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Volume 2 Issue 3 • Stallion Issue • Winter 2012-13

Uniting the Passion for the Iberian Show Horse

Legacy’s Conquistador Del Sol Black P.R.E. Stallion, 16.2 hands Cria Caballar Revised DNA Morpho Tested Homozygous – Black ANCCE Registered

Photos by Maria Guimon

Movement, Temperament, Size and Beauty

NOW SHOWING PSG Shown exclusively in Wellington, Florida Look for us at all the Wellington rated shows Owned and Loved by Debi Berger For breeding information, contact Debi A. Berger 561-301-1452 email:

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about the cover: 2012 Alliance National Champion Senior Stallion, Marinero LVII owned by Apolinar Rico. Photo by April Visel

Winter 2012-13 Vol. 2 • Issue 3

Board of Directors Warren Mather • President Nancy Latta • Vice President Susan Cox • Treasurer Nancy Nathanson • Secretary John Brown • Director Gloria Hennen • Director Amanda Latta-Shields • Director Gareth A. Selwood • Director Magazine Committee Amber Lentz • John Brown Creative Director, Designer:

Debby Mudler 20 E. Airport Rd. #122, Lebanon, OR 97355 phone 503-936-7141 fax 503-914-1680 Contributing Writers Rebecca Algar, Nadine Tilley, Karen Jenkins, Gary Mullen, Ed.D, Kit Calafato Alliance Source Magazine is the official publication of: The All American Andalusian & Lusitano Show Horse Alliance 29905 E. Windmill Ridge Ln. Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 phone 805-448-3027 fax 816-697-6671 Postmaster send address changes to: Alliance Source Magazine, 29905 E. Windmill Ridge Ln. Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 email Editorial Policy: It is the goal of the Alliance to promote showing, breeding and marketing of the Iberian show horse in all venues and disciplines without favoritism or prejudice. The Alliance Source magazine’s content will strive to increase education about the breed, regardless of lineage or registry. The Alliance programs, its members accomplishments as well as informative and current articles pertaining to the Iberian breeds will be the essence of this publication. Alliance Source reserves the right to edit any materials submitted for publication. Legal Policy: The views and opinions expressed in these articles and advertisements are the authors’ and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Alliance Source Magazine, The Alliance, its volunteers, members, or board. Any person who submits materials, including, but not limited to photographs for publication in Alliance Source agrees to indemnify Alliance Source and The Alliance against any and all damages that arise as a result of such publication including and not limited to damages (including attorney fees) that arise from a claim of any copyright laws. Alliance Source Magazine is not responsible for claims made by advertisers, and we do not attempt to verify the accuracy of ads. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, without the express written permission of the Alliance and Zosha Design. Copyright 2011-13 • All Rights Reserved Printed in the USA

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do Passargada Born 09/23/06


( Othello do Retiro


EVA / CEM Negative

Stud Fee $1,500 LFG

Maricota das Videiras )

Bred by Murillo Ferro Sao Paolo,Brazil Photos by Christina Hyke

at horse shows across the country! 2012 Show Record:

Midwest Baroque Spring Show Elkhorn, WI • May 25, USEF Judge Mrs. Joan Harms • First Place A/L Stallions 5,6 & 7 Years Old • First Place A/L Sport Horse Stallions • First Place A/L Stallions Amateur • Champion Senior A/L Stallion • Grand Champion A/L Stallion • Champion of Champions Andalusian/Lusitano Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee, Springfield, OH • June 30, USEF Judge Mr. Wayne Hipsley

• First Place Stallions 3 and Over • Champion A/L Stallion • Grand Champion Andalusian Stallion Midwest Baroque Qualifier & Regional Sport Horse Elkhorn, WI • Jul 27, USEF Judge Mrs. Jacque Hill

• Second Place A/L Stallions 5 & Over • First Place A/L Stallions Amateur • Reserve Champion A/L Stallion • Reserve Grand Champion Andalusian/Lusitano • Region 3 Reserve Champion A/L Sport Horse Stallion Midwest Baroque Regional Championships, Elkhorn, WI • Jul 28, USEF Judge Mr. Chris Bickford

• Region 3 Champion A/L Senior Stallion • Region 3 Champion A/L Stallions Amateur Baroque Horse Classic, Hamburg, NY • Aug 17, USEF Judge Mr. Walter de la Brosse • First Place A/L Stallions 5 and Over • First Place A/L Stallions Amateur • First Place A/L Sport Horse Stallions • Champion A/L Senior Stallions • Grand Champion A/L Stallion • Champion A/L Sport Horse • Champion of Champions Andalusian/Lusitano Baroque Horse Championships, Hamburg, NY • Aug 18, USEF Judge Mrs. Sue Burkman • First Place Stallions 5 and Over • First Place Stallions Amateur • First Place Sport Horse Stallions • Champion Andalusian/Lusitano Sport Horse • Champion A/L Senior Stallion • Grand Champion A/L Stallion • Reserve Grand Champion Andalusian/Lusitano Eastern Regional ERAHC Championships, USEF Judge Joanne Crockett • Region 6 Champion A/L Senior Stallion • Region 6 Champion A/L Stallions Amateur • Region 6 Reserve Champion A/L Sport Horse Stallion APSL Judge Mr. Rui Rosado, Portugal

• • •

First Place Lusitano stallions 5 and Over Region 6 Champion Lusitano Stallion Revised and APSL Approved with 72% 2012 USEF Andalusian/Lusitano Halter Horse of the Year 2012 IALHA Purebred High Point Halter Horse of the Year

Sale Inquiries Invited

www.ChateauStallion.Com Selwood Park Gareth A. Selwood

Photos by Classical Equine Photography

standing at:

Owned by Gareth A. Selwood • 840 Lake Rd • Youngstown, NY 14174 • 262-325-0283 • design by

member news

Selwood Park

Christa Elaine Wood & her family had moved on May 30th. We were finally allowed to visit the Ranch on July 1st and Youngstown, New York found that we had also lost our hay barn, a pasture shelter, our tractor as well as suffered damage to our indoor arena. We moved the horses back to the Ranch and on July 27th Toledana VIII presented us with Regalo SMDR (a true gift). We moved back to the Ranch on August 1st and are living in a 5th wheel trailer, have started construction on our new house & hope to be moved into it sometime in the summer of 2013. We do want everyone to know that Dee & I and our horses are fine. Like the butterfly & the phoenix we are arising out of the ashes -- as I look out of the trailer this morning there is a construction crew setting forms for the little bit of concrete that has to be poured. As I indicated, we hope to be in our new house (this is the 1st time we Nevado OTR By Navarre GF won USEF National Grand have built a house) late spring or summer depending on Champion Half Andalusian Horse of the Year when owned our winter weather. While we loved our other house, we and trained by Gareth A Selwood now owned by Erin didn’t build it. It has been fun designing the new house. Dee is really getting into all of the interiors. Whalen. We couldn’t believe the out pouring of thoughts, prayers & sympathy that we received from people literally from all over the world. That truly helped us through those early weeks.

Skelton Mountain Dream Ranch Bellvue, Colorado

Tru Andalusians Geneva, Illinois

SMDR has survived a summer of chaos in Colorado. We have continued to downsize our operations and plan to keep 4 to 5 PRE horses for the foreseeable future. We presently are offering 2 horses for sale (see our website for details). CONGRATULATIONS to Deirdre Teasley of Florida on the purchase of Galana SMDR and Audrey Reyna of Texas on the purchase of Querida SMDR. As you may know, on the morning of June 9th, high winds ignited a smoldering lightening strike about 2 miles west of SMDR into an inferno called the High Park Fire. The fire moved parallel to the Ranch all that day and appeared as if it was passing us by. However, around 4 PM we were given a mandatory evacuation notice. We loaded our 5 horses, 3 cats and some personal possessions into our 2 trailers and left the Ranch about 8 PM. We were able to leave the horses at one of our client’s places about 15 miles away. Late on June 14th, we learned that the fire had taken our house and then on June 15th we found out our trainers house was gone too -- fortunately

I just received confirmation from USEF that my gorgeous mare, JS Donica has won the USEF 2012 Andalusian Grand Champion Horse of the Year! I am so excited and proud of my girl! Many thanks to her breeders John and Karen M Rock who have expertly trained and handled her to many of her wins. Look for us in the show ring next year.... Go Team Pink!

2009 Revised PRE Andalusian Mare Navarre GF x Saltadora UVF (Fandango D) Bred By: Karen M Rock - Jay Stables Owned By: Jodi Cieslak - Tru Andalusians

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Meetthe Members 1 2 3 4 5 6

Welcome to ... Meet the Members. Each issue of the magazine, current Alliance members are selected to be interviewed and their answers to our questions published here. This is a great way for all of our Alliance members to get to know one another and to introduce new members to the rest of the organization. Members are selected by suggestion of board members, other members and/or because of the life they lead outside of horses. We hope you enjoy reading this feature as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


When did you first become involved in the breed?


What made you become involved in the Alliance?


What is your favorite discipline?


What do you do besides horses?


What steps do you think the Alliance could take to increase the visibility of our breed across the country?


What would you like to see happen with this breed in the next five years and what would you suggest to reach those goals?

Rebecca Algar,

Gainesville, Texas

I first became involved with Andalusians when I purchased one for a client in 1976. I like to show my horses, meet other aficionados, and meet people with interest in this great breed. My favorite discipline ... that’s a tough one! I love classical dressage, working equitation, Doma Vaquera, Heck, I like all of it... :) Believe it or not, I love designing things from scratch ... houses, barns, gardens, interiors. More publicity, promotion, visibility. Have representatives, horses, riders in front of the public whenever possible. I would like to see this breed competing successfully in other areas of competition, and to this end I think we need to educate ourselves on what is needed to be successful- i.e., gaits, movement, athleticism, and above all, CORRECT training. This is an incredibly versatile, rider-friendly breed--let’s capitalize on that!

Rebecca Algar and Kendo MC

Rebecca Algar and Tornado XXVIII photo credit Jean-Michel Ramier

photo credit Terri Cage

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 8

All American Andalusian & Lusitano Show Horse Alliance 29905 E Windmill Ridge Ln., Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 Phone 805-448-3027 • Fax 816-697-6671

You are cordially invited to join the Alliance! In March of 2009, a group of dedicated amateur and professional horsemen and horsewomen had the first of many discussions that would lead to the formation of a new and exciting not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to the purpose of promoting the breeding, training and showing of the Andalusian and Lusitano and their part bred horses in America.

Why did we form the Alliance? The founding members strongly believe that the best way to promote and show the breed is to have a national organization which welcomes and supports all Andalusians and Lusitanos (and their part breds) regardless of their recognized registry(ies). We feel it’s critical to maintain a larger, unified presence at shows, exhibitions, and other venues, whether at regional all breed shows or breed specific shows and demonstrations, in order to uphold credibility for the breed within the equestrian industry.

The Alliance is not a Registry. We will endeavor at all times to be welcoming to all registries of the Iberian Horse and whenever possible be as inclusive as the rules of specific competitions and associations will allow. The Alliance will promote the great Iberian Horse regardless of bloodlines, country of origin or specific aptitude or discipline. All disciplines will be treated equally and will be given as much respect, promotion, and exposure as possible. We are looking forward to the 2012 Andalusian Lusitano Alliance US Grand National Championships and excited about this opportunity to present another venue for showing these magnificent horses. We offer a full range of classes, including English, Western, Driving, Hunter, Doma Vaquera, Dressage (rated), Dancing Horses, PRE, ANCCE, PSL, SP, and also the same classes for part breds. If you feel it’s important to unite these wonderful horses for show and promotion purposes, we encourage you to become a member of the Show Horse Alliance and get involved. A membership form is on the back of this page, or join online!

Why Join The Alliance? By joining the Alliance you will be supporting an effort to have all the different heritage lines of “the Andalusian” and “Lusitano” show and exhibit under one umbrella at the same time, while still maintaining their uniqueness. •

To be involved in progressive and positive leadership, in order to increase the marketability and value of ALL horses, by working together to build a future for the breed.

To be a participant in new and innovative incentive opportunities which have never before been offered in this breed, such as the Significant Sires Program and Youth group.

To be part of a united group offering equality for all.

To have the ability to qualify for The Alliance’s Grand National Show by showing at any recognized breed show, regardless of the registry. In addition, you can qualify for Dressage or Dancing Horse classes by showing in any competition offered for them.

As a member you will be eligible to participate in the SS and youth programs. In addition, The Alliance Source, the premier Iberian Horse magazine, and the Alliance eNews are included with your membership. This is a great way to keep informed about breaking news within the breed. Alliance members are encouraged to send farm/barn news in for both internationally distributed publications!

To put the fun back in showing and exhibiting!

The Board of Directors The All American Andalusian and Lusitano Show Horse Alliance Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 9

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president’saward show report

2011 & 2012 President’s Awards

Amber Lentz

Nancy Latta

The Alliance President's Awards for 2011 and 2012 were presented by Alliance President Warren Mather at the 2012 Alliance National Championship Show. The 2011 President's award recipient was Amber Lentz, awarded in recognition of her hard work and dedication as part of the Alliance Source Magazine Committee. Nancy Latta (Alliance Vice President), of Amandalusian Farms was selected for 2012 for her tireless efforts to help promote the Alliance at various shows and events.

Thank you, from all of us, for Amber Lentz received the President’s Award in 2011 for her dedication and hard work as part of the Alliance Source Magazine Committee.

your dedication, spirit and leadership!

Nancy Latta received the President’s Award in 2012 for her tireless efforts in promoting the Alliance at shows and events.

2012 Canadian National Andalusian & Lusitano Show & Fiesta July 19-21, 2012 Chilliwack Heritage Park - Chilliwack, BC The Pacific Association of the Andalusian & Lusitano Horse (PAALH) held their annual Canadian National Show & Fiesta this past July 19-21 at Chilliwack’s Heritage Park. Once again it was a successful event with horses and exhibitors travelling from all around Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest US. The show hosted National Championship classes in dressage, performance, and inhand for purebred and partbred Andalusians & Lusitanos as well as non-National “Baroque” classes which were for the first time open to all breeds. This change in the program allowed more exhibitors to come out and enjoy what has often been called “one of the most fun and enjoyable horse shows around.” Saturday featured the Fiesta of the Royal Horse which, as usual played to a full house of over 800 spectators. Organizers are especially proud of the Fiesta and the support it brings in from the community as it offers the chance to promote the breed and share their beloved horses with a wide audience. The grand finale event is free to attend with donations being gratefully accepted at the door. PAALH would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all of the sponsors, supporters, volunteers,

exhibitors, and spectators who continue to make this Canadian National Show & Fiesta a success!!

Canadian Andalusian Supreme Halter Champion: VMF Coqueta Elegante owned and shown by Dr. Anne Starr of Crescent Valley, BC National Champion Senior Stallion: Milan owned and shown by Miranda Wardman of Eagle Bay, BC National Champion Senior Mare: Odalisca GF owned and shown by Julie Alonzo of Eugene, OR National Champion Best Movement: Mystique’s Calisto owned by Albert & Bette-Lyn Eger of Roberts Creek, BC

PAALH is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the Andalusian & Lusitano breeds. For more information on the club and how to join, please visit or find us on facebook at

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Home of Multi-National Champions:

Kripton SENI II • Mayoral LA • Fabuloso XLI • Orgulloso XLIX • Afrodita M Suay • Robusto AF

Photos: Lee Locke, Rick Osteen, Lesley Harrison

Amandalusian Farm

design by

quality create


let us help design your next showstopper! Stallions at stud & Young horses for sale out of our National Champion Imported Andalusians

General inquiries: Nancy and Joe Latta Burbank, CA • 818-427-3541

For breeding and sales horse information contact: Sandy Shields, Trainer 661-713-0492





he Championship Horse Show, hosted by the California Andalusian Horse Alliance, was held August 9–12 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, California. It was a combination of three shows, held in the same location at the same time. The Alliance National Championship Show, IALHA Region One Regional Championship Show and the IFSHA Region 10 Regional Championship Show were held concurrently over the weekend and the show also hosted classes for Gypsy and Drum horses. Despite the heat, competitors traveled from as far away as Texas for a chance to win a National or Regional Title. The weather didn’t seem to put a damper on any

Burbank, California

to a minimum due to the extreme heat. The Alliance Open Dressage Show was also held on Thursday and it was entertaining to see horses performing in the two arenas concurrently. Both Iberians, and horses of all breeds competed in these classes. The show offered every sort of performance class you could think of from driving to dressage to western pleasure. On Friday night, the Alliance sponsored an exhibitors’ dinner where everyone at the show had a chance to get together, share a meal and some laughs, and bid on the gift baskets and other items donated for the silent auction. Each exhibitor in the Alliance National Show also received a gift bag from the Alliance to welcome and thank them for attending the show. Doug Shane did an amazing job as the announcer and offered his trademark song request forms in the show office. This made for a very interesting and diverse

Alliance National Champion Country English Pleasure Ambicioso 2, owned by Anita L. Harkness, shown by Dana Kanstul

Bocelli, owned and ridden by Debra Clark - NC Vintage Rider

exhibitor’s enthusiasm. The show began on Thursday with the qualifying show where exhibitors had a last minute chance to qualify for Championship classes if they hadn’t already. Judge Walter de La Brosse, put horses through their paces, but kept class length

Judges and show officials

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 17

soundtrack to the show! Paula Brand was the show manager and not only did a great job of decorating the show grounds and center ring with a fairy-tale theme, but made everyone at the show feel welcome. Nancy Nathanson kept the show office running smoothly and ensured that every competitor got any questions answered. Judges Elizabeth Shatner, Chris Bickford and Sue Burkman did an excellent job of judging the great quality horses that attended the show. Seeing them dressed in their finest for the evening classes brought an air of elegance to the show. During the Saturday night evening classes, Alliance President, Warren Mather, presented the prestigious President’s Award to the recipients from 2011 and 2012. Amber Lentz (2011) and Nancy Latta (2012) were the honorees of this award, voted on by the board for the outstanding dedication they have shown to both the organization and the breed. Rebecca Algar traveled with her two horses, Tornado XXVIII and Kendo MC, over 1,200 miles to attend the show. She ended up taking home 8 championship titles and two reserve championships. She thought the trophies were absolutely stunning and will be very pleased to have them to display for years to come. Rachel Frieman aboard Amuleto was the Alliance High Point Youth of the show, winning four National Championships, one Reserve National Championship, one Top Five award and placing first and second in her dressage tests. She is trains with LaVine Equestrian in Canyon Country, California. The Alliance National Champion Senior

Alliance National Champion Native Tack and Attire Tornado XXVIII, owned and shown by Rebecca Algar

Famoso AV, owned by Antonio and Lola Vasquez - NC Colt 2 & Under

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 18

Stallion title was awarded to Marinero LVII, owned by Apolinar Rico and shown by Jose Luis Mariscal. Marinero was also named Alliance Reserve National Champion Best Movement. Tornado XXVIII took the Reserve National title, shown by Kimm Wilcoxson for owner Rebecca Algar. Metalica RAR, owned by Canta Rana Ranch won the National Champion Senior Mare title, shown by Warren Mather of Choice Show Horses. The Reserve Championship Senior Mare title went to Presumida CLX shown by Jose Corona for Marisol Corona. The cooperation between the different organizations involved in this show was great to see, it allowed exhibitors the opportunity to compete in more classes without the expense of attending extra shows.

Presented for sale by

ww w . c l a ss i c a l b a ro q u




• USEF Horse of the Year 2011 • World Equestrian Games opening ceremony performer • National Champion of Dressage Hack • National Champion of Doma Vaquera • National Champion of English Show • Best movement medal Senior Stallion • National Best Dancing horse • National Best Piaffe • National Best Passage • National Best Spanish Walk • Sire of Champion offspring

contact Tiana Ng Hornickel • phone 630-632-6266 • email

design by

photos by Fire & Earth Photo

30 years with Andalusians

Whatever you do in life, passion and dedication is essential for success.

Sedona TA Photo by Javan


he Iberian Horse has been in my life since 1980 when a two-year-old stallion, Bilbaino III, was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband. Little did Bill Tilley know that his gift would lead to a love affair of now thirty years involving many charismatic and talented equines. When you own beautiful pieces of art, you want to share it with others and in the equine social order that means competitions. Whatever you do in life, passion and dedication is essential for success. Tilley Andalusians seriously focused on breeding the Iberian Horse after purchasing a boutique ranch in Hemet, California in 1997. The focus of our breeding program is form to function. All the disciplines of the arena are in our repertoire and Tilley Andalusians has a reputation for producing winners. We strive to make sure that their training and education is at each individual’s own pace. As their bodies develop and mature, we introduce the required skills to succeed. Although Tilley Andalusians is small in size, the standard set for any equine we present is significant. Commitment to quality, functionality and temperament is the

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 24

Tilley Andalusians by Nadine Tilley

Amici BB Photo by Javan

highest criteria for any horse shown under our logo. Tilley Andalusians has won over a dozen National Grand Champion titles, over sixty National Champion Performance titles as well as numerous Regional and Open Breed Championships in Halter, Driving, and Performance. That is a remarkable record. These accolades mean little without acknowledging the support and guidance of good teachers and mentors. Tilley Andalusians has been privileged to have had exceptional equine professionals guiding our horses to their accomplishments. Bilbaino III, was the first Andalusian horse to arrive at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, California. Trained by Arnold Houser (Arnold has been honored with an IALHA Perpetual Trophy for High Point Halter Horse of the Year) Bilbaino had a long, varied and successful show career. He also had an official fan club, He became so popular with the public that signs had to be posted with visitation hours and what treats were approved.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 25

Bill Deeney driving Amici BB and DiMaggio TA at the Carriage Pleasure Days Competition - June 2012. Photo credit Mark DiLeo.

Driving became a new interest in 1984 and following Arnold Houser’s tenure, Tim Beals took the reins. Tim introduced the horses to the world of Combined and Cross Country Driving. Driving legend, Leo Sproul, than took up the banner and added Pleasure Driving and Antique Carriages to the dance card Warren Mather and Glenn Wilson assumed the guidance of the show horses in 1994, Warren preparing them in halter and Glenn for performance. When the Hemet ranch acquisition was made Glenn became the head trainer and ranch manager and remained until his retirement two years ago continuing to make winning a legacy for the ranch. Presently on board at Tilley Andalusians is Bill Deeney, Head Trainer and Director of Operations. An exceptional talent, Bill has made an indelible mark on our training and showing program bringing with him his commitment for excellence. In 2008, his first year at the ranch, Tilley Andalusians brought home a National Grand Championship title, seven National Championship Performance titles, three

Reserve National Championship titles and three Top Fives. Bill D brings dedication to the Andalusian and Lusitano breed and has an adventuresome spirit ready to face new challenges and achieve ambitious goals. As a result of these relationships and personal passion, commitment and drive, Tilley Andalusians has had extraordinary respect and recognition from the horse community. I have had the privilege of being on the cover of Andalusian Magazine twice. The first cover in 1997 with an Antique Carriage Driving Andalusian, La Nina, at the Santa Ynez Carriage Classic. The second cover in 2009, with XarPei VO, a golden palomino Lustitano stallion winning the 2009 National Champion Western Pleasure Vintage Rider Class. The IALHA has honored me twice as Amateur Horsewoman of the Year and twice as Volunteer of the Year. The success of my driving horses led to an USEF Equestrian of the Year Nominee as an Equestrian of Honor recipient of the Bill Robinson Trophy. This trophy is presented to an equestrian

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 26

competing across all the breeds in harness and driving performance. These accomplishments have been the result of the love affair that began those many years ago. Another milestone for Tilley Andalusians was the fabulous opportunity to put the Andalusian and Lusitano breed in the public eye for generations to come. My husband Bill and I created a permanent endowment to support the University of Southern California mascot, Traveler. Traveler is the most recognized college mascot in the United States and is now on the way to becoming an icon in the Iberian Horse world. The ranch in Hemet is now also known as the “Home of Traveler” and we look forward to breeding future mascots for years to come. This year at the 2012 IALHA National Championships, Tilley Andalusians was rewarded with our eight-year-old stallion, Amici BB, winning the coveted title of National Grand Champion Senior Stallion. We are exceptionally proud of Amici BB, who is only the fourth stallion to achieve in the 30 years of Andalusian Shows, the titles of both National Grand Champion Junior Stallion in 2008 and National Grand Champion Senior Stallion in 2012. Amici has all the qualities that are important for the breeding program at Tilley Andalusians. He will play an integral part as we prepare for the future. We are enthusiastic to launch the show career of Amici’s first Get, Sedona TA, in the show arena in 2013. We finished this years National Championship with another National Grand Champion Halter title for Half Andalusian Senior Gelding, a Reserve National Grand Championship title for Senior Gelding, four National Championship Performance titles, six Reserve National Champion Performance titles and the highest score awarded in Training Level Dressage Competition for the Dressage Performance Futurity. A heartfelt thank you to all who have been a part of this amazing journey.

Bilbaino III and Nadine taken at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center November 1982 - photo credit June Fallaw.

Cover of Issue Three of the Andalusian Magazine 1997 La Nina driven by Nadine Tilley, groom Tim Beals

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 27

Imperiosa Offered for Sale


sire Imperioso D (Leviton grandson) dam Minerva MAC (Clasico MAC daughter, Leviton granddaughter)

design by

This mare has incredibly solid bone, fabulous movement, and a remarkable calmness and willingness of temperament that make her a joy to work with. She is highly favored by the Spanish judges: • 2009 IALHA National Champion Spanish Fillies 2y/o and under. • 2010 National Champion Spanish Fillies, also the highest score of all ANCCE entries, and National Grand Champion Purebred English Pleasure Saddle Seat Jr. Horse. • 2011 IALHA Reserve National Champion Spanish Mares 3-4 yo, along with 3 other national titles.

Photo Rick Osteen

If her first foal, a colt by KA Tabasco, is any indication, she has an incredible future ahead of her in producing supremely talented and conformationally correct offspring.

C R w w w. C o r o n a R e a l S h o w H o r s e s . c o m Inquiries:

Susan Cox • 816-665-7030 •

The latest inductee

Stallion Hall of Fame

into the

For winning the 2008 Junior Stallion title and coming back in 2012 and garnering the National Champion Senior Stallion award. To date only 3 other stallions have accomplished this grand feat!

A mici Escamillo x Bregadora


2012 ialha grand national champion senior stallion

Photos by: Tass, Javan, Carmin

Sedona TA Amici’s first foal 2011 Filly Amici BB x Maite



Nadine Tilley • 25248 Los Rancherias Road, Hemet, CA 95245 951-926-3627 • • Trainer: Bill Deeney • Home of the USC Mascot “Traveler”

design by

To Import ... or Not?

by Karen A. Jenkins


business to help me with this journey. I would warn the newcomer that n l984 when I made the decision to purchase an Andalusian horse I it would be wise not to rely on luck or timing. The decision to own did not have many choices. I made an instant decision to have one of an Andalusian/Lusitano has a tendency to be an emotional one. We these noble horses after watching the movie “Bolero” in which Bo Derek are captivated by these glorious horses, their fabulous temperaments, demonstrated their exciting qualities; a purely romantic and personal intelligence and nobility and frustrated by their lack of availability. It is decision. It was difficult to even find information about the breed and easy to get led astray making a decision about buying a particular horse. even more difficult to purchase one especially in Tennessee where I was Do your homework! living at the time. I had come from a strong background of breeding Today you have many sources of information about the Andalusian and showing champion American Saddlebreds and Tennessee Walking and Lusitano Horse. There are a number of organizations that can Horses for many years. I was accustomed to going to a trainer or a breeder provide this information; The International to select a horse. I was also in the habit of Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association, buying top quality horses in breeds about The Foundation for the Pure Spanish which I had a wealth of information such Horse, the Lusitano Connection, and most as bloodlines, winning horses, winning recently The All American Andalusian trainers, the horse shows, etc. and Lusitano Show Horse Alliance. All I rushed home from the movie of these organizations have publications theater and dug out an old copy of Equus which are filled with articles about and magazine where I was sure I had seen advertisements for the Iberian horse. They an advertisement. I finally discovered a also have websites, as do most breeders and small ad in the back of the magazine that trainers. Information is abundant now. led me to a phone number in California Use all of these sources; speak to that was the contact for the International breeders, go to horse shows and other Andalusian Horse Association (IAHA now 1988 at La Lomita in CALIFORNIA with Oriana S events featuring Andalusians & Lusitanos, the IALHA). It seemed that the only real read the books available from Spain and Portugal, learn about the concentration of these horses and the shows for them was in California. bloodlines, learn about the long history of the Andalusian and Lusitano At the time the number of Iberian horses in the U.S. was a little more horse and its use, both in Spain and Portugal and in the U.S. Learn than 5,000. about the differences between the Pure Spanish Horse, the Lusitano and Shortly thereafter, I was on a plane to Del Mar and the 1984 the Spanish-Portuguese horse which make up the three sections of the IAHA National Horse Show. After watching the show and spending a International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association Registry, an week touring the barns and farms of breeders up and down the coast all-inclusive registry in the U.S. Gathering this knowledge will enhance of California, I was completely confused. I knew very little about the your experience in owning an Iberian horse and keep you from making standards of the breed, very little about the breeders and really had not mistakes in what could be a lifetime decision. made up my mind about what I wanted for my dream horse: a mare, a stallion, a horse under saddle or for breeding? My mind was wide open to being captivated by the horse of my I will have to say that my 28 year journey with the Iberian horse to the present has been one of great luck, timing and definitely one of meeting dreams. We were treated very nicely by all whom we visited and gleaning knowledge from some wonderful, sharing people. but found that the selection of available horses was quite Next make a decision what kind of horse suits your lifestyle. Do you small and the ones that I was drawn to seemed not to be for sale. I took want to show in horse shows or dressage? Do you want to participate in that as a good sign that I was, at least, selecting the correct horses. We the new classical discipline put forward by the Baroque Games which is returned to Tennessee without a new horse. It wasn’t until two months particularly suited to the Iberian Horse? Do you just want a companion/ later that I received a call from a breeder in California that a mare that pleasure horse? Do you want to become a breeder? Do you want a we had seen was for sale after all. So I did end up with the horse of my stallion, mare or gelding? What works for your lifestyle? Remember to dreams, the 1983 National Champion Mare, Oriana S. From that time on be realistic in your choices. I will have to say that my 28 year journey with the Iberian horse to the When you have considered all these decisions, now is the time to go present has been one of great luck, timing and definitely one of meeting shopping for your new Iberian horse. Now there are more questions and and gleaning knowledge from some wonderful, sharing people. these are very important ones. If you are looking for a trained horse, I have related all of this because, to a newcomer to the breed, the then you should search out the best trainers for the particular discipline situation with the Andalusian and Lusitano horse at first seems much in which you intend to participate. same today. I was extremely lucky and I had a long history in the horse Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 32

tense as well as mentally and physically blocked The magazines will provide you with listings of from achieving their athletic potential. Sometimes available trainers specializing in the Iberian horse in the the horses never totally lose the problems that poor American show ring with its varied disciplines such as introductory training instills in them. Tina and Bruno halter, driving, Western or English Pleasure, etc. There are now, for the most part, are working with select are also trainers and clinics available, although somewhat American breeders to chose talented prospects from limited, in the Spanish and Portuguese disciplines such known breeding programs and importing only young, as Doma Vaquera, La Garoucha, etc. untrained horses for additional bloodlines for breeding. There are not many competitive dressage trainers Many American breeders have excellent classical that have knowledge and experience with the abilities and competitive Iberian dressage prospects that and temperament of the Iberian horses in the dressage can be purchased at reasonable prices. Select a wellring. The last few years have brought forward some recognized trainer, whose methods have successfully spectacular Iberian horses that have captured the interest produced good, competitive horses that are a joy to of the competitive dressage trainers. They have learned that the Iberian horse’s qualities of temperament, Spain in 1994 with the famous Jenson at ride. These trainers also have older, more finished the Military Stud in Jerez horses that can be purchased. It is a real advantage to lightness and intelligence are very valuable assets for the buy from one of these U.S. trainers. You can observe and ride the horse competitive rider. If you have competitive dressage, in mind be sure and more than one time. You can rely on U.S. veterinarians to do a thorough select a trainer with knowledge of training an Iberian Horse. pre-purchase exam that you can trust. The money you save from the The Iberian does not respond well to the strong hands often required importation cost you can apply to training and learning for you and your for today’s Warmblood horses and the necessity for being pushed forward new horse. at all costs. The Iberian responds more readily to classical training which The other important thing to know about importation is that the can properly prepare a horse for competitive dressage or for classical breeders in Spain, Portugual, and Brazil are not keen to send their best riding venues such as the Baroque Games. It is actually a good basis for horses out of their countries, especially to the United States. Making the start of any discipline you might choose to participate in with your a trip to select an imported horse should only be done in the company Iberian horse. of a knowledgeable person who has no profit motive in mind. It should Classically trained horses require knowledge of classical riding. A be someone who can open the doors to see the horses that the breeders classically trained horse will normally require you keep the horse with will not normally show an American buyer. Trustworthy people in that a classical trainer for a while and to learn to ride with the lightness and category are difficult to find. balance required for this discipline. Again there are many trainer’s offering If you want to become a breeder and are looking for breeding stock this training. Be sure and talk to several of these trainers to satisfy your then go to recognized breeders and ask questions, learn the bloodlines, self that their knowledge is genuine and their abilities proven. Speaking decide what qualities the horse you want to breed must have. Learn the to other clients of the trainer in question is a good way to determine what breed standard and learn to recognize horses that have the qualities that your experience might be. define the Iberian horse. Good, honest breeders should be willing to In selecting either a competitive dressage horse or a classically share their knowledge and help a newcomer to get started correctly in trained horse there is always the temptation to consider importing from the breed for the very reason that the future production of quality horses Spain, Portugal or Brazil. These countries advertise many horses as is paramount to the success of the Iberian Horse in the United States. being “trained to upper levels of dressage”. The prices are often inflated Remember that a winning horse show record is not the only criteria for and then you must consider the cost of importing and the difficulty of a good horse. I have always said that a person does not truly become a arranging transportation and quarantine. Most adult horses in those breeder until they can produce proven quality in the third generation of countries carry PiroPlasmosis. This is not a readily treated condition and their program. the treatment is such that it can cause damage to the internal organs that There are many good American breeders that have produced will be detrimental to the horse’s future longevity. The United States top quality horses. It no longer is necessary to go to Europe or South does not allow a horse showing a titer for this disease carried by ticks to America to see a good variety of bloodlines and quality horses, especially be imported to this country. The level of this titer is subject to becoming in the younger horses. Our nutrition and veterinary care here are the elevated when the horse is stressed, so a horse may test negative when in best in the world. If you want imported bloodlines without the expense its home environment but the stress of the plane flight and quarantine and dangers involved in importation, go to a breeder who has been able may elevate the titer beyond the acceptable level. Then you have to to afford the importation of top quality horses and purchase a horse send the horse back to its original destination or have it destroyed at the produced from their program. quarantine station. A very expensive and devastating experience! If price is an issue, a quality Iberian horse is not inexpensive, it is The other problem with horses trained in these countries, especially always better to purchase a young horse of quality than to buy a cheap Brazil, is that often the training has been improper using short cuts to horse older horse of questionable quality and background. Many achieve rapid progress. A noted classical trainer, Bruno Gonzales, of breeders will offer terms in the purchase of their horses. It never hurts to New Dawn Equestrian in partnership with Tina Cristiani Veder, has a ask. Always try to buy the best that you can afford as in the end the least great deal of experience in having to retrain horses that they imported from Brazil. The training methods used often created horses that were expensive thing about owning a horse is the purchase price.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 33


An Unforgettable Experience D

ressage at Devon is one of the most prestigious dressage competitions in North America. It opens with a three day breed division, the largest open breed show in the world ( Over 30 breeds are represented and it is the regional finals for the USDF Breeders Championships East Coast Series. Robert Zwaap and I (Doreen Kula) decided to bring our imported Qualified PRE stallion, Festivo MR, to see how he would fair against what we knew would be stiff competition from U.S. bred and imported horses alike, predominately of Dutch and German breeding. Prior to Devon, we only had him out to three shows but he did well at those shows – winning DSHB In Hand,

Stallions 4 years and Older, Champion Stallion, and Reserve Champion Stallion. However, Devon would be a huge test. For those of you who haven’t been to Devon, I’ll take a moment to describe the show grounds. The show is held on the Devon, PA fairgrounds, right in the middle of a heavily suburban neighborhood. The main grandstand is the focal point, with one other slightly smaller show ring off to one side, one warmup riding ring, one “catch-all” ring to ride or lunge, and a small holding area for the show rings. The barns are located in a horse shoe shape surrounding the riding rings, and there’s a cozy vendor village with welcoming shops

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 34

at Dressage at Devon 2012 where you can find all sorts of wonderful horse-related things. On the morning of our first day showing, of course it was raining. Our first class was the open Four Year Old and Older Stallion In Hand class. We were nervous and excited when we saw this class had 15 stallions! Fortunately our handler, Phil Silva, has been doing this for years so he was calm and focused which helped us stay calm and focused! As soon as Festivo sees Phil, he gets into “the work zone” and he’s 100% with Phil, anxious to please. As I was doing one last grooming and braiding Festivo’s mane before the class, it was just me and him in the stall (everyone else was checking class status, making sure we would be ready to go). I whispered to him, “Show your relaxed, swinging walk, and your huge, powerful trot and I know you’ll do well. A good dressage horse is a

good dressage horse – and you are the best. You’re such a good boy. Now go show everyone!” I swear he understood every word – his ears were trained on me. Then Phil was there and it was time to go. Out they went – I don’t know whose head was held higher – Festivo’s or Phil’s. It was obvious, however, that they were pumped and ready to show. They warmed up and went right in the ring. Robert and I were standing ring side to watch them go. It looked good – Festivo was playful but right with Phil through the whole run. Because I was getting Festivo ready, I didn’t see any of the other stallions go – but I did see them in the holding area. There were SO many nice stallions. Phil and Festivo came back out and we waited in the holding area. Another great thing about Devon is the fact that they have a scrolling scoreboard so you can see the up-to-date class

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 35

standings as you wait. Phil wandered away, leaving me and Festivo, and then came back towards us holding up one finger against his chest. I didn’t comprehend what he was trying to tell me. He shook his finger. I shook my head in question. He pointed me to the scoreboard and said, “Festivo is first with one more horse to go so he will be first or second in the class!” After what seemed like an eternity, the final stallion’s score came up – Festivo had won the class with an 81.5 – at DEVON. I was completely speechless. I still don’t have words to describe what this felt like. Phil hugged me. I think we both hugged Festivo (I’m not entirely sure – I was in a daze). Tears started tracking down my cheeks because all the emotions were so overwhelming. Festivo had won the open stallion class at Dressage at Devon!!! Robert and I went into the ring with Festivo and Phil for the ribbon pinning and walked out still in a daze. As we came past the grandstands after the ribbon pinning, two women came running up to us – they had clearly just run down from the stands. One of the women gave me a high-five and said, “What an amazing horse and what an awesome win for the breed!! This is something you will have for the rest of your life – you are to be congratulated!!” We thanked her for watching and for sharing this special moment with us, and headed back to the barn (still in a daze). As we walked into the barn, another woman came running in

behind us and in a very animated way, said, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU JUST DID?!” She proceeded to list off the credentials and bloodlines of the other warmblood stallions in the class – and said again, “He is absolutely magnificent – and he must be to beat all those other stallions!” How do you respond to that? I just grinned ear to ear, nodding my head. Festivo MR went on to win Dressage at Devon Reserve Champion Stallion , and GAIG Reserve Grand Champion Stallion – East Coast Series, as well as two large Individual Breed Classes. In the warmup ring, some of the other competitors joked with us that they were relieved Festivo wasn’t in their class. Throughout the show, we were asked the same questions over and over again – “What IS he?!”; “Is he really as sweet and well behaved as he seems?!”; “Can we take a picture of him?”; “How big is he? He is huge!” Since Devon, we have received a tremendous outpouring of support and interest both publicly and privately, which we truly appreciate. The people who have had the chance to meet him say that the pictures don’t do him justice – there are lots of beautiful horses, but there is something especially captivating about him. He has an aura about him that draws people in; we see this happen everywhere we take him. We are incredibly proud, and humbled, by what Festivo MR accomplished at Dressage at Devon this year – for us and for the Iberian breeds.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 36



ach summer for the past decade, an ever-growing group of Andalusian & Lusitano horse enthusiasts have gathered in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley to celebrate their beloved horses. From a small contingency of breeders and owners, the Pacific Association of the Andalusian & Lusitano Horse (PAALH) has grown and evolved into a club with a very loyal following. It began in 2004, when three dedicated horsewomen came together with a common goal; to create a club that would help Canadians network and promote their beloved horses. BetteLyn Eger, Sandra Yonge, and Kara Lingam set out to organize an Association and a show that would help realize this goal. After previewing facilities all over the Lower Mainland, they agreed on Chilliwack Heritage Park, set the dates, and started spreading the word. The show was well attended with upwards of 70 entries (Andalusian, part & pure); there were RCMP officers in full dress regalia to present the awards, volunteers in matching shirts to keep the behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly, and a Fiesta to round out the evening performance on Saturday. Who could have guessed that not only would PAALH be warmly welcomed by horse lovers but also by the communities of the Fraser Valley? “We had no idea what to expect (of the first Fiesta), what if nobody showed up?” BetteLyn Eger, PAALH co-founder and past

Paul Dufresne and Mystique’s Padrino performing at the Fiesta

president reflects. “I came up to the show office and the parking lot was packed full, it was standing room only! I remember asking ‘where did they all come from?’.” That first “Lou at work” is from Paul Dufresne – year, the Fiesta played to over 1000 this is our auction horse SMF Ilustrado “Lou”, at home learning the ropes. happy spectators. Having taken a step back from leading the club, Bette-Lyn now has a unique perspective and is happy that, over the years, PAALH has consistently provided a common ground to enjoy and promote the Andalusian/Lusitano horse. “It was almost an unspoken mandate, that we would always put the horses first. It’s nice now

Monsoon HP of Highwood Park Spanish Horses, Calgary AB. Ridden by Sven Smienk of Langley BC in a dressage freestyle performance at the Fiesta.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 38


The Pacific Association of the Andalusian & Lusitano Horse

Photos courtesy Treasured Times Imagery to sit back and watch it all follow through in the hands of some very capable people.” In addition to

Northwest. There is something for everyone with National classes in dressage, performance, and in-hand for purebred and partbred Andalusians & Lusitanos. Non-National “Baroque” classes are also offered and, in 2012, were open to all breeds for the first time. This change in the program allowed more

Linda deWilde Peterson of Enumclaw, WA with her mare Selena AC. Linda and Toni Mueller perform the Pas de Deux at the Fiesta

Sara Ebl showing Alta G Force (aka Marshmallow) Teala Caton’s amazing gelding.

the desire to be inclusive of all horse lovers, PAALH has been ever mindful of the people that really make their events happen: Volunteers. At the outset of the first show, Elizabeth and Victoria Sperline, of Washington State, hosted a BBQ lunch to welcome and thank everyone who had attended. In 2006, PAALH introduced the Elizabeth Sperline Memorial Award of Excellence. The award is presented annually by the Board of Directors to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the club. PAALH is proud to have a group of dedicated members that have returned year after year to lend a hand. It’s no secret that the volunteers, working largely behind the scenes, are the backbone of the club. PAALH proudly hosts the annual PAALH Canadian National Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park. The Show attracts competitors from all over Canada and the US Pacific Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 39


a yearling colt generously donated by Silver Mist Farms in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. In 2012, the Member Achievement Program was introduced as a way to encourage and recognize members who compete on the open show circuit or who simply pursue their passion on the trail. This has allowed the club to keep members engaged year-round and show support for those members who promote the breed simply by getting out there and enjoying their horses. 2013 will mark the ten year anniversary of PAALH and it is an achievement that organizers are Kamryn Brown with Calypso de very proud of. Executive Director, Colleen Pedrotti, Sonador winner of the Walk Trot remarks, “With the horse industry as a whole class facing very real challenges attracting members and competitors, we are so happy that we have been able Fiesta. This year, long time PAALH to continue hosting this event.” New members are always welcome, whether you’re a member/supporter horse owner or are just looking for some like-minded folks Paul Dufresne of Training for Courage to share in the passion that naturally goes along with these (Pritchard, BC) was great horses. For more information on membership and the lucky winner events, please visit us online at and like us on of SMF Ilustrado, Facebook at

exhibitors to come out and enjoy what has often been called “one of the most fun and enjoyable horse shows around.” 2012 was also the first year that the Canadian National Show was recognized as a qualifying show for both the Alliance Grand National show and the IALHA/FPSH Championship show. The weekend concludes with the Fiesta of the Royal Horse on Saturday night featuring exhibitions and demonstrations that successfully highlight the talent and versatility of these wonderful horses. Through fundraising and sponsorship, the Fiesta has remained an “Admission by Donation” event and consistently attracts upwards of 1000 spectators from the community. One of the premier fundraising initiatives is the Colt Auction held live during the

Champion Mare Coqueta

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ollow your dreams. e the best. Aisling SportHorses was founded on these powerful beliefs. “Aisling” is derived from the ancient Gaelic word meaning dream or vision – a childhood dream of a life with horses. Our exclusive imported Qualified PRE stallion Festivo MR combines the best dressage bloodlines, award winning movement, desirable color genotype and uncharacteristic size.





Western Pleasure Horse

by Gary Mullen, Ed.D


ver the years, I have had the privilege of training horses to western pleasure wins in various breed shows for Paints, Appaloosas, Morgans, Welsh Ponies, Arabians, and Friesians. My first Andalusian western pleasure class in 2000 was quite the learning experience. When the class lined up, I felt confident There are many factors that characterize a quality Western of the blue, only to come in Pleasure horse, which include self-carriage with light rein dead last. When I regained my pride, I went back to the contact; smooth, rhythmic, balanced gaits; seamless upward and drawing board to discover that downward transitions; stellar manners; and a pleasant expression. I was riding him by the rules of a different breed. I had grossly failed to take the time to study the class specifications before I trained and showed the horse. I have learned to acknowledge and respect that each breed has differences in their western pleasure classes, even though important commonalities do exist. My major mistake in that humbling Western pleasure class was that I had the horse’s poll well below the withers. That may have been acceptable for a stock breed, but not for an Andalusian. I immediately started videotaping my practice sessions to ascertain that the horse’s eye lined up with his wither, and that the poll never went below the wither. I also made sure that his face was always perpendicular to the ground, and never behind the vertical. Surprisingly, that horse ended the year with a Western Pleasure National Championship and the Western Horse of the Year award. Thereafter, I had the honor of training five different horses to IALHA National Championships in Western Pleasure. I must, however, heavily stress that these wins were not just a matter of head position or rein contact. There are many other factors that characterize a quality Western Pleasure horse,


Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 42

Frasier: a Half Andalusian owned by William Woods University and ridden by Katie Hudson. Photo by Osteen

which include self-carriage with light rein contact; smooth, rhythmic, trainers. Wisdom tells us that encouraging the horse to carry itself with balanced gaits; seamless upward and downward transitions; stellar confidence is the superior method. It is important that the horse is mentally and physically “natural” for manners; and a pleasant expression. Let’s focus on these essentials for a winning Andalusian Western Pleasure horse from my perspective as a this event. This is true of any event, if we expect the horse’s performance to appear effortless with a positive expression trainer and judge. A horse’s self-carriage is probably the most I have learned to acknowledge throughout its entire body (i.e., ears, eyes, spine, and tail). Evaluate a Western Pleasure important ingredient for success in the Western and respect that each breed joints, prospect on a lunge line, or loose, to see if it can jog Pleasure class. When I recently checked out a sale horse for a client, I was concerned that this has differences in their western and lope softly with his forehand up, with flexibility mature show horse could not slow down his pleasure classes, even though in all joints. Training can only go so far, and it typically doesn’t result in miracles for overcoming lope. The owner said, “Well, all the horse needs inherent deficiencies. is more bit.” He definitely said that to the wrong important commonalities do exist. As training ensues, the horse should be person, as I politely and quickly departed. The horse was built downhill and did not have the conformation to comfortably conditioned in a way that allows the horse to discover self-carriage in a engage from behind and elevate the forehand. His joints were not flexible. snaffle bit, on contact. Eventually, over a respectable amount of time, the Many show horses are forced to go in a frame (silhouette or profile) that is horse should make a seamless transition to the curb bit with light contact (a long draped rein is not required on an Andalusian). Jerking the reins is not natural for their conformation, which often is accompanied by a lot of inappropriate spurring, and jerking on the reins. Is that western pleasure? not an option! The rider’s proper use of the “driving aids” is paramount I think not! Horses that are trained with kicking and snatching become when using a curb bit because a Western Pleasure frame does not originate dependent on such forceful guidance. These horses are usually hard to ride with the bit, or by pulling in the horse’s nose. It originates with the horse and “fall apart” with youth and amateurs who don’t have the timing of their engaging its hindquarters, pushing through with impulsion, rounding its

Short-cuts in training a Western isdom tells us Pleasure horse should be avoided. Showing a horse when it does not go consistently that encouraging the well at home in a snaffle bit (and later in a curb) may result in a bad show ring horse to carry itself experience. Horses have phenomenal with confidence is memories and typically won’t forget these negative experiences (which form the superior method. the proverbial “black marbles” in the horse’s brain). A rush job, versus committed training at home, may haunt the horse’s entire show career. Those “black marbles” have a knack for reappearing throughout the horse’s lifetime. The truth is that you just can’t fake quality of training, even if you are clever. You will find that judges are adept at seeing behind their back (quickly glancing behind) to check for riders who are attempting to hide corrections. Also, be warned that putting a finger between romal reins usually results in disqualification because it is considered the same as riding with two hands. Consider using split reins if you must use your fingers to guide the horse. In conclusion, be smart and make sure your horse is mentally and physically capable of the event; be proactive, not reactive, by doing most of the conditioning and training at home, not the show; and strive for softness and finesse in every detail of the performance. I consider all these factors when judging, and I ask myself, “Is that rider having a pleasurable, smooth ride? Does the horse look like it is also having a pleasurable time? And, which horse in the class is the Camano: Multi-national Champion owned by Lauren Mercer and ridden by youth one I would personally want to ride?” rider, Amanda Langley. Photo by Forrest Bliss

spine, and meeting the bit. The new Western Dressage movement is going straight after my heart! Let’s consider the gaits of a Western Pleasure horse. The moment the horse enters the ring at the jog, an important first impression is made which may capture the judge’s attention for closer consideration. At the jog, the horse should be rhythmic, loose in the joints, with a soft spring in the step; free of foot dragging, shuffling, and stiffness. At the walk, the


horse must be relaxed with four cadenced beats, with no evidence of jigging or tenseness. The horse should step up from behind into the path of his front feet. Many riders fail to train for the walk. It is judged! Then, there is “the money gait” --- the lope. This is the gait that will often determine the class winner. The lope needs to be rhythmic with three distinct beats where the horse is truly engaged from behind, lifting his forehand and reaching softly out of the shoulder. The hand gallop has the same characteristics of the lope, but must not be excessively fast (a major penalty).

Impulsion is not the same as propulsion. Downward and upward transitions must be straight, soft, and subtle, as if the horse is seamlessly shifting gears. The horse should be driving from its rear-end on ALL transitions, never diving onto the forehand. Transitions can make or break your ranking in the class, so master transitions over a good period of time at home, prior to showing. The show ring should not be entered until the horse has strong confidence, especially on transitions. Why add conflict to the show ring experience?

Bucannero 35, Foundation Western Pleasure National Champion and IALHA Western Pleasure National Champion, owned by Rancho Jimenez. Ridden by Gary Mullen. Photo by Osteen.

about the author

Gary Mullen, Ed.D. resides in Yorba Linda, California where he recently founded EQUIP Equine-assisted Activities and Therapies for those with disabilities. He is also involved in country-wide show horse coaching, clinics, consulting, and horse/rider evaluations. He formerly held the position of Equestrian Studies Director at the University of Minnesota (Crookston), William Woods University (MO), and Rocky Mountain College (MT), and was on staff at Cal Poly University and Colorado State University where he respectively earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees. He recently completed his doctorate in education from Walden University. From 2000-2006, he specialized in the training of youth and amateurs with Andalusian and Friesian horses, winning over 40 national championships or reserves. He was named the 2005 IALHA Professional Horseman of the Year. He judged the 2009 IAHLA Nationals and the 2009 Friesian Grand Nationals. His 2009 book, Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia has been published in over ten different countries. He can be contacted at or 626-347-5547 Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 44


2008 USEF Andalusian Performance Horse of the Year and International Supermodel of Horses

Don Juan II X Lolita March 8th 1999, 15.3 H, Black Bay PRE #22EU002 / IALHA #4646 (S) / Mundial #840 USA 199900013

Ralph and Mindy Finelli Flemington, NJ. 08822

(908) 489-2069

2013 Stud Fees: Pure PRE: $2000 Non-PRE: $1000

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Kit Calafato 1. How long have you been judging the Andalusian/ Lusitano Breed? Over 10 years. 2. What is the favorite A/L show you have judged or your favorite memory of judging a show? Judging the 2003 National Show. 3. What are some of your pet peeves you see while judging? Difficulty with the gate person and the time clock on the gate, causing a delay in the show, misunderstandings and confusion for the exhibitors. 4. What can move a horse up in a class? What are some things that will cause you to move a horse to the bottom of the class? A horse can move up in a class by maintaining a consistent attempt to master the class requirements. A good horse can drop to the bottom by not performing a called gait or blatant disregard for manners.

5. Do you have any advice for people attending their first show? Try to have a good time and forgive yourself for small mistakes. Watch, listen and remember all of the good things you did right. Do not focus on your mistakes. 6. What is your favorite division to judge and why? Show Hack because it is technical, precise, challenging and just a beauty to behold when done correctly. 7. What is the most embarrassing that has happened to you at a horse They made me sing the National Anthem.

8. What are some steps the Alliance can take to make judging a more rewarding experience for you? All I ask is a show committee that runs the show by the rules and I know what to expect. 9. What are your hobbies or interests besides horses? Playing the piano and singing....not the National Anthem. LOL

kit calafato bio Kit has a lifetime of horse experience as a horsewoman. As an enthusiastic horse handler, she won both National and Regional honors. She managed over 250 horses with one the of largest Arabian Horse sales, promotional and breeding facilities on the west coast. She has been a USEF judge for over 25 years, carded in several different breeds over the years judging National, Regional and World Championship shows. The Andalusian Horse being a personal favorite. Kit currently owns and breeds Saddlebred and Arabian horses and lives in Roseburg, Oregon. She stands the black saddlebred stallion, The Knight’s Reflection. Kit is Colorado State Certified for transported semen and artificial insemination and ships to 30-40 mares a year. Together with her husband, they are also in the wine business! So Bottoms up and Rack on!

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Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 50

Stallion Showcase Conquistador XII

certero V Breed: Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: IALHA 4840 (S) Sire: Fabuloso XIII Dam: Verdadera II Color: Homozygous Black Size: 16.1 Owner: Riveras Andalusians

Location: Berwyn, IL Contact: Hector Rivera Phone: 708-417-5671 Email: Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $1500 Neg.

Certero was Imported from Spain for his color and movement. Approved by the Cria Caballar and registered in the Spanish Studbook as Certero V. Excellent top-line, strong and uphill, very elegant neck. Trained for dressage, but demonstrating versatility; Won Western Pleasure Championship at Eastern Regional 2005 Andalusian Show.

Breed: PRE Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: ANCCE #1901010021CA061 Sire: Indiano XVIII Dam: Jordana Color: Black Size: 16.1 Owner: Andalusians de Mythos

A breathtaking homozygous black P.R.E. Andalusian stallion of impeccable Spanish heritage, Dante has captured countless hearts with his beauty, athleticism and intelligence. He is a prolific sire, endowing his progeny with his finest qualities, including balanced conformation, correct Spanish type, extravagant movement & brilliant minds. He has seized the ribbons in performance, halter and best movement. Sired by Indiano XVIII, out of Jordana (sired by the Cardenas bred Champion of Spain, Genil, Dante embodies over 93% Cartujano (Bocado) lineage and is an excellent match for daughters and granddaughters of Navarre, Guarapo, Doctor, Genio, Dejado, Teodoro. Revised in the Spanish Stud book; registered in USA. His foals are eligible for inclusion in the studbooks of ANCCE, IALHA, PRE Mundial, Iberian WB, American Heritage, Azteca, Spanish Norman, Warlander, HispanoArabe, BAPFF, and CDE Studbook (Spain). Special discounted stud fees for early bookings, multiple mares, and returning clients.

desplante xiii Breed: PRE Andalusian Sire: Churchares II Dam: Zarza VI Color: Red Buckskin Size: 15.3 Owner: Diane McCormick Location: Ocala, FL

Contact: Diane McCormick / Kim Shogren Phone: 903-316-8871 / 972-746-1457 Email: Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $3500/1750

Breed to one of the rarest ANCCE Revised PRE proven producers of color avilable today. Desplante XIII! Amazing Buckskin stallion imported from Yeguada De La Villa (known in Spain for over 25 years of breeding for conformation, corectness, movement and bloodlines while maintaining that old classical style for agility and working functionality). Bloodlines include that of well respected Military, Benitez and Bohorquez programs. More than just color, Desplante has a fantastic, short coupled body which is propelled by an incredibly powerful drive from the hind end. Three very correct, elastic gaits that have been passed onto his progeny. Desplante XIII is a producer of Palomino / Chestnut / Cremello / Buckshin and more offspring. All mares bred in 2011 are in foal, with the highest of quality semen. Colored Despante XIII Foals/Yearlings for sale.

Location: ships to USA, CAN, MEX Contact: Susan Ambrose Phone: 720-296-4524 Email: andalusiansdemythos@gmail. com Website:

fandango del sol Breed: PRE Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: (ANCCE Revised) Sire: Don Juan II Dam: Lolita Color: Black (Eeaa) Size: 16

Owner: Cornerstone Farm Andalusians Location: Flemington, NJ Contact: Mindy Finelli 908-489-2069 Email: cornerstoneandalusians Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $2500 / $1500

Cornerstone Farm welcomes Fandango del Sol the 2009 Andalusian Show Horse of the Year and International Supermodel of Horses. Fandango has an impressive show record with 5 National Titles, 18 USEF High Point Awards and the Open High Point Awards National Res. Champion in divisions like Performance, Halter, Driving and Amateur. Fandango has been extensively photographed by the well known photographer Bob Langrish and graces the covers of Horse and Rider, Chavalier, The Big Book of Horses, Signs of a Healthy Horse and Equimax de-wormer. And if that’s not enough, Fandango is a complete gentleman with a wonderful personality which he passes on to his offspring. He’s classy enough for the top show rings, yet sweet enough for kids to ride and handle. So with over 60 offspring, Fandango is the whole package and a top choice for any breeding program.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 51

Stallion Showcase festivo mr

favorito kg Breed: Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: IALHA 4404 (S) Sire: Favorito de la Parra Dam: Escalera Color: Black Bay / Homozygous Black Size: 16.2

Owner: Riveras Andalusians Location: Berwyn, IL Contact: Hector Rivera Phone: 708-417-5671 Email: Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $1500 Neg.

Breed: Qualified PRE Registry and Registration Number: ANCCE Code: 724002012426569 Sire: Academico VII (Qualified) Dam: Escogida XL Color: Chestnut/Light Bay Size: 17.1

Owner: Robert Zwaap & Doreen Kula Location: Avon, NY Contact: Doreen Kula Phone: 585-278-8995 Email: Website:

Favorito KG is a beautiful Spanish Studbook registered PRE Andalusian who combines the competitive performance bloodlines of his sire USDF Champion Favorito de la Parra, his dam Escalera and his Spanish Dressage Champion grandsire Dejado. Favorito KG scored high in gaits & impulsion in FL, demonstrates keen natural jumping ability and won 2005 Reserve Champion Senior Stallion by a Spanish Judge. Favorito KG is a proven sire who consistently throws his spectacular movement & gaits, bone, athletic ability, color and temperament to his offspring.

FESTIVO MR is a gorgeous 17.1h chestnut/light bay Reproductor Calificado PRE stallion selected for his spectacular movement, bloodlines, show record, size, incredible temperament, and the fact that he’s a proven sire in Spain. Festivo competed in three A championships in Spain and won the title MEJORES MOVIMENTOS (Best Movement) in all 3, including SICAB 2010! Festivo’s main bloodline is Yeguada Militar through LEBRIJANO III on both the dam and sire’s side. Festivo’s sire is the famous ACADEMICO VII, and his grand sire is LEGO – both Qualified stallions also. Festivo’s dam is LEBRIJANO III and PacoLazo. In the 3rd line is the famous Miura-bred Escalera stallion VINATERO III. Festivo has 13 registered offspring in Spain; he has produced bay, chestnut, and grey. Check out our facebook page – Aisling SportHorses – for more information!

FS Tesoro Nobel

Genoves CEN

Breed: PRE Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: IALHA 8145(S) PRE Mundial #840USA200300010 Sire: Bucanero XX Dam: Kiva D Color: Mahogany Bay Size: 16.3

Owner: Julia Erickson / Freedom Song Ranch Location: Escondido, CA Contact: Julia Erickson Phone: 760-294-1125 Email: Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $1000 / $700 Arabs ARABIAN SWEEPSTAKES NOMINATED

NOBEL 9 year old stallion in full time dressage training. Will be showing the California, Arizona & Nevada circuit this year. He is a sport horse sire and his foals have each gone over 16 hands! He is nominated for several sport horse sire programs, including the highly valued sweepstakes program for Arab mares. Breedings to Arab mares is only $700! To all others only $1000. (We want to get more foals sired by him out there.) He is a beautiful deep mahogany bay with black dapples and carries a recessive chestnut gene. He is standing/ training in CA until sold.

Breed: PRE Registry and Registration Number: ANCCE & IALHA Sire: Delegado MAC Dam: Acacia II Color: Black Size: 16.1

Owner: Canta Rana Ranch Location: Santa Ysabel, CA Contact: Donna Curnow Phone: 760-522-2304 Email: 2013 Stud Fees: $1500 LFG

Genoves – CEN was imported from Spain and was bred by Centurion Farms. He is a mixture of Cardenas and Yeguada Militar bloodlines, both respected and revered in Spain, the US and abroad. He posses the best qualities of both lines with a great mind, outstanding conformation and proven functionality. Genoves was shown for the first time in 2011 and brought home the title of Reserve Regional Champion Senior Stallion and winning the Best Movement Medal. He also competed at the Feria de Caballo Espanol, placing third overall in Stallions 7 and over and second in functionality (for his section). If you are looking to add some color with quality to your program, he is a great choice for your mares.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 52

Stallion Showcase Legacy’s Conquistador

KBF Adoro Breed: PRE Pure Spanish Registry and Registration Number: ANCCE 1901010022EU451 & IALHA 5004(S) Sire: Guarapo Dam: Marquesa BW Color: Grey

Size: 16 Owner: P4 Spanish Horses Location: Eden Valley, MN Contact: Cher Becker Phone: 320-224-4022 Email: Website:

Champions breed champions! KBF Adoro is a Champion stallion sired by US Champion Guarapo, who is sired by Champion of Spain, Genil (Miguel Angel Cardenas). He has produced several champion offspring and shares bragging rights with many champion siblings. Adoro is a stunningly correct, revised PRE stallion, who carries a black gene. He is the whole package! He is proud, yet kind and willing; an absolute dream to work with. He has proven his versatility, through his training in western pleasure, dressage, trail, and doma vaquero. He has a beautiful baroque neck and head and gorgeous collected forward movement. He passes on his confirmation, movement, athleticism, and versatility, plus his temperament, which is to die for. Continue this legacy through to your next generation of foals!

Breed: PRE Registry and Registration Number: ANCCE, Cria Caballar Revised Sire: Don Juan Dam: Lolita Color: Homozygous Black Size: 16.2 Owner: Deborah Berger

Legacy’s Conquistador is a 16.2h black, pure Spanish breed Andalusian stallion. He is a happy stallion with an unsurpassed work ethic and a great attitude for the lateral and collected work. His gaits are pure and well defined. With his uphill and round canter, he consistently scores 8’s and will be showing Prix St. George in Wellington, Florida in 2012. Conquistador placed Reserve Champion in USDF All Breed in 2011. He has accumulated many championships at the “best-of-the-best” shows in Wellington, Florida. Conquistador has been featured in both National and International magazines. Please visit our website at to learn more about this exceptional stallion.

Bob Langrish Photos

Xiomaro BR

romerito II Breed: PRE Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: ANCCE (Spain) & IALHA 5171(S) Sire: Jabonero VI (Spain) Dam: Coronela X (Spain) Color: Bay (EE,Aa), no white marking Size: 17 Owner: Yeguada Romerito Location: near East Lansing, MI

Contact: Gabi Baker Phone: 517-623-1032 Email: Website: LFG, MMD, Early booking discounts, excellent fertility & conception rate. Limited 2013 book.

Imported PRE Dressage Ambassador & Proven Sire! This once-in-a-lifetime stallion has made dreams come true for many proud owners, who treasure his foals today in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia! Romerito and his foals effortlessly compete and win against Warmbloods in Dressage and Jumping. With correct conformation, breathtaking suspension and extension, great overstride at the walk, capable of incredible collection in spite of his stunning height of 17 hands, Romerito is the complete package. He dominantly produces color, improves movement, bone and height and stamps his foals with proud, brave and affectionate disposition! If your goal is to breed an intelligent, people-oriented, athletic foal, consider Romerito II for your mare! Romerito II

Location: Jupiter, FL Contact: Debi Berger Phone: 561-301-1452 Email: Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $2500 PRE/1500 NonPRE

Ducado YR - 6-year-old son of Romerito II

Breed: Andalusian Registry and Registration Number: IALHA 7998(s) & PRE Mundial Sire: El Nino BR Dam: Mia Color: Grey Size: 16.3

Owner: Classical Baroque LLC Location: Huntley, IL Contact: Tiana Ng Phone: 630-632-6266 Email: Website: 2013 Stud Fees: $1400

USEF Horse of the Year Grand Champion for Andalusian /Lusitano 2011. National Champion of Dressage Hack, Doma Vaquera Intermedio, English Show Hack, Native Tack & Attire Open. Best Movement in National Champion Senior stallion 5 & over. Champion of Best Piaffe, Passage, Spanish Walk, Dancing Horse. Reserve National Champion of Dressage Sport Horse Stallion in hand. Reserve Champion of Working Equitation Intermediate level. Xiomaro not only has the heart of a CHAMPION, he is also a seasoned exhibition horse at young age of 7. He performed with his trainer Mario A. Contreras at the opening ceremony of Alltech 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games and danced into thousands of spectator’s hearts. Xiomaro is a talented sport horse with three excellent gaits. Pick the best for your mare this coming 2012 breeding season to create a future champion of your own with Xiomaro!

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 53

Training Services: Lessons, specializing in children of all ages and amateurs. Training for all disciplines.

(818) 256-6080 Lake View Terrace, CA Pacific Dressage, LLC offers classical dressage training for Andalusian and Lusitano equines and their owners. Dedicated to providing a well rounded program designed for each horse and rider combination which may include private lessons, schooling of equine by trainer, piaffe/passage/Spanish walk clinics with Alfredo Hernandez, attending rated shows, trail rides and quadrille. Claudia is fluent in Spanish.

(863) 427-0918 Kissimmee, FL

Training of the horse and rider. All Breeds. Specializing in brining horse and rider together with the emphasis on dressage basics. Patient, encouraging and consistent instructor with over 35 years experience will come to our barn for instruction/training. Available in parts of Polk and Osceola counties.


(941) 322-4151 Bradenton, FL



Spanish Legacy offers training in all disciplines, including halter, western, english, driving, dressage and our new favorite - the Baroque Equestrian Games. We have clinics throughout the year and welcome show horses in training for the 2012/13 show season.



Susann Regalmuto

Located at Middle Ranch, a full service facility with a covered arena and several outdoor lighted arenas. Specializing in Baroque breeds in any discipline, all levels. Numerous Regional and National Championship titles, USDF Certified Instructor and Trainer, USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist. Wonderful atmosphere, excellent customized training program for you and your horse!

Karen Rock


(951) 515-7133 Los Angeles, CA

New York



Meghan has been involved in riding and showing since the age of 2. Her training philosophy is simple - take your time to reach your goals - a happy horse is a winning horse. She has won multiple Regional and National titles in a multitude of disciplines using this approach. She offers training and instruction in Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Driving, Halter and Western Pleasure and is always willing to help amateur and youth riders.

(636) 337-0415 Hillsboro, MO Fun? Excitement? Results? Driving and Halter training. Using the principles of lifelong horsemen, Kir-Aim prides themselves on developing horses and owners who not only achieve show ring accolades, but also enjoy each other long after those show years. Year after year, horse after horse, they consistently bring home top National honors.

SELWOOD PARK Gareth Selwood

(805) 304-5052 Somis, CA Training Stable



Services offered: Alta Escuela, Doma Vaquera, Show Hack, Open Dressage through Grand Prix. Many National Champions, Piaffe a specialty. We do Western Dressage too! 20 years experience, small show string, so lots of individual attention. A few sales horses with exceptional temperaments offered.




(720) 979-3120 Elizabeth, CO

Dave & Gloria Hennen

(630) 556-3622 Big Rock, IL

Classical dressage training to FEI as well as starting young horses and Halter work. Showing at USDF as well as Breed shows. Decades of experience. We produce happy horses that can be ridden and shown by their amateur owners. Professional and amateur handlers available for catch handling.

(262) 325-0283 Youngstown, NY Appraisals Consulting Judging Show Management Clinics Coaching


(615) 969-8689 Cross Plains, TN We accept horses for training in halter, dressage, saddle seat, show hack, doma vaquera, alta escuela, reining, hunter, jumper and western events. We also do clinics and have a select lesson program available for our clients.



Meghan Holt


CLASSIC LEGACY Frances Carbonnel


(818) 919-4520 Canyon Country, CA






Trainers’ Directory

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 54

Kate Shook

(206) 799-1050 Vashon, WA

We offer programs tailored to your needs, from starting a youngster to national competition in Halter, Show Hack, English and Western. In 2010, we were honored to train and present multiple Canadian national champion purebred and half-Andalusian halter and performance horses, and the USEF Regional and Pacific-Rim Half-Andalusian Horse of the Year.

Trainers’ Directory WISCONSIN


(262) 249-8870 Elkhorn, WI


your ad here

We focus on the healthy development of horses mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Our goal is to create a versatile, happy athlete capable of being a loving companion as well as a brilliant performer! We offer training, lessons, boarding, rehabilitation and stallion services. Visitors always welcome!

Call or email us to be included in this national directory in our next issue for only $25. includes Your contact info, your logo, and 50 word description.



(920) 526-3046 Plymouth, WI



Classical Riding School Training • Instruction Sales • Clinics Stallion Services • Iberian Horses

Fill your stable • Find the right barn • Ride happy! Join the online community dedicated to finding the right boarding and training facility for your horse, or fill the empty

stalls at your boarding/training stable. Invitations to this exclusive site will be going out on a first come, first serve basis. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this new site and enjoy the ride!

Visit today.



Breeder’s Directory AMANDALUSIAN FARM

Standing Heroe MAC, Imported Cardenas PRE Stallion. Offspring of our mares & Heroe are making their mark in the show ring, in both halter and performance. In addition, Heroe’s get are passing on their golden genes to the next generation of Spanish horses. Our breeding program produces great temperaments, correct conformation, along with sport-type build. Our foals are well handled from birth an. d shown in USDF and breed shows collecting many regional championships and national titles.

Tiana Ng Hornickel

(630) 632-6266

Home of Xiomaro BR, 2011 USEF Horse of the Year National Grand Champion Andalusian/Lusitano. Small breeder of quality performance Andalusians & Friesians




We proudly own, show and breed all National Champion Mares and National Champion producing mares. Standing at Stud: TB Trueno, Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion with photogenic beauty and kid-safe temperament, combined with athletic ability and movement.


Classic Andalusian Beauty bred for Competitive Performance in the Open USDF Competition circuit. Celebrating 15 years of breeding Andalusians for Sporthorse movement. Standing Majo KG and Arturo KG. Offering housing for young stallions, until they are old enough to start their training.

(517) 623-1032 Matching tall PRE Dressage Andalusians with their soulmates is our passion. Home of 17 hand ROMERITO II and GLORIOSO YR and a select group of the finest PRE mares. INTRODUCING “Andalusians USA” Are you thinking about buying? Are you considering to sell? We can help.

CORNERSTONE ANDALUSIANS Mindy & Ralph Finelli (908) 489-2069 New home of the 2009 Andalusian Horse of the Year and International Supermodel of Horses, Fandango del Sol. Fandango has a super personality, beautiful conformation and breathtaking movement. He is an asset to any breeder looking for a top show horse to breed to their mare. Look for him in the Working Equitation and Driving show rings this year.

andalusian & lusitano breeders:

John & Simone Brown

(941) 322-4151 Bradenton, FL

Gabi Baker



PRE Champion Andalusian Stallions Standing at Stud Mare Care and Foaling Service Young Stock, Brood Mares, and In Utero Foals For Sale.

(630) 849-7731 Big Rock, IL

(248) 982-4320 New Hudson, MI




California California


(714) 715-5953 Yorba Linda, CA

Standing Desplante XIII Imported Red Buckskin Stallion Breeding PRE’s for Dressage Specializing in Rare Colors

Karen Rock

Audelio Martinez

Honoring the past, while creating the future. We breed competitive PRE horses for all disciplines. We offer top quality young stock and some older horses available for purchase. Standing the following stallions for the 2012 Season: Obelisco MAC, Ciclon VIII, Senorito RAR, Jerez del Sol and Peregrino de Fraile II. For more information, visit: or contact Audelio 805-312-0979 or Choice Show Horses 951-587-7538 / 951-316-6994

(903) 316-8871 Ocala, FL

Kay Greenbury


HACIENDA MARZ (805) 312-0979 Somis, CA

Diane McCormick

New Jersey

Home of celebrated stallions Mayoral LA the winningest Andalusian horse in history, and Kripton SENI II, one of the most decorated PRE stallions in the US today, Fabuloso XLI and Orgulloso XLIX. Foals and young horses for sale out of our champion imported horses. Visit our website for more information, photos, and more.



Nancy & Joe Latta

(818) 427-3541 Burbank, CA



Cara & Rocky Rothrock

(815) 674-8885 Proud to Support the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse The stallions that we offer at stud have been selected based on exceptional quality, impeccable bloodlines, personality, and purity of the breed, in Grey and Black. Check our website and facebook for updates on sales horses.

Alliance Source Magazine • Winter 2012-13 • page 56

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Call or email us to be included in this national directory in our next issue for only $25. includes Your contact info, your logo, and 50 word description. 951-587-7538

All American Andalusian & Lusitano Show Horse Alliance

Believe in your Dreams

A horse is the projection of

peoples’ dreams about

themselves — strong, powerful, beautiful — and it has the

capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. ~Pam Brown

Purchase inquiries invited on this “Dream Horse”

Photos by Kevin Kidder, Tara Froehlich, Wright



Sired by KA Tabasco:

Multiple National Championships & Reserve National Championships in Open/Amateur Halter, Driving, Saddle Seat & Show Hack. Currently in Dressage training.

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Amber Lentz • 951-587-7538 •

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