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About me


My name is Ander Alberdi and It´s been already more than 4 years

since I immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation trough the BSc at Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation. In the last years, I´ve created my own company, developed projects all around the world and worked for a year in the corporate innovation department of a Spanish MNC.

I am deeply interested in industries of the future, such as the Internet of Things, Sharing Economy and E-commerce, looking forward to developing myself in business development or marketing in any of these industries. You are welcome to take a look at my Personal Portfolio, where I try to share my learning experience of the last 4 years

About me Name: Ander Alberdi Martin Date of birth: 04/02/1994 - San Sebastian (Basque Country / Spain) Contact: – Phone: 695 758 211 – Email: @AlberdiLemon ‘Ander Alberdi Martin’

Formal Education: –

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation BBA / Mondragon Unibertsitatea (2012-2016)

– – –

Ulab: Transforming Business, Society and Self / MOOC at Edx (2015) Entrepreunership Development Program / TiimiAkatemia, Jyvaskyla, Finland (2013) Global Entrepreunership / MIDAS Center, Pune, India (2014) Steve Blank´s Lean Launchpad / (2016)

Work Experience: –

Lemon Coop Junior Cooperative: • Consultancy and Business Development (20122016) and Communication Leader (2 years). Gamesa: • Junior Project Manager at Innovation department (2016)

International Experience: UK (2010 and 2012 / 1 month each year) Finland (2013 / 2 months) San Francisco, USA (2014 / 1 month) Pune , Mumbai and Kolkata, India (2014 / 2 months) o Shanghai, China (2014 and 2015 / 2 months each year) o o o o

Informal Education: –


Languages: o Spanish (Native). o Basque (Native) o English (Fluent / Cambridge CAE certification) o Mandarin Chinese (Begginer / Able to have small conversations / 4 months practicing in Shanghai)

Skills Developed Business Development

Entrepren eurship

Knowledge Management

Learning to learn and leading my own learning / More than 50 business books read / Following latest trends on innovation, tech, design, business‌.

Experience developing full sales cycle / Account management experience / Ability to see win-win partnerships

Project Management

International Mindset

Hold several roles (Finance, Communication) in 10+ projects / Experience managing own emotions and uncertainty.

Experience on Business Model Design, Lean Startup and Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Open minded and experienced working in foreign countries and multicultural enviroments / Business in Asia / Advanced English and begginer Chinese skills.

Shanghai, May 2015

San Francisco, February2014

Global Mindset San Francisco (1 month): • • • • • • • •

International business development for LACUNZA Understanding the Silicon Valley Startup Ecosystem: Startups + Investors + Universities. Failing culture. Design Thinking / Visiting IDEO / Design Thinking workshop with Propelland The Art of Pitching with Angelica Blendstrump Lean Startup Digital trends Basque Country`s cultural heritage / Visiting Basque Cultural Center Company visits: Mozilla, Impact HUB, BBVA, Vodafone Xone, Eneko Knorr, Spain Tech Center, UC Berkeley, Coursera…

Finland (2 months): • • • • •

Out of the «comfort zone» Self-Leadership TimmiAkatemia heritage. Team discipline. Sales workshop.

Shanghai / China (4 months): • Lean Internationalization to China • Research of the wine market in China. • Visiting Alibaba HQ`s in Hangzhou. • Visiting Kunshan industrial park, HQ´s of Mondragon Corporation in Asia / Understanding expatriate life in China. • Mandarin Chinese (Belt 4 in 8Belts online program) • Working together with locals, in multicultural teams. • Understanding China´s role in the global economy.

Pune and Mumbai / India (2 months): • JugaadMe project • Huge multicultural barriers • Out of the «comfort zone» • Social Innovation and innovation at the BoP (Base of the Pyramid). • Self-Leadership trip to Agra and Kolkata. • Volunteering in Mother Theresa house in Kolkata.

Shanghai, December 2014

Projects Developed PUNEVOLUTION, in Pune (India) In 2014 I lived in China and India for 4 months, learning about social innovation and new innovation trends in this emerging economies. During our stay in these countries we: • Developed a research about Jugaad, Frugal Innovation, Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) and Shanzai, as well as getting to know case studies in these areas. • Designed an innovation process for the development of a frugal medical device that solves the needs and adapts to the constraints that users in rural Basque Country, with the aim of working once we were back in Basque Country with a local industrial company. • We established a partnership with student association from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) in Pune, in order to have access to local networks and innovation experts.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT for LACUNZA LANGUAGE SCHOOL In our learning journey to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, California (USA), we worked on the international expansion of Lacunza International Language School, an international language school with 25 years of experience based on San Sebastian.. Our goal was to bring Californian students to learn spanish in Spain, and create long-term relationaships in order to keep the flow of students growing. Our work in San Francisco was: - Prospection visits to different high schools giving informative talks about Lacunza International Language School. - Research about the motivation of young people studying in California for learning Spanish language and the value given to studying languages. - Identify possible long-term partners that could work as salesman for Lacunza International Language School in San Francisco Bay Area and closed one deal. - Promotional event management about San Sebastian and Lacunza in the Basque Cultural Center of San Francisco

We built a local tour agency that worked during 2 years in San Sebastian with the aim of showing to foreign tourist the main cultural landmarks and the best gastronomical spots in San Sebastian, as well as organizing pub-crawls, bike tours and dinners in traditional gastronomical societies.

INTERNATIONALIZATION TO CHINA Internationalization process for Spanish companies in the food and beverages sector that see China as a potential market in order to grow. My contributions to the project were: • Meeting potential customers/distributors in Shanghai. • Attending biggest professional fair of the food & beverages sector in Asia (SIAL 2015) looking for potential distributors of our customers companies. • Developed plan for the creation of a Joint Venture between my company and my Chinese partners company.

WINE MARKET PROSPECTION AND PRODUCT TASTING EVENTS IN SHANGHAI, CHINA We developed wine tasting events for Hacienda La Princesa spanish winery in Shanghai. Duties: • Prospection of potential importers and distributors, engaging in sales negotiation with potential customers. • Organization of focus-groups and private wine tasting events for chinese users in El Patio restaurant (Fine cuisine Spanish restaurant in Shanghai).

BASQUE & CHINA CONSULTING In Basque & China Consultancy we want to make Basque Country referent region in Europe in the attraction of Chinese Tourism, trough the attraction of Chinese tourism already visiting Europe to Basque Country and trough the adaptation of tourism attraction to the language and needs of Chinese tourists.

I build whole business plan of the inbound travel agency, analizing the potential market and the opportunity window, developing the business strategy and the financial forecasts, and designing the marketing plan. We developed a prototype trip with 7 Chinese tourists for 10 days, where we drove then trough Basque Country´s main tourist places. This trip was cocreated with GSIncoming inbound-tourism agency as partner.

Lean Innovation at Gamesa Being part of the lean innovation team of Gamesa Services, we were in charge of the dinamization of the working sessions ,based on the design of new business models, lean innovation process and testing of value hypotheses for potential customers.

B3RRINDU / Start-up development

B3RRINDU is a hardware startup founded among 3 friends in our spare time in San Sebastian. We believe recycling is everyones responsability in order to keep the planet clean, so we bring educational experiences to schools, trying to create awareness in children since young age while they learn about 3D printing technology. Achievements: • Raised funding from FFF for financing hardware and keep the team working. • Revenue stream pivot from selling products to offering educational experiences. • Sales & Partnerships with public entities.

Junior Project Manager / Innovation at Services department of Gamesa (Spanish MNC, valued at IBEX35)

• My Mission was designing the intrapreneurship process of the innovation department at Gamesa Services business unit. • The purpouse of my work was to help employees iniatives to go from Ideas to oportunities, reaching market validation and climbing the corporate ladder

Design of intrapreneurhsip process for Core Business and Adyacent innovation

• 15 innovation projects (7 Core Business Innovation + 7 Adyacent Innovation) were developed during year 2016, were the process was tested, iterated and validated by the Innovation Manager. • I led the cocreation of the intrapreneurship process trough workshops with the innovation team. • The design of the intrapreunership process was based in Steve Blanks Investment Readiness Level and in Mckinseys 3 horizons of growth theory.

Books and Theories • Innovation

Books and Theories • Leadership / Team Development

Books and Theories • Marketing / Branding

Books and Theories • Globalization / Emerging markets

Inspired by:

Bill Gates Building an empire first, giving away most of his wealth and inspiring others to follow , later.

“The world is not flat and PCs are not, in the hierarchy of human needs, in the first five rungs”

Elon Musk Facing unprecedent challenges for humanity while transforming whole business industries.

«It was not with the expectation of great success that I started Tesla or SpaceX... It's just that I though they were important enough to do anyway”

Thank You! Eskerrikasko! Gracias! XieXie!

«Only questions point to the future»

Ander Alberdi, January 2017

Personal Portfolio Ander Alberdi 2017  
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