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==== ==== An MLM Massacre: 97% of MLM'ers make under $10.00 per week! ==== ====

The trend today is leaning toward home business. Tough economic times have taught people that they need more to depend on than their current job. Layoffs and downsizing have been a problem for years but lately they are at an all time high. Everywhere you look; there are opportunities for building a residual income on the internet. Affiliate programs are booming, as are many other MLM programs. What is the key to their success? How can you rake in the cash with your chosen home business?  The most important thing for your business is leads! Leads? Well what exactly is a lead? A lead is a person who is specifically interested in what you have to offer.  Leads are not someone who accidentally stumbled across your product and may or may not be interested.   So how can you get these important leads? Lately it has become big business and you could quickly be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to generate leads for your business.  For a start up, that is not the most productive use of capital, especially since there are ways to generate free leads. Getting Free Leads Why pay hundreds of dollars for lead generation when there are ways to get free leads for your home business? The internet revolution has changed the world forever; people literally have the world readily available twenty-four hours a day. One growing trend has been the use of video. Look at the popularity of sites like you tube, millions of people are on the site daily looking at videos. Use this fact to build your home business by generating free leads. Creating you tube videos is an easy way to generate leads, simply create a video with helpful information, then tag your contact information to the end. Social Sites Sites like face book and MySpace were not created as marketing platform, but it is a terrific one nonetheless. Create a profile and then connect with people who have similar interests. Build it up around your product if you like, and then network with others who are interested in what you are offering. The most important aspect is the socializing. Talk with people share what you know, like a cocktail party.

Link to a blog where you have short informative posts that relate to your business. People who get to know you on a social site will often go to your blog or website. As you build relationships through this medium, you will quickly have many contacts and these contacts are all potential leads. Free leads from socializing, who would have thought? Blogging Start a blog about a subject related to your business and talk intelligently about it. You can set up a blogger or word press blog absolutely free. Add a subscription button and a link to your email. You have instantly set up a free lead generator. Finally There are many other potential ways to generate free leads for your home business, write informative articles, and post them on different sites, visit forums pertaining to your business and offer advice. All of these things are accomplishing one thing, building your credibility. People will begin to look to you for advice and products. Here is the point when you want to be careful, promote the wrong product and all your hard work will be down the drain. Done correctly however you will have built a strong network of contacts for little or no cost, leading to a highly successful home business.

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An MLM Massacre: 97% of MLM'ers make under $10.00 per week! ==== ====

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