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NY Wong Surgery, a trusted colorectal clinic in Singapore, provides comprehensive investigative and emergency services for patients with different colorectal conditions, including colorectal cancer, haemorrhoids, constipation, fistula, fissures, and diverticular and intestinal diseases. The practice was established in 2008 by Dr. Wong Nan-Yaw and is located at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. Using advanced technology and the latest procedures, the clinic helps colorectal cancer patients recover from such diseases.

NY Wong Surgery provides specialised services for the treatment of colorectal cancer and other conditions affecting the colon and rectum. The clinic offers endoscopic services, including colonoscopy and gastroscopy, and colorectal, piles, lipoma, and laparoscopic surgery. They also help manage haemorrhoidal disease and common perianal conditions, such as anal and buttock abscesses, fistula-in-ano, and acute and chronic anal fissures.

NY Wong Surgery offers the latest procedures for the treatment of haemorrhoids, including trananal haemorrhoidal dearterialization and ligasure haemorrhoidectomy. Trananal haemorrhoidal dearterialization is done under sedation; it allows surgeons to specifically target blood vessels feeding the haemorrhoid. Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy, on the other hand, remove haemorrhoids using a new energy device called ligasure.

NY Wong Surgery boasts a well-trained and experienced medical team offering the latest mode of treatment for haemorrhoidal diseases and specialising in laparoscopic surgery for treatment of benign and malignant colon and rectal diseases. The team is led by certified specialist general and colorectal surgeon Dr. Wong Nan-Yaw.

Dr. Wong Nan-Yaw is a Singapore Board certified general and colorectal surgeon. He obtained his MB and BS degrees from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Wong developed a passionate interest for surgical diseases after a few years of practice and decided to pursue a career in surgery. In 1998, he obtained his Fellowship with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

Seeing the increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in South East Asia, Dr. Wong decided to sub-specialise in colorectal surgery. He trained in the Department of Colorectal Surgery at the Singapore General Hospital and was awarded an Exchange Fellowship at the Bradford Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom in 2002. In 2008, Dr. Wong decided to start his own private practice, NY Wong Surgery, at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Patients can visit to learn more about the practice and the services offered.

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NY Wong Surgery, a trusted colorectal clinic in Singapore, provides comprehensive investigative and emergency services for patients with dif...

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