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Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup Anderson's Maple Syrup, Inc. has been a family run and organized business for over 80 years. Steve Anderson is the third generation Anderson to carry on the family tradition. Steve's grandfather Paul Anderson started the business in the early 20's as just a little hobby to put some syrup on the table. When Norman Anderson, Steve's Father was old enough to help out he and Paul started to make the business grow.

In the mid 30's they began by selling their entire year's supply of syrup to Hove's, which would later become Lunds and is now part of the Lunds-Byerly's chains. They eventually added other routes that took them through parts of Wisconsin and into Northern Minnesota. In the late 40's they both decided that there was a greater opportunity to be had in the maple syrup business than in farming. They took a giant step, sold all their cows and jumped head first into the maple syrup business. From the start they knew that this was a huge risk, but they worked hard and built the business that thrives today; know as Anderson's Maple Syrup, Inc. Steve has been in charge with much guidance from his father Norman since 1997, when he graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. Steve has great plans just as his father and grandfather did, to make Anderson's Maple Syrup, Inc. the best company that it can be.

My Anderson's Maple My Anderson's Maple is an opportunity for you, your family or friend to get to know a real, live Sugar Maple tree in the Wisconsin Northwoods and become part of a sustainable family tradition.

This year-long program features a ready-to-frame, letter-pressed Certificate of Adoption which provides the GPS location and specific background on an adopted tree. As an honorary sugarmaker, you are invited to tour the sugarbush, visit your tree and see what our family is up to. In addition, you will enjoy email updates for fall color change and spring harvest as well as a chance to get to know your tree using GoogleMap and GoogleEarth:

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