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ee & photography by Julie Almand



by Brian Coffin

illiam Ethan Dupree grew up in Bethlehem,

Pennsylvania, only an hour-and-a-half west of New York City. Like so many college age kids do, he found himself on Nantucket with a summer job. Ethan began working at a former island wine and cheese shop, Fahey & Fromagerie. With only a short time there, he had begun a journey that would lead him to the doorsteps of the finest vintners and cheese makers. Originally working in the



wine crackers

meats chocolate


cheese olives

jelly spreads


His efforts to bring his knowledge to the island do not end with his store. You can call ahead for orders; he can put together gift baskets; he provides boat and house concierge services and private catering. What he is most excited about, though, are his “Private Cheese and Wine Evenings.” You can have a night where Ethan will come to your party and give you an insight into the world of cheese and wine, complete with tastings, of course. When he is not in the store or on the island, he is back at work, calling Beaune home in the winters. He travels around France and Italy looking for the finest quality products, which he then brings back to the island. He also gives intimate tours around Burgundy, sampling wines and teaching visitors about every aspect of the production process. He describes them as a oneon-one boot camp for beginners, as well as for experts. When asked why he chose to come to Nantucket and begin his shop, his answer is familiar to all. There is the inexplicable energy of a place, but there is something that draws you in. There is also a connection with Nantucket and Beaune that many people do not know about. As of 2006, the two are known as “twin towns.” Go downtown to see a commemorative rock in the “pocket park” on India St. between Federal and Centre streets. With both locations, he recognizes that anyone can come and go as they please, where reintegration into the local lifestyle is effortless. When talking with Ethan, you can feel his passion and enthusiasm. His extreme pleasure and joy is in bringing his knowledge to the island and in sharing it with everyone who passes through his shop. As he says, he wants to use what he knows as a way to put more “joie” in one’s “vivre,” to put more joy in one’s life.

Dupree & Company is located on nostalgic Old South Wharf


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Nantucket - Cheese and Wine

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