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Wireless Remote Controls Operate dangerous or hard-to-reach apparatus from safe, convenient locations using radio frequency remote control systems. When personnel safety and productivity are a top priority, depend on the high reliability of BWI Eagle remote controls. These cost-effective systems are the solution whenever running cables is impractical, impossible, or too costly; and they interface with practically any electrical apparatus. All BWI Eagle remote control systems are FCC approved and do not require a user site license.

The Air-Eagle® is an inexpensive, industrial-duty remote control capable of operating machinery at distances up to 900 feet. • Five-button, handheld transmitter • The programmable receiver has five DP/DT relays • Momentary or latching relays available • Unique, digital address security

The Air-Eagle® FM offers extremely rapid response between transmitter and receiver in situations requiring precise control. • Unlimited number of transmitters per receiver • Handheld or contact-input transmitters • Nine, high-current relay outputs • 500-foot operating range

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• Operates in the 900-MHz frequency band, with eight user-selectable channels

The Air-Eagle® XLT is designed for long-range, wireless remote control of devices such as alarms, lights, and pumps over widespread areas, including airports, golf courses, power plants, and military test sites. • Utilizing 900-MHz, spread-spectrum technology, the receiver provides the utmost security and reliability even in the noisiest RF environments • Works well for extra-long transmissions up to four miles • Eight, independent control relays with variable configuration • Two contact inputs standard; four optional • One transmitter may broadcast to multiple receivers

The Air-Eagle® Gold Wireless Stop Switch protects bulldozer operators working on surge piles. From the dozer cab, with a single push of a button, the feeders can be stopped and emergency personnel alerted. • Full-duplex communication continuously monitors the dozer • The fail-safe data link cannot be blocked or jammed • On-board LEDs provide proof that the system is operating properly • In an emergency, protection is automatic, even if the stop button cannot be pushed

The Air-Eagle® Gold Contact Input transmits two, independent control signals to a remote receiver. Designed for use in applications where it’s critical to know the status of the RF link at all times. • Works with dry contact input devices, such as tilt switches, flow switches, and speed switches • Controls and monitors pumps, fans, and other apparatus in remote locations • 2.4 GHz, spread-spectrum technology allows secure transmissions within a range of four miles or more • On-board LEDs provide proof that the RF link is established

Critical Speed Switches and Monitors Operate and protect rotating or reciprocating apparatus efficiently when critical speed is crucial. Combining advanced electronic engineering and innovative circuitry design, BWI Eagle redefines dependable, trouble-free performance in underspeed, zero speed, or overspeed monitoring. Prominently displayed LEDs provide prompts that make installation, calibration, and troubleshooting easy.

The Eagle® Tac-Switch accurately detects underspeed or zero speed occurrences in rotating shafts, conveyors, crushers, and other electrical apparatus. • Single channel, with user-adjustable set points • Socket-mount and din-rail options available • DP/DT relay for direct control or PLC input • Models available with 0-20 second ramp-up timers • BWI proximity sensor recommended (order separately)

The Eagle® Tac-Monitor converts rotary shaft speed into an analog 4-20mA output. • Accurate to within one percent • Proportional speed and “true-slip” monitoring of variable speed drives

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• Provides continuous monitoring for underspeed, overspeed, and zero speed occurrences • Socket-mount and din-rail options available • DP/DT relay for direct control or PLC input • BWI proximity sensor required (order separately)

The Eagle® Overspeed Switch is a highly accurate, fail-safe overspeed detector specifically designed to monitor the speed of conveyors, elevators, and emergency escape hoists. • No field calibration necessary • Calibration is factory-set to a customer-specific trip point • Test switch duplicates actual overspeed conditions • Socket-mount or din-rail options available • BWI proximity sensor required (order separately)

The Eagle® One-Way Directional Monitor detects shaft reversal occurrences. Use this monitor in applications such as conveyor belt tensioners and roll-back detection in slope belts. • Automatically initiates a shutdown or alarm function when a shaft reverses • BWI directional proximity sensor required (order separately)

Fail-Safe Sensors BWI Eagle Sensors are available in variable reluctance and inductive proximity types in three mounting styles. Eagle® Sensor Target Rings are useful options that enhance sensor performance and offer easy installation and removal of sensor targets. The Eagle® RollerSensor is a universal idler-roller with its own built-in sensor. • Easy to install and change-out • Compatible with all brands of speed switches • Prevents troublesome material build-up on the sensor • Eliminates drilling/tapping, or welding targets to the shaft

The Eagle® 2 and Eagle® 3 speed switches are housed in Nema-rated enclosures that meet the environmental challenges of stand-alone installations. Ideal for applications requiring more than one channel to monitor sequenced actions. Eagle 2 • Two channels, each with a DP/DT relay • Two sensors included Eagle 3 • Three channels, each with a DP/DT relay • Three sensors included • A zero- to 10-second adjustable on-delay timer on channel one

The Eagle® Optima 1 and the Eagle® Optima 2 speed switches feature an exterior LED array with status indicators that simplify troubleshooting, decrease downtime, and get machinery back on line faster. Both rugged models are housed in Nema-rated enclosures that meet virtually any environmental challenge. Eagle Optima 1 • One channel with a DP/DT relay • One sensor included Eagle Optima 2 • Two channels, each with a DP/DT relay • Two sensors included • Two channels for monitoring sequenced actions.

Conveyor Dust Suppression Systems Secure immediate compliance with most federal and state dust regulations. BWI Eagle dust suppression systems offer extremely cost effective solutions for controlling airborne dust along conveyor belts. These modular systems consist of easily connected, factory-assembled components that provide the flexibility to adapt to virtually all conveyors. Each system sprays a controlled amount of water that minimizes airborne dust. In addition, the system is programmed to stop spraying when the belt stops, preventing potential belt slippage due to excessive moisture.

The Eagle® Two-Timer Plus is designed to prevent float dust that accumulates on conveyor belts from becoming airborne. Two adjustable timers alternately cycle spray nozzles on and off while the belt is running. • Switch-selectable spray pattern for either average or severe dust conditions • Swivel spray nozzles direct water efficiently over the dust area

Spray bar for Eagle Two-Timer and Dustman shown not to scale

The Eagle® Dustman is designed to prevent dust from becoming airborne at conveyor transfer and dumping points. • Adjustable, swivel spray nozzles for better spray coverage • Control unit socket mounts inside existing electrical panel • Consists of just three factory-assembled components, a control unit, a solenoid assembly, and a spray bar & hose assembly

Contact BWI Eagle for more information 724-283-4681 The Eagle® Water-Stik affords highly effective, yet inexpensive, dust suppression at conveyor transfer points. • System is self-contained with all components integrated on the spray bar • Requires only simple water and electrical hook-ups • Can be upgraded to include adjustable, swivel spray nozzles

The Eagle® Lampman® is an advanced, highly reliable DC–DC power supply for 12- and 24-volt lighting systems on mobile equipment. Available in models ranging from 300 VDC to 36 VDC. • Provides a well-filtered, well-regulated DC power supply • Designed to meet the punishing demands of the mining industry • Heavy-duty input filters tame voltage spikes better than OEM units • Cost-saving replacement for all OEM converters • All major components are accessible for repair

The Eagle® Tilt-Switch Probe detects spills, plugged chutes, high/low bin levels, belt misalignment, and loss of flow. Constructed of thick-walled stainless steel, this rugged probe outlasts OEM units and is extremely durable and safe. • Compatible with all OEM control units • Models available in N/O or N/C contacts • 300 lb-test, steel suspension chain included

The Eagle® Fireman is a complete fire-suppression system designed to put out fires that occur at conveyor belt drives in underground coal mines. This water-sprinkler-type system meets all requirements of CFR 30, Part 75. • No troublesome, high-maintenance solenoid valve • Modular components make installation quick and easy • Audible/visual alarm and flow switch • Two, fifty-foot hoses, each with eight sprinkler fittings • Sprinkler heads open at 165° F

The Eagle® Slip Switch Tester (SST) searches for faults and jumpers in a slip switch while the conveyor system is running. Specific alerts are indicated via LED display with a programmed delay to allow the conveyor system to continue running. • Satisfies PA laws regarding pre-shift testing of the conveyor slip switch in deep mines • Works with all brands of electronic slip switches

Miscellaneous Accessories and OEM Replacement Parts Count on BWI Eagle for excellence in a wide range of cost-effective, specialty products. BWI Eagle carefully researches customer needs in the service of providing solutions for problem situations. All the products you’ll find featured on this page are engineered with increased safety and productivity in mind.

CustomDesigned and Manufactured Solutions When your industry demands solutions that push the envelope of excellence, call on BWI Eagle. Our experts will listen to your needs and create the best possible product for your particular application. Furthermore, for even greater cost-effectiveness, we can adapt many of our products to provide a custom-made solution for your special requirement.

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