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High quality, reliable lift control Make lifting your boat a worry free task The TigerShark boatlift control unit is a brand new and groundbreaking boatlift solution. We dare to say that it is probably the best boatlift solution available to the market today. Some of the features that will greatly benefit you are: ● Swedish engineering and design by Tele Radio

● CE, FCC, CSA and UL components ● Stainless steel switches mounted in interior

● Worldwide compliance ● Industrial radio remote controls

● Universal Power can be used anywhere in the world; 120-240V, 50-60Hz single, two & three phase

● Lift Motor Level, Limit Switch and Auto Stop all standard

● Terminal connection strip for quicker installation

● Mounting Plate

● Worldwide support in all languages

● Waterproof IP66 rated Thermoplastic enclosure that prevents the “bloom” of other enclosures

● Friendly sales and service ● 1 year warranty

● UV protection ● LED activity function (add on) ● Motor delay start ● GFCI pre-mounted for increase safety ● Galvanic Isolator Technology (Anti-corrosion) to protect the manufacturer lift

The following superior components are used for your safety:

Swedish company Tele Radio radio module. Extremely reliable and durable.

B&J High quality relays. The best relays on the market. Uncontested reliability. Does not lock up like similar cheaper brands.

Terminal strip for simplest possible installation, no more maze like connections.

• 433 MHz remote control transmitters. • Transmitters are covered under IP65* and NEMA4*. • System has individual codes set by user to prevent interference from other systems. • Uses common LR03/AAA batteries for easy battery exchange. • Tolerates a wide range of temperatures.

High quality ground fault interuptor switch for true power cut in case of emergency. GFCI

• Transmitters are small and light, no bulky items to carry around. • Key ring transmitter included. Other transmitter options sold separately. • For extra functions not pertaining to boat lifting, additional receiver types are available. *-model dependant

TigerShark benefits  

The benefits of the TigerShark boatlift remote control by TeleRadio

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