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World, Youth, Teen and Generations Together compliment our adult programs.

NANTUCKET LAND BANK COMMISSION Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 4pm 22 Broad St. 228-7240 Web:

Eric Savetsky, Executive Director Email:

Jesse A. Bell, Assistant Director Email:

Dane DeCarlo, Property Management Coordinator Email:

The Land Bank acquires, administers and manages various types of land for conservation, agriculture and recreation purposes. REQUIRED MEMBERSHIP:

5 residents, elected

NANTUCKET LAND COUNCIL, INC. 6 Ash Ln., Box 502, 02554 228-2818 Fax 228-6456 Email: Web: Cormac Collier, Executive Directo Emily Molden, Resource Ecologist Amy Zielinski, Development Director The NLC is Nantucket’s only environmental advocacy organization. Member-supported and non-profit, they were founded in 1974 by Nantucket citizens who cherished the island’s pristine natural setting and who were concerned by increasing environmental impacts. Since its founding, the NLC has effectively protected thousands of acres of land on Nantucket’s beautiful islands. The Land Council encourages informed decision making through close monitoring of local growth and development being considered by the Board of Selectmen, the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board. In addition to land, they are passionate about water quality. They are regularly monitoring and testing stormwater runoff in the harbor and in 2017 they conducted a pilot study on the green crab population in Nantucket Harbor; they advocate and educate on appropriate fertilizer use; and they have conducted numerous studies to determine the health of some of Nantucket’s ponds through water, sediment and fish sampling. They are


also proud to host the State of the Harbor Forum each summer to educate and inform all of Nantucket’s residents.

NANTUCKET LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATION 3 Surfside Dr. Michael Misurelli, President The Nantucket Landscape Association serves its members and the Nantucket community through continuing education and interaction. The NLA fosters environmental awareness, professional ethics and personal growth and sponsors horticultural and environmental seminars that are open to its membership, and often to the public. This group of green industry professionals also participates in and organizes community service projects.

NANTUCKET MARINE MAMMAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM Box 332, 02554 1-508-400-7293 Email: Web: NMMCP is an island-based, non-profit, public education program. We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the world's oceans and their inhabitants, focusing on cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and pinnipeds (seals)the marine mammals most commonly found in our local New England waters. NMMCP reaches out to the public through Whale Information Stations operated onisland during the summer months, and through local media. We regularly take part in island events, providing information, and encouraging public involvement in mammal conservation causes. Working with teachers in local s chools, we provide resources, facilitate projects and bring experts to the island to motivate and expand young minds. We are also a member of the national Whales Need Us Coalition, and are a project of Cetacean Society International, which operates worldwide. NMCCP raises funds through donations from the public, 100% of which are used to support marine mammal conservation causes, both in the U.S. and abroad. Executive Officers: Jean Rioux, Director Emeritus. Scott Leonard, Director of Operations. Michelle Perkins, Education Director. Valerie Leonard, Washington, D.C. Representative.

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