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==== ==== An MLM Massacre: 97% of MLM'ers make under $10.00 per week! ==== ====

* What is MLSP (MyLeadSystemPro)? * Can you really get rich using MLSP formula? * What are the pros & cons of this system? There are many reviews out there that sell you MLSP rags to riches story. This MLSP review will do a more honest job of reviewing the MSLP system based on my actual experience of using this system. I do not claim this to be an expert review. This article is just my personal experience with MyLeadSystemPro for the last 100 days. What is MLSP? At the most basic level MLSP is a training program that teaches you to generate online leads & recruit people using the attraction marketing strategy. The video training modules are extensive. Some of my favorites are training on personal branding, article marketing mastery & dominating social media. I can confidently say that this training has put me ahead of 95% of the marketers of the world. There are also free weekly webinars that are conducted by top notch MLM & marketing experts. In addition to training, MLSP is a duplicatable online lead generation sales funnel which can be completely customized. The system has multiple capture pages that you can instantly use for lead generation. There are 25 pre-written follow-up mails that can accomplish 4 things: * Deliver information of great value to your subscribers. * Get the prospects to trust you & brand you as an expert. * Promote your primary business * Promote other online marketing tools that will help the prospect in their business. Thus, some of your leads will join your primary business & many more will try out some of the tools that were suggested in the mail. This balanced process of affiliate + network marketing build residual income with immediate cash flow too. Thus MLSP is an online marketing system, training program & affiliate product all combined into one. Please remember that MyLeadSystemPro is not another MLM business, it's a tool to build your network marketing business faster. Is is possible to get rich using MLSP? Like any other training, MLSP will work only when you implement the knowledge gained from the training system. There are many who claim to have started getting 50-100 leads a day immediately after using this system. To generate that amount of leads they must be using PPC

campaigns. I have stuck to only free lead generating methods like Facebook, blog & article marketing. In my third month of implementing the training, I am able to generate 6-12 leads per day for free. About one out of every 15 lead, join my primary MLM business. A lot more have bought some affiliate products like autoresponders & hosting services. These results are certainly not spectacular but a major improvement from my earlier results. One must keep in mind that lead generation methods like article marketing & blogging are long term efforts & results are bound to improve over time. Of late i have started to provide more value to my subscribers by keeping them updated about latest in the world of internet marketing. This approach seems to have improved the conversions. What are the pros & cons of this system? Some things you must in mind before deciding to join MLSP are: * To make use of the funded proposals of MLSP, you must invest in an autoresponder service. * A decision to join MLSP means a recurring monthly investment. * This system does not drive traffic automatically to your opt-in pages; you will need to implement the strategies taught, to drive traffic to your MyLeadSystemPro opt-in page. You can expect these positive results from joining MLSP: * Translate more leads into recruits * Earn more per each lead captured * automated presentations & follow up of the captured leads. * Branding yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.

MLSP will be a worthy investment if you have a strong business to promote & are willing to follow the training provided. To join MyleadSystemPro & claim bonuses worth $ 2000 click on MY MLM Success Secrets,

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==== ==== An MLM Massacre: 97% of MLM'ers make under $10.00 per week! ==== ====

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