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There are thousands of blogs and web pages being created every single day. Those who own network marketing opportunities and small businesses are going to the internet more and more to get their names out there. So how do you get your page seen by the right people? Here are a few online marketing tips that will help your page or blog get noticed faster and more often. The first and probably most important online marketing tip is to have a self hosted domain name like You can buy a self hosted domain through HostGator or GoDaddy for very little investment and this way you control what is on the page. No one else can advertise on your page. I would also recommend using WordPress or Moveable Type for customization options on your blog. Next, when building your blog or webpage, I would recommend that you optimize your space using RSS subscription options and social bookmarking links so when people see your information and like it, they can not only subscribe to your site, but they can also share it within their social network as well. This is a great way to get your site see and viral. Learning how to manipulate keywords is a very important part of getting noticed in the online community. When you are writing content for your blog or page, make sure you use specific keywords throughout your content. You can use tools like Google AdWords, Keyword Discovery, WorkTracker or SEOBook Keyword Research to see how often a word or phrase gets searched. This helps your ranking when looking online. With so many social media sites and video sites out there, having an automatic ping and trackback functionality is also going to be an important online marketing tip. This will allow you to ping your content virally to all the social sites as well it will also allow people to come back directly to your site thus giving you a better ranking on Google and other searched engines. Make sure you post content every day especially in the beginning when you are just getting started with your page. It is important to post highly valuable content that is unique as this will also help your rank and be seen much faster in the online world. Once you have become a little better established you can post content weekly to 3-5 times a week depending on the type of blog you have. Lastly, make sure you always include your blog web address anywhere you would include your phone number. An offline mailing address can include your blog web address. Make sure your blog address is part of your email signature or located as well on your social site profiles. This is a great offline and online marketing tip to help you get seen. Overall, there are hundreds of things you can do that can help you get seen, but these online

marketing tips will make sure you get seen faster and also make you look much more professional in your network marketing or small business opportunity.

Mark Manderville is a professional in personal branding and attraction marketing. Click on ONLINE MARKETING TIPS to see the tool that is helping network marketers make headway in building stronger, larger businesses faster.

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==== ==== Struggling In MLM? Learn How The Top Producers Make $10K+ Every Single Month! ==== ====

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