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WHAT TO DO UNDER THE S UN ! (and some are KID approved)

Rainy days, sunny days, foggy days, and the kind in-between that's what you're likely to encounter on your Nantucket family vacation. No matter the weather, there's always something to do! THE R O F



f ishing our waters

Nantucket is, by all accounts, one of the premier fishing destinations in the northeast. Sportfishermen flock to our Island in search of the elusive “Nantucket Slam:” bluefish, striped bass, bonito and false albacore. For those searching bigger targets, offshore fishing opportunities include chasing bluefin tuna, white marlin and swordfish. Closer to shore, there are plenty of flounder, scup and black sea bass to satisfy anyone’s fishing appetite. So, no matter what your target, Nantucket has the fishing opportunities. And with the fleet of charter boats from which to choose for both private charter and group fishing, there’s a captain and a boat for every taste. Plug-casting and fly-fishing are two of the local specialties, and charter captains are more than happy to offer all the necessary tackle and instruction that you might need for a wonderful day on the water. Try these charter boat companies for an amazing day on the water.

best to try ___________________ Nantucket Outfitters 1-917-584-5270 This boat leaves from Madaket, a special small harbor at the west end of the Island known for its sunsets. Captain Bill Toelstedt will be ready to take you out on the water to some of the best fishing holes on the Island. With his years of experience and knowledge, you will have a great time.

Starr Fish Charters 1-508-221-0298 Captain Jay Starr is one of the most personable and knowledgeable people around. Just being with him is fun! Personality aside, his fishing talent is immense and has been passed down from family. He is also the go-to-man for shark dives – being the first to bring a shark cage to Nantucket.

Ty One On 1-508-423-5126 Being born and raised on Nantucket does have its advantages. Ty has been exploring and fishing Nantucket waters from a young age, knowing the local waters like the back of his hand. This seasoned fisherman has some secret spots. With Captain Ty you will have a chance to hook what is currently “running.” Since he makes some of his own speciality lures, he can almost guarantee a catch.



and boating

Nantucket’s history is tied to the sea and being in a boat gives visitors the chance to share in and continue that maritime tradition. You can even rent your own boat for the day to be out on the water by yourself or with the family. A few places will rent a power boat or sailboat to an experienced boater.

best to try ___________________ Brant Point Marine 508-228-6244


If hanging ten is more your speed, you’ll want to head out to Cisco Beach on the west end of the Island, where surf instruction and surfboard rentals are easy to come by and they offer lessons to would-be pipeline riders of all ages. If you just need to rent a board, that can happen too.

best to try ___________________ ACK Surf School 1-508-246-7872 If you want to learn from the locals who know Nantucket

Rent a boat, pack a picnic and explore and fish the waters

surf well, then take your lessons here. They are given by

surrounding the Island. Stay in the Harbor or venture out to

experienced instructors who will teach children to adults.

private beaches or fishing spots. If it is equipment that you

Private lessons will focus on increasing and individual’s

want, this shop provides the best, along with the best

skill level. Once your feet hit the board, you will be hooked

advice from locals, based right at the Town dock. From

for life!

fishing gear to a boat rental, you can have a wonderful

Nantucket Island Surf School 1-508-560-1020

day on the water.

If hanging ten is your passion and you are just beginning

also think about _____________

or want to get even better at it, take a lesson here.

The Jetties Sailing Center • 508-228-6600

Nantucket surfer Gary Kohner has been surfing the world

Offering sailboat, windsurfer and kayak rentals for every skill level

all winter, but comes back to Nantucket for the summer to

along with quality instructors.

run his surf school. He has been teaching at Cisco since 1999. Surfboard and paddleboard lessons available.


h arbor cruises, whale watches and seal cruises

If you want the most incredible day on Nantucket, get yourself and the kids out on the water. Smell the salt air and see what makes our waters amazing – lobsters, crabs, fish, seals and whales. Tours will take you out to see seals and “critters” in the harbor and in close-lying waters, something enjoyable for adults and children.

best to try ___________________ Critter Cruise 508-228-6867 Captain Josh has come up with one of the coolest things to hit the Nantucket waterfront in a long time - the Critter Cruise. Catch this, it’s a one hour trip for kids in which they go out on the Monomoy, get to watch Captain Josh haul some fish traps and lobster gear, and then everybody gets a fishing pole to do some fishing. How cool is that? You never know what kind of critters will come up in the traps, so it’s exciting stuff for the whole crew. Once the haul is up on deck, the critters you catch go into a touch tank so everyone can see the catch up close and even pick the


critters up if you want to. To top it all off, all the kids get Critter Cruise tee-shirts to wear home to show everyone that they made the cut and are members of the Monomoy Critter Cruise Crew. If you want excited kids who will be talking about what they did to everyone they see, book the Critter Cruise in advance! It is so popular you don’t want to miss out on thrilling, exciting and “sure to produce squeals” adventure.

best to try ___________________ Easy Riders Bicycles 508-325-2722 For a comfortable ride and well maintained bikes, go to Easy Riders. They are friendly, willing to give great advice as to where to go on the Island for some great sights. Beach, surf and fishing gear also available for rent. Conveniently located on the Surfside

also think about _____________ Endeavor Sailing Excursions • 508-228-5585 Enjoy a sail around the island during the day or the evening.You will learn some of the local maritime lore from the captain while on-board. Maria Mitchell Aquarium • 508-228-5387 Learn hands-on about the seal life in Nantucket waters. Displays are always changing and range from shellfish to crustaceans and fish. Whale Watch / Shearwater Excursions • 508-228-7037 Nantucket’s only whalewatching vessel. Travel 15 - 25 miles out to sea for sightings of humpback, finback and minke whales.

bike path. Free

delivery to your property and pick up when you are leaving.

Island Bike Company 508-228-4070 Island The entire family can explore the Island in comfort on their bikes. If running or walking is your thing, we also have baby Joggers. If you have your own bike, bring it in for an expert tune-up at a great value. Your ride will be better than before! Call ahead and reserve your vacation bikes





If adventure is your style, and you want to explore what makes up this treasure trove of an Island, then there are plenty of ways to do that. From biking and guided tours to instructional programs, you can choose to have some guidance or to be totally on your own.


or book on their Website. They will deliver to your cottage and pick up again the day you leave. Group and family rates available - be sure to ask.

Nantucket Bike Shop 508-228-1999 The Island’s largest bike rental shop with three locations (two on Broad Street and one on Straight Wharf – where the Hy-line docks). Bikes for the entire family. Scooters and Jeeps can also be rented. Low rates for the day, week or

Nantucket Whaling Museum & Historic Sites 508-228-1894 • The excitement of learning about Nantucket’s rich past will appeal to every member of the family – from the youngest to the oldest. You can walk to most of the sites and the Whaling Museum itself, (along with the Candle Factory) is right in-Town. Make a day of exploring all of the sites for a full day of adventure and education. The Whaling Museum shows a film many times daily.

month, depending on the length of your stay. Free delivery to your cottage for multiple day rentals. Stop in to ACK-Tees, their t-shirt shop, located right next door to one of their Broad Street bicycle shops. Bright clean designs for the entire family.


tours & museums

Whether you’re here for a day or a year, you’ll want to find out a little more about this little sandbar a few of us call home. The island is rich in history from the whaling era. Learning about it is fascinating.

best to try ___________________

island activities

Being active while on vacation is the usual for most people. There is so much to do here that it is more than safe to say you will not get to do all you want while you are here.

best to try ___________________ Exploration Station 1-508-221-0608 An exciting activity program designed for 3-7 year olds. The science-themed classroom encourages curiosity and learning. Every day children are sent home with a project to do on their own to instill confidence and self-learning. Birthday parties can be held at Exploration Station – always an exciting event!

Barrett’s Tours 508-228-0174 Relax on a one-and-a-half hour historical tour of Nantucket Island on one of Barrett’s air-conditioned buses. The tour is

Nantucket Disc Golf 1-508-901-9456

narrated by a guide who is educated in the rich history of

The magic of the state forest, combined with the fun of

the Island and its many historical spots. Stops are made at

playing on the Nantucket Disc Golf course, will certainly

some of the locations.

appeal to anyone’s senses. Open all day, any time, no tee times, no charge and totally year-round in any weather under the shelter of majestic pines.


island activities


also think about _____________ ACKventure Day Camps • 508-228-7285 Very active and creative camps that are full of variety with themes that change every week. Two camps – 3-5 years and K–grade 5. The Endeavor Pirate Hunter Adventure• 508-228-5585 Step aboard the Endeavor and discover the legends of Nantucket’s famous pirates and hunt for treasure. Maria Mitchell Discovery Camp Programs • 508-228-9198 Age appropriate programs (5-12 years) that encourage children to connect with their outside environment. Maria Mitchell Beach Discovery Field Trip • 508-228-9198 Walk along the shore line and learn how to identify shells, seaweed, crabs and sponges commonly found here. Maria Mitchell Ecology Field Trips • 508-228-9198 Search the shoreline and waters with hand and seine nets, collecting and identifying marine life with the Aquarium staff. Maria Mitchell Feed and Meet the Animals • 508-228-9198 Be part of feeding turtles, snakes, frogs and fish. These critter programs are so popular that you should register in advance. Maria Mitchell Lecture and Field Trips • 508-228-9198 A 30-minute, Saturday morning lecture followed by a field trip related to what you just learned about bugs, dragonflies or geology. Maria Mitchell Stargazing Nights • 508-228-9273 Stargazing will create wonderful memories – a great family activity. Family Astronomy nights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Murray Camp Kid’s Night Out • 508-325-4600 Counselors provide children with exciting adventures and organized activities around Town in the evening. Join a group or create one. Nantucket Bike Tours • 1-508-367-1976 Custom-designed tours for the entire family. Tours of Town, ’Sconset, The Brewery or for the history buff or “foodie.” Seafari Girls • 508-221-0608 A girl’s only exploration camp designed to instill independence and confidence through hiking, biking, kayaking and swimming. Strong Wings Adventure School • 508-228-1769 Outdoor programs for boys and girls including biking, rock climbing, kayaking, ropes courses and cooperative games.

The fresh salt air brings TS out the active POR S E TH person in us. On R FO Nantucket going for a run is invigorating whether in the morning or at night, as the air is so clean. A far cry from the city smog! If you are a little one, summer on Nantucket is the best for you! You can’t get outside quickly enough! There is something for everyone to do here.



best to try ___________________ ACK Surf School 1-508-246-7872 If you want to learn from the locals who know Nantucket surf well, then take your lessons here. They are given by experienced instructors who will teach children to adults. Private lessons will focus on increasing and individual’s skill level. Once your feet hit the board, you will be hooked for life!

Nantucket Island Surf School 1-508-560-1020 If hanging ten is your passion and you are just beginning or want to get even better at it, take a lesson here. Nantucket surfer Gary Kohner has been surfing the world all winter, but comes back to Nantucket for the summer to run his surf school. He has been teaching at Cisco since 1999. Surfboard and paddleboard lessons available.

also think about _____________ ACKventure Sports Camps • 508-228-7285 Where young players can develop skills in basketball, baseball, Tee ball, football, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, field hockey and tennis. Nantucket Ice • 508-228-2516 Summer camps for children with programs for all levels of skating ability. Nantucket Surfari • 508-228-1235 The owners of this surf school have been surfing the world for over 25 years. Their team will teach you all the aspects of surfing. Prime Time Lacrosse • 1-888-PTLAX-44 Each camp is coached by current and former college players with appearances by professional players. Early sign up for August 12-14. Surf and Turf • 1-508-241-9531 This local instructor teaches school in the winter and surfing all summer. He runs teh Surf and Turf Camp , designed for middle-school children.




Early training in dance, gymnastics and yoga are critical to future development through dedication, precision training and inner strength to excel in one’s field.

also think about _____________ Dance Works of Nantucket • 508-228-7285 Encouraging self expression in dance while developing the building blocks of creative movement. Gymnastics Camp • 508-228-7285 This camp will develop and improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and self-esteem. Gymnasts wil be grouped by ability. Marjory Trott Creative Movement • Offering dance, creative movement and yoga classes starting with infants. Summer classes are held at Children’s Beach bandstand.


It’s hard to imagine a more HE T picturesque location FOR than Nantucket, and the many artists and art galleries on the Island attest to that beauty. The Nantucket art scene is populated by some of the most varied and talented artists you’ll find anywhere. To expose children to this at an early age is critical to their development.

Ice Cream Tour / Shear water Excursions • 508-228-7037 Step under the Minke’s red and white stripe canopy and enjoy a scenic tour of the harbor while eating ice cream. Maria Mitchell Family Snorkel Tours • 508-228-9198 An up-close experience with Nantucket marine life: horseshoe crabs, puffer fish, eels, crabs, welks and more. Equipment provided. Maria Mitchell Stargazing Nights • 508-228-9273 Stargazing will create wonderful memories – a great family activity. Family Astronomy nights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Masquetuck Reser vation • 508-228-2884 A 13-acre woodland wonderland (bogs, beaches, marshes, forests, meadows) located at the end of Quaise Pastures Road, off Polpis Road. Morning Coffee Cruise / Shearwater Excursions • 508-228-7037 A wonderful way to start your day on-board the Minke with coffee and muffins. Juice boxes for children. Private charters for the whole family. Nantucket Bike Tours • 1-508-367-1976 Custom-designed tours for the entire family. We will customize the tour just for your family (no hills, shorter distances, frequent stops). Pony Farm • 1-508-751-2850 This camp services children and adults with disabilities and at-riskyouth The general public can use the services by appointment only. Seal Cruises / Shear water Excursions • 508-228-7037 Hop aboard and travel to the remote island of Muskeget to see the year-round grey seal colony. Sunset Cruise / Shearwater Excursions • 508-228-7037 End the day with a relaxing sunset cruise in the Harbor. You are welcome to bring beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Whale Watch / Shearwater Excursions • 508-228-7037 Nantucket’s only whale watching vessel. Travel 15 - 25 miles out to sea for sightings of humpback, finback and minke whales.

also think about _____________ Artists Association of Nantucket • 508-228-0722 A wide variety of classes offered: oil painting, watercolor, pastel, life drawing, ceramics, woodcarving, printmaking and textile art. Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts • 508-228-0248 This school has multiple children’s programs ranging from painting and drawing to clay art, jewelry making and textiles.


B e i n g together on vacation makes the best of memories. Many parents have brought their children to Nantucket for the summertime, and now the grown-up children visit with their children. Summer on Nantucket is the best! There are many things you can do together while here. THE R O F

also think about _____________ The Endeavor • 508-228-5585 Charter this sailboat for a family sail around the Harbor in the evening. Pack a dinner picnic or snacks and enjoy as you cruise the shoreline.

Where to have a KID party! Artists Association of Nantucket 508-228-0722 Cosmic Creations 1-508-221-0608 Critter Cruise 508-228-6867 The Endeavor - Pirate Cruises 508-228-5585 Dreamland Theater 508-228-4822 Ice Cream Cruise w/Shearwater 508-228-7037 Krav Maga 508-325-5587 Maria Mitchell Science Museum 508-228-0898 Nantucket Candy Company 508-228-0667 Nantucket Community Pool 508-228-7262 Nantucket Ice 508-228-2516 Nantucket Whaling Museum 508-228-1894 Shearwater Excursions 508-228-7037 Starlight Theatre and Café 508-228-4479


Nantucket Activities  
Nantucket Activities  

Nantucket Activities