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How To Get Off Oxycodone

Oxycodone is a powerful painkiller, that is classified as opiate. If the person takes this drug for long periods of time, he or she may develop tolerance to it, and experience withdrawal symptoms. The tolerance may transform in to an addiction, and at that level the person will need to seek professional help if he tried unsuccessfully to quit using this prescription drug. Medical professionals commonly prescribe this medication for patients with moderate to severe pain, associated with chronic pain syndromes, traumas, post-surgeries, injuries, cancerous diseases and for other medical reasons. Oxycodone has a slow-release function, that allows the drug to be delivered to the bloodstream in small increments, providing much needed pain relief to the patients. Other then pain relief, this medication produces the sensations of euphoria, and can eventually result in addiction in patients who are prone to dependence, and for those who are not.

How To Get Off Oxycodone 

Signs and Symptoms of Oxycodone addiction:

There are several common signs and symptoms of oxycodone abuse and addiction, that you can recognize in yourself (if you believe you may be suffering from an addiction), or in your loved ones.

Spending your days thinking about the drug

“Doctor’s shopping” for oxycodone, by obtaining multiple prescriptions from different physicians with intent to use the drug in the way not recommended by a medical provider.

Experiencing withdrawals and cravings, when stop using the drug, or reducing the dosage.

Behavioral changes, mood swings, agitation and aggression

Hiding the drug, lying in order to get a large supply of this drug

Compulsive use and search for the drug, despite harmful consequences

Denying the drug abuse and addiction. Refusing to get help

How To Get Off Oxycodone


The powerful and unpleasant effects of oxycodone use can include nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, mood swings, trouble breathing and headaches. The symptoms can worsen in those taking oxycodone for a long period of time. Long-term use of the drug may lead to developing dependence and addiction.


If the person abuses drug for a long time, he or she will be increasing the dosage of this medication in order to achieve desired effects. The increased tolerance can lead to a dependence on oxycodone, which in turn creates an addiction. Oxycodone contains acetaminophen, that can result in liver damage or failure.

How To Get Off Oxycodone 

Checking in to a drug rehab facility, specializing in oxycodone abuse and addiction, is the best way to go about getting help. A substance abuse professional will perform and assessment, to diagnose and identify your addiction problem and addiction level. A treatment plan will be developed accordingly, to address your special needs and concerns. Making a commitment and staying in treatment willingly is one of the most effective steps for a successful recovery process.


There are too many cases about prescription drug abuse, addiction and often overdose, we hear on the news daily. Do not become this statistic!Get help before it is too late!

How To Get Off Oxycodone There are too many cases about prescription drug abuse, addiction and often overdose, we hear on the news daily. Do not become this statistic! Get help before it is too late!

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How to get off oxycodone