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TOWN STATISTICS English Settlers Arrived


Town Incorporated



10 ft.


Inland water

47.8 sq. mi. 14 mi. long 3.5 mi. wide approx. 2.2 sq. mi.

Sandy beaches

55 mi.

Persons per sq. mi.


POPULATION Total Population (as of 4/3/17)

VOTER REGISTRATION You may register by the deadline to vote at the Town Clerk’s office or online at You must be: • a U.S. citizen • 18 years old on or by election day • a resident of the district in which you register



anyone interested in running for an elected office should obtain information from the Town Clerk’s office. There is a deadline for declaring yourself a candidate.

527 373 390 394 1684 128

TOWN GOVERNMENT The Town of Nantucket operates within the County of Nantucket. The administrative office address is: Town & County Building 16 Broad St. Nantucket MA 02554 web: Towns have existed for more than 300 years in Massachusetts and are the subject of hundreds of laws, yet there is no clear definition of a “town” as a municipal organization. Historically, the word town means a form of government characterized by an “open” Town Meeting (as the LEGISLATIVE BODY) to which all registered voters of the town belong and a decentralized EXECUTIVE BRANCH (made up of many independently elected offices, boards and commissions). The TOWN’S LEGAL BASE is a compilation of all the “laws” (bylaws, accepted state statutes, and special acts of the state legislature) that relate to the town’s organization and structure – the corporate structure of the Town.

ELECTIONS Elections of town officials are held each spring at the time of Town Meeting, and

They are available approximately three weeks prior to the election until noon of the day before election and must be applied for in writing. An individual may vote in person at the Town Clerk’s office or the completed ballot can be returned by mail. A completed ballot cannot be returned in person to the Town Clerk unless it is returned to the polls. Once a registered voter files with the Town Clerk, in order to obtain absentee ballot status, a voter must provide the Town Clerk with a letter from a registered physician stating such voter is unable to cast his / her vote in person by reason of permanent physical disability. The voter will be mailed an application for an absentee ballot no later than 28 days before each election. Absentee voting must follow correct procedure, regulated by the Secretary of State. In order to “write in” or use “sticker votes” on the ballot, the candidate’s correct legal name and address must be used.

TOWN MEETING Nantucket voters have the privilege of participating in their town government through OPEN TOWN MEETING, held once a year in the spring. This is one of the oldest forms of government in the Commonwealth. In order to participate at Town Meeting, one must be a registered voter. Non-registered voters are welcome, but they must sit in a designated section. Open Town Meeting offers the greatest opportunity for participation and represents one of the purest forms of democracy in the world; each voter in the town is permitted a chance to influence local government. Special Town Meetings can be called at other times during the year by the Selectmen or by petition of voters. Major decisions and allocations of monies are voted at Town Meeting. ■


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Town Information: Green Pages