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One24 is a new company that is looking to revolutionize the network marketing industry with its unique spin on marketing. However, this One24 review will offer my perspective on whether One24 is another scam, a great opportunity, or something that is indeed revolutionary. Before I begin my review on One24, I would like to say that I have built several successful organizations in the network marketing industry, so I definitely have some experience when it comes to discovering failures and flops. And from what I've seen in the industry, there are several LARGE factors that will determine whether or not One24 will be able to sink or swim. One24 Success Factor #1. In order for One24 to succeed, the company will need to have a unique product, a unique marketing plan, and excellent LEADERSHIP that will take the company into the future. What I have seen from the first product, Natraburst, it is a superfood packed with fruit, vegetable, and anti-oxidant extracts, that act as a meal replacement and food supplement. Although there are lots of these types of products on the market, the real value is within the revolutionary One24 Incentivized Referral Plan (IRP). Also, the leader of this company is Mr. Seyforth. Mark created the first diet milkshake called "Slender Now" back in the 70s. Mark also assisted with the creation and development of the now $1 billion dollar company called Herbalife. He has taken other network marketing companies like The Right Solution Inc., and generated over $1,000,000 a month in sales. I would say that Mark Seyforth really knows his stuff when it comes to producing successful network marketing companies. One24 Success Factor #2. Unless a company has the right leaders on the ground COMMANDING the troops, then the company will not grow. Non growth equals no profits, and well, you get my meaning. At the time of writing this article, One24 had just concluded their insider placement period. There are now over 7000 members strong in the company. Even though the representatives can only bring in one person a month, the addition of the company's "Gold Rush" allows for abundant growth. There are no rank structures in One24, so everyone has the potential of reaching the $100,000/month cap. One24 Success Factor #3. Any business, One24 included, is practically USELESS to the newbie marketer, unless they know how to market, and apply proven PRINCIPLES and marketing strategies.

I think this is what I liked most about One24. The marketing angle is so unique, and so so simple, literally ANYONE can do it. Here's how it works: You take your business card and you hand it to someone and say "Hi, take a look at my website, and if you like what you see, I'll put you on my waiting list.", and then you walk away. I think this is pure genius. You see, no one likes to be rejected, but by approaching people this way, you are already rejecting them. People want the things that they can't have, and I have been told by some of my sources in One24, that this marketing tactic has proven to be very successful for them. The bottom line is that I believe that One24 will revolutionize the industry, because it is not an MLM, it is a 24 month retirement plan. I can't wait to see the growth of the company over the next 3-6 months.

Bryan Keith Clark is a successful Network Marketer with over 5 years experience. He has built strong organizations in every MLM company that he has been a member of. He also teaches individuals how to dominate social media traffic for free. If you would like to learn more about Bryan Keith Clark, then you can find him on

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==== ==== Struggling In MLM? Learn How The Top Producers Make $10K+ Every Single Month! <a href=""></a> ==== ====

One24 Review - Can One24 Live Up to the Hype  

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