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There is a new top modern arena in Stockholm. The name is Friends arena and it is situated in the city of Solna. The friendly stadium is now, after three years of work, standing totally ready for multiple events. With this new arena Sweden now have opportunity to have a lot of different activities and the new construction is also going to be the home of AIK.


We are talking about the boxing movie ”The warrior”

Natural science


Read all about what it takes to be able to title yourself the best.

KHK’s new deal and hope.

A new arena in Sweden There is a new top modern arena in Stockholm. The arena is in the city of Solna . The name of the arena is Friends arena.

played the 14th of november. The

standing totally ready for


multiple events. The arena going to be the home of AIK and the Swedish national team.

because the old arena Råsunda is very old and they wanted to have something new and top modern. With this new arena Sweden now have opportunity to have a lot of different activities at a big arena because it only takes a few minutes then you can have roof on the arena. So anything between concerts to sports the arena can be used for. It´s also makes it

in the world have now been decided. Those who are nominated are Lionel

game was Sweden vs England and the

Messi, Andrés Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo. The winner will be selected

arena was packed with fans.

the 7th of January 2013.

Zlatan scored four goals in front of the large crowd

that was 50,000 people cheering for Sweden

Why build a new arena? The new arena in Solna was build

FIFA Ballon d’Or

The price for the best football player

The first match on the arena was

Friends arena is now after three years of work


The first match

Women European Championship

José Mourinho to PSG? Rumours have been spread that José Mourinho is about to sign for PSG next season. This after a totally failure in the league with his team. They are 11 points after FC Barcelona right now. Messi beat Gerd Muller record

The first Championship in Sweden at

After 2 Goals against Betis in the

the new arena is going to be the Women European Championship.

League, Lionel Messi now is the player in the world who has scored most goals

The Championship will be played at 7

on one year in the history. Gerd Muller record of 85 goals from 1972 is now

different cities in Sweden. The cities are Gothenburg, Kalmar, Vaxjo, Halmstad, Norrkoping, Linkoping and the Final will be played on the

beaten by Messi with his 86 goals and he has a few games left to score more goals.

new arena, Friends Arena.

easier to get different artists and events like the world cup and the European Championship to Sweden.

By Robin Hultman

Uefa Starts a new league The football association Uefa is going to have a new tournament next year. The tournament is going to be for the teams who qualifies to the Champion

Friends arena with its maximum attendance of 54.000 seats at sporting events and 67,500 seats at concert events.

League U 19 teams. The trophy in the new tournament will be named after the UEFA honorary president Lennart Johansson.

KHK signs NHL player. Karlskrona HK is dead last in

played for the United States in the world cup

hockeyallsvenskan trailing 12 points up to


safer grounds. Now Karlskrona is using the

A typical Defensman.

NHL lockout to bring in the NHLdefensman Chris Butler to the team.

Chirs Butler describes himself as a defensman who

- We are not happy with the result so far , so

likes to cover shots , kill penalties and works hard all over the ice . But Chris probably think he can

we felt that we needed to do something , says

contribute with offensive qualities to KHK as well.

general manager Calle Höök.

Logan going away.

Karlskrona HK has had a tough start in they first

With Chris in the squad Karlskrona gets problem.

year in hockey allsvenskan. After only 11 rounds

There are rules that say that you are only allowed to

Karlskrona chose to fire Tomas Kempe

use 2 non Eu-players in a game. In Karlskronas

and Oskar Andersson. They were replaced by

squad there are 3 players , Kent McDonell , Logan

Janne Karlsson from Växjö Lakers. The game has

Stephenson and Chris Butler. Now it´s look like

improved but the points are still missing. But now

Logan Stephenson has played his last game in the

they get a good reinforcment in Chris Butler 26.

KHK jersey - We are try to find a solution where both parties agree , says general manager Calle

NHL and World Cup Merits.


Chris Butler is a 26-year-old defensman who joins

Made by Robin Hallgren.

Karlskrona from the Calgary Flames. Last season he was noted for 15 points in 68 games. He has 230 NHL-games


on his CV for both Calgary and Buffalo. Earlier this

Rafa after £15m Theo. Chelsea have emerged as shock favourites to land Theo Walcott from Arsenal. Blues boss Rafa Benitez is confident of getting his man as the £15million-rated winger would not have to uproot from London.

spring Chris Gran Plans Liverpool and Tottenham both want Sweden defender Andreas Granqvist. Both clubs have been watching the £5million-rated Genoa centre-back , 27. Manuele Baiocchini , an Italian football expert, said: ”With the right bid , nothings’s impossible” Gareth Banny Manchester City have written a furious letter to the FA over Gareth Barry’s suspension for swearing at referee Mark Clattenburg. The England midfielder was slapped with a one-match ban and fined £8,000 for his outburst.


WHAT MAKES A STAR? Some people get there, but most of us will never even get near it. We are talking about the elite of course. The best of the best. The road to the top is slippery and challenging. Almost everyone will drop off on the way, but some just simply won’t give up. Clearly there must be a reason why some people succeed while others fail. But, what is it exactly? Back in the days we all thought everything was about the genes. It was your heritage who determined how good you were going to be. Some people had the fortune to be born in the right families with the best genes. Luck and destiny decided if you would reach the highest level or not. For fifty years scientist have been trying to find a connection for this hypothesis, without any results. So nowadays we have dropped this theory, at least for the most part. It goes without saying that the heritage can make a difference sometimes. If you for example have above average height parents and get very tall yourself, you will obviously have an advantage compared to someone who is a lot shorter than you in sports like high jump, where height really is an asset. But if it is not your genes that decides whether you are going to make it to the top or not, then what is it? If you don’t need any special physical qualities, shouldn’t we all be able to succeed then? If you really want to be the greatest I think it is all about pure will and hard training. It is about being committed and never, ever give up. This is the reason why only a few of us actually go all the way. Not everyone have those characteristics. Analysis have shown that if you are going to reach the highest level, you will have to spend a whole lot of time performing your sport. Perhaps you have already figured that out, but do you know exactly how much time? Over ten thousand hours or ten years of right and focused training to attain the top peak, to be exact. If you don’t have the self-discipline and motivation to put in the required work, it doesn’t matter if you are two meters long and almost can walk over the bar in high jump, you will not get there. There are no shortcuts. Then there is something else, something very popular in sports contexts. Talent. Who is talented and where does it come from? That is the billion dollar question, as one usually say. Is being tall a talent? Can strong will and driving force also be a form of talent? I highly believe that willpower and motivation are talents. Maybe even the only things that in the end really matters if you want to achieve something big. Not only when it comes to sports, but in other parts of life as well. Not everyone has what it takes to be the best. That extra spark that shines through some peoples eyes. I think that is the most powerful talent in the world and the biggest reason for succeeding. If you have it, I bet you can beat even the tallest person in high jump.

New studies Rocking beetroot A study made on free divers has shown that beetroot juice increased their ability of holding their breath with 11%. The reason why is because beetroot contains the substance Nitrate and with that the body does not need the same amount of oxygen.

Cancer treatment Swedish and American scientist have recently discovered a previously unknown protein that makes your muscles grow bigger and stronger. In the future this finding might work as a treatment to prevent obsolescence of muscles due to cancer.

Training = medicine? Studies at Umeå university have shown that training can ease depressions for people who suffer from dementia. Two workouts per week for three months was all it took to see positive results.

By Annie Andersson


”I'm serious. We train. That's it. I don't wanna hear a word about anything but training, you understand?”

MMA/UFC, Warrior The movie Warrior is about has now been sober the last MMA organization, the two brothers named Tommy (Tom Hardy) and Brendon Conlon (Joel Edgerton). Tommy, who is a former soldier and marine and Brendon who is a teacher. Tommy and Brendon don´t hav a good relationship with each other and especially not with their father Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte). Paddy

month to get up on his feets again A major tournament in MMA is about to get place, when Tommy shows up in father Paddy life after many years of absence and ask him to act trainer. While leading brother Brendons economic tricky devices that even he, at one time was active in



UFC, lured back into the sport to earn money for his family to pay their bills. The two brothers finally confront the forces Them That tore apart. Its a movie about relationship from father to son and awesome fights, blood, sweat and tears.




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”I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

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