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Categories View - displaying list of categories o Category name with random image from the category o Category name without image o Category name with details (author, description, number of images, ...) o Geotagging displaying of categories - categories displayed in Google Maps o Displaying categories in more columns o Setting fixed width for the list of categories Category View - displaying list of images o Pagination o Detail icon - link to detail of an image o Download icon - link to full image o Virtuemart icon - link to Virtuemart product o Delete icon - only for users with permissions o Publish/unpublish icon - only for users with permissions o Geotagging icon - icon to Google Maps o PicLens icon - start icon in case, user doesn't have installed PicLens support in browser o Rating pane o Comments pane o Statistics pane - most viewed images, last added images, number of images in the category, ... o Geotagging pane - displaying of Google Maps o Upload pane - only for users with permissions - Single file upload, Java upload o Displaying folders on every page o Displaying of link to Categories View o Displaying of private categories or categories only for registered users o Setting fixed width for the list of images o Description of an image in Overlib effect o Description of category o External links displaying o Exif information Detail Window - displaying the large thumbnail o Standard Javascript Popup Window with Slideshow o Modal box (light box) with Slideshow o Modal box (only image)  Background color, overlay color, overlay opacity, border width, border color option o Shadowbox o Highslide JS o Highslide JS (only image) o Switch (swap) Image behavior o PicLens © 2009 – Anderson Gray Worldwide Pty Ltd  http://www.anderson‐  Telephone: 1300 069 932  VERSION: 1.0 

Overlib effect Slideshow  Displaying or hiding of Slideshow buttons  Slideshow delay, pause, start variation o Description of an image o Description of an image in Lightbox User Control Panel o Adding and editing category o Uploading images Watermark support Video (YouTube) support Themes (color or image variation) Standard SEF support Advanced SEF support Categories for registered users only Private categories for selected users Breadcrumbs support Displaying or hiding of empty categories Categories and subcategories without level limit Random image or icon of an folder as category Font size, text length, color variation Page title Box size option Thumbnail size option Backend – administration o Multiple Adding of images o Thumbnail size variation o Automatic Thumbnail creation o Automatic Category creation (from folders) o Rotating images o Rights to access selected category o Rights to delete, publish and unpublish images in frontend o Rights to upload images in frontend o Uploading images – FTP o Uploading images - Media manager or other file manager o Uploading images - Backend upload (add or multiple add) - Single File Upload, Flash Upload, Java Upload o Uploading images - Frontend upload o Upgrading option Modules, Plugins, Languages o o

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