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children furniture BULL BULL children furniture Bull is a the tiny chair’s with a backrest shaped like a spinning wheel, so it can roll along the floor when placed upside-down. Kids can put their toys in the underside and use it as a wagon or pretend it’s a pet. Bull is intended for children between 3 and 6 years old.


outdoor seating

GERO features a simple yet clever adjustment






administrations to adapt public spaces to specific needs, by simply choosing one of the four seat heights during its assembly. A higher seat height would make an easier experience for disabled people or elderly users. At the same time, it adapts to different antropomorphic needs across the globe.


martini glass

BS´s horizontal cuts give the glass a double silhouette and an ambiguous look. Furthermore, they act as a dissipater confering the drink a milder warming, specially welcome in long cocktails.


bottle rack

SEI bottle rack´s oak plywood frame subtly surrounds up to six wine bottles, giving them just the necessary support as well as minimizing material waste. Made of oak plywood it can be arranged in different modular setups.


bar stool

HUB is a humble approach to the idea of a simple bar stool with the cleanest lines possible. It features a 12mm diameter bent wire and a bi-injected polipropylene seat.


table lamp

Tangram lamp is born from a statement that things that are not being used should ocupy the least space possible. When turned on the table lamp´s upper part approaches the user offering enough lighting to read. Tangram





elements, mad of a bamboo plywood sandwich with conductive material inserts in it.


wall shelf

The goal was to create a rigid structure through folding a flat surface. Environmental impact is reduced by the possibility of flat packaging and the use of a single material.

automotive design Transportation design has been both a passion and a source of inspiration for a long time for me. As one of the most advance design fields out there, it has enhanced my surface understanding capabilities, hand sketching skills and has taught me about class-A surface finesse, the importance of the right proportions etc.

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Ander Lizaso´s Design Portfolio