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Lux ury at

Sea by Debra Klingsporn

What do you call someone who travels the world, winters in the Caribbean, and spends his time immersed in the exclusive realm of luxury yachts ? If his name is Bryan Carter, you simply call him

“Captain.� 65


e’s 36, good-looking, and his career takes him to the

most alluring ports of call from the Caribbean to northern New England. You could say this guy has a dream job. Captain of the King Baby, a 100’ luxury class mega-yacht, Captain Carter and his crew look forward to returning to Nantucket again this summer with the yacht’s owners and guests. After six and a half years working with the same owner, the Captain says the same thing happens time and again when Nantucket is the destination. What begins as a day trip often becomes an extended stay. “Every time we go to Nantucket, the plan is typically to stay for a day,” Captain Carter said. “But once we actually get to the island and they see it, they want to stay for three to five days. They fall in love with the charm, the harbor, the restaurants, and there’s so much to do on Nantucket.”

On any given day, Nantucket beckons. Whether shrouded in a soft, ethereal blanket of fog or reflecting the crystalline blue sky of a quintessential summer day, many who travel the world agree there’s no place quite like Nantucket. The weathered gray pilings topped with watchful seagulls, the maze of docks inviting a leisurely stroll, distinctive shops and restaurants, and of course, the 80-plus miles of stunningly beautiful beaches - no wonder Nantucket is now seeing an ever-increasing number of world-class luxury yachts seeking berth in Nantucket’s harbor.


An attorney from Boston and his family are among those who return again and again. In the early 1980s, a young, up-and-coming lawyer and his wife diligently saved enough money to buy a 16’ outboard that they brought to Nantucket by trailer. Nearly 40 years later, when they head south from Boston to our little far-away island, they arrive on their 95’ yacht, complete with a crew of three or four and an entourage of family and friends. Their love

affair with this island

has never ceased. This past summer they had three boats in the Nantucket Boat Basin: a 33’ Aileron, a very fast and maneuverable sailboat; a 32’ Intrepid powerboat used for fishing and water sports; and, of course, their 95’ yacht. Over the years, this couple has owned more than a dozen boats, and with each decision to buy or sell, their commitment to the ocean and a maritime

lifestyle is paramount.

Since the 1990s, the number and popularity of private yachts has increased rapidly. Although the terms luxury, mega, and super yachts are often thrown around synonymously, the terms do have loosely agreed-upon classifications among yachting enthusiasts. Typically, a luxury yacht exceeds 24 meters (79 feet) and is professionally crewed. Privately owned

mega-yachts also employ professional crews, exceed 100 feet, typically have a minimum of four decks, and may or may not be made available for charters by the owners. To qualify as a giga- or super-yacht, the vessel exceeds 100 meters (328 feet) and is still rare, with an estimated 24 yachts on the water.


Terry Pommett


he Nantucket Boat Basin, a 240-slip full-service marina, accommodates boats from 30 to 300 feet and will

see about 2,000 boats docking in the Boat Basin this season, reports

George H. Bassett, Jr., harbor master on site for 27 years. A

former U.S. Coast Guard officer, George has become a highly respected local figure and is described by the online “Yacht Insider’s Guide” as an “exceptional gentleman known for his friendliness and professionalism.” Nearly two-thirds of the boats are 59’ and under; yachts between 60-90’ make up about 24% of those seeking berth within the Boat Basin; and 14% are 100’ and over. These numbers do not include those vessels visiting the island and seeking berth or mooring elsewhere in the harbor. Although multi-million dollar homes are almost the norm on Nantucket, many people still raise their eyebrows at the thought of owning a multi-million dollar boat. “This is something I find interesting,” the Boston attorney said. “Those people who have a home with an ocean view in ’Sconset overlook mostly blackness at night. But if you have your boat

in a marina, you have both the tranquility and the activity. I think everyone would love to

own a home on the water, but when you make a commitment to this kind of boating lifestyle, you have a home with a view in literally any port or alcove. We love the freedom that it gives us – a home with an ocean view, any place we want to go – and we still have our privacy.” Preferring to remain anonymous, this Boston attorney is not alone. For many in the


mega-yachting world, privacy is key. Try a Google



George H. Bassett, Jr. The Ruler of Nantucket’s Water World.

search for “yachting lifestyle” and more than 4 million listings appear instantly, sites for everything from chartering, sales, and design to images of yachts and people who enjoy them. What you won’t easily find are profiles of private

yacht owners, and for good reason.

Folks who invest in multi-million dollar homes that float are as interested in privacy as they are pleasure and adventure. Most of the larger luxury craft are quite capable of taking their passengers to destinations otherwise unreachable by any other means. “When we bought our 95’ motor yacht, we wanted a true blue-water capable boat, fully ocean-going, a sea-worthy

craft to allow us to

travel in almost all sea and weather conditions,” the attorney said. “We can go from Nantucket to Florida nonstop.” The father of three grown sons and soon to celebrate his 46th anniversary with his wife, this is an individual who has made a significant commitment to Nantucket. As his kids grew older, he and his wife decided to buy property on the island, which they still own, and one of his three sons was married here. He deeply values the positive impact nautical

recreation has provided his family.

“We brought up three boys and we have grandchildren and every single one of them has the same commitment to Nantucket,” he said. “Our son who got married here carried his bride over the threshold of our boat and they spent their first married night on our boat at the Nantucket

Boat Basin.” 69


Binder 70

With an 85% return rate, the Nantucket Boat Basin will also welcome back Captain Carter and the King Baby. Licensed, certified, and credentialed many times over, and with 16 years of maritime experience, Carter is the only captain who has served the current owner of this stunning 2009 Hargrave. King Baby’s logo and nameplate may catch the observant eye of anyone who keeps up with high-demand fashions of the celebrity and rock-n-roll world. The owner is not Mitchell Binder, founder and chief designer for King Baby Studios, the iconic, edgy, chunky jewelry designs in high demand among celebrities, rock stars and professional athletes. The jewelry designed by King Baby’s namesake “has made more Rolling Stone covers than most rock stars,” writes Patty Jones, a reporter for Vancouver’s Georgia Straight. The world-class yacht is owned by a friend of Mitchell Binder and the jeweler allowed the owner to use the font and logo for his yacht.

iconic, edgy, chunky jewelry designs

Both the jeweler and the yacht owner enjoy rock music, so the decor includes multiple photos of rock stars Keith Richards, John Lennon, Alice Cooper, and Madonna.


Master Stateroom onboard King Baby

Main salon onboard King Baby


The owners are typically on board every weekend from mid-

“Honestly, they are just good people,” Captain Carter said.

June to just after Labor Day. Still very active in their careers,

“About the longest time out for them is about two weeks at any

they allow this impressive yacht to be chartered during the

one time. They’re not big drinkers. Maybe they’ll have

off-season. Inside this stunning 100’ raised pilothouse vessel

sauvignon blanc with fruit and cheese. They eat wheat-free,

are accommodations for eight in four staterooms with an eclectic

gluten-free, and love seafood. The guys go fishing. The ladies

mixture of luxurious fabrics and exotic gloss cherry and

like the shopping. They rent bicycles. They’re runners. They’re

camphor burl woods, with ensuite baths and full entertainment

really pretty healthy, pretty laid-back.”

systems in each. An eye-catching, onyx bar with LED lighting top to starboard, invites guests to enter a uniquely open

With successful careers in real estate development, the owners

entertainment space that flows from salon to dining to kitchen.

do entertain often, and their guests find all the water toys

Up above, the spacious flybridge comfortably entertains 20

imaginable on board – everything from jet skis, wake boards,

with a wet bar, oversized settees and a large hot tub, while

and kayaks, to two 36’ fishing boats. At summer’s end, the

her large aft deck with custom table and seating provides an

King Baby will go up for sale in anticipation of the completion

additional entertainment area.

of a new 135’ yacht the owner is now designing. Captain Carter will find himself in China for the last year of the build.

When the owners are on board, the captain and his crew put

For now, the captain is simply looking forward to a new

in some long hours, but he describes them as having a much

season, doing what he loves. At the conclusion of one of his

more restrained lifestyle than perhaps that of many of the fans

last charters, the client said “You get paid to do what the rest

of King Baby jewelry.

of us have to pay to do!” Captain Carter simply smiled and thought to himself,



Luxury at Sea  

What do you call someone who travels the world, winters in the Caribbean, and spends his time immersed in the exclusive realm of luxury yach...

Luxury at Sea  

What do you call someone who travels the world, winters in the Caribbean, and spends his time immersed in the exclusive realm of luxury yach...