triathlon Race

The dynamic and seductive sound of the ‘squeezebox’ will surely leave audiences enthralled and wanting more. Do not be surprised to see passion flow throughout those playing at Zrinjevac Park as musicians feel every note they play. A highly physical and energetic musical affair.

Accordion Festival in Zagreb

A plethora of national and international folk ensembles gravitate around the main square this time of year, to put to the test their age old folk dances, music, and costumes. It’s a colourful spectacle and it is this revival of heritage that unitess Europe. Get involved with musical and dancee workshops, exhibitions, and concerts of ethno and d church music. Spooky, dark, screechy! Does that sound like your cup of tea? Then put on some warm clothes and head up to the Medvednica Nature Park, or more precisely to the ‘Veternica Cave’ where 12 species of bats hibernate each winter. The event raises awareness on the need to protect bats, which are now an endangered species in the area, and is held throughout Europe.

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:39

12.07 – 15.07.

Zrinjevac Park

17.07 – 21.07.

The 47th International Folklore Festival Performances take place at Gradec in Gornji grad and P on the main square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića),,


International Night of Bats Medvednica Nature Park, Bliznec bb, phone 00385 1 458 63 17,,

The Gradec Summer Cinema

Zagreb Tourfi lm Festival

Lake Jarun,,

6.2.2013. 22:29:49

“When Šlemil Went to Warsaw”, Maribor Puppet Theatre (Photo: PIF archives)

) “The Story Chest”, Companhia Opera na Mala, Sao Paulo (Photo: Pif archives

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and the cold starts to settle in this entertaining and feel good festival will help warm your hearts. As always it’s filled with great music, good food, and plenty of beer. Semir Hasić, PhD, aka Sammy, is the Accordion World Champion whose breathtaking performances have been wooing audiences around the world. His repertoire includes music such as J. S. Bach, as well as sevdah (or ‘Bosnian fado’) folk music characterised by its moderate tempo, melancholy, and longing melody. Both the young and the old are a faithful audience to this unique festival. Its 46th edition will oncee again gather the world’s most renowned profes-n sional and amateur puppet theatres. In addition to theatre shows, the festival includes exhibitions, s, s, round tables, seminars, puppet workshops, films, street events and more.


Bundek fest Bundek Lake,


From Bach to Sevdah Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,


The 46th PIF International Puppet Theatre Festival Phone 00385 1 660 16 26,,

The aim of this international festival has always been to present the most recent and hit theatree shows from around the world to the Croatian n audience. This is certainly justifiable as some off the biggest names in theatre such as Thomass Ostermeier, Jan Fabre or Lev Dodin have rarely missed this theatrical festival.

11th World Theatre Festival

Part of the 2012 UCI Europe Tour (class 1.2) this race starts in front of the Croatian National The-atre at noon, set on its way with a shot from thee Grič cannon, and finishes in the Slovenian capital.

International Cycling Race ‘Zagreb–Ljubljana’

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:40



Phone 00385 98 180 72 60

6.2.2013. 22:29:52




–L reb

ag e ‘Z





li Cyc




03.09. Croatia’s most famous international athletic meet-ing, with some of the best known names in profes-sional athletics in attendance.

IAAF World Challenge Zagreb, the 63rd Boris Hanžeković Memorial Mladost Sports Park, Jarunska 5,,

06.09 – 08.09. Held in a different country each year, this year’s edition gathers athletic veterans from around thee region as they still try to prove that ‘they’ve got it’.

A traditional junior sailing regatta which roundss up the sailing season in Zagreb, and attracts clubss from the whole of Croatia. This festival brings theatre shows, performances, installations, concerts, lectures, and workshops together, as well as presenting young authors who, o, o, with their scripts, bring new novelties and visionss to the performance scene. It’s a tip-top event forr networking, exchanging ideas, and making connec-tions between artists, custodians and managers. s. Experimental and new productions by contemporary theatre, dance, and performance artists: all involved will challenge norms and traditional al practices. Climate change is a hot theme and thee traditional ‘Invasive dinner’ will have you runningg out the doors! Not!t!

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:41

The Balkan Athletic Veterans’ Games Mladost Sports Park, Jarunska 5, phone 00385 1 488 25 00,,

14.09 – 15.09.

Kepertov Memorial Lake Jarun, phone 00385 98 48 13 05,

16.09 – 22.09.

Ganz New Festival Student’s Centre, Savska cesta 25, phone 00385 1 459 35 22,,

24.09 – 29.09.

Perforations Festival Phone 00385 1 382 00 19,,,

6.2.2013. 22:29:54

It’s all about film, short experimental film, and video up to 20 minutes made in the tradition of avant-garde filmmaking. FPS promotes inventivee and unconventional visual expressions and originall visual concepts. 25 fps refers to the number of fulll video frames per second as used in the European PAL video system.

24.09 – 29.09.

The 9th 25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival Student’s Centre, Savska cesta 25, phone 00385 1 457 22 03,,

28.09. International 30 kilometre kayak marathon, thatt starts on Samoborski otok and finishes at Zagreb’s Lake Jarun.

International Kayak Marathon Samoborski otok – Zagreb Phone 00385 1 457 20 08,

Ever wondered what it was like back in the days of knights and damsels in distress? Now you have the chance to test torture devices, see knights jousting (and even try your own hand at various knightly activities), meet the Black Queen, shoot bow and arrows, dress up, eat up and even drinkk d up, just as local folk in and around Medvednica did way back in the Middle Ages. Relive the good old days when honour, chivalry, and virtue were of the highest order. Take a glimpse into the exciting world of creativity and improvisation in contemporary jazz. As always, a star studded line-up of acclaimed international jazz artists is expected who draw audiences into the collective world of human emotion and artistic force. Eastern Croatia is rich with Later Stone Age archaeological findings and this exhibition intends to reconstruct the travails of daily life from thatt period, and present the settlements, food, decora-tions, cults and most valuable artefacts of thee Neolithic cultures that were found in this part of Croatia.

28.09 – 29.09.

The 8th Medieval Days on Medvednica Medvednica Nature Park, Bliznec bb, phone 00385 1 458 63 17,,

October Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, phone 00385 1 612 11 11,,

October – December

The Gifts of the Land — The Later Stone Age in Eastern Croatia Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 31 01,,

s) (photo: 25fps archive ld”, David O’Reilly “The External Wor

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:42

6.2.2013. 22:29:57

See birds through the eyes of archaeology with various museum items such as bowls, jewellery, y, y, Roman mosaics, coins, lamps or medieval stonee monuments which depict the avian theme. Buriall d rituals, prophecies, symbolism and myths based on birds will also be presented. Most major cities across Croatia take part in this once-a-year bonanza of food and wine, where bargains become the norm. City restaurants open their doors to the public at reasonable prices for 3 course meals. From national to international cuisines, pick and choose your spice for life. Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art themed exhibition is on the ‘Kontakt Collection’ which wass founded in the 1990s with the aim of researchingg and gathering 1960s and 1970s conceptual artt collections of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern n Europe. The second leg of the former Genesis front man’s tour stops off in Zagreb, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gabriel’s most successful album ‘So’. This reuniting with old band mates allows the legendary Genesis vocalist to exemplify his artistry and showmanship. He will perform ‘So’ in its entirety, as well as selected classics.

Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19, phone 00385 1 487 31 01,,

04.10 – 13.10.

Croatian Restaurant Week,

04.10 – 24.11.

‘Good Neighbours?’ — Kontakt, Erste Group art collection Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00,


Peter Gabriel — Back to Front Tour Arena Zagreb, Lanište bb,


Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – The Cherry Orchard Croatian National Theatre, Trg maršala Tita 15, phone 00385 1 488 84 18,,

The Medieval Days on Medvednica

See the rise and fall of Russian aristocracy in the 19th century, in a play written by one of the bestt short story writers. Chekhov’s classic work off dramatic literature portrays the contrast between n d ideals and reality, and the search for love and memories with the cherry orchard being the most humble of centrepieces.

October – December

A Flight into the Past — Birds in the Archaeological Heritage

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:43

6.2.2013. 22:30:00

11.10 – 17.10. Bringing together people and organisations whoo work and deal with the blind or visually impaired, d, giving them a platform to not only perform butt to exchange dialogue, to network, to create and d maintain friendships from all parts of Europe.

The 8th International Theatre Festival of the Blind and Visually Impaired BIT — Blind in Theatre

A marathon race (42 km), a semi-marathon (211 km), and a city race (5 km), through the streets off Zagreb, all of which start on Ban Jelačić Square.

Zagreb Marathon

Vidra Theatre, Draškovićeva 80, phone 00385 1 481 25 02,

13.10. Phone 00385 1 639 85 86,,


) b Film Festival archives “I’m Still here” (Photo: Zagre

The most important film festival in the Croatian capital will be held for the 11th year in a row and will, as always, include short films, feature-length h films and documentaries from around the world,, m all of which will compete for the Golden Pram Award. Side programs and workshops are also featured. The music by this extraordinary Belgian-French Romantic composer and organist has not lost any of its emotional engagement, warmth and craftsmanship, as two of Croatia’s finest organ players, Ante Knešaurek and Pavao Mašić perform some of his best work. The Feast of Saint Martin celebrated on November 11 is the most festive holiday for wine makers and visitors will be able to see the old custom of the blessing of the wine as well as treat their taste buds to some of the best drops of wine from the Zagreb region.

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a iv st ) Fe vić m e l j Fi rd eb Ju gr N. D a , Z o: on ot ti h ac s (P in e b iv bi rch a

20.10 – 27.10.

Zagreb Film Festival Various locations across Zagreb,,

27.10 – 15.12.

Cesar Franck Cycle — Collected organ works The Basilica of the Heart of Jesus, Palmotićeva 33,


Martin is in Zagreb

6.2.2013. 22:30:02

If you are into fashion and in particular fashion design, then this exhibit will surely be your cup of tea! An international project that exhibits exclusivee and contemporary art and fashion design, as welll as highlighting the arduous work that goes intoo working with textile and making clothes and cos-tumes by contemporary and visual artists, fashion designers and costume makers.

The Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Medvedgradska 2,


Studio Exhibition: Guillaume Boichot — The Laying Down into the Grave, and Paul Gavarni – The Milkmaid The Mimara Museum, Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5, phone 00385 1 482 81 00,

I. Fi _šk lm or Fe ić st (Ph iv ot al o ar : Za ch gr iv eb es )

The Mimara Museum is in possession of two invaluable drawings by two famous French artists of the Neo-Classical, Romanticism and Realism peri-ods. ‘The Laying Down into the Grave’ by sculptor,r, draughtsman and painter Guillaume Boichott (1735-1814) and the ‘Milkmaid’ by caricaturist and d cartoonist Paul Gavarni (1804-1866), and both will be exhibited to be appreciative public.


Silva Kalčić — Contemporary Art and Fashion

PSSST! Silen t Film Fest ival

zagreb marathon

This rare jewel on the European cultural scene continues to present and promote silent film in a new, exciting, and fun way, by giving the modern-day audience a chance to watch the classics of thee genre from many different countries, and this timee accompanied by live music. Hush!

07.11 – 09.11.

PSSST! Silent Film Festival

This young Slovenian artist accentuates the concept of freedom in communication by the use of geometric shapes as applied onto clothing items, s, s, which can be shaped according to a person’s own needs, thus trying to find where the fine linee between our freedom and human ego begins and ends.

Kristina Šepetavc, OPTIC 1 - 2x – Experience Freedom

An international table tennis tournament named d after one of Croatia’s best, and most title winningg table tennis players of all time.

A. T. Stipančić Memorial Tournament

07.11 – 21.11.

Permanenta Gallery, Petra Preradovića 44/1,

15.11 – 16.11.

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Dom sportova Sports Centre, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, phone 00385 91 522 81 28

6.2.2013. 22:30:04

This unique one day event is part of the European Theatre Night project that is simultaneously held in n many Croatian cities on the third Saturday in No-vember and in chorus gives theatre a centre stage. e. n Last year’s event attracted over 45,000 viewers in 31 Croatian cities.


The Theatre Night,

21.11 – 24.11. A prestigious international figure skating competi-tion for juniors..

The 25th Golden Bear Velesajam ice skating rink, Jozsefa Antala bb,

23.11 – 24.11. This is the biggest international humanitarian tae-kwondo competition at youth level in Croatia..

Fill your hearts with the spirit of Advent as the city streets, squares and parks are adorned with Christmassy delights. The ‘ho, ho, ho’ traditional Christmas market has gorgeous wooden chalets which sell a wide range of Christmas gifts and items; indulge yourself with bratwursts, Croatian delicious treats and mulled wine. Soak up the festive atmosphere!

Sutinska Vrela Sports Centre, Podsusedski trg 14, Podsused,

30.11 .2013 – 01.01.2014

Advent in Zagreb Phone 00385 1 481 40 51,,


Party United

V. Bakić, “Bull”, 1956 (Photo: Glyptotheque archives)

Once again Zagreb will become one big party capital of Europe! Some of the biggest names of world electronic and pop music will party the night away across dozens of night clubs around town. Make sure you’re there!

The 15th Jastreb Open

(Photo: H. Pilić) advent in zrinjevac park

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6.2.2013. 22:30:06

Famous international figure skating competition with a long tradition and known for its hospitality, y, y, thus always attracting many of the top class skat-ers from all over the world. The first retrospective of Croatia’s leading light in 20th century abstract sculpture. The exhibition n aims to exemplify the significance of Bakić’s artt work towards our national cultural heritage and d enable the expertise evaluation of his entire opus. This event began at the Student’s Centre, and now happening for the 11th time it’s clear that it’s as vibrant as ever. Boundaries? Well there are none; e; there are no strict selections, competition, or genree limitations. However, it must be said that this fes-tival has become the seminary for contemporary art trends of the Zagreb and Croatian scene.

05.12 – 08.12.

Golden Spin of Zagreb Dom sportova Sports Centre, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, phone 00385 1 301 23 23,

06.12.2013 – 02.02.2014

Vojin Bakić — Retrospective Exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, phone 00385 1 605 27 00,

12.12 – 15.12.

The Culture Fair Student’s Centre, Savska cesta 25, phone 00385 1 459 35 22,,

It might be Friday the 13th but don’t let that deter you from visiting this most bizarre of events, with unconventional artists from the international sidee scene, provocative exhibition and anti-mainstream m music. Although the names of the performers aree already known, perhaps it’s best to leave it a mysstery for now – just as Friday the 13th and the year ar 2013 have an aura of mystery about them too. A traditional kayaking slalom race that starts att Podsusedski Bridge, and finishes at Savski Bridgee in Zagreb.


Freaky Friday,


St. Stephen’s Slalom Phone 00385 1 457 20 08,

lucky (Photo: Freaky



reb O pen

es) Archiv

brosura - Gordanov file.indd Sec1:47

6.2.2013. 22:30:09

Iso Kršnjavi – ein großer Begründer / ein Minister des Geistes Europas Diese Ausstellung stellt den Besuchern durch die

22.11.2012 – 19.05.2013.

Biographie des bedeutenden Akteurs der Kunst-und Politikszene Isidor Kršnjavi die turbulente Zeit der vorletzten Jahrhundertwende vor und illustriert anhand verschiedener Dokumente, Kunstgegenstände und multimedialer Mittel nicht nur die Komplexität der politischen Situation Kroatiens in der K.u.k Monarchie, sondern auch die Vielseitigkeit von Isidor Kršnjavi, der zugleich akademisch gebildeter Maler und pragmatischer Politiker und Wissenschaftler war. • Das Museum für kroatische Geschichte, Matoševa 9, Tel. 00385 1 485 19 00,,

Mumien — Wissenschaft und Mythos Die Ausstellung ‚‘Mumien – Wissenschaft und Mythos‘‘ behandelt die Mythologie rund um die Totenwelt des pharaonischen Ägyptens und liefert Einblicke in das Mumifizierungsverfahren und die neusten medizinischen Technologien der wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen.Neben einer Übersicht der Wiederauferstehung der Mumien in modernen Horrorfilmen wird auch ein Dokumentarfilm über radiologische Untersuchungen an den Zagreber Mumien vorgeführt. • Archäologisches Museum in Zagreb, Trg Nikole Šubića

18.12.2012 – 28.02.2013.

Zrinskog 19, Tel. 00385 1 487 31 01,,

VIP Snow Queen Trophy Die Schneekönigin ruft auch diesen Januar zum Hausberg Sljeme, wo beim 9. AUDI FIS Skiweltcuprennen die weltbesten heimischen und internationalen Skiläuferrinnen und Skiläufer um die VIP Snow Queen Trophy streiten! Die Rote Piste (crveni spust) bietet auch diesmal eine schneesichere Abfahrt für einen der aufregendsten Slaloms – den Damenslalom bei Nacht. Entgegenfiebern dürfen wir auch beim dm-Legenden-Rennen den Skigrößen wie Marc Girardelli, Kristian Ghedina, Janica Kostelić, Ana Jelušić und Nika Fleiss. • Berg Sljeme, info@vips-

04.01 – 06.01.,

Europameisterschaft im Eiskunstlaufen 2013 Dieses Jahr ist Zagreb Gastgeber der Eiskunstlauf Europameisterschaft, die jährlich von der Internationalen Eislaufunion organisiert wird und somit Ende Januar Spannung und Nervenkitzel in die Dom sportova Sporthalle bringt, wenn die Teilnehmer im Paarlauf, Einzellauf und im Eistanz um den Titel kämpfen. •

23.01 – 27.01.

Die Dom sportova Sporthalle, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, Tel. 00385 301 23 23,,

Das schwarze Haus – ein Musical in Farbe „Das schwarze Haus – ein Musical in Farbe“ ist ein übermütiges Original-Kroatisches Musical-Spektakel, das uns – inszeniert vom Starchoreographen Igor Barberic (Footloose, Chicago) – kopfüber in das historische Zagreb des 16. Jahrhunderts katapultiert, in dem zwei junge Frauen auf der Suche nach Liebe und dem guten Bischof Stjepan in die Wirren der Stadtfehden geraten und sich im kunterbunten Treiben sogar im Kerker und vor dem Scheiterhaufen finden – all dies wird gewürzt mit einer gehörigen Portion Singen, Stepptanz und mitreißenden modernen Liedern, die eine satte Ladung an kroatischer Folklore und orientalischen Flair mit sich bringen. • Das Kino im Studentenzentrum, Savska 25,


PBZ Zagreb Indoors – ATP World Tour 250 Spiel, Satz und Sieg! Sehen Sie die weltbesten Tennisprofis der ATP Rangliste, die im Einzel und im Doppel gegen ein starkes Aufgebot an Gegnern und Titelverteidigern um die 250 Punkte der Weltrangliste kämpfen.

02.02 – 10.02.

• Die Dom sportova Sporthalle, Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11, Tel. 00385 1 369 36 90,

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6.2.2013. 22:30:11

24.02 – 03.03. ZagrebDox Dieses Internationale Dokumentarfilm-Festival vermittelt dem Publikum und Kritikern Einblicke in jüngere Produktionen im Dokumentarfilm und ist darauf ausgerichtet, die Produktion des kroatischen Dokumentarfilms anzuregen und die internationale Zusammenarbeit und Co-Produktionen zu fördern. Das Festival begeistert nicht nur mit vielen Special-Events, tollen Gästen, Workshops, Vorträgen und Diskussionsrunden, sondern vor allem auch mit seiner einzigartigen Festival-Atmosphäre. Ein absolutes Highlight in kalten Wintertagen! • Cineplexx-Kino, Nova ves 17,,

Footloose Das Broadway Hit Musical Footloose, das Publikum und Kritiker von den Stühlen gerissen hat, kommt nach Zagreb! Der Star-Choreograph Igor Barberic (Chicago, Evita, Fame, Cabaret…) und der Broadway Musical Regisseur Michael Laangs (RENT, Mamma Mia, HAIR) bringen diese atemberaubende Geschichte über Liebe, Leben und Hoffnung auf die kroatischen Bühnenbretter und füllen diese mit einer brillanten mitreißenden Besetzung und einer atemberaubenden Choreographie zu den bekanntesten Ohrwürmern aus den 80-ern! Karten gibt´s an den bekannten Kartenvorverkaufsstellen. • Das Kino im Studentenzentrum, Savska 25,


19.03 – 22.03.ühling Eine Musikveranstaltung in der Organisation des Jazzklubs des Kroatischen Komponistenverbands und der Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle, die seit 1990 den Jazz als Konzertkonzeption in Zagreb fördert und bedeutende kroatische Jazzgruppen und internationale Jazzgrößen auf die Bühne bringt. • Die Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Tel. 00385 1 612 11 11,,

06.04 – 13.04. 27. Musik Biennale Zagreb — Internationales Festival der Zeitgenössischen Musik Die Zagreber Musik Biennale, die jeden April Zagreb zum Kulturzentrum in der Region werden lässt und der “Neuen Musik” verschrieben ist, schließt in ihren Kulturrahmen auch das Experimentelle Theater, den zeitgenössischen Tanz, Jazz und die alternative Musikszene mit ein. Ihre besondere Position in der kroatischen und regionalen Kulturszene verdankt sie den hohen Standards im Ausdruck und in der Ausführung. sowie ihrer Verwobenheit mit anderen Kunstrichtungen; gespannt dürfen wir auf ihren Programmschwerpunkt 2013 sein: EU: INSIDE / OUTSIDE, wenn sie die crème de la crème aller Komponisten und deren Werke aus den EU-Ländern vorstellt. • Kroatisches Nationaltheater (Trg maršala Tita 15), Galerie Bačva (Trg žrtava fašizma bb), Studio Bajsić (Prisavlje 3), Kroatisches Musikinstitut (Gundulićeva 6a), Zagreber Puppentheater (Ulica baruna Trenka 3), &TD (Savska cesta 25), Das Zagreber Jugendtheater (Teslina 7), Die Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle (Trg Stjepana Radića 4), MM Center [SC] (Savska cesta 25), Tel. 00385 1 487 23 69,,

13.04 – 29.09. Zagreber Zeitmachine Willkommen in die Welt der Nostalgie! Von Frühling bis Herbst geht es in zurück in die Zeit! Im herrlichen Park Zrinjevac träumen wir im Musikpavillon bei Promenadenkonzerten und zu alten Evergreens in ein Goldenes Zeitalter hinein; am Hauptplatz werden wir von Folkloretänzen mitgerissen und einen Schuss Altes Zagreb pur bekommen wir in der Oberstadt (Gornji grad), wenn wir Figuren aus dem historischen Zagreb begegnen und uns bei einem echten Zagreber Ständchen, vorgeträllert von den „Altstadt Stadtmusikanten“ das Herz in die Luft springt! • Parkanlagen Zrinjevac und Maksimir, Gornji grad (Oberstadt), Ban Jelačić Platz,,

13.04 – 29.09. Die Wachablösung der Ehrenwache des Kravat-Regiments Die Wachablösung wird von dem Kniglichen “Kravat Regiment” ausgeführt, einer 1664 in der Französischen Armee gegründeten Kroatischen Leichtkavallerie, die neben ihrem Heldentum vor allem wegen ihrer leuchtenden roten Halstücher, den Vorreitern der modernen Krawatte (im Französischen “à la Croate” genannt), bekannt geworden war. Die zweistündige Zeremonie findet während der Saison jeden Samstag und Sonntag zur Mittagsstunde statt und führt Sie zu den berühmtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt. •,

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6.2.2013. 22:30:13

21.04 – 28.04. Das Zagreber Harfenfestival Das erste internationale Harfenfestival in Kroatien. Renommierte Gäste des Festivals sind: Ion Ivan-Roncea –Rumänien, Baltazar JuarezMexiko, Claire le Fur und das Les Alizes Quintett –Frankreich, Patrizia Tassini-Giorgio Marcossi- Italien, Benjamin Creighton Griffiths-Wales, Tajana Vukelić Peić, Miljenka Grđan und Tihana Herceg IvšićKroatien, das Zagreber Kammerorchester, das Mariacchi Orchester Los Caballeros, das Kroatische Harfenensemble. • Das Mimara Museum (Trg Franklina Roosevelta 5), Kroatisches Musikinstitut (Gundulićeva 6), Nationalbibliothek und Unibibliothek in Zagreb (Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4), Foyer-A des Kroatischen Nationaltheaters (Trg maršala Tita 15), Kino Tuškanac (Tuškanac 1),

25.04 – 11.05. St. Markus Festival Das St Markus Festival wurde 1999 gegründet, um die in der Konzertpraxis vernachlässigte Kammermusik zu fördern und bringt seitdem pünktlich zum St Markustag neben kroatischen Kammermusikern auch weltbekannte Philharmonien in die Zagreber Oberstadt. Die Besucher werden nicht nur durch die malerische Altstadtkulisse bezaubert, sondern kommen auch durch die Aufführungen bedeutender kroatischer Kompositionen – vorgetragen durch internationale angesehene Musiker - in absoluten Hörgenuss. • Die Kirche des Heiligen Markus (Trg svetog Marka [Markusplatz] 5), Die Kirche des Heiligen Franziskus (Kaptol 9), Die Goldene Halle des Kroatischen Instituts für Geschichte (Opatička 10),,

Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler, der in seiner 35 Jahre langen Musikkarriere über 120 Mio. Alben verkauft hat, die bekanntesten Hits von den Dire Straits geschrieben hat (Money for Nothing, Walk of Life), 8 Soloalben rausgebracht hat, mehrmals mit dem Grammy ausgezeichnet worden ist und zu den besten Gitarristen der Welt gehört, wird dieses Jahr auch dem Zagreber Publikum ganz klar zeigen, was richtige Gitarrenriffs sind: im Rahmen seiner Europatournee, in der er sein Album Pioneering vorstellen wird, steht für den 5. Mai das Zagreber Arena Center dick in seinem Tourplan eingetragen! •


Arena Zagreb, Lanište bb,

23.05. Depeche Mode Die Band, für die das Wort „Kultband“ schon fast ein Understatement ist, wird es auch dieses Jahr schaffen, die Stadien in Europa bis zum letzten Stehplatz zu füllen, denn Depeche Mode stellen 2013 auf ihrer Mega-Tour durch Europa ihr 13. Studioalbum vor, das im Frühling erscheinen soll. Das heißt, den 23. Mai im Kalender ganz fett rot markieren, denn dann rocken Depeche Mode im Zagreber Maksimir Stadion die Bühne! Das wird eins der absoluten Highlights im Konzertjahr! • Maksimir Stadion, Maksimirska 128,

Sommer auf dem Stross Während die Stadt vor sich hin brutzelt, hilft uns dieses Festival unter den Kastanienbäumen in der Oberstadt einen kühlen Kopf zu bewahren! Tagsüber Künstlerkolonie und ein Platz zum Austoben für kunstbegeisterte Kinder, verwandelt sich die Strossmayer-Promenade abends zur Allround-Bühne, die mit Jazz, -Soul- und Rockkonzerten einfach jeden mitreißt! Und für Partybegeisterte, die Silvester nicht abwarten können, gibt es einen besonderen Leckerbissen: die schon traditionelle „Silvester- Halbzeit-Feier“- sollte man patentieren lassen! • Die

23.05 – 29.09.

Strossmayer Promenade, Gornji grad (Oberstadt),

Dance Week Festival Das Dance Week Festival (Woche des Zeitgenössischen Tanzes) ist das wichtigste Festival des zeitgenössischen Tanzes und des Bewegungstheaters in Kroatien, das Begegnungen verschiedener choreographischer Ausdrucksformen fördert, einen Dialog zwischen den Kunstdisziplinen stimuliert und neue Ideen liefert. Als Plattform für Begegnungen anerkannter Choreographen fördert das Festival auch die Mobilität der Kunst und den internationalen kulturellen Austausch. Außer dem spannenden Tanzprogramm bietet es Diskussionsrunden, Ausstellungen, Workshops, informale Treffen und Netzwerk-Sessions. • Verschiedene Locations in der Stadt, Tel. 00385 1

25.05 – 02.06.

464 11 54 or 00385 1 483 30 83,

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6.2.2013. 22:30:14

Cest is d’ Best Dieses einzigartige Straßenfestival zieht die originellsten Straßenkünstler der ganzen Welt an, die mit einem wahren Performance-Kaleidoskop in Musik, Kunst, Theater und unkonventionellen Unterhaltungsshows die vorbeiströmenden Passanten in ihren Bann ziehen. Cest is d’ Best ist alles in einem: Touristenattraktionen, Kultursymbol der Stadt und die unglaubliche Verwandlung der Straße zur Bühne! Ganz umsonst, Spaß total und garantiert Superlaune! • www.

03.06 – 12.06.

Weltfestival des Animierten Films - Animafest Zagreb Als zweitwichtigstes Festival des Animierten Films in Europa stellt es die Trends und Ent-

04.06 – 09.06.

wicklungen der internationalen Zeichentrickfilme in einem breitgefächerten (Wettbewerbs-)Programm vor und hat sich durch seine Ausrichtung auf den Autorenfilm, seine exklusive Programauswahl, seine zahlreichen internationalen Profi-Gäste und Filmemacher einen festen Platz auf der Weltkarte der Filmfestivals gesichert. Das jährlich stattfindende Animafest Zagreb stellt in den geraden Jahren Kurzfilme und in den ungeraden Jahren Langfilme vor. • Kino Europa (Varšavska 3), Cineplexx-Kino Kaptol (Nova Ves 17), Kino Tuškanac (Tuškanac 1),,

25.06 – 26.06. INmusic Festival Für alle, die schon jetzt dem INmusic Festival entgegenfiebern, darf versichert werden, dass auch das 8. INmusic Festival einschlägige Headliner bringt, die ihren Vorgängern ( New Order, Franz Ferdinand, Nick Cave, Moby, Lily Allen, Iggy & The Stooges usw.) bestimmt in nichts nachstehen. Übrigens hat sich das INmusic Festival mittlerweile nicht nur einen Spitzenplatz in den coolsten europäischen und internationalen Weltfestival-Charts ergattert, es ist mittlerweile auch unter die vertraglichen Fittiche von Google aufgenommen worden und wird ab sofort auch weltweit live übertragen! Somit wird auch 2013 der Jarun See zum absoluten Festival-Mekka für alle Musikfans! • Der Jarun See, Otok hrvatske mladeži (Die Insel Hrvatske mladeži), 27.06 – 05.07. Eurokaz 2013 Eurokaz ist ein internationales Festival des Neuen Theaters, das zum Spitzenreiter solcher Festivals in Süd-Ost Europa geworden und das mit innovativen Prozeduren die Entwicklungen in der Kunst vorwärtstreibt. Eurokaz 2013 stellt erneut hochgradige europäische Performance vor, die sich auf Innovation und Authentizität des künstlerischen Ausdrucks fokussiert. Vertreter davon sind: Raffaello Sanzio (Italien), Angelica Liddell (Spanien), Akram Khan (Groß Britannien), She She Pop (Deutschland) usw. •,

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival Für Filmfans, die auf ungewöhnliche und kribbelnde (Film-)Erlebnisse stehen, ist dieses Festival, das das Beste an Fantasiefilmen, Science Fiction, Thrillern und Horrorfilmen bringt, ein echter Leckerbissen! Neben einem reichen und einzigartigen Filmeangebot liefert das Fantastic Zagreb auch Talkrunden, Gruselpartys und die Gelegenheit, Filmregisseure, Schauspieler und Drehbuchautoren live zu sehen! • Open Air Kinos + Kino Europa, Tel.

27.06 – 05.07.

091 347 95 78 oder 098 989 82 79,,

28.06 – 06.08. Die 32. Abende auf dem Grič Von Klassischer Musik über Jazz zur Volksmusik – wahre Musikliebhaber kommen in der Zagreber Sommerzeit voll auf ihre Kosten. Im romantischen Atrium der Klovićevi Dvori Gallerie und der verträumten Katarinenkirche werden in den Abenden auf dem Grič anerkannte Künstler aus Kroatien und der ganzen Welt vorgestellt, aber auch ganz junge Interpreten, die einen flotten Geist und frischen Wind ins Geschehen bringen. • Das Atrium der Klovićevi Dvori Gallerie, Jezuitski trg 4, St. Katarinenkirche, Trg Katarine Zrinske, Tel. 00385 1 450 12 08, www.

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6.2.2013. 22:30:16

Miroslav Šutej Die bekanntesten Museen der Welt, wie etwa das Tate Museum in London oder das MoMA in New York, haben alle irgendein Werk von Miroslav Šutej in ihrer Kollektion, der zu den weltbesten Grafikern, Malern, Bildhauern und Designern gezählt wird. Diese Retrospektive zeigt sein reiches und unverwechselbares Lebenswerk, das in tausenden von Kunstgegenständen weiterlebt und uns auch weiterhin durch den ihm eigenen Humor und Ausgelassenheit tief berührt. • Das Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Tel. 00385 1 605 27 00,

30.06 – 22.09.

Juli – September ZgKul ZgKul liefert Kultur pur für den Sommer und die Sinne! Alles, was sich auf den Straßen, Plätzen, Parks, Seen, Palästen, Kirchen und vor allem Freilichtbühnen und Open Air-Kinos kulturell auf die Beine stellen lässt und die Vielfalt der kulturellen Veranstaltungsmöglichkeiten durch ein flirrendes Kaleidoskop der Konzerte, Ausstellungen, Theateraufführungen, Musikevents und Straßenveranstaltungen dem Besucher aufs lebendigste präsentiert – all das fließt in ZgKul zusammen! Ein besonders attraktiver und wieder-eröffnete Erlebnisort ist das Sommerkino Tuškanac, das als echtes Programmkino nicht nur Filme der besonderen Art zeigt, sondern auch durch Filmwochen den Sommer zu einem absoluten Kulturhit in Zagreb werden lässt! • Verschiedene Locations im Stadtzentrum,

Zagreb Tourfilm Festival Das Ziel des Zagreb TourfilmFestivals ist, Filme und audiovisuelle Produktionen auszuzeichnen, die den Tourismus in all seinen Aspekten promoten: vom Abenteuerurlaub über den Nautik-Tourismus bis hin zum Kultururlaub und Urlaub auf dem Land. Das TourfilmFestival ist ein einzigartiges Event, das wahren Filmliebhabern ermöglicht, sich kostenlos den ganzen Tag lang die weltbesten Tourismusfilme anzusehen. • Das Mimara Museum, Trg Frank-

03.07 – 05.07.

lina Roosevelta 5, Tel. 00385 98 987 31 99,

Das 47. Internationale Folklore Festival Das 47. Internationale Folklore Festival steht ganz im Zeichen Kroatiens Beitritt in die EU: Kroatien in Europa – Europa in Kroatien. Im Mittelpunkt des Festivals stehen die Tänze, die sich einst aus den einzelnen Ländern rasant nach ganz Europa verbreiteten und sich grenzübergreifend hoher Beliebtheit erfreuten. So werden auf den Bühnen der Oberstadt und dem Ban Jelačić Platz beliebte Tänze wie der Promenadentanz ,der Kontratanz, die Quadrille, die Mazurka, der Walzer, die Polka und viele andere aufgeführt und zusammen mit einem bunten Begleitprogramm ist dieses Festival ein einmaliges Erlebnis für Aug‘ und Ohr. •

17.07 – 21.07.

Die Folklore-Ensembles treten in Gradec in der Oberstadt und auf den Hauptplatz (Ban Jelačić Platz) auf,,

September Bundek Fest Wenn man traditionelles kroatisches Handwerk und Gewerbe promotet und das noch mit Spaß und Unterhaltung für Alle verbindet, dann hat das einen Namen: Rujan Fest – Bundek Fest!! Das bedeutet 10 Tage Spaß und Heiterkeit in zahlreichen Bierhallen und Festzelten mit über 100 Konzerten für die Erwachsenen und einem Lunapark mit Theatershows, Ponyreiten und Trampolinen für die kleinen Gäste. Den Extrabonus liefern die zahlreichen Stände mit traditionell hergestellten Artikeln und kroatischen Leckerbissen aus zahlreichen Regionen – freuen kann man sich jetzt schon auf den Auftritt des „Mozarts vom Balkan“, des Weltmeisters im Akkordeon Prof. Dr. Semir Hasic. • Das See Bundek, September

PIF — Internationales Festival des Puppentheaters

Dieses beliebte Festival des Puppentheaters versammelt schon 45 Jahre lang die bekanntesten heimischen und internationalen Puppentheater in Zagreb und begeistert Groß und Klein mit der Magie der Puppenwelt, die weltbekannte Profi- und Amateurtheater immer wieder zum Besten geben. Das Festival ist in Kroatien nicht nur einzigartig wegen der tollen Gelegenheit, verschiedene Vorstellungen und internationale Schulen der internationalen Puppenkunst kennenzulernen, hier werden auch Preise verliehen – neben einer internationalen Fachjury auch von einer Kinderjury! Doch das ist nicht alles: das Festival bietet allerlei zum Reinschnuppern: Ausstellungen, Diskussionsreihen, Seminare, Puppenworkshops, Filme, Straßenvorführungen…genau das Richtige, um die kroatische und internationale Puppenkunst kennenzulernen! • Tel. 00385 1 660 16 26,,

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03.09. IAAF World Challenge Zagreb – Das 63. Boris Hanžeković Memorial Ein internationales Treffen der Athleten, das die ganz großen Namen der Weltathletik versammelt, darunter Olympiamedaillengewinner, Weltmeister und Rekordbrecher. Lassen Sie sich mitreißen und werden Sie Teil des ultimativen Sportgeists! • Die Sportlange Mladost, Jarunska 5, info@zagreb-meeting. com,

Oktober Dieses Jazzevent in der Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle greift nach der Sommerpause nahtlos insühling und beschwingt die Szene mit exzellenten heimischen und internationalen Jazzmusikern in der neuen Konzertsaison. • Die Vatroslav Lisinski Konzerthalle, Trg Stjepana Radića 4, Tel. 00385 1 612 11 11,,

Peter Gabriel — Back to Front Tour Im Rahmen seiner Back to Front Tour kommt Peter Gabriel am 05. Oktober nach Zagreb, um die Neuausgabe seines legendären Soloalbums „So“ vorzustellen. Musikfans, die etwas vom echten Rock und der Musikgeschichte verstehen, sollten sich diese Musiklegende auf gar keinen Fall entgehen lassen. • Arena Zagreb, Lanište bb,


20.10 – 27.10. Zagreb Film Festival Wer den Film aufrichtig und mit wachen Sinnen liebt, für den ist das Zagreb Film Festival ein nicht wegzudenkender Film-Höhepunkt im Kinojahr: in verschiedenen Kinohallen der Stadt ausgetragen, bringt das Festival in mehreren Wettbewerbsprogrammen (für die Kategorien Langfilm, Kurzfilm, Dokumentarfilm und den besten kroatischen Film), Nebenfilmprogrammen und Retrospektiven das ganz große Filmerlebnis an das Publikum. Und wer am Ende eines langen Kinotages kein Sitzfleisch mehr hat, kann seine Filmeindrücke auf den abendlich stattfindenden Partys abtanzen! • Verschiedene Locations in der Stadt,,

Advent in Zagreb Die Adventszeit in Zagreb taucht Zagreb in einen wahren Weihnachtsrausch und zaubert jedes Jahr eine neue Bescherung aus der Weihnachtstrickkiste: sei es ein weiterer Stadtplatz, der tolles Unterhaltungsprogramm für Groß und Klein bietet oder eine neue weihnachtliche kulinarische Besonderheit, die in einer der putzigen Holzbuden von heimischen Herstellern angeboten wird – es gibt immer wieder etwas Neues zu entdecken! Musikeinlagen, Tanz-und Theaterensembles, Weihnachtskonzerte, Kinderchöre, musikalische Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltungen, Weihnachtsstände mit handgearbeiteten Souvenirs und Kunstwerken und zu guter Letzt auch eine Schlittschuhbahn auf dem Hauptplatz – der Geist der Weihnacht heißt Sie willkommen! • Tel.

30.11.2013 – 01.01.2014

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23.03 – 07.07.

Arturo Sandoval

Master Pieces from the Picasso Museum

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

Klovićevi dvori Gallery


Beyonce — The Mrs. Carter Show Arena Zagreb


Mark Knopfler Arena Zagreb

25.06 – 26.06.


Depeche Mode Maksimir Stadium

INmusic festival Lake Jarun, Otok hrvatske mladeži


Peter Gabriel — Back to Front Tour Arena Zagreb

30.11.2013 – 01.01.2014

Advent in Zagreb


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Zagreb Events & Performances 2013  
Zagreb Events & Performances 2013  

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