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Fishing Trips in Andaman Islands - Fun Unlimited There was a time when fishing used to be the mode of earning livelihood for a particular class who were known as fishermen. But now-a-days you will find many people who consider fishing as their favorite hobby and as a matter of fact they are so skilled fishermen that they can even challenge those who do this as a profession. As the number of people who take keen interest in fishing is not negligible any more, there are various spots and destinations, which are considered the best for fishing holidays. So this type of vacations is basically those holidays when you spend most of your leisure on the shore of a water body or on the boats catching fishes. There are many tour operators who specially design the fishing trips in Andaman Islands solely for the fishing freaks. If you are planning to take your wife and kids with you to a fishing trip then be rest assured that you may have to face a lot of disturbances, as the family might not take interest in joining you on the water. Long inaccessible and simply unchartered, the Andaman Islands have untouched pristine reefs. The fish in these waters are said to die only of old age given that the local fishing trip here is far from excessive and commercial fishing in almost nonexistent. The Andamans are one of the last frontiers for true big game sport fishing.

There are various places all over the world, which can be counted as the ultimate destinations for a perfect fishing getaway. Generally people prefer to go to the coastal areas to enjoy their fishing vacation. Some of the popular ones are Los Cabos of Mexico, Andaman Islands of India, Quepos of Costa Rica and obviously Canberra, Australia, among these Andaman Islands of India has got most fame for fishing trips. We aim to provide you the best fishing trips in Andaman Islands. Salt water angling or game fishing is a sport that has seen huge success in these waters. Become a part of one of the most addictive sporting pastimes today. The waters here are teeming with record sized game fish. By virtue of its position, the islands receive a continuous south/south west current which brings with it plenty of baitfish as well as Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Dogtooth, Yellow fin Tuna, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, Groupers, Great Barracuda and Snappers. Night fishing for Giant Grouper, Snappers, Swordfish and Shark too are possible with Barefoot Holidays.

You can take part in various fishing activities like coastal fishing, fly-fishing and estuary fishing on a fishing vacation. Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice to the world of sport fishing, we can design and tailor make packages for you with Game and Sport fishing charters who are professional, practice the catch and release method and are well acquainted with the waters of the Andaman basin.

Fishing Trips in Andaman Islands - Fun Unlimited  

now-a-days you will find many people who consider fishing as their favorite hobby and as a matter of fact they are so skilled fishermen that...

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