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!"#$"%&'()%*+,%-&./.00,%1,2&34%-5'.(4%67"!8% “My advice for taking the perfect selfie is take a risk... the picture will surprise you! My look is supposed to be funny and sexy. I’d wear it anywhere.” XIAO WEN JU, 24

“My look is ‘Street Couture’. I really wanted to capture me looking like me. It’s probably something I’d wear on the streets of Camden.”!JOURDAN DUNN, 22


Make like Xiao Wen Ju and flash an i-D wink, or go the Lindsey Wixson route and give it your most ferocious pout. If you’re a lady or a gentleman who often likes to indulge in a selfie, why not mix it up on the expression front? Nuance is key, unless you have a legendary signature photo face in which case you’d do well to trademark it with a Blue Steel type name and hashtag it. #everytime Xiao Wen wears coat Miu Miu. Top Frankie Morello. Hat Moody & Farrell.


VKRZ VRPH VNLQ! If it works for Justin Bieber, right? The kind folk at Apple have given us countless filters with which to enhance our physiques so there’s really no excuse not to get your kit off. For that toned selfie look Jourdan Dunn is sporting, go for a filter that makes you look hotter than the sun. Or do a post-workout selfie. Just don’t take it at the gym. Gyms have seedy locker room undertones and fluorescent light never did anything for anyone. #takeitoff Jourdan wears bra Huit. Skirt Vivienne Westwood. Shirt (around waist) Religion. Hat A.P.C. Necklace Katie Hillier. Boots Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. i-D THE STREET ISSUE 57

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