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FMT festival 2022 Saturday, April 2


And Isis answer made: Of living things, my son, some are made friends with fire, and some with water, some with air, and some with earth, and some with two or three of these, and some with all. And, on the contrary, again some are made enemies of fire, and some of water, some of earth, and some of air, and some of two of them, and some of three, and some of all. For instance, son, the locust and all flies flee fire; the eagle and the hawk and all high-flying birds flee water; fish, air and earth; the snake avoids the open air. Whereas snakes and all creeping things love earth; all swimming things love water; winged things, air, of which they are the citizens; while those that fly still higher love the fire and have the habitat near it. Not that some of the animals as well do not love fire; for instance salamanders, for they even have their homes in it. It is because one or another of the elements doth form their bodies’ outer envelope. Each soul, accordingly, while it is in its body is weighted and constricted by these four. – Koru Kosmou (“Virgin of the World”)

Welcome Dear audience, We are moved and excited to welcome you back to this year FMT festival - Elements, now scheduled to take place live! This once self-evident, intrinsic aspect, the liveness of a performance, now gives us cause for rejoicing, coming as almost redemptive news. After a shutdown of cultural venues overall that lasted for two years due to the pandemic, we are hopeful that this festival will bring us together again, emphatically reminding us of all the things we were deprived a couple of years: the joy of human contact and the unique effect of Art – live Art – on our lives. We are going to present works by artists from Hong Kong, Czech Republic, USA, Spain, Azerbaijan and Sweden. The programme encompasses works with a very distinctive artistic brand with a wide range of improvisation, video art, dance and nine first performances. After a cultural dry spell that lasted for almost two years both our responsibility and appetite are huge – it is high time this dialogue opened again. Our artistic programme cannot be pigeonholed into strictly defined themes and theoretical frameworks. That being said, several of our work of art are, in fact, built around one certain recurring theme: Elements

Team Barry Wan - Artistic Director Ingrid Wong - Head of Production Anders Flodin - Coordinator Hanna Świtkowska - Graphic Designer/Poster Maria Maliszewska - Graphic Designer/Poster

The FMT group would especially like to thank the following for their service and support: Loretta Lau, Auxig, NGO DEI. Visit www.fmtarts.eu for more information, or email admin@fmtarts.eu


Saturday, April 2 11:00

Bansuri improvisation Linus Lundquist - bansuri Hindustani music is essentially solo music and invariably performed with a drone, usually provided by the tampura. The tampura player does not participate in either the exposition of raga or in maintaining it, but must keep the drone going independently. Usually the two middle strings of this unfretted long lute are tuned to the tonic and the outer strings to the lower fifth and the low tonic. In this event the drone was performed with a small electronic device Saarang digital tambura (tampura). Threads of sounds - Festival Nuovo Affreschi Suonori (2019)

Saturday, April 2 12:00

Artist talk Ingrid Wong and Emelie Sjöström Two artists with different backgounds share their ideas about their work, their process and their vision. Listen and take the opportunity to ask questions.

Petr Danda: Noisegate

Saturday, April 2 13:00

Electroacoustic music Noisegate (2022) - first performance

Petr Danda

Purring in Isolation (2022) - first performance

Eric Lanzillotta

The quintessence of emptiness - Marduk ́s countnance (2022) - first performance

Daniel Chudovský

Saturday, April 2 15:00

Live: Emelie Sjöström - percussion, Rolf Ekström - trumpet, Štěpán Filípek - violoncello URMI (2021)

Emelie Sjöström

Scandinavian forest (2020)

Patrik Jarlestam

La figlia di Indra (2015)

Anders Flodin

The Raving Ones (2021)

Emelie Sjöström

Winter breathing (2020)

Stefan Rydéen

Avici Naraka(無間地獄) (2022) - first performance

Barry Wan

Three little pieces for violoncello solo (2021)

Štěpán Filípek

Saturday, April 2 17:00

Video and mixed media MUD (2022) - first performance

Azer Haciaskerli/Nargis Asgerova (video)

Watershed (2022) - first performance

Sergio Camacho

T-frogtonic 3P4 (2022) - first performance

Makin Fung Bing Fai

Bowl with Fruit, Violin and Wineglass: More Than Human (2022) - first performance

Man Tin

L’ombra (2022) - first performance

Anders Flodin, Ingrid Wong, Rolf Ekström

Saturday, April 2 19:00

(Lighting): The Fall of Babylon (Lighting): The Fall of Babylon (2022) - first performance

Natálie Nebázniva (dance), Ella Pavel (lighting design), Barry Wan (sound art)

Etude for flute (2020)

Barry Wan

– Jana Jarkovská, flute

Saturday, April 2 19:30

Auxig Auxig : Polina Khatsenka, Barry Wan, Jan Krombholz, Petr Hanžl

Petr Danda (CZ)

Daniel Chudovský (CZ)

Noisegate (2022)

The quintessence of emptiness - Marduk´s countnance (2022)

Although being omnipresent in our daily lives, we gradually became accustomed to city noises or chose to ignore them, without questioning their impact on our mental well-being and the overall sonic environment. Noisegate is a collage of irritating noises recorded in Taipei and altered to the extent that it overdoses the listeners perception and resets it -- leading to a state of sonic voidness in the mind, in which one may reflect on our urban environment.

The composition was composed on the basis of several differently expanded sources of inspiration. The origin of my inspiration lies mainly in the title of the piece. The final - but you could still say - current form (which will continue to evolve itself) represents a mixture of timeless and abstract reflections on the fifth cosmological essence and the origin of the universe and the human being. These considerations fluctuate between purely rational assumptions and on the religious axioms beyond. While racio emerges as a malleable and flexible-adaptive field, the religious axiom also becomes a moveable surface which is capable to adaptate in and able to "live" in the timeless space. The imaginary circular connection of the two planes of thought brings the Divine Fifth Essence of Life. The inner inspiration duality affects ultimately the dual title of the composition.

Sergio Camacho

Makin Fung Bing Fai (HK)

Azer Haciaskerli (AZ)/Nargis Asgerova (AZ)

T-frogtonic 3P4 (2022)

MUD (2022)

This project is inspired by the 3 Little Australian Tree Frogs who find their new home on one of the desk in my studio. They are stoned most of the time. However, whenever i am working on my latest unstable.modular.synth (breadboard version) project. They respond to the sounds of "Electricity" with their "voice". Just like talking to my oscillators. Therefore, i have an idea to build a synthesizer which performs an analogue translation of the time in "Reality" into the sound of electricity through "Passive Infra Red". No digital Sergioconversion Camachoor micro-controller or "codes" involved in the interaction / translation.

Human is belong to the environment. Reality is that all the beings depents of the environment. Religion Islam saying that the human created from ground and water. And finally return there. The relationship between water and ground are the harmony of beings to be pair. The performance will be spund of water and ground metamorphoses with eastern traditional instrument tar or saz.

Man Tin (HK) Bowl with Fruit, Violin and Wineglass: More Than Human (2022) Generated by machine learning Trained by Man Tin The work was generated by machine learning, proposing an artistic contextualization of the notion of the machine vision and the ability to explore the process of seeing. Being inspired by Pablo Picasso's work "Bowl with Fruit, Sergio Camacho(1913), the machine was trained with Violin, and Wineglass" datasets of bowl with fruit, violin, wineglass and collage art, trying to investigate how objects can be visible to our eyes without "bodily involvement in the world", the phenomenology of embodiment in world can be expanded by the machine and artificial intelligence, and even allow us to experience the world again that we tend to overlook.

Natálie Nebáznivá - Dance/Choreography (CZ), Ella Pavel - Lighting design (US), Barry Wan Sonic Art (HK) (Lighting): The Fall of Babylon (2022) This project makes use of dance and spoken words of neobablonian language and other sound materias with lighting, to narrate the story of Babylon Tower. It enhances the topic of “fall” in general, in relation with decline of civilization who wants to “touch the sky”. The choreography; spotlight and working with its specifics; twinkling as making stop motion movement.The dancer, who "retells" The story by the bodily experience. Working with straight, smooth and suddenly sharp movements.

Anders Flodin (SE), Ingrid Wong (HK), Rolf Ekström (SE)

Auxig: Polina Kahatsenka (BY), Barry Wan (HK), Jan Krombholtz (CZ), Petr Hanžl (CZ)

L’ombra (2022) A multi modal performance vaguely based on H.C. Andersen's story “The Shadow”. The story is about a learned man and his shadow, his attempt to visualise and fulfil his own writings about Beauty, Truth and Goodness, and it is the story of the act of writing itself: the storyteller's attempt to maintain the potential for Poetry in a reality dominated by appearances.

Sergio Camacho

Tenets of their work are based on open cooperation, time-based media background and exploration of space-related concepts, which every member addresses with their personal artistic approaches and techniques. The most common form of collective’s presentation is audiovisual performances, occasionally unfolding to site-specific installations. Strong influence of musique concrete and electroacoustic music tradition is defining Auxig’s work, expanded by generative visuals with a strong attitude to the topic, exploring aleatoric boundaries of man-made tools. Fields that define their direction are acoustic ecology, environment, field-recording, improvisation, interactivity, collective work.

Sergio Camacho (ES) Watershed (2022) We think we helm our lives, but we merely drift along the riverbed. How difficult it is to determine beforehand if a simple bend in its course may become a watershed. Who cares. Our inescapable fate is to flow into the sea.

Sergio Camacho

An element, we take it, is a body into which other bodies may be analysed, present in them potentially or in actuality (which of these, is still disputable), and not itself divisible into bodies different in form. That, or something like it, is what all men in every case mean by element. Aristotle – On the Heavens

Timeline Live

Artist talk Meet the artist Ingrid Wong and Emelie Sjöström


Emelie Sjöström, Barry Wan, Štěpán Filípek, Patrik Jarlestam, Stefan Rydéen


Natálie Nebázniva, Ella Pavel, Jana Jarkovská, Barry Wan


17:00 15:00





Electroacousic music


Bansuri improvisation Linus Lundquist-bansuri

Daniel Chudovský, Eric Lanzillotta, and Petr Danda

Anders Flodin, Ingrid Wong, Rolf Ekström, Man Tin, Sergio Camacho, Makin Fung Bing Fai, Azer Haciaskerli/Nargis Asgerova

Auxig Auxig: Polina Khatsenka, Barry Wan, Jan Krombholz, Petr Hanžl

NGO DEI: Letohradská 711/10, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Czech Republic