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JUNE 2016

Total Series B Impact

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are betting on Africa as the next hotbed of technological talent.

You know you're onto something when you have Mark Zuckerberg and Google behind you.




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Hi all, This issue spans events from the past four weeks with key events in our history from Andela One’s first journey to Kenya to the series B announcement of Facebook’s investment into the company and Andela Kenya’s first two developers who travelled out fto RBI for client work. ~Robert Opiyo #TIA Cover Image: We were honored to have team members from New York & San Francisco at the Dojo during Andela One’s visit to Lagos & Nairobi. Main Image: Oscar showing team members how to use the extinguisher . Inserts: Developers during a fire safety training session.

Amy Klement Visit Board member Amy Klement from Omidyar Networks, Akonam Ikpelue (Mentorship Manager) & Rosemary (JJ’s childhood friend) during a dojo tour recently.

Cohort 8 Developers

Welcome to Andela Cohort 8 Developers: (left to right) Jimmy Kamau, Loise Andia, Bernard Kanyolo, Victor Kironde (Uganda), Alex Magana, Morris Kimani & Hannah Masila.

Photo bombers Random Andelans who stopped by the interview photo area and turned it into a photo booth.

Upgrades Progess Facility upgrades in progress include a container for making calls which is nearing completion, biometric security and glass doors.

Andela One Nairobi,Kenya June 9 - 12 2016

Collection of photos from the team dinner, games, tour, St Catherine’s visit, Giraffe Centre, focus groups & morning warmups

Skopos Investors A group of Andela investors from Skopos experienced a tour of the facility speed brownbag, simulations as well as presentations from success, training, finance and data analytics.


A team from Unicef and ARM had a session to get to know some of the Kenyan developers as well as a tour of the facility.

Seni Sulyman Andela Nigeria Director of Operations, Seni Sulyman was in town for a few days to learn more about Andela Kenya’s team and developers.

Fenix International

Guest visit by Luke Hodgkinson and Amy Robinson from Fenix International, a venture-funded next-generation energy company who were assessing the Kenyan market.

Africa’s Talking Developers from Africa’s Talking during a Workshop Wednesday session.

The Brown Bag (This page) 5 minute speed brownbag by Week 1 Cohort 8 applicants (Next Page) Stephen Brenninkmeijer, Dimple Sahni, Seni Sulyman & Brian Mosigisi

Jackson Saya and Suada Haji geared up for Ramadhan.

Benjamin Kagia (far left) and Eugene Mutai (far right) posing with their RBI workmates during a party. They are Andela Kenya’s first developers to travel out of the country.

Karibu Aivee (AK) Akonam to Nairobi.

Sparks Society posing in their society t-shirts.

Developers posing with Node Africa team members during Workshop Wednesday

Ndiga teaching Ali how to do the Lipala dance .

Evan Green-Lowe sneaking into a shot.

Celebrating 6 months of Brian Busolo’s successful work in the Success Department.


(Clockwise from top left) Amos Omondi (D1), Eston Karumbi (D1) & Joshua Mwaniki (Country Director, Kenya) With Christina Sass and Jeremy Johnson.

The new interns

(Left to right) Harriet Amolo (Recruitment Intern) Oscar Mazera (Finance Intern) Ali Schmidt-Fellner (Sales & Marketing Summer Intern).

MENTORED DEVELOPER Please share a brief overview of your mentor(s) My first exposure to a professional mentor was at Andela and my first mentor was Seun Martins. I would say he was a passionate mentor; he was ever ready to guide me through my first stage of exposure to programming. I sometimes like to think I would have given up on software craft if I didn’t have a first professional mentor like him because he made me believe more in my technical capabilities. The second mentorship I had was with Roberta from stackoverflow. This was another great mentorship level. I was very much free with Roberta. It wasn’t just a career mentorship program for me but also an opportunity to talk about life and business in general. She was a jovial person with a huge sense of humor which was a key for me to get relaxed and more comfortable with her. What were your initial fears about having a mentor and how did you overcome them?

Full Name Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde (Class IV, D2)

I was scared about how dumb my questions might seems like and how my mentor will be frustrated. I also had fears on not meeting up to task when I’m challenged but all that is not a problem now with my experience with them.

Slack Handle @yetty

What key learning points did you take from your time with your mentor?

What type of Mentors have you had at Andela? 1. Paid Mentorship (Fixed) 2. Volunteer Mentorship 3. In-house

“I’ve learnt failure is not the end of the world. It simply means trying again with a better strategy. I’ve also learnt that you can achieve anything in life but only if you believe you can. That has taught me impossibility should never be an option.” Do you see the use in having a mentor? Yes, mentorship is an indispensable requirement for anyone’s growth; not only are skills and experiences shared, but there’s value in the essential examination of one’s own work and techniques.

FEATURED DEVELOPER What makes Andela lovable: Andela is an amazing place. The environment is set up to bring out the best you. The support you get to achieve your goals is exemplary. Even though it’s a job, I get to do something I love surrounded by awesome and brilliant people so it doesn’t feel like one. But most of all, it’s how close people are here. They feel like family not only friends. How I heard about Andela I had just decided to go back to school and get that Computer Science degree. In the mean time I was looking for something I could do part time while I was in school. A friend sent me links to take a look at and as I was going through them, came across an ad on iHub. It seemed like a brilliant opportunity, everything I wanted all in one. So here I am!

Full Name Jeremy Kithome (Class II, D1) Slack Handle @not-ceo-jeremy

Hobbies -Everything about motorcycles. -Mountain Climbing & Hiking -Playing video games especially FPS, Racing and actio -Adventure games -Playing and watching basketball. -Going for long drives. -Music Interesting Facts about you -I am not the CEO. Haha. -There is a song about my birthday. Well, it’s Jay Z’s but I will take it. -I have played and completed all Need For Speed and Tomb Raider games ever made. -I can take apart and put back together a motorcycle engine. - I have completed over 2000 sudoku puzzles. - I want to be the first Kenyan to climb Mr. Everest and also complete the seven summits, seven second summits and visit the two poles for the Adventure’s Grand Slam. I also want to join the the 40 large group of people to climb all the peaks above 8000m.

Tia Issue #17  

Photos from Andela One in Nairobi, Amy Klement from Omidiyar, Unicef/ARM, Fenix International, Cohort 8 and more...

Tia Issue #17  

Photos from Andela One in Nairobi, Amy Klement from Omidiyar, Unicef/ARM, Fenix International, Cohort 8 and more...