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And the “Art Star” of the Month is... I’m happy to announce that the “Art Star” award for January goes to Eugenie P. (Rm. 310). Please assist me in congratulating Eugenie for all the hard work, creativity, and independence that she has shown over the past month. Great Job!! Eugenie‘s “Winter Paper Mosaic” can be seen at right. Additional “Winter Paper Mosaics” can be seen on Page 2 of this edition of The Andersonian.

Winter Night This past month students used tempera paint and markers to create paintings that depict a “Winter Night.” The scene was created using the techniques of Marker Transfer and Stamping. In the technique of Marker Transfer, students drew lines on “Tree” templates using a marker. These templates were then flipped over (so the marker side is down) onto a sheet of paper that has a layer of white tempera. After the template is removed the marker lines are transferred to the painted surface. The falling “Snowflakes” are created by dipping the eraser end of a pencil into a mixture of white and silver glitter tempera paint. Students then used the pencil to Stamp the circle shape of the eraser onto the paper.


2. At Left: examples of the completed “Winter Night” paintings: 1. Jonathan B. (Rm. 307) and 2. Alissa S. (Rm. 120).



Winter Paper Mosaic

Additionally, during the month of January students created the Winter themed Paper Mosaics seen on this page. They were created by painting white drawing paper with blue, purple, silver glitter and white tempera paints. After the paint dried, this paper was cut into small squares and rectangles which were glued onto another piece of drawing paper.

To create the “trees” students colored drawing paper with brown, black and purple crayons. This paper was then painted with brown, silver glitter, and black tempera paint. After the paper was dry, “tree” shapes were traced on the back and cut out. Then these “trees” were glued onto the completed mosaic background.


Some examples of the completed “Winter Paper Mosaics”: 1. Dominic C. (Rm. 306), 2. Karl K. (Rm. 306), 3. Ocean P. (Rm. 310), and 4. Shemar L. (Rm. 310).




I wanted to send a “Thank You” to all of those who helped out the Art Program over the past month with art supplies and materials, including Regina M. (Rm. 306), Jim C. (Rm. 308), and Christine C. (Rm. 119). To all of you (and those of you that I may have missed) I say, “Thank You!!” HAVE INFO TO SHARE? IF YOU HAVE ANY ART NEWS THAT YOU WANT TO ADD TO NEXT MONTH’S ANDERSONIAN PLEASE LET ME KNOW (X1569). ~ NATHAN (RM. 416).

Artist Birthdays for February February 3 — Norman Rockwell (1894) February 13 — Grant Wood (1891) February 24 — Winslow Homer (1836) February 25 — Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841)

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