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Anders Højris Jensen Portfolio Wilddesign I n t e r n s h i p Fall 2012

CV Education Sep 2011 - Sep 2008 - Jun 2011 Jan - Jun 2007 Aug 2003 - Jun 2006

MSc Civil Engineer - Industrial design at AAU, finishing 2013 BSc Civil Engineer - Architecture and design at AAU Academy of physical education, Ollerup, Denmark HTX (Higher Technical Examination) Holstebro

Work Aug 2009 - Jun 2012 Personal helper - for a boy with muscular dystrophy Sep 2008 - Jun 2012 DGI (Danish Gymnastics and sports association) - Team instructor - Course instructor Jun 2006 - Aug 2008 Arla Foods - machinery mechanic - Between travels to New Zealand, Japan and Ollerup Sep 2007 - Dec 2007 Teaching gymnastics In Japan at Jiyu-Gakuen Aug 2003 - Jul 2006 Supermarket Computer skills

Solid Works

Indesign 3D StudioMax Key Shot Rhino Vray Grasshopper



Profile Envriomental sustainability

Intutive interaction


Name Anders Højris Jensen Birthday 5’th of December 1986 Email Phone +45 30351426 Address Himmerlandsgade 7, 9000 Aalborg Denmark

How I work Through the school I have learned a structured and methodical approach to a design task. During almost four years of very different projects I have obtained a wide range of tools and methods both for controlling the overall design process and the individual steps from the first observations to a final concept. About me I was born and raised on a dairy farm and have always found it interesting to adjust or make things to a specific need. I have been doing gymnastics in my spare time all my life and taken various instructor courses, later teaching other new instructors. Through this I have gained a great understanding of the importance of ergonomics and acquired the ability to talk in front of strangers and larger groups of people.

Application To whom it may concern I am applying for a four to six months internship at WILDDESIGN deaign & Engineering in the fall of 2012 as a part of my 3.semester in my Master education as Industrial designer at Aalborg University in Denmark. The reason that I would like an Internship at your studio in Shanghai or Hong kong is because I find the fast growing development that is happening in China very interesting and would like to experience it first-hand. Through an internship I hope to experience the differences between the design process and design in general between China and Denmark, believing it will make me a better designer by broadening my perspectives and know both. I can contribute in the ideation and concept development processes with my experiences from the very varied projects I have done during my education and in private. All of which is deeply influenced by my background in simple Scandinavian design thinking. Through all 8 semesters at Aalborg University I have done at least one project in groups of four to seven people, making group work and communicating my ideas to others as a natural part of how I work, presenting ideas and concepts in both sketches, 2D and 3D computer models. Through the first years I have done projects in architecture, digital design, urban design and service designs, giving me a very broad understanding of these fields and experience that can be used in other kind of projects. I hope to learn about the finishing process from prototype to production and shipping that we do not get to experience in the school projects. I would also like to follow and participate in the professional communication and contact between different clients and the design studio. All while improving my skills in 3D computer modelling and learning more of the complex art of product design. If there are questions or any information missing, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards Anders Højris Jensen

The stove butler Company design-DNA

Plastic properties

In this individual three weeks course the challenge was to make a kitchen appliance using new technology to a specific company. Using the induction technology that is fast growing, I made a wireless assistent to use on an induction stove, capable of stirring your pot or pan, measuring the temperature and telling you if something is getting burned

Organic design



Temperature measuring CO sensor Stirring


Induction charging Design Entering a Samsung competition I wanted the product to distance itself from other stand mixers, and make it more related to the thin products that Samsung is know for.

When puching the button a display appears in the clear surface. The housing is made of a ASA and PC mix that have vicat softening temperature of 130 °C, making it perfect for the high temperatures of the kitchen.

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Spring Kitchen Company collaboration

LCA assesment

Mechanical solutions

This project was about exploiting the use of a spring in collaboration with Hagens Fjedre A/S, a Danish manufacturer of quality springs, too help them expand their market. In a group of five people, this was an unusual project, because the focus was on the use of the spring and not the user until the overall concept was found.

A 1:5 model was made to show the aesthetical contrast of the light steel structure, the dark spring module, the cold steel and the warm glow of the wood. Før

The Concept - Spring Kitchen is a new generation of the outdoor kitchen that gathers family and friends to create a meal together outside. - By stepping on a pedal the energy is stored in a torsion spring inside. Turning a knob on top of the table the energy stored can be used in different kitchen appliances to blend, whip, tear or stir the food to create a meal. - Providing the energy needed yourself, electricity is no longer necessary, creating an environmental awareness while moving the convenience of your kitchen appliances outside.


Without Spring Kitchen



With Spring Kitchen

- The kitchen is arranged to encourage everybody to participating in creating a healphy meal outside while talking and enjoying the weather.

A full scale model in wood was made to test the social interaction around the kitchen and the functions of the sink, faucet and cutting boards.

“...through thorough analysis and methodological based product development you have created a great concept that lies in line with the Scandinavian context and our core values.” Torben Søgaard Schaltz M.Sc.Eng Product Development Hagens Fjedre A/S

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MoPlay Childrens toys

Rotational molding

Developing motor skills

A hardwearing outdoor toy for small children, helping them developing their motor skills. - Explore over and under - Sit, crawl, stand or balance on it - Build and combine as you like

1 st pl

ac e

The thoughts behind With the experience i have gained as an instructor in gymnastics I won a competition at Dan Hill for rotational molding products with a simple set of toys for outdoor play, Based on the theory of the development of childrens motor skills the combination of a flat and rounded surfave on each module makes it very different to play with or on depending on how it placed.

Glowing rocks Parametric design


Public space analysis

The mini project is an individual project running over four weeks. The goal fore this project was through digital design and the use of light, to make people feel more secure in ‘Kilde parken’ a park in Aalborg that is not very well used today. Vision: “To give the users of ‘Kildeparken’ a sensory experience and encourage too play moving away from the path in the park and thereby creating an environment where they want to stay a little longer.”

Creating and programming By using Rhino and the plug-in program Grasshopper the ‘glowing rocks’ where shaped using parametric design and then laser cut. The lights inside the ‘rocks’ where programmed in vvvv. (4v) The ‘rocks’ are spread over a selected area of the park. Each stone reacts to people around it using sensors, and the rocks next to it. It is the goal of each rock to draw the attention of a person by pulsing light and changing colour. If a person sits on it the light returns to a relaxing slow pulsing.

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Lamp Light

Context analysis

material selection

‘Create a lamp for a room at the Utzon Centre (Aalborg) of your own choice’ was the project put up on 3. Semester. In a group of five, we made observations at the courtyard and maped its needed functions. Context requirements

-Spread light in the summer nights when the cafe have tables outside.

- Be discreet when the Utzon centre have art exebitions in the courtyard

Based on the need for this flexibility we were inspired by the Hoberman sphere. To understand this concept we worked almost exclusively in cardboard models, starting in 2D and ending in more complex structures. as a manual parametric design process.

The wood gives the light a warm glow.

Personal project Based on the 3. semester project, following the same mathematical rules of the space between the joints I created this 500mm (19,6inch) tall indoor lamp. The wood gives the light from the 2W LED light bulp a warm glow and decorates the near sorrundings with its projected patern.



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Garage equipment Feedback and feedforward The project was done in a group of five in collaboration with a FDM garage. Through observations the group wanted to improve and streamline the wheel alignment process of the garage. Through different sketching and modelling methods an integrated solution was found.

- Brainstorming on induvidual parts and functions - Early concepts - Additional observations - Cardboard mock up, placing functions intuitively and ergonomically. - Combining the functions and the overall construction.


Observation methods

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MoBox Design brief

Ideation methods

Material understanding

There has always been much focus on furnitures in the living room and kitchen but what about the bedroom? Space optimizing was the focus of this semester where we in a group of four made this furniture that combines your closet space and your shelves taking away the massive closet. With the MoBox system you can place the individual boxes as you like, and use the full height of the room.

The Steen Agger sketching method was used to brainstorm on different subjects, evaluate them and then combine the best from the different ideas.





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Spare tme Everyday problem


Photoshop training

Theo Jansen mechanics

Solid workd simulaiton

Logo Design

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My application for Wilddesign


My application for Wilddesign