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An unusual day in Eddie’´s house

When Eddie saw the smoke, he knew he had to act fast. If he didn’t, he and his whole family would die! Everyone was very nervous, but he had to focus on what he needed to do to save them. It was a regular day in Eddie´s house when he realized that the kitchen was burning. Immediately, he went to look for his children and his wife to get them out of there. However, when he found Lorelai, his wife, she told him he had to wait while she was putting together all the family photos, because she didn´t want to lose them. Of course, Eddie told her there wasn´t any time for that, so she started crying. The man didn´t know what to do but, as soon as the children saw the situation, they started

telling their mother that they didn´t need those photos because they were going to take new ones, but only if they went out soon of the house. After that, Lorelai calmed down and Eddie was able to save his family from the fire. Luckily, no one got hurt and the firemen could rescue a couple of photo albums! Lorelai felt so relieved, the children were enthusiastic because they were going to buy a new house and Eddie promised himself he would be more cautious with his next kitchen…

When Eddie saw the smoke, he knew he had to act fast. Before then, he had been peacefully hanging out with his sister Lila through the park, enjoying his day. The family was new at the city and wanted to tidy the house, but the lights had gone off and ruined their plans. He was very relaxed until he saw a huge column of smoke going out of a near house. Desperately, he told his sister: “We have to help someway!”. She agreed, and both of them ran to the house and entered to see if there was someone left. They saw a couple and a child, totally shocked in a corner. The father told them: “We tried to call the firefighters, but the light is still missing!”. After those few words, Lila understood that they had the clue. Hours before, their mother had given them a map not to get lost. The fire station was included in it. She was going to run out of the

house when Eddie said: “No! We’ll be late! We should try to extinguish it!”. “No way!”, she said, “It’s too dangerous! You always want to solve things by your own!”. She was overwhelmed by anxiety. Eddie was about to tell her that he just wanted to help, but she was already leaving. Frustrated, he sent the family out of the house. A few minutes later, Lila and the firefighters were arriving at the house. As they were extinguishing the fire, she stood next to his brother and told him: “I’m sorry of how I treated you earlier. I was really nervous!”. He answered: “I know, there’s no problem. After all, you were right!”. When the fire was over, the family thanked them and they returned home, having a good anecdote to tell.





The morning I had waited for, for so long. It was Wednesday and I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop near my house, when my mum called me to tell me that we were going to travel to Buenos Aires for two weeks. When the tr by car began we noticed that the car lights were broken, it was seven p.m and it started to get dark. We couldn´t come back home because it was at the same distance to Buenos Aires, so we continue with the trip. It was a nightmare!. We did not know what to do. Continuing travelling was as dangerous as going back home. My father could not see anything on the road. We were really scared until Mum said “what if we stay here until the sun rises?” and

we did that. We parked on the side of the road and slept until the following day. I shall never forget this trip, it was dangerous but fun at the same time, since everything turned out okay. Mum and dad didn´t like it, and now they always check the lights before starting another trip. CANDELARIA LLAMAZARES - 4th Year




by 1st Year Students

PAULO LONDRA He is 21 years old. He is from Cordoba. He is a famous singer. He is short and thin. He´s got curly, brown hair and brown eyes. He usually gets up early. He has some breakfast and he goes to university with his friends. He finishes university in the evening. He plays music and sings every day. De la Canal, Sofia

STEPHANE LAMBIEL He´s thirty-four years old. He´s from Saxon, Switzerland. He´s a skater, coach and choreographer. He is known for his spins. He´s tall and thin. He´s got short brown hair and brown eyes. Every morning he does his exercises and skates for hours. The training is difficult and hard. Evelin Dominguez


CAROL GIRANDO NAVARRO She is 28 years old. She's from Colombia. She's a singer. She is tall, thin and pretty. She's got long, straight and fair hair. She`s got brown eyes. She usually gets up early and she has breakfast. She sings in the morning and in the evening too. She usually has lunch at midday. She sometines watches TV and chats online with her friends then she goes to bed at midnight. Gentil, Pilar

THOMAS STANLEY HOLLAND He´s twenty-three years old. He´s got long brown hair and brown eyes. He´s an English actor and dancer. He acts in ´Spider –man: Far From Home´. He gets up early, he has breakfast and he goes to the gym. Later he reads the scripts and he goes to Marvel Studios, he films for hours. He returns home, he has dinner and he goes to bed. Lucio Mailland

FEDERICO VIGEVANI He is 24 years old. He´s from Uruguay but he lives in Mexico. He is a Youtuber. He is tall and thin. He´s got short, straight hair and brown eyes. He usually gets up early and has breakfast. He films in the morning and he always edits the videos in the afternoon. He does exercise every day. He has dinner and he goes to bed at midnight. Gonzalez, Federika



by A ldana & Paloma G iglio 2° YEAR



Ninj a s

by Lino Perone & Francisco Cardenau 2° YEAR




Ireland identity Is a country which is member of the European Union. It's capital is Dublin. The first people of Ireland were hunters and gatherers during the Meseolithic period. Around the year 3.000 a.c. The perfect view Ireland is known as the "Emerald country" due to its amazing natural landscapes like "The Cliff of Moher" or "La Calzada de los Gigantes” Silent and quiet the waterways of the island consist on lakes, canals and rivers. Getting active The Irish stand out in: -Their drinks (they created wishky) - It's one of the greenest places in the world

Spain identity Spain has many outdoor activities, for example Bullfighting. The ONU said more that 50% of Spanish people are women. Spain is in the south of Europe and north to Africa. The perfect view 80% of the wildlife in Europe is in Spain, this is amazing! Every year 600.000 tourists go to Spain to do activities in the mountains. Also you can do activities such as sailing, surfing, and diving because it has many wonderful beaches! By last, Spain has beautiful wild animals like bears, wolves, dolphins, and lynx. Getting active The Spanish people do many sports but football is the most popular one. Spain has two very important football teams, “ Barcelona“, and “Real Madrid”. Swimming is practiced by many people. Surprisingly, basketball isn’t popular there, only the 10% the people play this game.

-The best player of rugby is Irish. -Stand out a lot in rock. Art Ireland is also known for its stories about fairies and goblins that give you good luck.The island is rich in art and folklore, and national historical treasures are preserved in museums. Education Education is financed by the government and is free for most people. The school is obligatory for children from 5 to 15 years of age. SOFIA VISCARDI - 3rd YEAR

Art Since the 18th century Spain has had many famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. In 1790 someone made the fist guitar and 80 years after it changed and kept up until the guitar we know right now. Every year for a week “la fiesta de la tomatina” is celebrated in it, people throw each other tomatoes the whole day, It’s crazy! Education In Spain the education is obligatory from two until sixteen years old. It is divided in three levels, the first from three to six, the second of six to twelve and the third of twelve to sixteen. The Spanish people have to go to school from nine A.M to five P.M but they have two hours to have lunch from one to three. 68% of children go to public schools and only the 6% go to private school ones. BETINA COURTOT - 3rd YEAR


INTRODUCTIONS Third graders tell us about themselves and their families

My name is Clari and I’m ten. My favourite teacher is Rocio. My favourite film is Toy Story 4. My favourite month is July. My dad is Polo. My brother is Tomás, he is thirteen and my mum is Laura. Clara Echaveguren

twelve. My name is Julieta and I’m my family. There are three people in he’s My dad is called Martin and Mirna forty-one. My mum is called ite day our fav and she’s forty-five. My teacher is is Saturday. My favourite every day. Diego. I do my homework e, because My favourite month is Jun ite film it is my birthday. My favour is “Misterio a bordo”. Julieta Rodriguez


My name is Aure. I am 9 years old. I love my family. I have got three brothers and six cousins. My favourite teacher is Flor. My favourite film is Toy Story 4. My favourite month is October.

My name is Julieta and I’m ten.

Aurelia Caturla

There are four people in my family. My brother is called Kevin and he’s twenty-two. My dad is called Cristian and my mum is called Viviana. We live in a flat near the park. My favourite day is Friday because I go to music classes. My favourite teacher is Nicolás. I like lots of films, but my favourite film is Toy Story 4. My favourite month is July because I can play basketball in the park. Julieta Senaldi

My name is Adolf and I’m ten. There are 5 people in my family. My brother is called Simón, he’s eight. My sister is called Lourdes, she’s five. My dad is called Marcos and my mum Carla. We live in a house near the centre. My favourite day is Friday because it is the end of the week. Adolfo Lopez Rouger



What is the greatest value of competitive sports? My experience on competition in general has left me with mixed feelings. While I did not hate it, I honestly can’t really see myself doing it again, it is just not my idea of fun. But I do see thepositive aspects of practising them. What gets brought up when discussing the good aspects of competition is the positive attitude they give you but I disagree, I don’t believe that positivity is something common in anything competitive in general. The main appeal of them is the thrill of having matches against and the satisfaction of winning but losing is common and with that comes negativity that you must overcome in order to truly succeed and not everyone is able to break this barrier. But more determined people will and thus they will reach the glory of not having given up. But what I objectively think, is that the greatest value of competitive sports, and any physical activities general is the healthy lifestyle that comes with it. Training to sharpen your skills in a competition is obviously good for both the body and the mind. Health and energy seem to be lacking in young people nowadays so this aspect should really be considered a huge plus . So, in the end it all depends on what each person seeks and how much effort they are willing to give in order to achieve their goals.

Discussing the values of competitive sports in young people has become an interesting topic in my classroom. I even had to make some notes to give my classmates my point of view. Some of my peers have said that the competition may awake a competitive sense rather than a positive and helpful attitude. They really made a strong point because young children and some teenagers tend to have a priority of winning above learning, meaning that unless guided wisely by an instructor, these young creatures are doomed to believe that winning means everything. Almost half the class supported the idea of sport taking up too much time. If you are planning to take up a sport and realise you could get good at it, and you want to prove yourself that. Turning competition into a habit is a choice that you must consider carefully, because if you are still at school your grades have got to be taken seriously. I stand, however, for the idea of exercising the body because it means a healthy mind. Even though competition might sometimes mean training every day you must never forget what your expectations are and that you can drop out at any time if you feel uncomfortable. It is your life and only you can decide what you will become and what will influence you. The greatest achievement rather than winning is the enjoyment of doing what you like most.




by Sebastián Pallares And I know that one day I’ll be gone, that in just a blink of an eye I will no longer live, I will no longer be able to breathe, to feel, to cry. Someday I’ll stop laughing forever, I’ll stop writing forever, I’ll stop talking forever. My legacy may remain, I might forge myself into history, maybe I’ll matter, maybe I’ll inspire. I could become a martyr, a messiah, or someone who people should read. I could die a hero or live long enough to become a villain, I could be on the news or in a few tears. I have no clue what life will bring between me and the future. There is no way to be certain

that I’ll accomplish what I’ve dreamt of, no way to know if I’ll be relevant. Will I leave a mark? Will I do something of real importance? Will someone remember me? Will I die alone? Life is an uncertainty, and death is just the end of a never ending road.

What to watch and what to avoid by Natasha Choquich

If I had to choose the most uplifting movie I have ever seen, I would totally go for ‘Up’; while the biggest downer I have ever watched is ‘Five Feet Apart’. Let me tell you why. ‘Up’ is a computer-animated film which tells the story of an elderly widower who does the impossible to fulfill his late wife’s dream: travelling to South America. Although many people would consider it a children’s film, it is actually a charming story with a truly deep meaning: no matter what, we can always find a way to move on. The producers have succeeded in creating a film that, even though it is animated, it is believable and true to life. ‘Five Feet Apart’, on the other hand, is a romantic drama about two teenagers who fall in love even though they are both diagnosed

with a strange disease that obliges them to be five feet apart from each other. The actors do such a real performance that you end up getting completely involved in the story. This totally adds to making you feel down and, I assure you, probably burst into tears after watching certain scenes. So, if you want to avoid negative feelings, then you know what to do. I am confident that watching ‘Up’ will be a pleasant experience that you will not regret.


Schools are not Teaching Students the Skills they Need for the Future. by Fátima Cardenou

Literature, Math, Social Sciences… this are things schools have to teach. But sometimes they should also prepare students for reality. Academic knowledge is vital. Most of the time you need it. But, what about putting it to practice? If you don’t apply your knowledge on real life, and you stick with theoretical studies, you won’t gain experience, and you will distance yourself from reality. It´s not the same reading something than doing it. Take as an example a medicine student. He will know a lot, but if he doesn´t practice, what he knows is useless. Schools should also prepare students for living on their own, because once they are living on their own, their parents won’t be there to pay for their living expenses. Schools should teach pupils how to do how to administrate their

own money, how to pay taxes, and so on. At least in the last years, so that teenagers feel more confident to live by themselves. Another thing is that studies are mostly focused on Math, or Sciences. They should expand the possibilities for students. As a student who is interested in Art and Literature, I find it really hard to enjoy classes, and I definitely know I´m not the only one. To finish, I´d like to highlight that the school system needs a few changes. It should have more opportunities and preparation for the real word. I think the world would be happier if we all had the same opportunities in what we love to do.




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