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Psoriasis Vulgaris Secrets By Mark Young

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About The Author My name is Mark Young and run the website In 2006 128 life-time psoriasis and eczema sufferers aged 16 to 67 took part in a major scientific analysis on the connection between psoriasis/eczema, digestion, and the spine. While being "off the record" and "low profile" the research program was initiated by a group of local health practitioners who had "accidentally" discovered remarkable "side-effects" when treating patients with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin related problems. They had already experimented a longer period of time with different diets, and in the August 2006 experiment 126 out of 128 participants were completely and permanently cured from all psoriasis and eczema. Locally here in Norway this program has been going on "underground" for many years now, with over 95% success rate for those who participate.


The Missing-Link Root Cause Of Psoriasis (In 10 Simple Steps) According to what was revealed to me in the Norwegain research program that cured myself and hundreds of others it all started the day you were born... 1) Minor anomalies in the spine caused by: a) Complications during the process of birth. OR b) Some other minor (or not so minor) accident during childhood like falling on your behind while iceskating, or climbing, or something similar (true in some cases). 2) Either way this spinal problem affects the central nervous system which controls the automatic functioning of your digestion. 3) More specifically it has a negative effect on the "peristalsis" which is name of the wave-like muscle action which travels through the muscles of your intestines to propel the foodstuff through the digestive system of your body (see illustration of this on the right). 4) These "peristalsis" muscle actions become weak, sloppy and irregular, instead of being strong, vibrant and regular like they're supposed to be... 5) This again makes your bowels static and stretching instead of dynamically working like they should be. 6) The mucus membranes of your bowels which act as a protective layer between your bloodstream and the waste running through the digestive system becomes severely weakened because of of this. 7) In addition it renders your digestion slow and constipated which further wears down the protective layers of mucus membranes and create inflammation tendencies in your gut. 8) This unavoidably leads to an excess of toxins being re-absorbed back into the bloodstream on a daily basis. 9) The body reacts desperately and is forced to expel the daily overload of toxins through the sweat/skin. 10) With "regular" eczema (like atopic eczema) the skin is severely weakened/burned by these toxins being expelled through the sweat/skin, while with psoriasis the body goes into "overdrive" in a desperate effort to protect the skin. Thus, the the skin cell life cycle which normally takes around 30 days is reduced to only 3-4 days. The silvery/red and flaky patches and plaque is actually all the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin.

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Why Psoriasis Sometimes Develop Into Psoriatic Arthritis Please understand: The body is not able to get rid of all the toxins at all times. Unavoidably some of the toxins also needs to be stored because otherwise it will be too much for the body to handle. Think of this storage like a "buffer zone" the body uses to make sure no vital organs are damaged as the toxins are being expelled. The body stores toxins in both joints and muscle tissue. Toxins stored in joints can result in psoriatic arthritis in the long run while toxins stored in muscle tissues can cause rheumatism in the long run. Here is the main point: The body actually stores toxins in the joints of your spine. So you see, the circle is now complete... The problem which originated in the spine, also ends in the spine... The spinal anomalies which caused your eczema problem in the first place are actually worsened and upheld by the storage of toxins in this area. What if I told you that there is actually a very simple and straightforward way to get rid of this problem forever? What if I told you that you can check out this solution to your problem completely risk free? Would you jump on that opportunity? You can be next in line by checking out my complete psoriasis cure system at:

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Psoriasis Cure Advice The Benefits Of Pro-Biotics!

Pro-biotics: Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and bifidobacteria are the most common types of microbes used as pro-biotics; but certain yeasts and bacilli may also be helpful. Pro-biotics are commonly consumed as part of fermented foods with specially added active live cultures; such as in yogurt, soy yogurt, or as dietary supplements (Wikipedia). My first experience with a natural remedy for psoriasis and eczema that actually worked was with pro-biotics. My left-hand ring finger was more or less an open wound for several years at that time... So, I bought a pro-biotic product called Latero-Flora (see picture above), and followed the instructions. A few weeks into the cure I experienced a so-called "healing crisis" (not unlike a common flu), and just a week later my open wound finger cleared up and was completely healed. I still had a lot of eczema symptoms other places, but at least my worst symptom was gone... If you’re looking for an all natural psoriasis cream that actually works I always recommend the Aloe Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream. Check out the reviews here for yourself... No, it will probably not cure your psoriasis for good (as it does not address the deep-rooted cause we discussed above), but at least it will soothe and calm your skin (and it’s completely natural and without any side-effects). If you want my full psoriasis cure system as it was revealed to me in the Norwegian research program that cured me permanently you can follow this link:

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