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Alleged Conspiracy Cripples SCG

By Kam Spaulding Anchor Editor

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Obama Packs RIC

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Photos Courtesy of Grace Ionata

The impeachment trial of former Student Community Governement Deputy Speaker Ericka Atwell generated more questions than it answered. By the trial’s conclusion at 2:30 a.m., a verdict had been reached but much more controversy was brewing under the surface. This may lead to many more empty desks in the SCG executive office than Atwell’s alone. The trial began with SCG Treasurer Andrew Jarbeau taking the floor to announce a possible settlement. Before the trial, Atwell met with the Executive Board and came to a compromise that could cancel the trial. The agreement stated that she could Ericka Atwell, stay on Parliament but would be barred from running for high office for defendent the rest of the school year. Before Parliament could vote to accept this motion, they needed to take a vote to decide if they could end the trial. This vote came to a tie; Speaker Michael McKenna was called upon to break the tie. After he called a brief recess to think his vote over, he voted in favor of ending the trial. This vote broke the tie and began the discussion over the punishment. After several votes, the compromise was not approved. The members of Parliament then held a vote to begin the trial as “I was upset that we had planned. This vote passed and to have a trial at all, but I opening statements began. Nicholas Lima, President was mosst upset when the of SCG, started the case by plaintiff dragged SCG presenting his evidence and calling his first witness, RIC through the mud.” - Mike junior Casey Gaul. Gaul testiMcKenna fied that she was under the impression that the petition was for Atwell and signed it. Cross examination by both Atwell and the members of Parliament followed. The second witness called by the prosecution was Ms. Atwell. She was on the stand for over 45 minutes as both sides went back and forth. The case broke for Atwell when the next witness was called. Atwell claimed that she obtained the first 38 signatures with the petitioner. Parliament member Ashley Dalton took the stand to say that when she signed the petition Ms. Atwell was alone; Dalton was signature 25. Atwell then called SCG Secretary Christopher Buonanno to the stand. She asked him if he had signed the petition in question. When he responded “yes,” the room went silent. Atwell pointed out that Buonanno was the fiftieth person to sign and that she was alone at the time. Buonanno admitted what he did was wrong, yet the damage was done. There were rousing closing statements on both sides before Parliament deliberations began. A verdict was reached after a half-hour. Atwell was found guilty on two of the three charges and was impeached. The charge she was found not guilty on was the charge of misleading the executive council. On the two guilty charges Parliament member Jocelyn Dube was the only vote of “not guilty.” Following this announcement, a private session was called by SCG; all those in attendance were forced to leave. The events of this closed-door meeting were disclosed later. Secretary Buonanno announced that he may be resigning from his position. Also, former Vice President Christopher Giroux asked President Nick Lima and Treasurer Andrew Jarbeau to resign. This request has since been recanted on, and they will not be asked to resign.

Nick Lima, prosecution


March 4, 2008


Vol. 80 Issue #21


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“After meeting with Mr. Giroux we have decided that it is best for the student body if the rest of the EC board does not resign,” said Lima. Buonanno will not be resigning unless asked by parliament at this Wednesday’s meeting to do so. “It is in the hand of parliament now.” Was the comment from Buonanno to his decision. He expects the issue to be discussed and resolved one way or another at the next SCG meeting.

By Joe Robillard Anchor Editor

Rhode Island College’s campus overflowed with 10,000 people Saturday to hear Senator Brack Obama speak on the same stage that Hillary Clinton had attacked him from six days earlier. Obama’s speech covered a wide range of issues including making upper education more affordable, the war in Iraq, making healthcare more affordable, and raising the minimum wage. It’s about time we made college affordable for everybody,” said Obama early in his speech. Obama promised an annual $4000 tuition credit in exchange for community service. The event opened to the public at 12 p.m, and was soon filled with 5,000 people; including many college-aged students. Speakers were set up outside of the building for the additional 5,000 people that couldn’t fit inside the Recre-

ation Center. Upon hiss arrival around 2:30 p.m., Obama gave a brief speech to the outside crowd before taking the indoor stage to a screaming crowd. Rhode Island Attorney General Steven Lynch opened the event, throwing his support behind Obama. Rhode Island Representative Patrck Kennedy followed soon after. Charlie Fogarty and Lincoln Chafee were also at the event. Dozens of national media outlets were there covering the event. Mid-speech, Obama responded to some of the attacks brought up by his Democratic Primary opponent. Last week on the same stage, Clinton mocked Obama saying things along the lines of he thought “celestial choirs” would open up. “It is true that I talk about hope a lot. I have to. The odds of me standing here are slim,” ex-

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Big Win in the Little East

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March 4, 2008


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March 4, 2008

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Alcohol Study Shows Trends In College Drinking Habits

By Kam Spaulding Anchor Editor

As Rhode Island College students get ready for spring break, a recently released study states that young women who either become new drinkers or increase their drinking when they attend college also increase their likelihood of being sexually assaulted. So states the new study from the Research Institute on Addictions at the State University of New York. The study surveyed 870 freshmen, 22 percent of whom increased their drinking when they went to college and were victims of physical and sexual assault. Of the students surveyed, 78 percent reported that they were not sexually assaulted. The study also found that the rates of sexual victimization among women who did drink were higher than the rates among those who did not. The three factors that can lead to sexual victimization are psychological symptoms during the first year of college, the number of consensual sexual partners, and increased drinking, according to the study. The study also reported that 15 percent of first year college students are drinking for the first time in college. The effects of alcohol are more likely to influence these students to call attention to themselves, putting themselves at risk for physical aggression. “This is the first study that we know of that has compared risk for physical and sexual assault among college women based on changes in drinking during this transition period,” said Kathleen A. Parks, Ph.D., principal investigator on the study. “Clearly, abstaining from drinking is a protective measure. However, young college women should be aware that be-

coming a new drinker or increasing one’s drinking during this transition increases the likelihood of victimization.” Being a new drinker during the first year of college (15 percent of the women) increased the likelihood of physical, but not sexual, victimization. The researchers speculated that new drinkers’ social and physical inexperience or lack of tolerance for alcohol and its effects may increase women’s impairment when drinking and subsequently, their vulnerability to potential perpetrators or dangerous situations. Continuing drinkers were defined as those who drank the year prior to college and during the first year of college. Of these women, more than half (57 percent) increased their drinking during the first year at college. They drank considerably more than new drinkers on multiple measures of alcohol consumption, including binge drinking 4 or more drinks per occasion and were at greater risk for sexual victimization. The study was funded by a $1.8 million grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The Research Institute on Addictions has been a national leader in the study of addictions since 1970 and a research center of the University at Buffalo since 1999. The University at Buffalo is a premier research-intensive public university, a flagship institution in the State University of New York system and its largest and most comprehensive campus. UB’s more than 28,000 students pursue their academic interests through more than 300 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs. Founded in 1846, the University at Buffalo is a member of the Association of American Universities.

By Grace Ionata Anchor Staff

February was a quiet, uneventful month in terms of crime at Rhode Island College despite the number of incidents; 251. These incidents started on Feb. 11. There were quite a few fire alarms during the month. There was a fire alarm on Feb. 11 in Weber Hall, one on Feb. 13 in Willard Hall, as well as one on the same day in the Nazarian Center. There was also a fire alarm on Feb. 18 in Craig-Lee. There were a number of traffic accidents during the month. There was a traffic accident on Feb. 14 in Parking Lot K, one on Feb. 20 in Parking Lot J, and one on Feb. 22 in Parking Lot K. There were also incidents and reports of vandalism and theft from cars on campus. On Feb. 11, there was a report of vandalism to an auto in Parking Lot L. On Feb. 16, in the Residence Hall Areas, there was a report of vandalism to a vehicle. There was one report of car theft in the Sylvan Forman Center on Feb 25. When asked if students feel safe leaving their cars on campus and why, student Mike Simeone was quoted as saying, “I feel safe because campus police drive around at night.” There were also other miscellaneous reports on campus. On Feb. 15, there was a report of threatening and harassing calls in Thorp Hall. Also on Feb. 15, there was a report of stolen property in the Media Center. On Feb. 16, there was an incident of disorderly conduct in Willard Hall. Also, on Feb. 27, there was a report of drugs in Browne Hall.

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Free free free. The Mentalist

Duo the Evansons shock and

awe every crowd with and amazing talent of mind reading, you

think it they name it. Paranormal phenomenons and so many

right answers all you can do is ooo ahhhh and applaud. A

night of pure fun, entertainment, and amazement. When: March 5th Time: 8-9:30

Place: Student Union Ballroom

March 4, 2008

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Men’s Basketball By Kam Spaulding Anchor Editor

Rhode Island College guard Bobby Bailey came up huge as the Anchormen defeated topseeded and tourney host UMass Dartmouth, 55-52, to win back to back Little East Conference Men’s Basketball Tournaments. Bailey was also named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. Now that they have won the LEC Tournament, the Anchormen must now prepare for the NCAA Tournament which will begin this Thursday. RIC will have to travel to Pomona, NJ to play Nazareth in first round on Fri, March 7. The winner will then go on to play either Immaculata or Richard Stockton on Sat, March 8. LEC Tournament MVP Bailey said, “Winning our second straight LEC Championship is really a special accomplishment for this team. With no seniors and only five returning players, this group really came a long way as far as trusting one another and sacrificing for each other. In the end, everyone stepped up and earned this championship.” Bailey logged 14 points, 5 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals and a block in the title contest. In the 3 LEC tournament games, he averaged 11.7

points, 5.7 rebounds, three assists, 1 steal and 1 block per game. RIC played well for most of the game and led by 10 late in the second half before the Corsairs made a run. Brandon Stephens hit a huge 3-pointer cutting the gap to 49-46 with 2:18 to play, and A.J. Tavares struck with another 3pointer reducing the lead to 51-49 with only 57 seconds on the clock. Bailey made big plays down the stretch and seemed to always want the ball in his hand at the end. UMD big man Dan Holbrook led the Corsairs with a double-double, scoring 16 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. Yet it was the shooting of his teammates that ended this one when UMass Dartmouth was held to 32.8 percent from the field for the game and made 8 of 18 free throws. This was RIC’s second win over UMD in the last three weeks. Both came with Dartmouth ranked in the top 10 and in the Tripp Arena.

March 4, 2008

Funny Sports Links

By Kam Spaulding Anchor Editor

If you’re a sports fan, then you know Bill Simmons. He is a writer for ESPN and has become so followed that he now goes by simply “The Sports Guy”. One of his more well-read columns is his weekly list of links. Well, I figured a few links, mainly some great Youtube, couldn’t hurt here at RIC so here it goes. Two weeks ago I wrote on the utter lack of school pride that is shown at games. So here is a little motivation. First, let’s go stretch out with the fans down at Hope College, j1oHZCTSH2k&feature=related. Now that’s a pre-game warm-up, but maybe you need something more upbeat. Well, over at Archibald they hop on a roller coaster to get pumped

up: Here are the Hawks. Keep in mind this is a high school. Any college should be able to top a damn high school watch?v=qCP85Oftsjo&feature=related. Now this one is my personal favorite so far. These are the Kennel Krazies over at Gonzaga, but it is done everywhere now 8CVc&NR=1. I have to admit that Zombie Nation is becoming overplayed at sporting events, but it was the perfect way to close out are pregame cheer section. Once the game starts that when the true fan spirit comes out and no one has a better way to fill up a time out the Badgers at Wisconsin. This isn’t a song you want to hear everyday but at games it’s always nice. In the words of Will Ferrell in Anchorman: If you don’t like this song I will fight you.” Also there is nothing better than a bunch of college kids expressing their feelings like in this clip: Yet this has to be my favorite, so we’re gonna break it at you from 2 angles. and again: Now that is letting them know the score right there. And there is no better way to wrap it up then with a little court storming action:

Photos courtesy of Joseph Robillard and Kameron Spaulding

March 4, 2008


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By Mystik Aqueerium Anchor Astrologer

Spring Break Horoscopes for the Mundane

Aries (March 21-April 20): Candy Land is a fun game to play, especially when you are drunk. Here’s some advice, dear Aries—make sure you rig the deck and steal Princess Frostine… and if you think you’re too old for Candy Land, there’s always Chutes and Ladders. Taurus (April 21-May 20): Your model car this car is classic. My grandmother drives a Taurus. I think everyone’s grandmother drives a Taurus. I heard it’s coming in Hybrid soon. So let your family take you for a drive someplace nice this Spring Break! Gemini (May 21-June 20): Take a visit this Spring Break someplace exotic… like WXIN’s studio two, now that’s exotic… or the production office… or hell why not RIC TV. Oh and ladies, Big Daddy… it’s all for you. (I heard it’s at least 9.)

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Going someplace tropical for Spring Break should be exactly what the doctor ordered! Well, you’re in college so you’re probably poor and that’s not going to happen. Capri Sun, however, is liquid cool, so buy a case and sit in front of the TV, and cry.

Leo (July 23-August 22): Stay the hell away from Sweaty Betty’s! They don’t call it that for nothing… that is, unless you’re really trashed and looking for some good eats at 4 am… Neptune is also speaking to me… right now… yeah that’s right, this diesel planet just fell from the sky to whisper to me. Neptune told me to tell you that you have a hot mom. Virgo (August 23-September 22): The dating scene is looking zesty, dear Virgo. It’s time to make that big decision and ask the guy/girl out. You know, the one in that stupid Gen. Ed. Class that you always skip, who seems so nubile and delish! Go for it before Spring Break happens and they get laid in Aruba.

Libra (September 23-October 23): Drugs are dandy! Actually, I bet you’re sick of all the drug-related horoscopes by now, so I’m going to spice this up a little. Put some oregano in a baggy and take it to class. See, nothing to do with drugs!

Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Electric L is a good DJ on WXIN. Electric eels, on the other hand, cause mild discomfort when grabbed by bare hands. I do not suggest or recommend doing this. However if you really dislike your roommate, putting one in their pillowcase might give them a shock when they walk in wasted on Thursday night!

Sagittarius (November 23-December 22): To be honest I wrote all the other horoscopes before yours. This means my crystal balls are being murky about your fate, dear Sagittarius. So instead, I offer you some trivia! Did you know Special K has 110 calories per serving? Did you know Pluto’s not a planet anymore? Did you know that New Res smells like a plastic bin? Capricorn (December 23-January 20): Nothing will bring you down this Spring Break, dearest Capricorns. That is, unless your roommate decides to put an electric eel in your pillowcase. In the event that said eel disturbs your drunken slumber, nothing says revenge like slipping them a piranha in their cup of Del’s lemonade.

Aquarius (January 21-February 17): In case you were wondering, “What the hell, Mystik, why does the dates for Aquarius keep changing?” it’s because I Google for dates and everyone says something different. So if you were born on one of those lovely cusps, tough crap. Otherwise, for Spring Break you should definitely do something fun like go ice skating downtown, or maybe fly to Antarctica and enjoy 24hour daylight. Get your tan on! Pisces (February 18-March 20): Happy Birthday, Pisces! Well, for some of you it’s a little late. If you are turning 21, now is definitely the good time to get inebriated as it is nearly Spring Break. Otherwise live it up and have a happy birthday! (Bet you were expecting doom and gloom, huh?)

Obama, cont. from front plained Obama. The visit to Rhode Island was Obama’s first presidential visit to the Ocean State, and the largest such event since then-President Bill Clinton’s visit in 2006. Senator Hillary Clinton’s rally at RIC only drew around 2,000 people last week. Several of Obama’s comments drew extremely loud roars of approval from the crowd. “No matter what happens, the name George W . Bush won’t be on the ballot!” he roared. “The name of my cousin Dick Cheany won’t be on the ballot,” he joked about a recent lineage report that distantly connected himself to the Vice President. Also popular with the crowd was his reference to Clinton signing Bush’s “a resolution authorizing the used of the United States armed forces against Iraq.” “I knew what it was. Lincoln Chafee knew what it was,” he exclaimed while pointing to Chafee in the crowd. His speech, in line with his campaign, carried the theme of “hope” throughout. “Here’s what I know Rhode Island, that nothing worthwhile in this country has ever happened, except somebody, somewhere has been willing to hope.” He concluded his speech, having to shout over the screaming, “We will change the world.” He certainly had that room believing.

Photos courtesy of Kameron Spaulding


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March 4, 2008


An Open Letter to Parliament and the SCG Executive Board By Joan Barden Anchor Contributor

For those of you who don’t know me, let me first introduce myself. I am Joan Barden, and since September 2003, I have been the Office Assistant at Student Community Government (SCG), one of two permanent workers there. February 2008 will go down as one of the most stressful months for me. I am at this point contemplating leaving SCG. But this is not why I am writing this letter. I think it is time for me to put in my two cents worth on recent events in SCG. I have heard credible rumors that a couple of Parliament members are going to ask for the resignations of 4 fine gentlemen who I have had the pleasure of working with this year and last. And if they will not resign, these same members will ask for my Executive Council (EC) to be impeached. I have also heard rumors that my EC may offer their resignations in order to save SCG and Parliament the distractions of another impeachment hearing. I am asking that Parliament does not ask for their resignations, refuses them if they are offered, and drops the impeaching of anyone else. It would be a disaster. I am also asking that the administrative, faculty and staff representatives help this Parliament. I have heard that this is a learning experience over and over this past week. This Parliament needs your guidance. Learning cannot happen if no one teaches. I have worked with President Nick Lima, Secretary Chris Buonanno, Treasurer Andrew Jarbeau and Speaker Mike McKenna for two years in various capacities. Each and every one of these men has been dedicated to SCG, Parliament, the student body, the clubs they belong to, and Rhode Island College as a whole. None of them deserve to resign, never mind be impeached. Ms. Atwell’s deplorable actions towards Chris Buonanno and, in turn, the rest of the Executive Council at her impeachment hearing were uncalled for and spiteful. She did it to “throw the Executive Council under the bus” as she has said she would do over and over again. Then the grapevine was aquiver with the whispers of conspiracy that went around the room! There was no conspiracy. Chris is a great kid who was having a couple of real bad days. He never even thought about what signing

By Paula Richer Anchor Staff

that petition meant because he was consumed with another problem, the reason he was in that building in the first place. And when I brought my concerns about that petition to the EC, no one had even looked at the signatures on the petition when they made decisions on how to proceed. A “cover up” never, ever entered anyone’s minds.

Enough about that, let me tell you some of the projects these four gentlemen have been working on… I consider President Nick Lima to be the heart and soul of SCG. He has worked tirelessly for the student body. I know he has been in the office until the wee hours working on the policy revisions. He is trying to update everything so future SCG administrations have a firm foundation to build upon. He’s the one that made me believe this year’s Parliament would be different. Secretary Christopher Buonanno has been processing club constitutions thoroughly and quickly. He planned a wonderful Holiday Party, is having a Round Table meeting every month, works with club members to promote their projects, and is SCG’s main liaison with Student Activities. He is putting together a comprehensive Student Organizations Committee Policy that includes the

STORGY Awards nomination/voting procedures. He also makes me laugh daily. Andrew Jarbeau has been a great Treasurer. He has made it a priority to get through the Finance Commission agenda quickly so the clubs do not have to be tabled for a meeting that is two weeks away. He works tirelessly to make sure conference requests come in complete the first time so they can get through Finance in one shot. He has been working on revisions to the Funding Policies to make it clearer for the clubs and for future SCG treasurers. Michael McKenna has been a wonderful Speaker. As you probably know, I don’t go to the Parliament meetings, but have heard nothing but praise for him. The meetings run in a smooth and orderly manner. He has also been an asset in the office, helping wherever it is necessary. He has been working on the revisions to the By-Laws once again for the betterment of future SCG administrations. Now let me tell you what will happen if these men resign… These men are the officers of the corporation. Without them, all SCG business will come to a screeching halt. Constitutions will not get processed. The STORGY Awards will most likely be cancelled because there will be no one and no time to finish the preparations. Finance will have no Chair and Finance Commission meetings will take longer if they happen at all, because who will run them? Clubs coming in with budget questions will have to wait to get their information. Parliament meetings have the potential to dissolve into the chaos they have been in the past. Any By-Law changes you were looking to get through this year will not happen. The potential for the class elections to get pushed off until September is a distinct possibility. What about the initiatives that you have started? They probably won’t get anywhere. What about the Organizations you govern? No one will be there to answer their questions because there is only so much that Sally and I can do in the place of one person missing, never mind 4. This has been a very tough month. It started with former VP Chris Giroux’s resignation and now we are here. I had such high hopes for this year’s Executive Council and Parliament. There is still a chance to salvage the rest of this year and make it the best. I am asking all of you to work together to make it happen.

Gimme a (Spring) Break

What’s the deal? Call me Stupid, but I’ve always thought Spring Break was, oh I don’t know, how can I put this…a BREAK. But apparently I was mistaken. As a now-Junior collegiate, I am painfully aware that Spring Break holds no promise whatsoever of offering an actual recess between episodic chunks of school. Yes, it’s true that we don’t have to attend class next week. But that doesn’t compare with the hours we’ll need to spend doing all the extra homework. Certain professors not only ignore the purpose of Spring Break but instead actually pile on the studying, papers and projects due immediately afterward, as though it were some last ditch effort to short-circuit our brains. Two years ago (before I had any inkling about this cruel and baffling practice) I had actually made vacation arrangements with a group of fun-loving friends to lounge, loiter, and linger at some lusty sundrenched locale before I knew I was going to have a 15-20 page paper due upon my return. So instead of frolicking with my friends all day long at the vacation spot, I spent every morning holed up in my room with my books, my laptop and my own dizzying internal rhetoric on the effects of post-modern

feminism. It wasn’t exactly what I would call fun. It wasn’t exactly what I would call fair. And it was most definitely not what I would call a “break”. Don’t get me wrong. I actually love doing my homework during the rest of the semester. I love my classes, I love my professors, and I’m enthusiastic about my major, Public & Professional Communications. Furthermore, I

have no aversion to hard work and I look forward to the learning process. But I’m also astutely aware of the critical importance of taking a break --a REAL one – with the kind of mental, emotional and physical downtime that recharges my body, mind and soul, and allows me to re-

turn to my routine with a fresh perspective in full force. If I can’t have that in a break, I really don’t see the point in having one at all. I would rather plough straight through the spring semester and finish school one week earlier (heaving from the pace but armed with yet another substantial accomplishment under my belt) than to be teased with a “weak” off from classes that I can’t have any real fun with. And you know, my friends, this is just my story. What about all of you “señors y señoritas” who like to party down in Cancun (or any other destination location) during this outrageously popular rite of passage? Your Spring Break vacation style certainly requires more energy than does mine (yes, those days are behind me). Whenever I see you poor partiers-gone-wild, how my heart breaks for you! When will you finish reading all those chapters? How can you possibly deliver that A-grade report on time? And can ever recover from what was sure to be one of the most awesome times of your lives? Oh, I feel your pain! However you decide to spend your Spring Break this year, whether you’ve got books to hit, sexy swimsuits to sport (or ogle), or a chance for a genuine breather, just think of me slaving away at my computer, probably overwhelmed but admittedly pretty happy, too. Come summer, though, I’m right there with ya.

All opinions in The Anchor are those of the individual writer and do not necessarily represent the views of The Anchor. We urge all members of the RIC community to take advantage of The Anchor’s editorial pages and send us their opinions. We remain true to our motto “free access to ideas and full freedom of expression”. Submissions must be under or around 700 words. Since we receive so many letters each week, entries will be published based on relevancy and time sensitivity. All entries are considered and carefully read.

March 4, 2008

Differences between Latinos and African Americans Anchor Staff

By Anel Pichardo

There are distinct differences between Latino Americans and African Americans. Some disparities are obvious, such as language, while others are subtle and not as easy to pin down. Deviations in language, history and cultural backgrounds have made these two groups dramatically different. The United States has a large number of Latinos that have migrated into the country in recent years. Nevertheless, many Latinos have a long history and lineage that go back several generations in this country. Many of these families have assimilated and integrated into the fiber of American society yet have retained some of their unique cultural characteristics that make them different from African Americans. Although many Latinos and African Americans live in the same communities and influence one another, there unique differences in how they relate and adapt to their circumstances. Many Latinos have fostered some African American cultural adaptations such as rap music. Nevertheless, there are differences in the Latino “rap;” there are unique cultural identities that come through. For African Americans, it has been a long struggle to be recognized and assimilated into the society. On the other hand, Latinos have had meteoric momentum in our society. For example, the sheer number of Latinos that have entered the United States has caused a dramatic change in several areas of life such as media, government, employment, just to name a few. Everywhere you go, you find a Spanish translation. Although African American music and fashion has had a deep impact our society’s history it has not been as dramatic as some of the influences of the Latinos. Latino music, dance, language and foods are becoming commonplace in every sector of our society. On some levels, the lines between the races have been blurred. Nevertheless, there are many distinctions. In the Latino community, there are blacks that were born in Latin America, the Caribbean, and South America. For the most part, these immigrants, as their descendants, consider themselves Latinos, not Blacks. They have distinct histories and cultures that they associate with that are quite different from African Americans. For example, their foods are quite different from African American cuisine. As you can see, history and culture make African Americans and Latinos dramatically different.


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Why Is It So Important to Attend Class? By Mery Vieira Anchor Staff

Without fail, just about this time, right before spring break I think to myself: I deserve a day off, a few days off for that matter. Then, as if my inner thoughts were channeling some sort of cosmic energy for a response – I do get a day off, but not in the way I had imagined. Whoever coined the phrase “be careful for what you wish for” must have been speaking from personal experience. It’s week six, the time when teachers stop assuming that you’re doing the work and start whipping out the friendly pop quizzes, the informal presentations, and the ungraded paper assignment “just to get a feel for your writing skills and where you are in the course.” Right, and Barack Obama’s my fifth cousin once removed. I mean seriously, it’s a conspiracy. Nothing happens for five freaking weeks and all of a sudden – wham! You get a ton of work upside the head. That’s the week your car breaks down, your meal plan’s down to $1.46, and you find out that the series of migraines you’ve been having is not because of your loud and obnoxious neighbor, but because you grind your teeth when you sleep. And to top it off, the doctor’s secretary says your co-pay for that migraine visit will be $112, thank you, and that they accept major credit cards. What? Couldn’t I have just taken an Advil? And that’s when you want and need to attend to class. Two days off and your entire first half of the semester is looking sadder than a Britney meltdown. You need a major comeback. So you get up early, stay up late, and order up a couple of mocha lattes with a side of black to go. You sit upright, whip out the highlighters, and raise your hand high like you’re the one filming the Secret Dry commercial. You’re not being ridiculous; you’re trying to make sure the teacher remembers you, trying to re-establish your position in the class – the same position you thought you didn’t need to establish until you came back a to find someone else sitting in your corner spot of the room. And let’s not stop there. You know you can’t

just raise your hand and just spew at the mouth – you have to bring it, bring on all the studying and understanding and turn it into the most concise and poignant statement you’ve ever uttered in your academic career – the vultures around the room can sense your eagerness and would love nothing more than to see you make a fool of yourself. So you reach into the back end of your mental hard drive and pull out the theme song for Rocky V and see everyone in the room as the evil Russian. You didn’t pull all nighters for 3 days straight not to win this fight. And then it happens. The teacher calls on you, the room closes in on you, and your voice slips from your lips. You can’t remember what you just said, but judging from the disappointed faces and the casual way in which the teacher resumes class as if you had never said a word tells you that you’re safe. You’re back, baby. It is business as usual. But here is the real pay off. The next time you attend class, a number of people move aside, offering you a place to sit next to them. And all of a sudden the teachers call roll and check off your name without you even having to raise your hand. You smile inwardly and realize that you’ve not only regained your position, you’ve become part of community – a classroom community. This is why it is important to attend class. This is not just because the teacher will mark down your grade otherwise, not just because you actually need to learn the material in order to pass. No, that’s not why you must attend class, and I’ll go so far as to say why you should want to attend class. The real reason why you should want to attend class is because you matter, your opinion matters, your ideas matter – your very presence (even if you do not say a word the entire semester) matters. If no other reason than to let others students know that they are not in this alone, you matter. We all have to do this learning thing. Isn’t that why we enrolled in college? So why not do it together? Think about it the next time you want to miss class. You might not miss much. But you just might be missed after all.

Thoughts from the End of the Rainbow: That Article

By Andrew Stewart Anchor Staff

So I’m sitting here at 2 a.m., trying to figure out just how the hell I’m going to write this. The white monster is a real drag. White monster is my nickname for writer’s block. It’s that big gaping space staring back at you, whitewashing you constantly, taunting you, and laughing it up while you suffer. “Ha ha, here I am again, all this open space that you can’t fill, Stew, you can try with a thousand would-be topics and try to sound like some hot writer by ripping Dickensian structure, but I’m still here, pal. You ain’t going nowhere, it’s me and you for the long one, bub, over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. You can try all the Judy Garland crap and outrageous statements to try and start controversy about being a gay Catholic, but I’ll still be here, and you will have nowhere to go. “C’mon, smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, we’re in for a good time.” See what I mean? He’s just such a drag to hang out with. This is the dumbest idea yet. I played it safe for two articles, talking about girltalking and my dog. I even told myself I wasn’t going to let myself write this article, not just because my cousin is a priest, or that I’m from one of those classic guilt-ridden Irish families, or because this is such a beaten path it’s almost like the 6-10 connector, or because I think a lot of priests, including Fr. Mike, are awesome guys. It’s not even because even though I feel a lot of pain because of my faith, I don’t like people lumping Mother Church in with Jerry Fallwell-type fundamentalist churches or because it seems almost like a cop-out to pull the religion card out of the deck of random topics when you are just writing an article for the fact you have to make deadline, rather than having a real reason. No, I didn’t want to go down this road for my own sake. I don’t want my faith in the public square. Jesus and I need to figure something out, that’s for sure. I have a lot of pain I’m dealing with but the fact is that’s my relationship with the Big Man and a lot of very silly idiots got the very wrong idea at some point in that they think they have a

dog to pick in that one. Each and every person’s personal relationship with whatever they pray to, believe in, and whatever is a wonderful and important thing. But it’s a personal relationship. As in it is none of my business. As in back off, dude, I’ve got my own relationship to worry about. Do your thing and let me do mine. The simple fact is that the Catholic Church will never sanction homosexuality and say that having homogenital experiences are okay. Depending on which priest you ask, they may not even believe in it. I remember priests telling me “Don’t worry, it will go away” or “It’s hormones” when I was in high school. I looked into Courage Ministries, the Vatican-sanctioned gay ministry, and the founder was talking about his groups that turn guys straight and about how at the heart of every gay is someone who was born to be straight. This means that somewhere along the line there was a mistake in how they were raised or there is some defect in their

head, but they SHOULD be straight, and, hey, maybe could, which kind of implicitly means that since there is a way for gay people to fix themselves, they should. But at the core of the issue are some passages in Leviticus, the Pauline Epistles, and some other scattered references that make it quite clear that buggery is a big no-no. And there is no way around it, if you read those references and absorb the lesson of the law, it isn’t looking pretty. So I come again to this place, my own Gethsemane. I kneel before the Virgin and can only look up at her. I really don’t know what to say. I can’t believe Jesus doesn’t want me for a sunbeam, I won’t believe it. I refuse to let anyone tell me what the status of a relationship I am in is like. I know deep down where I stand with the big JC. Straight guys out there, imagine if someone was telling

you that you couldn’t even kiss a girl, flirt, get her number, or hold hands. That’s what I’m dealing with. The rule is that gay guys should do nothing sexual. As in, don’t even think about getting more than that cute boy’s views on the Patriots. Better yet, don’t even think of that boy that way. Man, it’s enough to make you go batty. No wonder so many gay men commit suicide. We aren’t all pagans. A lot of us are nice guys who just found something that was different in us. I’m not a bad guy (well, except maybe when I get real drunk over the pain this whole religious thing causes, I make a major fool of myself). And the fact is that no priest can truly get down to my level when I talk to them. None of them know what it’s like. There are a few things that must be experienced to be truly understood, like getting kicked in the junk. I can’t explain that one to a woman, but every man just knows. Being gay is the same thing. Maybe it goes to that moment when a gay person has that realization, that moment when you sit there one day, the pot boils over, everything explodes, there’s Pink Floyd’s The Wall blaring in the background, and then there is quiet, and you know. Everything is real still. It’s like bullet time in The Matrix and you just know. You may have dodged it before but something just exploded in your head, the wall was torn down. You can’t ignore it anymore. You can’t go on fooling yourself with fake relationships. No one else but you knows right now the most important and scary thing you ever realized, that you are a homosexual. You are a man and you want to be with a man. What the-? Did I just think that? OH MY GOD! SAY WHAT?! MAKE IT GO AWAY, MAKE IT GO AWAY, I LIKE GIRLS, C’MON, I’M STRAIGHT, C’MON, NO, I DON’T WANT TO, NO! THIS ISN’T FAIR! NO, I DON’T WANT TO BE! I CAN’T BE! PLEASE, NO, GOD, NO! But then you sit and think and when you come back and it’s still there. God can’t even change that one. You can’t, even with booze or drugs. A guy is still good looking when drunk and a girl just has a nicer looking purse. It’s never going to change and the only thing you hear is the quiet. The silence engulfs everything. No answer, no words, nothing. And then I find Him.


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March 4, 2008


By Andrew Massey Anchor Editor

Noobs: Terrorists in Disguise?

According to Wired, an increasingly popular technology magazine and website, the government is beginning a new project called the Reynard Project. What it will do is monitor the activities of the players of the well known game, World of Warcraft, in hopes that they will be able to find terrorists or those who would engage in acts of terrorism. They will monitor the behaviors and culture of the players to determine what the norm is. From there, they hope they will be able to automatically detect suspicious behavior and possibly be able to link this to terrorism. As a World of Warcraft (WoW) addict, let me enlighten all of you to how bad of an idea this is. First off, there are two types of WoW players, avid and casual. Now this is to varying degrees but for the most part, players fall into one of these categories. A casual player is someone who will play WoW for 1 or 2 hours a day on average. Some may play up to 3 to 4, but usually no more than that. These people have what many of us call “lives.” They engage in other social activities, may be in a relationship, and know what the outdoors is, even if they try and avoid it. Avid players only leave the world of Azeroth for 1 of 3 things: food, the bathroom, or work, and these occurrences are only done sparingly. Now you may be thinking that I forgot sleep in that list. I did not. Sleep is for noobs, as they would put it. These are the people who can get their characters from level 1 to 70 in a week. These people scare me. Now you ask, what does all of that

have to do with the Reynard project? Simply put, the project will be getting more consistent information from the avid players. While the casual gamers outnumber the avid ones in World of Warcraft by a significant amount, they are not always on. It will be millions of people, all with different personalities, switching on and off the servers, and the Reynard project will not get as much consistent information from them as they will from the people who are playing constantly. This will affect what Reynard determines as the norm, to a degree. Thus, the casual players may be more likely to be viewed as conducting suspicious behavior when they are mostly just average Joes looking to blow off some steam after working 9-5. I say this without even including

the people who engage in “gold farming,” the act of repeatedly killing monsters and going through dungeons to accumulate large amounts of gold and sell it to other players for real money, an act not endorsed by Blizzard. I can only imagine how this will affect the project. The second reason this project is doomed to fail is how people act on WoW. For the most part, people act decent on the game, and the atmosphere is friendlier there than it is in other MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games) I’ve played. However, if you give someone anonymity and a voice for everyone to hear them, there is a chance they will act like an arrogant jerk or a complete idiot. People go on t o

MMOs to pretend to be someone else, whether it be a sneaky rogue, battle hardened warrior, or a sadistic jerk who likes to kill new players for fun. Even if you are in a group of all around good guys (or girls), a lot of frustration and anger can be had if you have a purposely stupid player involved. People tend to get annoyed when they have died 5 times because the warrior who is supposed to be protecting them thinks it would be cooler if he shot his gun at the party, or the priest who is supposed to be healing thinks he can deal damage. Truth is, a lot of people act different in online games than they do in real life. To prove this, all someone has to do is created a character for the Horde and go into The Barrens. 5 minutes of people screaming “CHUCK NORRIS!” and your mom jokes should be enough to convince anyone. Trust me when I say that the Reynard project will likely fail, or at least I hope it does. With the government already monitoring phone calls, emails, and internet activity, MMOs used to be a safe haven. Now we are no longer safe from prying eyes even there. Video games are not evil. People usually play them to relieve stress and have fun. Chances are good that members of Al-Qaeda are not wasting their lives playing World of Warcraft. If they were, it would make me wonder if they play Horde or Alliance. Andrew Massey is a third year Psychology Major and is the current Opinions and Lifestyles editor of The Anchor. He plays as a Blood Elf Hunter on the Terokkar server. Everything he does in his life, he does for the Horde.



How important do you feel Student Community Government is to the Rhode Island College campus? Why?

Cassy Taverna Communications 2010 I think Student Community Government is important to RIC because it gives the students of RIC a voice and also provides structure. Jennifer Camara Nursing 2010 Student Community Government is important, however, the candidates who run should take more responsibility if they want to run, and should not run as a joke to impress friends.

Mike Macedo Psychology 2011 I think SCG is important to the RIC campus because it centers the campus. It is mostly a commuter school, but I think it is very important to be involved and be social. Michael Bonora Health and Phys. Ed. 2010 I think SCG is really important to the Rhode Island College campus. They help regulate budgets and have influence on how our money is spent.

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March 4, 2008


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World of Warcraft: A Primer Part 4: Starting Your Journey By Adam D. Bram Anchor Staff

So everything is all set and you’re ready to start your adventure. The narrator gives you a lovely introduction to the history of your race. Now, the character you’ve sweated over every aspect of is standing before you. Other player’s toons are jumping around all over the place and you realize you have no idea where to start. Quests: Well, fear not. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of it. You won’t have to go far until you see a Non-Player Character (NPC), an in-game artificial intelligence, with a huge yellow exclamation point hanging over its head. These are known as Questgivers. Naturally, they give Quests. Quests are the primary source of experience points (which will level your character and make it stronger), free nextlevel weapons and armor, and reputation points with the other races (good for shop discounts and purchasing riding creatures/Mounts, i.e. horses or wolves, at higher levels). Many quests will involve, like the classic South Park episode, going into the forest and killing boars and mundane tasks like that. Maybe you’ll be asked to find an artifact deep behind enemy lines. Eventually, someone will want the head of another party that has been causing grief for the specific village. This is why it’s usually a good idea to “collect� as many quests you can for a certain area and grab all the necessary items you need to be on your way to and from hostile territory. Sometimes Questgivers will give you vague directions or you’ll find that you’ve killed 20 beasts and only found 5 of the 10 items you need from them. So very politely recruit other nearby adventurers who may be on the same quests. Work together as a team to get your common goals achieved quickly. Unfortunately, not everyone in the World of Warcraft is willing to help, and amazingly few of them grasp the English language. If someone is

helping you, be nice to them and give them the proper respect. If they are behaving horribly, contact a Game Master. However, they should be contacted only in extreme cases. In cases where the other party is just an annoyance, it is acceptable and probably preferable to give them a taste of their own medicine (i.e. when your partner pretends you don’t exist and still takes part of your experience and most of your loot, get the quest item you need and then jump out the window while he is swarmed by enemies). Since you were helping them as much as they were helping you, it might teach them to be a little more considerate in the future. Talents: Talents come into play at Level 10. From that level on, you will get 1 skill point per level to augment your class abilities (and even learn some new ones without having to pay a trainer). Each class has 3 different skill trees. Though it is perhaps better in the long run to distribute equally across the board, it is generally advisable to pick a specialization in order to use some more powerful abilities sooner. The only downside to specialization is that you will have very clear weak points. For an example, let’s look at the Shaman class (again, available to Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and Draenei). Their 3 trees are Elemental, which strengthens elemental attacks, Enchantment, which gives their totems and protective spells a boost, and Restoration, which makes their healing spells more effective. Obviously, you can use spells from all disciplines regardless of your specialization. However, your specialized spells will always be stronger than the rest for your level. Professions: Once you venture from the starting area, you’ll notice that towns and villages will have Profession trainers in addition to the normal Class trainers. Professions allow you to create things that you and your friends can use

t&s ositive &m regnant regnancy ests ltrasound

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from elements picked up. There are 2 kinds of professions: Primary and Secondary. You may only know 2 Primary Professions at any one time. Luckily, all but 2 are complimentary. Herbalism collects supplies for Alchemy (potion-making). Skinning collects supplies for Leatherworking (making leather armor and items). Mining collects supplies for Blacksmithing (making metal armor and weapons), Engineering (making interesting weapons and gadgets), and Jewelcrafting (using gems to augment weapons and armor). The other 2 are Tailoring (making cloth armor) and Enchanting (magically augmenting weapons and armor), which are both perfect for spellcaster classes. There are only 4 Secondary Professions and you can know them all if you want. First Aid and Cooking are for cheap minor healing and buffs (augmentation spells), Fishing gets supplies for Cooking, and Riding (only available at level 40 or higher) will let you procure a Mount to move across the world map a lot faster. Final Words: So there you have it: A very beginner’s guide to the World of Warcraft. If you need more information on classes, races, and skill, visit for one of the most comprehensive official online game guides around. Need help on a Quest? Visit for good directions and locations. Happy Adventuring! Adam D. Bram is a staff writer/cartoonist at The Anchor. He urges any readers out there thinking of starting a Horde character and looking for company to create said character on the Windrunner Realm and send an in-game letter of intent to “Deadpoolwade.� One of his characters on that realm will be there to assist at the earliest convenience.

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March 4, 2008

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The Other Boleyn Girl

By Cailin Humphrys Anchor Staff

As a big fan of Philippa Gregory’s novel, The Other Boleyn Girl, I was incredibly excited to hear that director Justin Chadwick was tackling the movie version. Starring Natalie Portman as the notorious Anne Boleyn, Scarlett Johansson as her little-known sister Mary, and Eric Bana as the insatiable King Henry VIII, it looked to be a promising movie with an allstar cast and a brilliant novel to base the script on. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts on the parts of Portman, Johansson, and Bana, the movie fails to deliver. The story is a familiar one with a twist. Everyone knows about how Anne Boleyn seduced Henry VIII away from Katherine of Aragon and helped to bring about the historical break from Rome and the Catholic Church. However, what many people don’t know is that before Anne, her sister Mary had her turn in the King’s heart and bed. It is a story that truly portrays what it is to be a sister, especially in the ever-changing world of Henry’s court and especially when your sister is Anne Boleyn. The movie tends to focus mostly on the bond between the two girls and not as much on the historical events that pushed Anne into a position of power in the first place. Johansson does a believable job of portraying the beautiful, innocent, and naive Mary who is al-

ways invisible when compared to Anne. Portman, as the tempestuous and seductive Anne, gives a tour-de-force performance as the sister that history remembers. However, history aficionados beware: the movie flattens, changes, or entirely skips over plot points that those who are very knowledgeable about the Tudor period in history will notice. The movie is better appreciated for its sumptuous costumes, convincing acting, and unflinching portrayal of the relationship between Anne and Henry. If the fact that the movie almost entirely skips over Henry and Katherine’s divorce, that the movie names Mary as the younger when historically, she is the elder, and that it ends showing Mary as raising the young Princess Elizabeth (which did not actually happen), bother you, then do not go see it. In terms of how the movie reflects the novel, it does so well for the most part. Though the characters of William Carey and William Stafford (Mary’s first and second husbands) were almost entirely written out and the character of George Boleyn (Mary and Anne’s brother) who has such a large part in the book, is barely there, the movie does a decent job of reflecting the true nature and thematic elements of the original story. All in all, it is not a waste of money. If you’re expecting historical accuracy or an exact retelling of the book, however, it’s not worth your time.

Everything Is Illuminated

By Caitlin Massey Anchor Contributor

You’re at Blockbuster, browsing the store, unimpressed. Or perhaps you’re on Netflix, hitting the “next” button over and over again. You’ve already seen all the movies on display or the ones you haven’t seen look just like the ones you have seen. Trying to find a good movie to watch should never be boring, so I’ll be making some suggestions of movies that you might not be familiar with. Everything Is Illuminated is a 2005 film based on the quirky novel of the same name, written by Jonathan Safran Foer. Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Paris, je t’aime) stars as Jonathan, a young Jewish American with some odd traits. You see, he collects everything (and I mean everything) that has to do with his family and his heritage. But there is one member of his family whose life is shrouded in mystery: Jonathan’s grandfather. In the hope of obtaining answers and information, he travels to the Ukraine to find Augustine, the woman who helped his grandfather escape from the Nazis in 1942. Wood is as earnest and endearing as ever and brings a real sense of honesty to the film. Eugene Hutz makes his debut as Jonathan’s Ukrainian travel guide, Alex. You may know Hutz as the lead singer of the self-proclaimed “gypsy punk” band Gogol Bordello (the entire band make an appearance in one scene, and their music is featured throughout the film). Alex is an American popculture lover who speaks English as if he learned it

from a thesaurus. For his first role in a feature film, Hutz displays a surprisingly impressive amount of range between humor and thoughtfulness. As Alex sets out with Jonathan on his journey, their two cultures begin to merge and their initial mission turns into something more. Liev Schreiber (The Omen remake, CSI), also makes a debut by stepping into the role of director for the first time. Personally, I’ve always found his acting to be too stoic and stiff, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of life and compassion in this film. He manages to translate the novel to film in a seamless manner. The cinematography is beautiful; one of my favorite scenes shows Alex walking through an endless field of sunflowers set against an azure sky to a small house perched right in the middle. The dialogue is instantly quotable (after checking into a Ukrainian hostel, Alex warns, “Make sure to secure the door when I am gone. There are many dangerous people who want to take things from Americans, and also kidnap them. *pause* *smile* Good night!”), and the story takes unexpected twists and turns that keep you interested. Everything Is Illuminated cannot be truly categorized into one genre: it’s a road movie, a drama, a Holocaust film, a comedy, an “indie” movie and more. It is one of the most moving and heartfelt films that I have ever seen and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do. Rated PG-13 for disturbing images/violence, sexual content and language. Running time: 105 minutes.

March 4, 2008

Classifieds The Student Veterans’ Organization at Rhode Island College will be having its first meeting this Saturday, February 9, in the Student Union Cafe from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. If interested, please contact John T. Powers: 401-374-9635 or Thomas F. Gingerella, Jr.: 401-9358585 Headline: Attention Theater Majors Local Photographer available to provide headshots for your portfolio. Reasonable rates and student discounts! Call John Lovgren at 401529-7037

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March 4, 2008

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RIC Professor Pens Facts and Fiction

By Larry O’Brien Anchor Staff


Professors in the English Department have had over a half dozen books published in recent months. When asked, Dr. Maureen Reddy, Chair of the English Department, to comment on the amount and quality of the recent production by her colleagues, she replied that “we are an extremely productive department, especially for a teaching-intensive comprehensive institution. Lots of scholarship, in particular, but also creative work. And yes, I think it’s good for the department and for the college to have these lively, engaged minds here! I especially love it that people strike out in new directions all the time, as did [Professor] Joe Zornado with a work of fiction.” To hear Prof. Zornado tell it, his creative work grew out of his scholarship. His first book, Inventing the Child: Culture, Identity and the Story of Childhood, explores what he sees as Western culture’s systematic violence against children and its dark consequences. Gods of Little Earth is a fictional imagining of that violence and the repercussions it will inevitably hold. Among the other courses he teaches, Prof. Zornado leads a Core Four Critical Inquiry course called “Zen and the Literary Experience” and a 300 level course on J.R.R. Tolkien. His new novel draws strongly on his knowledge of those areas. He describes his book as a “post-apocalyptic, dystopian, antiquest narrative—that’s what the posters will say.” What he has done is combine elements of science with science fiction, religious elements, and quest elements and placed it all in worlds darker even than the one we live in. His central character, Vilb, must negotiate the terrain without knowledge of who he is, how he got there, how things got to be the way they are, whom he can trust, or what he is up against. Think Blade Runner meets Lord of the Rings. Talking with Prof. Zornado gives one a sense in the difficulties inherent in the type of project he took on. He admits that the work tested his endurance. He began writing during a sabbatical in 2002 and was “surprised at how much research went into a non research project.” The drafting and redrafting went on for a couple of years. He found an agent and then a publisher and had to rewrite some more. Sometimes, he admits, he felt like giving up. “If you’re beaten and you don’t know it, then not giving up is not a virtue,” he said with a laugh. Zornado’s wife Lori was among those he credited with encouragement in his quest. They have been together since their days at San Diego State. Ignoring Horace Greeley’s advice, they moved east nearly 20 years ago—first for grad school and subsequently for their respective careers (Prof. Zornado has been at RIC for 13 years). It cannot have hurt that when the writer needed to turn to his spouse for support, his spouse was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a practicing therapeutic counselor. Gods of Little Earth looks to a future where Antarctica has shed its ice and its atmosphere is nearly noxious. The novel does what literature does best: create characters beset by internal and external conflict and see how they handle the hands they are dealt. Gods of Little Earth (446 pages published by, $17.95) is available at the campus bookstore, online, or a bookstore near you. Spring break is coming up. If you’re not going anywhere, you might want to hunker down with Gods of Little Earth. Brace yourself.

By Jason Charpentier Anchor Staff

2LDK could be quickly summed up as The Odd Couple with swords and chainsaws. The film was released back in 2003 and is the result of a friendly duel between directors Tsutomi and Kitamura to see who could create the better film in roughly a week. 2LDK is a dark comedy featuring the slow rising of mere annoyance with the other to murderous hatred The film begins with the two actresses, Nozomi and Lana, living together in what is called a 2LDK, a term for an apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. They are both auditioning for the leading role in a new movie and learn that each is now the top candidate. Nozomi is something of a country girl, theatre actress and a clean freak. Lana, on the other hand, is a loudmouthed flashy city girl who wears thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes. Neither cares much for the other and as tensions rise waiting on the phone call to come which will declare who won the part, their anger boils to the surface. From using the others items without permission, to an eventual mental breakdown, the two soon let loose in a house fight of epic proportions with the ending being a perfect example of dark comedy.

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Rental Raves Plan 9 from Outer Space

By Adam D. Bram Anchor Staff

This week we conclude our Month of Bombs with the film considered the “Citizen Kane of bad movies.” I’m talking of course of Edward D. Wood Jr.’s immortal “classic,” Plan 9 from Outer Space. A graveyard is under attack. Three recently deceased tenants have been seen wandering about causing mayhem. To make matters worse, flying saucers have been sighted in record numbers. For Jeff Trent (Gregory Walcott, Every Which Way but Loose), things are hitting too close to home. Not only is his house situated right next to the cemetery in question, but his job as an airline pilot has taken him right into the path of the Saucers. It turns out that the two instances are related. The aliens are a proud race who have been trying to catch the attention of the human race for years, as our tinkering with weapons of mass destruction could lead to the discovery of a sunlightbased Solarnite explosive that could destroy the entire universe. However, since our governments deny their existence, they have decided to wipe us out rather than try to reason with us any more. Their latest plan, number 9, involves shooting electrodes into the recent dead to make them nigh-invincible foot soldiers. Can the Jeff and the local law enforcement stop a well-intentioned alien invasion? To his credit, Ed Wood actually had a halfway-decent idea that made a pretty valid point about human nature. However, the first thing he should have done was hire a writer who could dish out halfway decent dialogue. Then, he should have hired better actors who could believably pull off dialogue of any kind. Finally, he should have found materials other than cardboard and Styrofoam to do his special effects with. Granted, this all would have taken more money

The film itself is a dark comedy; there are many moments through the film where the audience will laugh if merely due to the absurdity or because the character simply did not die from the blow received. This film is over the top. However, beneath the comedy and absurdity, there is a message and it is very easy to relate to the characters, for better or worse. Each of them consistently puts on a façade of being pleasant or interested in what the other is speaking however, deep down inside, each of them stabs and criticizes the other without mercy. We have all at one point met a Nozomi or Lana, a two-face, and you yourself may even be one of them. This film is an extreme example of just what can happen by maintaining this sort of harmful, unhealthy behavior and having it eventually come up to the surface. 2LDK however, is a short film; it is a mere 1 hour and 10 minutes chronicling the gradual destruction of the two main characters as they beat each other bloody. Given the circumstances however, the shortness of the film works in its favor. To have the film go on too long would only result in it dragging on and a loss of interest. 2LDK is a fantastic film, a brutal and bloody dark comedy, and something everyone should see. I highly recommend it.

than he could have risen. But knowing Ed, he probably wouldn’t have gotten different writers and actors even if he had the cash. As it stands, the film looks like some kid made it in his backyard. It’s horrible, but you can tell it was made with love and enthusiasm. Films like this are the reason shows like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 exist. If it were this funny on purpose, it would go down as a greater film. This is the last on-screen appearance of the original screen Dracula, Bela Lugosi (with Ed’s chiropractor as his posthumous double), and also features Vampira, a former horror film host whose shtick was later ripped off by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. PG. Rating: 1/5




RIC Music: William Wolfram, pianist with Judith Lynn Stillman Wednesday, March 5, 2008 1 p.m. Sapinsley Hall in the John Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts

Performing Arts Series: Salvage Vanguard Theatre Date: Friday, March 7, 2008 8 p.m. The Auditorium in Roberts Hall

RIC Spring Choral Concert with guest composer/con ductor Alice Parker Date: Friday, March 7, 2008 8 p.m Sapinsley Hall in the John Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts Spring Break! Saturday, March 8th – Sunday, March 16th 6 p.m. NOT RIC!!!!!!!!

RIC Dance Company Enchants with Moving Art

By Russell Goodman Anchor Contributor

From the “Soulowork” of Andrea Woods’ A Love Supreme to the colorful exuberance of Michael’s Big Adventure to the comical dirge of SPEW, the Rhode Island College Dance Company’s 49th Annual Spring Concert Series brings to light local artists, RIC alumni, and established choreographers. A Love Supreme echoes with deep beats which drive the rhythm of the dancers, moving in their own times together among each other. Crossing the stage in brilliant reds and shining white against a backdrop reminiscent of a flock of cranes taking flight, the dancers embrace the syncopation of the music and each other. If you don’t feel your body pulsating with the music by the end of this piece, check your heartbeat. In crimson red flowing dresses, the dancers cast by Katie McNamara in Artless slowly evolve from a luscious duet (Allie Smith, Kim Johnson) against a trio performing sharp, jagged, angular gestures. Tom Waits and Damien Rice provide a haunting background as they sing of cheating, hair bound by black bands, faces mostly hidden from the audience, and bodies hunched over due to the weight of guilt. In Breath Hold, created this past fall by the dynamic duo of Nugent and Matteson, the dancers periodically engage in a breath holding contests.

As the sound score provided by Michael Wall drifts along, infusing the piece with an almost dream-like quality and Michael Giannitti’s choice of a cirrus cloud projected on the backdrop, we witness relationships and connections between the dancers develop and break apart on a continual basis. From a solo danced by Jenna Scavone, the piece evolves into a duet, then a trio, until all 9 dancers occupy the space until the end of the piece, fading out with a final canon of the opening duet. Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer’s Moveable Feast premiered during the Winter Concert. With music performed by the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, if you’re not ready to dance in your seat by the end of this piece, get your jive mechanism checked out. As the dancers burst onto the stage in a variety of outfits (including an infamous “Cruella DeVille” coat), the partying doesn’t stop. In throes of Dionysian ecstasy and playfulness, a live camera duplicates the scene on half the stage, projected onto a wall of coats forming a human tapestry. The swinging music provides an excellent flavor to the trenchcoat-swapping fun right up until the surprise ending which should at least make you chuckle. Peeking out from behind Photos the wings of the right side of the stage and popping out to return behind the masking soon after, Michael’s Big Adventure, choreographed by local artist Michael Bolger, keeps you wondering what will happen next. The festively colored dancers perform almost like a human music box. The piece builds up a dramatic sense of

Scratch the Maybe, It’s Definitely a Must See

By Marah Roach Anchor Editor

“It’s not you, it’s me.” “The timing was never right.” “He loves her but I love him.” Any of these dreaded phrases sound familiar? To William Hayes it does. Definitely, Maybe, the new heartfelt and addicting romantic comedy, tells the story of William Hayes and his trials of love. The adorable Ryan Reynolds stars as Hayes, a political junkie from Wisconsin who moves to New York City to chase his dreams. Cliché aside, the plot is unique and makes for a good movie with a surprising twist at the end. When Hayes’ 10 year-old daughter Maya becomes curious about how he fell in love with her mother, he is forced to take a trip down memory lane to describe his relationship with not 1, but 3 women. Hayes hopelessly attempts a “gentler” version of his story and changes the women’s names so Maya (Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine) has to guess who her father finally married. Each woman has her flaws and strengths of course, as Maya makes apparent with her pros and cons list. Emily, played by Elizabeth Banks, was his college sweetheart and they had a plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Life doesn’t always go as planned, as almost everyone can attest to. Along the way is Summer, the intellectual played by Rachel Weisz, and spunky, care-free April, played by Isla Fisher of Wedding Crashers renown. Each woman teaches Hayes something different while he is wrapped up in politics in the year of 1992. It is down memory lane that Maya realizes for the first time how complicated and strong love really is. It is the bond that Hayes and Maya have and the sincere moments they share that make Reynolds so perfect for the part. Also, Isla Fisher was entertaining and addicting as April. I felt that she was the strongest of the 3 women. If you are a fan of chick flicks,grab a friend and see Definitely, Maybe. You definitely will not be disappointed. The movie is rated PG and was written and directed by Adam Brooks, who also did the screenplay for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. See if you can guess which woman Hayes chooses in the end! Will it be Emily, the girl next door, Summer, the journalist, or April, the best friend?

crossing back and forth between an old country western and an Italian bistro and a violin and harmonica play off against each other. A half-dozen duets form as the dancers gravitate around each other until they return to the flock from which they originated. Amanda Del Prete paints a blue line across her half of the stage (with actual paint) as several dancers clad in thick horizontal striped shirts sing a futile yet comical dirge in SPEW, choreographed by alumnus Kellie Ann Lynch. As the sound score details the myths of the dragon, Bahamut, the vocals become raucus cries, cheeks puff up, arms raise up like scarecrows, and faces contort with disgust. As a word is roughly formed on a white canvas, the blue paint becomes a symbol of some threshold not to be crossed or touched. And for those who dare to tease and taunt, the penalty is getting painted. The RIC Dance Company shows are an opportunity not to be missed. If you are a student and find yourself on campus with a few dollars and a free evening (or Sunday afternoon), come support your fellow students. The Faculty/Alumni Concert takes place on March 27 and 28, featuring Associate Professor Melody Ruffin Ward, and ‘03 RIC Alumnus Kellie Ann courtesy of Mike Shiel Lynch. The Student Choreography Showcase is held on April 24 and 25 and features works created by aspiring dance students. These shows take place at 8pm in the Helen Forman Theatre. Seating is limited (and excellent). Student and senior discounts apply.

Growing Stage takes a Leap By Jessica Albaum Anchor Editor

Growing Stage, a student-run production company, took a risk when they accepted Chris Ferreira’s bid to direct True West. This play was written by Sam Shepard, a man known for his twisted plays such as Buried Child. On Fri. March 1 the audience was sparse as we settled down to take a journey together. The beautiful thing about Growing Stage is that they use the Little Theatre, a tiny black box theatre, this helps make the experience between actor and audience more intimate. Another great thing about this group is that it allows new directors to pick riskier shows that aren’t that popular. True West tells the story of two brothers who could not be more different. One writes screen plays while the other steals electronics from people’s homes. Through out the play their roles change. Lee becomes a screenwriter while his brother, Austin unwinds and starts to steal things, like toasters. Through this we get to know these two men on a fairly intimate level. The set was very realistic. I felt like I was sitting in the kitchen of my Grandma’s house. The costumes were also very appropriate for this play. I also have to say I was impressed with the make-up. Candice Sampson (mom) did look older than she actually is.

The original cast was supposed to actually have two real life brothers in it, Paul Savaugeau II and Ian Savaugeau that would have been a really interesting thing to witness. Sadly, Ian had taken ill and was replaced by the director Chris Ferreira. It was clear that they did not rehearse as much as they wanted to but with the little time they had they did an excellent job. Adriano Cabral who played Saul did an excellent job of portraying a sleazy movie producer. There was a couple of prop issues that bothered me but in the long run or minute. I think that instead of using a fake candle a real one should have been used. Also the cigarettes they were “smoking” were never lit. They should have at the very least gotten fake ones or burnt the ends for illusion. The toasters that were stolen were also mysteriously plugged into a giant extension chord that must be trailing through the neighborhood Austin stole them from. Other than those few small problems I enjoyed the play and this production of it. It is nice to see people taking risks in their production choices. Everyone involved should be very proud of themselves. It’s a shame more people did not have the pleasure of witnessing True West.


News Opinions March 4, 2008 “I was upset that we had to have a trial at all, but I was mosst upset when the plaintiff dragged SCG through th...

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