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by Trudy Dujardin, ASID, and Price Connors of Dujardin Design Associates, Inc.

What is it about some homes you visit that make you wish you could recreate something about them? They have an indefinable air of elegance, and no matter where you turn, in any room, there are beautiful items artfully placed to catch your eye, and sometimes catch your breath as well.

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Begin by collecting

something you love. The desire

Be inspired by

where you live. Nantucket, of course, is

to have a collection of sailor whirligigs or depression glass can stem from

rich in seafaring and whaling history. Trudy’s collections include whaling

a trip to an antiques show (such as the Nantucket Historical Association’s

logs, blue and white Chinese export porcelain (used as ballast in ships),

annual August Antiques Show), or perhaps you inherited Aunt Sophie’s

scrimshaw and British woolies, made by sailors to pass the time on long

18th-century gold snuff box, and its intricate design and diminutive size

journeys. Nantucket baskets are another collectible which has become

delight you. Don’t hesitate to follow your passion.

synonymous with the island.

Develop an eye for placement. It’s important to group collections and

Lighting matters. Tucking precious antiques away on

display them for maximum effect. Trained in the visual arts, interior

dusty shelves is certain to make sure they’re overlooked. Trudy has spent

designers are skilled at

years developing lighting techniques to properly highlight items, whether

envisioning a room with just

the right touches. Too much, and your home can begin to look cluttered

it’s for maps on a wall, sextants on a campaign chest or china displayed

and overfull. Too little, and your treasured pieces lose impact. If you’re

above cabinets in the dining area. Once you’ve located and purchased

not a visual person (and not everyone is) seek professional help to create

the perfect item for your home, don’t neglect the important step of

a striking display.

spotlighting it, if necessary.

Support local artists. There is the wonderful Artists

Think about what best

Association of Nantucket, dedicated to sustaining the visual arts of the

personality of your home. Homes have personalities, just like people, and

island. There are craftsmen who do wood carvings (often from reclaimed

should reflect the individuals who live there.Modern art and glass

wood), furniture designers, potters and glass blowers. An item doesn’t

sculptures may bring you pleasure and express your approach to a clean

fits your personality, and the

have to be old to be beautifully designed and created. By supporting

aesthetic; the warmth of antique wooden fire buckets may appeal to

contemporary artists and craftsmen and women, you’re giving them the

someone else. Don’t be afraid to be different! Tiffany made lampshades

chance to see their works of art passed down as heirlooms someday.

with wisteria blossoms; not everyone is determined to own one, but you may be.


with collections

7 8 9 10 mix it up. A contemporary home can include

Use your antiques, even the fragile stemware. Crystal

aged pieces with grace and style; a glass bowl can be an eye-catching

stemware and porcelain dishes may break, that’s true, but using them

accent on a 200-year-old French breakfast table. The rules for design are

provides a deeper pleasure in owning them. Don’t hand them to your

fluid, and are meant to be broken, but this is where a credentialed interior

five-year-old nephew to carry to the kitchen, but don’t let them languish

designer can help.

either. The weight of the glass in your hand, the cuts in the crystal and the

Don’t be afraid to

reflection of a deep burgundy wine in the glass provide an experience that can never be imagined when you keep it on the shelf.

Look for items that

complement the colors of

Learn everything you can about your chosen collection. Part of the fun of

your home. Trudy has always loved the clean look of blue and white together, so blue and white porcelain is a perfect complement for the rooms

learning more about why they’re so hard to find. Beautiful pieces not only

she designs. You may swoon for sapphire-colored cream pitchers, as beautiful as they are rare, or carnival glass in shades of red. Color can

inspirational for your family and guests. Dinner party conversation may

guide you in deciding what to collect.

collecting is understanding how the items were used in their heyday, or bring

distinctive style to your interiors, they are also

very well center on the Nantucket yarn winder displayed in the center of

your sideboard. Trudy tells her clients that by collecting precious antiques and art, they are the memory keepers for the next generation. Celebrate that, and tell the story!



Trudy Dujardin, ASID, has been designing homes that blend beauty and grace for more than 25 years, on the island and off, and she’s learned a few things about what makes interiors zing with personality. One of the

secrets to her success

is adding unique accents and one-of-a-kind

character to the rooms she designs through carefully selected antiques and artwork, often reflecting the history

and geography of the home’s very special location.

ship's model



a stunning backdrop for this elegant living room. Chinese export porcelain jars from the 18th century were made into lamps. On the cocktail table are antique, English, carved wood candlesticks with a sea captain's Trinity Box.


Elegance in entertaining is assured with this 19thcentury French

fish service. The introduction of a seashell is a casual complement to the 19th-century blue and white Staffordshire plate.


striking vignette is

created with a custom table made by a contemporary craftsman, which is beautifully complemented by the David Bareford painting, a piece of art glass by Dale Gilhuly, and glass floor


tiles, laid out as a piece of art themselves.


This 19th-century Chinese-influenced Êtagère shows a collection of

blue and white porcelain, both

Chinese export porcelain and Staffordshire English pottery. Hotel silver has been added for sparkle.


Nautical antiques create a seaworthy ambiance in this room, with an antique

Collections should be displayed properly in order to highlight their unique beauty; a credentialed interior designer can group items into a meaningful statement.

telescope, antique prints, a cast iron antique doorstop on the mantel along with a ship model, and a ship's barometer on the wall.


Design with Collections  

What is it about some homes you visit that make you wish you could recreate something about them? They have an indefinable air of elegance,...

Design with Collections  

What is it about some homes you visit that make you wish you could recreate something about them? They have an indefinable air of elegance,...