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@ShakeebAl-Jabri Homs resident: “I believe this is the beginning of a reg ia Troops Kill Ten Protesters, Activists Say #Damascus #Syria #Tragedy @ LOL some revtard just replied to me “Our revolution is still peaceful” AH ING: Pro-#Assad protesters trap US Ambassador to #Syria, Robert Ford, in h tary hospital where bodies r hidden, let’s spread it pls & let the truth be he in #Syria Syrian by @SyrianKnight Saboteurs and members of armed gangs @ooulabi Warning to all those who think the Syrian Regime or Gov days a facts. @syrian_knight88 @MikeTyson Please say something about situation i @PeterClifford1 #Syria 2 more killed as #Assad’s stormtroopers work their way Army deserters back Syrian protesters @ambassadorrice The people of #Syria, in the face. @MiliaEidmouni @rupahy #Syria #Homs @i_magpie All tweeps & op His death squads are eagerly waiting. #Syria @sate3 @Ḥamza @SyriaTweet Alai Homs. These are our guys. Call them “residents” #Syria @dimam78 Another pr reason, and another angel in heaven got its wings. @freesyria74 I avoid using fou for standing up with dictator of #Syria @AProudSyrian @KimoSabe @dimam78 B Rime Only in #Syria: the terrorists who stormed state offices, “destroyed their f FadiSalem is simple:go to any of anti-regime protests in Biyadah we’re seeing on air was being sucked out of the room by the intensity and frequency of the explo money to their families in #Syria is one brutally creative way of supporting the S moment he got out of Al Noor mosque in Al-Raqqa Happy Eid Syria Al Assad. @ @basharalkalb Very Graphic: Mostafa al-Ali was found dead in Deir Balbaa, Ho planting landmines along border with Lebanon, witnesses and a Syrian official s who is helping #Syria `s internet crackdown @ioerror @hellais @ajenglish Vide mixed with residents calling ‘God is Great’ heard all over #Homs right now. The Aviv with rockets if attacked by foreign powers @syriancommando Indian Jour

gular war.” #Syria @allmiddleeastne Degrees of Separation Post Effect Syr@AlJundi #thingsyoushouldknow 21 Martyrs in #Syria today !! @Hey_Joud HAHAHA They’re gone NUTS after cleaning Bab Amr! @CBSNews BREAKhouse of opposition leader @emmasuleiman This pic came from Homs milieard #Syria @Syriantruth01 @edwardedark Ask About Reporting Undercover s throwing bodies of Syrian soldiers into the Al-Assi River in the flashpoint are numbered, STOP watching AJA & Alarabiya propaganda and look at the in syria to raise awareness. Our goverment is killing its own muslim people y through #BabAmro district of #Homs. @AntiGovDr #Syria @Milia1 @AJEnglish who seek nothing more than their universal human rights, have been slapped pposition members are free to go to #Syria & join Assad’s ‘democratic’ process. in Juppé: We’ll discuss international protection of terrorist armed insurgents in ro-regime “friend” unfriended me from FB. It always makes me happy for some ul language but can’t control myself this moment. Fuck you #Russia and #China BTW, it was supposed to be love, not live! damn iPhone NewsSyRev #Syria @rallaf furniture and stole them.” @NuffSilence Anyway, the challenge I’m putting to @ n Al Jazeera & post pix @Nora0315 @FreeSyria. Woman in #Homs: “I felt that the osions.” #Syria @Alaa_syr #Syria #Daraa @Ḥamza Preventing Syrians from wiring Syrian people by the EU & US @Sandy_Madridsta President Bashar Al Assad the @not_what_you_think A “Syrian activist” just sent me a wink smiley. I’m shaking. oms. Marks of severe torture appear on his body #Syria @breakingnews Syria is say - AP @donatelladr dona Italian Pirate Party sets a protest in front of company eo: ‘Horrific aftermath’ of Syria clashes @razanspeaks Explosions and shooting e entire city is being shelled. #Syria @haaretzonline Assad: Syria will shower Tel rnalist Kapoor criticizes western media which fabricate events on #Syria @Syr-

“I am going to give you to the people of the East as a possession. They will set up their camps and pitch their tents among you; they will eat your fruit and drink your milk.�

Ezekiel 25:4

ian__Heart @bacharno1224 Blood stained his shirt and trickled down his body.


. Amjad was looking forward to his Eid present this year. He was killed. #Gifts-

A pair of tired eyes peers over the photo page of my beetroot coloured passport. “Occupation?” he asks me. “Student” I reply. Next to the custom official hangs a poster showing the Syrian dove caught in mid air, wings spread and proudly carrying an olive branch in its beak, all around it cannons are aiming. Each cannon is branded with one prominent news channel logo after the other, CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC. They are all there trying to shoot down the peace dove of the regime. Another glance through the passport then my details are thoroughly noted into the system. First in fluent Arabic, then

in slow shaky capital letters, “TOURIST”, two quick stamps reiterate his verdict. “Welcome to Syria”, he hands back my documents and gestures me towards the door. Syria is a country being swept by a storm that refuses to quieten down and Damascus is the eye of the hurricane. With all tourists long gone the streets are left unnaturally quiet. From walls and rooftops all over town president Bashar Al-Assad and his father Hafez, the leader of the 1970 coup are scouring the city looking on from posters and pedestals. Here in a city besieged by

secret police and undercover agents the people would never discuss politics openly, instead they refer to old president Hafez as “The Lion King”, this turns Bashar into Simba and the Jackals are the ones you always fear might be listening in. Inside the national museum everything is quiet, I’m walking the long empty halls of history cast in clay, iron, silver and gold. A lone guard sits on his footstool surrounded by 10.000 years of history, here are lives lived and lost, battles fought and civilizations crumbled. Outside in the overgrown gar-

NotBullets @bacharno1224 #Aleppo #Syria @MKERone @Hey_Joud #Syria: Why

den the last of the evening light throws long shadows of the ancient stone statues of the ones that were, among them sits one that still is. We talk, he tells me of his life, a good life, well at least it used to be. Things have changed recently. “It’s because of the weather”, he says, looking me into the eyes. “This damn weather”

ones and zeroes. In this second reality all information is chopped up, mixed together and handed back to the people in bite sized 140 character packages, easy to consume but hard to digest. The people of Damascus live in a world shaped by another world that in reality doesn’t really exist. The only thing real is the fear, the fear of what will come.

There are reports of violent clashes and untimely deaths pouring in from all over the country. These are getting mixed up with whispered rumours and half-truths that are all being fed into a virtual world built of binary

I’m walking through the streets of the old city observing the hopelessness, feeling the tension thick in the air. People look at me like I look at them, here we are all strangers. The act of raising my camera feels like a threat

to shatter this carefully constructed glass citadel so I tend not to. A street sweeper stops me, he demands to look through my pictures, there is nothing incriminating there so he nods and lets me go, I hurry down a side street aware of his eyes following me. Looking back I notice another shadow on my heels, I take a right then a left but he’s still there, our eyes meet and he stops, turns around and gets his phone out, I disappear. My heart is pounding, who was he? I slowly realize that I have become a part of it, this theatre of war.

y is everybody spreading the zionist media lies about alleged 3’500 ppl “killed”

during “crackdown� ? @edwardedark bodies dumped in the streets of Dier Balba

a Homs today, arms and legs tied, signs of torture @syriancommando WARNING

TO ALL #Syria-ns: Do NOT update Ultra-Surf, the new version contains spyware

e that targets Syrians, transfers data to the CIA + NSA!! @hallak @RazanSpeaks

@abo_anwar2011 Also, smoke seen bellowing from

houses in #Aleppo. Kababeh & Kebeh barbecue. Free #Syria @LeShaque Sources: S

Syrian Consulate in Jeddah closed and diplomatic staff expelled from the country.

#Syria # @RevolutionSyria #Syria | Colonel Arafat Rashid al-Hammoud defects &

& joins Free Syrian Army @KSAthisdayinsyria 13 November 1970: Defense Min-

ister Hafez Assad seizes power in #Syria as his troops

occupy government buildings, arrest rival Salah Jadid. @bencnn Today’s #Syria u

uprising death toll (26 per LCC) in perspective: it’s equivalent to 357 people killed

in 1 day in #USA. @syriancommando #Lebanon cleans up some traitors in #Beru

uit, from #Syria and from their borders. Who knows who is next? @weddady To-

day marks “41 years since the Assads seized power�

#Syria #Al7arakaAtakhribiyah @M_akbik Maisa This is insane: Children under the

e age of 15 seen in #Syria roaming around w guns in their hands! This regime has

completely lost it. @AP #Syria pro-regime crowds gather to protest Arab League v

vote, embassies attacked @alarabiya_eng Massacre in Syria: ‘Murdering civilians

is terrorism, whether by Israelis or Arabs @nicinme If

#AssadMustGo will #Syria bloodshed stop? Or will it actually get alot worse? Will

ll #Syria’s #Sunni accept NO reforms whatsoever? @gKbbCH Show off the tanks,

the missiles, the republican guards, and the special forces. Do the unexpected, s

show no weakness. #Syria @ProfKahf The authoritarian regime in #Syria is fallng.

This much is true.What will u do? Stand by or take

part? The question before all Syrians @ZainSyr Homs: Hawleh: Shelling in th onstrations #syria @Syriana84 isn’t it so cute funny when the smartass king malka #Damascus #Syria - 14th november 2011 Tanks and buses of Assad f #SyrianNC defectors in Alma #Daraa blow up an army tank #Syria” @SyriaD by #Assad Forces #Syria @M_akbik After my brother’s death, I took a one y out. Free #Syria SyrianKnight @fawaz_b You are shit and I can’t wait to see rifices of ppl of #Syria should be -hopefully- in Eid Al-Adha. On Xmas we s Fuck all the kings. In what world are they living in? This isn’t the medieval e rat’s ass about the free syrian army? Empty threats @HussamovM AHAHAH is to tell #Assad to step down. F ‘em @syriancommando So the British Hash fice to be installed King spoke? Beat it boy #Syria @salkarimr I don’t know, i thing, our enemy will need it lol @vroom555 When you see the same reporte are making them work overtime. @loubnab I am a Syrian and I am proud, and news #Syria |The Palestinian people in al-Yarmouk Camp on Monday held a Unconfirmed: Air forces might have been used in the attack over eastern village Shukumaku |Armed group attacked a Plant nursery at “Al Tooum” town and destro cusTweets Protesters broke into Jordanian Embassy in #Syria, Raise Hizbullah flag Military Council is 2 make sure weapons dont fall in z hands of religous extrem embassies.. So why is it happening again? Can’t the regime control its own mob Media channel Cheering For NATO to kill arabs ? why one race prefered over ano on all over #Syria. #HangAssad. @Hey_Joud I know. How can someone actually b #gaddafi #binladen #egypt #tunisia #yemen #syria #fukushima #hacking #riots # etc. cannot be appeased by concessions, which only whet their appetite for the w more than 20 were wounded, the majority critically so, in heavy artillary shelling # values of the society you live in then leave.” ~ @MaramArafat @freelancitizen HOM

he area from the security and army barricades, in response to start of demof #Jordan talks about #Syria as though he is important? LOL @CFDPC #Zaforces surrounded Al-Kabeer and Al-Tawbah @Aziza23 Allahu Akbar! #SNC DayofRage (11-13-11) #Deir ez-Zor Martyr Muhammad Mulla Issa Murdered year off work to focus completely on the Syrian revolution & getting #Assad your dismembered body you piece of pig crap:) @SyrianSunnyBoy Last sacshould expect to see #Assad hanging down from a Xmas tree. @HussamovM era. @not_what there’s nothing to hide anymore, but seriously, who gives a HAHAHAHAH oh my god, now the easiest thing for every khara arab leader hemite whose grandfather was shipped up north by the British Foreign Ofi really have a strong faith in our army, we’re guaranteed to win this, if anyers that were in Libya suddenly jumping to Syria, you know their CIA bosses d soon it will be a dream for most Arabs. To be Syrian, or not to be. @syrianhuge mass rally to express rejection of the people @Sub7ei I want freedom es in #Daraa province, dozens are said to be killed. #Syria @SyriaNewsENG2 By: oy it @Aziza23 @Repent11 Exactly like #Libya, no? #Free #Syria #Army @Damasg on top! via @jawazsafar LOL “@Repent11: Free #Syria Army “Main goal of forming mists”@Dima_Khatib I thought Syrian regime apologised earlier about attacking bs? @SomaliaSupport2 ask ourself why “antisemitism” is more special then 1000 other. @RafifJ Impossible to focus on work while #Assad’s killing machine rages believe that those terrorists are heros? It’s disgusting @ravisomaiya What a year. #greece #occupywallst #wikileaks @Aziza23 The West, #GCC, #Turkey, #Ikhwan, whole hog. #Syria @ZainSyr Hama: Shezar: Mohamad Al-Dibes was martyred and #syria @ABajooka “If you are an Arab and you don’t like the morals, customs and MS Residents in Deir Baalba today discovered the bodies of two unidentified men @thisdamnweather Username - thisdamnweather Password - Syria 2011

This Damn Weather This project is an exploration of the modern theatre of war. In a reality shaped by a digital battlefield, the roles played are not always clear. Feeding on pieces of often violent and graphic information issued to us from second realities as Twitter & Facebook, we recreate the world around us and mould it into shapes that bounce off our predetermined mental imagery.

Biography My work has a strong humanistic focus. I’m interested in human society and the impact we have on our self and each other. I work on curiosity. Mostly my subjects are areas unknown to me. By understanding, I try to disseminate information to a broader audience.

This Damn Weather  

Syria is in the midst of a digital revolution

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