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The Anderson Herald Anderson Pest Solutions Quarterly Internal Newsletter • Issue #3 • November 2013

In this Issue __________________________ Anderson Climate Solutions 2 __________________________ Chicago Tribune 2013 Top 100 Workplaces Award


__________________________ Service Center 3 Update


__________________________ Service Center 6 Update


__________________________ Client Service Week


__________________________ Company Picnic


__________________________ St. Louis Food Bank


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Issue ##3,3, 2013 Issue 1,November November March 2013 2013

On 10/14/2013, Anderson launched a new business division - Anderson Climate Solutions. After thoroughly studying the Midwest heating & cooling market and researching the available and emerging technologies, Mark O’Hara, president of Anderson Pest Solutions and founder of the new Anderson Climate Solutions, partnered with Frank Crigler, the owner of Custom Design Cooling in Arlington Heights, IL, an HVAC contracting company specializing in geothermal systems. “It’s a great fit,” said Mark O’Hara. “Frank’s team brings outstanding technical and service expertise in the new generation of heating & cooling systems which we’ve combined with the Anderson processes for delivering extraordinary client service and satisfaction. We’ll be able to provide a wider range of service to our existing pest control clients as well as offer a higher level of quality to new heating & cooling clients. We’re really excited about the potential for the new business.” Anderson Climate Solutions will be providing expert repair, maintenance, and installation of traditional and newer energy efficient heating and cooling systems to light commercial and residential customers in the northern Illinois region (Service Centers 3 and 5) with plans to eventually expand throughout the Midwest. The map on the right roughly displays our primary service areas and secondary service areas. In addition to repair, installations and maitnenance plans, Anderson Climate Solutions’ services also includes Driveway Heating Systems, Improving Indoor Air Quality and Installing Geothermal Systems. Anderson Climate Solutions offers 24hour air conditioning and heating services, including emergency repair, maintenance, and installation. For more information, visit us online at

Anderson Pest SolutionsQuarterly Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Anderson Pest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Internal Newsletter Newsletter

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Anderson Selected as a 2013 Top 100 Workplace by Chicago Tribune! Anderson Pest Solutions, the largest family-owned pest control company in the Midwest, has been recognized by the Chicago Tribune as one of 2013’s “Top 100 Workplaces” in the Chicago metropolitan area, ranking at number 16 for the small business category!

about their feelings toward their workplace; the statements focused on issues such as the direction of the company, execution and conditions. This is the second consecutive year that Anderson has made the Top Workplaces list; however, it is the first time that it has made the Top 100.

Anderson, founded in 1913, has over 200 employees along with 9 locations and continues to grow. Anderson prides itself on developing it employees and company culture. Management fully promotes a thriving atmosphere that keeps coworkers engaged and motivated.

Mark O’Hara, President of Anderson Pest Solutions, stated, “We’re honored to receive this award, mainly since it states that we are an organization that is cherished by our coworkers. It’s an honor working with people who are passionate about their careers and dedicated to providing a quality experience for our customers. Being recognized as a ‘Top Workplace’ validates our commitment to attracting, retaining and developing the best possible talent within our organization.”

The Top Workplaces are determined based solely on employee feedback. The survey is conducted by a leading independent research firm that focuses on organizational health and coworkers engagement. The firm conducts regional Top Workplaces programs with more than 30 major publishing partners and recognizes a National list of Top Workplaces. Coworkers responded to a set of statements

Issue ## 2013 Issue Issue #3,3, 1,November November March 2013 2013

The Chicago Tribune published the complete list of Top Workplaces on November 12th. For more information about the Top Workplaces lists, please visit

Anderson Pest Solutions Quarterly Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Anderson Pest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Internal Newsletter Newsletter

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A Busy Year for Libertyville

How do you describe the past several months at the Libertyville and Milwaukee Service Centers…one word: BUSY! As with all of our other Service Centers, we have had a great year with new residential business this spring/summer. Our Service Technicians worked extremely hard to keep up with the new business as well as our re-occurring services. Special thanks to all of the other Service Centers that sent extra Service Technicians our way to help us get all of the work done! This year we had two Service Technicians from other Service Centers transfer to SC3. Alex Vega (formerly of Service Center 1) and Tim Horan (formerly of Service Center 6) have been welcomed additions to our service team. We have been dealing with bed bugs, mice, ants and babies, yes, I said babies!! Not only have we been fighting the creepy crawlers, but we have been celebrating the birth of new babies for two of our service technicians. Kevin Rudkin and Alex Vega both have new additions to their families. Congratulations again to the Rudkin and Vega Families!! We also want to take a moment to congratulate to two of our team members that recently married this year: Tim Derkson and Ryan Russell. Congratulations to the Derkson and Russell Families!

Issue ##3,3, 2013 Issue 1,November November March 2013 2013

We are especially excited about the fact that we have a sales “TEAM” in SC3 and SC10 for the first time in a long time. Phil Weber and Mike Brenden have been hitting the phones and the pavement to drum up commercial business. It is great to consistently see initial commercial service tickets on our pest pac appointment calendars again!! A couple of our new accounts in Wisconsin include Brown Deer School District and Feeding America – Wisconsin’s version of the Northern Illinois Food Bank. In Illinois, we started service at Great Lakes Naval Station. All of the hard work from our Team has been paying off. We continue to have great retention numbers, and our continued growth is the highest in the company! I look forward to the continued professional and personal growth of our team!!

Anderson Pest SolutionsQuarterly Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Anderson Pest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Internal Newsletter Newsletter

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Why Six is One

We recently sat down with the management team of Chicago North Service Center to ask what it is like to be part of “the most cohesive pest eradicating team in the midwest”, according to an unreleased issue of Pest Management Professional. Said RM Chris Lavery, “Well that’s what I’m trying to tell you, we’re the busiest and most challenging office in the company.” “We live by one rule in Chi North,” said SM Neal Burns, “if Lavery asks you to do something, you better have done it three days prior.” SM Dave Girson was unavailable for comment as he was trying to break his record for consecutive hours spent at O’Hare airport and was currently on hour 56. When asked about some of the challenges that they experience on a daily basis, SM Chris Holt weighed in, “One of the biggest is the daily call I get from Todd Wood pleading for tips on how he can be as efficient at routing as we are. Aside from that, my toughest challenge is seeing Girson’s desk on a daily basis and not organizing it.”

Issue ##3,3,November 2013 Issue November 2013

As far as the secret to their success, Service Center 6 gives all the credit to their technicians. Ray Hayton has been dubbed the “Compliment King”, after having received more residential compliments in 2013 than any other technician in the continental United States. This is not to mention Al Alvarez who obtains letters of recommendation like Jim Kaltinger obtains supplies from Univar. And then there is the killing. According to their numbers, Steve Szpila, a.k.a. The eRATicator, has personally killed over 800,000 rats this year (probably). This is not to take away from Jaime Guaman, a.k.a. The Sandman, who YTD has killed more bedbugs than Libertyville has killed ants. And after losing Tim Horan to Libertyville last month, new technicians Mark Laskowski and Jeremy Pelcher have taken over the service at O’Hare airport, without a doubt the most complex and challenging account in the company, and are running it like seasoned veterans. “When it comes down to it, every one of our techs is an expert at killing and customer service,” said Lavery as he herded us towards the door, indicating that the interview was over.

AndersonPest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Quarterly Internal Newsletter

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Client Service Week and News

Once upon a time, there were these pests called mice and bees who both thought they were sneaky and couldn’t be seen by the eye of humans. They laughed away telling all of their friends that no one in the world knows who they are, their habits, and thought all the humans in the world wouldn’t care if they are on their property because humans couldn’t see them. Well, well, well… were they wrong! The Client Service team and technicians were well ahead of these sneaky pests and were ready to handle any challenge coming their way. Since the mice and bees were spreading rumors to all of their friends that they couldn’t be seen by humans there was so much activity of these pests that Anderson had to step in and help protect the people and their homes! The Client Service department was prepared and ready to attack. We were so ready that in our 3rd quarter we had a total of 1,247 Natural Choice sales compared to 747 Natural Choice sales in our 3rd quarter for 2012!

Issue ##3,3, 2013 Issue 1,November November March 2013 2013

At the end of October, our team and the Elmhurst office celebrated National Customer Service Week. We had a great time celebrating with our coworkers and showing our appreciation for everything that they do! The Elmhurst office was out of control! We had themed dress up days, food days, trivia, performance activities, cash prizes, apple decorating contest, and much more. We were so out of control that one of our Client Service Representatives Kari Hupfel challenged our Director of Operations JT Barnard to a jump rope jump off! The results were shocking, our Director of Operation jumped like a frog and our Client Service Representative jumped like a cricket, with the frog out jumping the cricket! Thank you to the entire Client Service department for your dedication and commitment to the growth of Anderson. A special shout for our top 3 Client Service team members for consistently achieving the top 3 Natural Choice sales, TaMyra Dawson, Kari Hupfel, & Candice Parker. We couldn’t achieve the success of our sales without our Service Team!

Anderson Pest SolutionsQuarterly Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Anderson Pest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Internal Newsletter Newsletter

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3rd Anderson Pest Solutions

Company Picnic

On Saturday, September 28, over 150 Anderson Pest Solutions coworkers and family members came together to celebrate great weather, food and fellowship. The event, held and organized by the AnderCares committee, was a great success! For the event, all attendees were asked to bring new toys to donate to the Never Ever Give Up (NEGU) Foundation. The NEGU, founded by 12 year old Jessie who lost her battle to cancer, donates Joy Jars filled with toys to children in hospitals as a way of sharing joy and hope. “AnderCares utilizes the picnic as a platform to bring coworkers and family members together, not only to celebrate but also as an opportunity to give back to the community.

Issue ## 2013 Issue Issue #3,3, 1,November November March 2013 2013

We got more gifts to donate to NEGU this year than we did last year and that’s really going to impact so many children and continue to fulfill our mission as a committee,” Brandon Savage, Chair of AnderCares, said. Thank you to everyone that joined us for the picnic, we look forward to seeing you at our next AnderCares event!

Upcoming AnderCares Events

_____________________________________ February 1st, 2014 - Northern Illinois Food Bank West Suburban Center. Geneva, IL 9am - 11:30am

Anderson Pest Solutions Quarterly Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Anderson Pest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Internal Newsletter Newsletter

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St. Louis Food Bank

On Friday, November 1st, AnderCares and our St. Louis Service Center volunteered to sort, assemble and pack food items at the St. Louis Area Foodbank. “Our mission is to support the community by bringing together co-workers for causes that support children, the environment and good health. The St. Louis Area Foodbank is just one example of how we are accomplishing this,” said Brandon Savage, Chair of AnderCares.

The St. Louis Area Foodbank began its service to the community in 1975 and feeds roughly 57,100 hungry individuals per week by distributing food through its network of 500 partner agencies. The organizations feeds hungry people in 14 counties in eastern Missouri and 12 counties in southwestern Illinois. We distributed roughly 25 million pounds of food in 2012 through our network of food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters and senior centers.

Sales Scoop What a year it has been for the sales team! We have been joined by a lot of new faces and everyone is settling in nicely to their service centers. Alyssa Wied, Sonny Lee, Mike Brenden, Joe Piwowarczyk, Phil Weber, & Joe Reeder are getting the hang of the sales process and are eager to show everyone that they have what it takes to be one of the top sales reps. Here are a few quick highlights from some of the other sales reps: • Jackie Struttmann hit it hard in the Service Center 1 office and was able to increase Anderson’s presence with Michigan Plaza office buildings • Lanie Chabaloski set the stage at Steppenwolf Theater for Service Center 6 • Matt Scaliatine included Gabby’s Commercial Bakery to

Issue ## 2013 Issue Issue #3,3, 1,November November March 2013 2013

Anderson’s portfolio for Service Center 6 • Nick Capristo showed Anderson’s value to the Ramada Inn for Service Center 5 The Anderson sales team would also like to welcome two very special and important members to the world! • Carrie & Ben Missele welcomed Leo Parks Missele on July 3rd, 2013 at 4:23pm • Adrianne & Chad Mullins welcomed Harper Riley Mullins on August 29th, 2013 at 2:37pm • We are all looking forward to closing off the year strong and for getting an even stronger start to next year and beyond!

Anderson Pest SolutionsQuarterly Quarterly Internal Newsletter Anderson Anderson Pest Pest Solutions Solutions Quarterly Internal Internal Newsletter Newsletter

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The Anderson Herald - Fall 2013 Edition  

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The Anderson Herald - Fall 2013 Edition  

The Anderson Herald is Anderson Pest Solutions' Quarterly Internal Newsletter. The third issue discusses the latest department news, company...