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CAPITAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE Meets as needed The Committee shall meet at such times and in such places as it shall determine necessary to investigate and evaluate any proposed nonrecurring, public-funded capital expenditure exceeding $50,000. Such investigation and evaluation shall occur at public hearings held after due public notice. The committee shall issue a report or reports on each proposed capital expenditure, which report may include the findings of the committee concerning the need for the project, the cost of the proposed project, the ability of the Town to pay for the proposed project and other information deemed by the committee to be relevant. Such reports shall be made to the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee at least 10 days prior to the date of the Town Meeting called to vote on any proposed capital expenditure. REQUIRED MEMBERSHIP:

7 members appointed as follows: 2 members (1 year); 1 member (2 years); 1 member (3 years); 1 each: Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, NP&EDC (1 year).

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - HYANNIS 372 North St., Hyannis MA 02601 508-771-JOBS (5627) TTY: 508-439-2370 Fax 508-862-6101 Provides employment opportunities and job listings. Services for job seekers include: access to The Resource Center, career counseling, unemployment insurance, GED preparation, occupational training, resume preparation assistance and job search assistance.


CHILDREN AND FAMILIES - DEPT. OF 500 Main St., Hyannis MA 02601 1-508-760-0200 1-800-352-0711, 8:45am – 5pm Fax 1-508-790-3006 Elizabeth Parker, Director of Areas Betsy McDonnell, Area Clinical Manager CHILD AT RISK HOT LINE: 1-800-792-5200, after 5pm

DCF is the state agency mandated to receive and respond to reports of child abuse and neglect. DCF is an organization that supports and strengthens families, keeping them together whenever possible.


COMMISSION ON DISABILITY The Commission meets on the first Monday at 3:30 of at least 6 months per year. The Commission's meeting will be posted and listed on the Town’s calendar page. Meetings are held in the Country Kitchen Room at Sherburne Commons located at 40 Sherburne Commons Road. 228-8085 Members appointed to a 3-Year Term

Brenda McDonough, Facilitator The purpose of the Commission is to coordinate programs with the Massachusetts Office on Disability in order to bring about full and equal participation in all aspects of life in the Town of Nantucket for people with disabilities. The commission’s responsibilities are as follows: • Research local problems of people with disabilities. • Help coordinate activities with other local groups who share similar interests in helping our residents and visitors who have a disability. • Review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services and activities of departments and agencies of the Town of Nantucket as they affect people with disabilities. • Work in cooperation with the departments and agencies of the town of Nantucket to bring about maximum participation of people with disabilities. • Initiate, monitor and promote legislation at the town, state and federal level that advances the equal status of people with disabilities, and ensure that appropriate regulations are adopted and enforced pursuant to such legislation. • Encourage public awareness of disability concerns. • Provide information, referral, guidance and advice to individuals, businesses, organizations and public agencies in all matters pertaining to disability.


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