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My life history in English

Anderson Vanegas Tobรณn

I.E. Colombia

Grade: 10-2


Hello, I'm Anderson Vanegas TobĂłn, I was born on July 4, 2001 and since that day my story begins, because I was born very fat and was very funny according to what my father tells me, because my birth was in MedellĂ­n and from there I Lived in Girardota all my life, first lived in the countryside, on a sidewalk, because in this path lived my parents and my family by my father, there are many moments in my life that marked me a lot as there are others that just happened and already As a person I have enjoyed my life a lot, when I lived in the countryside I had many adventures since it was very healthy environment and was small then was very curious, I was curious almost everything, I always wanted to know how things worked and why they worked, to I used to love playing with cars, because I think that my passion for cars came out and that curiosity so enormous that they cause me, since my toy cars disarmed them to try to arm them again, or create Another thing like that its wheels were underneath so that it floated, or simulated that that car that floated also flew, because it had a great imagination and simply my imagination had no limit, and was happy with that innocence and that childhood that my parents allowed me to live I just had limits and I think that because of the limits that my parents put on me, I'm like I am now and I'm not into bad things like vices, bands, etc. I liked to play a lot with my cousins who lived in my house but I had a favorite cousin with whom I loved to play since I understood it very well, so much so that one day we went out to explore and it was two long hours almost lost and our parents looked for us but At the end of those two hours they found us in a ravine that was by my house and there we was the two "explorers", I had many experiences in that small period of my life, Once I was with my father by the sides of that ravine and My father fixed a thing in a tank in that place and I was outside waiting for him, and from one moment to another I look at the ravine that was very close and I saw a snake approaching me, it was quite large, averaged one and a half meters Or a little more and I was too scared since I thought I was going to bite and I went back until I lost sight of her and when I came back to the place instantly because she was gone and I He was still very scared, but he was gone.

Well these are some of the moments lived in that little piece of my life, but there are more like when I went to my cousin to play almost every day since it was my only hobby, because I really enjoyed playing with him and had action figures Very interesting and I liked a lot I just played with my sister that she was born when I was three years old and I also loved playing with her, when I lived in that place my mother invited some friends to have lunch at our house, because they were from the town And when they went up there was a boy called Cristian who became my friend and every time he went to my house I played a lot with him and later on because I moved to the town itself, there I started to study, Garden in Comfama and because at first I cry a lot because it was my first time in the "school" so to speak, when I moved to the town because I made many friends and Cristian was still present, because we lived in the same neighborhood and played a lot together, It was so much fun to have so many friends and companions with whom I could live together because most of the time I was with them. After a while I started to study in school in preschool, there I also made friends with whom I still share and study in my own school and I like to be sharing with them, because in those first years of study I had to go to the municipality Of Bello for a family problem and at first I did not know anyone or anything in my environment and did not leave my house but I met a child who was my neighbor and I started to relate to him and he was my only friend in the municipality of Beautiful since the others were only study partners with whom I did not relate much, because I was very reserved and painful to be new and not to know anyone, but then it happened and in that I started to live with more people in school And I even had a girlfriend, but it was kind of kids.

In the house where we lived, my great-grandmother had died, who wanted to me very much, one day in the morning I had just awakened from my sleep when I felt ago the slab moved and my mother also felt it and went to investigate, at the end Was nothing but since that day I seemed to see my grandmother on the walls in the form of a very dark shadow and I was not afraid because I knew that she loved me very much and then one day I told my parents and made a Prayer and she did not appear again on the walls, after half a year in beautiful I moved back to Girardota, some people were not there but many were still there where they lived before as my friend Cristian and other friends with whom I related very good. Then I went on with my life here in Girardota and I went back to study in the eschool colombia, which is a school in Girardota where I still study, I was in second grade and I had a teacher who was very bad class but we wanted her anyway , In this grade I started to like a study partner but obviously I was still very young to understand that it was love or how it was although I still do not know what it's like to have a true love,She was the most beautiful of the room and almost all my companions seemed very pretty, but she then left and then I did not see her again in school but I continued to study and go to third grade, where I was better related to my classmates because I knew them very well because He trained soccer with them and others because he had already talked to them, and in that degree they began the games of love as a bottle, truth or challenge, among others, we played a lot of games like that because we had a teacher who was very relaxed but very loved by All his students since he was only teacher hungry in elementary and that made it even more special.

In third grade I began to like a companion who was called Laura with whom I now study, I talked and shared with her until one day I said that if I wanted to be my girlfriend and she said yes, because it was something of children because We sent letters, chocolates, messages with the companions, and that was very funny, after all the school in that year I had already won the year and was very happy and at the same time I was finishing my preparation for first communion in December That same year I made my first communion which was attended by many friends and was very good to have them there, and in the fourth grade I finished with Laura and because I continued studying because my parents told me that I had to study if I wanted to be a professional and in that I I trained soccer with my schoolmate and other children, since I was passionate about soccer and I loved to train because I had a lot of fun.

In the fifth grade I had to study with almost the same classmates and I liked to be with them but also to meet new people, in this degree since I started to like music a lot reggaetรณn especially, we all listened because it seemed very good This kind of music, I laughed a lot with my partners and told everything to my parents, was very innocent and very healthy but there I started to grow up in maturity, in my neighborhood I played a lot with my friends who knew them almost all of life and We were very united, we made dawn, Halloween parties, at Christmas we also met to share and to show off our Christmas gifts because it was the best time of the year and on December 7 we made the candle and made very large sperm balls, we loved Christmas Especially me and my sister and that we shared a lot with our parents and our family since we had a lot of innocence. Then I went to high school and I was very scared because they told me it was very difficult but the first year in sixth did not give me a hard time and it was great to be in school since you had your friends there with you and you could be with them all day and Share with them, play with them, we laughed a lot, but when we had to study we did it because it was very important because we could not lose stuff at school.

In that year my sister in December made the first communion but she did not want to have a party or so she asked for a trip to Santa Marta and my parents gave it to us and we left the four for Santa Marta, we were very happy because it was the First time we went to the beach with family and when we arrived everything was very nice, we stayed in a hotel that was one block from the beach and that we liked it a lot, because the first night I slept early with my father because we were very tired and We woke up at five in the morning and we looked out at the balcony of the hotel and saw the sunrise and then went to the beach to enjoy to the maximum that opportunity we had to be with family on a walk, it was a very nice and satisfying experience, then We arrived at our house after that walk and shared what had happened with our families.

Since then I continued studying and passed the years and I have had many good friendships to, or during my life and I still share with most of them, I really like to share today with the people with whom I started to study and went almost First with which I relate very well and that I like a lot, today I am very happy of my life and I do not regret what I have done, since I am happy with my life and with everything, I have a project of life the Which is to be a professional person and finish my studies because I want to pay my parents everything they have done for me.

This is my story in a few words since I have lived 15 years which have been very long but fun and I like to share it with other people so they know more than I have lived and the small moments that in truth those are the most They mark you in your life, because in these small moments there are many things that you learn how to give love, to understand people, to share even the smallest you have with other people, to respect, to be honest, to be Humble, among other things.

My life history in english  

This is my life story

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