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EGAN STREET RE Single asset WA gold explorer looks to form the basis for growth


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MINING | Egan Street Resources | ASX

Egan Street Resources is a young ASX-listed precious metals exploration company backed by a seasoned board of directors and strong management team which is focused on realising the near term potential of the highgrade, low cost Rothsay Gold Project in Western Australia. Rothsay has previously been subject to historical mineral extraction via shallow open pit and underground mining scenarios up until the 1990s, and was purchased by EganStreet in July 2011 when it operated under a previous name Auricup Resources. Since then, EganStreet has used historical data to define a mineral resource at Rothsay and recently commenced a drilling programme, the results of which will be compiled into a definitive feasibility study (DFS) and a maiden reserve due in Q2 of 2018. EganStreet’s activity on the Rothsay project has been directed by successful metallurgist Marc Ducler since his appointment as managing director in July 2016 just after the company rebranded. Ducler brings well over 20 years of experience in the mining industry to the project, having assumed senior on-site

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MINING | Egan Street Resources | ASX management positions at mines such as GoldFields’ Agnew Mine, BHP’s Mt Whaleback Mine and FMG’s Cloudbreak Mine. At the time EganStreet felt like a perfect fit for Ducler, who possesses all the skills required to take a project like Rothsay through the development stages and into production. Ducler was attracted to Rothsay for myriad reasons, including the high grade gold mineralisation present at the resource, the low cost entry into production, the wellestablished infrastructural ingredients and crucially the strong shareholder support EganStreet receives. “These high-grade golds present low capital entry opportunities to becoming a material single asset gold producer which then forms the basis for growth. Rothsay ticked that box beautifully,” says Ducler.

A board of mining professionals However, progressing any gold project necessitates a strong team of mining professionals driving forward the development stages, and EganStreet is no different in this respect. The board is dominated by industry experts such as experienced mining engineers Barry Sullivan (chairman) and Lindsay Franker, geologist and non executive director Hedley Widdup and Simon Eley, a commercial solicitor with vast experience in the resources sector.

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MINING | Egan Street Resources | ASX

The management team is comprised of

at Rothsay which has seen the completion of

geology manager Julie Reid, who counts over

28 diamond drill holes for 9.5km and 57 RC

30 years of experience in exploration and

holes for 5.1km, allowing for the upgrading of

mine geology in Australia, Indonesia and

the mineral resource estimate to 262,000oz

Vietnam, and chief financial officer (CFO)

@ 11.6g/t.

Richard Hill with over two decades of knowhow in the gold industry.

Increasing the mineral resource Since the company first floated on ASX in

Another update to the mineral resource estimate is due in the early weeks of December as further RC and diamond drill results are announced, with Ducler fully expectant of another significant increase to

September 2016, the board and management the figure. team have implemented a development programme based on increasing the mineral

“From a project development front we have

resource estimate at Rothsay, which stood at

also been extremely busy,” Ducler reports.

226,000oz @ 11.3g/t Au.

“A scoping study was released within three months of listing, six months later we

During the last 12 months the company has

released a pre-feasibility study (PFS) that

progressed an aggressive drilling campaign

doubled the production target and tripled the

ResourceGlobal GlobalNetwork Network Resource free cash flow generated to 200,000oz of gold

indicated in the lead up to a maiden resource

production and US$82 million in free cash


flow. Simultaneously, the company is aiming “A DFS is currently being completed which

to test the prospectivity of the adjacent

is due in Q2 2018 and our expectation is to

ultramafic rock units that are showing

further increase the production target and

significant historical workings in the shape of

free cashflow with the DFS release.”

multiple 30 metre mine shafts, following the

Shareholder support EganStreet will continue its current drilling

strike of the mineralisation along the footwall and hanging wall contact of the ultramafic unit.

programme to March 2018 safe in the knowledge that its activity is supported

Consequently, EganStreet will also be

strongly by its shareholders, who have

targeting these prospective ultramafic units

supplied ample funding thus far.

along with the drilling programme, as part of its regional exploration work that will

“In September 2017 we completed a $4

commence at the end of 2017 and into early

million placement at 25 cents per share, a


25% premium to our initial list price,” Ducler reveals.

While the DFS and maiden reserve declaration is not due until Q2 2018, Ducler

“This was also strongly supported with

and his team have complete confidence in

the book closing 60% oversubscribed. We

Rothsay’s ability to deliver profitable returns

currently have $4 million in the bank and are

to its loyal shareholders.

well placed to drill strongly through to March 2018. “There are 48 million in the money options expiring in March next year and this has the potential to provide the majority if not all of the equity portion of the funding required for the development of the Rothsay Project.”

Further drilling

Healthy profit margins

Financial modelling completed at the PFS stage calculated AISC of $765 per oz against a gold price of $1,200 per oz, which represents a healthy profit margin of 57%. Furthermore, at the current gold price of around $1,300 per oz, this margin looks even better. Rothsay’s low AISC margin is shaped by the ‘fantastic’ infrastructure already in place at

This shareholder backing is contributing to

the project, where the portal and decline

EganStreet’s diamond and RC rigs drilling

is already developed down to 142 metres

programme, which is both infill, near mine

below surface, there is tailings storage

extensional and regional in nature and

facility, gazetted access roads, bore fields and

designed to move inferred ounces over to


MINING | Egan Street Resources | ASX

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In fact, the only significant infrastructural

In addition, as the timing draws closer

development needed at Rothsay is a new

EganStreet will look to fill a number of key

processing plant, with the finance team

management roles for the project, and has

currently working through a DFS for the

already begun this process with the recent

facility, which will be reported in Q2 2018.

appointment of Richard Hill as CFO.

However, there are still a number of boxes

With a DFS and maiden reserve to come

that need to be ticked prior to EganStreet

in mid-2018, EganStreet is within touching

throwing all of its weight behind the

distance of taking its Rothsay Gold project off

development of the Rothsay project,

the ground.

according to Ducler.

Investment decision

Once these crucial milestones have been passed the company can cast its eyes

“That investment decision will be made in Q2

towards first gold pour and the return of

immediately after completion of the DFS and

capital to shareholders that will follow.

securing committed debt financing. We are currently working through the DFS and we

“Longer term the Rothsay project will be our

will finalise this after we update the mineral

platform for growth,” Ducler declares. “If the

resource estimate at the end of Q1.”

opportunity presents we will certainly look to grow EganStreet by greenfields exploration

In the interim, the board and management

and smart acquisitions where we can see that

team will work with regulators to ensure the

value accretion for EganStreet shareholders.”

mining proposal, works approvals and the project management plan are prepared for submission.



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RGN | Egan Street Resources  

Single asset WA gold producer looks to form the basis for growth

RGN | Egan Street Resources  

Single asset WA gold producer looks to form the basis for growth