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General information he Andina-Pack fair, takes place in Bogota, Colombia and it’s the meeting point and business center of the packaging sector in Latin America. It attracts exhibitors from different latitudes of the planet, featuring the latest technological innovations in the industry, reflected in a diverse portfolio of machines, equipment and services, providing to its professional visitors, solutions to their packaging needs. Date: November 5-8, 2013 City: Bogota, Colombia Exhibition Area: 20,000 M2 Participating regions: America, Asia and Europe Specialized pavilions: 8/800 expected Enclosure: CORFERIAS-an international business and exhibition center Organizer: PAFYC International Trade Fair Cost m2: $500,000 Colombian businesses- $280 foreign businesses Buyers’ missions: Central and South America Estimated Visitors: 22,000 Simultaneous events: Food Congress, emphasis on meat and dairy Pharmaceutical and cosmetic Congress Commercial technical conferences

The importance of numbers Figures of the latest fair ratify the presence and position of ANDINA-PACK in South America. Exhibition Area 2009 12.000 M2 2011 17.500 M2 2013 20.000 M2 Number of exhibitors 2009 540 2011 700 500 direct 200 represented brands 2013 800 expected Visitors 2009 2011 2013

16.500 20.000 22.000

17.600 local 2.400 international expected

Visitors of the most diverse manufacturing industries

33% Food Industry 24% Conversion 17% Pharmaceutics 13% Cosmetic 6% Trade 5% Other 2% Services

ANDINA-PACK 2011 closed with estimated business US $ 74 million

Andina-Pack An intelligent exhibit 17 11 - 13

14 - 16


18 - 21

22- 23


11-13 Packaging technology and food and beverage processing 14-16 Conversion and printing 17

Packaging materials and finished containers

18-21 Group participation per country 18-21 Container technologies, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry 22-23 Material handling, distribution and logistics 4

Recycling machinery and equipment and environmental technologies


Machinery supplies and accessories

Attentive to the overall market development, its innovations, new applications and technological advances in the industry, the fair has specialized in different areas giving the visitor a comprehensive and cross offer opportunity.

Specialized Pavilions or several years, the Fair has been working in the specialization of its content, offering its visitors, different options in a single place to find the solution to packaging requirements. This positioning has led to the increase in the number of visitors in search of technological options, tailored to their needs. At the same time it has attracted the interest of a large number of national and international businesses interested in meeting the large demand for packaging technology. Following this line of development and evolution of exhibition content, visitors of the Andina Pack Fair will find 8 pavilions thematically organized, specialized in 20.000 m2 and distributed according to the dynamics of the users industry.

Conversion technologies, process and packaging to meet supply network

Andina-Pack 2013 Reasons to participate A complete brand exposure The best opportunity to meet colleagues An amazing selling project A center for internationalization A strategic action generating business A turnkey project Colombia is the gateway to Central and South America The biennial meeting of industry leaders

Projecting the brand generating strategy Value proposal 1. Broad support program and visualization of brands on the web: banners, show rooms, newsletters 2. Strategic promotional campaign disclosure and advertising 3. Sectorization and specialization of the call 4. Knowledge transfer conference rooms 5. Post fair virtual stands 6. Permanent channel of business opportunities


international platform Dynamic effects Foreign investment has increased 5 times over 5 years Exports have tripled The number of visitors has doubled There has been a 7.7% reduction in poverty indicators Internal consumption and demand for goods and services has increased A program for World Class Sectors and Productive Transformation has been implemented A national policy of opening up the economy An increase in free trade agreements An export platform Development of free trade areas Productive clusters Preferential access: Colombia went from an expanded market of 233 million consumers in 2002 to 1,437 billion in 2010

The 12th edition of ANDINA-PACK, organized by Pafyc Ltd. is in alliance with the packaging industry, and counts on the institutional support of the ACOLPACK, ULADE, WPO, COPE, AFIDA. International information Argentina: Fundación Exportar - Grupo Lingo Brazil: Abimaq - INP Chile: Cenem Peru: Adex - Promperú Taiwan: Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. Spain: Cámara Hispano Colombiana France: Adepta

Organización Pafyc Ltda: Calle 127 A No. 71 A - 25 • Bogotá, Colombia Tels: (571) 520 0155 - 520 0156 Fax:3330 520-0608 ext. Tels: (571)- 520 510 0157 3494 -•510 510 0618 110 •

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