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wedding on the Island abounds with romantic ideas to incorporate into a wedding, and transportation is no exception. Imagine a picturesque drive past the harbor or up Main Street to the church or reception in a horse-drawn carriage, a ride in an antique car or the entire wedding party being driven to the reception on an antique fire engine. These are just a few of the many possibilities that exist on Nantucket. A popular reason to choose the Island for a wedding is one of simple geography. Nantucket allows for a feeling of remoteness, of being away from all the hassles and stress of the “mainland.� However, this specialness requires extra planning from the couple. Unless they are familiar with the Island, wedding guests will need to know transportation details. This includes how they can reach the Island, as well as information for transportation once they have arrived. Including travel information with wedding invitations is a good way of giving out this information. Guests should know that they have two options of getting to the Island, either by flying or by taking a ferry (fast ferries are one hour trips, the traditional ferry is a two-and-a-half hour trip) from Cape Cod. Planes depart from Hyannis and from other major airports, so include the names and reservation numbers of airlines that service the Island. This information can be obtained from Island travel agents or by calling the airlines directly. A trip to the Island by air from Hyannis is quick, convenient and a beautiful way to see the landscape. Truly the way to arrive on Island unless there is fog, which, of course, keeps the planes on the ground. The other mode of transportation is by boat. Longer, but definitely relaxing and a way to unwind slowly. The Island is served by the Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority, which carries automobiles and passengers. There are other boat lines that carry passengers only, and they operate seasonally. Guests need not make reservations for the traditional boat (two-and-a-half hours) unless they are planning to bring their car, which is entirely unnecessary, as there are many car rental companies. Also remind guests that the ocean breezes are quite cool, even in the summer, but more so in the fall and spring. Therefore, appropriate clothing is recommended for the outdoor decks so guests can enjoy the beautiful seascapes. Another piece of information to pass along is the amount of time travel will take, as this may determine the mode of transportation a guest chooses. Plane trips vary according to your place of origin, but if you are leaving from Hyannis, the trip to Nantucket takes 20 minutes. A final note of information is to consider the weather. The boats do not run when the wind is too strong (30 miles per hour or more), and fog keeps the planes on the ground. This should not be a deciding factor on how to get to the Island; however, it may change travel at the last minute. Once everyone has made it safely to the Island, transportation for guests is something to plan for. Remember that guests may want to explore the Island in their free time. Most Island weddings are three day events (Friday the rehearsal dinner or cocktail reception for guests, Saturday the wedding and Sunday the farewell brunch), so guests tend to have a lot of time to sightsee and shop. This will make your wedding a romantic adventure for your guests as well. Information and rates for rental of cars, four- wheel drive vehicles, mopeds and bicycles can be obtained through the many rental companies that serve each Island. Rental companies may even have group rates available; be sure to ask. Arrangements and information regarding travel will take a little extra time, but it may allow more friends and relatives to attend your important day.

Island Weddings



A wedding on the Island abounds with romantic ideas to incorporate into a wedding, and transportation is no exception. Imagine a picturesque...

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