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Guerrilla Advertising‌

Guerilla adver+sing  is  method  of  adver+sing  which  involves  using  low  cost  means   to  promote  an  idea  or  product  to  large  amounts  of  people.  The  main  idea  is  that  by   crea+ng   a   unique   adver+sement   and   targe+ng   groups   of   people   in   unexpected   places,  it  can  help  the  idea  or  product  to  become  viral.  Guerilla  adver+sements  will   o>en  be  very  low  cost,  imagina+ve  and  if  successful-­‐able  to  grab  the  a@en+on  of   many  people.    Guerilla  marke+ng  is  done  in  public  areas  in  order  to  maximize  the   audience   and   effect.   A   good   example   would   be   to   put   a   large,   eye-­‐catching   adver+sement  in  a  city  such  as  London-­‐where  everyday  thousands  of  people  would   see   it.   This   would   be   good,   as   although   it   may   not   be   extremely   expensive   or   difficult   to   do,   a   lot   of   people   would   be   exposed   to   it.   Some   other   examples   of   guerilla  adver+sing  are  flash  mobs,  holding  events  in  public  and  puIng  posters  or   humorous  objects  in  public  places.          

Peace one  day  are  a  non-­‐profit  organiza+on  who  raise  awareness  of  the  Interna+onal  Day  of   Peace,  which  is  on  the  21st  of  September  every  year.  Peace  One  Day  tries  to  encourage  people   to  organize  their  own  events  and  ac+vi+es  within  their  communi+es  and  join  their  friends  and   family  in  ac+on  on  Peace  Day.     In   1998   a   Bri+sh   documentary   filmmaker   and   actor   Jeremy   Gilley   thought   of   an   idea   of   a   single  day  when  all  countries  would  ceasefire  and  have  a  day  of  non-­‐violence  Peace  One  Day   was  then  founded  in  1999.  For  many  years,  millions  of  people  all  around  the  world  have  been   working   for   Peace   one   day   along   with   many   other   organiza+ons   carrying   out   many   life-­‐saving   ac+vi+es.     Peace  One  Day  have  saved  many  lives  all  around  the  world  such  as  in  2006  on  Peace  day  the   World   Food   Programme   delivered   30   tones   of   food   to   Southern   Sudan,   Star   Syringe   Ltd.   Another   example   of   this   was   in   2007   when   Peace   One   Day   went   to   Afghanistan   to   help   develop  and  document  prepara+ons     for  life-­‐saving  ac+ves  across  the  country  for  Peace  Day.  

This is  an  example  of  guerilla  adver+sing   which   was   done   by   Unicef   in   order   to   raise   awareness   about   water   sanita+on   and  hygiene  and  to  raise  money  to  help   to   improve   this   in   less   fortunate   countries.     It   was   simply   a   water   machine,   but   rather   than   offering   different   types   of   water   it   had   different   diseases  to  choose  from.  For  example,  a   person   could   choose   to   have   Malaria.   This   adver+sement   was   good   as   it   caught   a   lot   of   a@en+on   and   o>en   people  would  put  money  in  (which  then   went   to   that   charity)   just   to   see   what   would  happen  and  what  they  would  get.    

This is  a  form  of  Guerilla  adver+ng  featured  in  a  supermarket   trolley.  The  company  who  created  this  adver+sement  was  ‘Feed   SA’  This  company  was  dedicated  to  feeding  disadvantage  people   throughout  South  Africa  because  despite  the  rapid  growing   numbers  of  homeless  and  hungry  people  on  the  street  more   fortunate  ci+zens  just  drive  past  them.     In  their  adver+sement  they  used  a  pictures  of  children  with  their   hands  stretched  out  so  that  it  would  seem  like  they  were   begging  for  food,  So  we  people  placed  their  shopping  into  the   shopping  trolley  it  would  seem  as  If  they  were  placing  the  food   into  the  cart  for  the  children.   They  also  used  the  area  on  the  shopping  trolley  handle  by   adding  a  quote  saying  ;See  how  easy  feeding  the  hungry  can  be?’   with  a  URL  of  their  site  underneath.     They  also  used  other  areas  of  the  shopping  center  to  help  with   campaigns  by  puIng  collec+on  +ns  were  place  at  +ll  points  and   food  collec+ons  are  the  exits    

This is  another  example  of  guerilla  adver+sing   which  was  used  to  help  promote  and  stop   domes+c  violence  caused  by  alcohol   consump+on.  These  unique  glasses  were  used  in   places  where  alcohol  is  sold  in  order  to  get  the   idea  across  to  people  who  could  be  affected.   When  a  person  picks  of  the  glass  to  drink,  it   looked  as  if  they  were  hiIng  the  woman  placed   there.  This  was  a  good  idea  as  it  implied  to   people  who  were  drinking  alcohol  that  by  doing   so,  it  could  lead  to  them  being  more  likely  to  be   involved  in  domes+c  violence.    

This is  adver+sing  everyday  rubbish  into  something  that  looks  more  appealing  and  eye   catching.  This  is  another  example  of  guerilla  adver+sing  where  bin  bags  have  been  made  to   look  like  more  aesthe+cally  pleasing  instead  of  making  the  streets  around  the  big  bags  look   rough.  This  campaign  was  to  avoid  illegal  dumping  on  New  Zealand,  in  the  city  of  Auckland.   The  council  ambassadors  invented  Beau+fy  Your  City  campaign.  Thus  a  lot  of  streets  had   green  bin  bags  just  like  this.                

This is   also   another   form   of   Guerilla   adver+sing,   this   was   done   on   the   streets   of   New   York   City   and   Los  Angeles.   The  company  Bounty  +ssue  who  is  trying  to  promote  that  theirs  +ssues  are  capable  to  handle  any   sized  spills.   The  company  used  extremely  large  scale  objects  such  as  a  coffee  cup  which  has  been  spilt  onto  the   street  and  it  had  a  advert  of  bounty  +ssues  next  to  the  coffee  spill  sta+ng  ‘Makes  small  work  of  BIG   spill.   A   similar   advert   was   in   LA   where   a   ice-­‐lolly   had   fallen   onto   the   fall   and   has   a   small   puddle   surrounding  it  looking  like  the  ice-­‐lolly  is  mel+ng,  and  with  the  same  banner  it  says  ‘Makes  small   work  of  BIG  Spills’  

This is   a   Guerilla   adver+sement   which   was   in   Shanghai,   China   an   Alteco   Super   Glue   and   they   were   trying   to   prove   a   pint  on  how  strong  the  glue  was  that  they  were  selling.     Their   adver+sement   was   of   the   glue   which   they   were   adver+sing  which  was  on  a  part  of  a  bridge  in  China  and  it   looks   like   the   glue   was   being   applied   to   the   bridge   so   it   makes   it   appear   as   the   glue   is   strong   enough   to   keep   a   bridge  glued  together.   Another   guerilla   advert   is   by   a   newly   launched   radio  sta+on  Rock  Radio  96.3  for  the  launch  of  the   radio   they   placed   guitar   stands   around   Glasgow   city  and  invi+ng  people  to  help  themselves  to  a  ‘air’   guitar   and   they   put   a   logo   of   the   radio   sta+on   so   that  people  are  able  to  tune  in  

Coca Cola viral advert PeaceOneDay?feature=watch To raise   awareness   of   Peace   One   Day,   Coca   Cola   created   a   video   which   would   be   released   virally.   The   video   shows   the   founder   of   POD   discussing   a   brief  history  of  the  company  and  talking  about  how   important   it   is   that   companies   such   as   Coca   Cola   are  involved  in  spreading  the  word  of  POD.     Coca   Cola   also   supports   POD   by   placing   their   logo   on   their   iconic   bo@les   and   cans,   which   can   be   seen   and  recognized  worldwide.    

International Peace quilt Project The Peace  Quilt  project  invites  young  people  from   all   over   the   world   to   send   in   a   drawing   of   what   peace   means   to   them.   The   designs   and   drawings   are   then   made   into   a   quilt.   This   is   meant   to   unite   schools  of  the  world  in  peace.  In  August  2012,  200   na+ons  were  represented  in  the  quilt.   The   quilt   then   travels   to   different   galleries   for   people  to  visit.  There  is  also  a  video  on  the  history   of  the  project. v=sI2L_aaq7Ew&noredirect=1

Peace One Day’s Education Initiatives

Peace One  Day  have  given  the  ideas  below  as  something  schools  could  do  to  get  involved   with  POD.  The  ideas  below  support  and  raise  awareness  of  Global  Truce  2013  in  different   ways.  

This was  one  of  our  alterna+ve  ideas  for  the  project.  Public  transport  is  something  most  of  the  public   use  daily  therefore  we  thought  that  we  could  use  public  transport  s  a  method  to  adver+se  and  bring   awareness  to  the  campaign.  Using  a  bus  we  thought  of  adding  a  white  flag  which  symbolizes  peace   and  the  white  flag  will  also  catch  people  a@en+on  when  it  passes  them.  Not  only  that  we  would  use   the  sides  of  the  bus  to  adver+se  the  campaign  by  adding  the  data,  logo  and  peace  one  day.  The   example  is  shown  on  the  next  slide.  

Here is  how  the  bus  would  look,  with  the  descrip+on  given  from  the  previous  slide,  with  a   white  flag  on  the  top  of  the  bus,  and  using  the  sides  of  the  bus  we  then  would  use  it  to   adver+se  the  campaign  and  the  other  details  that  need  to  be  known.    

This is  our  second  idea  which  was  also  an  alterna+ve  idea.  Most  of  the  public  use  the  transport   daily,  and  living  within  the  London  area  we  would  use  an  oyster  to  help  us  get  around  therefore   we  thought  of  using  a  oyster  cover  to  help  promote  the  campaign.     Firstly  we  got  photos  from  the  internet  and  using  Photoshop  we  then  edited  the  images  by   changing  the  colour  of  the  outline  and  then  edited  the  foot  back  into  the  photo  as  shown  on  the   examples  above.   The  final  product  is  shown  on  the  next  slide.  

Here is  the  finished  piece  for  idea  2.  As  men+oned  before  we  used  an  oyster  card   holder  to  adver+se  the  campaign.  The  oyster  card  holder  is  a  great  way  to  adver+se   Peace  One  Day  as  it  will  be  available  for  many  people  to  see.  The  reason  as  to  why  this   is  not  the  main  idea  is  because  not  everyone  will  have  an  oyster  card.  However  we  s+ll   think  that  Peace  One  Day  will  s+ll  be  promoted  through  the  main  idea.  The  words  ‘Are   you  apart  of  it?’  ques+ons  the  buyer  on  if  they  are  doing  their  part  for  peace  one  day.  

This shows  how  the  pen  works.  

This idea  is  our  third  idea  which  also  contributes  to  our  final  idea.  Using  the  idea  of  a  pen  which  the   public  use  daily  we  thought  that  we  could  give  out  pens  to  the  public,  but  what  makes  our  pens   special  is  that  it  has  a  scroll  which  can  be  pulled  out  which  all  the  informa+on  about  the  Peace  One   Day  campaign.  We  included  a  QR  code  which  links  directly  to  the  Peace  One  Day  website  as  well  a   the  famous  social  networking  hash  tag  in  order  to  promote  the  campaign.    

The above  photos  are  expressing  the  idea  of  selling  coke  cans  and  jam  doughnuts.  The   idea  is  to  sell  these  items  and  then  the  buyer  can  write  their  name  inside  a  chalk   drawing  of  an  individual.  If  the  public  don’t  want  to  buy  the  doughnut  they  can  buy  a   coke  drink.  The  coke  company  has  already  done  a  peace  one  day  coke  can.  Therefore  we   can  use  the  coke  can  to  help  us  with  the  idea.    

This was  a  similar  idea  we  had.  The  idea  is  to  have  a  giant,  chalk  outline  in  a   pubic  area  such  as  a  shopping  mall  so  people  can  have  the  opportunity  to  add   their  name  and  become  part  of  the  cause.  As  the  figure  appears  like  the  outline   of  a  dead  body,  it  adds  to  the  idea  that  for  Peace  One  Day  we  are  working  to  end   violence.  This  would  also  a@ract  a  lot  of  a@en+on-­‐therefore  promo+ng  Peace   One  Day  to  many.    

This trolley  token  idea  was  also  an  alterna+ve  idea.  Shopping  is  a  chore  which  needs  to   be  done  and  shopping  tokens  are  now  becoming  more  popular  than  using  a  pound  coin,   By  using  a  white  coloured  coin  to  represent  peace  we  then  added  a  logo  to  how  what   the  campaign  is  about  and  we  also  added  a  date  so  that  they  know  what  day  Peace  One   Day  actually  is  by  adding  the  website  URL  it  allows  people  to  search  up  more   informa+on  on  their  website.  Every  +me  they  go  to  shop  by  using  the  trolley  token  they   will  be  reminded  of  the  campaign    

For our  final  idea  we  decided  to  combine  parts  of  our  ini+al  ideas  together.  We   decided  to  combine  the  doughnut/drink  selling  idea  with  the  giant  figure  idea.  This   means  if  a  person  bought  a  product,  they  could  add  their  name.  Also,  we  decided  the   person  would  able  be  given  a  free  pen,  which  would  help  them  to  remember  the  cause   in  the  future.    

Weaknesses: 1.  The  idea  can  be  seen  as  being  completed  this  is  because  some+mes  people  may  not  have  +me  to  listen  or  explain   the  campaign   2.  Limited  stock  or  stock  may  not  sell     3.  May  cost  a  lot  on  a  whole  because  of  the  amount  of  equipment.       Strengths:   1.  Everyone  can  get  involved   2.  It  can  be  easily  no+ced  because  it  will  be  on  the  floor  and  people  will  be  curious.   3.  The  idea  is  suitable  for  everyone    

Improvements: 1.  We  should  try  to  think  of  a  way  that  we  can  get  the  idea  to  reach  a  wider  range  of  people  rather  than  just  the   people  who  visit  the  mall  that  the  outline  is  printed  on.-­‐  A  sugges+on  could  be  that  we  have  it  in  more  than  one   mall.   2.  We  could  perhaps  provide  other  drinks-­‐  not  just  coke  even  though  they've  already  done  a  peace  on  day  can.     3.  Could  maybe  think  of  other  food  products  to  sell  not  just  doughnuts.   4.  To  keep  an  eye  on  our  costs-­‐  the  idea  is  quite  expensive     5.  In  order  to  keep  our  costs  we  should  think  about  pricing  it.  For  example  £1  for  a  coke  or  45p  for  a  doughnut.  That   allows  one  drink  or  doughnut  a  name  in  the  outline  and  maybe  keep  the  pen.  


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