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Head Teachers Comments Welcome back We started back in August 2011 with a school roll of 905 pupils, almost exactly the same roll as when I became head teacher, nearly nine years ago. In June 2011, we welcomed the new S5 pupils from junior high schools across Shetland, as well as S3 pupils from Scalloway Junior High. In August, we were joined by pupils from S2 and S4 at Scalloway JHS, 156 Class 1 pupils from our associated primary schools, and several new members of staff. In close co-operation with our colleagues in primary and junior high schools, we gave a great deal of thought to making all these transitions as smooth as possible. My sincere thanks go to everyone involved. The school building I was pleased with the level of maintenance undertaken in the school over the summer holiday, including the completion of the new social spaces for S1 and S5. Over the last 3 years, all year groups have now seen their social spaces up-graded. The School Development Plan 2011-12 Please do have a look at our School Development Plan on the website This year, our key target areas are: 1.

Curriculum for Excellence: thinking about how we teach and what we teach; thinking about how best to support the new S2 pupils, as they are the first group of young people to be presented for National examinations; thinking about how to share information, particularly with the parents of S1 and S2 pupils;


Learning and Teaching: supporting teachers to develop how they work in the classroom and use computerised school systems; looking again at our Code of Conduct, and developing a Home Study Policy (as requested by parents);


School-community links: working to make our links with the school community even better eg looking at our partnerships, thinking about better helping young people as they leave school, and


SIC Blueprint for Education: playing our part in delivering the Council’s policy decisions eg working hard to support young people moving from Scalloway JH School to Anderson High School.

The term so far It’s hard to believe we’ve achieved so much this term already. For me, Health Week has been the highlight. From emergency services to healthy food, internet safety to bicycle repairs, there was so much for our pupils to dip into. I served porridge, ate kippers and helped supervise at the S1/2 Anti-bullying disco (where 170 youngsters jumped up and down to Mr Ferrier’s sounds for 3 hours). Former Colleagues and Friends The AHS school community paid its respects to Mr A K Robertson and Miss Nessie Robertson, who both passed away over the summer months. Both these teachers served the Anderson High School for many years and are missed by friends, colleagues and former pupils.

Road Safety around AHS Over the last few weeks, I have been repeatedly mentioning road safety to our pupils. Register teachers and Pupil Support teachers have been discussing sensible road use with their classes. I would really appreciate it if families could reinforce these messages at home, whatever age your child is:

Use the pavements as you walk to and from school. Don’t walk in the path of cars;

Use pedestrian crossings properly. On Tuesday 6th September, SIC Neighbourhood Officers conducted a survey at Church Road at lunchtime. 485 people (adults and children) crossed at the Queens Hotel. 443 people did not use the pedestrian crossing. Less than 1 in 10 people pushed the button and waited to cross safely;

Be visible, especially as the days get shorter;

Respect other members of our school community when you are out and about, and

If you are dropped off at the school by a parent, or a taxi, please do not drive up to the front door of the school. Please drop off at the grassy turning circle at Lovers Loan, or somewhere else around the school campus.

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AHS Newsletter 38  

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