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THE RISE OF MEGA PROJECTS IN AUSTRALIAN CONSTRUCTION An unprecedented scale of development is underway, but there could be less opportunity to win tenders. Using analysis of Cordell project data, specifically projects under construction at the end of the financial year, it is clear that the value of projects are at a five year high, while the number of projects is at a five year low. At the end of the 2017-18 financial year, Cordell tracked $439.2 billion worth of projects underway, up 14% from $385.6 billion last year. In fact, the combined value of projects under construction rose 24% from the same time five years ago. The combined value of work has risen even as the number of projects has fallen. The number of projects across which the combined $439.2

billion is spread, is 9,055. This is down from 9,485 in the previous year, and down further from the five year peak of 10,323 projects in the year ending June 2016. Figure 1 demonstrates this phenomenon, showing the number and value of projects under construction at the end of June each year since 2014. Between June 2016 and June 2018, most of the decline in the number of projects came from apartment builds (-617 projects), residential subdivisions (-322 projects) and warehouses (-172). These findings indicate that, while the value of work under construction is at a five year peak, the individual tender opportunities may be lower than in previous years. It would be simple to assume that the average project value is rising across all types of work, and that the scale of every project is expanding. However, most projects still seem to be below $5 million, with the high end of project values at tens of billions of dollars. In fact, the highest value project currently under construction, the Gorgon Gas and Condensate project, is worth a total $54 billion, while the median, or middle project value, is just $2.2 million. This is visualised in Figure 2, which is a histogram showing the distribution of value for projects currently under construction across the country. Of these projects, 65% of them are below $5 million. Figure 2 suggests that of the 9,055 projects under construction, 2,770 are less than $1 million in value. Of these low value projects, 687 of them were small scale residential constructions (think three or so townhouses). On the high end of the spectrum, the highest value projects across each of the main construction segments were: • Mining: The Gorgon Gas & Condensate Project, Western Australia ($54 billion) • Civil Engineering: The tunnel and stations package for the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, Victoria ($9 billion) • Residential: West Side Place Apartments, Victoria ($750 million) • Public non residential building: Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Queensland ($940 million)




• •

 ommercial building: Barangaroo South Crown Sydney Hotel C Resort, New South Wales ($2.4 billion) Industrial: Ingham Bio Energy Sugar Mill, Queensland ($600 million)

While this is good news for parts of the construction sector, there is scope for more research on the level of ‘concentration’ in project ownership. It also shows that in the current climate, using data to identify opportunities in Australia’s construction landscape is increasingly vital.

These mega-projects coincide with enormous commitments to infrastructure from state governments, as New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania hold surplus positions, and enjoy high stamp duty revenues from an upswing in housing markets. In the private sector, developers are pushing ahead with large building projects, particularly on the east coast of Australia, which accounts for most of Australian jobs and population growth.

For more information contact CoreLogic, Level 21, 2 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000, phone 1300 734 318, fax 1300 881 674, website 7




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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Nick Deeks, WT Partnerships


CEO INTERVIEW – Vargha Zare, Lahey Constructions EXCELLENCE FEATURE – Product Excellence EXCELLENCE FEATURE – Kitchen Excellence EXCELLENCE FEATURE – Energy Excellence SPECIAL FOCUS SPECIAL FEATURE – Air Conditioning VICTORIA

60 RACV CAPE SCHANCK RESORT – Kane Constructions 68 MELBOURNE JET BASE – Hutchinson Builders 76 50 LA TROBE STREET – Hickory Group



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168 IVY & EVE – Hutchinson Builders 172 NEWSTEAD SERIES – JGL Properties and Watpac Limited 176 SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE – Kane Constructions WESTERN AUSTRALIA

186 HIBERNIAN PLACE – BGC Development

Springfield Health City One, Queensland


FIGHTING MENTAL ILLNESS IN CONSTRUCTION Winslow Constructors are raising awareness of mental illness within the construction industry with a huge Hitachi ZX360 excavator and painting it the signature blue of leading support group beyondblue. This new initiative addresses the stark fact that construction workers suffer amongst the highest rates of suicide of any occupation in Australia – over twice as likely as in any other industry. Trevor Lockwood, CEO, Winslow commented “We continue to hear very sobering stories about the toll mental illness takes on the civil construction industry, and as an industry leader we have decided to tackle this critical issue head on. At Winslow we want to ensure every one of our employees is able to go home after work both physically and mentally fit. So it’s vital for them, and their families, that we head mental illness off at the pass wherever possible, and ‘Big Blue’ is just one way we wish to encourage our staff to take action if they find themselves anxious, depressed or even suicidal.” The arrival of the Hitachi excavator ‘Big Blue’ to Winslow’s Rathdowne by Villawood site (Wollert) on Tuesday 15 May 2018 marks the launch of a powerful initiative by Winslow. Former AFL player Danny Frawley spoke on the topic of depression and the work he is doing in this space. Mr Lockwood continued “Over the years, we have provided training and support to our staff in the area of depression and mental well

being, but felt we needed a bigger ice breaker to boost awareness in what is primarily a male dominated industry where people think all they need is to be ‘tough and resilient’.” “It doesn’t matter how tough or resilient someone is, anyone can still be assailed by anxiety or depression.” Mates in Construction, a charity set up specifically to address suicide prevention in the construction industry, have the stats to back up Winslow’s initiative. According to their research, “every year 190 Australians who work in the industry take their own lives – that’s one every second day.” Throughout 2018, and with help from beyondblue, Winslow will provide employees with greater access to resources, and improved support networks and fundraising through some positive initiatives. beyondblue CEO, Georgie Harman said, “We are thrilled that Winslow recognise the importance of talking about this tough topic to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, and for taking a big step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see the ‘Big Blue’ in action onsite, generating awareness as it works away. We’re very thankful to organisations like Winslow for their support and demonstrating it in such a visually impactful and dramatic way.” Trevor Lockwood added “We are grateful to Hitachi for their involvement and letting us paint their excavator. Hopefully the new colour can remind everyone – even just one

Hitachi excavator ‘Big Blue’.

person – that if they are having a difficult time, they are not alone at Winslow, there is always help, and always somewhere to turn.” “As ‘Big Blue’ makes its rounds to various Winslow projects during the year, it will hopefully keep mental health at the front of our workers minds and encourage people to talk and reach out. That’s what ‘Big Blue’ symbolises, because nothing, ultimately, is as important as the safety, health and the well being of our workforce.” Mental health professionals are available 24/7 at the beyondblue Support Service on 1300 22 4636. Web chat is also available at

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE with SKYview Aerial Photography We offer unique, cost effective and high quality professional aerial photography for the construction and property industry. SKYview has been in business for nearly 15 years servicing the construction industry, with over 25 years of on site construction experience. We can service everything from small residential projects to the largest of government projects, throughout NSW and ACT. We are unconditionally certified, insured and operate from planes, helicopters and drones as required


CONSTRUCTION COMMENCES ON FIRST STAGE OF MELBOURNE SQUARE Multiplex has officially commenced construction on the first stage of the $2.8 billion Melbourne Square development at Southbank, set to become Melbourne’s largest mixed use urban precinct, with the official sod turning celebrated at the site.

Peter McIntyre CEO Engineers Australia

Designed by Cox Architecture, Melbourne Square is one of the largest development projects in Victoria, and will feature six towers of varying heights as well as a new 3,700m2 public park for Southbank.

A CLEAR MESSAGE FOR THE INDUSTRIES FUTURE There are many challenges facing our building and construction sector in what is a critical time amidst the nation’s big infrastructure spend. Consistency and clarity of regulation, and its proper enforcement, are of paramount concern. In 2018, there is a rare opportunity to reform the system nation wide. The COAG Building Ministers Forum (BMF) asked for, and have now received, advice on what to do. They have been handed 24 recommendations from the Shergold and Weir review report, “Building Confidence: improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia.”

Over 7,000 tonnes of steel and 50,000m3 of concrete will be used in the first stage of construction, with the workforce expected to peak at approximately 600 people. It is due for completion in late 2020. Stage One of Melbourne Square consists of two high end residential towers of 54 and 69 levels and 1,048 apartments and will also deliver essential amenity to the local area. This includes the delivery of a retail precinct incorporating shopping, dining and café facilities as well as Southbank’s first full line supermarket, through a recently announced deal with Woolworths. The expansive public park will also be delivered as part of Stage One.

The visionary project will play a pivotal role in bringing much needed community amenity to Southbank, with the entire city block revitalised to become a vibrant vertical village and deliver much needed green open space and services to the precinct.

FIRE SAFETY HOUSE CALL ACS is currently receiving numerous phone calls enquiring about the safety of the current façade cladding on a particular building. Both commercial and residential building owners seem highly concerned about the fire safety of their current façade. Hence ACS now has a special division that will look after these delicate areas. We understand the sensitive nature of these “house calls”, and always align ourselves with highly professional fire engineers when visiting these sites, in the first instance to assess the actual products used on the building in question, and secondly to offer a viable solution, if indeed anything needs to be done at all. It is a relative inexpensive exercise, for complete piece of mind. Should you wish for ACS to inspect YOUR building, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.


We would highly recommend to consult with your insurance company first, they may be able to offer assistance also.

Engineers Australia has a clear message for the BMF members: we have the recommendations, so let’s get on with implementing them. A simple example of what is required is a national and uniform approach to critical stage inspections in all jurisdictions – both in compliance and enforcement. Current state based rules around this have led to a patchwork of building inspection stages and this irregularity is creating uncertainty within the construction sector and in turn compromising safety and productivity. Engineers Australia supports the roll out of a nationally consistent mandatory onsite inspection process throughout the construction phases. We agree there is a pressing need for a central oversight role independent from industry to give the community assurance that structures are built according to the agreed national standards. A key community safety factor is ensuring that those working in the construction sector have the qualifications and experience necessary to do a good job. Engineers Australia has for many years strongly lobbied for a mandatory registration scheme of engineers in the building and construction sector. Now, the BMF have an unequivocal recommendation from their appointed independent experts that registration of engineers (and others) is essential and must be rolled out uniformly across the country. ANCR CONSTRUCTION NEWS




Patricia Forsythe Executive Director Sydney Business Chamber


With the contract let to build an underground walkway and underground platforms at Central Station for a new metro line, commuters can look forward to a significant upgrade for the country’s busiest station. Construction company Laing O’Rourke was awarded the $955 million Central Walk contract in March and we see this as the beginning of what must be a transformation of the whole station precinct. Central Station is a major gateway to Sydney and the future Metro system will create an opportunity to kick start a wave of new jobs and economic investment around it. Located close to the emerging innovation precinct at Camperdown/Ultimo and with major universities, health and educational facilities and a thriving start up community, the transformation of the broader Central Precinct must be a priority for government. Redevelopment potentially above and adjoining Central Station will give Sydney a significant chance to create a new commercial, residential and activity hub. Realising the economic value and creating new places by a development that maximises the rail corridor will create a vibrant and bustling precinct for commuters, office workers and residents, and will integrate transport planning with broader city goals. The new metro system will service thousands of passengers on a daily basis and big transport infrastructure projects such as this one, are the building blocks of major urban renewal. Linking land use planning and transport projects will give Sydney the best chance to succeed as a global city.

Sydney’s largest urban renewal project, Barangaroo South, has been presented with the nation’s most prestigious property prize, the RLB Australian Development of the Year. Lendlease was presented with the coveted honour at the Property Council of Australia/Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards in Sydney. “Barangaroo South is a truly iconic international project which has recalibrated the way Australians think about precinct scale urban renewal,” says the Property Council’s Chief Executive, Ken Morrison. On completion in 2023, Barangaroo South will house 23,000 office workers, 2,000 residents, a 6 Star hotel and 80 plus cafés, bars, restaurants and retail outlets across more than half a million square metres of space. “Lendlease has combined iconic buildings designed by acclaimed architects with world leading sustainability initiatives that have transformed entire supply chains and challenged large tenants to embrace green business practices,” Mr Morrison adds. “Barangaroo South also throws down the gauntlet to governments around Australia by showing when density is done right, it delivers.” Barangaroo South took home a swag of awards, including WSP Award for Best Sustainable Development – New Buildings and the Liberty Steel Award for Best Mixed Use Development. Lendlease’s workplace at Barangaroo was also the winner of the Eagle Lighting Australia Award for Best Workplace Project. This year, 137 finalists competed for national recognition in 20 categories.



Mirvac’s EY Centre was presented with the SAS International Award for Best Office Development. According to RLB’s Managing Director NSW, Matthew Harris, the EY Centre is a “new breed of smart buildings in Australia.” “Mirvac’s masterpiece is instantly recognisable for its spectacular architecture, and has activated the ground plane and surrounding laneways, creating a well connected bustling precinct,” Mr Harris explains. Quantity surveying firm Slattery took home the PwC Award for Diversity for companies with less than 250 employees. “Diversity is integral to Slattery’s business philosophy. Sarah Slattery is the first female to lead any quantity surveying company in Australia, 41% of the firm’s workforce is female and half of its growth sector leaders are women. These impressive statistics are well worth applause,” says Mr Morrison. Meanwhile, the Moulis Legal Award for Diversity for companies with more than 250 employees went to Cushman & Wakefield. Mr Morrison says the judges were impressed with Cushman & Wakefield’s “diversity culture that permeates all levels of the organisation, and that prioritises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement, gender equity and disability inclusion.” Rebecca Fitzgerald, a senior mechanical engineer with WSP, was awarded the du Chateau Chun Award for Future Leader of the Year. “Rebecca is passionate about buildings and is a role model for other aspiring female engineers wanting a challenging and rewarding career,” Mr Harris says.

THE CHANGING FACE OF INFRASTRUCTURE Australia is facing one of the biggest challenges in its history with an unprecedented spend on infrastructure projects over the next five to seven years. This figure is almost 2.5 times that of the mining boom period; and has exponentially increased with the Australian Government’s recent budget announcements for 2018-2019. Committing to a programme as substantial as this will raise a number of challenges and put significant pressure on the demand for both professional and skilled resources, commodities prices (particularly aggregates and steel), price pressures for lower tier contractors and local authorities, within limited timeframes. In addition, immigration has imposed greater constraints on what was previously known as the 457 Visa, by introducing higher tariffs

and additional levies, generating an anticipated $2.0-2.5 billion per year in additional government revenue. Donald Cant Watts Corke suggests that the federal Government immediately address the following key issues: A review of (new and existing) quarry concessions to achieve greater production of aggregates to meet future demand; A review of current steel tonnage demands and the need to work with suppliers to provide additional smelting plants ahead of increased future demand; The need for both the infrastructure and professional services sectors to look at innovative ways to respond to professional and skilled resource shortages, by improving the gender gap and flexibility on working arrangements for parents with young children; and proactive initiatives to control price pressures on lower tier contractors and local authorities.

KEY APPOINTMENTS FOR CUNDALL SIGNIFY GROWTH STRATEGY IN WA Cundall has made two senior appointments in Perth as part of their strategy to continue to grow their building services discipline in Western Australia and beyond.


where sustainability is a standard part of their service” explains Oliver Grimaldi, who leads Cundall’s WA operations.

Tony Comerford has been appointed as Electrical Team Leader and Mark Brayshaw as Mechanical Team Leader.

“With Tony and Mark part of our team, we can take this growth to the next level and take advantage of the predicted growth in the Perth construction market.”

“Cundall has been delivering building services in Perth for the past three years, we have seen a steady increase in work due to repeat business and clients looking for a building services team

Nationally, Cundall has grown in numbers by 20% in the past 12 months and is continuing to recruit across all five Australian offices for a wide range of levels and disciplines.

Lindsay Le Compte Executive Director Australian Constructors Association

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY CULTURE: A PARTNERSHIP APPROACH TO CHANGE Australia’s construction industry is embarking on an unprecedented infrastructure boom. This boom will bring with it many challenges, but also offers an opportunity to drive change and leave a legacy for the industry which will be felt for decades to come. The Australian construction industry is a great adapter to change (examples include advances in safety, sustainability and product/delivery innovation), but one facet which we are yet to crack is industry culture. Industry culture has its good points, but also its bad. There are great stories of teamwork and mateship, a sense of belonging and pride, but equally stories of isolation, mental health concerns, poor work/life balance and inappropriate workplace conduct. The negative aspects of this culture drive people away from the industry, a situation which we cannot afford to continue. Culture impacts and is driven by all those operating in or connected to the construction industry. It is a complicated problem which requires the key players (including clients, contractors, suppliers, consultants and employees) to partner to address. Working in partnership and in a non competitive or adversarial manner, we will be able to change the industry culture for the better – making industry more productive, more attractive and a place for anyone to have a long and rewarding career. The opportunity to change culture is ripe, and many are already taking up the cause. Working in partnership, this legacy will endure longer and benefit society more than the infrastructure we are about to build.



comment Sarah Bachmann CEO National Precast Association

‘MECCANO®’ BUILDING BOOM WITH PRECAST Social change in Australian cities is prompting building designs to move away from the typical house on a quarter acre block to low maintenance townhouses, and medium density living is on the rise. As a result, the past five years has seen several Australian capital cities experiencing an apartment led construction boom. In August 2016 Australia experienced its biggest construction boom since the late 1980’s. With occupancy rates rising nationally, led by 85% plus levels in Sydney and Melbourne, new apartment building developments have been a financially attractive proposition. As builders and developers look for construction alternatives that offer faster, safer, and more economical solutions, precast concrete has been increasingly specified. Offering a highly efficient Meccano® style of construction, the precast industry has been thriving within a buoyant market. In Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, there are some signs of an oversupply of apartments; in Sydney, however, there still appears to be an under supplied unit market. So, while the inner city housing boom has met or surpassed market demands, the recent decline in building approvals suggest that the boom is approaching its peak and will soon start to settle before declining. Governments around the country are bracing themselves for the inevitable end of the boom, a boom which has been one of the main supporters of the economy since mining declined. Going forward, precast concrete will continue to play an integral role in the future of residential and commercial construction. What once may have been primarily functional, yet possibly unattractive high density social living complexes, are now highly aesthetically pleasing and creative medium density living quarters.



2018 NAWIC NSW AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE PRESS FOR PROGRESS The awards, which the NSW Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) has hosted for 22 years, celebrate the contributions made by women at all career levels and in all sectors of the construction industry. According to NAWIC’s NSW President Sarah Hogan, the MeToo and Time’s Up movements, and campaigns like International Women’s Day’s #PressforProgress, reflect changing values within the business and broader community. “As the world changes for women, NAWIC is determined to maintain the momentum,” Ms Hogan says. “NAWIC embodies these important initiatives in our own industry – fairness, inclusion and equity of opportunity. The NAWIC Awards for Excellence are an important vehicle to advance the careers of women, and to enhance the property and construction industry too.” In 2017, NAWIC received 70 nominations across 11 categories. Last year’s winners included JLL Project Director, Esti Cogger, who was presented with the coveted Lendlease Crystal Vision Award for Advancing the Interests of Women in the Construction Industry. Ms Cogger was selected for making great inroads into the retention and promotion of women in her organisation. In 2018, awards will be presented in 11 categories: Lendlease Crystal Vision Award;

Laing O’Rourke Business Woman of the Year Award; MPA Award for Achievement in Construction, Refurbishment and Fitout; Holcim Award for Contribution to Sustainability; John Holland Award for Team Innovation; HASSELL Award for Innovation in Design; Probuild Project Manager Award; Roberts Pizzarotti Award for Contribution to a Project’s Development; Procore Scholarship for Future Leaders; CPB Contractors Tradesperson Scholarship; CBRE University Scholarship. Each year, NAWIC helps more women to pursue leadership roles, showcase their talents and expand their career potential,” Ms Hogan adds. “We urge individuals and companies from across the industry to nominate their established and emerging leaders, exceptional projects and extraordinary teamwork so that we can continue to press for progress.” Download the awards nomination booklet, nominate an individual or team, and book tickets for the gala awards evening: NSW_Awards.aspx The 2018 NAWIC Awards for Excellence will be held the International Convention Centre Sydney on Thursday 23 August. Acclaimed journalist, TV presenter and vocal campaigner for #MeToo, Jessica Rowe, will MC the gala event. Dami Im, who has represented Australia at Eurovision, will feature as the headline act.

TOP GLOBAL COST CONSULTANT FOR THIRD YEAR Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) has been voted the number one global cost consultant partner for the third year running in the Building Design World Architecture 100 Survey 2018. This endorsement recognises the high quality of service the firm continues to deliver in helping architects bring projects to life. The annual World Architecture 100 rankings are compiled by surveying over 1,250 leading architecture practices from across the globe.

The annual survey, carried out by Building Design, ranks the top global 100 architecture firms in terms of annual turnover in addition to the top cost consultant, project manager, building contractor, service engineer and structural engineer these architects prefer to work with. At RLB, we understand it takes foresight to create great urban design. With our experience, people, and global reach, we derive immense satisfaction in taking our partners on a journey to success.

NEW DEVELOPMENT IN WEST MELBOURNE REDEFINES LUXURY AFFORDABILITY The Viapac Group is shaking up the Melbourne luxury living sector with their development ‘Townhaus’ which will be built on Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne in 2019.

“The result is that purchasers know they are getting a premium located luxury product with the high end fitout at a relatively low cost – and we are very proud of this.”

The development will transform the area and the concept of affordable luxury. A warehouse/industrial inspired residential space, Townhaus will comprise 37 townhouses offering a selection of two and three bedroom residences.

Townhaus will be within reach for many wanting to live in the city and enjoy the comforts of luxury living.

All will feature luxury materials, stunning finishes and European appliances underpinned by thoughtful design quietly emphasising spacial simplicity while honouring the origins of its location and former industrial use. “West Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s most iconic areas. A powerhouse of industry for Melbourne, the area has really changed over the last few years, becoming a vibrant residential hub that is close to the city, restaurants and cafes, transport and Docklands,” Daniel Stiller, Viapac Development Manager for Townhaus. “When the opportunity came up to purchase the site, we immediately knew we could create something special which celebrated the rich history of the area. “But we also wanted to deliver homes for people which not only offered luxury living, we wanted to ensure they were financially accessible – so we developed the idea of ‘aflux’ living. Essentially, we are creating luxury residences which will be affordable and within reach for a lot of people. “We have achieved this by designing the residences in a way that capture the feel and style of the original site in a minimalistic way. It is the use of simple, linear lines, rustic form and practical materials that place greater focus on the creative use of the space that really sets these residences apart from others.”

Townhaus commences development in late 2018 and will be complete in 2020. Townhaus residences are now available for sale off the plan. A stunning display is open for viewing at 222 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne. “We anticipate that Townhaus will generate significant interest. The development offers an exceptional standard of premium city living at affordable prices not seen in Melbourne before. Our ‘aflux’ approach is going to disrupt luxury living in Melbourne and we are really excited about this,” Daniel Stiller added. “West Melbourne is an historic and fast changing area that should be enjoyed by those who want to embrace the benefits of inner city living, and with the arrival of Townhaus, we are making this possible.” The name Townhaus is inspired by one of the icons of modern art, Bauhaus. Further information about Townhaus can be obtained from its onsite display by appointment. To arrange an appointment, simply go to

comment Steve Bolt National Manager of Contracts WT Partnerships

AUSTRALIAN CONTRACTS MAKES A BUMPY RIDE THROUGH THE CONSTRUCTION BOOM The market is buoyant and the pipeline of infrastructure projects continues to have an enduring longevity. Many of these projects are complex and politically charged. The stakes are understandably high, which inevitably carries high risk. But where is the greatest risk to our infrastructure aspirations? In my view, Australia does not have sufficient capacity across its existing network of Tier One contractors to deliver the backlog of projects required to meet our current and future infrastructure needs. In the last 10 years there has been a need to award contracts to international entities with latent capacity in the domestic market being utilised. The contractors that come to Australian shores are not naïve; they are sophisticated, experienced and commercially astute entities. Due diligence shows they know how to build, and are financially capable of funding their endeavours. Competition is always good for the consumer. The propensity to procure mega projects in Australia on a design and construct basis, coupled with a bias towards bespoke contracts or, at the very least, heavily amended standard forms often results in disproportionate risk loading on contractors. That is not to say contractors should not understand this risk. The same could be said for the Australian subcontractors they engage. These challenges frequently result in drawn out claims and disputes, causing delays and a breakdown in relationships. Many think disputes are inevitable, and if this is the disappointing truth, the contract should provide for an equitable starting point, rather than promoting a sense of grievance from the outset. Distressed projects do not optimise value for any stakeholder, and may prove to be a barrier in the transition of one off project players into established success stories.



comment Roxanne Millar General Manager Bastion Effect

WOOD A KEY PLANK IN THE BUSINESS CASE FOR BRINGING NATURE INTO THE OFFICE Builders and specifiers looking to construct buildings that boost worker productivity should consider using more of one of the world’s oldest and most sustainable materials in their office fitouts: wood.


That’s the takeout from world first research by strategic market research firm Pollinate and the University of Canberra.

Reputation takes a long time to build and a second to lose, yet many companies rarely invest in their reputation until they’re trying to claw it back. It is one of your most important assets, but its importance is often overlooked.

Based on a survey of 1,000 indoor Australian workers, the research provides fresh evidence to underpin the business case for biophilia – the principle that exposure to nature increases human wellbeing.

In a landscape where planning approvals are becoming more challenging to secure, contracts harder to win and margins smaller; reputation has an important role to play.

The study paints a bleak picture of workers’ current access to nature at work with less than half (47%) enjoying access to natural light, only two in five (38%) being able to see indoor plants, a quarter (26%) unable to see any natural looking wooden surfaces and almost half (46%) spending less than an hour outdoors on work days.

Building a positive reputation and maintaining it is a long term exercise. It includes presenting a positive and consistent story to the market, promoting the high quality of your work and creating a culture of openness and transparency in how your organisation operates and deals with clients, contractors and the community. All of which only works if the words accurately reflect the actions. You can only communicate a strong reputation if you have done the work to build one. A strong reputation and great practices can be strong insulators at a time of crisis. In property and construction reputation is strongly influenced by communication. The best companies communicate well, engage with their communities, listen, learn and act. They pursue a two way dialogue. Nowhere is this more important than in the planning process where meaningful community engagement can influence approvals and also bring a community around to an issue. In a tight and challenging market, don’t overlook the benefits of reputation building. Any competitive advantage is just that, and it could just save you when the going gets tough.

The study found that the more natural looking wooden surfaces workers could see from their workstation, the higher their workplace satisfaction and wellbeing. Associate Professor Jacki Schirmer from the University of Canberra said the results held true even after rigorous analysis that

controlled for factors known to impact on the wellbeing of workers such as age, income, gender and workplace culture. “These results are exciting, for the first time providing solid evidence to support the use of wood as part of bringing nature into workplaces,” she said. “We are always looking for ways to improve health and wellbeing, and this research points to ways we can achieve that in the places many people spend a lot of their time – the workplace.” “The work has implications for businesses, because a large body of research has shown that workers who are more satisfied with their work and have higher wellbeing have better work productivity, and reduced rates of absenteeism – which means improving worker wellbeing has real benefits for businesses.” Over 80% of workers (82%) exposed to eight or more wooden surfaces in their workplace reported being ‘satisfied or very satisfied’ with work, compared to over two thirds (69%) exposed to five to seven wooden surfaces and half (53%) with no wooden surfaces. Employees working in offices with natural wooden surfaces on average also reported higher personal productivity, mood, concentration, clarity, confidence and optimism. The effect on wellbeing was greatest when wood was used in combination with other natural elements such as plants, water features and natural light. Associate Professor Schirmer said: “We know it’s good for us to spend time outdoors interacting with nature, but with people spending so much time indoors, there’s increasing recognition of the potential benefits of bringing nature into the workplace and the home.” “The academic world is becoming increasingly switched on to biophilia as an area warranting real research and attention, and some engineering degrees are starting to include it as a subject.” “Importantly, wood is a particularly useful tool for bringing nature into the workplace in situations where it is not feasible to retro fit other changes, such as increased natural light.”




comment John Carleton Director Linesight

DRIVING INNOVATION IN CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES 661 Chapel Street was built for developer Gamuda Land. The project was designed by Bird De La Coeur Architects. Located in the exclusive suburb of South Yarra, 661 Chapel Street epitomises quality luxury living with exceptional city views. The development comprises 116 premium apartments with world class amenities.

Over the last decade, rapidly evolving technologies have been disrupting almost every industry. However, construction is amongst the least digitised sectors globally, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s digitisation report. Belatedly, the global construction industry is now at the cusp of a new era in terms of technological innovation.

Doka jump screens were used, which meant up to 80% of wind was blocked during construction. Crema Constructions was one of the first construction companies in Melbourne to adopt the use of Doka jump screens. Project management including pre-planning and scheduling was a focus, to maximise the assets of the site, and to minimise the challenges. Crema was an early adopter of Italian Faresin Formwork system for this project, which proved both time and cost efficient. Faresin Formwork is also reusable which reduces onsite waste.

The construction team minimised the number of lifts for both precast and formwork completed by each crane, and prefabrication was completed offsite. Both had a combined timesaving effect on the practical completion date.

GOOD NEWS FOR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS The Federal Government’s report on the Review of Security of Payment Laws is good news for electrical contractors who are frequently the last in a long chain to receive payment and so carry the most risk should a company fall into receivership during the project. “The report findings address the feedback we’ve been receiving from our members for many years and we welcome the recommendations,” said Suresh Manickam, CEO National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). “NECA has long been calling for measures to reduce the risk of non-payment due to insolvency. Late payments and unfair contract terms that operate to prevent payment are a major issue for electrical contractors. “As the majority of electrical contractors are small to medium enterprises, family owned and

run businesses, they are particularly susceptible to cash flow issues and non-payment can be devastating,” said Manickam. Current legislation around Security of Payments is complex and inconsistent across the different states and territories delaying payments and making it difficult for contractors to lodge claims. The recommendations in the review will simplify the process and guarantee prompt payment for all those involved in the project. The recommendation to adopt a single legislative model – based on the East Coast Model of Security of Payment Laws – and the establishment of a system of statutory trusts to apply throughout the payment chain, is a win for our sector providing much greater protection and security for small businesses and subcontractors.

In Australia declines in general building and residential have been offset by gains in non residential and engineering, up 5.7% and 4.9% respectively. As Government led major infrastructure projects continue to boost construction and engineering, a wide range of new technologies, processes and innovations are emerging that are helping companies keep pace with demand. These include: More advanced techniques and processes: High quality visualisation tools such as Lidar are using drone or similar unobtrusive technologies to survey in challenging environments. When applied across both Cost and Project Management they can result in increased productivity with regards to quantity extraction, estimation and change management.; Collaboration and productivity: Digitising workflows can boost productivity, enabling more seamless collaboration and communication and offering significant time savings. Mobile devices and cloud based technologies are facilitating real time document and information sharing, onsite collaboration and issue tracking.; The application of the Internet of Things (IoT): this offers huge benefits, enabling site equipment and machinery to communicate with a centralised platform, helping to measure performance parameters and in turn boosting productivity.; Alternative and innovative materials: Introducing more environmentally friendly materials and processes saves on cost and offers increased durability and buildability, including composite sheet piles and fiberglass reinforcements.



comment Adam Beck Executive Director Smart Cities Council


Anyone who’s sat idle in traffic, battled with poor public transport or agonised over the cost of housing knows that Australia’s cities face a host of challenges. These challenges – rapid urbanisation, population growth, climate change and a widening gap between rich and poor among them – aren’t unique to Australia. But as one of the world’s most urbanised countries, Australia’s collective future will be determined by the success or failure of our cities. Australia’s cities are magnets for human talent, capital and opportunity – but we are increasingly in fierce competition with other economies around the world. We need the right tools, investment and approach to take advantage of our emerging knowledge economy. And we need a new way of thinking about our cities. A smart way. A smart city is one that uses technology, data and intelligent design to enhance liveability, workability and sustainability. The Smart Cities Council has developed a readiness guide to help people in the built environment advance the smart cities agenda, including clear definitions, benefits and principles that can be applied to projects today. At the heart of the guide is a checklist to help people in our industry work with clients and collaborators to build understanding and capacity in smart cities. With the right planning and investment, urban leaders can build better, smarter cities. Download the Smart Cities Readiness Guide:



AUSTRALIAN FIRST RAIL STRADDLE CARRIER WRAPS UP OPERATION The Caulfield to Dandenong level crossing removal project reached the end of a crucial phase of construction, with large scale specialist machinery dismantled and a final section elevated rail deck complete. An intensive logistical exercise contributed to this achievement, involving the first ever Australian use of a straddle carrier and gantry crane configuration in a live rail corridor. The specialist equipment was used on one specific section of elevated rail that will remove four crossings at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale. Since February last year, thousands of hours have gone into the process of building, lifting and shifting a total of 174 bridge spans, each ranging from 280 to 420 tonnes. Meanwhile the giant carrier has travelled more than 260km back and forth along the rail line. Alliance Construction Director Simon Barnes is taking no small amount of pride in what his team has achieved. “This project leaves an important legacy not only to the community but to industry,” he says. “We have taken a construction technique usually associated with long viaducts built through open terrain, and successfully – and safely – applied to an Australian residential environment,” he says.

“Adapting and evolving that technique to a local suburban environment has led us to form relationships with engineering experts around the world.” The new skills, processes and protocols associated with a national first have meant an extensive amount of behind the scenes activity. It’s also necessitated an extensive training programme. “We’ve trained around three hundred workers to operate the carrier, gantry cranes and support beams as well as cast and tension the spans that make up the rail deck,” explained Simon. “It’s not insignificant from an industry perspective as we will retain this knowledge in Australia along with a whole range of highly transferrable skills.” The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project is being delivered by an Alliance consisting of Lendlease, CPB Contractors, WSP, Aurecon, LXRA and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM). As a consortium, this group is working to remove nine level crossings on the Cranbourne/ Pakenham line in Melbourne’s south east, constructing a raised rail line set to create 22.5 hectares of new public open space. Elevated rail is largely a new way of removing level crossings in Melbourne and the project has attracted its share of controversy. However, now with the design concept close to being realised, the project has garnered increasing support from the wider community. “We are really looking forward to the community fully experiencing and appreciating our vision.” “Once the land is opened up, people will be able to walk freely around and under the elevated line – that will be a game changer for suburbs that have been divided for as long as anyone can remember.”

KNX BECOMES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION IN AUSTRALIA Australia has adopted KNX, the only global standard for home and building automation, after it became the European Standard in 2003. Australia building market will benefit from a technical specification that promotes guaranteed interoperability, future proofing and more product choice from more than 400 manufacturers worldwide.

Dr. Benjamin Coorey CEO Archistar


One of the leading companies in Australia that specialised in KNX is SyncWise Smart Building Solutions providing Australia wide services.

Feasibility reports play a crucial role in new development projects. You use them to figure out if you can do the job before you get started. There’s an increasing move towards automation in this area.

SyncWise is a certified KNX Partner and has a rich and proven expertise in KNX Projects in Australia and overseas, be it Commercial or Residential. Their Strategic Partnerships with giant KNX manufacturers such as ABB, provides SyncWise a leading position in the market. SyncWise is able to provide a cost effective, tailor made and future proof home and building automation solutions. One of their major on going projects is the Cairns Performing Arts Centre where SyncWise is implementing cutting edge and complex KNX Lighting Control Solutions.

When you propose for a new project, the design itself is not your only concern. Construction firms look at feasibility reports to ensure they can pull the work off. Developers want to know how they can maximise profit from their development project. And they’ll want to know fast.

MGS ANNOUNCES NEW ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR MGS Architects is pleased to announce the appointment of Katherine Sundermann to the position of Associate Director. As an urban designer with a background in architecture and planning, she leads major projects such as university masterplans, creative precinct strategies and urban renewal frameworks. She has significant experience with campus masterplanning and stakeholder consultation, as project leader on the major university masterplans for UNSW, University of Wollongong, Monash University and La Trobe University, and has contributed to strategies for creative precincts in Cremorne and central Ballarat. Katherine is passionate about creating the framework for architecturally and socially diverse urban areas, drawing on her research into Dutch urban renewal and


citizen led development to inform urban renewal projects. Katherine is a studio leader at the University of Melbourne, running an annual study trip to the Netherlands in collaboration with TU Delft and Deltametropolis Association. Entitled ‘Opportunistic Urbanism’, this studio aims to engage architecture and urban design students with the ‘Dutch approach’ to urbanism, seeking to integrate the often segregated fields of architecture, urban desig and planning. She has a post professional Master in Urbanism from TU Delft, focusing on regional design, performative urban design and collaborative planning, and a Master of Architecture with Distinction from RMIT University, Melbourne.

This is where feasibility reports come into play. A feasibility report covers building requirements, and usually takes local government issues into account. The report includes zoning, planning permission, projected revenues and costs. As a result, you must collect a huge amount of data to generate your reports. In traditional reporting, you’ll go through this data manually. This is a time consuming process that can take weeks. That’s not something you want when under pressure to deliver fast results. On top of that, sifting through so much information prevents you from focusing on other areas of the project. There is a solution. There’s a growing trend of automation in feasibility reports and urban planning tools. Feasibility reports that used to take weeks can now be done in minutes. It is certainly worth exploring the new tools being produced. Our R+D team at Archistar is investing a significant amount of resources in this area to fast track feasibility reports and seeing great results.

This promotion reflects Katherine’s ongoing leadership role within MGS Architects, and her passion for strategic thinking focussing on the future of our cities. ANCR CONSTRUCTION NEWS


The Australian Construction Achievement Award (ACAA) presentation evening for 2018 was held at the Crown Melbourne, to celebrate the achievements of major project teams across the nation. Representing the very best in construction technologies, methodologies and innovations, the award finalists embody the futue of the industry. Promoted by the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) and Engineers Australia, the annual award for the Australia’s construction industry is fiercely contested with projects of the finest quality selected as finalists. Now in its 22nd year the prestigious ACAA night is a most significant event for the construction industry, showcasing the projects of selected finalists. The event, attended by over 500 industry stakeholders, was supported by leading constructors, manufacturers, professionals and industry partners. The quality of the finalists’ projects demonstrated an evolution in quality design and performance within the construction 20

industry. Trish White, National President of Engineers Australia, said “the drive for best-for-project outcomes utilising good cross team relationships is an apparent factor in the success of these constructions.” “The whole reason Engineers Australia exists is to advance the science and practice of engineering,” she said. “I’m thrilled to see the quality of engineering and innovation in all of the finalists’ projects.” The 2018 finalists included; • Macquarie Rapid Build Prison at Wellington NSW by Hansen Yuncken; • Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest NSW by CPB Contractors Pty Limited;


• •

 acific Highway Upgrade: Warrell Creek P to Nambucca Heads (WC2NH) at Macksville NSW by Pacifico Acciona Ferrovial JV; Post Entry Quarantine Facility (PEQF) at Mickleham VIC by CPB Contractors Pty Limited; Princes Highway Upgrade for Foxground and Berry Bypass at Berry NSW by Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd

The award was won by Multiplex Constructions in conjunction with Weststadium Consortium for the Optus Stadium and Stadium Park at Burswood. “The winning project showcases the highly innovative solutions, teamwork and skills AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW


Multiplex with the judging panel celebrating their win.

CPB Contractors - Northern Beaches Hospital

Pacifico Joint Venture - Pacific Highway Upgrade: Warrell creek to Nambucca Heads

CPB Contractors - Post Entry Quarantine Facility

Fulton Hogan - Princes Highway Upgrade for Foxground and Berry Bypass

that constructors develop to overcome the technically challenging issues associated with today’s mega projects,” commented ACA President, Craig Laslett. “[The Stadium]’s a really exciting piece of infrastructure,” said Chris Palandri, Multiplex Regional Managing Director. “There’s so many exciting things to look at and understand, it’s really exciting.” Chris was optimistic that the Opal Stadium would take out the award, acknowledging the Perth branches achievements during his acceptance speech. “It’s really nice to have the bragging rights for the Perth business. It’s had a long run of really great projects, over the last couple of years.”

Entries for ACAA 2019 are now open enter at WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Hansen Yuncken - Macquarie Rapid Build Prison



Winner: Multiplex Constructions in conjunction with Weststadium Consortium for the Optus Stadium and Stadium Park at Burswood

THE AWARD The new Optus Stadium and Stadium Park in Perth constructed by Multiplex has been named the winner of the prestigious Australian Construction Achievement Award (ACAA) for 2018.

Located on the Burswood Peninsula, this 60,000 seat multi-purpose stadium can host a variety of sports and entertainment events. The surrounding Stadium Park provides year round access for visitors of all ages, with facilities including nature playgrounds in the Chevron Parkland, the BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, picnic and BBQ areas, public art, recreational facilities, bars and restaurants.

This enduring Award, which is presented by the Australian Constructors Association and Engineers Australia, attracts the leading construction companies operating in Australia and is independently judged by a panel of industry experts.

The Stadium is a 6-level steel and concrete structure with a colosseum seating bowl of 60,000, designed with the potential to increase to 70,000 seats. The spectators are able to view the action on the world’s largest LED integrated sports lighting system with two 340m² mega screens, the largest in the southern hemisphere.

The short listed projects are at the very top of their field in design and their construction must be well-planned and managed, with thorough client and community stakeholder collaboration.

A lightweight fabric roof covers 85% of seats and creates a suspended ‘halo’ effect, while the striking façade reflects Western Australia’s unique geology.

For 2018, the six projects that made the final round of judging had a contract value of almost $3 billion.

Key challenges included overcoming poor ground conditions due to previous land uses of the Burswood Peninsula. Several innovative ground improvement and ground

gas mitigation techniques were used to successfully rehabilitate the area. Safety was at the core of project planning and critical construction risks were engineered out during the design process. This included the redesign of the stadium’s roof truss to a single steel truss which was fabricated, transported, dressed and lifted as one piece. This allowed the majority of work to be carried out at ground level, minimising the need to work at the stadium roof height. The same principle was applied to the design of the speaker array. Each set of speakers weighs over one tonne, and are suspended below the truss tips. Scaffold stages were built to create safe working areas on the lower platform and the speakers were assembled on the platforms before being hoisted into place. With a vision of a “Stadium within a park”, Multiplex’s scope of work also consisted of hard and soft landscaping over an area of 41 hectares. Construction of this city changing asset was delivered in November 2017, ahead of schedule and opened to the public in January this year after more than 4.2 million man hours from the 8,000 strong workforce.

Entries for ACAA 2019 are now open at



Finalist: Hansen Yuncken for the Macquarie Rapid Build Prison in Wellington, New South Wales This project involved the design and construction of the first dormitory style, rapid build prison in Australia for the NSW Department of Justice.

25 inmates each. At the front of the cubicle area are larger, communal metal tables and chairs secured to the front and individual pods with showers and toilet cubicles.

On 27 acres, this 400 bed facility features 14 buildings with state-of-the-art electronic security systems, surrounded by 5.4km of multi-layered security fencing including 16 dormitory pods in an open plan layout, with high ceilings and 25 individual cubicles in each pod.

Workplace health and safety was a key focus during construction. This included the fabrication of the security fencing and custom steel to be carried out on the ground to reduce working at height, and concrete pours taking place at 1am to reduce workers exposure to extreme summer heat.

The pods are fitted with state-of-the-art security and incorporate advanced biometrics. This facilitates visual and physical tracking analytics of the inmates, including thermal capabilities for night surveillance linked to monitored central control areas to ensure the safety of all occupants in the pods as well as the security staff and other personnel.

A correctional facility of this size would typically take between four and five years to complete from concept stage, but Hansen Yuncken formulated an innovative design and construction solution, and delivered a facility exceeding expectations within 54 weeks of commencement onsite and 57 weeks from contract award.

The accommodation blocks house 100 inmates in four quadrants, containing 22


Optus Stadium and Stadium Park at Burswood

Macquarie Rapid Build Prison in Wellington NSW




Finalist: CPB Contractors Pty Limited for the Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest, New South Wales The world class Northern Beaches Hospital is a 9-storey facility containing 488 beds, a 50 space emergency department, 14 operating theatres, two cardiac catheter labs, four procedure rooms, state-of-the-art intensive care, six surgical suites and a helipad for the operator Healthscope Limited, to serve both public and private patients. This ‘digital hospital’ has a microwave line of site link for transfer of large medical imaging files between other local health campuses; MRI, computed tomography, fluoroscopy, endoscopy and inter-operative imaging; real time location system for medical equipment and utensils and wandering technology for mental health patients.

Green Star hospital in New South Wales, and only the second 4 Star Green Star hospital constructed in Australia, using 15% less power when benchmarked against a hospital of equivalent size and function. Construction personnel of 780 worked over 2.5 million man hours, in the three year period, achieving an outstanding level of safety performance, exceeding industry averages and project targets with no serious incidents or injuries. The total hospital project is valued at approximately $1 billion, including $400 million in road upgrades that the State will complete before the hospital opens in October 2018.

It’s the first hospital built on a greenfield site in Sydney in 20 years. It is also the first 4 Star


Finalist: ACCIONA Infrastructure Australia with Pacifico Joint Venture comprising ACCIONA and Ferrovial Agroman Australia for the Pacific Highway Upgrade Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads at Macksville, New South Wales The Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads project for NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), consists of the detailed design and construction of 19.6km of a new four lane divided road on the Pacific Highway. It is located between the northern end of the existing Allgomera deviation south of Warrell Creek, and the southern end of the Nambucca Heads to Urunga Pacific Highway upgrade project west of Nambucca Heads. The project includes two grade separated interchanges, a number of longitudinal bridges across several local creeks, eight overbridges, an underpass of the North Coast Rail Line at Cockburns Lane as well as local roads, drainage and fauna crossing structures. The new bridge over the Nambucca River was named the “Phillip Hughes Bridge” after the late local cricketer.


Through respecting and prioritising the needs of the local community, a number of alternatives were considered in consultation with RMS, beyond those proposed during development, to explore environmental, community relations, and traffic impact improvements. The key deliverables of the project were identified early with a focus on innovation, safety and quality. Overall, the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process allowed the team to work with the client to develop and implement innovative and efficient design solutions to reduce the overall construction and operations budget through robust scheduling for timely completion and measured risk management.


Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest NSW

Pacific Highway Upgrade Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads at Macksville NSW




Finalist: CPB Contractors for the Post Entry Quarantine Facility (PEQF) at Mickleham, Victoria This new state-of-the-art quarantine complex provides international best practice in biosecurity, a safe environment for visitors and staff and for the animals in quarantine. This $300 million purpose built single integrated facility has replaced the previous existing Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) functions. The PEQ facility has a gross floor area of over 50,000m², consisting of seven principal quarantine compounds and numerous administrative and support buildings across an 80 hectare site. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week it is staffed by up to 150 people. CPB Contractors developed a number of industry first and innovative technical solutions to best meet the project’s functional requirements. One example was that of a single handed door operation for the dog

pen door being required. There was no proprietary dog door handles or latches that facilitate a single handed operation. Through a process of engaging with various industry experts and manufacturing companies, the project developed a series of samples and prototypes before landing on a preferred solution. The outcome is a very robust easy to clean, simple latch arrangement that has met and exceeded expectations. Ecologically Sustainability Development (ESD) principles and compliance with specific Commonwealth Water Conservation policies, were used on this project. However, biosecurity was to have a priority over sustainability to ensure the most biologically secure facility possible. Although there were no set ESD requirements for this project, CPB Contractors was determined to find ways to reduce its environmental footprint.


Finalist: Fulton Hogan Construction for the Princes Highway Upgrade for Foxground and Berry Bypass at Berry, New South Wales The Princes Highway is the main north-south transport corridor linking Sydney and Wollongong to the New South Wales south coast, and an important freight and tourist route. At the time that NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) initially engaged Fulton Hogan to manage the design and construct of this $580 million upgrade, it was the largest single investment made to this Highway. The project included 11.5km of dual carriageway highway, including 12 bridges, eight vehicular/fauna underpasses, three interchanges and local road upgrades, using three million tonnes of earthworks/rock extraction, 1.2 million tonnes of aggregate processing, 15km of storm water drainage pipes, 130,000 tonnes of asphalt, and was completed well ahead of schedule.

from the Berry Interchange cutting being absorbed by the needs of the project. Clever planning and the ability to see more than just material to be dumped elsewhere led the team to view the material from excavation as a cost saving resource they already had onsite. This project has significantly enhanced the capability of the region in terms of resourcing and employment outcomes for major construction projects. A significant skills base has been developed through a directly employed workforce (who are now working on other major projects in the Shoalhaven Region) and enhanced capability in key local businesses. It has left a positive impression on the Berry community through Fulton Hogan’s high priority on putting in place a community relations strategy and structure that would deliver the results RMS required and assure the community their views mattered.

Responsible and sustainable construction was a key feature of the project, with the material



Post Entry Quarantine Facility (PEQF) at Mickleham VIC

Princes Highway Upgrade for Foxground and Berry Bypass at Berry NSW







MICOS GROUP CELEBRATES 60 YEARS From selling fly screens door-to-door in the 1950s to having their name on the credits of landmark Australian building projects, Micos Group has earned its position in the top tier of the aluminium and glass façade industry and this year proudly celebrates 60 years in business. The Micos story is a fine example of a classic Australian family business success story. Two brothers going out on their own, coming up with clever ideas to get themselves started, working through the tough times with family support and hard work and developing a successful business, which incorporates old world service and values with innovative design and cutting edge technology. Left: Array, Yarra’s Edge, Docklands VIC Right: Vision, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC WWW.ANCR.COM.AU



WHO WE WERE SELLING FLYSCREENS DOOR-TO-DOOR After working throughout the mid 1950s for a then prominent fabricator of windows and doors made of aluminium “the metal of the future”, two brothers, Nick aged 26 and Mike aged 24 had the bold and courageous idea that they could do for themselves what they did for others. With nothing but some experience in making windows for A. F Agnews and the absence of fear that comes with self belief, they rented a set of old horse stables in Angel St Newtown in Sydney and opened their doors for business on 28th August 1958. With little work for these newcomers they took to selling flyscreens door-to-door throughout Sydney so as to keep the wheels of their new venture turning. They were further supported by their two brothers Con and Steve who were then running a milk bar in Rockdale, Sydney. Business did not seem to improve for quite a while and operations would have ceased had it not been for a close friend, Thimios Magerakis, who after seeing how tough times were on one of his casual visits to see his friends, returned and gave Nick his life savings asking only to be repaid if they made good.

MAKING GOOD Fortune favours persistence and with some small projects coming their way and an appetite for hard work the debt was repaid. This catalyst led to the brothers being referred to for more projects which enabled them to start building their reputation which has lasted till today for integrity, quality and loyalty. Before long the adjoining premises were also rented as the orders kept coming. One early client was a new builder/ developer who believed in a market for apartments closer to the city and whose first project was in Meriton Street Balmain. His name was Harry Triguboff. 30

By the mid 1960s their two brothers Con and Steve had already joined them and with their combined efforts the business had outgrown the physical constraints imposed by their premises. In 1965 they designed and cut extrusion dies for their first suite, a sliding window, with Comalco and when tendering for projects would make the windows themselves and buy doors from another supplier. Shortly after the brothers set out to find new premises to accommodate what they now knew would be their livelihood for years to come. They acquired an old farm in Rhodes Street Hillsdale and rezoned the premises for industrial use. In 1967 they moved to 39 Rhodes Street Hillsdale which would serve the business well during the next three decades. Their initial forte was in the establishment of a window warehouse whereby a builder could come and buy off the shelf ready made windows and doors in standard sizes in clear or bronze anodised finishes. This worked in well with their project work filling in voids in production.

STEPPING UP With the onset of the 1970s, construction remained strong such that architects also took to building and developing for themselves such as the newly founded Mirvac headed by Henry Pollack.


Such was the quality and service provided by the brothers – in particular Nick as the company’s head project Supervisor, that Micos become the exclusive window and door subcontractor for Mirvac for the next two decades. The reputation they had developed became known to players at all levels of industry and reached the ears of the Managing Director of Civil and Civic, Dick Dusseldorp who had the vision of combining the disciplines of property, financing, development and investment and had just commenced works on his flagship MLC Centre designed by Harry Seidler. No one believed it when Micos were awarded the contract but such was their commitment to the project and their desire to earn their place in the industry that they ensured that they stayed six levels ahead of the construction programme at all times. One day when the alimak was out Nick climbed 50 odd stories to check measure his sizes to make sure all was 100% correct. After the successful completion of this project Micos secured one large tender after another as the builders with whom they forged their early relationships experienced growth upon growth. Micos grew with them. They took great pride in the quality of their product and the ability MLC Building, Sydney


of builders to rely on timely delivery, proactive resolution of problems and after project service which ensured that Micos were a subcontractor that the builder did not have to worry about.

LOOKING AHEAD With the introduction of the second generation family members in the early 1990s the need to expand was obvious. One avenue for growth came with the Sydney residential apartment boom in 1994 which was fuelled by one man’s statement, “And The Winner Is Sydney.” With buildings getting higher, details changing, acoustic treatment of windows and doors becoming mandatory and their clients demanding “something different”, the nephews had to expand their product range. They proceeded to do so at a frantic pace coming up with 10 new suites in the space of 18 months. “Being a tight organisation we didn’t have to deal with all the red tape that most companies had,” Peter Micos recalls. “I sat down one day in a small room with a cluey guy who knew how to draw quickly on computer and stayed there until it was done. I had worked on the floor and he had loads of industry know how so we knew what to look out for. We designed airport noise suites, acoustic high rise windows and doors, multiple sliding doors, heavy duty windows for high rise and on and on. Creative and exciting memories.”

commercial building booms alternate, hence Curtain Wall.”

THEY DON’T JUST DO RESIDENTIAL With the same self belief as their fathers they decided to venture into the more engineered building façade specialty of Unitised Curtain Wall in 1998. The horror stories of projects having catastrophic results, glass falling out of buildings and warnings from their fathers not to do so only excited them more. Their first project was the Webster Building at the University of NSW. Needing more room, a small factory was rented in Ralph Street Alexandria and the nephews would get together after hours to assemble and glaze the panels for this project well into the early hours of the morning. “To position the glass accurately they would rest the glass on my back as we had no cranes,” Con Micos laughs. The Curtain Wall team was slowly

developed and the nephews purposely restricted the projects they would take on to 6-level office buildings as they gained more and more experience and as a result, confidence. After completing a string of projects in a timely manner and with a quality product they forged solid relationships with every builder for whom they completed a Curtain Wall project. Builders started to talk, “They don’t just do Residential,” which resulted them in being awarded the 52 level Lobana House in 2002 and the soon to be complete 32 level Suncorp office tower in Brisbane. To further complete their ability to tend to the growing needs of builders, Micos also ventured into frameless assemblies, entries, roofs and awnings and established their Architectural Division in 2006. This enabled Micos to supply builders with creative architectural solutions that are normally required for the impressive foyers and entries that modern architecture demands. This latest division enabled Micos to provide solutions to all glass and aluminium elements to the envelope of a building.

Lobana House

The Micos business became synonymous with High Rise Apartment Buildings throughout Sydney from 1994 to 2003. Like his father before him Andrew Nick Micos supervised the flagship projects such as the Forum and Harry Seidler’s Horizon. “We forged good relationships with not a few but all Major Construction Companies in Sydney and in Melbourne. But we knew that all good things come to an end. We also knew that residential and WWW.ANCR.COM.AU



WHO WE ARE Micos Group design, manufacture and supply product solutions that span three different elements of building façades:

• • •

 igh Rise Residential Windows H and Doors High Rise Unitised Curtain Wall Architectural and Frameless Entries and Assemblies


Since engaging in overseas production, Micos have no capacity issues for completing Residential Window and Doors or Curtain Wall projects. We have 15 to 20 high rise projects currently running through production with capacity for more should we require it. Our highly experienced project managers are able to control the logistics of each project, ensuring that we have stock to keep up with the programme and avoid any onsite delays.

Above all, in all that we do, Micos Group follows old world values of pride, integrity and honesty with all our clients. Today, traditional demarcation lines between subcontractors no longer exist.


With Micos Group, builders have the luxury and the manifold benefits of dealing with the one contractor for their entire project façade, from design and detail solutions, procurement of quality materials and components, quality manufacture, project management, and timely delivery and installation.

All new designs are tested both inhouse and by independent NATA accredited laboratories prior to manufacture and installation. These include the CSIRO, Ian Bennie and Associates, National Acoustic Laboratory, Schlegel Testing Facility, Azuma, Red 1 and others locally and overseas.

Across all three divisions of the Micos Group, we use our extensive expertise to design and develop glass and aluminium façade solutions that meet and exceed the increasingly challenging demands of discerning architects and commercially driven builders.

Micos also conduct inhouse testing to meet the ongoing demands of our Research and Development department.

EXPERIENCE With 60 years of experience in the building façade industry, Micos is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of building façade products, with projects currently under construction Australia-wide.

FACILITY For the last eight years Micos has been manufacturing our renowned residential façade systems in modern offshore factory facilities, following suit to our Curtain Wall systems, which have been produced overseas for the last 15 years. This model has allowed Micos to remain an industry leader in Australian façade, maintain our quality, further develop our systems, whilst remaining commercially competitive in the Australian market. 32



QUALITY CONTROL Using nothing but state-of-the-art machinery and materials, Micos have developed stringent Quality Control systems and tests to ensure that we deliver the best product for every project. Micos employ QA staff who conduct rigorous quality inspections of our factory’s production batches on the factory floor, and also complete regular QA inspections of our supply chain of all material and components.

PROTOTYPES When required by clients, Micos is able to produce and install Visual Mock Up (VMU) prototypes or Performance Mock Up (PMU) prototypes for review by architects and façade consultants to ensure that finishes, components and details are exactly as they were intended by the architect and to meet the project specific criteria. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW













MICOS GROUP Suite 1.02, Unit 16B, Discovery Cove Industrial Estate 1801 Botany Road, Banksmeadow NSW 2019 phone 02 8058 3000 fax 02 8058 3049 email website WWW.ANCR.COM.AU



























NICK DEEKS Trading for over 70 years, WT Partnership Australia’s award winning reputation is worldwide and recognised for its forward thinking and community focused approach to financial solutions. WT’s current Managing Director, Nick Deeks offers a fresh perspective to the WT Partnership team, gained from 30 years in the industry here and overseas. You worked in the UK for 13 years before coming to Australia. In what ways did this influence your vision? My work in the UK had a profound influence on my work here in Australia. The construction industry in the UK were at the time 5 or 10 years ahead of Australia so I had an insight or glimpse into the future when I came here. I had seen and implemented, different approaches to certain problems, and had some idea of what was good for a company and how to make improvements. With over 30 years experience in the Property and Infrastructure Sectors, you have brought many new perspectives to the success of key businesses. What do you attribute this too? I think this comes from a clear insight, energy, passion and vision. I have also been lucky enough to have some fantastic mentors and coaches. I have a dynamic board who share my vision for the business. Together, we are working toward longer term growth.

Following your journey makes it all seem like such a breeze. What can you tell us about any challenges you’ve faced along the way?

these will disrupt the industry. We should be looking at new construction techniques, new materials and ways of working, robotic bricklayers and façade cleaners.

There have been so many challenges.

We’ve got to realise that in over 500-700 years we haven’t really changed our construction techniques. It’s got to happen if we are to hold any sort of international weight.

Implementing any change, you immediately come up with resistance. People just don’t like change and are both wary and suspicious of it. So it needed management and this meant constant communication – when it comes to change you really cannot communicate enough. This is one thing I have certainly learnt along the way. Obviously, success is something you have long taken in your stride, but you still find the industry lacking in its use of AI and robotics. How might this be improved? It has to be improved. The construction industry is in the dark ages. We haven’t embraced technology, robots or AI. We’re scratching around the surface but there is a lot of resistance or even denial in the belief

You are a strong advocate for innovative construction methods such as 3D printing houses and crane printing skyscrapers, believing them to be quicker, cheaper and more sustainable ways of future proofing our rapidly growing cities. These are tools which are available now so whether that’s the sort of thing that takes us through to the next 50 or 100 years or something else, it’s real. We will have three billion more people on the planet in the next 30 years, we need to find ways to house them, it needs to be more sustainable, reduce energy, include

Since you came on board in 2013 as Managing Director of WT Partnership Australia, the company’s future was significantly transformed. The company expanded internationally and saw a huge growth in revenue. What can you tell us about these developments? From 2013 onwards, we set about as a board and leadership group to try and decide the company future. In 2015 we restructured WT Partnership Australia to form a corporation, allowing a more internal decision making process. We put together a five year strategic plan to take us through to 2020, which essentially incorporated three key concerns: appearance, growth and transformation. 36



Together, we are working toward longer term growth WWW.ANCR.COM.AU



EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW Barangaroo, Sydney NSW WT Partnership Australia is the independent QS for the basement excavation and remediation of Barangaroo South, sites 4 & 5 and the casino. They have also completed work on the AMEX building, KPMG building and extensive works on the King Street Wharf.




recyclables so we don’t clog the planet with landfill, affordable, functional and should include droning platforms, and energy generation in the home. We need to integrate construction in our day-to-day lives, not build in a reactive manner. We’re not thinking 100 years ahead and are consequently, well behind our times. You see Asia as well advanced in terms of their infrastructure and transport systems. What do you recommend Australia does to catch up? Asia is miles ahead in terms of their buses and driverless trains. We’ve only just started to think about this – we desperately need smarter transport, better connectivity with people between cities. We need productive thinking. What inspires you to keep going in the industry? I ask myself this often but I think in the end it’s all about energy. We are right on the edge of a really exciting time and to be at the back end of my career rather than starting off, means I can take part in what, over the next thirty years or so, will be quite extraordinary. We’ll have flying cars, drones, Mars landings, robots doing the heavy lifting and changing our perspective on life. I think in spite of the fear and trepidation, we will have a future that looks after our planet and ourselves, that changes our lifestyles for the better. For me, the glass is only half-full.

For more information contact WT Partnership, Level 26, 45 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000, phone 02 9929 7422, email, website



100 HANSEN YUNCKEN 1918 – 2018


The ability to evolve and adapt, to anticipate changing conditions and demands, to nurture innovation and to plan for the long term while solving problems as they arise are key to Hansen Yuncken’s enduring success. But where there is change, growth and development, there is also a continuity of culture and values: one of honest, fair dealings; a focus on the client’s needs and expectations; recognition of the achievements of its people; and, above all, pride in its work. These are the constants that have enabled Hansen Yuncken to progress and thrive during its 100 years. They are the qualities that will support the company’s development and continuing success into the future. Established by a simple handshake on a Melbourne footpath between friends Lauritz Hansen and Otto Yuncken, 100 years later, Hansen Yuncken remains one of Australia’s premier construction companies.

business has retained a unique and inclusive management structure encouraging its people to embrace new ideas that enhance the overall business experience.

Since this partnership was formalised on 9 May 1918, Hansen Yuncken has been renowned for its innovative techniques and development of new construction technologies and project delivery methods.

From construction of Melbourne’s Insurance Office of Australia in Market Street in 1918 and the National Bank Collins Street headquarters in 1925 to the recent

Over a remarkable century Hansen Yuncken has completed many thousands of projects valued at more than $100 billion in today’s dollars. Across five states, 600 employees contribute to an annual turnover exceeding $1 billion each year. This Australian owned family 40


Challenges, Adaption and Growth

awe-inspiring $2 billion new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the exceptional ability to innovate remains at the core of Hansen Yuncken. Through successful projects in Melbourne for the likes of the Bank of NSW and AMP, the company successfully expanded the business into other states and regions during the 1920s and 30s. Following challenges after World War II, including labour and materials shortages,

We have seen lots of ups and downs and there is a lot of corporate memory to learn from. We are lucky to have had leaders through the generations who have understood the importance of saving money for the bad times or the shocks that can and do come, of not getting ahead of ourselves, of always having the interest of the company before any personal interests, of always recognising the contribution and effort of many thousands of people who have made this company what it is today. — Richard Hansen, Director/Victorian State Manager AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW



one of the first post-war jobs for the company was rebuilding The Age newspaper site in Collins Street, Melbourne. At the same time, the company began work on SPC in Shepparton and embarked on four projects at the University of Adelaide. Hansen & Yuncken as it was formerly known, continued to secure large multi-storey building contracts in Melbourne, including the first HC Sleigh office building, the Bio Chemistry School at the University of Melbourne, the Australian Paper Mills head office and AMP offices. At a time of enormous technological change, Hansen & Yuncken was an early adopter of new construction equipment and techniques. In 1965, it bought the first Favco 500 crane and put it to work on Communications House in William Street, Melbourne. Special concrete formwork was developed to speed construction. A key project in the 1970s was Melbourne’s $32 million Alfred Hospital Main Ward Block, Hansen & Yuncken’s largest project to date and the beginning of many later health projects. In 1974, Hansen & Yuncken began


work on Adelaide’s Education Building for the State Government. It was the company’s first Design & Construct consortium project and the first major project to use this delivery method in South Australia. By the mid-1980s, Hansen & Yuncken looked for opportunities to enter the New South Wales market. After a number of years of groundwork, Peter Hansen approached Sydney based family builder LW Giles, led by Ron Beslich. In 1989, Hansen Yuncken expanded into the New South Wales in joint venture with LW Giles. Their first major project was the $36 million fast track Ansett Terminal at Sydney Airport. Hansen Giles went on to complete more than $80 million of work for Ansett during this period. Today, Hansen Yuncken remains a family led partnership, now between the Melbourne based Hansen and Sydney based Beslich families. Shaping Hansen Yuncken’s Future Hansen Yunken’s success is attributed to its people (both past and present) who

have helped shape its culture, values, technical capability and ability to adapt in a forever challenging and changing industry. Its leaders retain a commitment to offer value, deliver on quality with certainty, to remain innovative and competitive in its field; and to thrive on delivering complex projects. The future for Hansen Yuncken is one of growth and opportunity, and they are at the forefront of change and innovation, driving new digital technologies and championing new construction methodologies to continually better its business for the next 100 years. “Three things have shaped Hansen Yuncken over the past century, and will continue to shape the company into the future – our people, our processes and the projects we deliver,” says Hansen Yuncken Chairman, David Beslich. For more information contact Hansen Yuncken, Level 3, 479 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, phone 03 9831 6500, fax 03 9889 8794, email, website ANCR HANSEN YUNCKEN 100 YEARS


CEO Interview




LAHEY CONSTRUCTIONS Vargha Zare Lahey Constructions, a third generation privately owned multi-disciplinary construction services company, with over six decades of delivering commercial projects throughout Australia across a diverse range of sectors. Lahey has an industry reputation for delivering on time, to budget, with a can do attitude, acting with integrity and fairness. Combined with their demonstrated building capability and commitment to training and being an employer of choice, these characteristics sustain their company’s performance and success. This ‘best practice’ in construction approach is the reason why Vargha Zare is proud to be Lahey’s new CEO. As CEO, what do you want to stand for as part of Lahey Constructions? It is important to provide our people with context and information about the environment they operate in, the organisational strategy, what’s impacting the organisation and creating a sense of ownership in the path we are travelling together. It is my expectation that everyone is to deliver on promises, have safety as a primary concern, collaborate to accomplish a shared purpose, achieve solutions that make a difference, and act with integrity and respect. I was fortunate enough early in my career to work with strong and capable leaders across professional services and the construction industry that were intelligent, collaborative, strategic and achieved the objectives they set out to accomplish. I learned early in my career that success is underpinned by strong relationships with people and particularly creating mutually beneficial, enduring partnerships. This is certainly an approach we have worked hard to mirror and implement at Lahey Constructions. Our industry can be tough and challenging at times and Lahey Constructions is recognised for having a team of professionals who are prepared to be clear about who we are, what we are good at, consistently delivering for our clients and striving to exceed expectations. What direction would you like to take Lahey Constructions in, what do you aim to accomplish? I look forward to working with the talented senior management team at Lahey WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Constructions to realise the full potential of the company. The key ambition of the business is to establish ourselves as a Tier 2 builder of choice, mature as a team, collaborate and develop solutions alongside our subcontractors move into new geographies and markets, leverage our skills and experience of complex construction projects to achieve innovative solutions for customers and communities. Is there something you would like to improve about the company? We need to advance the depth and breadth of our subcontractor base in regional New South Wales, there are a number of smaller very competent agile subcontactors demonstrating exellent delivery, we need to bring these organisations into our business to ensure we maintain a strong foothold in the regions. Further, would like to streamline, accelerate and strengthen our administration arm of our business. How do you want Lahey Constructions to be seen by others? Our people be recognised amongst the best builders in the country, delivering on our core values of integrity, transparency and pride. Holding firm to our promises whilst recording the highest safety and quality standards. We want to be known in the market as an equal opportunity employer that exceeds market average on Indigenous participation, targeting employment of 20% Indigenous, Apprentice Site Workforce. We feel like we are able to provide clients with an excellent value proposition in the

$15m-$65 million range. Our agility and ability to bring to project, excellent leadership, collaboration, excellence in design, innovation and experience enables us to provide a point of difference in the sectors we operate. What final key message would you like to deliver to the industry? There is always room for improvement and we believe safety and innovation needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind who works in the industry every hour of every day. We place the utmost importance on our responsibility to safety, the training of our staff in safe work practices and maintaining safe work practices in all of our business operations. No staff member, tradesman or visitor to any workplace should be put in danger, and this is not only continuously monitored by our trained internal safety officers and managers, but we also have independent safety audits and managers responsible for consistent operation and reporting across all projects. We must also embrace innovation in everything we do, this will ensure we develop safer, more efficient methods of construction. We must encourage the next generation of engineers and innovators into our industry, give them opportunities to excel and implement. It is our responsibility to train and mentor the next generation of builders.

For more information contact Lahey Constructions, Suite 208, Level 2, 55 Miller Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009, phone 02 9509 3333, website



HELPING BUILD A BETTER AUSTRALIA Blackwoods is Australia’s largest MRO, industrial and safety supplier with over 140 years’ experience delivering end-to-end specialist solutions to the construction industry. Blackwoods utilises cutting-edge technology and the support of qualified professionals to help you better manage inventory, reduce costs, free-up capital and improve productivity. Our integrated onsite solutions are tailored to your unique engineering and construction requirements, providing: • Secure, reliable and immediate product availability • Reduced usage rates and greater control over spend • Improved accuracy of supply and shorter delivery times • Reduced stock holding and obsolescence • Onsite procurement, sourcing and customised reporting • Limited capital outlay upfront with Blackwoods-owned product onsite • Reduced traffic management requirement for the project





Blackwoods Case Study: Boral Cement

DRIVING PRODUCT AVAILABILITY AND COST REDUCTION Maximising productivity while minimising downtime on large scale construction projects is often paramount to ensuring their success. Companies behind these projects will often look for the latest in technology and equipment to meet this challenge. Boral Cement is the biggest supplier of cement and cement products in the booming construction industry in Australia. To ensure they always keep up with demand, their maintenance department must make sure the machinery is running in peak condition, to ensure reliability and availability to guarantee that those products make it to market. With teams working 24/7, it is imperative that they always have access to the items they need to perform their respective roles. “We need people to be able to access items in the store outside of those hours, but we had no way of placing the items outside the store to access during the late shifts,” explained Raif Hilmi, Refactory and Services Engineer at Boral Cement. Blackwoods’ vending machine solution proved an attractive proposition for Boral as the company didn’t have to do anything with the vending machines, and they provided workers with 24/7 access to required products. As part of its evaluation of the service, Boral ensured it met four essential criteria – Improved productivity, faultless security, impeccable accountability, and tight cost control. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

This innovative use of mobile vending machine technology had a number of benefits, including higher productivity, resulting from getting access to the required gear when needed. “Our first priority was improved productivity – What we have found is that workers can now come to the vending machines, access the part using an approved work order number, and they can leave the machine in under two minutes,” said Raif. “I think they’re a real asset to our industry. At the end of the day we’re getting a very good product from a company that is looking after the machines for us.” Blackwoods is Australia’s largest MRO, industrial and safety supplier with over 140 years of experience delivering end-to-end specialist solutions to the construction industry. Blackwoods continue to push hard every day, striving to improve, innovate and adapt alongside the small, medium and large Australian businesses they serve. For more information contact Blackwoods, Level 4, 26-38 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, phone 13 37 79, website ANCR ANCR PRODUCTS EXCELLENCE


EVERY SOLUTION COVERED Cazam Kitchens is committed to excellence across every aspect of its business, from planning, design, manufacture, delivery, installation through to post-sales service. Over the last 20 years, Cazam Kitchens has developed into one of the leading providers of custom made joinery and commercial fitouts in the greater Melbourne area. From humble beginnings in a small factory in Sunshine North with just five employees, Cazam Kitchens now has over 70 employees and continues to evolve from its original residential kitchen work to being the supplier of custom and specialised joinery across residential, commercial, retail, government and the health and education sectors. The company has experienced unparalleled growth of more than 100% in the past five years, illustrating the success it has had in developing and implementing their expansion strategy, reaching into new industry sectors. Throughout this process, Cazam Kitchens has maintained their focus on excellence. This includes passionate attention to detail at every step of the design and manufacturing process backed by high quality workmanship. 46


From the early stages of producing kitchens and bathroom cabinetry for homeowners and small builders, Cazam Kitchens progressed to volume production for multi-level commercial projects, while still servicing its expanding residential market business. This required additional skills and capabilities, particularly to keep abreast of developments in the market. As a result, the Cazam team now includes sales and design specialists, experienced project managers, qualified cabinetmakers and onsite installers. One of Cazam’s goals is to educate customers that joinery is not just limited to kitchens and bathrooms. It is far more than that, as Cazam’s versatile designs and product solutions across a range of sectors and industries clearly illustrate. An example is school refurbishments across Melbourne where Cazam has helped design, manufacture and install new library fitouts, science laboratories, student lockers and even fish tank installations. The company’s commitment to excellence also extends to capital investment in the latest technology available to the industry. Cazam Kitchens constantly updates its capabilities, using the latest AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW


woodworking machinery including CNC nesting beds and edge banders with automated conveyers and robotics. With its well established reputation for excellence, Cazam Kitchens has recently successfully completed several prominent contracts, including the Jacques Apartments Stage 2 in Richmond where custom made profiled 2-pac doors and panels were installed in 200 high end apartments. At 605 Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Cazam had to prefabricate joinery, stone benchtops and splashbacks offsite for 400 apartments, then deliver and install in a very tight timeframe and without delays between each programmed installation. Another highly specified project saw Cazam Kitchens design, manufacture and install bespoke kitchens to 41 apartments at 9 Smith Street, Fitzroy. This contract involved a large amount of metal work as part of the joinery, including open shelves, stainless steel island benches and stainless steel benchtops with the sink moulded into the tops. Having the capacity to undertake projects of this type underlines why Cazam Kitchens has become one of the most sought after joinery companies in Melbourne. Clients particularly appreciate the resource WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

of Cazam’s project management team which works alongside the client to ensure designs are achievable and the project is delivered on time and to expectations. This is a key feature of Cazam’s offering. Cazam Kitchens is committed to providing unique design solutions using the latest in global kitchen and joinery design software into the future and has recently commenced a new project in North Melbourne – Arden Gardens – consisting of the complete fitout of 300 high end apartments. Another passion at Cazam is creating beautiful joinery and custom kitchens in Melbourne for high end residences. The individual level of service, along with superior workmanship is what equips Cazam with the ability to build custom joinery for Melbourne’s most prestigious homes. It provides a perfect outlet for the company’s creativity and dedication to excellence.

For more information contact Cazam Kitchens, 7 Waigani Avenue, Ravenhall VIC 3023, phone 03 8390 0562, email, website ANCR ANCR KITCHEN EXCELLENCE



Ministerial Comment Australia’s energy system is undergoing a once-in-a-century transition. Ten coal-fired power stations have closed in less than a decade with an average of less than a year’s notice; renewables are playing an ever-increasing role in energy generation, creating challenges around the predictability of supply; and almost one in five households have solar panels on their roofs, reducing their reliance on the grid.


In the process, the energy market is not working as it should for consumers and $200 billion worth of energy infrastructure is required between now and 2050. In order to deliver more affordable and reliable energy as we transition to a lower emissions future, the Turnbull Government has accepted the independent Energy Security Board’s (ESB) recommendation for the National Energy Guarantee.



Backed by business, industry and community groups alike, the Guarantee is our opportunity, in the words of the ESB, to “resolve 15 years of energy and climate policy instability.” The National Energy Guarantee will end subsidies for energy, which are passed on to consumers; create a level playing field that ensure all types of energy are part of Australia’s mix; provide certainty for investors, meaning more supply and lower prices; and reduce volatility by ensuring affordable and reliable energy when it’s needed. Under the Guarantee, modelling indicates wholesale electricity prices will fall on average by 23% to 2030 and household power bills will fall by $400 on average from 2020. It is our opportunity to integrate energy and climate policy and deliver cheaper, cleaner and more reliable power for all Australians. It is an opportunity that can’t be missed.



POWERING BUILDINGS OF THE FUTURE With energy prices rising by an average of 12.5% per annum for the last three years, and new standards demanding greater energy efficiency, many building owners are looking for alternative ways to power large scale commercial buildings. One of the most viable and effective ways to combat further price rises is to bypass or supplement the grid with onsite power generation. Using natural gas powered microturbines, an onsite power solution can supply a building’s electricity, heating, and cooling with cost and emissions lower than the grid. The latest commercial building to integrate onsite power generation is the highly anticipated 80 Collins Street in Melbourne – a 40-level PCA Premium Grade office tower including dining and hospitality spaces. Optimal Group has been contracted to supply two Capstone Microturbines as part of the Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) system. The CCHP utilises the waste heat energy from the microturbines created during power generation to heat and cool the building. The result is an estimated 40% reduction in carbon emissions compared to the grid, and a massive 5.5 Stars NABERS Energy rating. The project’s energy efficient design illustrates the rising standards for new commercial builds. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

This month, the City of Sydney proposed changes to their development control plan that will mandate a minimum of 5.5 Stars NABERS rating for all new commercial buildings and retrofits. When approved, it will have a major impact on the planning of new builds, with energy efficiency being an essential consideration in the early design phase. Optimal CEO Craig Dugan said that onsite power generation was the single biggest action companies could take to reduce their carbon emissions. “Increasingly our customers see microturbine based embedded energy as central to securing low cost energy and exceeding NABERS 5 Star Energy ratings,” he said. “As NABERS requires ongoing monitoring and reporting, operators of these buildings see the flexible design of our solutions as key to meeting their emissions obligations year round, to both their tenants and broader community alike.” 80 Collins Street is now the ninth office tower in Melbourne’s Collins Street to use Capstone Microturbines as their power supply.

For more information contact Optimal Group, phone 1300 678 476, website ANCR ENERGY EXCELLENCE



A WINDOW TRIFECTOR Leda Aluminium Pty Ltd has had over 35 years experience in the aluminium business in the greater Sydney area, specialising in the manufacture and installation of commercial and residential aluminium doors, windows, curtain walls, louvre systems and slump glass. The company has an enviable reputation for providing products which possess the essential qualities of proven performance, reliability, style and security. Leda Aluminium’s clients also appreciate the functionality, value for money and structural integrity of Leda’s products, resulting in regular repeat contracts for the company. A perfect illustration of the company’s reputation for the consistent delivery of quality products can be seen in Wentworthville in Western Sydney where the company has been selected by three different builders to manufacture and install windows in multiple buildings in the same street. Spokesperson for Leda Aluminium, Sophia Asfour, said that the suburb’s Veron Street had a number of apartment development projects being built at the same time. “A block of 31 units at 31-35 Veron Street required Leda to work to a tight budget which could simultaneously deliver attractive windows and doors as well as the installation of security doors. We achieved the outcome the builder wanted by installing a mix of residential and commercial grade framing.” A second builder was developing both 27-31 and 33-39 Veron Street. The former has 43 units and commercial framing was chosen for windows and glass sliding doors. The latter comprised two buildings with a total of 54 units and commercial grade product was selected for the framing of glazing and sliding glass doors.

reports and requirements. We had to ensure all our products were compliant with the RW rating, being the weighted sound reduction index measured in decibels, for each building. With our experience in meeting RW ratings, we achieved compliance in all buildings.” A second challenge was the different architectural styles and colours required across these developments. Leda Aluminium took this challenge in their stride, being one of only a few aluminium manufacturers that has their own powder coating facility with a Dulux licence for both Duractec and Interpon 2015. The manufacturing team at Leda Aluminium had the additional challenge of ensuring all products with a wide range of specifications, designs and colours were produced and delivered in a timely manner to meet the construction deadlines of the various builders. All production targets were met and the installation teams were able to move between the various buildings to undertake fitting and testing of all windows and sliding doors as required. Leda Aluminium proudly produces all their products from their manufacturing base in Greenacre in Western Sydney. The aluminium used is all sourced from local suppliers, extruded by Leda and certified by the Australian Window Association. The Leda Aluminium HP system is used for all commercial sliding doors and windows. “We remain a family based business with many family members occupying key roles in the company,” Sophia said. “We make it a priority to support Australian suppliers and to maintain our friendly but professional approach in every aspect of our business.”

The third development in which Leda Aluminium was involved was at 23-25 Veron Street where 32 units were equipped with commercial standard aluminium framing for all windows and glazed doors.

While Leda is mainly focused on the greater Sydney region, they have recently won contracts in Gosford and Ettalong Beach on the Central Coast, indicating their strategy to expand their business footprint. The company undertakes work across all segments of the building industry including residential, apartment developments, commercial and retail.

Sophia said that there were a number of challenges for Leda Aluminium in designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium windows and doors across all projects. “Each development had different acoustic

For more information contact Leda Aluminium, 2/4 Naughton Street, Greenacre NSW 2190, phone 02 9642 8588, fax 02 9642 8743, website









Up to 600m2 in a day*

Unique ZIPLAP™ speeds installation PREPRUFE® Plus pre-applied waterproofing system - A faster, highly efficient, fully-bonded waterproofing solution for below ground protection.

• Labour savings with only two applicators • Faster application with kick-out roll and no release liner • Accelerated schedule with ZIPLAP™ Adhesive-to-Adhesive Bond Be among one of the top builders in Australia to benefit from the advantages of PREPRUFE® Plus pre-applied waterproofing system with 25-year globally proven Advanced Bond Technology™.

Call today: 1800 334 444 or email: GCP Australia Pty. Ltd. 74 Annie Street, Rocklea, Queensland 4106 * Typical application rate with two trained applicators. Actual application rate may vary depending on individual project conditions.


PERFECTION FLOORING Perfection Flooring started working with Icon Co in 2013 when the Melbourne based construction company established itself in Sydney. Perfection Flooring was contracted to supply and fit the timber flooring in Icon Co’s new Sydney offices, and since then, Icon Co has continued to call on Perfection Flooring for supply and installation of quality flooring products for its large scale residential developments. For Lindfield Village, Perfection Flooring supplied and installed engineered timber flooring into the individual apartments. Icon Co further contracted Perfection Flooring to supply and fit vinyl flooring for the common areas: the garbage room, a retail office and the toilet and shower amenities.

In November 2014, Perfection Flooring received high praise for its work at Club Cronulla – where B-MAC Constructions were awarded a Master Builders Association Excellence Award for its refurbishment project. In 2016 Perfection Flooring installed custom bamboo flooring and stair treads for the distinctive staircase at Double Bay Library, winning a Master Builders Association Best Interior Fitout award for FDC Construction & Fitout. Other projects completed by the company include the iconic ‘Flour Mill’ project, in Summer Hill (Watpac), Griffith Teas building in Surry Hills (Growthbuilt), Darlinghurst Childcare and Community Centre, (Belmadar), Macquarie Park Village (Parkview), and currently in progress, 450 units at ‘Reserve’ project (JQZ).

Perfection Flooring completed their works within three months and in record time, due to their 25 years of experience and the professionalism of Icon Co. Perfection Flooring looks forward to continuing its successful relationship with Icon Co into the future.

Other boutique works include ‘Bvlgari at DFS Rocks, Louis Vuitton at Bondi Junction Westfields, Bvlgari at Chadstone, Melbourne, Givenchy in Westfield Sydney, and Rolex in Martin Place.

Working across the Sydney region and beyond, Perfection Flooring provides unique flooring solutions ranging from detailed work for luxury homes, apartment renovations and the fitting of hardwearing, long lasting flooring for clubs and pubs, to large multi-residential works.

For more information contact Perfection Flooring, 36/45 Huntley Street, Alexandria NSW 2015, phone 02 9550 5299, website





ALL YOUR LIFTING NEEDS All Lifting specialises in providing lifting products and services to the construction industry, all delivered with an exceptional focus on client requirements. “Anything below the hook” is how Managing Director, Sean Warner describes the company’s market offering! Sean said that All Lifting’s services include crane commissioning, sling manufacturing, fabricated lifting devices, custom work box manufacturing, and training and supervision of height and safety solutions. All Lifting is a NATA accredited facility offering inhouse and onsite mechanical testing and visual inspections in compliance with ISO 17205 Standards and Repair Services. “We pride ourselves on being really good at providing solutions for problems which others would regard as being too difficult,” Sean said. “We have a great team of 51 people in our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle locations who are all customer focused. We also service country Queensland and undertake assignments in Papua New Guinea.” Sean also credits All Lifting’s success to its great relationship with its suppliers who work closely with the company to ensure clients receive what they need when they want it. “You can always expect the unexpected in the construction industry. We are able to respond very quickly to urgent orders which is another reason we are one of the leading brands in the industry.” All Lifting counts many of Australia’s leading builders and contractors on its client list. As an example it has been working with the John Holland Thiess joint venture on the Sydney Metro Northwest where Australia’s longest underground rail tunnels have been built. It serviced seven sites for inspection, supply and design of a range of lifting equipment. All Lifting also works with Australia’s leading crane companies including tower crane providers. “All Lifting has a focus on continuous improvement which means ensuring it is delivering the latest lifting technology and safety knowledge to its clients,” Sean said. For more information contact All Lifting, 5/110 Station Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147, phone 02 9838 4735, email, website





KINGS OF CONCRETE From offices in Balmain, Mas Concrete works across residential, commercial and industrial areas with projects including high rise apartments, offices and warehouses. They offer project management, excavation and earthworks, retaining walls, supply and installation of formwork, paving and concrete finishing. A company with 20 years experience, Mas Concrete builds footings and foundations, slabs, suspended floors – in situ and with precast elements, and lays slabs for factories and warehouses. The company also supplies steel and steel fixing services. The company has worked on a number of government contracts for schools and railways and was recently part of the construction team working on the new Children’s Court in Surry Hills. The renovation of the courthouse was carried out in consultation with heritage authorities. The federation brick and sandstone façade, dating from 1911, was maintained and the interior of the building gutted and refitted as modern courtrooms. Mas Concrete also recently completed work on the O’Connell Street Public School in Parramatta New South Wales. The collection of buildings at the old Kings School grounds were renovated to meet the needs of a modern school while maintaining the heritage value of the site. Part of the new build works included the construction of a large school hall and new sports hall. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Mas Concrete were employed to construct new concrete floors and walls in the renovated structures, converting the old 1830s buildings to classrooms, staffrooms and offices – the new building was the school hall made up of concrete, steel and brick designed to serve 1,000 students. Mas Concrete built the floors, walls, stairwells and liftshaft with formwork installed by Tower Group Projects. Mas Concrete started work onsite in April 2017 with 12-13 tradesmen each day, working six days a week on the Department of Education project. Work at the site was fast paced, to limit interference to normal school routine. For more information contact Mas Concrete, PO Box 664, Five Dock NSW 2046, mobile 0411 186 661, email, website ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS




AGD SYSTEMS Traffic volumes are increasing exponentially in our major cities, not just on our roads but also in centres of high density living, retail centres and carparks where the management of traffic movements and the safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers, vehicles and other assets in this environment is posing challenges for regulators, the building industry and the community. AGD Systems Pty Ltd is a specialist in delivering custom built traffic and pedestrian management systems using non-invasive methods such as radar and infrared instruments. The scope of AGD Systems’ ranges from inter-urban arterial routes where it can provide systems for the counting, monitoring and reporting on vehicles travelling on roads, moving through key intersections and approaching major centres, through to apartment buildings and major retail and office carparks, where it brings its skills and products to ramp monitoring, vehicle detection, integrated traffic signals and vehicle counting systems. Managing Director, Stuart Douglas said that traffic management in basements and carparks was a growth area for AGD Systems. “Our focus on designing and installing custom systems for each client has been the key to our success. Every basement and carpark environment has a unique traffic and pedestrian movement. 56


The systems we build and install ensure the safe movement of both vehicles and people, including situations where there is a single lane ramp for traffic entering or exiting the location.” A major project in which AGD Systems has been involved is the Sphere Apartment development in Blacktown, the tallest building west of Parramatta. The company installed the traffic management system in a 7-level car park. Other projects have been undertaken for PBS Building NSW for the new Felix Hotel at Sydney Domestic Airport, as well as other projects for Better Buildings and Growthbuilt. With a full time team and a contingent of specialist subcontractors, Stuart said that AGD Systems, was equipped to undertake traffic management projects of any size in the building and construction industry. For more information contact AGD Systems Pty Ltd, Unit 17/15 Valediction Road, Kings Park NSW 2148, phone 02 9653 9934, email, website www. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW


SAFECo Real Time Locating Systems

PUTTING SAFETY FIRST SAFE Integrated Systems is an experienced one-stop-shop specialist in extra low voltage communication systems, with their work in the healthcare sector a specialty. The aging of the Australian population is seeing huge growth in the aged care, nursing home and hospital sector. “There is no greater priority than ensuring the safety of the older members of our society and those who are spending time in hospital,” said Managing Director of SAFE Integrated Systems, Ben Pavlic. SAFE Integrated Systems provides instant call systems, both portable wearable devices and fixed installations in patients’ rooms. SAFE Integrated Systems’ Real Time Locating System, is at the forefront of their product offering. The SAFEco range provides positional duress, staff tracking and patient wandering solutions which can be tailored to a facilities particular needs. The scalable accuracy uses state-of-the-art dual RF and Ultrasonic technology to ensure assistance is on the way when its needed. With a press of a button staff can map patients location and the information can displayed on a PC terminal of Local Area Network Devices, such as a mobile. The system can be combined within SAFE Integrated Systems Unicall Nurse call stations so TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) can be WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

dramatically reduced in healthcare facilities required to have nurse call systems installed to remain compliant. SAFE Integrated Systems has a combined technical experience of over 100 years, including electronics hardware and software. In addition to nurse call/paging systems and patient location systems, the company provides a range of systems including; radio frequency identification (RFID), fire detection and emergency warning intercom (EWIS), audio/visual solutions, as well as intercom, CCTV and access control and security. SAFE Integrated Systems’ professionalism and expertise is best exemplified by the major contracts it has fulfilled recently. These include the Perth Stadium where SAFE Integrated Systems installed emergency call buttons in the ensuites. They have also installed systems at Royal Perth Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, aged care facilities and a number of country hospitals in Western Australia. For more information contact SAFE Integrated Systems Pty Ltd, Unit 3/20 Prindiville Drive, Wangara WA 6065, phone 1300 723 326, fax 08 6323 1810, email, website ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS


Minimise time and labour requirements of establishing a Jumpform System on your construction programme It’s no secret that time and budgets get tighter every year in the construction industry. You need a supply chain that saves you time and labour onsite, will deliver what you need when you need it, and with a return on investment that not only delivers on but exceeds your initial financial outlay. This is where we come in. Sureform Systems is a supplier of innovative formwork systems to the construction industry. We provide all types of formwork solutions with a focus on offsite manufacture, which means we supply our system to your project in pre-assembled modules that simply need to be bolted together, including;

• • • • •

Wallforms. Working platforms. Cladding panels and external cladding platforms. Structural steel assemblies. Lift installation, protection and template decks.

We dismantle the system in our yard once the cores are complete, and we pick it up in the same modules as we delivered it. This saves crane time and the labour required to strip the wallforms and platforms onsite at a stage of the



project where the focus should be on completion, not dealing with subcontractor materials.

no onsite delays, and the crane will need to be available during the erection of the system.

The benefits here are;

• • • • •

Basic Operational Details; Increased onsite safety. A user-friendly and modern system. The system is assembled and climbing in an economical and more efficient time period. Core systems are removed from your critical path early. Removing the need to fabricate working decks on the project can save you up to two weeks of system assembly time on medium to larger sized projects.

To maximise your time onsite, Sureform Systems requires 8 weeks lead time to design and fabricate the system. Allowing us this time will ensure as far as is practicable

Cycle times for our Jumpform Systems = Steel reinforcement placement + 2 days. Standard Systems Typical Floor Labour Formula;

• •

SF14 Jumpform System 1 man per 2 rams. SF25 Jumpform System 1 man per ram. Sureform Systems 24 Lara Way Campbellfield VIC 3061 +61 3 9357 9686



PLANNING FOR DRAINAGE PROJECTS Drains are a vital element of any residential or commercial project. Unfortunately, drain planning is frequently overlooked. It is a common mistake amongst builders and designers to detail or select the drain once most construction has already been completed. However, proper planning and preparation is a crucial precursor to installing an effective, lasting drainage solution.

The company is driven by innovation and a genuine passion for developing practical, long lasting design solutions to everyday problems. Stormtech products go beyond fit for purpose, and meet the stringent regulatory requirements surrounding drainage in Australia. All Stormtech drainage products are WaterMark certified for use in Australia and all products have a GreenTag Gold Level A certification.

Linear drains have the advantage of contemporary, streamlined design that can be discreetly incorporated into a variety of commercial and residential projects alike. Before construction commences, it is important to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate the drain and that the desired location has adequate access to the greater plumbing and drainage systems. The location of the drain will provide guidance as to the most appropriate type of drain and elicit a number of installation specific additional considerations.

Bolstering Stormtech’s catalogue of durable, high performance drainage solutions is their team of experienced, knowledgeable experts. Stormtech’s technical staff can guide you through the steps for choosing the most suitable drainage product for your project and will develop tailored solutions where no existing ones are appropriate. The Stormtech team can also provide assistance at the planning stage to ensure that all the relevant considerations are taken into account.

Drainage installation sites located on an indoor/outdoor divide also merit closer examination and require use of a specially designed threshold drain. These drains have a low profile and streamlined body that allows level plane drainage beside the door frame.

For more information contact Stormtech, phone 1300 653 403, website

With more than 25 years experience at the forefront of the global drainage industry, Stormtech has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected drainage manufacturers and suppliers.










Crown Casino, Barangaroo NSW

BKH Group, a leading formwork contractor with experience in commercial, industrial, civil and mining projects, has partnered with Jacking Systems Australia to create Advanced Climbing Systems Australia (ACSA), with a vision to create an advanced core climbing system with improved speed and reliability to service the Tier 1 high rise construction market. “Although the partnership is still in its early years, our knowledge base and expertise is based on more than 20 years of combined experience,” said Ben Geisker, Director of BKH Group.

Open Jump Core B, Crown Casino Barangaroo NSW

One of the unique features of ACSA’s operations is that it obtains most of its fabrication and materials from Australian sources. This provides confidence in the quality of workmanship and material that is used to construct its systems. Ben said ACSA has two large fabrication facilities in Western Sydney and significant offsite resources, ensuring its cores are supplied in the shortest possible time frame. “We have an inhouse design and technical team which is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we’re able to provide the best possible solution for our clients’ projects,” Ben continued. “We use 3D modelling for our designs, giving clients visibility of all aspects of the proposed system. In fact we provide a full service core system solution.”

Ryde Gardens, Ryde NSW

ACSA’s advanced core systems are backed by electronic screw drive jacks, and are climbed by the latest PLC software to allow for greater speed, safety and accuracy. Although a relatively new partnership, ACSA has worked on some of Sydney’s premier construction assignments, including the Crown Casino in Barangaroo. Significant business growth is being experienced and ACSA is looking to continue on a growth trajectory with the goal of becoming the leading core supplier, not only in Sydney but also on a larger footprint across the east coast of Australia.

Ryde Gardens, Ryde NSW

For more information contact Advanced Climbing Systems Australia, 32 Tattersall Road, Kings Park NSW 2148, phone 02 9671 8700, email, website

NEP Project




SHAPED BY NATURE The $125 million RACV Cape Schanck Resort project consists of an architecturally designed 5-level building with influence taken from the soft and rolling dune-like landscape. The redevelopment includes new accommodation, lounge, café, kid’s play room, indoor and outdoor sitting areas, function rooms, indoor pool and day spa as well as a gymnasium and beautifully landscaped areas. The $125 million RACV Cape Schanck Resort redevelopment involves the construction of 30,000m² new building over 5-levels with underground car parking, indoor pool, day spa and gymnasium. The new resort building is made of three circular forms wrapped by a curving façade on a glass podium and contains 120 new accommodation rooms with restaurant, lounge, café, kids play room, golf pro shop, conference and function rooms. Outside are landscaped areas, extended pathways, play equipment, carparking and a driving range. In November 2015 when Kane Constructions started the enabling works, the seven hectare site included the existing RACV clubhouse and carpark as well as the golf driving range. Kane Constructions relocated the clubhouse carpark, a number of existing primary services and started earthworks and piling for the new building, just south of the existing clubhouse, in early 2016. At peak periods Kane Constructions had up to 300 workers onsite fitting out the lower floors and completing the upper floors of the in situ concrete structure. Final works included landscaping, golf paths,



new driving range, carpark, the building of a children’s playground and re-establishing the 9th hole, part of the golf course that had been encroached upon by the building works. “The unusal design and varying levels across the structure meant we had to spend a lot of time planning our next move. The modifications we made to the engineering details assisted greatly with advancing the structure. It was a structurally challenging job,” said Josh Conolly, Senior Project Engineer at Kane Constructions. Josh worked closely with the design engineers and contractors to achieve an optimal outcome. “The project was geographically challenged,” said Josh. “The distance from Melbourne meant that a lot of time was spent searching for contractors with the ability to meet our requirements. The project demanded city resources from a rural area, with the project still to be delivered on time, within budget and to the clients expectations.” “Cape Schanck is largely a residential area and council restrictions concerning the times we were allowed to work within had to be

adhered to. We had some large concrete pours of up to 400m3 a day and as part of our permit conditions we would have to apply to council and notify the residents of our intent to work outside of the nominated hours,� Josh added. Kane Constructions have successfully delivered multiple projects for RACV including the multi-award winning $115 million Torquay Resort completed three months ahead of programme. Awards included the 2014 Australian Institute of Building’s National Professional Excellence Commercial Construction Award ($50 million-$100 million). Kane Constructions work across all sectors of the industry, concentrating on large scale projects for government and private organisations to build hospitals, sports and community centres, commercial, seniors living, defence and education centres. Kane are also involved in detailed heritage restoration work and have a large presence in Geelong.

A spectacular building constructed by Kane is their multi-award winning Geelong Library and Heritage Centre. The unique glass fibre reinforced cladding distinguishes the new Geelong Library and Heritage Centre. Approximately 550 panels were installed, including convex hexagon and pentagonal panels, facia and gutter panels. The new library serves as a community hub in the centre of Geelong. This project won Kane the 2016 Master Builders Australia National Commercial Master Builder of the Year Award. A common practice for Kane Constructions is securing repeat business with a number of important clients such as, The University of Melbourne, Royal Automobile Club of Australia, Epworth HealthCare, Techne Developments, The Geelong Football Club as well as Commonwealth, State and Local Government. Kane Constructions is a multi-award winning, privately owned construction company with an annual turnover in excess of $800 million. With over 450 full time employees, Kane has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. For more information contact Kane Constructions, 658 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121, phone 03 8420 1200, email, website DEVELOPER : Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited BUILDER : Kane Constructions ARCHITECT : Wood Marsh Architecture CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $125 million



Below Swift Structures installed and fitted 3,600 tonnes of steel reinforcing for the RACV Cape Schanck Resort development.

Swift Structures specialise in labour supply for steel reinforcing works for in situ concrete work as well as for prefabricated concrete elements. Swift Structures started onsite at Cape Schanck in April 2016 with 30 men installing and fitting steel reinforcing six days a week for 13 months.

across the civil industries carrying out groundworks, building bridges and roads and contracting out general labourers, concretors and steel fixers. “It’s a magnificent group of men that work for me, great people in the office too,” said Steve.

The challenge of the project was the irregular design of the building. The resort is a 5-storey building made of curving and circular forms and Swift Structures shaped and fixed 3,600 tonnes of steel reinforcement to meet design and engineering requirements. The reinforcing used at RACV Cape Schanck Resort was heavier and stronger than usual to ensure the structure is earthquake proof and highly wind resistant.

Swift Structures has worked with Kane Constructions on other projects including a recently completed development for Orygen Mental Health, the inpatient accommodation building, Parkville. Another successful project for Swift Structures was the installation of 500 tonnes of steel reinforcing at the $80 million redevelopment of Frankston TAFE in early 2018.

“It was a hard job, physically demanding, but we achieved a quality result,” said Steve Hamilton, Swift Structures Director. “We worked hard to get the job done and we delivered on time.”

Swift Structures was recognised by Kane Constructions at its ‘Most Valuable Player Subcontractor Awards Night’ where Swift Structures won the Structure Subcontractor Award for 2017.

With over 37 years experience in the steel fixing industry, Steve established Swift Structures in 2014, servicing the reinforcing industry throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. With a team of eight professional leading men, Swift Structures also works

For more information contact Swift Structures, 2/71 Dromana Parade, Safety Beach VIC 3936, phone 0437 794 380, email, website




Below ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Oceania fitted out the project with state-of-the-art electronic locking solutions.

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Oceania (AAHO) is the leader in the supply of electronic locking solutions for the hospitality industry, employing innovative technology to ensure people’s safety and convenient access. In mid-2015 AAHO started designing the hotel locking system for RACV Cape Schanck Resort’s locking system. Installation began late 2017 of the VingCard hotel locking system and also the supply of the electronic safes in each of the guest rooms. The project also included upgrading the existing VingCard hotel locking system at RACV Cape Schanck Resort and integrating it with the new installation. AAHO used its considerable experience combining traditional and new products to create a workable system. “The challenge at Cape Schanck Resort was coordinating all the different stakeholders,” said Regional Sales Manager for South East Australia, Ferris El-Afifi. “Clients, designers and contractors all have different expectations and ASSA ABLOY supplied the solution.” AAHO focuses on using new technology to create modern state-of-the-art hotel locking systems and the integration of these WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

systems with mobile phone access. Allowing access to access hotel rooms via mobile phone for individual hotel guests. AAHO is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, an international company with leading positions in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They have three regional divisions manufacture and sell locking hardware adapted to local market’s standards and security requirements. The global divisions, Global Technologies and Entrance Systems, manufacture and sell electronic access control, identification products and entrance automation on the global market. The ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has acquired vast technological resources that are available to its clients in over 170 countries. In February 2018 the company was awarded the Inaugural 2018 HotelTechAward for door locks and keyless entry. The awards celebrate hotel technology vendors based specifically on customer feedback. ASSA ABLOY has also been listed in the Forbes List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies Since 2014. For more information contact ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Oceania, phone 1300 796 233, email, website VIC PROJECT FEATURE RACV CAPE SCHANCK RESORT


Below Kemellies Timber Flooring supplied 80m2 of timber flooring to the ground floor gymnasium of the resort.

Kemellies Timber Flooring specialises in the supply and installation of hardwood timber flooring systems for the residential and commercial market. At RACV Cape Schanck Resort Kemellies fitted timber flooring in the ground floor gymnasium.

Kemellies also fitted the 500 seat auditorium with the beautifully detailed curved tier seating. “I’m proud to be associated with Kane Constructions providing solutions for their projects,” said David.

A sprung timber floor was fitted in the gymnasium which was specifically designed for shock absorption and to provide bounce perfectly suited for gymnastic exercises. The company started onsite in August 2017 with two tradesmen working for three days installing the floor system which was furnished with imported engineered European Oak in a custom black finish. “Work at Cape Schanck Resort was similar to the other RACV development we worked on in Torquay,” said Director, David Booth.

Kemellies Timber Flooring services the Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo areas supplying and installing a wide range of timber flooring products including traditional strip flooring, parquetry and European Oak. Kemellies also supplies and uses the latest coating systems. Kemellies has a showroom in Geelong and also provides custom made solutions for flooring with staining, imported timbers or delicate parquetry patterns.

At the $115 million Torquay development Kemellies Timber Flooring was contracted by Kane to install 1,200m² of European oak flooring throughout the health and fitness centre and customised flooring to the concrete staircase. Kemellies finished the job at Torquay in 2013.

Kemellies Timber Flooring has experience working alongside some of Australia’s largest commercial contractors on major projects within Victoria. “We also work across the retail and hospitality sectors,” added David. “No job is too big or too small.”

Also with Kane Constructions, Kemellies Timber Flooring was contracted to supply and install 2,000m² of various timber floor designs with acoustic ratings at the PLC Performing Arts Centre.

For more information contact Kemellies Timber Flooring, 21 Leather Street, Breakwater VIC 3219, phone 03 5222 8425, email office@, website




Below Drizign supplied and installed their AQUEAS brand of stainless steel aquatic hardware to the day spa and swimming pool for RACV Cape Schanck Resort.

Drizign specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of high quality stainless steel products for aquatic and architectural applications. At RACV Cape Schanck Resort, Drizign fabricated and fitted their AQUEAS brand of pool fittings and pool hardware such as lane ropes and anchors, handrails, grabrails, ladders, backstroke post and sockets and wetdeck grating to the swimming pool and day spa. Drizign started work on the Cape Schanck project in early 2017. “What we do is different from other metal manufacturers,” said Director, Bill Dritsas. “Drizign runs a dedicated stainless steel workshop to avoid cross contamination from other materials, we produce high quality products, second to none in the industry.” The work at Cape Schanck was similar to RACV’s development at Torquay where Drizign also supplied fittings and pool hardware for the swimming pool and day spa, such as lane rope anchors, lane ropes, handrail, grabrails, ladders, backstroke post and sockets, and wetdeck grating. “I like developing products for swimming complexes,” said Bill. “Pools and spas can be some the harshest and most unforgiving environment on products due to the chemicals used in there. Our products are not run of the mill items but high quality components that can stand up to the caustic WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

conditions. At Drizign we manufacture every product from the finest raw materials and finished to the highest level.” Drizign uses advanced fabrication techniques and precision engineering to service commercial and domestic pool builders, industrial organisations, hospitals and health care organisations and leading architectural and engineering firms around Australia. Drizign also supplies its product to the international market. Having supplied recently their AQUEAS brand of products to a Casino in Oklahoma USA and a cruise liner in Europe. Drizign has supplied and fitting equipment to swimming pools and spas on various RACV projects such as Inverlock, Cobram, Healesville Country Club, RACV City Club Melbourne CBD as well as working with Kane Constructions on the Torquay and now Cape Schanck project. Drizign also supplies the automotive and marine industries and design and fabricate unique high quality stainless steel elements for sculptures and water feature pieces. For more information contact Drizign, 43 Henderson Road, Clayton VIC 3168, phone 03 9562 5244, email, website VIC PROJECT FEATURE RACV CAPE SCHANCK RESORT


RACV Cape Schanck Resort, Victoria








The Melbourne Jet Base provides a superior level of luxury service with a state-of-the-art lounge and business facilities, which includes a function space, central hub with basement carpark and service area, customer lounge, meeting rooms and offices. The specialty hangar houses 18 aircrafts, and the base includes aircraft taxi way, aircraft operations and maintenance, as well as its own security, customs, and immigration process. Melbourne Jet Base is Australia’s first private jet terminal, with a distinctive building housing aircraft operations and maintenance facilities as well as modern business facilities. Located in the Melbourne Aviation precinct at Tullamarine, the Jet Base boasts hangars for up to 18 aircrafts and a specialty hangar, housing a restored DC3. The development includes a central hub with a customer lounge, meeting rooms, soundproofed boardroom, offices for tenants, hotel rooms, full commercial kitchen and basement carpark and 13,000m² of soft landscaping. A design competition for the building stated that the jet base display the concept of flight and Australiana. Cox Architects won the competition, creating a beautiful structure of curving walls with a swooping sculptural steel roof reminiscent of an aeroplane tail. The earth of the Australian desert can be seen inside in the red ochre walls. 70


Partnered clients Melbourne Aviation Precinct and Little Group, contracted Hutchinson Builders for the D&C project in mid-2016. Team Leader, Ben McArthur, and 13 other inhouse designers worked quickly to refine the conceptual design and start work onsite early 2017. The Jet Base terminal is a steel framed structure with standard concrete slabs and a suspended slab in the fixed operations area over the basement carpark. External walls comprise precast concrete elements, composite panels and fixed glass. With up to 160 tradesmen onsite construction of the $67.5 million project was completed in early July 2018. “It is such a unique building, with some complex and intricate detailing required for the curved walls, and the roof especially,” said Ben. “Each roof sheet had a different curve, we used a Kingspan product that was rolled onsite and the whole process took six weeks. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

In addition was the integration of offsite manufactured elements that we called ‘nose cones’ used to tie the roof to the soffit.” The main hangar has an opening of 70m and Ben spent some time searching for the right doors. “We found an appropriate product manufactured in Lithuania, doors that fold up on opening to maintain a clear and clean entryway.” Internal work started in January 2018 with the installation of high quality finishes: stone floors, a ‘fish scale’ pressed metal ceiling and polished plaster feature walls with matt red and shiny white surfaces.

The Melbourne Jet Base is a spectacular addition to Hutchinson Builders portfolio that includes the iconic $115 million Arc by Crown twin tower development in the Sydney CBD.

The company has worked on other airport projects such as the $16 million Mooranbah Airport extension completed in 2012; Miles Aerodrome in Western Queensland in 2016 and the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter hangar in Rockhampton. However, the Melbourne Jet Base goes beyond functional requirements to establish a high standard of well crafted design and construction for airport buildings.

Hutchinson Builders work across a range of sectors including commercial, residential, education, health, and hospitality projects and is currently running over 200 projects nationwide. Established as a family business in 1912, today Hutchinson Builders operates from 14 offices across Australia employing 1,600 people and has completed over 5,000 projects to a value of more than $25 billion. The company works within a range of contractual arrangements and also offers project finance, facilities management and cost planning services.

“It was a great project,” Ben commented. “Working with Cox Architecture on the documentation and creating such an interesting structure was highly enjoyable.”

For more information contact Hutchinson Builders, 70-72 Cecil Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, phone 03 9282 9500, email melbourne@, website




Below All Lifts supplied and installed a 2000kg MRL electric lift and a 1275kg MRL electric lift at the Jet Base.

All Lifts Pty Ltd supply and install electric passenger lifts for commercial projects including apartment blocks, shops and schools. In early 2017 All Lifts were awarded the contract to supply and install two passenger lifts at the Melbourne Jet Base. All Lifts supplied and installed a 2000kg MRL electric lift with a load carrying capacity of 26 passengers and a 1275kg MRL electric lift capable of carrying 17 passengers. A team of two installed the lifts over six months. The challenge for the lifts at the Jet Base was working with the designers to achieve high quality finishes. Mirror champagne stainless steel doors and black stainless steel panels to line the interior. “Often we send specifications to manufacturers in Italy and Spain but for the Jet Base a high quality custom design was required. We sent the specifications to an American Company who completed the design and had the lifts manufactured in China,” said Manager, Debbie Beasley. All Lifts is an Australian owned company with 25 years experience in the supply and installation of lifts and supply technical specifications 72


for a vast range of lifts. The company also offers a maintenance plan, with scheduled service times to suit business requirements as well as providing a 24 hour emergency service. All Lifts have previously worked for Hutchinson Builders, supplying and installing three lifts at Hedgeley Dene, a large apartment block in Malvern East and a 1275kg MRL electric lift at Southern Cross Railway in 2016. “That lift had to be extremely robust and was finished with Rimex steel plate to resist vandalism and stand up to heavy public use,” Debbie added. All Lifts focus on the supply and installation of lifts for Melbourne residential developments and recently completed fitting a 1275kg MRL electric lift to an 8-storey apartment building at Bridge Road, Richmond.

For more information contact All Lifts Pty Ltd, 16 Dingley Avenue, Dandenong VIC 3175, phone 03 9794 9400, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Allsafe Coatings’ epoxy flooring add a polish to the Melbourne Jet Base’s hangar and terminal floors.

Allsafe Coatings specialise in the supply of decorative and industrial floor coatings, polished concrete, waterproofing and concrete repair. With 30 years industry experience Allsafe Coatings have considerable experience in quick and effective flooring solutions for commercial and industrial environments. At Melbourne Jet Base, Allsafe Coatings were contracted to paint epoxy finishes to concrete slab floors in the basement and aircraft hangars. Allsafe Coatings started at the jet base in early April 2018 with 12 tradesmen onsite for a six week job. Initial work included diamond grinding the floor slabs to make a key for the finish. Allsafe Coatings applied coatings to 6,800m² of floor in the 18 aircraft hangar structure and 1,200m² in the hangar for the DC3 aircraft, covering over 3,000 caulked and sealed expansion joints. “The floors look really good at Jet Base,’ said David King, Project Manager for Allsafe. “The reflective epoxy floors really lightened up the building.” Epoxy floor coatings add a highly polished look to interiors and the clear smooth surface is reflective, hard wearing, and can be chemical and heat resistant. The floor itself can be coloured or given a shiny WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

mosaic pattern with vinyl or metallic chips and other aggregate. Company logos and graphics can be applied. Allsafe Coatings also provide floor levelling services, anti-slip coatings, line marking, protective coatings, and polyurethane coatings. The Allsafe team have installed hundreds of thousands of square metres of epoxy floors across all industries, such as government facilities, council and sporting pavilions, industrial kitchens, laboratories and universities. “Allsafe has worked on numerous projects with Hutchinson Builders, they’re great builders to work with and we hope to continue with them,” said David. Allsafe Coatings are undertaking a number of of projects and recently completed Hutchison Builders’ Webdock at The Docklands and at Little Creature’s White Rabbit Brewery in the Yarra Valley in 2014.

For more information contact Allsafe Coatings Pty Ltd, 6/353 Dorset Road, Bayswater VIC 3153, phone 03 9762 7815, fax 03 9762 6568, email, website VIC PROJECT FEATURE MELBOURNE JET BASE


Below Lumicom fitted out the terminal with a sophisticed audio/visual digital media system called Nodel.

Lumicom is a modern design consultancy focused on the integration and application of AV and IT technologies. Lumicom designs, supplies and installs state-of-the-art customised communications solutions to the commercial, government and entertainment industry.

provide ongoing quality operation of its service. Lumicom takes complex customer requirements and designs a simple and reliable communication system with quality, cost effective equipment. Lumicom provide services for single events or ongoing projects and also supplies digital signage and support services.

At Melbourne Jet Base, Lumicom designed and installed all the AV equipment across the four meeting rooms and the board room including a presentation screen and Scala digital signage.

Lumicom provides complete AV fitout including large motorised projection systems, video walls, front of house paging and background music and remote controlled cameras to record or broadcast.

Nodel, a digital media control system developed by Lumicom for Museum Victoria, was installed to provide access to all controls on an easy-to-use iPad interface. The application of the technology is versatile, able to be adapted to a number of projects, hardware and software.

Established in 2011, Lumicom has continued to supply AV and IT services for Lendlease at its Customer Service Experience Centres in Melbourne. At Victoria Harbour Lumicom worked on the expansion of the centre’s ever growing Scala digital signage network and installed over 30 LCD’s, projectors and ceiling speakers as well as a background audio system.

The Lumicom team started fabricating mounts and brackets for the jet base in the manufacturing facility in late 2017, before installation on the base. “It was a complex job that went smoothly, it was a well planned job,” explained Scott Summers, Engineer at Lumicom. Lumicom’s team has over 20 years experience in high end AV systems and offer a package of design, installation and support to 74


For more inforamtion contact Lumicom (VIC), 6/131 Hyde Street, Footscray VIC 3011, phone 03 9005 1918, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below LUX Precast manufactured and installed 250 precast panels for the hangers and the façade of the base.

Lux Precast specialise in the manufacture and supply of precast concrete panels using customised formwork and moulds to create wall panels with patterned surfaces. Patterning concrete is an increasingly popular method that adds depth and texture to the surface.

“Lux Precast has the size and ability to produce large amounts of panels for large scale construction projects. Our facility at Dandenong has the ability to produce 1,000m² of panels a day, and we also offer more detailed, customised precast panels,” said Michael.

At Melbourne Jet Base Lux Precast manufactured 250 precast wall panels across the complex for the basement, aircraft hangars and the façade of the terminal. Lux Precast manufactured the panels in its facility at Dandenong and started work onsite in January 2017 finishing 10 months later.

Lux Precast customise panels with exposed aggregate, graphic concrete finishes and have an extensive range of forms, rubber and metal moulds and colour finishes, to create different textures and surfaces.

“All 40 staff at Lux Precast were involved in the manufacture of the reckli façade panels on the Jet Base project including our concreters, formwork carpenters and steel fixers,” said Michael Clayton, Construction Manager for Lux Precast.

A similar job for Lux Precast was the installation of panels to an 8-level apartment block in Hawthorn completed in May 2018. The project involved lining up panels with two different patterns, a brick pattern and a custom oriental pattern. The Rouse Street Apartment in St Kilda showcases Lux Precast’s work with a stunning sculptural pattern on the façade.

On the Jet Base Lux Precast manufactured panels with a diagonal ribbed pattern using the formwork product, Reckli formliner. Having the pattern on the diagonal made for an unconventional installation, it was a challenge matching up the patterns on the panels. Lux Precast work across commercial, retail and residential developments with a large amount of multi-storey apartment projects in Victoria.

For more information contact Lux Precast, 5-23 Carter Way, Dandenong South VIC 3175, phone 03 8762 1500, email, website




Melbourne Jet Base,









The $90M 50 La Trobe Street tower is the tallest prefabricated student accommodation project in Australia. The development includes a 43-level tower and a 7-storey building at the rear of the site consisting of over 700 beds across studio apartments, twin share and cluster rooms, as well as communal areas, study spaces and a café. At nearly 130m high, it is a pioneering project. 50 La Trobe Street is one of the world’s tallest structures to be built using predominately prefabricated construction methods. The 43-storey tower and 7-storey building at the rear of the site comprise of over 700 bedrooms and associated student accommodation facilities, including café and study areas, across 22,000m² of floor area. A distinctive bronze curtain wall façade articulates the structure and features open air terraces at various levels. “It was a challenging job, with the intricate multi-faceted façade system and particularly the construction of the concrete structure which stepped in and out at varying levels,” said Project Manager, Morrie Bahri. Hickory Group were contracted to construct the development in October 2016 and started onsite demolition work in November. With up to 150 tradesmen onsite the high rise project can boast a successful accelerated construction period of just 20 months due to Hickory Group’s innovative Hickory Building System (HBS). HBS provides a prefabricated construction method that combines the installation of prefabricated elements with minimal in situ works to integrate the core, shear walls and façade into a unified structure. “Hickory Building Systems has provided this project with a more efficient means of constructing our structure and façade systems. With HBS’s ability to deliver an integrated structure/façade module we, and our client, benefitted from a more cost effective system and a significantly reduced construction programme,” explained Morrie. As part of HBS, 629 Sync bathroom pods were prefabricated, delivered and craned 78


into position. All the pods were prefitted and finished with all plumbing, lighting, joinery, wall and floor coverings. HBS contributed to the La Trobe development being delivered eight months earlier than expected when compared to using traditional building methods. However, HBS is not just for high rise developments; the system is extremely flexible and can be scaled to suit small projects. The Sync bathroom pods, manufactured in Hickory Group’s own facility, are available to contractors working outside Hickory Group. Hickory Group works across Australia, predominately in Victoria, with successfully completed commercial projects and residential developments such as the striking Banksia project in the Docklands.

rapidly to project needs, avoiding the costly delays involved in procuring plant and equipment at short notice. Hickory Group’s expertise in high rise construction projects was recognised in January 2018 when the Council of Tall Building and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) announced the finalist projects from around the world, with Hickory Building Systems (HBS) nominated for the Innovation Award. “We work together with clients and consultants to achieve the desired outcome,” said Morrie. For more information contact Hickory Group, 101 Cremorne Street, Richmond VIC 3121, phone 03 9429 7411, fax 03 9428 7376, website

Established in 1991, Hickory Group has evolved from a family owned business to a company with over 550 employees. Hickory Group employs structural engineers, designers and CAD operators who specialise in providing innovative design and engineering solutions. Hickory also has an experienced façade management and skilled installation team that manage the design, procurement, fabrication and installation of all steel, aluminium, window and curtain wall systems. An inhouse team of general carpenters provides high quality construction fitouts and has earned Hickory Group a reputation as one of Australia’s most experienced apartment builders. Hickory Group has a crane division and a substantial crane and plant equipment hire business that includes elevated work platforms, hoists and other access modules. As a result Hickory Group can respond AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW




A PANEL OF EXPERTS Speedpanel specialises in the manufacture, supply and distribution of lightweight panels that achieve superior fire and acoustic ratings. In August 2017, Speedpanel began manufacturing the 5,000m² of panels needed for the 50 La Trobe Street development. Speedpanel supplied 51mm thick wall panels that were installed around and between Hickory Group’s Sync bathroom pods achieving an FRL -/60/60. The 78mm thick panels were used as a scissor stair spine wall, eliminating the need for additional structural support and forming the stair pressurisation duct and where both require an FRL of -/120/120. “The advantage of Speedpanel is the speed of the construction,” explained James Armytage, Specification, Technical and Product Development Manager, “Speedpanel walls enable other trades to come in quicker and it fits in well with the prefabrication methods of the Hickory Building System.”

Speedpanel offers an extensive range of panels catering for every application including for shaft and riser, plant room and façade substrate walls. The panels are appropriate for use in cinemas, auditoria and industrial environments to reduce noise entering and reverberating within a building. In some applications, 78mm thick panels can be used to achieve an acoustic rating of up to Rw80. In other applications the panels were used at the excavation sites of the Melbourne and Sydney South West rail tunnels to build temporary acoustic sheds, and at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital to seal penetrations and meet BCA codes for fire rating. They can easily be demounted and reused, are made from recycled materials and can be used as external cladding with Colorbond finishes available. The panels have varying densities of aerated concrete infill and are quickly fitted together with a simple tongue and groove system. Speedpanel was established in Australia in 1998 and has offices in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales as well as an extensive manufacturing facility in Bayswater. The team at Speedpanel offer you consultancy with respect to connection details and installation instructions to ensure their products meet the design requirements of your project.

For more information contact Speedpanel, 421 Dorset Road, (PO Box 145), Bayswater VIC 3153, phone 03 9724 6888, fax 03 9742 6889, email, website




REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION PERI Australia Pty Ltd specialises in supplying engineered formwork and scaffolding solutions for high rise construction developments as well as civil works and infrastructure projects. For 50 La Trobe Street, PERI Australia supplied its DUO formwork system: reinforced plastic panels made of an engineered polytech that is stronger than usual polymers. The DUO formwork system is easy to install, strip and reset compared to traditional plywood formwork.

for formwork on all projects,” commented Steve Cahill, Construction Manager of the Hickory Group.

“The DUO formwork panels can be used for 50 to 90 pours as opposed to the usual five or six pours of plywood forms. With the long service life of the panels there is no need to constantly change the ply face to achieve a great finish. PERI Australia is set to revolutionise the formwork industry,” said Sales Engineer, Scott Holmes.

PERI also supplied DUO to Polaris, 144-154 Pacific Highway (North Sydney), the 36-storey project at 100 Mount Street (Sydney), Northcliffe Residence (Gold Coast) and No.1 Fortitude Valley (Brisbane).

PERI Australia had a team of three working on 50 La Trobe Street for eight months with regular site visits to ensure everything ran smoothly. The lightweight DUO formwork was transported via the alimak, leaving the crane free for other jobs, further contributing to the speed of the build. “We’ve found the material to be extremely lightweight and easy to handle, which has allowed us to work efficiently and keep to time and budget. PERI Australia is Hickory’s supplier of choice WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

PERI, the largest formwork and scaffolding company in the world is a German company, with offices in 62 countries. PERI Australia, established in 1998, also supply scaffolding for shoring, props and formwork systems.

Recently PERI Australia were contracted to supply formwork at Castle Hill Station for Northwest Rapid Transit. The brief involved the design and supply of a system that could be preassembled, craned onto site at Castle Hill, then stripped and transported for reuse at the nearby Showground Road Station site. For more information contact PERI Australia Pty Ltd, 116 Glendenning Road, Glendenning NSW 2761, phone 02 8805 2300, email, website VIC PROJECT FEATURE 50 LA TROBE STREET




“The Coolest Companies”





STRUTTING YOUR STUFF The prevention of structural failure due to seismic events was not a major concern prior to the 1970’s. Since then there has been substantial developments in the understanding of buildings structural behaviour and the risk assessment associated with a seismic event. Australian Standard AS1170.4 - 2007, Earthquake Actions in Australia, provides guidance on Earthquake Actions for buildings architectural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts, and components. “Seismic engineering is a process, not a product,” said Peyman Sharifi, Eurofast Seismic Engineer.

now considered a leader in supplying, installing and servicing air conditioning systems.

Eurofast is the leading deliverer of seismic engineering in Australia. We do structural engineering for building services, with a focus on seismic engineering for non structural components.

“There is a lack of general knowledge around the code and most of time it is a one liner in the specifications that we need to interpret and what Eurofast provides is this educated interpretation. What really needs to happen is this need to be integrated and acknowledged in early stages of design of the project.”

Eurofast is partnering with Crest Air Conditioning on SICEEP, Darling Harbour Live to ensure the mechanical installation on this project meets code. It is being built by Lendlease and is a high rise residential building. Crest Air Conditioning has been successfully supplying and installing air conditioning systems since 1980. Founded on a strong customer service basis, Crest has grown from strength to strength and is WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Alan Bates, Construction Manager at Crest said, that whilst seismic restraint is becoming more of a focus on many projects it is often not properly accommodated in the early design phase of the building. This can result in difficult and costly retrofit of systems, however of course safety for residents are the main priority and building according to the code will ensure this.

Tony Shirreffs, Crest Project Manager said working with Eurofast brings good technical support and knowledge into the project.

For more information contact Eurofast, 71 Derby Street, Silverwater NSW 2128, phone 1300 793 561, website ANCR AIR CONDITIONING SPECIAL FEATURE








ARBS 2018, Australia’s only international air conditioning, refrigeration and building services trade exhibition, has broken all previous records for attendance. Visitor numbers were higher than the previous ARBS, which was held in Melbourne in 2016, with ARBS 2018 in Sydney recording: Tuesday, 8 May 3191 visitors; Wednesday, 9 May 4095 visitors; and Thursday, 10 May 1976 visitors. A total of 9,262 visitors for 2018. An overall increase of 5%. Running alongside the exhibition was the highly anticipated Speaker Series which saw a range of panels and guest presenters deliver information relevant to the industry. Attendance at the Speaker Series was impressive with many sessions at full capacity. Visitors were also able to explore IBTech@ARBS, a new precinct for the 2018 exhibition, which was dedicated to intelligent buildings technologies and solutions. The Product Presentation Theatre was also a hive of activity with exhibitors presenting product and technology information, updates and demonstrations. The ARBS 2018 Industry Awards, which honoured those who are achieving greatness in the industry, was held at the ICC Grand Ballroom on Wednesday 9 May. The evening was hosted by Australian media personality, Tony Squires, and was very well received seeing a high demand for tickets to this gala event. “The 2018 exhibition has once again raised the performance bar and we look forward to returning to Melbourne in 2020. We are confident 2020 will build on the very solid foundations from this and previous exhibitions,” says ARBS Chairman, Ian Hopkins. For more information contact ARBS, PO Box 4153, McKinnon VIC 3204, phone 03 9002 4099, website





AIRZONE KEEPING THE FLOW The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) brand is synonymous with market leading, innovative air conditioning systems. Covering both commercial and residential applications, MHIAA has developed products suited to the extremes of Australia’s climate. One of the latest product developments now available is ‘Airzone’, a state-of-the-art zoning solution, which delivers unrivaled temperature control. Airzone ensures total comfort and high energy efficiency which in turn produces significant cost savings. Airzone is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and is compatible with MHIAA’s ducted inverter and variable refrigerant flow ducted systems. The primary use of Airzone is in locations where there is a need for a zoning solution to control temperature levels in selected areas, for example in an office or residence. Airzone has been designed and manufactured in Europe with all components, from the damper control assemblies to the sleek and stylishly designed controllers, being of the highest quality and made to last. Intelligent motorised dampers provide users with control over 86


each zone’s temperature. This is achieved by the automatic adjustment of the dampers position and the regulation of the airflow depending on each zones weighting, set temperature, current temperature and system fan speed. The easy-to-use controllers can suit all requirements, with three different control options which allow users to control and monitor the temperature in up to 10 zones, access timers, scheduling and other advanced features. The AirzoneCLOUD app provides users with complete control over each individual zone from an iPad, iPhone or Android device. It also offers remote monitoring and error diagnosis assistance and facilities easy firmware updates through wifi. One of the advantages of integrating the Airzone zoning solution is that a smaller capacity ducted system is required, saving on initial outlay costs. Airzone’s Q-adapt algorithm ensures the system is running as efficiently as possible by constantly monitoring temperatures, active zones and adjusting fan speed accordingly. With the ability to control individual zones, unoccupied zones can be turned off with a resultant reduction in running costs. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW


As Airzone’s dampers come in four different sizes they are suited to a variety of different applications and systems. To ensure the correct temperature is maintained in each individual zone, intelligent motorised dampers automatically adjust their open and closed position, regulating airflow across each zone. Depending on the system set up, the maximum open and closed position for each damper can be set manually. This allows air to trickle through without affecting the zone temperature, offering complete flexibility during installation and eliminating the need for an air dump zone. Airzone is a prime example of MHIAA’s commitment to innovation and ensuring world class air conditioning technology is available in the Australian market place. For over 130 years the global MHI group has designed, engineered and delivered superior quality air conditioning products that provide comfort in all environments. From silent operation, to long reach air flow, energy conservation and durability, through to digital advancements with wifi connectivity, MHIAA products continue to focus on innovative solutions for the HVAC market. Working closely with architects, commercial and residential builders and developers, MHIAA has built relationships which has seen the WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

business grow substantially since they first entered the Australian market in 1975. MHIAA is also well known for its impressive displays at every Air-conditioning Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition (ARBS) and 2018 was no exception as it showcased its latest products for both residential and commercial applications, including Airzone. With a global expertise in technology spanning energy, space, aviation, automotive and environment, MHIAA air conditioners and accessories carry an assurance of engineering reliability and performance that lasts. All products carry comprehensive warranties which ensure its customers can have total confidence in their MHIAA products.

For more information contact Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Pty Ltd, 9C Commercial Road, Kingsgrove NSW 2208, phone 1300 138 008, fax 02 8571 7992, website ANCR AIR CONDITIONING SPECIAL FEATURE



Platform Systems Screens & Acoustics Plant Platforms

Architectural Screens

Cost effective, lightweight aluminium platform systems, designed for pitched and flat roofs. Con-form platforms are ideal for split systems, VRV/VRF systems and units of all sizes. Penetration free means zero leaks. We offer both self-install or fully installed turnkey options. All platform systems are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Improve your fifth facade with Con-form Group’s architectural screens - designed to conceal unsightly plant machinery. The sharp clean lines of Con-form’s screen systems integrate aesthetically with surrounding architecture. We offer fully customised solutions from a wide range of vertical slat systems and louvres to curved screens.

Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Screens & AVANT AVANT dampens vibrations by an average of 70 times, working as a shock absorber for mechanical equipment. Mechanical vibration and vibration induced noise are often major sources of occupant complaints in modern buildings. Conform’s acoustic screens and vibration reducing technology help to reduce transfer of noise and vibration in to buildings.

Any roof, any size, any weight, any where





MORE THAN JUST HOT AIR JEC Air Conditioning Services (JEC) has a well earned reputation for delivering quality air conditioning services. Established in 1985, initially as an air conditioning service, maintenance and installation company, JEC has grown to become a leading and trusted contractor in building services across Sydney and New South Wales. The scope of JEC’s work encompasses residential air conditioning services through to specialist solutions for major turnkey projects in the commercial and industrial sectors. General Manger, Peter Russell said that JEC has a long history of involvement in traditional HVAC mechanical projects that comprise chillers, cooling towers, boilers and associated mechanical plumbing and control systems. The company is currently completing a similar project of this kind for the Western Sydney University that involves these components but it is integrated with an advanced BMS system. “JEC’s strength is based on its highly trained and motivated workforce,” said Peter. “Our full time staff of 54 brings skills in project management, service management, engineers, estimators, drafting specialists, all supported by a strong finance and administration team. In addition, we have over 100 subcontractors who bring specialist WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

skills in mechanical plumbing, piping, sheet metal fabrication and installation, controls and associated works.” The comprehensive skills within JEC’s workforce enable it to offer consultancy services covering design, engineering and project management. JEC can undertake all aspects of complex projects ensuring their clients have total confidence that their projects will be delivered in a timely manner with technical proficiency and within budget. As for JEC’s future strategy, Peter sees growth in market sectors that require significant engineering expertise as part of the overall project scope. “This gives us a competitive edge as we can utilise our professional inhouse resources to provide technically advanced solutions in the initial design phase. Whatever the needs of a client are, JEC guarantees a prompt response, competent survey, fit for purpose design and competitive pricing,” said Peter.

For more information contact JEC Air Conditioning Services, 2 Prince William Drive, Seven Hills NSW 2147, phone 02 9674 3188, fax 02 9838 7132, email, website ANCR AIR CONDITIONING SPECIAL FEATURE



THE THECOMPLETE COMPLETEZONING ZONING SOLUTION SOLUTIONWITHOUT WITHOUTLIMITATIONS LIMITATIONS TheThe Airzone Airzone zoning zoning solution solution offers offers thethe ultimate ultimate level level of comfort of comfort by by providing providing complete complete control control over over your your system system andand in turn, in turn, delivering delivering high high energy energy efficiencies efficiencies andand huge huge cost cost savings. savings.

INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENT ZONE ZONE CONTROL CONTROL Control Control andand monitor monitor thethe temperature temperature in up in up to to 10 10 zones, zones, access access timers, timers, scheduling scheduling andand other other features features via via Airzone's Airzone's intuitive intuitive andand easy easy to use to use controllers. controllers.

MINIMISE MINIMISE RUNNING RUNNING COSTS COSTS By By automatically automatically adjusting adjusting thethe system's system's fan fan speed speed based based on on thethe number number of active of active zones, zones, thethe Q-adapt Q-adapt algorithm algorithm ensures ensures thethe system system is running is running at optimal at optimal efficiency efficiency at all at times. all times.

EUROPEAN EUROPEAN DESIGN DESIGN Designed Designed andand manufactured manufactured in ainstate-of-the-art a state-of-the-art facility facility in Europe, in Europe, all Airzone all Airzone components components areare of the of the highest highest quality quality andand made made to last. to last.

EASY EASY BMS BMS INTEGRATION INTEGRATION Airzone Airzone easily easily integrates integrates intointo a range a range of building of building management management systems systems offering offering central central control control andand access access to energy to energy consumption consumption andand other other data. data.

COMPLETE COMPLETE CONTROL CONTROL IN THE IN THE PALM PALM OF OF YOUR YOUR HAND HAND Whether Whether you’re you’re at the at office, the office, on the on move the move or just or just across across the room, the room, the easy the easy to use to use AirzoneCLOUD AirzoneCLOUD App App gives gives you you complete complete control control over over youryour system, system, including including temperature temperature control, control, timers, timers, weekly weekly MHIAA MHIAA Trade Pricelist Pricelist - June - June 2018 2018 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW 36 36 90Trade ANCR SPECIAL FOCUS schedules schedules and and other other functions. functions.


QUALITY, INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY Blygold Oceania, part of the Blygold International global network, is known as a leader in coatings to protect heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration coils against corrosion and the impact of environmental conditions. Blygold’s unique products and methods of application have been developed and successfully used for over 40 years. Managing Director, Mark Weir, said substantial investments are made in HVACR equipment. “Blygold has the products which can deliver significant benefits to the longevity of these assets. Typically, Blygold products triple the lifetime of heat exchangers, reduce energy costs by up to 20% and increase airflow.” Some anti-corrosion treatments in the market place are only suitable for application in the factory of the air conditioning supplier. Blygold Oceania, on the other hand, has an application procedure which is so effective as well as mobile that it can be applied onsite. One of Blygold’s unique products is Polual XT, an aluminium pigmented polyurethane coating with excellent chemical and UV resistance for applying a protective coating to air-cooled heat exchangers. It is flexible and has excellent adhesion with negligible WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

effect on heat transfer. Applied in very thin layer to prevent pressure drop, it provides extraordinary corrosion protection. Another specialist product is Ceratec, used as a protective coating for water cooled condensers. Mark said that Blygold Oceania’s products and application techniques are developed by Blygold International’s R&D team. “Blygold has a commitment to innovation and constant improvement in product quality and application systems. All products are independently tested and meet or exceed strict international standards.” Blygold Oceania has branches across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. All Blygold staff undergo intensive training for three months before they can operate in the field without supervision. “The Blygold team has the latest in products and application techniques to provide maximum protection for HVACR equipment with minimal impact on operational efficiency,” Mark said. For more information contact Blygold Oceania, 23 Alloy Street, Yatala QLD 4207, phone 1300 271 115, fax 07 3807 0667, email, website ANCR AIR CONDITIONING SPECIAL FEATURE


A NEW LEASE ON LIFE DEVELOPER : Cromwell Property Group MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : FDC Construction & Fitout ARCHITECTS : HDR and Nettleton Tribe STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : Enstruct Group REDEVELOPMENT COST : $130 million

The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment saw the refurbishment of North Sydney’s tallest tower, as well as the construction of a new 187-room, 8-storey Vibe Hotel with rooftop pool and gym. Also included are new retail and restaurant offerings within a modern 4-level glass structure topped with a new rooftop bar. The development is designed to create a 7-day destination, in the heart of North Sydney. Positioned in the heart of the up-andcoming North Sydney CBD, Cromwell Property Group’s revitalised Northpoint Tower has set a precedent for office, retail and dining.

Cromwell acquired Northpoint in 2013 and commenced planning for a major refurbishment and overhaul of the landmark site to include an integrated retail and dining experience, as well as a 187-room Vibe Hotel.

Located on the corner of Miller Street and the Pacific Highway, the $130 million redevelopment of North Sydney’s tallest tower stands out for all the right reasons. Aligned with the North Sydney City Council’s plan to create a 7-day destination, the area craved a landmark retail and dining precinct to service the ever increasing residential and professional population.

With the support of FDC Construction & Fitout (FDC), the works commenced in January 2016. The existing low rise structure at the podium level of the tower was demolished to make way for the 8-storey Vibe Hotel at the northern end, and the 4-level glass structure at the southern end.

Bobby Binning, Cromwell Head of Property, said the Northpoint Tower Redevelopment has been key to the revitalisation of North Sydney. “We are proud to deliver a truly integrated lifestyle hub for many generations of North Sydney workers, residents and business travellers to enjoy. In creating a 7-day destination, it’s so pleasing to round out Northpoint’s offering with Vibe Hotel and so many top tier restaurants, bars and food outlets.”


As the focal point of the development, the glass ‘shard’ structure with 2-pointed spires at the leading corner of the triangular shaped site, welcomes workers and locals inside. The large central atrium, flanked by specialty retail, is overlooked by sophisticated dining and restaurants. With a focus on convenience, Woolworths, BWS, OPSM and Westpac Bank feature as key retailers. Escalators guide guests to the main commercial lobby and hotel via a dedicated street address at 171 Pacific Highway.


Atop the glass atrium and opposite the rooftop bar sits the hotel swimming pool and gymnasium, which overlooks the city skyline, 5-way intersection and pedestrians below. 3-floors of the existing commercial tower have been converted into hotel rooms and conference facilities, available for use by hotel guests, tenants and visitors. Cromwell Property Group (ASX:CMW) is a Global Real Estate Investor and Manager with operations on three continents and a global investor base. The Group is included in the S&P/ASX 200. As at 31 December 2017, Cromwell had a market capitalisation of $2 billion, a direct property investment portfolio in Australia valued at $2.5 billion and total assets under management of $11.2 billion across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. For more information, contact Cromwell Property Group, Level 19, 200 Mary Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, phone 07 3225 7714, fax 07 3225 7788, email, website




Below FDC Construction & Fitout managed the complex design and construct contract for the Northpoint Tower Redevelopment.

FDC were engaged under a lump sum Design and Construct contract to deliver the refurbishment of the Northpoint precinct. FDC’s engagement commenced early in the design phase in order to provide buildability advice, value engineering, and conduct site investigations of the existing facility. The following initiatives were the result of the early engagement and planning. In order to withstand the weight of the new hotel building at the northern end of the site, 9-levels of existing carpark basement structure had to be strengthened, including the column footings. To minimise noise and vibration within the basement carpark, which would otherwise have caused significant disruption to Cromwell’s tenants – who remained onsite throughout the redevelopment, a hydro demolition technique was employed to excavate the existing sandstone foundations. Once the demolition and strengthening was complete, the new lightweight steel structure was constructed. This solution was selected in order to minimise the dead load of the new structure on the existing. As the site is constricted between two prominent roads, a key focus was placed on prefabrication. The use of structural steel assisted in this by minimising the amount of materials coming to and from the site such as formwork, reinforcing steel, and concrete. The project was undertaken in distinct phases to minimise impact, and allow tenants to continue working from the heart of North Sydney. The commercial lobby in particular was completed in a number of stages to facilitate safe access and egress for the existing tenants.

bathrooms were prefabricated in Melbourne, delivered finished on the back of a truck, lifted into position by a tower crane, connected to the base building services and construction of the room completed around the installed pods. Once again the pod bathrooms forced the design to be ratified early, minimised wastage, and enhanced the quality of the installation by manufacturing in a controlled environment. Due to the nature of the property and the refurbishment design, a complex fire engineered solution was developed to address the interaction between the various fire compartments resulting in a combined mechanical and natural smoke relief system. The project was completed on time and on budget in early 2018 and has proven to be another successful collaboration between Cromwell Property Group and FDC Construction & Fitout. A national multi-disciplinary building contractor with expertise in construction, fitout and refurbishment, FDC has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. It works across a multitude of market sectors including commercial, industrial, retail and data centres.

For more information, contact FDC Construction & Fitout, 22-24 Junction Street, Forest Lodge NSW 2037, phone 02 8117 5000, fax 02 9566 2900, website FDC LOGO: Colours

PMS 485

100% Black

The use of a steel structure required early planning and detailed coordination with the services trades in order to fabricate the appropriate service penetrations into the structural beams. Significant coordination was also required to incorporate the new steel structure into the existing concrete structure, including temporary support of partially demolished areas of the building. Further prefabrication initiatives were utilised such as a panelised curtainwall system, and modular pod bathrooms. The 187 hotel 94









Below Nash Group supplied Striato travertine stone, and travertine-aluminium honeycomb composite panels, used throughout the redevelopment.

Nash Group is a professional and reputable tiling and stonework company that can provide a ‘complete package’ for their clients. Apart from supply and installation, Nash Group can also provide direct worldwide stone and tile procurement, waterproofing, acoustic membranes, stone floor polishing, sealer applications and the like. Striato travertine stone selected for The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment was procured from Italy. Nash Group conducted two overseas inspections to ensure the best selection; an initial quarry and block inspection by Nash Group General Manager, Mel Ferro, followed by a final control sample inspection by Nash Group Directors, Sam and Michael Nachabe. Such inspections are critical in confirming whether the proposed selection is not only achievable but meets programme and budget constraints. Nash Group imported over 4,500m2 of Italian Striato travertine in different sizes and finishes to meet the architect’s design requirements. The vast majority of the stone was fabricated in Italy to ensure the very best quality and finish, allowing streamlined deliveries for immediate installation upon arrival. For the chevron pattern feature wall cladding, Nash Group supplied travertine-aluminium honeycomb composite panels to ensure the necessary tight tolerances, consistent quality and to expedite installation times. The same innovative technology was used to clad the Miller Street ventilation lourves. Apart from the travertine, Nash Group also supplied and installed Andesite stone


and numerous ceramic tiles to various commercial areas. Nash Group’s involvement on the project took over 12 months to complete from their commencement in March 2017, working closely with the builder, FDC Construction & Fitout, and their programme. At their peak, Nash Group had over 35 workers and subcontractors working in unison with FDC in various work areas and interfaces. “Our labour resources are adaptable to meet our client’s programme requirements, ensuring time and cost efficient installation,” said Nash Group General Manager, Mel Ferro. “Our new office and warehouse facilities in Condell Park provide over 2,000m2 to accommodate all our administration and storage requirements. We anticipate to have our showroom fully completed in the coming months, allowing our clients the ability to peruse current and future trends in both stone and ceramics,” said Mel. “We are located 32km southwest from the Sydney CBD, easily accessible via the Hume Highway or M5 Motorway.” Nash Group is proud to be associated with FDC Construction & Fitout on The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment. Like all construction, the project did raise various challenges. However, with their professional team of skilled workers and subcontractors, vast experience and procurement expertise, Nash Group delivered another quality project ‘from quarry face to building face’.

For more information contact Nash Group, 58 Harley Crescent, Condell Park NSW 2200, phone 02 9708 3244, email mel@nashgroup., website






Below Waterman AHW provided their specialist experience in retail, residential and hospitality to deliver an impressive services package.

In delivering extensive building services engineering support for the Northpoint Tower Redevelopment, Waterman AHW designed the mechanical services, electrical, communications and security systems, fire protection and hydraulic services and building management systems to support the redeveloped areas and in some parts, to integrate into the existing main tower services. All services were designed in 3D. “Waterman’s specific experience across all disciplines in retail and hotel projects, coupled with our specialist experience in the modification of existing and complex facilities and site infrastructure systems, placed Waterman in the forefront to undertake a project of this specific type and size,” explained Senior Electrical Engineer, Daniel Blando. “Our knowledge in the design and construction support of facilities like this is extensive.” Waterman committed to an early detailed assessment of the existing site infrastructure. This was a necessary prerequisite to enable adequate design planning and assessment of infrastructure capacity with a challenging site, such as that of Northpoint, particularly given its location to other buildings, the heavily populated block and the tenants that remained onsite during the enabling works. Mechanical Services designed by Waterman included a new chilled water system, incorporating a high efficiency Daikin

‘screw’ chiller with Turbo Inverter Starter with step-less capacity control (integrated into the compressor body) and unique Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology, which enables infinitely variable capacity control from 100% down to minimum load, thus ensuring exceptional part load efficiencies. Conditioned air is delivered through AHUs and FCUs serving the various retail outlets and specialty shops. In addition to the retail areas, Waterman designed for an 800kW Daikin VRV IV heat recovery system to serve simultaneous heating and cooling to all areas of the new hotel tower, built above the retail podiums. This system provides maximum efficiency by utilising heat recovery technology, thus transferring rejection heat from one zone ‘being cooled’ and utilising this in another ‘being heated’. The Daikin VRV System also incorporates bulkhead FCUs in guest rooms and ceiling cassettes in lobby areas. The intelligent touch manager with remote WEB access controls manages all the VRV system including outside air fans. The guest room FCUs are interlocked with card readers to be enabled during occupancy, and turned off and disabled when unoccupied. Waterman were also responsible for the design of electrical, communications and security services for both the hotel and retail sections of the development, where electrical systems included a new hotel substation (Level 3 Design), and extensive lighting systems throughout, inclusive of lighting control, emergency lighting, exit signage, lightning protection system and a generator for back-up power to the commercial tower. A hotel and retail security and CCTV system, hotel front desk/back office duress alarm, front desk help button, hotel and retail MATV systems and hotel hearing augmentation loop were also provided as part of the overall system design. New automatic fire sprinkler system, fire hydrants, smoke detection systems and an


emergency warning and evacuation systems were carefully planned and designed to be successfully integrated into the existing tower installation to form an integral part of the overall fire protection system. New drenchers were added to glazed façades and hydrant rationalised and located in fire isolated stairs to comply with the latest codes. Waterman also designed for the replacement of the existing pump assemblies to significantly reduce duties and subsequent impact on the pipework and fittings. The atrium glazed roof was designed with Optical Beam Detection for smoke detection and coverage at high levels in the atrium. Hydraulic works included hot and cold water services throughout, storm water and downpipe systems, sanitary plumbing and drainage, as well as an upgrade to existing services and infrastructure. New hot water plant and water pumping systems were designed and implemented. New trade waste grease arresting systems were also designed to serve the new food retail tenancies. “The Northpoint Redevelopment Project has been a fantastic project for Waterman, creating much valued interest amongst staff, exposing us to great industry contacts, allowing us to further our experience and expertise in the larger retail and hotel sector and to display our achievements to the marketplace,” commented Ben North, Managing Director of Waterman NSW. “We were very privileged to work alongside FDC and their trade contractor teams and Cromwell, the client, as all parties worked well together as a whole. This project was a no nonsense, well programmed and synergistic operation and we hope to see more like it in the marketplace in times to come.” For more information contact Ben North of Waterman AHW Pty Ltd, 31 Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000, phone 02 9411 9900, email, website



Below Green Formwork Group completed core walls for lift and stair shafts, stairs and slab infills, and vertical structural elements.

Sam Merkabawi, General Manager Green Formwork Group

As formwork specialists, Green Formwork Group pride themselves on being problem solvers in their industry. This problem solving ability was evident during the company’s work on The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment project, where they completed core walls for lift and stair shafts, stairs and slab infills, and vertical structural elements, working together with a reputable and competent builder. Green Formwork Group’s Zeb Carroll says the prefabrication of timber formwork shutters onsite with tight space restrictions presented a challenge for crane handling into position. “Our company overcame this challenge by utilising the limited space onsite, as well as offsite, as effectively and efficiently as possible,” he explains. “This involved planning, manufacturing and transporting the shutters to the site using our trucks, and utilising the crane to position and install directly into place.” Where shutters were made onsite, Green Formwork Group overcame space limitations by erecting shutters and neatly stacking them in a sequential order that made final handling into position a smooth and streamlined process. Green Formwork Group also coordinated with other trades on the project. “Due to the complicated works involved on the job, 100 NSW PROJECT FEATURE THE NORTHPOINT TOWER REDEVELOPMENT

our company made concerted efforts to coordinate with other trades, through the demolition, structure and finishing phases of the project,” said Zeb. There was also careful planning with regards to access for the tight site given its location in the heart of North Sydney, and the interconnected nature of the development with the surrounding buildings. Formwork materials had to be manually handled, as the cranes could only handle materials to certain locations. This required logistically planning and timing to ensure that Green Formwork Group’s workflow was not impeded and could continue accordingly. Green Formwork Group’s General Manager, Sam Merkabawi said that the high profile nature of the project and location in the centre of North Sydney, and the complexity of upgrading and retaining an existing structure, provided opportunities for the company to further showcase its work on challenging projects.

For more information contact Green Formwork Group Pty Ltd, 365-367 Park Road, Regents Park NSW 2143, phone 02 9743 7005, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Pacific Steel Constructions supplied 1,200 tonnes of structural steel to the redevelopment.

As experts in complicated projects, including those with difficult site access, the restrictive site for The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment was another straight forward project for Pacific Steel Constructions. The company completed the structural steel package for the redevelopment, including strengthening of the existing structure and the new high rise structure. “We completed the steel framing for the new floors for the multi-storey hotel and mixed use areas on both sides of the existing tower,” explained one of the Directors, Con Diakos. At least 90% of the work completed by the company is concealed, however for Northpoint Tower, aspects of their work is visually prominent throughout the project. This includes the main entrance steel skylight, glazed awnings around the perimeter and the cantilevered fire stairs. Pacific Steel Constructions also completed the framing for the impressively striking 4-storey glass structure. “The [4-storey glass structure] was rather intricate steel work – it wasn’t a conventional concrete and glass structure. The pool deck and gym for the hotel were also structural steel,” says Con. “Overall, there is over 1,200 tonne of structural steel in the project.” WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

The company started work on The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment in February 2016, providing the complete package from design through to fabrication and installation. “We started off with inhouse shop drawings – it was a fast paced project, with lots of design development challenges. Fabrication took place in our workshop at St Marys with local steel and then installed with our personnel,” added Con. “We were very excited to work alongside FDC and this has been another high profile, successful project for Pacific Steel Constructions. We have proudly worked with FDC on previous projects and have been successful.” Pacific Steel Constructions recently completed work on Darling Harbour Theatre, one of the company’s biggest jobs to date. They have also completed work on Australia’s tallest residential steel building for Meriton in North Sydney, as well as No. 5, No. 20 and No. 50 Martin Place. Currently Pacific Steel Constructions is working on the Roundhouse Building and Biological Science Building for UNSW. For more information contact Pacific Steel Constructions, Unit 1/4 Maxim Place, St Marys NSW 2760, phone 02 9623 5247, fax 02 9623 1795, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE THE NORTHPOINT TOWER REDEVELOPMENT 101

Below DDI Architectural Projects completed internal fitout of the hotel and retail areas, including the food court.

Specialising in internal fitout and residential building, Sydney based DDI Architectural Projects is a leading subcontractor in the area. This is demonstrated by the company’s extensive track record working on a number of large projects, including The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment. DDI’s work on the project consisted of completing the internal fitout of the hotel and retail areas, including the food court. Their work varied across internal walls in plasterboard and aluminium, as well as internal wall cladding using Speedpanel, Supawood and Woodform. An example of DDI’s use of Woodform can be seen in the retail area’s feature ceilings and walls. DDI’s experience working on big jobs ensured the company was able to meet any challenges on The Northpoint Tower Redevelopment with ease. This included accommodating a change in the sequencing for new building systems, to allow the fitting of the hotel’s pod pre-built bathrooms and building around them. Among DDI’s other recently delivered projects is the William Inglis Hotel and Riverside Stables at Warwick Farm for the builder FDC. Completing the fitout of the hotel’s office levels and internal partitions 102 NSW PROJECT FEATURE THE NORTHPOINT TOWER REDEVELOPMENT

of the stables and hospitality areas, this project involved great detail involving hardwood timber ceilings, a large number of special order custom doors and numerous architectural feature works. DDI has completed projects for Home Hub Marsden Park, IKEA MFLU, ALDI Minchinbury, Rockdale City Aquatic Centre, Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney, Mercedes Mona Vale and GSK Pharmaceuticals. The company is currently working on an FDC job site in Camperdown for Sydney University’s new Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences building. The project consists of six floors as well as a refurbishment of the existing RD Watt heritage building. Even though the company has built its reputation within the internal fitout sector of construction, DDI is also making a name in residential building. In 2017 DDI successfully built two homes in the Willowdale area in Sydney’s west, with two more dwellings underway in 2018. Recently the DDI successfully completed work with NRMA and Fujitsu in Homebush, winning awards for thier expertise and precision. For more information contact DDI Architectural Projects, Unit 1/11 Lagana Place, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, phone 02 9757 3411 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Nitro Steel Fixers provided ultra-durable steel fixing reinforcements for the North Point Tower Redevelopment.

With more than 20 years in the steel fixing business, Nitro Steel Fixers has become a name synonymous with outstanding commercial construction projects and steel fixing reinforcement. Specialising in superior quality, ultra-durable steel fixing reinforcements, Nitro Steel Fixers’ reinforcements provide unmatched strength to new building projects.

when it comes to quality, workmanship, efficient management and competitive rates. Along with top standards of quality material and work, all of its services are insured and managed by highly qualified professionals. These professionals are skilled in working with builders, architects and civil engineers to shape up a successful construction project.

Working on countless commercial building projects across Sydney, the company provides wall steel fixing, steel fixing of building foundations, columns, stairs and footings, commercial building services, ground and suspended slabs, and steel fixing reinforcements.

Implementing the latest, most effective concepts in steel reinforcements (ensuring all its building projects are masterpieces), Nitro Steel Fixers’ work and services comply fully with Australian Standards.

Offering the services of only the most qualified steel fixers, Nitro Steel Fixers exceptional experience means you can be rest assured your project is in safe hands. The company guarantees its steel fixing and reinforcement services will give a building project strength and that the structural integrity of your building remains good as new – even after many years. With an expertise encompassing all aspects of commercial construction, ensuring a client’s complete satisfaction is the company’s utmost priority. Nitro Steel Fixers offers only the absolute best WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

The business takes pride in the potential and outstanding efforts of their team, a team that has never failed to exceed the expectations of clients – no matter how big or small a project.

For more information contact Nitro Steel Fixers, 2/219 Lakemba Street, Lakemba NSW 2195, mobile 0402 000 830, email nitrosteelfixers@, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE THE NORTHPOINT TOWER REDEVELOPMENT 103


nt, pme





e Red wer o T int




PARK FRONT LIVING The $120M Cahill Gardens comprises of 185 residential apartments, five commercial spaces, 2-levels of basement parking, gym outdoor communal area. The project also includes floor-to-ceiling glazing, vertical gardens, and oversized cantilevered balconies designed for seamless indoor-outdoor living. Constructed amidst the natural surrounds of Wolli Creek, Cahill Gardens offers a fresh luxurious retreat for residents. Designed to capture the surrounding views of the neighbouring parklands and the foreshore, the mixed use project offers one, two and three bedroom residences, commercial and retail tenancies, basement parking and communal recreation spaces. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape, each apartment has been designed to capture the natural light of the location, which filters into the apartments through floor to ceiling glazing. Timber floors and caesarstone bench tops blend the natural environment into the interiors, connecting the interiors to the balconies and green façade elements, to give a timeless refined tranquillity to the apartments. The architectural design called for a number of visual elements to be included, such as large unsupported freestanding vertical blades and cantilevers. Responsible for the design, engineering, construction and certification for the Cahill Gardens development is TQM Design & Construct. Cahill Gardens consists of passive environmental design such as cross-flow ventilation, rainwater detention and sun shading. There are a variety of apartment layouts that comprise one, two and three bedrooms with and without studies, the ground level of the building consists of restaurants and an arcade of specialty shops that opens out to an external street terrace and Cahill Park. The concept for Cahill Gardens is an abstract floating structure which contains living and breathing spaces filled with light, air and space. Cahill Gardens’ design focuses on abstraction to create a framework for living. The apartments feature oversized balconies that extend space and give occupants flexibility. The project is a prototype for an urban living environment. The reductive and restrained exterior masks the richness and complexity 106 NSW PROJECT FEATURE CAHILL GARDENS

of the interior. The façades of Cahill Gardens has an ever changing appearance with all apartments letting in light, air and spectacular views to the city, Botany Bay and airport skyline. The cross-flow ventilation through the apartments is induced by the winds blowing in from Botany Bay. The spaces are fluid, adaptable and designed for occupation rather than visitation. The Cahill Gardens interiors are versatile, sometimes open and sometimes partitioned. The project location situated in Sydney’s inner South on the banks of the Cooks River delta was faced with the most challenging ground conditions. TQM had to identify the most suitable and cost effective remediation, shoring, foundation and structural systems. “At TQM we believe it is imperative that an efficient and durable structural system is designed and constructed to ensure a project meets its functional and financial requirements for our clients and end users,” said Maroun Taouk, Managing Director of TQM Design & Construct. TQM aims to provide the correct solutions to engineering and construction, based on an appreciation of the constraints, expectations and aspirations of their clients. The success of these types of projects relies on the experience of planning, designing, implementation of contemporary technology, materials and construction techniques. They endeavour to provide a rational approach to design and construction whilst ensuring the engineered solutions and the final design has been ‘tested’ not only from an engineering viewpoint, but also from the perspective of cost, time and buildability, to ensure the successful delivery of the project on time and under budget.

For more information contact TQM Design & Construct, Unit 6, 44 O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo NSW 2017, phone 02 9556 1046, email, website

DEVELOPER : Grand City International Development BUILDER : TQM Design & Construct ARCHITECT : Tony Owen CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $120 million WWW.ANCR.COM.AU




Below HHH Consulting provided extensive design for the mechanical, fire, hydraulic and electrical services.

HHH Consulting is a multi-discipline engineering consultancy that provides comprehensive design, building and maintenance for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire systems. The company pride themselves on offering a hands on approach to building services design, eliminating layers of management which makes it easy for their clients to get a hold of people they need, with all their designers being senior and attending meetings, site inspections and certification. Building services consultants from HHH Consulting provided design in mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulics. Through detailed coordination with structure and building services, the basement carpark ventilation design enabled maximum efficiency of the basement levels and reduced the necessary excavation which would have been required on similar projects. Services plantrooms and louvres were carefully positioned to ensure they do not stand out and blend seamlessly with the building’s façade. Being a landmark site located in close proximity to the busy city and airport, HHH Consulting’s goal was to provide the apartments with a low noise, stress free indoor setting combining edgy modern lighting and fresh air connected to the air conditioning.


Due to the shape and external façade, the main challenge faced by the company was to make the building compliant with codes relating to mechanical and fire services. The company worked closely with the architects and structural engineers to have the engineering designs implemented as part of the structure. Considering the challenges faced with building compliance and noise impacts of the location, HHH Consulting took the stance to implement tried and tested installation techniques and more robust products for the building services, ensuring a smooth and trouble free project programme, completed on time and on budget. HHH Consulting mainly work in New South Wales with some projects in Queensland and Victoria. They are currently in the design stages for a 300 apartment project in Liverpool, New South Wales for Merhis Construction which comprises of four towers with a four level basement carpark.

For more information contact HHH Consulting, Suite 101, 4 Clarke Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, phone 02 9966 5984, email, website


Below Modern Painting Group completed the internal and external painting for the Cahill Gardens project.

Established in 2001, Modern Painting Group’s dependable reliability for delivering high calibre workmanship has led them to grow to be recognised as one of Australia’s best painting companies. In keeping with their motto ‘Never Compromise’, they provide their services at a reasonable cost without compromising on quality. It comes as no surprise that they have been consistently winning awards for excellence every year since 2009. For the Cahill Gardens Project, Modern Painting Group was contracted to paint all internal and external surfaces. The company provided a colour consultant who helped with choosing the colours, showcasing 35 colour samples from which the final choices were made that included texture painting. Additionally, Modern Painting Group took care of all patching and make good surfaces, and fixed all the gaps between the precast panels. During the construction stage, the scaffolding was pulled down earlier than planned, which created a challenge in that it reduced the amount of time they had to complete their work and also made external access to the building more difficult. However, thanks to Modern Painting Group’s flexibility, they were able to overcome this. First by increasing the number of staff and resources for the project 110 NSW PROJECT FEATURE CAHILL GARDENS

to deal with time constraints. Secondly, they provided additional training for their staff, allowing them to complete the external painting during the swing stage. Modern Painting Group deployed a team of 20 for this job at peak, they commenced painting in May 2017 and completed it by June 2018 as scheduled. The company mainly work in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia along with their sister company Modern Glazing Group which specialises in design, fabrication and installation of glazed systems. Other projects they currently have include painting 200 Units in Macquarie park for TOGA and 536 Rooms in Haymarket, New South Wales.

For more information contact Modern Painting Group, Suite 307/14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153, phone 02 8824 7240, mobile (Frank) 0414 770 999, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Sandhub provided the sand, gravel, decorative stone and building materials for the construction of Cahill Gardens.

Sandhub stock and deliver a extensive range of high quality quarry sourced, as well as recycled products for the construction industry, including extensive types of aggregates, soils, sands, landscapes and hardware. They are committed to their customer’s material requirements for all kinds of projects and the company pride themselves on their reliability and customer service. Sandhub have established a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of high grade building materials. Sandhub was responsible for supplying and delivering all building materials, sand, cement, landscaping, gravel and decorative stones for Cahill Gardens. The main products provided by Sandhub for the project include Newcastle sand; general purpose cement supplied by Cement Australia; Cowra river pebbles which were used as decorative stone and white brickies sand, used for mortar between bricks. As well as top soil and planter box mix for landscape gardens and pot plants. Sandhub had 30 employees deployed for Cahill Gardens at its peak, who have provided ongoing support to the project, beginning their initial supply of products in August 2016 and completed all deliveries in February 2018. The Cahill Gardens project is one of the larger projects that Sandhub has worked on which required a large quantity WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

of materials. This has allowed them to demonstrate their extended capabilities and be able to successfully meet high demand. In line with their experience and reliability, Sandhub did not face any significant challenges. Their careful planning and organisation meant that the job was very well executed and as such there were no major issues or delays. Sandhub service the entire greater Sydney area, and most regional areas across New South Wales. Other major projects that the company has worked on include the Darling Harbour Convention Centre and with companies such as Lendlease on Barangaroo, and on various projects with TOGA.

For more information contact Sandhub, 8 Dunlop Street, Strathfield South NSW 2136, phone 02 9742 3555, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE CAHILL GARDENS 111


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Part of the Thornton Central development in Penrith, which is being constructed over multiple stages, the Sheffield apartments offers two architecturally striking 10-storey buildings, including 204 apartments, with 13 unique and innovative double-level loft style penthouses with floor-to-ceiling double height glazing in a vibrant residential hub. Situated in the heart of Penrith, the Sheffield apartments is part of the newest stage to the Thornton Central development. Pitched to be the tallest residential hub in the area, Sheffield apartments offers architecturally designed one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as loft style penthouses never before introduced to the suburb. Thornton is the first high rise residential and mixed use precinct to be built in Penrith’s city centre and is the catalyst to the areas much acclaimed city transformation as part of the wider Thornton community, masterplanned by Urban Growth NSW. St Hilliers were responsible for the design and construction of Stage 3, consisting of two, 10-storey residential towers, offering 102 apartments in each tower. The first tower is now fully occupied, with the second tower nearing completion. “Stage 3 required stringent attention to detail, to meet the design vision of this latest stage. A striking and distinct façade provides a true sense of identity for those residents and is well positioned for views of the mountains and recreation areas,” explained Chad Doran, St Hilliers Senior Construction Manager. Creating a stunning impact to the urban landscape, the façade showcases striking floor to ceiling glazing from the penthouse level, mixed with the standout slick elegant colour block façade panels.

The 13 double-storey penthouses required special design coordination, ensuring the right combination of quality, services coordination and glazing all fitting together to provide a product not seen in the area until now. “We used Equitone for the façade work,” said Chad. “The panels are single composite sheet material, left raw and untreated. Although this is a product we’ve used before, it again proved successful at Sheffield in both appearance and its capacity to withstand environmental issues.” Working across Australia, St Hilliers are a property and construction group with expertise across a diverse range of projects in sectors including defence, education and infrastructure as well as residential and commercial projects. Able to provide property development as well as D&C services, St Hilliers have an impressive portfolio to their name. The team are currently working on a number of construction projects including defence projects throughout all of mainland Australia, new and upgraded schools, plus infrastructure projects such as Strangers Creek truck drainage upgrade in north-west Sydney. In addition to the Thornton development, St Hilliers are underway with their newest development at 32 Mann Street, Gosford, a new mixed use development creating office space and living. St Hilliers have a strong commitment to various community charities and organisations, for example, partnering with Coast Shelter who, provide accommodation and support programmes for homeless on Central Coast of New South Wales and the Kids West Charity, where the Thornton Penrith team of workers successfully funded an additional humidicrib for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the local Nepean Hospital.

For more information contact St Hilliers, 8 Windmill Street, Millers Point NSW 2000, phone 02 9259 5200, website WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


MAKING THE RIGHT CONNECTION Well Connected Electrical Services (WCE) recently delivered the final stages of their electrical contract as part of the The Sheffield, Thornton Central Development. The large mixed use project in Penrith is a multi-staged development consisting of Stages 1, 3 and 5. Featuring 253 architecturally designed units across five buildings and up to 11-stories, Thorton Central also features a115 room (60 dual key) hotel for Quest Hotels. The contract for WCE involved the design, supply and installation of all electrical services, communications and security. For these stages of the $140 million development, it meant designing, supplying and installing the services across all a range of buildings and purposes. Stages 1 and Stage 3 of the Precinct covered four buildings over a common 2-level basement in Stage 1 and a single 10-level tower with 2-storey apartments on the top floor. The Level 10 apartments in Stage 3 included large full height atriums and suspended stairs. Slim line fittings, high quality and efficient led lighting throughout finished at the highest quality were supplied for the project. “We were tremendously pleased to be awarded such an extensive, commercial project,” says WCE Director, Louis Ceagea. “Although we have worked on many commercial projects, Stage 5 of Sheffield was challenging when it came to security and ensuring all communication services synergised effectively.”

had indoor and outdoor considerations. For WCE, this called for a complex yet easy to use security and intercom system. “There were different keys for all doors and the whole system of surveillance both inside and out needed to be in correspondence,” explained Louis. WCE’s scope of work extended to the project’s extensive landscape surrounds, with the comapany providing garden lighting, safety switches, hot water systems and surveillance monitoring and intercom systems. Licensed electricians WCE were first established in 2006 and operate throughout the Sydney region with a team of 13 personnel. Specialising in domestic and commercial projects, their services are cover an extensive range, from shop fitouts to private homes with automation to large scale apartment and hotel developments and commercial buildings. WCE are able to provide a range of services such as property maintenance, lighting, switchboard upgrades, audio/video intercoms, phone and data connections, smoke detectors, security and external lighting, ceiling and exhaust fans, landscape lighting, power infrastructure and complete overhauls. For more information contact Well Connected Electrical Services, 1007 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158, phone 1300 677 693, email, website

“A greater challenge was meeting the requirements of energy efficiency in our electric supplies as there have recently been changes to Australian regulations in keeping with emissions reduction,” explained Louis. However, in overcoming these difficulties WCE surpassed expectation, finishing the final stages of Sheffield ahead of schedule. Quest Hotel comprises 69 dual key apartments across 7-levels offering studio, one, two and three-bedroom units. With a high star rating, a gymnasium and conference room as well as onsite parking, the supply of electrical services, communications and security 116 NSW PROJECT FEATURE SHEFFIELD APARTMENTS



NO STOPPING THE RHINO Undertaking linemarking and slab sealing services for the Sheffield Apartments carpark, Peter & Sons were able to apply their extensive experience and product knowledge, with professionalism, achieving a high quality of workmanship. The Peter & Sons team headed by Managing Director, Peter Kovic, offer a full range of services for commercial, residential, warehousing and road projects. These include the supply and installation of linemarking, bollards, wheelstops, slab sealing and epoxy coatings, speed humps, and height bars. The company are also an endorsed supplier and installer of Safe Direction’s ‘Rhino-Stop Vehicle Impact Barrier Solutions’. Developed in Australia by Safe Direction and is Australian owned and Australian manufactured, the ‘RHINO-STOP’ range complies to government and industry standards and can be customised to each clients specific needs. Offering comprehensive carpark packages for cleaning, linemarking, metalwork and signage, Peter & Sons are able to accommodate all their clients carparking needs. For more information contact Peter & Sons Pty Ltd, 4 Helena Road, Minto Heights NSW 2566, mobile (Peter) 0412 241 406, mobile (Alex) 0439 404 259, email



Below xxxxx.

SETTING THE TONE Sydney based Australian Cladding Specialists (ACS) supplied and installed the cladding used to create the Sheffeild Apartments’ architecturally designed, sleek appearance. “At Sheffield we supplied and installed approximately 3,500m of Equitone, in four different colours and textures using Tectiva in ‘White’ and ‘Mid-way’ as well as Natura in ‘Charcoal’ and ‘Light Grey’,” explained Director, Carsten Prien. ACS commenced work onsite at Sheffield in 2017 using Equitone on both towers. “It was a pleasure to take on the Sheffield contract and to work with St Hillier’s as the main contractor,” Carsten said. “Although we are a relatively new business, established only three years ago, our team of professionals, installers and factory employees have a wealth of experience.” The project has already sparked great interest in the Equitone product. “We’ve received many calls for various cladding projects expressing interest in Equitone. It meets all fire regulations and since the reforms made to these in 2016, it’s a product in high demand. Due to the fact we are a recognised supplier/installer of Equitone, we can be trusted to economically and safely install the product on any sites. We continuously receive calls of interest and welcome all queries in this regard.” WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Australian Cladding Specialists supply and install most commercial cladding systems and pride themselves on delivering quality products on time and within budget. Their projects to date are nationwide and include the Taiga Residence and the Savannah Development at Wentworth Point, both in New South Wales. For more information contact Australian Cladding Specialists, phone 1300 930 889, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE SHEFFIELD APARTMENTS 119


OzContractor. Australia's Major Construction Search Engine FREE TO USE OVER 10,000 LISTINGS MAJOR CONSTRUCTION SPECIFIC MORE COMPANIES ADDED DAILY Builder


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Architect Consultants Interior Designers Construction Companies Building Associations Engineers Surveyors more... Registration: 12 months: $99 (+gst)/36 months: $249 (+gst) To be listed email: Company Name, Address, Phone/Fax, Website, Email Address & Company Type to: E: 120 NSW PROJECT FEATURE SHEFFIELD APARTMENTS


Below Mitchell's Glass supplied and installed fully frameless shower screen panels to the 214 apartments.

ELEGANT SIMPLICITY In supplying all shower screens to main bathrooms and ensuites of the 214-apartment complex, Mitchell’s Glass Works used their popular fully frameless shower screen panels. The frameless shower screen panels feature a slimline 20mm wall channel that can be mounted straight to the wall or recessed into the tiles. The exposed polished glass edges, creates the illusion of space, and the finished look blends seamlessly into the overall modern design of the apartments. “To be awarded this Sydney based project was very pleasing for a small, Canberra based company like us,” said Director, Megan Haylock. “Taking on such a large project was significantly challenging from the outset given our small team of only seven.” The work was overseen by two of Mitchell’s Glass Works tradesmen, who commuted back and forth to Sydney on a regular basis to oversee the project, it was delivered effectively, on time and on budget. Mitchell’s Glass Works Pty Ltd are a family owned and operated business and have been running since 1959. Their glazing expertise extends from shower screens, splashbacks, mirrors, wardrobe doors WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

and balustrades. Their project capacity extends from commercial to one on one residential solutions, where a client can order glass cut to size or schedule a visit from a tradesman to discuss options. The company are very proud of their involvement on all their projects, which include Malabar Apartments, (Dickson), Kingsborough Apartments, (Kingston) and The Arbour Townhouses, (Woden).

For more information contact Mitchell's Glass Works, 4 Geelong Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609, phone 02 6280 6111, fax 02 6280 5743, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE SHEFFIELD APARTMENTS 121

A FINER WAY OF LIFE DEVELOPER : Country Garden Australia MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Watpac Construction ARCHITECT : Bates Smart CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $500 million

The $500 million Ryde Garden development is a 830 one, two and three-bedroom residential apartment village across three towers. Situated close to public transport, the project encompasses a central 2,000m2 community park, rooftop gardens, a child care centre, and a 4 Star Green Star Design rating. Recently bringing Stage 1 of the $500 million Ryde Garden development to settlement stage, Country Garden Australia’s relatively recent foray into the Australian property sector has already made a significant impact. Commencing in 2013 and acquiring the Ryde Garden site in 2014, it has been a fast paced and prosperous journey. According to CEO Dr Guotao Hu, “in undertaking such a sizable contract, Country Garden Australia was given the opportunity to settle 830 residential apartments and 1,200m2 of commercial space together.” The Ryde Garden project features three towers of 13, 23 and 27-storeys to accommodate their 830 apartments and is visually stunning in its layered façade, public park and roof top garden. It includes a communal pool, retail space, gymnasium, a 4 Star Green Star Design rating, as well as beautifully appointed landscaped surrounds for the use of the local community. For Country Garden Australia, this substantial development involved the development of a masterplan and liaising with their builder Watpac and architect Bates Smart. From site acquisition right through to interior fitout and landscaping, Country Garden Australia managed all aspects of Ryde Garden’s project delivery. As Mr Hu details, “with Watpac and Bates Smart, we were able to take advantage of time saving options in construction, using precast panels and a precast toilet and laundry.” Country Garden Australia are committed to creating residential communities that feel like home. Offering nothing short of premium lifestyles, they have a niche market in specialising in residential developments only. With such a focused speciality, Country Garden Australia’s market knowledge is top level and their portfolio to date covers house and land to world class mixed use residential apartment towers. Not only master planning their projects but managing them from start to finish, Country Garden Australia engages 122 NSW PROJECT FEATURE RYDE GARDEN

leading exterior architects, interior and landscape architects, builders and engineers to ensure only the very best in quality. To view any one of their projects is to see a clever interplay of modern amenities with communal green spaces and general living areas of design exception. Appealing to first home buyers, families, downsizers and investors, the Country Garden Australia stamp on residential quality includes longevity in design and construction. With offices in Sydney and now in Melbourne since 2017, Country Garden Australia’s team of 71 employees, have brought to Australia a relationship with their parent company founded in China in 1992. A company with a strong global presence, it has delivered a wide range of projects in more than 300 cities around the world with more than 1,500 projects currently under construction. The company is ranked in the Forbes Global 500 list, listed in the Fortune 500 list and employs over 150,000 people. Perhaps at odds with this is the simplicity of the Country Garden Australia’s work ethic. In overview they want to contribute developments which better society and benefit people. Wanting nothing short of creating 5 Star living, Country Garden Australia

believes it is their social responsibility to make the future prosperous. One result of this philosophy is a dedicated investment into local communities through participation in charity events and the development of multi-cultural integration programmes. Country Garden in China has been successfully supporting individuals, families and communities in areas of skills, wealth and personal happiness since 1997. They are committed to helping people live a life free of poverty and show this by providing education and career opportunities for people in need. Strong believers in the vibrancy of cultural diversity, they are proudly involved in bridging the gap between Chinese and Australian arts and culture and communicate broadly with many multi-cultural organisations. Other upcoming projects by Country Garden Australia include the large, master-planned community Windermere, a 363 hectare greenfield project providing more than 4,000 homes south west of Melbourne ( For more information contact Country Garden Australia, Suite C, Level 16, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000, phone 02 9283 8388, website



Below Cundall worked to create a design that integrated energy efficient, cost effective solutions for long term sustainability.

International multi-disciplinary consultancy Cundall’s involvement in Ryde Garden, Sydney has seen the committed team deliver engineering and sustainable solutions from master planning to final construction. Cundall created a design that integrated energy efficient, cost effective solutions and long term sustainability to the three tower multi-use development. First appointed in 2013 by property developer Country Garden and then by Watpac as part of their Design and Construct contract, Cundall were involved in all stages of the project’s design. “We were delighted to work on this project from concept stage all the way through to completion,” explained David Clark, Director. “This large residential project has been a great experience for our Sydney team and the finished product is looking great.” Cundall utilised their CFD expertise to analyse the carpark ventilation and minimised the ductwork requirements for all three levels to effect significant cost savings. “Cundall combined our CFD expertise that our ESD consultants use on a daily basis to add value to the building services design,” David explained. 124 NSW PROJECT FEATURE RYDE GARDEN

Cundall also acted as Green Star Consultants with the project aiming for a 4 Star Green Star rating, working with the whole project to guide, collate and manage the submission. Cundall established over 40 years ago in the UK and they now operate globally from more than 20 locations, with over 800 staff globally. In Australia for 15 years, they hold offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Their services include building services engineering (electrical, mechanical, hydraulics and fire), sustainable design and acoustics with 2018 seeing the launch of their fire engineering service. Other projects by Cundall in Australia and beyond, include Royal Adelaide Hospital, Liv Apartments by DHA, 480 Queen Street in Brisbane and Exercise and Sports Science Building for Deakin University. Globally, Cundall is delivering projects such as Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, Xixian Orange Sky Mall, American University of Sharjah, intu Watford retail Mall, and a number of innovative low energy data centres. For more information contact Cundall Australia Pty Ltd, Level 1, 48 Alfred Street, Milsons Point NSW 2061, phone 02 8424 7000, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd provided comprehensive electric, security and communication needs for the development.

For the new residential development Ryde Garden, Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd completed the design and construct for the electric, security and communication systems.

needed to be a 6 Star rating to compete with the project’s expectations of standard. With longstanding expertise in a range of communication systems Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd were not challenged.”

The projects 830 apartments, leisure and retail spaces provided an interesting challenge to Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd to provide each space with appropriate electric, security and communication needs.

Family owned, Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd have over 20 years of experience as an electrical contractor specialising in electrical, security and communications systems from to medium to large residential and commercial projects. They have an impressive client base and a reputation of taking care of stakeholders and exceeding expectations.

Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd provided a comprehensive electrical infrastructure installation, including main switchboard and distribution boards. The systems needed to adequately support a range of needs including architectural and public domain lighting, emergency and exit lighting as well as general lighting and power.

Their work portfolio includes Macquarie Park Village, Redfern housing, Rhodes Waterside and Shore Discovery Point.

For security and communication needs, Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd provided Access Control and CCTV Systems used throughout the development, and installed Master Antenna Television Systems and NBN infrastructure. “The project demanded a complete 6 Star electrical installation which Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd began from the time of excavation onwards,” explained Director, Theo Theodoru. “These systems WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

For more information contact Dynamite Electrical Pty Ltd, 900 Botany Road, Mascot NSW 2020, phone 02 9669 3311, fax 02 9693 1199, email NSW PROJECT FEATURE RYDE GARDEN 125

Below VO Metal Engineering supplied and installed glass and aluminium balustrades, wind screens, fence, structural steel and all other metalwork products for Ryde Garden.

Leaders in high quality construction services to builders, architects and homeowners, VO Metal Engineering supplied the glass, aluminium, structural steel and all other metalwork to the project. VO Metal Engineering worked inside and out, completing the balustrades, wind screens, fences, and other architectural metalwork across the project’s 830 apartments distributed across three towers. “Our clients were happy with the quality of the product and the hard work that our dedicated project team put into this project,” said Director, Owen Wang. The project consisted of two different types of balustrade to the apartments, the first was a traditional aluminium and glass handrail system and the other was a glass cantilevered design with a top rail. VO Metal Engineering’s inhouse engineers developed the detail to accommodate the loading requirements for a building that isn’t protected from the wind. For apartment balconies, interior handrails and staircases, VO Metal Engineering used their glass and stainless steel option, for their modern look, durability and safety features. The company’s façade wind screen at Ryde Garden used a toughened laminated glazing offering protection from the wind in locations such 126 NSW PROJECT FEATURE RYDE GARDEN

as the roof top garden. Their metalwork to the 830 capacity basement carpark included storage cages. Made of a heavy duty material, these storage cages are long lasting, secure and durable. Formerly trading as VO Homes Construction Pty Ltd, VO Metal Engineering are a privately owned company with over eight years experience. Specialising in all metalwork, glazing and structural steel projects, they offer clients one contractor to work across the board, from design to procurement of materials, to project management, delivery and installation. Well established as experts in health and safety, as well as quality control issues, VO Metal Engineering regularly test and monitor their projects to keep them defect free. They exercise stringent Workplace Health and Safety rules to keep the team and visitors safe. They believe in recycling, energy saving, water conservation and value a commitment to environmental awareness.

For more information contact VO Metal Engineering, 50-58 Wentworth Street, Clyde NSW 2142, phone 02 8897 4027, fax 02 8076 3588, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Sydney Security Services installed surveillance cameras and CCTV monitoring systems across the site.

Supplying both physical security and electronic surveillance, Sydney Security Services added a layer of intense scrutiny to the three apartment towers of 13, 23 and 27-storeys. With the project including a public park, rooftop garden, communal pool, retail space and gymnasium, it’s security demands required a tailored design. To ensure the security of the Ryde Garden premises both day and night, Sydney Security Services installed cameras both inside and outside the towers on all levels, as well as a comprehensive CCTV monitoring systems across the site. This included the installation of the latest technological advancements in surveillance and anti-vandal cameras, recordings, remote web viewing and low risk onsite manpower security.

Sydney Security Services have been operating for over 11 years in Sydney and have worked with both small and large scale residential and commercial projects. All officers are trained well in advance of their placements and undergo rigorous counter-terrorism awareness. These Sydney Security Services officers have overseen a cross-section of projects from major events to shopping centres, building sites, clubs and pubs. Other forms of surveillance regarding site watch include the use of the latest Mobotix M15 cameras which ensure quality and accurate footage with little sound feedback.

The supply of a personal security guard, provided support to the digital surveillance.

Other projects by Sydney Security Services include a full security package to light railway, Sydney, electronic security packages to the large scale North Rapid Transit (NRT) project and a full security package to BDM Constructions.

The Ryde Garden site is quite large, comprising not only buildings but large landscaped areas, however, no threat proved too great and despite the high exposure risks open to Ryde Garden during construction, security ran according to a planned, well coordinated programme of surveillance.

For more information contact Sydney Security Services, PO Box 1226, Green Valley NSW 2168, phone 1300 177 741, fax 02 9728 9377, email, website



WHERE MEMORIES ARE MADE DEVELOPER : Harbord Diggers and Mounties Group PROJECT MANAGER : Cerno Management MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Ganellen ARCHITECTS : Architectus, CHROFI and JMD Design CLUB CONSTRUCTION : Calida CLUB ARCHITECT : Fender Katsalidis ENGINEER : enstruct PROJECT VALUE : $200 million

The $200 million Harbord Diggers redevelopment is a mixed use community hub providing an intergenerational vision to secure the future for the current Harbord Diggers Club. The hub includes three restaurants, two coffee shops, two bars, gaming, fitness and aquatic centre, childcare centre and memorial, as well as 96 fully integrated retirement apartments with ocean views. If you’ve visited Freshwater on Sydney’s northern beaches over the last few years then you couldn’t fail to notice the transformation underway at its iconic headland club, the Harbord Diggers. When owner Mounties Group decided to redevelop the club in 2014 to meet community expectations of a contemporary venue and realise their vision of an intergenerational mixed use community hub, they enlisted specialist project managers Cerno Management (part of the Cerno Group) to oversee the entire project. The subsequent $200 million redevelopment, the largest project in club history, is now mostly complete. Situated on 15,696m² of prime real estate on the headland between Freshwater and Curl Curl beaches, the new development secures the club’s future by offering over 48,000m² of gross building area including the club building, 128 NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS

96 seniors’ living units, gym and aquatic facility, 90-place childcare centre plus parking for 700 cars. Cerno Management has been providing project management and delivery services to the construction industry since 2004. With a remit of managing projects from concept development to building completion, they also offer development management and monitoring, fitout management and tenancy coordination. Cerno Management is part of the independent Australian based property group, Cerno, which also offers property investment, management and financing services. With expertise managing projects across a broad range of asset classes including commercial, hospitality, industrial, residential, retail, and seniors’ living, Cerno Management is also considered a leader in the management of large scale mixed use construction projects for AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

registered clubs in New South Wales. Other Cerno Management led projects include the $106 million upgrade of Canterbury League Club and the $96.7 million redevelopment of Revesby Workers’ Club, plus master planning services for Campsie RSL. The Harbord Diggers project draws on the company’s breadth of experience in managing such large scale construction projects. “We work as the client’s representative to ensure all aspects of project risk are professionally managed and the client’s brief is delivered,” said Paul Di Cristo, Cerno Founding Director. “Alongside the construction of a temporary club facility to minimise operational disruption, the Harbord Diggers project was organised into two stages. Stage 1, which includes the new club facility, 76 seniors’ living apartments and childcare centre, is now complete. Stage two, which comprises the remaining 20 seniors’ living apartments, gym and aquatic centre, is scheduled to finish in 2019.” “Due to the mixed use nature of the project and sensitive hillside site location, the building mass was broken down into a large podium with six separate buildings on top. This created an integrated village which helps maximise neighbours’ view lines,” Paul said. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Due to the corrosive and sensitive nature of the oceanfront site, the team developed an innovative solution to locate the development’s mechanical plant in the basement. This helped improve sight lines and the site’s design aesthetic by removing the plant off the roof, where it is traditionally located, while minimising corrosion of major plant equipment. “Rigorous project controls were in place to ensure milestone achievement throughout, with the end goal of the club reopening date always in sight. As a result, the client is highly satisfied with the way the project has been managed and delivered, and we are proud to have played a key role in the successful transformation of such an important and iconic local venue,” said Paul. Following the club’s official opening at the end of June, residents moved into two thirds of the seniors’ living apartments, with the remaining apartments, gym and aquatic centre scheduled for completion next year. For more information contact Cerno Management, Suite 8.01, Level 8, 28 O’Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000, phone 02 8246 6500, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS 129



KNOT JUST A REGULAR FITOUT Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery specialise in commercial and residential fitouts and custom joinery. The company were awarded the design, supply and install contract for the joinery and cladding elements on all six buildings at Harbord Diggers Club.

Top Knot source and fashion timber slabs for bespoke boardroom and dining room tables as well as fabricating and installng unique external feature screens for luxury homes and in large commercial projects such as at Woolworths in Double Bay.

Early site work carried out by Top Knot included some groundworks and constructing covered walkways and decks. For the impressive entryway, Top Knot constructed the curved timber decking, cladding and bench seats and inside a speed wall was installed to separate the venue from the building work so the club could remain operational.

The quality of Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery’s work can be seen in the well crafted staircases at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre. Starting in November 2016, Top Knot spent two months planning and designing the 18 staircases to be installed across 5-levels and 4-buildings. Treads were of grey iron bark, each installed with a custom designed lock in system to compensate for movement.

The company designed, supplied and fitted timber and aluminium ceilings, they also fit door panels, wall panels and bi-fold doors with up to 50 staff onsite at peak periods, fitting carpentry and joinery elements. “It was a good job,” said David Byrne, Construction Manager of Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery. “We wanted to create an icon to showcase our work with Ganellen, Top Knot often works with Ganellen.” “The challenge of the job was working with many different design professionals,” David added. “There were a lot of people involved.” A new product for Top Knot at Harbord Diggers was a composite panel for decking by ‘Innowood’. Specified by architects, it was a successful minimum maintenance product. Established in 2006, Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery has over 30 years combined experience in Australia working across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Currently they are working on 280 sites across New South Wales. Top Knot employs over 500 in manufacturing its product in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. At Banksmeadow Top Knot has 25 in the design office and four workshops totalling 10,000m². Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery provide design services, cost planning, project management and site management working across a range of sectors such as hospitality, office and shop fitting, schools, aged care and child care centres. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

A beautiful and unusual job was the Oval Room at the Chau Chak building at the University of Technology in Sydney for Lendlease. Top Knot designed and constructed the large round room of laminated beams including the internal fitout and curved perimeter feature staircase. In 2015 Top Knot provided both carpentry and joinery packages for the Old Clare Hotel in Sydney. The project comprised heritage refurbishment of joinery walls, the supply and installation of timber flooring and doors to all rooms and bars in the hotel and the decking around the rooftop pool. Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery also provide structural carpentry services. One such project was Tailor’s Walk, a development of 58 townhouses where Top Knot had 60 carpenters working for over two years constructing the frames for the buildings. In 2017 Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery started Woodworx to specialise in producing custom residential joinery. Woodworx now employs 150 people in three workshops. Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery also supply bricklaying services with 60 bricklayers working on the recent West Connex development.

For more information contact Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery, Unit 6-7, 1801 Botany Road, Banksmeadow NSW 2019, phone 02 9565 1009, email info@, website www. NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS 131

BRONZE BEAUTY Australian Cladding Specialists, a Sydney based private company, supplies and installs commercial façade cladding systems nationally. Australian Cladding Specialists was contracted by Ganellan to clad all six buildings at the Harbord Diggers development. ACS fabricated approximately 1,500m2 of Vitrabond Electro Bronze aluminium composite panels in their modern Sydney workshop. Installation of the façade began onsite in December 2017 and was completed in June 2018. “The challenge of the job was how busy the site was. There were many trades working at once with the foreman from each specialist subcontractor coordinating the work at hand between them all,” said Director, Carsten Prien. Claus Maarschalk and Carsten Prien founded Australian Cladding Specialists in 2014 and with more than 50 years combined experience doing business in Australia, the partners are experts at the commercial and technical aspects of delivering projects. Australian Cladding Specialists has years of experience fabricating and installing panels across the residential, commercial, civic infrastructure, hospitality and retail sectors. The company is an expert in installing façade cladding and walls, using a range of products, including aluminium composite panels, terracotta panels, fibre cement, sandwich panels and Colorbond products. The company also offers cladding inspection services, to determine whether a current cladding solution meets the new fire regulations. Successful projects for Australian Cladding Specialists include the space age look 3D diamond shaped façade of the 8-storey Quest Hotel in Sussex Street, Sydney, completed in December 2017 for Multiplex. ACS has also worked at the mixed residential development, Lindfield Village, supplying and installing approximately 3,600m² of both aluminium composite panels and Trespa panels, as well as terracotta tiles on the two apartment buildings, constructed by Icon Co. Australian Cladding Specialists are currently running 14 projects around Australia, including cladding with non-combustible composite panels for the Air Force in Richmond, Williamtown in New South Wales and Tindal, Northern Territory, where they are supplying and installing the façades on three of seven air traffic control towers to be built around Australia by Lendlease. For more information contact Australian Cladding Specialists, phone 1300 930 889, website 132 NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS


SHELLBAY STONES Shellbay Stones International Pty Ltd, specialises in the design, supply and installation of stone façades, cladding, floors and paving for large commercial developments and luxury homes. The company also provides ceramic tiling services and the making and fitting of grand marble staircases, bathroom vanities and counters. At Harbord Diggers, Shellbay Stones started design work early in 2016 with Managing Director, Paul Saikali, spending six months consulting with the architects and builders. The company then fabricated and fitted the curved sandstone façades, granite floors, stair cases and the paving around entryways and the entire landscaped site of all six buildings of development. Shellbay Stones had 25 onsite during peak periods finishing work on the first stage of the development by March 2018. Shellbay Stones provides a complete service from tendering, budget estimates, design, supply and fit and project management. Paul, who started Shellbay Stones in 2000, oversees design and project management with a team of five working in the office. Shellbay Stones have completed some impressive commercial projects such as the 200 George Street for Mirvac, Westpac Tower in Sydney, WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

using 15,000m² of travertine, granite and marble for cladding, flooring, the lobby and staircase. Other large developments include ANZ Tower, Westfield Tower and Westfield shopping centres. The Aboriginal Gallery at the National Gallery in Canberra was a successful large government job for Shellbay Stones that specified Australian made products. Fitting the circular stones for the floor was a technical design challenge. In 2013 Shellbay Stones fitted beautiful sandstone staircases and granite paving, to renovate and maintain tradition, at St Johns College. The company has completed quality stone and marble fitouts for luxury residences, restaurants and hotels and are ready and in design and fabrication stage to start work on 60 Martin Place, a 40-storey tower for Lendlease with a sandstone and marble façade, marble staircase and terrazzo bathrooms and vanities throughout the tower.

For more information contact Shellbay Stones International Pty Ltd, mobile (Paul) 0411 185 407, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS 133

STRATEGIC SPACES Strategic Spaces is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialising in the development of advanced wayfinding strategies and the design of creative wayfinding solutions. At Harbord Diggers they were contracted as wayfinding consultants to design a site wide wayfinding strategy and system, with a focus on the customer experience throughout this multi-use environment. The Strategic Spaces team commenced on the project in late 2016, beginning with the development of a wayfinding masterplan. This included a comprehensive spatial analysis to map the site and understand the way it would operate, as well as an experiential assessment to gain a strong understanding of the users and their needs. With the customer experience front of mind, concepts were then developed in response to the unique requirements of the Club and its users.

“Our objective was to extend the architectural concept across the design of the wayfinding system, to achieve an integrated result. Our concepts featured simple and elegant bronze typography and a custom pictogram suite, which was influenced by the Harbord Diggers brand and ribbon logo,� said Angela Stephens of Strategic Spaces. As well as satisfying the wayfinding needs of building users, the design team at Strategic Spaces always seek to establish a sense of place in their design concepts. Designing for the community is a key factor in their design research, taking inspiration in the history, culture and personality of each individual location. Strategic Spaces was established in May 2014 and offer inhouse Architectural, Industrial and Graphic Design expertise, largely across wayfinding and furniture design projects. Currently Strategic Spaces has a spread of projects across the eastern states of Australia, including Burwood Brickworks in Victoria, Robina Town Centre in Queensland, Castle Towers and One Farrer in New South Wales.

For more information contact Strategic Spaces, Suite 1412, Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, phone 03 9863 7003, email, website



NATURAL HARMONY Tanya Melnychenko established Natural Harmony Designs in 1998 using her formal qualifications in interior design and traditional training in Feng Shui to offer consultations to individual clients, businesses, architects and the design industry. Feng Shui is an ancient eastern design philosophy based upon working with the five elements of nature and the flow of energy that is in constant flux and movement through the built and natural environment. Using Feng Shui principles can improve the health and well being of building’s occupants and increase the prosperity of businesses within the building. Tanya’s traditional training in interior design fits well with the services Natural Harmony Designs provides. “Feng Shui works well with ergonomic design principals in architecture,” Tanya said. “It’s about the physical placement of the building in its environment, the objects within the building and how we as humans interact with it.” Tanya started work on the Harbord Diggers project in 2015, first reading the site to create a Feng Shui chart, then applying her knowledge to the design team’s concept plans, with further consultation leading to refinement of the design. Asian development companies and designers have long considered Feng Shui principles as a necessary component of the design process. Tanya has found that over the last 20 years Feng Shui has become a lot more mainstream in Australia with many design firms and corporate clients now embracing the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to enhance their business. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

The clients for the Harbord Diggers Club development, Mounties Group, had previously consulted Natural Harmony Designs for their clubs and projects over the years, always with a good result and therefore approached Tanya to be involved in the Harbord Diggers redevelopment. “The client knows from experience that Feng Shui only improves the design and the way people feel within an environment, so they were more than happy to add the extra considerations of Feng Shui to the project,” Tanya said. Feng Shui places particular importance on the way people move through the built environment how that experience will feel. Tanya worked with the architects and designers to ensure the connectivity to the environment was established and maintained throughout both entries in the stunning cliff top site. The principles of Feng Shui can be felt throughout the entire project and in particular, the Evans Street porte-cochere entry that has been designed with lush plantings and reflective memorial pool to create a beautiful grotto-like environment and respect to the Diggers and history of why the club began. For more information contact Natural Harmony Designs, 30 Wolseley Road, South Coogee NSW 2034, mobile 0418 609 386, email NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS 135

THE FIFTH ELEMENT Precast Elements has over 20 years experience in the manufacture and installation of precast concrete products. They pride themselves in helping their clients to solve complex issues.

drawings for 160 bench seats. Manufacturing was carried out by 60 employees at Precast Element’s facility at Yennora, followed by six months onsite for a team of nine installers and finishers.

The team coordinates between architects, structural and civil engineers to find the best fit solution for the design. Precast Elements works across a range of sectors in the Sydney Metropolitan Region, manufacturing and supplying precast elements for high density residential, commercial and industrial developments as well as for stadiums, streetscapes, civil and infrastructure works.

“The challenge of the job involved making moulds that would work for the complex design curves of the outdoor furniture. We spent two months testing the moulds to find the types robust enough to produce a quality result across the 35 different seat designs,” said David Cullen-Ward and Millie Booth, Directors of Precast Elements.

At Harbord Diggers, Precast Elements manufactured, supplied and installed architecturally designed precast concrete outdoor seating for the landscaped areas of the club. In November 2016, Precast Elements started work on the Harbord Diggers project with their inhouse drafting team producing shop

“Our goal is to incorporate design concepts with engineering requirements and cost effective constructability to make the use of precast elements viable to the overall project,” explained David and Millie.“We produced a really good looking product and the off-white acid etched surface really complemented the cool design.” Currently Precast Elements are manufacturing retaining walls, including vertical elements up to 6.3m high, for the Moorebank Precinct Freight Terminal. The company is also producing patterned noise walls for the M4 Motorway and have recently completed a project at Parklea Prison installing coloured precast panels with an exposed aggregate finish. For more information contact Precast Elements Pty Ltd, 49 Pine Road, Yennora NSW 2161, phone 02 9003 1330, email, website


PICTURE PERFECT AMA Windows + Glass Façades specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of glass façades and a complete range of aluminium framed and frameless glass products for commercial, retail, hospitality and luxury residential projects. AMA Windows + Façades started work on the Harbord Diggers Club project, designing the glazing system for the façade, the windows and doors, and the stylish main lobby entryway. Work onsite started in early 2017 with a full time Site Manager overseeing installation on the six buildings of the club development. Operations Manager, Peter Giannakakos, explained the challenges of the Harbord Diggers job. “It was a bespoke project and we spent a lot of time with the architectural team refining the design to achieve the seamless aesthetic afforded by frameless glazing. Bronze tinted low emission glass was used to deal more effectively with thermal loads. It was a new product for AMA, thicker and heavier than usual. We moved over 200kg of glass on that project and produced some spectacular picture windows.” Established in 2005, AMA Windows + Glass Façades has acquired years of industry experience. The company has a permanent design team and a sizeable manufacturing facility with the ability to run WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

multiple projects simultaneously and a dedicated hardstand area for storage of any completed product. Over the last seven years AMA Windows + Façades has started production under licence at a manufacturing plant in China with onsite management ensuring the product meets client specifications and Australian Standards. AMA Windows + Glass Façades has achieved a solid reputation due to its experience in delivering well designed glazing solutions. A successful project for the company was the design, manufacture and installation of the glass façade for Opal Tower, Homebush where they used their own imported product for the 36-storey integrated residential development. For more information contact AMA Windows + Glass Façades, 9 Byrnes Street, Botany NSW 2019, phone 02 9666 9992, fax 02 9666 9994, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE HARBORD DIGGERS 137

A WALK IN THE PARK Promenade No. 2 Parramatta comprises 496 beautifully appointed resort style apartments with generous balconies designed for seamless inside out living, panoramic views, generous landscaping along the river foreshore, campus gym, retail spaces for neighborhood shops and local cafés, and includes three new roads to serve the precinct. PDS Group managed and supervised the new Promenade No. 2 Parramatta development. The large project creates a retail and residential precinct beside the river’s foreshore. Featuring resort style living with panoramic views and extensive landscaped surrounds Promenade Parramatta comprises 496-apartments with balconies. Promenade’s Voluntary Planning Agreement was one of the first for the City of Parramatta. A Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is a planning tool that allows planning authorities and developers to work together to deliver innovative infrastructure

outcomes alongside development proposals. VPAs allow flexibility in the delivery of public infrastructure so that the whole community can benefit from development. PDS Group worked closely with the City of Parramatta to provide expert advice through the projects planning stages, and ongoing management communication as the project developed. VPA agreements are dependent upon transparency in negotiations and a thorough assessment of local needs, their success at Promenade Parramatta reaffirms the collaborative success led by Starryland and the broad skill base of PDS Group’s expertise.

DEVELOPER : Starryland Australia PROJECT MANAGERS : PDS Group (Property Development Solutions (Aust) Pty Ltd) MAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY : Probuild Constructions ARCHITECT : Turner Architects ENGINEER : Meinhardt Group DEVELOPMENT VALUE : $343 million 138 NSW PROJECT FEATURE PROMENADE NO. 2 PARRAMATTA

Promenade Parramatta is very close to PDS Group’s heart as it was the first project commissioned after establishing the Sydney office in 2015. Over the last three years a strong relationship has been forged with Starryland, PDS Group, Probuild Constructions and the consultant team comprising Turner Architects, Scape Design Landscapes, Meinhardt Group, Core Engineering and McKenzie Group Consulting. Acting as a Superintendent of the construction contact as well as providing close and detailed project management services, Promenade Parramatta was carried through to successful completion.

“We are proud of the sophisticated end product and our continued relationship shared with the Developer Starryland,” said Associate Director, Jessica Tan. PDS Group has a breadth of experience covering a range of projects both large and small scale. Their team is made up of strong individuals that together make an exceptional resource. PDS Group provides development and project solutions, managing one or all of the stages of the development process from concept to completion. Flexibility and ingenuity enable PDS Group to provide the most appropriate development solution for any client. Their services run inclusive of development management, project management, corporate relocation and advisory, procurement management, insolvency and corporate recovery, specialist programming and project funding specialists.

Trading for over 15 years with a current staff quota of 65, PDS Group are already one of the most respected providers of property advice and project solutions in Australasia and South East Asia. With a relentless client focus and a history of delivering successful outcomes, they promise long lasting relationships, integrity and sustainable practices. PDS Group provides high quality, high performance, cost effective and innovative project and development solutions. PDS Group has a breadth of project experience covering all sectors of the property industry with particular strength in medium to high density residential, commercial, industrial, aged care and seniors living, retail, hotel and hospitality, education and subdivision. PDS Group’s client base includes a number of listed corporations, government, private developers and corporations and offshore Asian based developers.

For PDS Group, a large proportion of their business is generated via repeat business or through client referral. This is because their model of operation is entirely focused on the client’s need and investment objectives. The PDS Group client focus brings with it higher profitability, improved programming efficiency and long lasting business relationships built on respect and understanding. Carrying a portfolio that streams extensive projects across all construction sectors, some current projects by PDS Group include The Langston, Epping by Cbus Property For more information contact PDS Group, Level 1, 63 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, phone 02 8279 2600, website

Below Nos Group supplied and installed a range of services to the project, including switchboards and service rises.

South Sydney based Nos Group, supplied extensive electrical services throughout all three stages of construction, including all power and lighting services to be supplied and installed. Nos Group also supplied five new switchboards, which included the intergeneration of a site wide embedded network, aiding in cost savings for the end user, 15 separate service risers incorporating all communications security, access control and an NBN network, as well as the electrical installation to 1km2 of car parking and three podium/public areas. The main switchboards economically and efficiently service the entire development, from residential integration, to outdoor and civic zones, to the gym and retail areas.

buildings incorporating large retail and commercial complexes. Nos Group pride themselves on delivering all projects on time and within budget whilst maintaining high standards. They strive to develop their team and procedures to be ahead of the ever changing construction industry. Other projects by Nos Group include Quartet Lane Cove, Woolooware Shores, Stage 3 and Park 1, Macquarie Park and many others.

“Promenade’s large footprint meant coordination of all services was problematic. We found the best way to overcome this was to upgrade our company coordination strategies, administration and leadership team development. We found these small changes turned the challenge into a success with regard to delivering services on schedule,” said General Manager, David Cowan. Nos Group was founded 24 years ago by Bill Lianos and Jim Katsakis. Their 50 staff specialise in multi-dwelling residential 140 NSW PROJECT FEATURE PROMENADE NO. 2 PARRAMATTA

For more information contact Nos Group, 11/22 Northumberland Road, Carringbah NSW 2229, phone 02 9531 1232, fax 02 9531 2604, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Scape Design created a tranquil and unique environment for the apartments spacious surrounds.

The 496 apartments sit within a generous landscaped precinct with breathtaking river views across a simple, geometrically framed estate, which was entrusted to Scape Design to execute. The commission comprised of all communal spaces, private terrace gardens and the public domain interface to local streets, parklands and river. “Our architectural vision was to utilise geological and botanical heritage of the site in order to create a tranquil and unique environment for it’s residents. Spaces were designed to encourage relaxation and communal interaction,” explained Director, Chris Houghton. With consideration of the many young families drawn to the site, Scape’s design also created play facilities for a range of age groups. This included a dedicated play facility to Level 6, an informal play area to Level 3 and water play area at ground level, which also allows public access. Scape also designed all communal courtyards to include self catered picnic facilities. Scape Design have been trading since 2013 and currently operates out of Manly, New South Wales. They specialise in delivering imaginative, high end landscape architecture and urban design projects such as multi-level residential, local government public domain, infrastructure WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

and private gardens. They believe in creating functional and sustainable spaces that connect people with their natural environment. “Our philosophy is to design spaces that integrate user experience with the intrinsic qualities of the site,” reflected Chris, a landscape architect with nearly 20 years of experience. Scape Design are currently undertaking a number of projects which include the multi-residential projects, No.1 Lachlan Street, Waterloo and Waterside Esplanade, Norwest; as well as a range of open space and infrastructure related projects for local and state government agencies.

For more information contact Scape Design, Suite 8, 37-38 East Esplanade, Manly NSW 2006, phone 02 9976 0756, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE PROMENADE NO. 2 PARRAMATTA 141

.2 Promenade No


w South Wales Parramatta, Ne





The $341M Marina Square waterfront village setting comprises of 768 luxury apartments which includes beautiful natural finishes and intelligent design to maximise light and space. The 46 store retail precinct is a vibrant new community hub which epitomises premium harbourside living. Offering a new dimension to harbourside living to Sydney Siders, Billbergia’s new multi-use Wentworth Point Marina Square offers a range of luxurious residential apartments and a premier retail precinct. Made up of seven core buildings ranging from 8 to 28-levels, the tower contains 768-apartments that have been designed to maximise light, space and capture the harbours breathtaking outlook. Billbergia’s vision was to create the harmony of natural tranquillity and urban vitality that characterises every apartment embodying the waterside living. The project’s construction commenced in September 2016, with a peak workforce of 800 tradesmen onsite. Marina Square’s large footprint required significant planning to ensure the luxury finish was maintained throughout the building process. Completing three months ahead of the project schedule, the project required 850 footing piles, 76,000m3 of concrete and 9,000t of reinforcement, post tensioned slabs and a hybrid of precast and in situ concrete walls. Being a waterfront structure, there were a number of considerations that need to be taken into account due to ground conditions which comprised of soft sandy silt and the formation rock varied in depth from 20 to 25m excavation level. Billbergia chose a versatile piling system that was designed to take the load of the building and also allow for the lack of lateral ground strength. The water table was located just below the bottom basement level of the development. A waterproofing membrane system was chosen for the lower level areas of the carpark and lift shaft pit, to future proof against any issue. The apartments themselves offer a private sanctuary from city life, offering light filled spaces created by floor-to-ceiling glass. The natural finishes unify the inside of the apartments with the external environment, creating a connection with the Sydney’s landscape. The kitchens include sophisticated islands with an intuitive design to be both highly functional and beautiful with two luxurious WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

palettes of wood and stone. The contrasting grey-washed oak tile and white carrara look reconstituted stone with charcoal accents provide an elegant metropolitan finish. Marina Square’s elegant bathrooms and ensuites also mirror the wood and stone themes with layers of Grigio, white marble-look or natural stone to create a unified scheme throughout the apartments. The Dual rose and handheld showerheads, frameless showers and optional stone surround baths were designed to create a luxurious spa like mood. Marina Square’s retail precinct will be a vibrant new hub for the community, offering a range of retailers including major supermarket brands. A village feel has been created by offering a range of tenancies, catering to an easy relaxed lifestyle. Bakeries, baristas and chic small eateries make it convenient to meet up with friends for coffee or enjoy an open air brunch while taking in the water views along with Marina Square’s stunning architecture. The development’s façade is a combination of ribbon precast and panellised window systems, that features two awnings at the side of the development that span 120m and suspend 10m off the ground. The awnings curve in dual dimensions, dipping down then up, as well as radially following the contours of the building. These stunning complicated ribbons are well integrated into the curtain walls for an awe-inspiring architectural finish. The curved nature of the design proved challenging to construct as a significant amount of structural steel membranes were required for the awnings and special roof sheeting was needed for the awnings on the market as they also follow the unique curved design. Billbergia mainly focus their work within the Sydney regions, currently working on Rhodes Central in Rhodes. However, Brisbane Skytower, residing in Queensland with a height of 270m, making it one of the tallest residential towers in Australia is also a proud product of Billbergia. For more information contact Billbergia, Suite 101, 25 Angas Street, Meadowbank NSW 2114, phone 02 8878 6900, email, website www. NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE 145



Below Apollo Kitchens provided all of the kitchen and bathroom joinery and cabinetry for the Marina Square project.

Apollo Kitchens is one of the leading and most experienced fixed joinery supplier in Australia. Their services include design, manufacturing and installation for both residential and commercial kitchens. Established in 1968, they employ award winning designers working with their state-of-the-art facilities and have established a reputation for their innovative and flexible designs, outstanding craftsmanship and service. Apollo Kitchens applied their high standard for the Marina Square project. Their scope of the work included the manufacture and installation of the fixed joinery for the apartments. All of the joinery was made to measure per apartment to ensure minimal gap filling. Apollo Kitchens also manufactured and installed the cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Marina Square comprises of 768 residential apartments constructed across two striking towers with five low rise boutique buildings. This development is the centrepiece of a thriving waterfront village and close proximity to Sydney Olympic Park. Two understated palettes were chosen for residents to choose from. The ‘Stone’ scheme spoke to the metropolitan aesthetic, incorporated grey-washed Oak tile and white Carrara-look reconstituted stone, with a high contrast charcoal accent. The counterpoint ‘Wood’ palette features forest-engraved glass splashbacks with whitewashed Oak tile and Calacatta-look stone benches, for a softer and tranquil space. Apollo Kitchens applied a protective finish on all their joinery products, including plastic seals for each door panel, which prevented any unintentional damage during

installation of other services and appliances. The company also provided a quick turnaround for the manufacturing of the units with their inhouse automated paint line. Some of the kitchens included an integrated laundry with a unique pull out pantry with a ironing board inside the joinery. Hidden corner storage units were installed to utilise all accessible storage. The drawers were created with shark nose handles to create a seamless finish. Apollo Kitchens was able to incorporate all the appliances into a kitchen with limited size constraints while ensuring that they all work functionally and look great. Apollo Kitchens celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and has four manufacturing plants and an additional four showrooms in New South Wales which are located in Smithfield in Western Sydney, Waterloo near Sydney’s city centre, Beresfield in Newcastle and Erina on the Central Coast. Apollo Kitchens is still expanding with their new facility up and running, producing large quantities of kitchens and fixed joinery. The new system embraces modern methods of manufacturing and Apollo Kitchens are participating in industry conferences and tours, as well as discussions with government representatives, regarding the need to adapt to meet construction demands. “We have recently announced our new high tech factory to meet industry demand for the future. We intend to set a new benchmark for Australian manufacturing. The new Smart Factory and Head Office will allow the company to continue its high quality and highly customisable offering for larger volume projects,” said Apollo Kitchens’ Managing Director, Peter Bader. Apollo Kitchens is currently working on some of Sydney’s major commercial and residential developments including Fairwater for Frasers Property, Ashfield Central and Arlington Grove for Ceerose, Orchards for Sekisui House and GrandH by Deicorp.

For more information contact Apollo Kitchens, 17 Long Street, PO Box 2558, Smithfield NSW 2164, phone 1300 908 090, email, website WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


Below Trinity Windows supplied and installed the windows, sliding doors, curved glass and window awnings for the project.

Trinity Windows fabricates, supplies and installs windows and doors for the residential and commercial sectors, along with design, engineering and assessment of aluminium for the construction industry. Their services include frameless and automatic entry doors, office partitions, faรงade glazing, spider and patch fitting, privacy and sunshade louvres, and bi-folding doors. Their scope of work for the Marina Square project included supply and installation of all the awning windows for the apartments in Buildings 4, 5, 6 and 7, along with windows and sliding doors for the ground floor, as well as the windows, curved glass and sliding doors for the commercial buildings and shopping centres. The project comprised a total of 150 aluminium framed crystal glass windows and sliding doors. Double glazing was used on all the glass to organically reduce heating from sunlight in order to meet strict energy efficiency requirements. Trinity Windows deployed 60 skilled workers for the project. The procurement of the design that suits the programme schedule ensured on time completion.


The shopping centre included a bulkhead curved full height glass which was designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by Trinity Windows. The glass is double glazed and triple coated for added protection with a gold sheen finish. The complexity in the design of the large glass panels along with the full height extruded aluminium sections that were required for the shopping centre was the most challenging aspect of the project for Trinity Windows. However, careful consultation and coordination with Billbergia along with inhouse engineering and liaison with the faรงade consultant ensured successful completion with no problems. Trinity Windows provide their services across New South Wales. Other major projects they have include the Burwood Grand for Decode Construction and the Veridian Apartments in Kogarah for Westbourne Construction.

For more information contact Trinity Windows, 91 Mandoon Road, Girraween NSW 2145, phone 02 9631 5577, fax 02 9636 7061, email, website






Below Golden Eagle Painting carried out the painting of the walls, ceilings, apartment doors, lobby and the external of the project.

Golden Eagle Painting provides painting and decoration services as well as patching and skimming. The family owned business was established 25 years ago and have had a long working relationship with Billbergia since their very beginning. The company prides itself on its organisational structure, with the father and son duo being the director and supervisor who communicate continuously on the progress of projects, ensuring a high level of attention to detail and quality. For the Marina Square project, Golden Eagle Painting was contracted to paint the general walls, apartment doors, general ceilings, laundry and bathrooms, lobby, entry feature walls, as well car park and all of the external works including precast and in situ concrete. The company painted a total of over 10,000 walls, 7,500 ceilings and 6,000 pieces of timber. The paint colours chosen for the project were the beautiful Argos Cream and Crisp White from the Wattyl range. These light colours convey a soft and elegant appearance which will appeal to prospective buyers as well as enhance natural light to liven the internal spaces. With a team of 25 employees deployed for the project, work onsite commenced in November 2017.

Golden Eagle Painting opted to use a spray painting method for the high ceilings in the retail area and Coles. This was a new technique that they used and had to be completed at night in order to avoid spraying any other contractors and their equipment. The main challenge that Golden Eagle Painting encountered was a difficulty in manoeuvring machinery as they had 10 painters all using scissor lifts at the same time. There was also some congestion experienced with other tradespersons who were working in the same areas which limited access availability. However, due to time coordination and a great team management they were able to work around this. The team also decided to work seven days a week as well as conduct night shifts in order to complete the job and ensure everything was completed ahead of schedule. The night shifts were introduced for this project in order to complete the retail area as well as preventing overcrowding. It turned out to be a huge success as they had separate day and night shift employees rotating work continuously. “We learned a lot from rotating our employees and introducing night work. It has given us another perspective of how to efficiently complete major tasks,” said Golden Eagle Painting Director, Abdul Sarakbi. Working with Billbergia on a number of projects, Golden Eagle Painting have supplied their services across Homebush, Rhodes and Sydney Olympic Park region. The company also provide their expertise throughout Australia, working with various builders. “I would like to give a special thank you to Billbergia and its great team. Golden Eagle is honoured to be working with Billbergia for over 25 years and we would like to thank the entire team for working with us,” said Abdul.

For more information contact Golden Eagle Painting, 296 Nobel Avenue, Greenacre NSW 2190, mobile 0410 541 429 WWW.ANCR.COM.AU


Below Precast Elements delivered the walls, columns and balustrades on all four buildings of Marina Square.

Precast Elements provided the Marina Square Project a total of 4,200 precast panels, balustrades, walls and columns, that were manufactured, installed and finished in all four buildings in varying shapes and sizes, ranging from 200kg to 12 tonne.

Despite the logistical complexity of the project with nine install zones per level all requiring installation with four cranes at a time, Precast Elements were able to install up to 250 elements within six days per level for the 28-storeys.

The elements were composed of six different concrete mixes that were designed to ensure high strength (ranging from 40-80 MPa) and suit each shape and application. An innovative product called lightweight concrete was also used for certain applications, that were too heavy for the crane once complete. This ensured that they were able to maintain the largest possible panels, reducing the number required to cover the space and made for a more efficient installation.

“Precast Elements enjoyed working collaboratively with the Billbergia team and we are very proud of the final result,” said Precast Elements Directors, David Cullen-Ward and Millie Booth.

All the panels were complex, but the balustrades provided a unique challenge to Precast Elements. Designed as an architectural feature, the curved balustrades give the appearance of a white ribbon that wraps around the whole building, all the way to the top. These balustrade panels are unique and one of a kind architectural feature. The ribbon design’s complex nature required a sophisticated mould to accommodate the curves in the building’s facade and the edge design. 152 NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE

Precast Elements manufactures, installs and finishes precast concrete products with experience in high density residential buildings, industrial/commercial, transport infrastructure, civil and special structures.

For more information contact Precast Elements, 49 Pine Road, Yennora NSW 2161, phone 02 9003 1330, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Consep provided two Model CH200 Consep Hoists to cycle building materials and formwork safely and efficiently.

Consep provided two latest generation Model CH200 Consep Hoists for the Marina Square development and delivered end-to-end support and services for the project’s duration. Detailed engineering drawings for the hoist locations were set out which included interfacing with perimeter screening, hoist installation, climb and decommission patterns along with certification for all works. The Consep Hoists were used to cycle formwork and other building materials within the construction zone, ensuring safe, efficient and reliable transport of materials while taking the pressure off the tower cranes, allowing them to focus on other duties. In particular, the Consep Hoist’s unique ability to service the Live Deck and provide immediate service to the freshly poured slab, even in high winds, streamlined formwork cycles. The added flexibility of the Consep Hoist as a movable crane landing platform offered further benefit for transport of building materials on the project. Some other exciting features include remote monitoring so troubleshooting of issues can be resolved offsite, and distribution of loads over multiple levels greatly reducing, if not eliminating the need for back propping. “I would like to thank Consep for their services on the project. The hoist in my opinion delivered and the feedback I received from WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

the formworkers was positive. During the life of the project the hoist operated without fault and the climbs were very efficiently done,” commented Sam Brown, Structures Foreman for Billbergia. Consep’s site crews worked closely with Billbergia to minimise Consep site time and man hours during the project, while maintaining unprecedented Consep Hoist availability. The Consep Hoist on the E1 tower was delivered, fully installed and handed over to Billbergia for use in under three days, ahead of time and under budget. With some fine tuning to scheduling, this already impressive installation time was reduced to delivery, installation and handover to Billbergia for use in under two days for the E3 tower, offering even greater time and budget savings. The Consep Hoist delivers on demand and crane independent vertical movement of formwork and other building materials. This provides faster formwork cycles and increased project safety, all backed by Consep’s skilled site crews and experienced engineering and manufacturing teams. For more information contact Consep, 59 Newton Road, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, phone 02 9756 5299, fax 02 9756 5102, email sales@, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE 153

Below Sunny Interiors supplied and installed the walls and ceiling lining works to the cores in Block E of the project.

Left to Right: Samuel Yang (Project Manager), Min Jin (Project Manager), James Liu (Project Manager), Jeffrey Shi (Managing Director), Shengbo Duan (Director), Martin Nie (Admin Manager)

Sunny Interiors provides ceiling and partition services to the commercial and residential market including plasterboard ceilings, suspended ceilings, wall partitions, wall fascias, bulk heads and office fitouts. Their experienced site team are highly skilled professionals, who work hard to ensure that every project they undertake is delivered in a safe manner, on time and on budget. Sunny Interiors completed the supply and installation of walls and ceilings lining works to cores E2, E3, E4 and E5 for Marina Square Block E and also completed the commercial fitout for the shopping centre to core E1 and the Coles Supermarket. Conventional materials were used for the apartments, including plasterboard, water and fire resistant walls, Hebel panels and concrete panels, while fibre cement was used for the balconies. For the commercial buildings, each wall was different in terms of fittings, size, thickness and materials. The shopping centre took some time to complete as it was necessary to continuously check and consult with drawings, specifications and confirm everything with the site manager. Sunny Interiors had a total of 42 employees at its peak on the project, who commenced work in November 2017 and completed it by the 154 NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE

end of July 2018. This is the first time that they worked for Billbergia, which gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. “All the site office team is very happy with our performance, especially the safety focus and the huge manpower we have. We were always ahead of the project schedule and we were able to provide all the solutions for any problems they had onsite,� said Martin Nie, Sunny Interiors. Sunny Interiors focus their work within New South Wales. Other projects they currenly have include Macquarie Park Building F for TOGA, Crows Nest Project for Paynter Dixon and Kingswood Stage 2 for Skyton.

For more information contact Sunny Interiors, 86 Bowden Street, Ryde NSW 2112, phone 02 9802 5087, email martinnie@sunnyinteriors., website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Grasshopper Environmental provided their construction waste and recycling management services to Marina Square.

Grasshopper Environmental is a family owned company that provides professional and responsive waste management services, with an established reputation for ethical waste management and consistent quality service.

attachment for ease of transportation to the main waste compound. These electric bin lifts were designed specifically for this site to provide effortless handling of waste on each level of the building.

For the Marina Square project, Grasshopper Environmental was responsible for the complete construction waste and recycling management. This included the provision of equipment such as crane bins, forklift bins, bulk skips, plastic runner bins, office and lunch room bins and the removal of putrescible waste from the site. The company also collected and managed data and reported on the breakdown of the waste materials removed from the site for the builder.

As the construction phases changed, the waste output and demands changed accordingly. Grasshopper successfully partnered with Billbergia to ensure that the waste management was as effortless as possible and provided a waste handling process which worked as an ‘On Demand Service’ at all times.

As there were many different working levels throughout the job, it was identified early in the project that the handling of waste materials from around the site back to the central waste compound was going to be a challenge. Grasshopper Environmental worked with Billbergia to come up with a ‘Waste Management Plan’ that streamlined waste handling. This included strategically placing appropriately sized waste equipment around the site and designing a forklift WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Grasshopper provide their services throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and Blue Mountains. Other clients they are currently working with include Acciona/Sydney Light Rail Project, Sydney Metro Alliance, John Holland, JQZ, Richard Crookes, FDC Building and Buildcorp.

For more information contact Grasshopper Environmental, 200 Walters Road, Arndell Park NSW 2148, phone 1300 147 277, fax 1300 147 299, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE 155

YME METAL PROJECTS Building The Future

YME Metal Projects offers a metal fabrication service for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, across Sydney. YME represents many years of experience in fabrication and installation of aluminium, steel, glass, and stainless steel products. YME Metal Projects caters with medium to large commercial and industrial developments, having collaborated with various well known builders and developers in Sydney and in conjunction with this collaboration, YME have established a reputable company. They pride themselves on working closely with the architects and engineers of a project to design, develop and fabricate a product that is to the specification and requirement of the client.

Residential Services | Fencing, Pool Fencing, Awnings, Louvres, Security Fencing, Balustrades and Various Metal Products | Complete Supply & Installation

Commercial Services | Custom Design & Fabrication | Standard Construction | Engineered to Draft Specifications & Requirements | Tenders | Site Installation

Custom Design & Fabrication Services | New and Existing Developments | Bespoke Designs & Fabrications | Estimation & Cost Planning | Design Management

02 9897 1772 | | 4 Kay Street, Clyde NSW 2142 156 NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE


Below Absolute Fire Safety completed the hydrant services and fire sprinkler systems and provided portable extinguishers for the project.

Absolute Fire Safety is an Australian owned company that provides complete fire protection design, installation and maintenance of all fire protection services. With over 30 years experience in the industry, their services include fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms and detection systems, occupant warning systems, fire hydrant and fire hose reels, suppression systems, portable fire extinguishers and full hydraulic design of fire services.

“Due to the great effort of our staff, suppliers and the team at Billbergia working together made this project a success,” said Jason Hughes, Director of Absolute Fire Safety.

The company was contracted for the Marina Square project for design, supply and installation of the combined fire sprinkler and hydrant services and portable fire extinguishers throughout the entire complex including the retail and residential towers. The work Absolute Fire Safety completed on the project stands out in terms of the sheer size and speed of which the project progressed, as well as the complexities of multiple fire systems throughout the buildings. Provisional work onsite began in May 2017 and was completed by September 2018.

Absolute Fire Safety offer their services throughout New South Wales including the Sydney Metro and Country areas with many other projects underway.

Absolute Fire Safety worked closely with Billbergia’s management and construction programme to overcome the tight schedule required on a project of this size with the project being run as separate portions including the seven residential towers, shopping centre and associated carparks. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Absolute Fire Safety is proud to have been part of creating such a fantastic complex and is looking forward to strengthening their relationship and working with Billbergia on future projects.

For more information contact Absolute Services Pty Ltd trading as Absolute Fire Safety, 2/13 Aspinall Place, Mulgrave NSW 2756, phone 02 4577 5335, fax 02 4577 5337, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE 157

Below Ankon Contractors completed the interior sheeting, carpentry, insulation and partitions, as well as painting preparation.

Ankon Contractors is an interior plasterboard specialist with nearly 20 years in the business. They provide a broad range of services for residential and commercial interiors including drywall, plaster and insulation. For the Marina Square project, Ankon Contractors was responsible for all the interior carpentry, setting out lining and sheeting, raising frames, adding partitions, installing insulation, and prepared all surfaces for painting. With a peak of 120 tradespersons deployed onsite, the company commenced work September 2017 and completed it in August 2018. For the four residential towers, Ankon Contractors installed door frames, partitions, ceilings and all the interior lining. For the retail side they added walls, custom ceilings and elevated platforms. The work also involved creating the impressive entry lobby for the apartment towers which included feature custom curved ceilings and a high amount of detailing and fittings throughout to create a modern and appealing entrance. Ankon Contractors’ team also made suggestions and changes to the architect’s initial design to better suit construction. “Sometimes 158 NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE

in some instances what works on paper does not work onsite, so we provide suggestions as to what works instead and make necessary changes,” said Konti Mirashi, Director of Ankon Contractors. The biggest challenge that Ankon Contractors experienced was the retail side of the construction which involved a high degree of detail, technicality, and exotic materials. Especially on the façade which had to be premade offsite and the entire process had minimal tolerance for errors. Ankon Contractors’ ‘can do’ attitude and their experienced team were able to successfully complete the task with no setbacks. “We discuss everything between ourselves as well as communicate and cooperate with the engineers and architects to make any alteration that the client wants. Anything can be done,” added Konti Mirashi.

For more information contact Ankon Contractors, 710/46 Savona Drive, Wentworth Point NSW 2127, mobile (Konti) 0427 280 103 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Earth Exchange provided waste and logistics management and removal of clean fill for the Marina Square project.

Earth Exchange provides waste management solutions across a broad range of industry verticals including waste, recycling and construction. Based in Rhodes, Earth Exchange was established in 2007 as a logistics coordinator for the removal of all waste types including general solid waste, asbestos, restricted and unwanted earth from large construction sites across New South Wales. They also manage the supply and delivery of compactable VENM/ENM to various DA approved development sites, or sites with Environmental Protection License authorisation. For Marina Square, Earth Exchange was responsible for the removal of clean fill, waste and logistics management of excavated clean material excavated natural material, solid waste and recyclables which included clay, gravel, sand, soil and rock fines. Earth Exchange had a team of one project manager and 10 subcontractors deployed at the project’s peak. The material excavated from the Marina Square site meets the requirements for Virgin Excavated Natural material which is not contaminated with manufactured chemicals or with process residues as a result of industrial, commercial, mining or agricultural activities, and also does not contain any sulphide ores or soils or any other waste. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Therefore, no additional safety measures had to be addressed for this project. The main challenge that Earth Exchange experienced was the high volume of excavated material that needed to be removed consistently within a strict time frame, however they were able to overcome this with a high level of coordination and ensuring that there were back up options available at all times if needed. Earth Exchange focus their work within the Sydney Metropolitan area and are currently working on the Main North Shore project for Laing O’Rourke where they are providing waste and logistic management services.

For more information contact Earth Exchange, 29 Marquet Street, Rhodes NSW 2138, phone 02 9736 3300, email info@, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE MARINA SQUARE 159

A FLOURISHING GROVE The Arlington Grove represents a new era in easy living and offers a range of modern apartments in the heart of Dulwich Hill. The project comprises 248 apartments over eight levels and four separate buildings, each featuring contemporary designs and finishes. Contracted by the Galileo Group for the Design and Construct of the new $87 million apartment complex Arlington Grove, the leading prestige property group Ceerose, have continued their 19 years of expertise in the area of residential construction. Operating out of Sydney’s inner west, Ceerose’s professional experience works across many sectors, including residential, commercial and retail developments. With over 75 employees and a long history of multi-award winning projects, Ceerose are capable of overseeing a project from contract construction to development management to design. The project comprised of 248 open plan one, two and three-bedroom apartments spanning over eight levels and four separate buildings. The project also included 293 car spaces and a gym, with a common 2-level basement. Further features incorporated an expansive podium with communal garden and its own café situated within a public space set adjacent to the Arlington Light Rail stop. Throughout the Arlington Grove project, the aesthetic pleasures are true to Ceerose’s construction work. Coupling the stunning elegance of the apartments spatial and adaptable living areas, with the high


quality fixtures and fittings, each unit presents a delightful living option. Abundant natural light captured by floor to ceiling glass entries to sizeable balconies, the outdoor entertainment area provides privacy with class. Overhanging basins are a stand out feature of the units, which required detailed studies to prevent any potential challenges for residents. The basins were custom made and installed with the kitchen benches set at an unconventional six degree angle, instead of angling the wall. The project also gave rise to significant infrastructure works adjacent to the rail line which meant installing a high culvert with bio-basin above. Ceerose are ambitious and although already well established as a participant in Australia’s major property market they are not likely to rest on their laurels. With intelligence and business insight, company strategies are never without scope for renovation.


Adhering always to best practice principles, a commitment to innovation and hands on professionalism, it is little surprise the management systems offered by Ceerose are world class. With their unique integrated system featuring performance benchmarks, occupational health and safety measures were in place from project start to finish. Most importantly, the corporate policy of Ceerose is their most alluring feature. Like all large scale projects, client needs are always evolving and Ceerose meets these demands with ease. With an extensive list of established partnerships and long term relationships, Ceerose don’t just design and construct buildings but build client engagements which is the key to success in any project. Further to this is the ongoing education and professional training that Ceerose provide their employees, ensuring


the company never lose their foothold on new and upcoming construction trends. Other current projects include Oxford Central, Epping; Ashfield Central, Ashfield; and Atelier, Leichhardt. In each of these projects, Ceerose prove their worth in responding to heritage considerations and ensuring the provision of private landscaping and expert, boutique craftsmanship. For more information contact Ceerose Property Group, 580 Parramatta Road, Petersham NSW 2049, phone 02 9571 9999, fax 02 9571 9900, email, website

DEVELOPER : Galileo Group BUILDER : Ceerose ARCHITECT : Smart Design Studio CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $87 million




JOINING PERFECTION The stunning and distinctive fixed joinery and cabinetry associated with Apollo Kitchens can be found in the prestigious Arlington Grove development in Dulwich Hill. The company supplied the kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, laundry and linen cabinets for the 246 apartments in the high end complex, over eight levels over four separate buildings. “During this project, we worked with the developer, the architect and the builder to bring their vision to fruition without compromising the joinery’s design, functionality and the overall budget,” said Apollo Kitchens’ Managing Director, Peter Bader. “The design work for Arlington Grove is exceptional. It is a flagship project for us and we feel privileged to be nominated to work on this development.” Two colour schemes were chosen for the joinery, a textured white Bianco and the dark brushed wood Nero with soft texture finishes. The joinery had unique dimensions to fit in with the aesthetics of the buildings. “There are clever angles throughout the buildings and this required our design team to step away from using traditional cabinet dimensions to meet the architect’s plans. For example, we factored in a kitchen joinery recess of six degrees and geometric designed kitchen benches,” said Peter. “Bronzed mirrors on the shaving cabinets, sapphire glass with powder coated aluminium trim, floating basins and concealed lavatory systems were just some of the high end products and joinery we supplied and constructed.” Apollo Kitchens dedicated site managers on the Arlington Grove development to ensure correct installation including finishing touches to meet the client’s stringent quality control requirements. “It was a labour intensive project and we aimed to achieve perfection. Due to the angled recesses, a number of joinery processes were re-evaluated, and we had to depend on traditional hard craft methods. The kitchen joinery required hand laminating, specialised hardware and manufacturing techniques not seen on large projects previously,” said Peter. Innovative and traditional solutions were applied for project challenges to incorporate side recessed overhung wing line doors to WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

fridges and integrate appliances into the joinery. “Delivering this project required extensive experience and lateral thinking of timelines and delivery constraints which we were able to bring to the table,” said Peter. Apollo Kitchens is synonymous with quality and experience. They provide fixed joinery solutions for projects ranging from high rise developments to home renovations. The company celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and has four manufacturing plants and an additional four showrooms in New South Wales. The showrooms are located in Smithfield in Western Sydney, Waterloo near Sydney’s city centre, Beresfield in Newcastle and Erina on the Central Coast. While it’s a company of longstanding, Apollo Kitchens is also still expanding to meet the needs of industry. “We have also recently oppened a new high tech factory to meet industry demand for the future,” said Apollo Kitchens’ Managing Director, Peter Bader. “We intend to set a new benchmark for Australian manufacturing. The new Smart Factory and Head Office allows the company to continue its high quality and highly customisable offering for larger volume projects.” The company has recently completed exceptional projects of similar scale all over Sydney. It is currently working on some of Sydney’s major commercial/residential developments including: Fairwater for Frasers Property, Ashfield Central in Ashfield for Ceerose, Lake Promenade in Rouse Hill for Insight Capital Projects, Skyrise in Parramatta for Cowper Constructions, Oxford Central in Epping for Ceerose and Marina Square in Wentworth Point for Billbergia. Apollo Kitchens also has a substantial business in the project home building and home improvement market, with many builders and renovators choosing an Apollo Kitchen installation.

For more information contact Apollo Kitchens, 17 Long Street, PO Box 2558, Smithfield NSW 2164, phone 1300 908 090, email, website NSW PROJECT FEATURE ARLINGTON GROVE 163

A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT HUB The $50 million ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute increases ANU’s educational standards internationally, providing a modern teaching and learning environment for more than 800 staff and students. The new building consists of lecture theatres, computer laboratories, collaboration areas, meeting rooms, and a dedicated facility housing a government based client who will teach some of Australia’s brightest youths With an extensive history of collaboration with ANU, Hindmarsh was appointed as Managing Contractor for the new $50 million ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute.

DEVELOPER : Australian National University BUILDER : Hindmarsh Construction ARCHITECT : Clarke Keller STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : Northrop Consulting Engineers CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $50 million 164

Hindmarsh has successfully delivered several developments for the university and their familiarity with the client made them the ideal partner to undertake the project. Boosting educational standards and providing for over 800 staff and students, ANU College of Computer Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Institute is a world class teaching and learning facility contained in one building, aimed at increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) capabilities. Level 5 of the new building houses a facility to educate some of Australia’s most advanced young adults, and the building overall

will perform as a research hub for overcoming future challenges in computing and mathematical science. As noted by Project Manager Warren Fenwick, “the development showed strong buildability from the outset, with a typical concrete structure being complemented by a unique curtain wall façade. Perhaps the most unique element to the project is the feature stair, which was built offsite and lifted in via crane. Made of structural steel with timber cladding, it extends across all floors.” Other details include a unique façade curtain wall system which includes double glazed aluminium blades, and colour coded aluminium panels embedded with cyber code. Internally the building is finished with plasterboard, fire rated and smoke glazed walls, a grid ceiling, carpet tiles, loose furniture, and workstations, along with a considerable audio/visual requirement completed to a high standard of detail. The development included computer labs designed as teaching areas, desktop computers, projection screens and LCD TV’s. Acrylic wall finishes were applied increasing writable spaces to meeting rooms and conference areas allowing for writing during discussion. The ground floor foyer is polished concrete which adds notable interest to the design. The project’s main challenge was the old chemistry building. Built in the 1960’s the old chemistry building needed to be vacated for decontamination and asbestos removal prior to its demolition. Due to the building’s age, it involved a substantial quantity of asbestos removal. Considerable effort was made by Hindmarsh to successfully relocate the existing users out of the building, prior to commencement of the Hazmat removal.

Hindmarsh have operated nationally for four decades with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney. The company, which promotes energy and commitment, have delivered over $4 billion in projects to date. With over 130 staff their construction specialities span multiple sectors, from commercial and residential developments, to highly complex education and health facilities. Their capabilities in construction, development, retirement and capital have seen them working Australia wide with a high profile portfolio. Hindmarsh’s project portfolio stretches across sectors as varied as high rise residential, sporting, tourism, health and education. Aiming to be the leader in property and construction, the company present nothing less than ambition in their focus on complexity and innovation. Safety is at the forefront, and at Hindmarsh their system is audited to meet National and International Standards. Other projects recently delivered by Hindmarsh include the striking St Christopher’s Cathedral, in the Australian Capital Territory, which required close attention to the heritage significance of the Cathedral and surrounding precinct. This project was recently awarded the MBA Best Commercial Building $20 Million to $50 Million. Also under construction are the contemporary Iskia residential apartments in Canberra, the Southern Cross Care Retirement Facility in New South Wales and a multi-storey apartment building in central Adelaide comprising 150 units. Noteworthy projects completed to date include the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute, The Jefferey Smart Building at University of South Australia, and recently, over 1,300 student accommodation units across two Brisbane development sites. Hindmarsh have been the recipient of a multitude of construction awards, both MBA and AIB at State and National level. For more information contact Hindmarsh, 65 Constitution Avenue, Campbell ACT 2612, phone 02 6129 1500, fax 02 6247 8898, email, website


Below Super Rain provided their cranes to install the precast panels for the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Canberra based company Super Rain installed the precast panels to the new ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI). Proud owners of the biggest Crane in Canberra, a 2016 Liebherr 220 tonne VarioBase, Super Rain were in step with the project’s upgrade in educational standards, ensuring all panels to the exciting new learning environment were installed using the most up to date principles of practice.

of the team/client correspondence. Anthony Mattar says, building the business Super Rain “has been about fostering and enhancing relationships and partnerships with our clients.” Some other projects by Super Rain include Verve Apartments Newcastle, Denman Village, Mayflower Residential Aged Care Facility in New South Wales, as well as the University of Canberra Public Hospital Carpark and Luna Apartments in the Australian Capital Territory.

A relatively new company trading in cranes and rigging for 18 months, Super Rain’s lifting capacity runs to 220 tonnes. According to company Director, Anthony Mattar, the project presented a great number of challenges which they successfully overcame. “We had to deal with large heavy panels, a congested site and fit a very large mobile crane into a tight space. We were able to do that due to the equipment we operate being equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology enabling it to reduce its overall footprint without any adverse impact on performance or capacity.” For Super Rain, the key to their early success can be attributed to not only the latest equipment but also the interpersonal dynamics

For more information contact Super Rain, 5 Nick Ellis Place, Hume ACT 2620, phone 0455 220 220, fax 02 6169 3206, email, website


Below CTCI Waterloo completed the wet area joinery, including toilet partitions as well as showers for the End-of-Trip facilities for the project.

CTCI Waterloo recently undertook the contract for wet area joinery at ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI). The task of CTCI was to provide and install all associated toilet partitions as well as showers to the building’s End-of-Trip facilities. “The project was well managed. Hindmarsh are a very professional organisation and extremely good to work with. Waterloo were very pleased with the project’s development from the start to finish,” said CTCI Waterloo Sales Manager, David Norris. Using Waterloo’s Quintrex, a blade mounted partitioning system, in the toilets and Windsor full height shower unisex systems in the End-of-Trip facilities in conjunction with Laminex Compact Laminate 13mm, CTCI Waterloo installed toilet partitions and showers which promise high performing value. Blade mounted with an overhead brace, their features include an anodised aluminium wall floor fixtures and headrails, stainless steel fixings, U-shaped channels, and snap headrail inserts. The system also comes with a lifetime installation warranty. Considered the leaders in wet area partitioning and locker systems, CTCI Waterloo manufacture out of Bathurst. Their product range

includes shower and toilet partitions, change room furniture and electronic lockers, outdoor furniture, school furniture, lab benches, wall linings and café furniture most suited to wet, humid and dry commercial fitouts. Aesthetically attractive and easy to install, CTCI Waterloo also offer their products as flat packs with instructions and all required components for self installation. Their range is constantly updated to market standards meaning there are always new systems and board colours arriving. Other projects being under taken by CTCI include ANU Canberra, University of Sydney FASS & RD Watt Buildings, University of Sydney Regiment Building, 100 Mount Street, North Sydney, 4 Murray Rose Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, Pennant Hills and Strathfield Golf Clubs.

For more information contact CTCI Waterloo, 8 Watt Drive, Bathurst NSW 2795, phone 02 6334 3222, fax 02 6334 3225, website


e and uter Scienc and Comp Capital Territory ng ri ee in g n tralia ge of En ANU Colle l Sciences Institute, Aus a Mathematic


Below 45dB completed the sound conditioning systems for ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Already well established as Australia’s most respected designers and suppliers of what is now known as Sound Conditioning, 45dB Systems make yet another appearance, this time at ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI). For 45dB this means acoustically controlling an extremely social environment. According to 45dB Systems Director, Tom Hardy, the success of the project can be greatly attributed to Jamie Hladky of WSP in Canberra. By using 45dB’s system WSP have created a new, less expensive yet more effective acoustic solution. Normally, to ensure acoustic privacy between rooms, partitions are built ‘slab to slab’ meaning the walls are built from the floor, through the suspended ceiling to the slab above. Building above the suspended ceiling in this way is difficult, expensive and often ineffective. By combining sound conditioning with a particular ceiling tile this solution ensures privacy while using a simple floor to suspended ceiling construction. ANU have made significant savings on this project while leaving the space above the suspended ceiling free for the services for which it was intended. 45dB Systems have noticed the traditional methods of acoustic fitouts is disappearing as consultants realise the benefits and savings

of building an acoustic ‘foundation’ with sound conditioning. “There is plenty of data out there now to show how much poor acoustics impact on productivity and worker well being. The International Well Building Institute recommend sound masking technologies as a comfort feature.” 45dB Systems are Australia’s sole distributors of the world’s leading sound conditioning technology from SoftdB. Their projects include the Barangaroo International Towers for customers including Westpac and Lendlease, Suncorp’s 10 Shelley Street and CBA’s Darling Square are testament to this changing tide in workplace acoustics.

For more information contact 45dB Systems, phone 1300 494 791, email, website


STUNNING SISTERS DEVELOPER : Kilcor Property Group BUILDER : Hutchinson Builders ARCHITECT : ML Design STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : ADG Engineers CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $133.5 million

The $133.5M Ivy & Eve project is an impressive dual tower development comprising 476 one, two, and three bedroom apartments with modern interiors across two residential towers and includes an expansive recreation deck with lap pool, spa, outdoor cinema, teppanyaki dining area, dining and seating pods, pizza oven, yoga room, gymnasium and play room. The demand for high quality apartments in Brisbane’s inner city suburbs has seen a surge in building activity in the Queensland capital. Among the new developments is Ivy & Eve, a dual tower luxury apartment complex in South Brisbane that proved so popular among buyers the first building sold out before completion. Main contractor Hutchinson Builders constructed the $133.5 million Ivy & Eve complex, boasting spectacular views of the city, river and mountains. The 30-storey buildings are in a prime inner city location on Merivale Street, just a short walk to the city’s CBD and the cultural and entertainment hub of South Bank. One of the most impressive areas of the complex is the expansive recreation deck on Level 5, which joins the two residential towers and creates a resort style space for residents to relax while taking in the impressive city views. Hutchinson Builders managed the construction of the buildings, commencing the works in 2015. They completed Ivy in December 2017 and sister building Eve in early 2018.

buildings on the site then excavating for the 5-level underground carpark,” Nathan said. Before starting the excavation works they constructed a 500m2 load out slab that was used to take machinery and equipment off the road. “The piles were drilled from above before the load out slab was poured,” Nathan said. “It was one of the deepest excavations the piling contractor had ever worked on.” Each tower had a steel grillage structure in the lift shafts, so the cranes moved up the building as each floor was completed. Removing the two cranes proved another challenge. “We used one of the biggest mobile cranes to remove the two cranes from the top of the buildings once we had reached the top,” Nathan said. “It was a massive undertaking.” They also installed temporary crash floors in each lift shaft to create safe working environments. While both buildings were constructed concurrently, Ivy was due for completion first and therefore the level five recreation area connecting the two buildings had to be finished in time for the opening. “It was important to meet the scheduled completion dates while still maintaining

the high quality throughout the buildings,” explained Nathan. The impressive recreation deck includes a lap pool, outdoor cinema, IT pods, teppanyaki bar and gymnasiums. The Scandinavian and Japanese-influenced design is evident in the wood, steel and stone building materials used to create the functional and attractive recreational spaces. The buildings’ façades feature a vertical green wall spanning three floors and cantilevered planter beds filled with greenery creating an elegant, contemporary look. At the peak of construction there were 320 workers onsite, including up to 30 Hutchinson Builders staff such as crane and hoist crews, supervisors, apprentices, labourers and a project manager. Hutchinson Builders has been involved in some of Australia’s most iconic construction projects during its 105 plus year history. For more information contact Hutchinson Builders, 584 Milton Road, Toowong QLD 4066, phone 07 3859 6362, email, website

Project Manager, Nathan Burden said although the buildings were constructed at the same time they were treated as separate projects, each with a dedicated crew to ensure they were completed on time. The logistics of constructing two 30-storey buildings on Merivale Street, one of the main thoroughfares in the area, involved a number of initiatives to minimise impact on traffic as well as neighbouring residents and businesses. The company liaised closely with Council to organise lane closures and access to utilities such as water mains, making sure the works remained on schedule while minimising disruptions. “The first challenge was demolishing the existing commercial 170 QLD PROJECT FEATURE IVY & EVE




Below The Pool Tile Company supplied the dark grey tiling and granite stone for the pool for the Ivy & Eve project.

A key feature of the Ivy & Eve towers is the recreation deck on Level 5 where residents can relax in a resort style space complete with outdoor dining, cinema and chill out zones. The centrepiece of the area is the glass edge swimming pool that affords spectacular views of Brisbane’s CBD.

The Pool Tile Company keeps abreast of the latest styles in architecture and design to ensure they meet their clients’ requirements. “We have regular international trips to see what’s the latest and greatest in mosaic tiles, natural stone and outdoor porcelain,” Diane said. “We also listen to our customers to ensure we keep up with the latest trends.”

The Pool Tile Company supplied the dark grey ceramic mosaic tiles for the pool’s interior as well as the granite stone that surrounds the edge, creating a contemporary look in keeping with the design of the space. Commercial Business Manager, Diane Walsh said the natural granite stone not only looks beautiful, it is also extremely functional.

The Pool Tile Company, established in 2003, supplies to commercial and retail clients throughout Australia and overseas. As well as importing tiles from around the world they have their own factory where they can custom make ceramic and glass tiles patterns and motifs.

“What’s fantastic about granite is that it’s a natural stone that’s hard wearing, versatile, low maintenance and is not slippery,” Diane said. “It ticks all the boxes and is very popular especially for commercial developments as it meets durability and slip resistance requirements.” Due to the popularity of the granite stone The Pool Tile Company has many colours, sizes and finishes in stock and can also customise to size if required. They also supplied the dark grey ceramic mosaic tiles used inside the pool. “Darker coloured tiles are a very modern and stylish choice, providing a nice contrast to the blue tone of the water,” Diane said. 172 QLD PROJECT FEATURE IVY & EVE

For more information contact The Pool Tile Company, 3/75 Longland Street, Newstead QLD 4006, phone 07 3854 0462, fax 07 3852 6585, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Sarri Painters completed the internal and external painting for Ivy & Eve.

Enjoying spectacular views of Brisbane city and inner suburbs, Sarri Painters completed the exterior painting of the 30-storey Ivy & Eve buildings. They also painted the balconies, podium area and internals of all the apartments.

have worked with for the past 20 years on projects including the Calile Hotel and Aurizon Building both in Fortitude Valley. “We have a really good relationship with them and they know we’ll deliver a high quality finish within the tight timeframe required,” Aaron said.

Working on the project for 14 months with a peak workforce of 40 painters, Owner, Aaron Sarri said a team of up to 10 painters used a harness system to abseil from the top of the buildings to do all the concrete preparation and external painting. This specialist team are licenced rope access technicians with working at heights qualifications.

Sarri Painters has been in business for 36 years and recent projects include the Sunshine Plaza Upgrade at Maroochydore for Lendlease and the Newstead Series Apartments for Watpac Constructions.

“The sheer height of the buildings made it difficult,” Aaron said. “It can be high risk because of weather conditions, particularly high winds, so we needed the specialist painting crews for this part of the job. It was not your standard paint job but the view was great.” Sarri Painters employs their own workforce allowing them to draw on the expertise within the team to complete the works to the high standard required for such a prestigious development. A key to securing the works was Sarri Painters’ long standing relationship with main contractor Hutchinson Builders, who they WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Other high profile buildings Sarri Painters have worked on include the Brisbane Supreme Court, Brisbane International Airport and Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

For more information contact Sarri Painters, Unit 12, Windsor Business Park, 104 Newmarket Road, Windsor QLD 4030, phone 07 3861 1166, fax 07 3357 355, email, website QLD PROJECT FEATURE IVY & EVE 173


The Newstead Series combines local history and art with high class luxury to create an inspired resort-style residence. Featuring 299 townhomes and apartments across four buildings, top shelf amenities including 25m pool, spa, sauna, gym, alfresco BBQ dining, outdoor cinema, exercise spaces and landscaped gardens which will create a new benchmark for Brisbane living. The Newstead Series is a bespoke townhome and apartment development, located 2km north of the Brisbane CBD, and is the epitomy of modern resort style residential lifestyle. Designed by one of Queensland’s leading architects bureau^proberts, the Newstead Series comprises 299 townhomes and apartments across four boutique buildings – Carlyle, Donaldson, Ajax and Koerstz, on an expansive 6,073m² site. With the luscious landscape design, completed by award winning practice Lat27. “The buildings have been designed to be positioned in each corner of the site which creates a half acre of exclusive resident amenity at the ground plain,” explained JGL Properties Managing Director, John Livingstone. “Each residence and the common property has been designed with functionality and the future resident in mind.” The Newstead Series’ communal landscape offers subtropical gardens, lawns, 25m swimming pool, spa, sauna, fire pit and entertaining areas, alfresco BBQ dining areas, herb garden, outdoor cinema and a state-of-the-art gymnasium and exercise lawn.

while across the 299 townhomes and apartments, 121 different designs makes the project truly differentiated. “Newstead Series creates a strong sense of identity and place through art and architecture that is strongly connected to its surroundings,” explained John. Boarded by Newstead House, Waterfront Park and the Brisbane River, the development is careful not to overwhelm its immediate area. Instead, Newstead Series complements its surroundings, with boutique buildings blending seamlessly into the exclusive setting. “The unique collection of buildings in Newstead Series draws on the strong character and history of the precinct as one of Brisbane’s most important areas of urban renewal. Its history as a key zone in Brisbane’s river life makes it an ideal location for Brisbane living,” said John. Approximatly 400 people worked on the Newstead Series at the peak of construction. Rehabilitating the original “brown fill” site during the build was carefully managed by the team, as it was listed on the Contaminated Land Register (CLR) and Environmental Management Register (EMR) due to

existence of petrochemicals and heavy acid sulphate soils. Underlying ground conditions also presented a challenge, primarily marine clays with the water table just 1.5m below the surface (the Brisbane River). This required a unique strategy for both shoring and excavation which was ultimately overcome using a diaphragm retaining wall and hydrostatic ground slab. “The builder was able to achieve a high end watertight solution in the basement and the removal of the site from both the CLR and EMR registers,” explained John. “The final design contributes and enhances the street pattern and local amenity, and at the same time has converted a contaminated industrial site into a thriving residential community including abundant private green space for its occupants.” For more information contact JGL Properties, Level 1, 283 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, website For more information contact Watpac Limited, Level 1, 12 Commercial Road, Newstead QLD 4006, phone 07 3251 6300, website

“JGL Properties has brought together Australia’s leading exponents of lifestyle design. These dynamic industry leaders have created a new benchmark for Brisbane living,” explained John. “Each Newstead Series tower within this iconic quartet features cutting edge façades courtesy of architects, bureau^proberts and dynamic internal designs.” Art is prominent to the Newstead Series, both inside and out. A multi-storey artwork by renowned Graphic Artist, Adrian Clifford (whose work has been displayed in Paris’s Louvre Museum) was commissioned for the building’s Evelyn Street façade. “Each of Newstead Series’ four foyers feature large scale customised artwork by awarded local Artist, Jason Fitzgerald, 174 QLD PROJECT FEATURE NEWSTEAD SERIES




SLABS OF INNOVATION Zico Formwork was responsible for the falsework of all suspended slabs, columns, and walls of the Newstead Series Project which consisted of a total of approximately 56,000m2 of formwork spread across two podium levels and four towers. The project was a fixed lump sum Design and Construct contract that was entered six months prior to works commencing onsite. The nature of the contract relied on the Zico Formwork management team to identify alternative delivery methods and early construction methodology input to ensure the programme and agreed price was maintained. Zico Formwork managed to provide an alternative that comprised of taking the stair and lift core floor to floor but maintained the construction programme schedule by pouring core walls 300mm higher than the suspended deck. By doing this, Zico was able to provide access to steel fixers from the formwork deck to tie steel and pour core walls, prior to the slab pour. This resourceful approach provided savings to the project that was able to be redirected to the installation of two formwork hoists, as the additional

vertical prescast components, limited the vertical movement a crane was able to achieve across the sites four towers. Zico identified this limitation prior to the start of construction and arranged for formwork hoists to be installed onsite to enable Zico to operate independent of the site cranes. As all formwork materials could be recycled between floors using the hoists, they were able to prevent delays as they could still equipment despite the crane being at maximum capacity. Zico Formwork is currently completing the Bunnings Warehouse development at Newstead, where they have also been able to reduce labour and material costs by utilising Dokamatic tables for support in-lieu of traditional frames and hardwood bearers. Zico is also working on the SCAPE student accommodation development at Toowong, utilising a number of systems to overcome constraints and improve programmes.

For more information contact Zico Formwork Pty Ltd, 200 Cobalt Street, Carole Park QLD 4300, phone 07 3271 1764

Newstead Series, Queensland

NEW BENCHMARK FOR BRISBANE LIVING Central to the transformation of Brisbane’s historic Newstead from a semi-industrial wool store precinct to a vibrant residential destination is Newstead Series apartments, designed by bureau^proberts architects. bureau^proberts has over 25 years experience designing award winning projects including multi-residential and mixed-use developments in Australian and international markets.

rich industrial heritage and character. The buildings respond to the subtropical environment capturing a sense of identity and community.”

Newstead Series is built on a cross-shaped site with a range of desirable views and outlooks in all directions. Designed for stylish inner-city living, this unique collection of four buildings offers bespoke 2-level townhomes sitting at the base of an apartment tower.

Art meets Architecture – bureau^proberts has a long history of working with artists to elevate design and explore new forms of expression. Internationally renowned Artist, Adrian Clifford from the Australian artist collective Rinzen, was engaged to design a graphic, representing warehouse trusses, that is embedded in the glass handrails of Newstead Series and local artist Jason Fitzgerald’s custom built woodwork installations form a three dimensional timber tapestry for the lobby areas.

“Newstead Series brings to apartment living the qualities and nuanced design you expect in a home,” explained Liam Proberts, Managing and Creative Director of bureau^proberts. “Framing half an acre of internal landscaped space, Newstead Series celebrates the area’s

For more information contact bureau^proberts, Ground Level, 232A Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, phone 07 3221 0672, fax 07 3221 0683, email, website



THE QUEST OF LIFE DEVELOPER : Springfield Land Corporation BUILDER : Kane Constructions ARCHITECT : Deicke Richards CONSTRUCTION VALUE : $55 million

The $55M Springfield Health City One project is a mixed-use development that comprises of the Quest Apartment Hotel which features 82-apartments over 7-storeys, with one floor dedicated to a childcare centre and the ground floor dedicated to retail. On one side of Quest is a 5-storey building containing 18 serviced apartments for Multiple Sclerosis Queensland and on the other side is an 8-storey building containing specialist medical suites. Kane Constructions delivered Springfield Health City One, which is a key component of the Springfield Central masterplan. Designed to complement the adjacent Mater Hospital and AVEO retirement living developments as part of Springfield’s ‘Health City’ precinct, the project comprises three distinct elements. The first was a short stay accommodation facility operated by Quest, featuring 82 apartments over 7-storeys, with one floor dedicated to a childcare centre; a 5-storey building containing 18 assisted living apartments for Multiple Sclerosis Queensland (MSQ); and an 8-storey building containing specialist medical suites. The ground floor at street level is dedicated to retail to complement the main building uses and stretches across all three elements. The project was delivered under a lump sum design and construct contract following an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) phase. The ECI phase included extensive collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders and was particularly challenging (and rewarding) 178 QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE

when working with MSQ to determine the most appropriate layout and functionality of the assisted living suites as this development was effectively a prototype for future MSQ projects. The assisted living suites contained a high degree of automation using a KNX building control system developed by SyncWise to enable occupants to open doors, operate hoists, manipulate beds and operate whitegoods and other electrical equipment using a tablet device. Kane Constructions specialises in projects that require a large degree of collaboration to achieve the client’s outcomes and the project teams particularly enjoy implementing new technology and processes into their work. While health projects are a very strong focus for Kane, they also have a significant portfolio of work across other areas including education, community, defence and industrial sectors. To present a small cross section of this portfolio is to notice not only an eclectic range of skills but also a consistent dedication to style, AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

workmanship and professional excellence. In residential there is the classy Main Beach Apartment Project in Queensland, with a high level finish that oozes sophistication. In heritage, there is the refurbishment to the Australian Wall Memorial Roof in ACT and in schools, a 5-storey auditorium and teaching space for Somerville House in South Brisbane with rooftop tennis courts. In their key sector of Health, the Austin Health Rehabilitation Centre in Heidelberg is a stand out in integrated services. Awarded the National Commercial Master Builder in 2016 (amongst many recent awards), the work of Kane dates back to 1973. Commendable projects in this time include the refurbishment of the Dome at the Royal Exhibition Building, restoration of the spires at Newman College at the University of Melbourne (designed by Walter Burley Griffin) and major works at Raheen – former residence of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne. The Health City One project is one of more than 2,000 projects Kane has completed over the last 45 years. Originally only Melbourne based, the company now also has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. Company growth has been organic, rather than through acquisitions, as project values have increased as well as the geographic footprint. The current workbook includes over 100 projects exceeding $1 billion in value and employing 400 staff. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

The key to the company’s success is a flat management structure as well as directors being shareholders working in and on the business. The current Directors are part of the “next generation” at Kane, but who have all been in the business for between 12 and 24 years. For more information contact Kane Constructions, 14 Fox Street, Albion QLD 4010, phone 07 3054 1555, email qldcontact@kane., website QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE 179

Below Cladek built the complete external façade system, the balustrades and soffits for the project.

Specialising in commercial plastering and carpentry, Cladek completed the façades, balustrades and soffits to the Springfield Health City One development. Working closely with Knauf Australia and their engineers to come up with a design that would suit this specific project, Cladek built a complete external façade system and a dividing wall between internal/external spaces. Stretching from Level 3 to Level 6 North and South side of Quest, Cladek’s dividing wall demarcates external and internal conditions. All balustrades to Quest, both full and with half height balustrading walls were done by Cladek as well as the Soffits to Level 6 and Ground Floor. The system consisted of a 92mm Metal stud and track which was sheeted both sides with fire rated plasterboard. Flush set, the system provides an airtight finish to insulation surrounding the windows and corners of the internal space. Externally, sarking was first placed to stop any moisture from coming in before 35mm metal top hats where installed to carry the first layer of CFC. To achieve the aesthetic desires of the project, Cladek added on another layer of CFC with 35mm top hats in between the windows. With all these 180 QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE

elements combined, the result was a 206mm thick wall which meets Australian Standards. Operating out of Queensland with three years of experience, Cladek are already well established in the commercial building sector. With over 40 employees, their specialties include internal and external fitouts, architectural ceilings/walls, façade systems and much more. To list just a few of Cladeks ongoing projects, there is the Ripley Town Shopping Center and Village motors comprising four Dealerships: Holden, Nissan, Renault and Used Car. Cladek’s contribution to the Quest Hotel project well exceeded team expectations. At Cladek Australia, expressions of thanks are extended to Kane Constructions, Plastamasta Gold Coast and Knauf for their support and help with the designs of this specific project.

For more information contact Cladek, 15 Mercantile Court, Molendinar QLD 4214, phone 0420 662 350, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Deicke Richards were at the helm of the design for the Springfield Health City One development.

In helping realise Springfield Health City One, architects Deicke Richards did not come late to the scene. Instead, revealing a project connection fostered as early as 2013, the Queensland based firm evaluated possible sites and developed the brief and early concept designs. For the team at Deicke Richards, the early planning stages set the foundation for an urban building engaged with its context and a pedestrian friendly ground plane and entry. In choosing the final north facing site, Project Director, Architect and Urban Designer, Peter Richards said, “It was also about engagement with the adjacent Mater Private Hospital. The earliest thinking was that the uses accommodated in this building should support and complement the hospital development. The specialist, medical and office suites now occupy this north eastern corner of the building, closest to the Mater. The completed building is an integrated mixed use development, extending along the north western edge of the site.” Deicke Richards works across design disciplines, integrating urban design and architectural services, an approach well suited to mixed use developments. “This project also drew on our long history of being involved in housing design, including affordable and disability WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

housing,” Peter said. “It’s been a great outcome to know that part of this development will deliver apartments for MS Queensland and its Project Dignity 120 initiative.” The design practice has worked with Springfield Land Corporation for more than 15 years and contributed to master planning for the city’s expansive health precinct. Deicke Richards is currently working on another nearby development designing three buildings within Aveo Springfield’s integrated retirement community. This work will include retirement apartments, independent living units, wellness facilities and residential aged care. In past Springfield projects, the practice designed the Polaris Data Centre, student accommodation within Education City, and an independent school for Indigenous students, Hymba Yumba Community Hub.

For more information contact Deicke Richards, 58 Baxter Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, phone 07 3852 8700, fax 07 3852 8701, email, website QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE 181

Below SyncWise implemented a complete automation solution in the Springfield Health City One project.

Kopler Hub only 5cm3

Queensland based SyncWise specialise in home and building automation. Contracted to provide smart solutions to the Springfield Health City One project, the company provided the 52 hectare complex with integrated and tailor specific automation. With over 15 years experience in care homes, commercial complexes, residential buildings, smart energy solutions and much more, the automation demands of the mixed use development – including serviced apartments for Multiple Sclerosis Queensland – met with skilled companions. For SyncWise, work included complete building automation comprising control of lighting, blinds, air conditioning, fans, audio/visual, intercom, CCTV and access control. All managed by the Kopler Hub, a unique platform by SyncWise for controlling automation systems, which created one ecosystem that integrates with all and provide one simple and convenient interface. A central monitoring system for staff with a commitment to energy efficiency was provided along side building automation was synced for the 82 Quest apartments over 6-storeys, the Quest childcare centre and ground floor retail plus the 5-storey building housing 18 serviced apartments for Multiple Sclerosis. SyncWise used the latest global standard for home and building automation for the project. In the implementation of a KNX solution, 182 QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE

the company ensured the complex was future proof. SyncWise want their automation solutions to bring ease and comfort to both commercial and residential settings. They are committed above all to its customers. The company has team of 10 employees, whom are always seeking to improve the customer’s experience and to provide them with ongoing support. SyncWise customers can enjoy the physical presence of support staff, as well and remote assistance, which is managed through remote control of a web portal. Their strong value for privacy has enabled them to protect their customers in layers of security, encrypting all user information. Other projects by SyncWise include the Cairns Performing Arts Centre, Beachmere Project, Albany Creek Youngcare Project and Sheraton Mirage, Port Douglas. All projects are featured on the SyncWise website. Whether it is a smart home, smart commercial building, assistive technology for care homes or smart energy management, SyncWise are equipped to service. For more information contact SyncWise, phone 1300 480 770, email, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below INGLASS supplied and installed the bi-fold and sliding doors, aluminum glazed awning windows and fixed windows.

INGLASS Pty Ltd, passionate about glass since 2007, were the team of glass and aluminium specialists that helped realise the Springfield Health City One project. For INGLASS, tailored project specifications meant the fabrication, supply and installation of aluminium glazed awning windows, fixed windows, bi-fold doors and sliding doors. Facilitating ease of use, maximum safety and durability and stylish options for spatial ambience, these INGLASS glazing solutions meant elegance. With bi-fold doors installed at ground level of Quest and designed to accommodate corners without columns, the company has given a slickly finished approach to open air dining for the café.

architecturally designed UQ Margaret Cribb Childcare, 1 William Street internal fitout, and Gasworks Newstead. In all instances their reputation for ‘better service, better results’ is clearly evidenced in the quality of workmanship and rewarding outcome. INGLASS are the one-stop-shop, also boasting their own filming division, INGRAPHICS, for all your filming requirements, and GLASS 360, suppliers and processors of laminated and performance glass. No job is too big, too small or too challenging for INGLASS and their group of companies.

INGLASS trade out of Morningside, Queensland with a team of 39 employees and 10 subcontractors. Project specialities range from architectural to balustrades, commercial projects, internal fitouts, and shop fronts. Current projects see INGLASS involved in commercial and residential fitouts, schools, childcare centres, car yards, glazed awnings and sports clubs. The company have recently completed projects including the WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

For more information contact INGLASS, 17/229 Junction Road, Morningside QLD 4170, phone 07 3329 4000, fax, 07 3899 5000, email, website QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE 183

Below Premier Plumbing equipped the project with civil connections, plumbing, drainage, fire pumps and hydrants.

Commercial plumbing experts Premier Plumbing were engaged for plumbing services to the Springfield Health City One project. Specialising in plumbing needs across a range of industry sectors, Premier Plumbing brought experience and expertise to the mixed use development.

New South Wales the project list is extensive. Premier Plumbing projects include the Queensland School’s Project, RSL Moreton Shores,Miami 1 Apartments, Baxter Street Apartments, Brisbane Markets Carpark and Crosby Road Apartments, QE2 hospital extension.

Utilising six of their 30 person team, the company facilitated plumbing, drainage, civil connections, fire pumps and hydrants for the Greater Springfield specialty suites and the serviced apartment block for Multiple Sclerosis Australia. The project required the new MSQ connection to be drilled under Wellness Way which was a difficult process however Premier Plumbing drew on their 10 years of experience to get the job done. Premier Plumbing’s success stems from their strong reputation for cooperation, flexibility, honesty, and fairness in customer relations. With regular training and employment of project management systems, the company’s employees show consistent excellence. Trading in commercial, industrial civil, high density and high rise residential projects across South East Queensland and Northern 184 QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE

For more information contact Premier Plumbing, 7/45 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, phone 07 5520 4400, website AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION REVIEW

Below Baron Tiling provided an extensive tiling package to the balconies, common areas and apartments for Springfield Health City One.

Queensland based Baron Tiling were contracted for tiling services to the Springfield Health City One development. Designed as a mixed use development featuring Quest Hotel and a Health Precinct, the project for Baron Tiling involved an extensive tiling package to balconies, apartments, lobbies and common areas.

Baron Tiling’s capabilities and resources show them equipped for all types of tiling works including ceramic, porcelain, natural and reconstituted stone; waterproofing; internal/external stone and paving work; screed and levelling of floors; onsite grinding and polishing for stone floors; and sealant joints.

To each of the apartments, Baron Tiling provided tiling to wet areas, kitchen floors and splashbacks as well as tiling and screed to all balconies. Further to this was the tiling work to common areas and lobbies. With all tilers working on Springfield Health City One fully licensed and trained in WH&S issues, Baron Tiling brought to the project the guarantee of safety and professionalism. Further to the Springfield Health City One’s success was the company’s harmonious and efficient teamwork and systematic supervision.

Other projects by Baron Tiling include 120 Marine by Philip Usher and Highline by BPM. Baron Tiling will also be undertaking work on the upcoming Virtuoso by Stockwell. Baron tiling have a commitment to class, and clean workmanship that can be seen in the work they do on all their projects.

Baron Tiling have been trading for over five years with a specialisation in residential tiling. The company stands for innovation, confidence and quality and are well versed in large scale projects for all complexities and types. With experience in stone construction as well as tiling, the company are able to provide an exceptional versatility to the market, perfect for modern developments. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

For more information contact Baron Tiling, Unit 1/28 Newheath Drive, Arundel QLD 4214, phone 07 5519 4999, fax 07 5573 4222, email, website QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE 185

Springfield Health Cit

y One, Queensland



Below Auto Ingress provided swing and sliding door solutions for Springfield Health City One.

Specialising in pedestrian access automatic door manufacturing, Auto Ingress supplied and installed door mechanisms which met both Australian and Disability Standards on the Springfield Health City One development. The project required both swing and sliding door solutions across the two building development. The size and scope of the project was one of the larger jobs undertaken by Auto Ingress, who were required to manufacture and install all required components within two months. Auto Ingress were able to rise to these challenges, providing a high end result within programme time lines. Auto Ingress have been trading for over 20 years supplying their products across Australia, and are considered the largest 100% Australian owned chain and belt driven automatic door supplier. The company offers solutions that include single, bi-parting, bi-slide, curved and revolving automatic doors operators, gate openers, cavity and safety slim doors, as well as a variety of door accessories and parts. Auto Ingress install all units to the AS5007-2007 Standards and have several models tested for the NATA accredited million cycle test. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

Auto Ingress also have a large export market which includes India, New Zealand, Fiji, Vietnam with many other countries in the development stage. The company has supplied doors to a large range of project sectors including shopping centres, hospitals, commercial buildings, governments and universities. Recent projects by Auto Ingress include the Morayfield Hub, Arundel Youth Central and Robina Town Centre. Other national projects include the Westfields, Banks, Aldi Supermarkets, Zarraffas coffee outlets and various government projects such as airports, hospitals, court houses and police stations. Auto Ingress are members of the Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association and the Australian Automatic Door Industry Forum.

For more information contact Auto Ingress, 17-19 Cronulla Court, Slack Creek QLD 4127, phone 1300 138 750, fax 07 3290 1567, email, website QLD PROJECT FEATURE SPRINGFIELD HEALTH CITY ONE 187


Hibernian Place is Perth’s newest world class destination featuring a 368-room, 5 Star Westin Perth with luxury suites, infinity swimming pool, 800m2 column free grand ballroom and a thoughtful mix of hospitality venues, including a wellness spa and high profile bars, restaurants and cafés. A 2,000m2 central plaza incorporates a 22m x 22m Rone mural, rooftop garden and public space to host a range of events and activities throughout the year. BGC Development’s Hibernian Place is at the centre of a new vision to revitalise Perth CBD’s East End. The 368-room, 5 Star Westin has luxury suites, Bodhi J Wellness Spa and pool, an 800m² ballroom, and restaurant, Garum by Guy Grossi. The central plaza with garden terrace has mature trees with a water feature and a mix of hospitality operators. The site is well serviced by public transport, and is within walking distance to the central train and ferry terminals. BGC Development started working on the project in September 2014, with the team managing the design approvals process, and engaged and managed the project’s lead architect, consultants and contractors. Management also involved consistent reporting to key project stakeholders, including; the City of Perth, Tourism WA and State Government. In their role as developer and project manager, BGC Development was responsible for overseeing the procurement of the site, negotiating terms with State Government agencies and representing vendor and the operator, Starwood. BGC Development worked closely with a number of specialist consultants to understand the urban fabric of the surrounding city blocks. With detailed research and analysis to gain insights into key user groups the development team were then able to create a clear strategy and vision to deliver on the desired sense of place, ensuring relevance and creating a vibrant social hub for the City’s East End. Achieving the right mix of tenants was essential for BGC Development as General Manager, Ross Catalano explained, “The BGC Development delivery team was very aware that the success of Hibernian Place would be largely underpinned by curating the right tenancy mix. Our delivery 188 WA PROJECT FEATURE HIBERNIAN PLACE

team personally engaged with a mix of operators. It was essential for us to be hands on in initiating conversations with the right players and offering our insight into the precinct vision.” For BGC Development, the Hibernian Place development signified a new era of thoughtful destinations in Perth. The company took time to investigate and consider Perth’s agenda for promoting inner city living and, following extensive research, and workshops, they instigated a placemaking strategy catering not only to those residents, but also to the growing numbers of students and workers. For both Hibernian Place and The Westin Perth, BGC Development’s internal design and development consultancy and management team also contributed a wide range of solutions including, procurement services for furniture, fixtures and equipment. The BGC Development team had over 500 contractors and suppliers working toward successful delivery in April 2018. “Exceptional standards of design and ingenuity are evident in the timeless quality that shines through every meticulously

considered detail at Hibernian Place and The Westin Perth,” explained Ross. BGC Development specialises in the delivery of mixed use, residential apartments, hospitality and commercial office developments which explore new possibilities in urban planning, placemaking, design and construction. BGC Development manage the full spectrum of project and development management services. The team delivers effective solutions and exceptional value for its clients with an established network of project consultants to plan, manage and deliver on residential, commercial and mixed use development projects. With a successful record of delivering outstanding hotels to Perth, including The Westin Perth and Aloft Perth, BGC Development plan to take its hotel knowledge and transport it to every new project, unlocking greater opportunities in large, complex and strategic projects for their clients. For more information contact BGC Development, Level 5, 22 Mount Street, Perth WA 6000, phone 08 9261 1871, email, website




Below Fozdar Pty Ltd provided specialist advice for top down basement construction and jump forming of all cores and columns for the project.

Fozdar Pty Ltd were responsible for civil and structural engineering for Hibernian Place. The company made use of their considerable experience in fast track commercial building structures in Australia and overseas. The Hibernian Place complex is made up of two concrete framed buildings, a 28-storey hotel tower and a future 28-storey office tower, over a two level basement. Fozdar considered a number of alternative structural arrangements to determine the fastest and most cost effective construction method for the job.

Fozdar Pty Ltd was established 14 years ago, and has offices in Perth and Sarawak, Malaysia. Fozdar recently completed the Darul Hana Bridge in Sarawak. The beautifully curved cable-stay footbridge, built by the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, provides pedestrian access over the Sarawak River to the distinctive Fozdar designed Sarawak Parliament House. The bridge was declared open with spectacular celebrations in 2017.

Irregular podium and basement floors were constructed of in-situ slabs and in the towers the floors were post tensioned. The hotel tower was constructed using a three day floor cycle by jump forming all the core and column elements. “The challenge of the job was the speed with which the building went up. From foundations to rooftop took a year,� said Managing Director, Kamal Fozdar.

Also in 2017, the Fozdar designed Cadogan Song School won the most prestigious award given by the Concrete Institute of Australia, the Kevin Cavanagh Trophy for Excellence in Concrete. This $4 million project involved new work, refurbishment and extensions to St George Cathedral in Perth. The graceful and sculptural forms of the building are precast concrete shells. Fozdar used cutting edge 3D-modelling and analysis software and 3D-printers to rapid prototype the complex, curved shell structures.

For the perimeter top-down basement construction, Fozdar used sophisticated structural analysis and design tools to assess and model soil pressures and propping loads. During the build the actual movements of the basement and retaining walls were found to be within 2mm of predicted values.

For more information contact Fozdar Pty Ltd, 4/369 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000, phone 08 9221 6606, email, website



Below Dorma Heuppe installed the innovative Skyfold® Classic wall system in the Hibernian Hall.

Dorma Hueppe is setting new standards in the movable wall industry. With more than 100 years international experience, Dorma Hueppe is now leading the way in Australia with its delivery of intelligent solutions for flexible space utilisation. As a division of the international dormakaba Group, Dorma Hueppe works closely with their other related movable wall brands, Modernfold and Skyfold®, offering semi and fully automated wall system solutions incorporating the latest developments in movable wall technology. Flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a high priority for offices, hotels, exhibition centres, studios and other commercial premises. This is particularly important in Australia’s major cities where high real estate prices mean the best possible yield must be extracted from each square metre of space. Creative and intelligent solutions are needed that facilitate multi-functional room configuration, allowing for both large and small spaces to be easily created within the one room. Dorma Hueppe provides these solutions with operable partition systems capable of harmoniously combining open environments which do not restrict natural light and sound-insulated room concepts. WWW.ANCR.COM.AU

A stunning example of Dorma Hueppe’s capabilities and products is their recent contribution to the prestigious Hibernian Place. Featuring the magnificent Hibernian Hall as part of the rejuvenation of the historic precinct. Dorma Hueppe installed a sophisticated and unique Skyfold® Classic wall system that vertically retracts into the ceiling. The system has a superior acoustic sound transmission class rating up to STC 60. The installation has a customised finish and is fully automated with a simple keypad operation, which will allow the room to be quickly, safely and quietly reconfigure into conference and exhibition facilities with no manual intervention. Dorma Hueppe anticipates a high level of success with its Skyfold® and ComfortDrive systems in the movable and retractable wall market.

For more information contact Dorma Hueppe, Unit 10, Block R, 391 Park Road, Regents Park NSW 2143, phone 02 9645 8336, hotline 1800 675 411, website WA PROJECT FEATURE HIBERNIAN PLACE 191


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Call for entries are now open for the

2019 Australian Construction Achievement Award KEY DATES Stage 1 entries close 1 November 2018 Finalists announced Thursday 29 November 2018 at the launch event in Sydney Stage 2 entries close 7 February 2019 Winner announced 23 May 2019 at the presentation event in Sydney

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) and Engineers Australia have proudly joined forces over the last 22 years to ensure that the people who are responsible for the nation’s iconic construction projects are recognised through the presentation of the industry’s most prestigious award, the Australian Construction Achievement Award (ACAA). Submitting an entry provides the opportunity for individual projects to showcase the skills and innovation of construction organisations. Project finalists are assessed against the “best of the best” constructors from across Australia. To view the submission criteria, please visit


The winner of 2018 Australian Construction Achievement Award: Optus Stadium and Stadium Park – Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd



Australian National Construction Review  

Winter 2018 issue of the quarterly trade journal for Australian major construction projects. #ancrmagjuly2018

Australian National Construction Review  

Winter 2018 issue of the quarterly trade journal for Australian major construction projects. #ancrmagjuly2018