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Healthy Ideas Question by SizzleFace: How long left to live with hematoma of the brain? My mum is in Ireland with my granddad who had not been feeling well for the past week (disorientated/short of breath). I got a call from her today saying that he will never make it back to his house as he has a blood clot in his brain (hematoma) & that she doesn’t expect him to live for much longer. (Also his heart has been causing him trouble as well as the doctors want to fit him with a pace maker)…I know absolutely nothing about any such disease/illness so I was wondering whether any of you could enlighten me; do you know how long he could have left? He is in his early eighties if that helps. I know this maybe a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ style question but I’m just curious. Best answer: Answer by Katen Thats a hard question because with his other medical problems, He also is elderly… Slowly you will see these things or observe them Physical Weakness / Lack of Energy / Loss of Interest in Everyday Things Withdrawal from Family and Friends / Increased Sleepiness / Coma Loss of Appetite Confusion Restlessness Body Temperature and Colour Breathing Unexpected Alertness and Increased Energy Signs of Imminent Death: Eyes have glassy fixed stare with large pupils Pasty grey, or blue greyish colour present especially on lips, hands and feet Hands and feet can be cold Jaw open, breathing through mouth very rapid or very slow (often with rattle) with pauses of 20-50 seconds between breaths Unresponsive to voice or pain It is most important not to do or say anything that might disturb or anger the person, like speaking abruptly, arguing, crying, rough handling; maintain a peaceful atmosphere with people praying, meditating or chanting according to the dying person’s wishes or as instructed by their spiritual guide/teacher. Any supporters can generate limitless universal or devotion in their hearts and the wish for the dying person to be released from suffering with this love or


devotion/faith and become unified with love, with god or with their source of inspiration and virtue. All you can do now is, Try to spend the last moments with him if you can.. I’m sorry, I hope you find away to see him Add your own answer in the comments!Healthy Ideas

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How long left to live with hematoma of the brain?  
How long left to live with hematoma of the brain?