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Dancing To The Beats of Success Brown Bags All Ladies Finalists New Section : The Wall Mentored & Featured Developers

Hi all, Out of 1200 applications, 8 ladies were selected to join the Andela Fellowship. In this issue we welcome Monicah Kwamboka, Esther Dama, Olive Nyotu, Joy Warugu, Njeri Kieha, Jackline Kimani, Tonida Baraza and Elizabeth Mabishi to Andela Kenya. Congratulations on making the 1%. A couple of new changes in the issue are organized sections for The Wall photos and featuring nd a Kenyan developer and a mentored developers from Lagos (Thanks to Akonam [Ivy] Ikpelue). ~Robert Opiyo #TIA Cover Image: Ebun Omoni pulls in a freeze pose during the issue cover shoot. Main Image: Official Class VII photo. Left: They don’t just code, they are well trained in the art of Mortal Komat fighting.


Out of 1200 applicants for the All Ladies Cohort, only 8 managed to make the final selection. Their final presentation session was opened by Mercy Orangi, Google Sub Sahara Africa’s Developer Ecosystem Community Manager. Insert: Congratulations to Edwin Kupara who graduated earlier this month to D1. In the below image he runs through the D1 Guard of Honor

“Baraka� Blessing Andela Kenya A couple of months ago, Blessing Ebowe won a trip to visit Kenya. Her visit lasted a month and she became a part of the Kenyan Fellowship to which the fellows gave her the name Baraka (Swahili for Blessing). It was great fun having her here and hope she enjoyed the land of hakuna matata and hope she comes back again.

The Brown Bag Main Image: Alex Mwaleh - Acting & Theatrical performances (Right, Top): Eric Gichuri - Career Mentorship (Right, Bottom): Ebun Omoni - BBoy Culture

Lisbi’s One Day

Lisbi Abraham stopped by to present the Fellow Survey to the Fellows at the Dojo. It was a short visit but left quite an impact.

Ebun Omoni

Two weeks ago, Lisbi and Ebun visited Nairobi for Brian Ngure’s Induction. During his stay here, Ebun was given the Kenyan name Omondi and shared his passion for break dancing with the fellows. We wish him a safe journey as he departs from Kenya today. (Below): The most successful photo with (left to right) Ebun Omoni, Brian Ngure, Lisbi Abraham & Brian Busolo

Saturday BBQ

On 21st May, the Success Department sponsored a barbecue for Andela Kenya. The party included mbuzi choma, board games, dance sessions, activities and the long awaited dance battle between Ebun Omoni vs Chris Ganga. Appreciation to Success for the awesome party and Janet Njoroge & Nyambura Kihoro for brewing Dawa (Traditional alcoholic beverage). Photo Credits: Benjamin Kagia & unknown fellows.

Udemy & Salesfolk drop-in

Sara Hooker (above) from Udemy shares with fellows about data-science during her visit to The Dojo. Heather Morgan (top right) from SalesFolk tweets out the presentation and left us with goats to remember her... goat stickers and notebooks to be clear.

The Wall of Guests Main Photo: Blessing Ebowe’s last day. 1. Mercy Orangi (Google) & Wambui Kinya (ThoughtWorks). 2. Ebun Omoni (Director of Success, Nigeria) & Lisbi Abraham (Chief Success Officer) 3. The Four Brians: Brian Mosigisi (Class I), Brian Koech (Class II), Brian Busolo (Technical Coordinator) & Brian Ngure(Director of Success, Kenya)

Oscar’s Brown Bag

He said he can bake and he did. Oscar’s brown bag was on one of his many trades in baking. His cinammon flavored scones were a hit delicacy at The Dojo. Josh took first dibs to make sure it was safe to eat. Talk about taking one for the team.

Vundi, Teddy, Eugene and Stacey rocking the all natural hair.

Japheth, Maureen and Ganga randomly decided to dressed in Black & White.

Mbithe leading the #groove-on dance group during Thursday dance sessions.

Fellows wind up the day with Cardio Hip hop dance sessions. The group is growing rapidly.

Coin balancing Art by Jee Gikera

Porcu-Banana Art by Alex Kiura

Staff and fellow representatives congratulaitng Nicholas, The Dojo on his new born baby.

Nicholas shows Dominic photos of the new born.

MENTORED DEVELOPER Please share a brief overview of your mentor(s) “Marco Cecconi-Stackoverflow : Marco was a very experienced programmer (been programming for over 30 years). His knowledge is thus unsurprisingly vast especially in the areas of data structures, algorithms, and computer science as a whole. He was particularly great with relating somewhat abstract concepts in real world scenarios to give you a clearer picture. Was great working with him. Jaynti Kanani - Codementor : Jaynti has been a programmer for a relatively shorter period but has a vast experience and also an in-depth knowledge of some of the core concepts we sometimes take for granted. I’m still learning a lot from hm.” What were your initial fears about having a mentor and how did you overcome them?

Full Name Stephen Sunday (Class VI, D1)

The initial fear especially for my current mentorship exercise was that it was going to be a complete waste of time as I’d learn better and faster on my own. I’ve however come to realize that sometimes, being led by someone who has trod a path you are currently treading is an even faster way to reach the destination.

Slack Handle @stephen

What key learning points did you take from your time with your mentor?

What type of Mentors have you had at Andela? 1. Paid Mentorship (Fixed) 2. Volunteer Mentorship

Exposure to a couple of Data Structures and Algorithms, managing expectations, sharing my thought process while thinking through a problem, and a couple of other subtle skills. Do you see the use in having a mentor? In all stages of one’s career, it is useful to have a mentor. Programming is a craft, and like every other craft you need one more experienced to guide you. I think every programmer especially Andela Fellow should have a mentor cause they were more experienced than I am. So I agree that having a mentor is useful.

FEATURED DEVELOPER What makes Andela lovable: Three things make Andela exactly the kind of place I want to spend 80% of my day: opportunity, growth and people. Opportunity to learn and be better in the various technologies, growth in proficiency and capacity, and people who demonstrate team work and support. I want to keep this network of friends for life How I heard about Andela I heard about Andela through Careerpoint Kenya. The job advert, had the employer unnamed, but the description was everything I had been looking for at the time. At the time I used to process business accounts for Kenyan businesses opening accounts in KCB. I did not think twice about applying and doing everything required to jump onto this opportunity.

Full Name Nate Martin (Class I, D1) Slack Handle @nate

Hobbies I enjoy a number of things. I love music, somehow EDM and Hip Hop music are at the top of all others and Reggae music is at the bottom. Martin Garrix is my favorite EDM DJ on world stage. I love to DJ as well, but I am not as good as these legends! I love playing sports whenever I have the opportunity. Along with sports, I would love to try out crazy stuff like bungee jumping, sky diving, gliding, kayaking, there are a bunch of these kinds of things that I would not think twice about trying, given opportunity. I love good photography, even though I do not know how it is done. I enjoy hanging around art galleries and wishing that I could do half the things they put on.Love family and Andela is family. Disclaimer: I daddy no babies in the real sense. It’s only something Andelans wish I did. :joy:

TIA Issue #16  

Dancing To The Beats Of Success

TIA Issue #16  

Dancing To The Beats Of Success