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The art and music festival at Hay

Art Fair Opening Party 18th - 20th November 2011 Champagne Reception and Private View | Friday 18th November | 18:30 – 19:30 pm

Please join us at the Crunch Art Festival and Fair. There will be a champagne reception and private view on Friday 18th November 18:30 – 19:30pm, to mark the opening of the art pavilion exhibitions, followed by a party with Patti Plinko, Mercury-tipped Mara Carlyle and “resolutely iconoclastic, supremely melodic… and utterly unique” champions of indie rock’n’roll British Sea Power. Please RSVP to The Globe at Hay Newport Street Hay-on-Wye HR3 5BG T: +44 (0)20 7837 3000


Crunch 2011 Art Fair For 2011, the Crunch Art Fair returns with work by some of Europe’s most exciting contemporary galleries. With internationally-renowned artists like Slinkachu, Douglas White, Shezad Dawood, Jake Chapman, David Rickard and Boo Ritson, the Crunch Art Fair is a great opportunity to see new work by leading artists and discover the bright young things of the contemporary art scene. Housed in the new exhibitions space of the Art Pavilion, each gallery’s work has been curated around this year’s theme: ‘Awake in the Universe’. From never-seen-before work by Jake Chapman at Paradise Row to the incisive photography of Poppy Sebire Gallery’s Tom Dale and the cosmic, subversive visions of Sue Corke in the EB&Flow Gallery, the 2011 Fair provides a fulcrum of artistic and intellectual inspiration. New to the Art Pavilion this year is the Art Salon, an engaging café and bookshop where a selection of speakers will be discussing their work and practices throughout the weekend. An event space designed to facilitate real conversation with some of the art world’s most important figures, the Art Salon will be host to the likes of Serpentine director Hans-Ulrich Obrist, leading Courtauld scholar Julian Stallabrass, and Arts Council Wales chair Dai Smith.

Alicia David Contemporary

View Art

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Alicia David Contemporary Art was founded in 2007 to promote their artists at fairs across the world, whilst supporting them as they hold solo shows.

View Art, one of the largest independent galleries in the South West, delivers high impact art, seeking to offer new interpretations of issues in our personal universes.

This exhibition by Tim Garwood brings together a number of paintings created over the last 12 months; a body of fresh and confident work in which he develops existing ideas and motifs.

Shown for the first time at Crunch, Andrew Price’s life size paintings of geishas comment on the ‘under the Kimono’ fears of post-earthquake Japan whilst displaying external beauty and calm. Beth Carter’s bronze sculptures of mythical and imagined creatures also deal with the complex conflicts of external persona and hidden truths. Nina Mankin explores a nostalgic, secret, inner world imagined from discarded objects while Corrie Chiswell’s intense and introspective paintings invite the viewer to decipher an underlying cryptic narrative.

Using painting as a visual ‘diary’, Garwood utilises familiar marks and repeated shapes to record the day to day; the highs and lows and emotional peaks and troughs we all encounter. A fascination with his chosen materials allows the artist to elevate his potentially monotonous inspiration to something stimulating and extraordinary.

Sumarria Lunn

Gabriel Rolt

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A young dynamic London gallery, Sumarria Lunn have curated shows in crypts, gardens, and a listed shopping arcade, as well as participating in international art fairs as distant as Korea. Now settled in their new Mayfair gallery, Sumarria Lunn continue to support artists who combine strong concepts with meticulous realisation.

Gallerist Gabriel Rolt has created a haven for contemporary art situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s main gallery district. A place to ‘see-and-be-seen’, the gallery also commands an influential presence on the international art scene, and this year they have exhibited in Rotterdam, New York, Brussels and Miami.

Sumarria Lunn will present artist Darren HarveyRegan, whose works entwine image and object, creating a hybridization of photography and sculpture, alongside a special screening of David Rickard’s performance Exhaust. Exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Rickard collected his every exhalation for 24 hours in a series of large foil balloons, visually demonstrating that even at rest we don’t exist passively in space but have a constant demand on it.

For Crunch, Gabriel Rolt will present the work of four artists: Anna Bjerger’s paintings of photographs which tenderly capture intimate or fleeting moments; the sculptures of Douglas White who toys with ideas of transformation, particularly the transformative potential of objects; Shezad Dawood’s multi-media works which mirror his interest in the systems societies use to judge their own value; and the similarly intuitive work of Gino Saccone who explores the potential of movement and metaphor to engender meaning and inspire feeling.

Hear both artists in conversation with curator Will Lunn, and watch David Rickard’s Exhaust, at 1:30pm on Sunday 20th November.

Poppy Sebire

Paradise Row

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Poppy Sebire opened in 2010 in South London. The gallery’s focus is emerging and mid-career international artists working in painting, sculpture, video, photography, installation and performance.

Founded in 2006 by art critic Nick Hackworth, Paradise Row’s artists engage with the poetic as well as the critical and the political. None more so than Jake Chapman, who the gallery will be exhibiting exclusively at Crunch 2011.

Boo Ritson paints onto her subjects directly using household emulsion paint. In her most recent works the subjects are set in canvas images depicting imagined American landscapes. Paul Housley’s portraits are ambiguous: their faces frequently smeared and obscured, they take on the opacity of objects. A recurring character is the artist himself, though often in the guise of another artist. Tom Dale works across a dizzying array of media, from what can be called preposterous sculptures to performances of sinister absurdity. His most recent series of images, Vision Machines, collages the differing ideologies of Polish housing estates, built according to strict communist planning regulations in the 1970's. Hear Tom Dale and Boo Ritson in conversation on Saturday 19th November.

Identified for their iconoclastic sculpture, prints and installations that examine contemporary politics and morality, the Chapman Brothers have been working together since their graduation from the Royal College Art and first received critical acclaim for their 1991 diorama Disasters of War, which were a series of plastic figurines acting out Goya’s series of etchings by the same name. For Crunch2011, Jake will be exhibiting new work with Paradise Row that continues in the same macabre, pessimistic vein, with a dark sensibility and subversive wit. Nick Hackworth will be speaking with Jake Chapman on Sunday 20th November.

EB&Flow Gallery

Open Gallery

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Fresh from art fairs in Venice and Berlin and with further international dates set for 2012 in Bologna, Brussels and New York, EB&Flow is an influential new gallery on the Shoreditch art scene, specializing in supporting exciting emerging artists.

Fresh from its recent retrospective, ‘Video Painting: The First Ten Years’, tracing the development of the video painting series, Open Gallery is at the vanguard of a medium that continues to provoke, surprise and challenge. Open Gallery has exhibited nationally and internationally including the Hayward Gallery, Pulse Miami, and Abu Dhabi.

For Crunch, three artists rediscover and reinterpret their own spaces or universes. Ross M. Brown investigates shifting ideologies within the history of particular built spaces and channels these concerns through the technicalities of pictorial construction; Neil Ayling defines sculptural aesthetics of cityscapes through a visual and physical editing process; whilst Sue Corke contextualizes cosmic events through dark humour.

In 2010 Open Gallery launched the inaugural Open Prize, a celebration of new art produced in this medium. Crunch 2011 showcases work from this year’s Open Prize, alongside new video painting series by George Barber, Gabrielle Le Bayon and Alys Williams. Video painting projections from Open gallery artists can also be seen on the west wall of the globe Hall.

Andipa Contemporary

Art Across the Festival...

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Alongside the Art Pavilion, the Crunch Art Fair expands across the site with work from emerging Based in the heart of Knightsbridge and building on a family history in art dealing traceable to 1593, and established artists from across the world. Andipa Gallery stands as a leading international dealer in modern and contemporary art. Andipa Contemporary was launched in 2010 as a platform Art Salon to show fresh, innovative and aesthetically ArtBelow stimulating work by new contemporaries from around the world. It is from this extensive inventory of paintings, drawings, sculpture and rare and unique signed prints by established masters like Matisse, Picasso and Warhol, landmark contemporaries Damien Hirst and Banksy, and emerging talents like Slinkachu and War Boutique, from which Andipa Contemporary draws for Crunch2011.

Over five years ArtBelow have exhibited over 50 exhibitions in subways across Europe, the US and Asia. For Crunch, artist and photographer Eleanor Lindsay Fynn will be exhibiting Yellow Faces, a darkly satirical examination of the art world last seen in Regent’s Park Station.

globe hall Blue MacAskill The haunting and sometimes darkly comic images of artist Blue MacAskill are built from layers of archival and historical material, interrogating the relationship between memory, dream and the present moment.

Celf o Gwmpas A leading agency for supporting socially-excluded artists across the UK, Celf o Gwmpas will be exhibiting a cross-section of work at Crunch, investigating the space where each individual’s inner landscape intersects with public life.

globe Lower Gallery Alma Enterprises

Vegas Gallery

Southwark-based gallery Alma Enterprises commissions work that interrogates ideologies as systems of living. For Crunch 2011, Alma will be exhibiting highlights from The Objectivist Studio. Artist Richard Grayson uses text from the writings of Ayn Rand as his starting point, creating bold, arresting works which address contemporary art’s identification with ideas of transformation and change.

Vegas will be exhibiting work by the artist, critical theorist and psychoanalyst Bracha L. Ettinger. whose atmospheric works transform the residuals of dusty toner ink, fading images, old newspaper photographs and maps from World War II into remarkable drawings and oil paintings.

WW Gallery Venice Biennale veterans WW Gallery bring their celebrated pop-art show POW to the globe, offering a selection of high impact works that play with ideas which resonate within personal and popular consciousness.

globe Upper Gallery AiM Founded on the principle that ‘creativity is the immune system of the mind’, Artists in Mind use the arts to support individuals experiencing acute and enduring mental ill health.

Hereford Photography Festival In association with the Hereford Photography Festival, the UK’s longest running photography festival, and Krakow Photomonth, Crunch will showcase the politically-charged work of two leading Polish photographers; Konrad Pustola and Lukasz Trzcinski.

Hear Bracha speak in our opening debate on Friday 18th November with Susan Hiller and Julian Stallabrass, and in conversation with Griselda Pollock in Becoming Human on Saturday 19th November.

William Cobbing William Cobbing is a London-based artist whose sculptures frequently depict people fused with the surrounding architecture. Clapper Tongue is a striking bronze life-cast portrait bust in the form of a bell.

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The art and music festival at Hay Directions: The globe at hay Newport Street, Hay on Wye Hereford HR3 5BG Hay-on-Wye is situated just off the A438, between Hereford and Brecon. Hay can be easily reached by car from the south and east. Take the motorway (M4) to South Wales. You then take the dual carriageway (A449) followed by the A40 towards to Abergavenny. Hay is another half hours drive from there. Following this, you can either take the A465 from Abergavenny, turning left towards Hay after Pandy, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can drive over the Gospel Path, which brings you into the centre of Hay-on-Wye. The festival site is in the centre of town, one hundred yards from the clock tower, at the point where Broad Street turns into Newport Street. Should you prefer to travel by train, the nearest station is Hereford (22 miles from Hay). There is a regular bus service and taxis are always available. Trains depart from Hay-on-Wye London Paddington and take approximately 3 hours, whether you travel via Newport, Gwent, or direct via the Malverns.

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Crunch 2011 | Andipa Contemporary  

For 2011,the Crunch Art Fair returns with work by some of Europe's most exciting contemporary galleries. For Crunch 2011 Andipa Contemporar...

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