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Editorial by Paul


Dear readers, For those of you that aren’t aware, April 2011 saw the departure of Nick & Julie after seven years of blood sweat and tears with Andalucía Life Magazine, but don’t panic readers, Nick has threatened to continue contributing the odd article from time to time so its farewell but not forgotten! Little did we realise what was involved when we decided to take on the Andalucía Life magazine. The expression “baptism of fire” springs to mind! What with Jacquie moving house, me gallivanting off sailing (see front cover for evidence!) and the Easter break it’s been a little eventful to say the least! The Benalmadena regatta was in the diary months before, at least that’s my story & I’m sticking to it!

working together in future. A massive thank you to David & Michelle Hewitt whom without their input would have made it impossible to bring you this edition. Moving forward we hope to keep the spirit of Andalucia Life magazine. We have interesting articles coming your way and we welcome any input our readers may have. Golf, polo and sailing are just some of the things we will be featuring as well many as others. We would particularly love to hear from any green fingered enthusiasts out there to share their tricks of the trade!

“The expression “baptism of fire” springs to mind! ”

We hope you enjoy our first publication and look forward to many more to come. All the best and happy sailing, Paul

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our advertisers and contributors for their support and look forward to

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The Andalucian Funnel Web Spider

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Hay Fever Spring is already here and those who suffer from allergies are dreading this time of the year. Sneezing, watery eyes, itchy and stuffy nose, breathing difficulties, lack of proper rest are some of the common symptoms affecting patients with allergies, especially those with pollen allergies. News on TV, magazines and health authorities are spreading the word: it seems that this year will not be “an easy one”, due to the rain during the past months. Allergy is an exaggerated immune response to substances in the environment (husbands/ wives and work, are not “substances as such”, but are the commonest allergies when I ask). And, an Allergen is the substance that can trigger the allergic response. Twenty to thirty per cent of the population suffers some type of allergies. From April to June there is the highest concentration of olive tree, grass pollen, pine and cypress, cork oak, and holm oak. These pollens are the allergen for more than eighty per cent of hay fever patients. Therefore, it is time for prevention and treatment of this ailment, which produces a lot of discomfort and loss of working hours. Most patients will control the symptoms with antihistamine tablets and steroid nasal spray. Some may need eye drops also. Be aware of side effects of these medications and the interactions with other treatment. Long period on antihistamine can have an adverse effect on your body weight. Pregnant women can not take antihistamine tablets. When the reaction to the allergen is more severe, hence the patient suffers serious respiratory problems, your doctor will refer you to an allergology unit. There you may have specific blood test and skin tests. When it will be indicated the patient will have treatment with individualised vaccines. They will help his immunity system to avoid the exaggerated 8

reaction when there is contact with the allergen. This vaccines will consist of repeated injections over a period of time that can vary from few months to years. Other measures to remember are: • Shower or bathe before bedtime to wash off pollen and other allergens in your hair and on your skin. • Avoid going outside, especially on dry, windy days. Keep windows and doors shut. • Use an air conditioner at home and in your car with particulate air filters. • In our area, patients will feel better on days with east wind and worse with west wind. East wind comes from the sea so it is clean from pollen. West wind comes from inland and brings all pollens from the country side. If you want to be informed of the pollens levels you can visit the web page of Malaga’s University: This page is connected with the Spanish Aerobiology net and it is updated every week. For those registered in the Social Security (SAS), you can register free on “Salud Responde”, and you will receive SMS alerts on tour mobile phone.

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Yoga for a better Nights Sleep If you have a hard time getting to sleep at night, incorporating yoga into your life can help, especially if your insomnia is stress-related. Before going to bed, you can do a few gentle stretches to relieve tension and help you relax. Corpse pose ends every yoga class, and it’s a good way to end your day too. Lying in bed, focus on each part of your body and soften it before moving on. Begin with the toes, move up the legs and arms, through the torso to

the neck, face and head. Then spend a few minutes just breathing. If you find your mind wandering during this time, bring your attention back to your breath. This helps create a break from your active mind and allows you to relax for sleep.

Three-part breath (Dirga Pranayama) is very helpful for clearing the mind of the day’s clutter. Use this simple exercise to prepare your body for sleep. 1. Begin by observing the natural inhalation and exhalation of your breath without changing anything. If you find yourself distracted by the activity in your mind, try not to engage in the thoughts. Just notice them and then let them go, bringing your attention back to the inhales and the exhales. 2. Then begin to inhale deeply through the nose. 3. On each inhale, fill the belly up with your breath. Expand the belly with air like a balloon. 4. On each exhale, expel all the air out from the belly through your nose. Draw the navel back towards your spine to make sure that the belly is empty of air. 5. On the next inhale, fill the belly up with air as described above. Then when the belly is full, draw in a little more breath and let that air expand into the rib cage causing the ribs to widen apart. 6. On the exhale, let the air go first from the rib cage, letting the ribs slide closer together, and then from the belly, drawing the navel back towards the spine. 7. On the next inhale, fill the belly and rib cage up with air as described above. Then draw in just a little more air and let it fill the upper chest, all the way up to the collarbone. 8. On the exhale, let the breath go first from the upper chest, then from the rib cage, letting the ribs slide closer together. Finally, let the air go from the belly, drawing the navel back towards the spine. Continue for about 10 breaths.

Good night!

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Food and Variety Varying the foods we eat can be a good thing for several reasons but too much variety can backfire. Many people have exactly the same breakfast different beneficial compounds in the plantwhich every day, and some the same lunch too. are often associated with its colour. Commonly eaten foods are the most frequent This concept extends to eating foods from offenders in food intolerance, which is why the different cuisines which often involves eating foods which cause the most problems are wheat different vegetables but also spices, herbs, and milk. Foods that are less likely to cause plants and pulses rich in different phytochemicals sensitivities like rice and corn are problem foods and nutrients with beneficial health properties. in Asian countries and America where they are There are some possible pitfalls with food considered staples. Varying the diet can help variety. Studies show that too many new tastes prevent intolerances developing in sensitive and textures can encourage you to overeat. This individuals and many find they can reintroduce is seen in the extreme in all-you-can-eat buffet the culprit food after a period of avoidance so meals at restaurants. Whilst they are long as they eat a small portion no more often often value for money you’d than every few days. This is not getting better quality and the case in allergy where even Eating a varied diet be less temptation to overeat from the smallest amount can trigger gives you the best chance choosing a la carte. the response.

of consuming a wide The solution is to stick to Eating a varied diet gives you consistent meals (certainly range of nutrients the best chance of consuming during the week), but vary within a wide range of nutrients those. For example for breakfast and meeting the body’s rotate a selection of cereal, toast, fruit & yogurt needs for vitamins, minerals and fibre. This is or eggs. Have a couple of different cereals, especially true of phytochemicals (potentially different toppings on the toast or cook the eggs protective plant compounds) and explains some in different ways and serve with different things. of the reasoning behind the 5-a-day campaign The same goes for lunch with say soup or a focusing on eating a number of different fruits salad. Vary the protein in the salad (egg/tuna/ and vegetables every day. People eating diets chicken/cheese) or the soup or the style (noodle high in a variety of fruits and vegetables have soup/minestrone/greek salad/Nicoise). The idea lower cardiovascular disease and certain types can be extended for dinner, stick to meat or fish of cancer and this has been attributed to fibre, but vary the type, and swap the accompaniments vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The with different vegetables and alternate idea of eating seasonal foods (English lamb, carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, pulses). freshly caught fish, asparagus, strawberries, You get the health benefits of variety, but limit melon) gives natural variety and is economical. The phrase ’eat the rainbow’ referring to eating a the opportunity to overindulge. sponsored by variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables Zoe Fisher Nutritional Therapy maximises the benefits of the hundreds of At clinics in Estepona and Gibraltar

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The Frock Exchange This very friendly and quaint little Dress Agency is a fabulous shop, full of designer and high street fashion, handbags, shoes and accessories to fit all sizes. With Italian, French, German and British designers there is something for everyone and they are always looking for new stock especially in the larger sizes. Their prices are unbeatable and great value for money. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, La Perla & Guess to name but a few of the designers you will find here. The Frock Exchange is situated at the Benavista turn off on the Campo side of the road, above the supermarket, the entrance is just behind.

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“So, . . . tell me – What exactly is Tantra?” . . . continued I often get asked about Tantric Sex as most people are curious about it … and in these times of stress, many of us would like to improve our sex lives and have better relationships. However, most people are a little concerned about it too. So let me explain a little. The main benefit of practising Tantra is about connecting with your body and experiencing the joy of consciously living there. Probably the most important and vital energy in the body is what we call ‘sex energy’. It is this natural energy primarily that gives us our life force and zest for living. So a key aspect of practising Tantra is working with sex energy. You can learn to work with it for good health, for spiritual development and yes, to improve your sex life, and you don’t need a partner to do so. In fact, it is usually important for most of us, even if we are in a relationship, to learn how to work with the sex energy purely within our own bodies. If you are in a relationship however, the practices you learn from Tantra, will help you to understand your partner better and build a better relationship. Tantra offers liberation by expanding our consciousness. Many of us live in a very small reality, where we define ourselves in terms of our limitations, which are often imposed by our society and accepted during conditioning in childhood and throughout life. As we learn to expand our consciousness through working with our senses and natural energy, we begin to learn to love ourselves, and to live more freely. I am offering a series of half-day day Tantra Seminars, starting this Spring, covering a basic introduction to Tantric practice. For more detailed information on this subject, you can visit my website on, or call me, Amanda on 669 894 550. 14 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers


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Estepona Floral Art Club (Affiliated to NAFAS London & Overseas)

Next Demonstration This month’s demonstration will take place on Tuesday 17th May 2011, at The Upper Deck, Villacana. Exit opposite Agro Jardin Garden Centre, Estepona, (Beachside). This is a change from last month’s published venue. We shall be welcoming Elizabeth Graham, NAFAS National Demonstrator, from Newport, Wales. This will be an opportunity to see the art of ‘Flower Arranging’ at its best! Don’t miss out on this afternoon!! The demonstration begins prompt at 3.00pm – 5.00pm. This includes a raffle of all the wonderful Flower Arrangements that Elizabeth will be creating that day. Our well stocked Sales Table will have a good selection of Flower Arranging sundries and other gift items, so please allow time for browsing and purchasing. Refreshments will be available at The Upper Deck before and after the demonstration. Elizabeth will also be holding an ‘Informal Workshop’ which will be the perfect chance for you to learn a new skill! These classes are always very well supported, so please contact our Chairman, Marilyn Pemberton for further details on this event.


In June we will be holding our A.G.M. therefore there will not be a demonstration that month. During July and August the Club takes a break for the summer and will resume on Tuesday 20th September 2011.

Summer Break During July and August the Club takes a break for the summer and will resume on Tuesday 20th September 2011.

If you wish to visit us for an afternoon of ‘Flower Arranging’ at its highest standard by UK NAFAS National and Area Demonstrators, then please come along where you will be made most welcome.

For further information on the above event or the Clubs’ Demonstrations, please contact our Chairman, Marilyn Pemberton on tel: 952 928 197 16 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers


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World’s Top Ranked Duo Head Volvo World Match Play Championship Field The Volvo World Matchplay takes place at the majestic Finca Cortesin course from 19th- 22nd May. What a lovely time of the year to stage this prestigious event at such a magnificent setting. The top two ranked players in the world, Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood will headline the Volvo World Match Play Championship at Finca Cortesín from May 19-22, 2011, with the first 13 qualified players accepting their invitation to this prestigious Championship. Also competing at the time of writing are four Major winners, – Graeme McDowell, last years US Open champion and Ryder Cup hero, – YE Yang, the only man ever to catch Tiger on the last day of a Major in the 2009 USPGA – Paul Lawrie, Open Champion 1999 and Martin Kaymer USPGA in 2010. Also included are the worlds most exciting talent, Rory McIlroy, the colourful Ian Poulter, Paul Casey, Francesco Molinari and defending Champion Ross Fisher. This is a great opportunity to see the best players in the world. All the recent changes and enhancements that the partnership of Volvo, IMG and the European Tour have devised seem to have been a hit with the players as all of the 13 players qualified have taken up their place in the field. On arrival at Finca Cortesín in May the players will be divided into eight groups of three players to be played out on Thursday and Friday with 16 players progressing to Saturday in a knock-out format with the semis and final played on Sunday.

The tournament begins on Thursday 19th May at 12.05. You can purchase tickets online at 18 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers

WIN FREE TICKETS TO THE VOLVO MATCHPLAY. All you have to do is enjoy a lovely evening meal or Sunday Roast here at the Clubhouse Restaurant in Los Hidalgos. Each diner receives a ticket for the draw that takes place on Wednesday 18th May in the Restaurant at 8.30pm after the Golf outing.

Clubhouse Society

Clubhouse Golf Society. A fun day out for both ladies and gents of all handicaps. We play a different course each week, with great value. Post mortem and craic with great food at the presentation in the Restaurant at 8.30pm.

Mothers Day

was a huge success at the Clubhouse Restaurant. Howards easy on the ear music went down a treat with a packed audience who enjoyed Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Roast stuffed Pork Steak or Roast Stuffed Turkey breast with cranberry sauce with all the trimmings. To reserve your table for Sunday Roast, Monday Quiz night, Wednesday Golf Night or evening meal please call Noreen on 951 276 727. All Weddings, Birthdays, functions catered for.

Costa Grill

is the new a la carte take –away just opened in Puerto Duquesa just above the bank. The super menu is available to exclusively eat at the Kinsale Bar. Just call into the Kinsale bar for a drink, order the food from the menu and its delivered to your table at no surcharge. Great! (see their ad on p67)


Offer of the Month

Doña Julia - €80 2 Greenfees incl. Buggy early bird 8-9am Call Tom on 646 420 547.

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Calanova - 3rd GITS day of 2011 We arrived bright and early at Calanova for our third G.I.T.S day of 2011. The weather looked particularly moody as we got ready for our 9am shotgun start. At this time it was a silent shotgun our various four balls got started at around 9.10 on their respective holes.

As usual, confusion reigned, with the sight of many of our guys searching in the bushes for their balls with the cry of “What are you playing?” being asked by diligent observers of the R and A rules. “I think it’s a Titleist, but anyway it’s got three red dots on it” comes the reply. “Where are the red dots placed, over or under the word Titleist ?”. “Bloody hell, it’s not the Ryder Cup is it ?” . . . and so it goes on for the next 5 hours !!!! It will never be easy to win a G.I.T.S Golf Day when we have so many on course referees in our ranks! Anyway, Kevin Wilford managed it with a score of 32 points winning him one of our G.I.T.S logoed golf bags. Congratulations go to Kevin for his great round. In second place was Joe Caffrey with just one point less winning him two rounds and a buggy at Calanova. Dave Francis came in in third place with a score of 30 points just pipping yours truly by virtue of his lower handicap (must checkout this ruling in future!) winning an 80 euro voucher for Golf City. Dave subsequently sold the voucher and then very generously donated the money to our charity. Thanks Dave, what a great gesture. We would like to thank Manolo and the team at Calanova for their great preparation and organisation which helped in making the day a very successful one for us G.I.T.S. All of the guys were very complimentary about the food and drink deal that the Calanova restaurant provided prior to our prize giving ceremony. Thanks also

go to Andrea and Amanda from Speed Financial Solutions, our sponsor on the day. It is such a pleasant surprise to be greeted on the 10th tee by two pretty girls offering snacks and drinks, but next time perhaps we should offer then crash helmets if they position themselves so close to our potentially wayward tee shots! We also unveiled a new initiative on the day that we will be keeping for all future G.I.T.S Golf Days. That is that the player least likely to win a prize (i.e. the player with the lowest score) will have the privilege of being the G.I.T.S cameraman for the day. Without wishing to name names, on this particular occasion, (for any members who were not there) the player in question has the initials “SM”, so you can try and work out by this small snippet of information who had the lowest score on the day. Our charity fund raising continued on the day with a further 105.00 euros going to Cuidad de los Ninos, our children’s charity in Malaga. So far this year we have raised 615.00 euros, well done to all. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for what we are sure will be another great day, so for now . . . “Keep ‘em down the middle” – Regards, Barry.

Next GITS golf day will be at La Reserva on 4th June. We will be having lots of prizes and surprises on the day to include our 10,000 euro putting contest! The price is 85.00 euro to include golf, buggy and loads of prizes. For further info checkout the web site at 20 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers

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Technology A website is a necessity Lead Channel Design the London internet and website design specialists now have a presence on the Costa del Sol, offering affordable internet solutions for you, they are leaders in website design, provide domain names and web hosting, they are also experts in getting you website to the top of the search engines (SEO). A website is a necessity for all businesses

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a website in May, this includes:

When your website is completed you can include website address on your business cards, flyers and pamphlets and bulletin

• A free listing on Google Local • A free domain name • 12 months free website hosting.

boards, keeping your customers up to date with the current special offers, your latest menu or

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for a no obligation quote, they also

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unbelievable prices.

presence, you expand your market significantly either to prospective customers who are about to visit the Costa del Sol or clients in your local geographical area.

sponsored by Plasabi Computer Shop C/Miguel Delibes 2, Sabinillas

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Mexican Pine Furniture There are many different varieties of furniture available in todays marketplace, they come in a wide array of different materials and styles. The oldest and possibly still the most popular is wooden furniture, many believe it to be one of the most robust and durable materials on offer. It is also deemed to give a tremendous amount of character, this is a quality not offered by other such materials as plastics and metals. Mexican pine furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years and there are now a plethora of companies that export these beautiful items from Mexico. The overall style of Mexican furniture and decor is rustic, this even spreads in to a lot of their foods and lifestyle. This rustic style is highly sort after as it is deemed by many to be extremely charismatic. This is something that many people desire in their home. The vast majority of all mexican pine furniture is made by hand from soft pine wood that has previously been kiln-dried, this wood has a unique rustic look unlike any other.

This rustic Mexican pine furniture is versatile enough to furnish any room, in any style required and can be mixed in with both modern and vintage designs. These fantastic pieces of furniture are rarely solely made from pine. In keeping with the general rustic style of the furniture the majority will be coupled up with rustic iron hinges, corner brackets and even nail heads to complete the authentic rustic look. When purchasing any authentic Mexican furniture it is wise to consider that due to its rustic look there can often be a large variation in the color of the wood whenfinished. Occasionally the pine can even become warped or cracked during the drying process, this however only adds to the rustic feel of the piece.

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Above: Janet Greenstreet

Farewell to Long Serving President ADANA, the Estepona-based animal rescue charity said a sad farewell at its AGM last week to long-serving President, Janet Greenstreet, who after years of working for the dog and cat rehoming charity is saying goodbye to Spain and Hello again to her native Yorkshire. A large crowd of members, including many new faces, were present at the Francisco Muñoz Perez Sports Centre, Estepona, to hear Janet’s final report. In her speech she thanked the volunteers who, she said, were the mainstay

of the twenty-two year old charity and stressed that, in spite of financial pressures caused by the current crisis, ADANA was maintaining its high standards of animal welfare. Janet’s successor as President, Maria Cawsey, is a familiar face to many as she has for years managed the ADANA shop in Estepona. Thanking the members for her unanimous election, she pledged to continue the good work done by the retiring President and wished her well in her new life in the UK.

For more information please contact or Marjorie on 636 934 146

Estepona Mayor visits Adana Perrera Board members of ADANA were delighted to host Estepona Mayor David Valadéz at their kennels in the Parque de Los Pedregales. David was shown around the kennels by the manager, Eddie Taylor and co-worker Fernando Amores. He was driven to the kennels up the mountain along the very rough track – an experience which led him to promise that the long-awaited and much-needed repairs would be put in hand very shortly. Over an excellent lunch at Venta Manolo, the ADANA Team and their guest discussed issues of concern facing the long-established animal charity. They were delighted to hear that the Mayor had been most impressed, both with the state of the kennels and the condition of the dogs and also with the dedication and commitment of the ADANA Board and volunteers.

cordial meeting would be the first of many and be the start of a new era of close co-operation between ADANA and the Estepona Ayuntamiento.

Above: Maria, the Mayor and Mary Page, Vice President.

For more info contact Mary Page: 667 234 592

Thanks to Mayor David, ADANA will in future enjoy the facility of radio and tv advertising in the local media, which, it is hoped, will bring more and more potential adopters to the ADANA kennels. After the lunch newly-elected President Maria Cawsey said that she was sure that the very

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Finishing the Season in Style Young Artists’ Competition

May Lecture

What a fantastic culmination to our Young Artists’ Competition. The prize giving was held at the end of March at a drinks and tapas reception at the Galeria del Arte in San Roque. The winner of the main 500€ prize chosen by a panel of esteemed judges consisting of three distinguished artists; Sculptor Gines Serran, Cartoonist Carlos Pacheco, and Artist Nestor Plada - along with the participating schools’ headmasters and art teachers, was Ana Marina Cano Correro with her stunning photographic work of art ‘No He Traído los Ejercicios porque se los Comió el Gato’. The second prize of 150€, sponsored by The Sovereign Group who support worthy artistic causes through their charity The Sovereign Art Foundation, was based on members’ votes using images posted on the DFAS de la Frontera web-site, and this was awarded to Baltasar Nuñez Montero and his beautiful painting ‘Pinceladas de Danza’.

Our May lecture is the last of this season, and we are going out in style with a fascinating virtual tour of The Monastery Palace – El Escorial. Art Historian Gail Turner will tell us how Philip II’s vast granite palace near Madrid was built as a “dwelling for God on Earth” and, as well as guiding us through the art and architecture, Gail will help us examine the ascetic King’s ghoulish choice of paintings by Hieronymus Bosch! We have a superb programme planned for our next season, starting on 19th October when John Iddon will tell us about Men Behaving Badly – Rogues On and Off the Canvas. Men have often been shown as behaving badly, frequently at the expense of women! From Hogarth’s ‘Rake’s Progress’ through to other rakes portrayed by Reynolds or featuring in Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian narrative paintings, this lecture will look at some of the artists themselves, and finally show how women strike back.

T The de la Frontera lectures are h held at 11.00am on the third W Wednesday of the month at the San Roque Golf and Country Club, S K Km. 127 (A7). There is a chance to ssocialise with members and friends a at our after-lecture drinks reception an and an opportunity to win a book on th the lecture subject in our raffle. En Entry at the door is 12€, wi with free entry for members.

More information can be obtained by calling (00 34) 956 796 622 or 956 794 279 or at our new website 28 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers

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A Tasteof the


With an abundance of sunshine, azure blue skies and magnificent landscapes, the countryside of Andalucia is unquestionably beautiful, but how many of us visiting or living here go beyond just admiring it?

The idea of ‘going for a walk’ might not seem too enticing, especially with so many other man made attractions to thrill and stimulate us, but time spent walking in nature can turn out to be thrilling in quite a different way. Walking in nature benefits our physical health, it helps to quieten our ever- busy minds, can reawaken our senses and stimulate even our taste buds! Ok, it is a small thrill but natural and completely free. The countryside (campo) offers not only a feast of sights, sounds and smells but an abundance of plants that can be safely eaten too. Foraging for edible wild plants can add to the delights of any countryside walk: even better to eat them along the way or gather a handful of wild leaves to add to a fresh green salad or take home to create an unusual dish. When gathering wild plants we need to exercise a measure of caution as some plants are definitely not safe to eat and there are places where it would not be wise to pick them. But to put the dangers of gathering wild food into perspective, it is worth considering 30 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers

Wild Salad - Purple Vetch

Wild Salad - Dill

Wild Salad - Black Mustard

experienced: poisonous fungi can kill! Forest floors and low- lying valleys in damper areas are awash with wild garlic at the moment. Easily identified by its pungent aroma, the waxy broad shaped leaves make a fabulous addition to any green salad. On my walks this week I spotted numerous edible plants that can be added to a spring salad; Purple Vetch, who’s flowers, tendrils and even the miniature peas they produce can all be eaten (warning: this is not the same as the poisonous sweet pea: lathyrus odoratus). I saw Borage with its striking star shaped blue flowers (flowers and top parts of the plant are harvested in the flowering season, young leaves taste like cucumber, finely chop them). Then there were the fine fronds of Fennel, Dill and Caraway (salads, soups, fish dishes). The nasturtiums are in flower (leaves, flowers and later their chick- pea sized seeds are all edible). A new discovery was the black mustard plant (mustard and cress variety). Yellow flower heads and finely chopped leaves can add an interesting kick to a salad. Before the sun bakes the foliage to a uniform sun-bleached crispiness, why not venture out and see what you can find? Nothing beats a bit of foraging. Jane Victoria Jewson 2011

the relatively ‘unknown’ dangers of eating the cultivated and processed foods that we readily stuff ourselves with without question. Most of the time we have absolutely no idea of the origins of the food, or the environment in which it has been produced other than what is written on the packaging and labels. We can make our own assessment of any potential dangers when we gather food directly from the place it grows. It is a matter of obtaining a little knowledge, applying a measure of common sense and employing our natural instincts. Picking from roadsides or in areas where herbicides or other chemicals might have been sprayed is not advisable, but the campo is vast with plenty of untouched, uncultivated locations where man’s heavy hand has not interfered too much. A few plants are now protected. For example, due to over enthusiastic picking and the attraction of making a few euros, it is now illegal to pick wild asparagus. Bearing this in mind, remember that each species needs to regenerate, so don’t strip a plant bear: pick only a few leaves or flowers from each specimen: using a knife helps to avoid pulling up the plant, roots and all. Some plants are easier to identify than others, but it is worth the bother of doing a little research as collecting food ‘for free’ can be fun even if you only get to know a few plants and it’s a great activity for kids to be involved in too. If in any doubt as to the identity of a plant, search the web for a site devoted solely to their identification or even better find an experienced person who knows. Once you know, you can forage away. A word of caution: never pick wild mushrooms or fungi unless you are very Wild Salad What’s On Calendar, Business Directory and much more.... on 31


The Rain in Spain, mainly causes damp problems! As we come out of the Spanish wet winter, and into the summer months, all of us will have at some point experienced some issues with the amount of rain that has fallen. On average the Costa del Sol receives around 100mm of rain each month from November through to March each year, with the national weather office of Spain expecting this to increase annually due to climatic changes. This will of course mean although the Spanish climate will get warmer, it will also become wetter for a larger number of months with increase rain fall during this time. As many have experienced, this increase in wet weather coupled with the poor build of many properties has led to damp occurring in a high level of homes throughout the region. In most UK built properties a damp course is fitted as standard to avoid such problems as rising damp and condensation build up. In Spain, it is very rare for any property to have this protection fitted.

Rising Damp Who hasn’t experienced it at some point - the mustiness of damp walls in buildings with no or insufficient insulation? And when the plaster begins to fall off the walls, salt blisters with paint flaking appear on the facade and spots of mould make rooms impossible to live in, this is usually the end phase of a process which has been going on for some years. At this point it would be wrong to treat these damaged areas “cosmetically” with only mortar and paint, and have to put up with a very unhealthy living climate with higher

energy costs.This stage of damage requires thorough corrective action in order to prevent total dilapidation of these sections of the house. When moisture from the ground rises up a wall due to the capillary action in the masonry material, it is called rising damp or salt damp. It carries with it corrosive salts, and causes a number of serious problems.

Electro Osmosis Damp Proofing System - How it works The system introduces a very small and perfectly safe electric current into the wall just above ground level through a series of titanium anodes inserted into the brickwork. Its effect is to repel the rising moisture molecules down the walls and harmlessly back into the ground. As long as this tiny positive charge is maintained, the protected walls remain dry and totally free of damp. Installation is neat and quick. A series of small holes are drilled in the masonry just above ground level, and tiny anodes inserted, linked by a special connecting wire which is ‘pointed’ into the wall. The finished result is virtually invisible and the disruption is minimal. Hopefully in the longer term, these issues will be addressed when new properties are built in the future, but for now at least there are some ways to solve the problem in our homes. One thing is for sure is the rain in Spain does not fall just on the plains and will affect our lives more over the coming years.

‘The rain in Spain . . . mainly causes damp problems’ has been compiled by Fred Jordan of Damp Tech Spain, who has 34 years of experience in building services. If you have any further questions or concerns about all damp problems, please feel free to call him on office 952 804 834, mobile 616 872 951. 32 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers


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Countrywide Developments I thought that this month I would let people know about one of our countrywide developments. Age Concern Acción Social Asistencia (ACASA) has developed from the British Consulate/Age Concern Partnership Project (BC/ACPP) with its core members of the FCO, Age UK and Age Concern España. At the end of 2010, the BC/ACPP was receiving 4 new cases per week and had distributed over 130,000€ to beneficiaries throughout Spain with over 70 dedicated, trained volunteers. With the instability of the economy, the rising cost of living and the decreasing value of pensions, the plight of pensioners is more real than ever. This is why the development of the project into an independent umbrella charity organisation called ACASA underpins the continuing importance of the work that the charity is doing in Spain. ACASA will continue to help thousands of older British nationals to overcome poverty, combat isolation and assist with integration into Spanish life. The most recent development is that the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help has joined ACASA in Partnership. Age Concern España has always had a close relationship with SSAFA Forces Help. Now, ACASA can help more people to access the financial and practical assistance that they need here in Spain. In 2010, SSAFA Forces Help celebrated their 125th anniversary and with recent overseas conflicts from the Gulf to Afghanistan their services are needed as much now as at any time in its history. By working together we will ensure that the information and advice that we provide our beneficiaries is relevant to life in Spain and that we can help those who return to the UK by linking them to their local UK SSAFA branch. The launch of ACASA took place on March 30th 2011 at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Madrid. Eileen Dry President of Age Concern España and Estepona y Manilva attended the launch along with Presidents’ from all the Age Concern Organisations in Spain.

Foreign Residents Event Age Concern ran a very successful stand on the second day (10th April) of the Foreign Residents Weekend held in the Palacio de Congresos, Estepona. Organised by Richard and Julie Woods a team of volunteers worked throughout the day to raise over 300€ for the charity to support the volunteers who work in the community with older people in the area. Cakes and quiches were on sale as well as clothes and bric-a-brac. A tombola was run with countless prizes on offer. Thanks go to the people who baked such delicious goods for sale, and to the volunteers who helped on the day. FINALLY: For elderly people who require help or advice Age Concern, Estepona and Manilva operate a telephone service called Lifeline. This gives the individual a direct point of contact with the charity. The telephone number is 650 163 928. 38 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers


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Ready About by Graham Cox

Boat Owners – This is where the newbie’s and novices start to become old salts, if they have any wits about them. A bit of a preamble follows here just to give you an idea of why this topic can generate so much controversy. There are three types of boat owners. The first are those who really like boats, and are distinguishable by the fact that they have taken the time to learn a lot about them. You know them right away when you talk to them. They know their subject because they have a real interest in boats. The second kinds are those who basically buy boats as a status thing, of doing the “in” thing or just the latest fad in recreation. These are the folks who tend to get into the most trouble with boats because they buy them for reasons other than the sheer love of boats. It’s not the boat, but what it represents that counts. The third types are newbie’s, who could end up going either way, but who know nothing about boats for a different reason. So why am I engaging in this desktop psychology? Mainly because these are the people I deal with in my everyday work, and it’s rather obvious that the owner’s reasons for owning a boat has everything to do with the condition of the boats I see, and those clients who propose to buy their cast offs. It’s one thing to be able

to purchase one, something else again to maintain it in good condition. I like to think of boats as analogous to aircraft. To own an aircraft without thorough knowledge of the machine is risking your personal safety. To own a boat is risking your financial security as well. That’s because one cannot truly appreciate the real cost of ownership without experience. Yes, it is quite possible to own a boat for 3 years and be lucky enough to have few large expenses. Those odds decrease dramatically with your second boat, and disappear with the third etc.

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Whatever reason has motivated you to buy a boat, this essay will not only help educate you about the necessary maintenance required, how and when to do it, but the costs as well. Some say that I am overly negative and trying to scare the hell out of people. Well, yes, because owning a boat is a serious and costly business, even though the decision is often taken lightly. I see too many people get into big trouble with boats, large boats and small boats alike. That’s because they don’t know what they’re getting into because, if they did, they wouldn’t have done it. They were thinking in terms of status symbol (I am a member of an exclusive yacht club, so I know all about that) or thought they were buying an RV or Floating Jaguar. Instead, it turns into a horrendous financial loss due to ignorance. The basic problem with boat ownership stems from three points: (1) Decent quality boats are very expensive, (2) boating is often regarded as a recreation, which it is not (some say it’s a form of madness), (3) the objective is to have fun and not always be working your behind off on the dang thing. Unfortunately, to keep your boat from going to rot and ruin, many boats end up becoming bottomless pits in terms of the time and expense required to keep them in decent shape. This is when considerable discussion can be made about whether a boat is easy or difficult to maintain. Some of you are probably familiar with the modern automobile

where, just in order to change the spark plugs, a mechanic has to disassemble half the engine to get the darn things out and you end up with an outrageous bill for a simple tune up. This happens a lot with boats, too. With boat maintenance there’s a lot more to it than just tune ups. Some people (a minority) regard boats as hobbies, and as such they love to spend their time working on them. A friend of mine calls them “fiddlefarters.” Yet, the vast majority of boat owners regard a boat as a recreational vehicle, something to be used, parked and forgotten when not in use. Back in the days of wood boats, adopting the later attitude was a prescription for disaster because wood boats were basically little more than makework projects, they deteriorated so rapidly. Fibreglass, along with a better knowledge of materials, has gone a long way toward reducing maintenance. Even so, one cannot regard a boat as just another recreational vehicle to use with a park-it-and-forget-it attitude. While fibreglass hulls don’t deteriorate rapidly, everything else in a boat is pretty much the same as it was 30 years ago. Without some frequent TLC it goes to hell in a hurry. Think of it like keeping 10 Godzilla’s in a cage that is not quite strong enough. Rather like the old King Kong movie. There’s that nutcase who brings a monster to New York in weak cage.

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busy person and don’t have time for that sort of thing, but let me tell you something. When I do marine surveys on larger boats that are well maintained, one of the common traits to these boats (or yachts) is that I usually find a drawer full of lists, and not infrequently a maintenance log, even if just a small notebook. The fact is that without some kind of schedule or list, much of what is needed just isn’t going to get done. It’s just far too easily overlooked. You know how it is; if you make a punch list, things will get done ten times faster and you’ll wonder how you managed to get so much done in one day. That’s because we rarely work from plans, but waste our time going round in circles. As long as you feed them and keep them happy, they’ll stay in the cage. But neglect them, let them get hungry and angry, and they are going to go on a rampage and destroy the world. Your world, that is.

Water is the Enemy and here you thought it was your friend. Oh, no, every good hath its evil. Yin and yang, now that we’re all China happy. Remember that book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? Never read it because motorcycles don’t float. Anyway, water is both an electrolyte and a solvent. Being an electrolyte, simply put means that it facilitates corrosion, essentially an electro-chemical reaction, of many materials, particularly metals. A solvent means that it will dissolve certain materials to which it is exposed. Water is also a facilitator for the growth of certain microbes and especially fungus. Boats are made of wood, plastic and metal, all of which deteriorate with varying degrees of speed. Needless to say, the general rule is that the more expensive the material, the slower it deteriorates, whereas cheaper materials deteriorate more rapidly. Which is why cheap boats go to hell so fast, and good ones cost so darn much. That’s the yang part.

The Plan The best way to deal with the issue of boat maintenance, both from the standpoint of knowing what it takes, and getting it done on time, is to develop a plan. Oh, I know you are a

What’s Your Time Worth Newbie’s rarely appreciate how time consuming owning a boat can be. In thinking a bit about maintenance, some folks get their priorities bollixed up. First, whatever you do for a living, figure how much you earn on an hourly basis. Take that hourly rate and use it to set priorities on what you will do and what you will pay someone else to do. One of the hidden costs of boat ownership is the amount of time a boat will take away from your income earning time. Whether it’s time stolen from work, or because you’re too tired to work effectively because you busted your “cojones” working on the boat, believe me the boat will cause you to become less effective in your business. That’s part of the cost of ownership too. Pay attention to this and use this hourly rate scheme to utilize your time most effectively and it will ultimately save you money. If you earn 80 euros/hr. and it only costs 40euros/hr. for someone else to do it... who should be doing this job? Fiddlefarting also has a price.

Regular Inspections Most folks get behind the maintenance eight ball because they won’t take the time to find out what’s going on with their boats. It’s a procrastination thing, and we are all victim of it. Here’s the deal: we don’t check things out because we don’t want to know. Out of sight, out of mind. We don’t want any more work or problems, so we avoid

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that by not going looking for them. Right? Now relax, take a deep breath, or go to the fridge for a beer. It’s easier and cheaper to keep up with things. I would also suggest that it won’t cost very much to hire a surveyor to make a quick punch list of things that need to be done. Applying the under-the-rug theory costs a lot more, and to stay ahead of things is both easier and cheaper. That’s because nipping small problems in the bud is better than waiting for their full bloom. The rule here is: Blooms cost more than buds.

Engine Maintenance Keeping the engines going is the big item and is a top priority. Engine maintenance on boats is not well understood. Nine out of ten boat owners I talk to will put the emphasis on oil changes, but that is not really where it should be. You see, unlike cars, boat engines don’t put their nasty emissions back into the engine, which is what can wreck a car engine in a hurry. In fact, oil related engine damage in boats is quite rare. All you have to do is follow the recommendations by the manufacturer and that’s it. Just be sure that you use the properly rated oil. Go to the manual, pick out those service codes and write them down in big letters on the front of the manual so you don’t have to go rooting around for it every time you change oil. Make life easier.

Photos by D Parody,

Working from your list, making a routine inspection isn’t going to take more than 30 minutes or so. Just lift the hatches and stick your head down there in those holes and look at that stuff you really don’t want to see. Another rule is: The things you don’t want to look at are most important. Take a note pad and start making a list. Maybe you’re not going to do everything that needs to be done. You needn’t have a guilty conscience about it, but don’t stick your head in the sand. Open those hatches and stick your head down there. Later on you may find the odd hour to get something done, but if you don’t know about it, that won’t happen.

What! You say you don’t have time for all this? If you’re not willing to do it yourself, and unable to write a cheque to pay someone else to, then you should sell the boat. You don’t need that millstone hanging round your neck. Join the golf club and no one will ask you to do green maintenance. Otherwise, be prepared to foot Big Bill when his time has come. If you make a pact with the devil, he will always collect.

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WITH LINEA DIRECTA, THE BEST TRAVEL ASSISTANCE FOR EXPATS Línea Directa, market leader in the direct sale of car, motorbike and home insurance, offers all its foreign customers residing in Spain a wide range of exclusive services in English. Of special note among these is Travel Assistance, an exceptionally high-quality cover attending to and resolving all types of problems arising from road incidents occurring in Spain, the rest of Europe and countries covered by the Green Card. After years of experience focusing on Expatriate customers in Spain, Línea Directa has been able to identify the most common types of incident experienced by their customers when they take their car and are a certain distance from their home, and is able to respond to such incidents offering safety, peace of mind and trust. Examples of these incidents are: • If customers lose the keys to their vehicle either within or outside Spain, Línea Directa will help them to find duplicate keys so that they can continue their journey without any further problems. • In the case of a breakdown or accident, if customers are unable to take appropriate action, Línea Directa will send them the spare parts they require (up to a weight of 50kg in the case of a battery, for example) to repair the vehicle wherever it might be so that they do not have to leave it in a repair garage with all the inconvenience which this could entail. As a result, Línea Directa has once again shown its commitment to personalising its Expatriate service with extremely high levels of quality and efficiency, via its call centre, which offers a 24-hour service every day of the year.

If you wish to find out more, call 902 123 161 now 44 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers

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Join today and start contributing to Manilva Mums. Welcome to Manilva Mums a social network for mothers living in the Manilva area. Our community enables Mums to make new friends, find information about the area, and discuss topics we all face as a parent. Our mums social network can help you find other mums in your area, share your stories and feel supported if you are new to Spain.

Nursery Places in Spain Manilva’s councillor for Education and Culture, Diego José Jiménez, has announced the application process for nursery school places for 0-3 year olds in Sabinillas, Manilva and Castillo. Applications must be in by the month of April. There are some 255 places available, and last year all those who applied were successful in getting a place, but it is essential that applications are made in time. This facility is important not just for the education and development of the child but to make it possible for parents to balance work and family life, therefore the schools are open between 7.30am and 5pm with lunch also available to those requiring it. Applications for children who attended school last year must be presented from 15-24 Mar. For new admissions applications should be in from 1-30 April. Application forms can be collected from the Delegación de Educación, next to the football ground in Manilva or from the Commerce office in Plaza Ginebra, Sabinillas. Applications must be accompanied by applicant’s ID/passport, certificate of empadronmiento, Declaración de la renta 2009, certificado retenciones 2009, Acreditación del trabajo: Certificado de empresa. All documents to be presented at the Delegación de Educación office, Plaza Martín Carpena, next to the football ground, Manilva. Tel: 952 891 367 or email:

Marion the Midwife As an English trained midwife for over 20 years and mother to 3 great kids I would like to share my knowledge and experience helping guide you through your pregnancy - and afterwards with the care of your new baby. The postnatal period is a very special time when you and your partner get to know your baby. Becoming a parent can be demanding but with good advice and support it can also be a wonderful experience. I can visit you in your home – give support with breastfeeding, guidance and advice where needed giving you the confidence to cope. I am happy to help with questions and answers where I can. Marion - 607 911 262

If you’re a mum or a mum-to-be and would like to share your experiences or have questions and would like to get in contact with others like you please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. 46 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers


A Night to Remember by Lucy Sutherland 700 tickets sold, hours of behind the scenes hard work and 120 nervous and apprehensive students waited back stage on Friday 25th March for the start of SotoRox3. Students, parents and children attended the most awaited rock concert on the coast. Backstage, performers and musicians were buzzing with excitement as the SIS gym brimmed with excited fans anticipating what was sure to be another concert filled with high quality and high energy performances by the students. Lights shone onto the stage as the opening song “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘n’ Roses began, played by lead guitarist, Adri Castro: a huge roar erupted from the crowd as the lead singers, Karin Soiref and Lucy Sutherland jumped on stage and started the show off with an enormous bang. Along with the smoke and the lights, talented dancers, Isabella Tom and Elise Bresler mesmerised the crowd with their complex dance routine. The crowd was blown away by the amazing guitar skills of Sebastian Sarmiento as his flawless solo surged through the speakers. The cheers of the crowd and look of pure shock and excitement were etched on everyone’s face as the song was coming to an end. The night continued on with a vast assortment of different songs from ACDC to OutKast and Black Eyed Peas.

The concert not only showcased music performances but also dances choreographed by many different students in the school. Primary students wowed the crowd with a great dance to the song “Firework” made famous by Katy Perry. Students from M2 devised a clever and exciting routine to the song “Voodoo people” by The Prodigy which was played by guitarists Danny Bristow, Adri Castro and George Oughton, Miguel Burguera on bass and Marko Marques on drums. All the money raised by SotoRox is being donated to The Kindred Project, an NGO created by the school to help enrich the lives of disadvantaged children and adults through a variety of education related projects. I am sure SotoRox is a great memory that performers, students and parents will be able to share and remember for many years to come. Personally SotoRox was the best performance of my life; I have never enjoyed being on stage so much before in all the time that I have been performing and I would like to thank Kerry Wickersham (Head of Music) and Nigel Davis for giving me the opportunity of performing in the best rock concert on the coast.

For further information visit or telephone +34 956 795 902 What’s On Calendar, Business Directory and much more.... on 47


Manilva Foreigners Department can be found at the Castle, Castillo. Telephone: 952 893 548 or 663 969 636. Open 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 7th May - International Family Fun Day This super event will take place in the park ‘El Huerto’ in El Castillo from 10.00, with a breakfast of fried ‘tortitas’ with honey and hot chocolate. We will be able to take the opportunity to taste the cuisine of many countries there will be many different games for both children and adults, music, dancing, a bouncy castle and much more entertainment. There will also be a huge Paella for everyone present.

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Foreigners More Important Than Ever in Upcoming Local Elections The 22nd of May is when local elections are held for all the municipalities of Andalucia. According to official statistics, almost 34% of residents in the municipality of Casares are foreigners; in Manilva, the figure is closer to 44%. These figures only reflect registered expatriates; estimates suggest that the true figure is probably closer to 50%. “Now more than ever, it’s time to make ourselves heard”, says Anita Schmidt, who has joined one of the parties standing in the local elections in Casares; a first for a Dutch national. Anita’s decision to get involved in local politics was borne out of her frustration that many expatriates still consider themselves interlopers, even though they live here permanently, pay their taxes here, support the local economy and in many cases educate their children here as well. “We have to stop thinking of ourselves as guests in another country. We are a permanent part of the community; our opinion is important and our vote counts”. Irrespective of one’s political leanings, what’s important is that foreigners exercise their democratic right to vote and to have their voices heard.

Postal Vote Voters not here on the 22nd can go to any post office and request a postal vote. This must be done by the 12th of May, in person with a passport, NIE and a ‘solicitud de certificado de inscripcion para votar por correo’ completed in the presence of a post office employee. The certificate, voting envelope, lists of the different parties running and a return envelope will arrive by certified post. Voters then have until the 18th of May to submit their postal vote via any post office, by certified mail. There are no costs involved in this process.

Can I Vote? The final ‘censo’, or list of registered voters, is available the first week of May at the town hall. Prospective voters can either go in person to the town hall to check whether they are on the list.

The voting process in Spain is fairly straight forward:

How to Vote Registered voters receive a notice in the post confirming their right to vote along with their allocated polling station. On the 22nd of May, voters need to identify themselves with their passport and NIE at their assigned polling station. It’s then simply a matter of placing the envelope with the list (party) of choice in the ballot box. The envelope can be either from home (the participating parties deliver them to your home) or collected and completed at the polling station. above: Anita Schmidt

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Estepona Reading Group Book Review

The Help - Kathryn Stockett This thought provoking first novel from Kathryn Stockett focuses on the lives of three extraordinary women in 1960’s Jackson, Mississippi. Stockett takes us on a journey through their intertwined relationships, and gives us a privileged insight into how these women feel, how they cope with different hardships, and what they think about one another in a racially discriminatory, class driven society that was undergoing major changes. Eugenia Phelan, known as Miss Skeeter because of her ‘mosquito-thin’ appearance as a child, returns from university to her family cotton plantation with a burning ambition to become a writer, and to a mother who is determined that she should get married as soon as possible. Constantine, the family maid who raised Skeeter, has mysteriously disappeared, and as Skeeter attempts to find out what has happened to her cherished carer she comes up with the idea of writing the stories of the ‘help’, the black domestic maids who work for the wealthy white Southern families. Down to earth and kind hearted Aibileen is raising her seventeenth white child, but with the loss of her own son in an accident she herself admits that ‘a bitter seed was plant inside a me”. However she is now devoted to looking after little Mae Mobley, the daughter of the unloving Miss Leefolt. Minny is Aibileen’s best friend and the best cook in town, but she also has a big mouth that seems to get her into trouble and out of jobs. The voice of each of the three women is totally distinctive as they tell their story in different chapters, and although it seems strange for Stockett, a white woman, to

write in the voice of a black woman, it works. As you read the book you will find yourself taking on the Southern drawl of Skeeter and then lapsing into the dialect of Mammy from Gone With the Wind when Minny speaks. There are some wonderful characters, such as the Marilyn Monroe lookalike Miss Celia Foote, new to town and ostracized by her contemporaries. Then there is the white Southern belle Miss Hilly – Skeeter’s former best friend and the bigoted president of the town’s Junior League. It is when Hilly initiates a scheme to build separate toilet facilities for the ‘black help’ in Jackson that Skeeter embarks on her mission to become the voice of those who are never heard. The narrative is funny; full of wit and humour, but it also highlights the social and political unrest during the civil rights movement. The Help explores the problems of racial inequality in an era gone by, but at the same time can be seen as a timeless and universal story that is filled with poignancy and hope. A compelling read and one to definitely add to your bookshelf, but - and this is a spoiler alert – don’t eat Minny’s chocolate pie! Joanna Wyndham

The next meeting of The Estepona Reading Group will be held at the Elemi Café, near Estepona Port on Thursday, 5th May from 6pm until 7.30pm, when we will be discussing Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier, translated by Barbara Harshav. For Further information call 956 794 279. 50 Please mention Andalucia Life when talking to our advertisers

Swans School Hold Sponsored Run For The Foundation Of Friends! The Foundation of Friends are pleased to announce that the pupils of Swans Primary School raised a fantastic 3,391.15 euros from their recent sponsored run which pupils from both KS1 and KS2 participated in. The Foundation would like to thank Swans Primary for their support; not only for making such a great amount of money but also for helping to raise awareness of the individual charities we support including the Association Autismo Angel Riviere who will receive the full money raised from this event. Tony Lee, Chairman of The Foundation of Friends said “this was a really special effort by the boys and girls at Swans in running all that way and in doing so with such tremendous enthusiasm!”

If you would like to find out more about The Foundation of Friends and the work they are doing here in Andalucia, please visit their website on or email

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Sudoku For Fun 3 7 2

1 9
















6 7







9 6

3 2

Málaga judge orders youngster to leave home and get a job A 25 year old man, unnamed in reports, who neither studies nor works, known in Spain with the expression ‘youngster ni-ni’, and who lives at home with his parents who also pay the payments on his car, had taken them to court demanding that they give him a monthly payment of 400€.

It came after they refused to pay him anymore, a situation which led to a breakdown of normal family life, and the allegation that the son insulted and psychologically mistreated his parents. The judge in Family Court Number Five in Málaga, ruled against the youngster, and given him 30 days to leave the family home. The judge considered that the man has sufficient ability to work, knowing that he even has some knowledge about the stock market. He said that it was not right to expect his parents to support his behaviour, but did order them to pay him 200€ a month for the next two years to help with his emancipation. Now the youth has a month to find somewhere to live, and realise he must take control of his life.

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Ceuta Regatta 2011 Saturday 9th April saw the IV Straights Winter series Ceuta Regatta event take place. Boats came from as far as Algeciras, Puerto de la Duquesa, Puerto de Santa Maria and many other Andalucían ports to take part in the race. For those of you that don’t know, Ceuta, “The gate to Africa” is located approximately 25 Km south of Gibraltar and is part of the North African mainland. Covering an area of only 18 Km2 it is an autonomous city of Spain with a natural harbour in the straits of Gibraltar. The main industry for the port is the military base, low tax trade, fishing, shipping and many forms of smuggling! The harbour is over-shadowed by the soaring rock of Musa Mountain, believed to be one of the two Pillars of Hercules, the figurative gate between the

Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Ceuta, a mix of two continents and many cultures has a colourful and interesting history. Spanish is the official language although Arabic is very prevalent. The population consists of Christians, Muslims and a small minority of Jews; she is a friendly port with a good number of sites to visit. Over the years she has been occupied by the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Portuguese, and ultimately the Spanish giving rise to her rich and diverse culture. During the middle ages she became an important trading post for European and Middle Eastern merchants and in 1415 was given the title of “city” by the then pope after the Portuguese seized control. 42 boats entered the regatta which turned out to be a lot more eventful than expected. Both sea and wind conditions proved to be more than a match for most boats. Two collisions on the start line should have been a sign of things to come! Shredded sails, battered bodies, near mishaps and adrenalin were the order of the day. There was much to talk about in the yacht club over lunch after the event as only 6 boats managed to finish! All in all as well as being a lumpy ride it was also an expensive day for the owners with an estimated 150,000€ worth of damage being sustained. Ouch! Oh well, as they say in the trade, “That’s racing!” Ceuta can be reached from Algeciras via ferry or for the more adventurous by helicopter from either Malaga or Algeciras. For more information contact Tourist Information on tel: 856 200 560

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International Club Of Estepona ICE is for all English speaking people and meet at Urbanisation Bahia Dorada Entrada 4 or 5 at km 149, A7 Estepona. Tel 952 802 549 VISIT OUT WEBSITE Every Sunday from 12.30 to 2.30pm and every Tuesday from 11.00am to 2pm the bar is open for drinks and tapas. Every Thursday from 10.30am to 2pm the bar is open for drinks and lunch. Weekly meeting 11.30am. New Members always welcome.

Special Events May Tuesday 3rd May 6th, 7th, 8th May Friday 6th May Monday 9th May Wednesday 11th May Friday 20th May 13th, 14th, 15th May Saturday 21st May Wednesday 25th May Friday 27th May Friday 27th May

- Golf Spring Cup & Lunch - Casares Costa Golf Course - ICE Drama Group Production – ‘Mary Popout’ - Fish ‘n’ Chip Supper - Film Night - Ladies & Gents Lunch Out - Quiz Night. - Trip to Cordoba - decorated patios and courtyards - 60’s Night - Ramblers BBQ - Anne’s Estepona Walk - Music Night

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Zodiac Your forecasts for this month

TAURUS April 20 - May 20 For all Taurus people, this month will be little hectic. Both your personal life and professional life will demand your attention and time. You may find your soul mate this month. Open up your senses, as he/she may be around.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 21 You must be planning to go for a pleasure holiday with your near and dear ones. Your spouse will be extremely understanding. Even though, some issues may come up, if there is any elderly member in your family.

GEMINI May 21 - June 21 According to the Gemini horoscope, all Gemini people will enjoy a relaxed week ahead. If you are looking for a job, you can get some wonderful chances this month. Your will enjoy a prosperous professional life.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 - Dec 21 This month may be a little hectic for you, especially if you are looking for a change in job. If you are into your family business, this may be the ideal time to focus on your own ideas and thoughts. You may need to revise your priorities.

CANCER June 22 - July 22 All Cancerians will enjoy a relaxed life in this month. In your both personal life and professional life, you will enjoy a much calmer atmosphere. But you are advised to stay away from the office politics and gossips.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 19 You will have some gala moments in this month, which you can enjoy with your family and friends. You may have some financial restrictions this month, but you can get help from your friends, as they are very supportive to you.

LEO July 23 - Aug 22 This month will be a great month for all Leos, especially for your professional life. Your seniors and co-workers will recognize your hard work and dedication and it will reflect on your appraisal. You also can expect a hike recently.

AQUARIUS Jan 20 - Feb 18 For all Aquarians, this month will be pretty good, for both their personal life and financial career. You will enjoy a calm atmosphere in your family front and at the same time, you will have an exciting financial aspect.

VIRGO Aug 23 - Sept 22 This month will be good for your family life. You will be in a relaxed mood. Your family members will be understand and supportive to you. You may have to sit and discuss over some family problems, but they can be sorted out easily.

PISCES Feb 19 - Mar 20 Pisceans are quite and this month will be quite serene for you. No matter what happens in your life, you will never ever lose your metal peace and calm. You can expect some upliftment in your career.

LIBRA Sept 23 - Oct 23 For all Libras, this month will be moderately well. You may have some issues in your family life this month. No matter, what you do, you still cannot get rid of these issue. It is advised for you to concentrate on your professional career.

ARIES Mar 21 - April 19 Arians can face some challenges in career during the first half of the year. However, you will overcome all the difficulties. Family life will be wonderful. People who are in a romantic relationship may get married this year. Financially you can stay secured.

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The Duquesa Society of


The Duquesa Society of St. George held it’s annual St. George’s dinner dance on Thursday 21st April. The Society, which was formed in 2005, organises at least two events each year, the actual St. George’s celebration dinner dance which has been held for the last few years at Macues Restaurant in Duquesa Port, and a summer ball and BBQ which is held at the H10 Hotel in Estepona.

Duquesa Port as “Billy the Fish”, it was his last St. George’s dinner as Billy is leaving Spain to return to the UK to run a Country Inn called the Rose & Crown in Wiltshire. Billy moved to Spain approximately 10 years ago and opened “Billy’s Fish & Chips” in Duquesa Port.

Over the years, the organisers have managed to raise money from these events for charites such as Help the Heroes, Los Claveles Cancer charity, and has raised money to go towards the building of a school in Nepal for the orphans of Ghurka soldiers. For it’s main organisers, William Downes, commonly known by those that frequent The current Mayor of Manilva, Antonia Munoz, was also in attendance at Thursday’s dinner dance as everyone showed their appreciation for all the hard work that Billy has put into the organising of the annual events and to t wish Billy and his wife, Sandra, a safe journey back to England. Billy has handed over the future organisation of the events to another well w known supporter, Dean Shelton.

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10 Places to Visit in Malaga 1. Alcazaba & Castillo de Gibralfaro These are two of Malaga’s best known sights and are well worth the steep walk up to see them. Dating back to the 11th century, the Alcazaba is a military fortress built by the Moors and partially inspired by La Alhambra in Granada. It contains three magnificent palaces and beautiful gardens with several ornate fountains. The Alcazaba also houses the Archaeological Museum, home of numerous Phoenician and Muslim finds. The Gibralfaro Castle is situated just next to the Alcazaba, on land that is thought to have previously hosted a lighthouse built by the Phoenicians. On the remains of this lighthouse a fortress was build by Abderramán III and was later reconstructed as a castle by Yasuf I in the 14th century. On Sundays admission is free to both attractions after 2pm. 2. Stroll around Malaga’s old town Wander along the narrow, cobbled streets behind the main pedestrian street and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Malaga’s pretty old town. A far cry from the image that many people have of towns and cities on the Costa del Sol, the old town in Malaga is full of Baroque facades, leafy plazas and traditional shops and restaurants. It’ll give you a fantastic insight into traditional Andalucia. 3. Soak up some rays on the beach Andalucia enjoys at least a few hours of sunlight most days of the year and even January is usually temperate enough for a stroll on the beach. Malaga’s sandy beaches are really well-maintained, making them ideal for some swimming and sunbathing in the Spring and Summer. 4. Tour Malaga’s ancient Roman ruins Malaga’s Roman Theatre, unearthed relatively recently in 1951, spans 31 meters of the Andalusian landscape. It is situated at the foot of the Alcazaba and was used until the 3rd century; after that it was used as a quarry by the Moors to restore the Alcazaba. 5. Visit the Museu Picasso On the last Sunday of every month admissions to the Museu Picasso is free. Housed in the Buenavista Palace, an elegant 16th century

building, it exhibits over 200 works of art by one of Malaga’s most famous sons. 6. Parque de Malaga Malaga’s century-old city park, which runs alongside the Paseo del Parque promenade, is the perfect place for an afternoon walk. It is one of only a few exterior botanical gardens in Europe, and is full of luscious palms and tropical plants. Many of the exotic species were brought from overseas when Malaga was an important world trading centre. 7. Atarazana Central Market At Malaga’s central market, you’ll find a mindboggling array of stalls selling fresh fish, meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables – and all at an astonishingly affordable price. If you don’t trust yourself to be let loose on the delectable offerings though just stay outside – the building’s unique mix of 14th and 19th century architecture is, in itself, worth a look. 8. Visit Malaga’s ‘one-armed Lady’ After conquering Malaga from the Moors, the Catholic Kings ordered the construction of a cathedral over the original mosque. The cathedral’s local nickname is “La Manquita” meaning “one-armed lady”, which dervives from the fact that the east tower of the cathedral remains unfinished. The cathedral is particularly impressive at night when the facade is illuminated. 9. Explore the Montes de Malaga Park Only a few kilometres north of Malaga city lies the Montes de Malaga Natural Park, a region of dense pine forest, small valleys and waterfalls. Due to its proximity to Malaga, it is a really popular weekend destination for malagueños who want to escape the city and enjoy the stunning natural scenery. 10. Malaga’s shopping district Malaga’s main shopping avenue, Calle Marques de Larios, has a really nice mix of shops, ranging from designer boutiques to more affordable options. Whether you want to splash out on something new, or just indulge in some window shopping, this bustling and historic street is well worth a visit.

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Fishy Business! The local Traditional Fish and Chip shop in Puerto De La Duquesa has recently opened under new ownership. BILLY THE FISH is now under Paul Charrington of Duquesa Business Centre and Tim Kerswell previously of Sambuca Thai in Sabinillas. Their aim is to continue with the finest fish and chips in the area and expand in time. So why not go and pay them a visit and tell your friends whether locals or on their holidays. We wish them the best of luck.

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What’s On Along The Costa Puerto de la Duquesa Summer Evening Arts & Craft Market Every Thursday evening throughout Summer between 7pm-11pm. A selection of local stall holders offering excellent gift ideas including jewellery, silver, glass, handbags, shoes, belts, watches, ceramic goods, clothes, home gifts and cards. For more information Call Richard Docker on 647 678 513

International Family Day Saturday 7th May You are invited to join in the celebration with the local community and its 70 different nationalities. In collaboration with the Foreign Delegation of the Association of Western Costa del Sol municipalities and Manilva Town Hall. The event will begin at 10:30 am with an opportunity to sample traditional local pastries served with honey and chocolate with a giant paella being served a lunchtime. Different countries will offer traditional folk, music and dance throughout the day with will finish at around 22:00. As a family day there will be plenty for the kids like games and a bouncy castle. The event will be held in the park next to the Castle in Castillo.

Adana Dog Show Sunday 8th May Palacio de Congresos in Estepona This your we have many new classes and we are featuring young people and their dogs. The old favourites are all there but we have a version of the English Kennel Club Good

Citizen Classes and some fun agility course for beginners as we as old hands (or paws). For details including a registration form our website is

Visit to The Patios of Cordoba Wednesday 11th May. Manilva’s Foreign residents dept is organising a trip to the famous and spectacular patios festival in Cordoba on Wednesday 11th May. Cordoba’s Patio’s Festival, is celebrated every year since 1964 and has become famous around the world. Locals throw open their gardens and terraces to visitors who can enjoy the riot of colours and scents created by the green-fingered residents of the city. There is no itinerary so visitors can go where they wish. So you can visit the Los Jardines de Los Reales Alcàzares gardens, La Mezquita and the old Jewish quarter. Coach leaves Castillo at 07:30 and from Sabinillas at 07:45. There will be a stop on the way for breakfast before arriving in Cordoba where there will be a tour of the patios and lunch. Price is 45€ per person. Tel: 952 893 548 / 663 969 636

Los Morancos Show Friday 13th May & Saturday 14th May Alameda Theatre in Malaga to see Los Morancos latest show. The price 30€ per person including transport and entry to the show. Tel: 952 893 548 / 663 696 636

sponsored by Ryders The 19th Hole Top Level, Puerto de la Duquesa

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BBQ do’s & dont’s DO: Light your charcoal in a chimney starter. This eliminates the need to use petroleumbased starters. A chimney lights the coals efficiently and uniformly and makes it easy to move the coals.

DO: Cook burgers to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. This guarantees the meat is cooked to a safe temperature while maintaining moistness. Use an instant read meat thermometer inserted through the side of the burger to check the temperature.

DON’T: Leave the lid down when you light a propane grill. (You may get a gas build-up.) Always have the lid open when you light a gas grill. If the grill fails to ignite the first time, shut off the gas and try again. If you smell gas, test for leaks by brushing the hoses and couplings with a half and half mixture of dish soap and water. A bubble will form over the leak.

DON’T: Grill or smoke over softwoods or evergreens, like spruce or pine. (Or for that matter, scraps of pressure treated lumber). The former contain sooty creosote; the latter toxic chemicals. Use pure hardwoods, like hickory, oak, or cherry, for smoking.

DO: Soak hardwood chips in water for 1 hour before tossing them on the coals for smoking. Soaking makes the chips smolder, not burn, so you endow your meats with that authentic barbecue smoke flavor.

DO: Brush your grill grate with a stiff wire brush and oil it with a tightly folded paper towel dipped in oil prior to putting the food on the grill. This prevents sticking and helps give you killer grill marks. Oh, and a clean grill grate is much less disgusting than one crusted with traces of last week’s grilled salmon.

DON’T: Attempt to clean a grill grate when it’s cold. You’ll spend way too much time scrubbing. You can clean a hot grill grate in a matter of seconds with a few swipes of your wire grill brush. Enough said.

DON’T: Overcrowd your grill. Follow the 30 percent rule: leave at least 30 percent of the grate food free. If flare-ups occur, move your food to the open part of the grill.

DO: Leave a safety zone on your grill – a section of the grill with no food and no fire. If you get flare-ups or your food starts to burn or simply to keep cooked food warm, move it to the safety zone. DON’T: Press a grilling hamburger with a spatula. All you’ll succeed in doing is squeezing out the succulent juices onto the coals.

DO: Use long-handled, spring-loaded tongs, not a barbecue fork for turning steaks and chops. The meat’s dead already. Poking holes in it serves only to drain out the juices. DON’T: Serve a steak hot off the grill. Transfer it to a platter or cutting board for a few minutes, then serve. A brief resting period (2 to 3 minutes) lets the meat “relax,” resulting in a juicier steak.”

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